1 )  Astrologers know and accept that the planets of our solar system revolve around our Sun. However, juvenile astrology-bashers entertain themselves by cynically twisting the astrological reference point to imply that astrologers do not know or accept this. It is basic fact that the effect of objects is substantially determined by the relative position of the subject/observer in relation to the effecting objects, and so astrology does this. If we lived on the Sun, astrologers would be concerned about the daily location of the planets in relation to the Sun; but we live on the Earth, and thus study their position in relation to where we live, on Earth -- is that so complicated or illogical that it cannot be rather quickly understood by someone of a modicum of intellect?    

2 ) Very few astrologers assume that astrology alone accounts for all situations or events in life, but astrology-bashers love to imply that astrologers think everything is astrologically-determined and then brand astrology as a world-view of 'pre-determination' where there is no free will, or that hampers free will -- a very shallow and biased, but historically popular and hackneyed accusation against astrology. Planetary influence is only one of many factors shaping and coloring our lives, and blends with other factors including environmental factors, genetic predisposition, early childhood development, and adult free-will choices. Astrology alone can account for all life factors no better than can psychology or sociology or genetics alone.

3 ) Statistical research by Michel and Françoise Gauquelin has been repeatedly replicated and shown to yield significant results showing that astrology is real, despite organized attempts, often by professional stage performers, to discredit their work -- whereas some astronomers accept that astrology may have some valitidity in it, even if they have to deny it publicly due to professional taboos. Only the innaccuracies of misapplied, abused, and archaic astrological technique, by both astrologers and non-astrologers, truly undermine its credibility. 



NOTE: The compiler has not had as much time as he would like to add as much information as possible to this page since it was first created. Hopefully the links here will at least lead you to directions that open up new ideas for progress, as well as study scientific realities that increasingly validate the influence of the planets and their movement on our lives.

21st Century Astronomy: Today's scientists confirm that some planetary bodies are composed of matter not visible to the naked eye: Planet-like bodies can manifest as energy fields not visible in telescopes (as Alfred Witte mentioned in the 1920s), their effects are nonetheless measurable, such as those triggered by gases or electromagnetic fields. 

On Cosmic Rays: This was a term used by astrologers for a number of years and then later dismissed by others as being fantasy. The question, however, is again open. This link goes to a NASA website summary of scientific research on Cosmic Rays.

"Exploring the Trans-Neptunian Solar System" on the website of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences: scroll down to read section on "New Worlds beyond 30 AU", in particular.  Published to reflect astronomical knowledge as of 1998, but still informative.

Quaoar, Sedna, and the Outer Limits: transneptunian astronomical realities revealed by current space technology. 

Astronomical Data for Transneptunians of Witte and Sieggrün: compiled and annotated by L Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics: for understanding of the planetary locations predicted by Witte & Sieggrün: indispensable for comparing them with new astronomical discoveries in the 21st century.

Astronomical Contributions to Research on the Nature of Astrological Phenomena by Irina Predeanu, Ph.D. Mathematics/Astronomy: In this article, which originally appeared in French in the RAMS astrological research journal, Dr Predeanu eloquently presents current scientific realities which validate standard astrological assumptions.Such writings dispel doubt of the link between astronomy and astrology and the rationality of astrological principles, despite the last remnants of diehard skepticism among both astronomers and astrologers. (added March 2003)

A Century of Scientific Astrology in France © by Francis Santoni In this article, which appeared in a recent issue of the research journal "Les Cahiers du RAMS", the author, who is also the editor and publisher of the journal, outlines the history of scientific approaches to astrology in France, illustrating the thread of continuity that has been carried on by Mr Santoni and colleagues in their continued efforts to integrate science and astrology for the future. (added January 2003)

Astrology & Science : Though-provoking articles detailing recent discoveries that verify the scientific realities of astrological influences.This collection is among the pages of RAMS, (Research in Astrology via Methods of Science) a Paris-based organization which promotes the application of formal research methods for the substantiation and refinement of astrology.The site also includes translations of selected research studies extracted from the periodic journal Cahiers du RAMS (English synopses of French articles). The website is maintained by Francis Santoni.

The Macrocosm Within © by Edward Block, Ph.D. Behavioral Biology: On human energetics, the study of subtle and very real phenomena corresponding to Prana, Chi, Chakra energies, connecting with Neurobiological principles and ultimately to Astrology.Deals with the historical resistance of astrologers to science and scientists to astrology.

The Earth's Magnetosphere: A summary account of magnetic fields surrounding planets and their effects. May provide scientific explanations for part of the effect of Geodetics in Astrology. Weather by the Moon: This website by New Zealand educator Kenneth Ring describes how study of our Moon's relationship to Earth is used to determine weather forecasts that are far more reliable than those dispensed by the vast majority of meteorologists.

"The Nine Planets", maintained by Bill Arnett, computer software engineer and astronomer: : includes information on asteroids and transneptunian planetary bodies.

Article on the Effects of Magnetars on Earth Events, article from NASA Space Science News, summarizing the research of Ersin Gogus, Doctoral candidate in Astrophysics, on the correlation of stellar energies with events on our planet Earth.

Astrology Questioned (in Holland): Thoughtful answers to all-too-frequent but unfounded critical comments about the validity of astrology: by Joyce Hoen, D.F.Astrol.S.

Cause Mechanics (in Russia): maintained by Alexander Frolov, Diploma in Telecommunications: At the frontiers of physics, Russian scientists are further verifying the nature of stellar energy, time as a manifest energy form, and the harnessing of atmospheric energies for practical use. Mr Frolov's website includes a summary of related theories set forth by Professor Nikolai Kozyrev some years ago that are just now being openly and actively applied.