"In the past few years, dozens of bodies have been discovered in near-circular, low inclination orbits near or beyond the orbit of Neptune." 



Planetary Glyph Symbolism: by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics, Cert. Teaching:Historically, astrologers have written on the componential symbolism of the planetary glyphs.This presentation extends the same principles to the Transneptunians.

Keywords of the Uranian Planets and Points, including the Transneptunians translated from "The Brummund Rulebook": The authoritative definitions of the Uranian Astrology planets and Points by Master Uranian Astrologer, Ruth Brummund, Dipl. Psychology.

The Transneptunians as a Transpersonal Evolutionary Sequence by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics, Cert. Teaching. The influence of Witte's Transneptunian objects from an integrated humanistic/transpersonal perspective. A study based on over 20 years of analytical study, observation, and practice.

The Transneptunians and Cultural Archetypes by Ruth Brummund, Dipl. Psychology: An authoritative description of the archetypal energies of the Transneptunians through pertinent symbols from the collective unconscious, based on the author's research at the Hamburg University Library and her many years of practical experience working with the Transneptunians.

Hades Yesterday and Today: a Study of the Underlying Principles: by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics, Cert. Teaching. This is an ongoing study of Hades, recently updated.Hades triggers influences that one needs to handle without yielding to or being overcome by negativity or shallowness.This article is based on observations of Hades in charts combined with reflection on pertinent literature.(significantly updated November 2000)

Meditiations on the Transneptunians by Janis Page, M.A. Counseling. Click on 'Astrology', then 'Meditations', the the names of individual Transneptunian factors on this website for Ms Page's meditative insights on their associated mythical archetypes. 


A simple internet search, using a standard search engine, for "Transneptunian" will yield a number of current and recent articles on the many Transneptunian discoveries in recent years, continually updated.Below are some articles written by astronomers and astrologers about planet-like objects in the Transneptunian region.

The Hubble Space Telescope site periodically offers information on Transneptunain discoveries.Use their search engine and type "Transneptunian".

Astronomical Data for the Uranian Transneptunians: compiled and annotated by L Blake Finley: for understanding of the planetary locations predicted by Witte & Sieggrun: indispensible for comparing them with new astronomical discoveries in the 21st century.

U.S. National Academy of Sciences on the Transneptunian region: "In the past few years, dozens of bodies have been discovered in near-circular, low inclination orbits near or beyond the orbit of Neptune." Some of these bodies could correspond to the Transneptunians of Witte and Sieggrun.Use the search engine this website by typing in "Transneptunian".

The Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud, maintained by Bill Arnett, computer software engineer and astronomer: astronomical account of the planetary objects of the Kuiper Belt in the Transneptunian region.