While introductory Uranian texts have come and gone over time, sometimes presenting techniques later discarded due to their relative inefficacy, the lessons presented here bring students up-to-date with the most evolved, prioritized, and systematized state of Hamburg School techniques, thanks to the experienced hand of Ruth Brummund, a productive Hamburg School Astrology practitioner, teacher, and author for over 30 years, and practitioner of midpoint astrology for over 45 years.  Ms Brummund, the author of several of the most outstanding modern texts on the subject, has seen every trick in Hamburg School astrology, and has sifted out the most functional and efficient methods to pass on to us as a coherent, demystified, and straightforward approach to astrology that preserves the most valuable gems of insight historically touted by Uranian Astrologers.

Uranian Astrology was in the past attacked by prominent astrologers as being cumbersome and diluted with marginal calculations and information.   Ms Brummund's approach, based largely on the later teachings of Ludwig Rudolph, proves them wrong.

These lessons were designed to be used specifically with the Aureas Special Uranian astrology program, designed in collaboration with Ruth Brummund specifically for correctly implementing these more up-to-date Uranian astrology techniques.

EN ESPAÑOL: Spanish-language translations of these lessons prepared by astrologers Raúl Quintanilla and Luís Bartolini Siqueiros are accessible by clicking here. AUF DEUTSCH: The original German lessons by Ruth Brummund can be found by clicking here.
EN FRANÇAIS: French-language translations of these lessons prepared by astrologer Anne-Sophie Descamps are accessible by clicking here.

Identification of the term "Uranian Astrology" © by Master Uranian Astrologer Ruth Brummund, Dipl Psych.  We have heard the terms "Uranian Astrology" and "Uranian System" used in various contexts.  Where would these terms be used accurately, per veteran astrologer Ms Brummund's point of view?

The remainder of the lessons are found by clicking, at the end of each lesson, on the title of the next lesson.  This a total of 6 lessons after the introduction, and those include a definition of what uranian astrology is, an introduction the principles of the 90 degree dial, explanation and use of the solar arc, basic principles of chart rectification, methods of character analysis and how to prioritize the main points in a chart, basic principles of the Uranian Mandala, and some methods of uranian astrology prediction using distances and midpoints. 

We invite you to look over the continually developing features of the new Aureas Special Uranian astrology program, designed specifically to implement Ms Brummund's experience-based techniques, and to include both her up-to-date midpoint & cluster interpretations, as well as on-screen lessons to introduce you to Uranian Astrology as it is practiced in Germany today by some of its more experienced and enlightened long-experienced astrologers --  Click here for further information.