Recent reactionary criticisms of psychological astrology show ignorance of what psychological interpretations of astrological factors have contributed to our field.As astrology has evolved from the deterministic, fatalistic paradigms of the Medieval Era, psychological astrology has contributed vast understanding of how to interpret options and variations in the possible manifestations of planetary energies.In its early period, psychological astrology was seen as the replacement for more empirical approaches; yet among most intelligent contemporary astrologers, it is seen as a valuable complementary component that has fleshed out astrological interpretation to make it more well-rounded and more valuable as a tool for providing clients options in the face of sometimes seemingly insurmountably fated situations.Psychology itself was ridiculed as a non-science by crass materialists as recently as the 19th century, yet it has risen to become one of the most valuable and widely-applied sciences in our society today.


Erin Sullivan website: various articles and books on depth astrology, collective psychology, and global social trends. Maintained by Erin Sullivan, leading North American astrologer.

Introduction to the Uranian Mandala (Meditation Wheel) by Master Uranian Astrologer Ruth Brummund, Dipl Psych:This is the definitive original article published in German by Ruth Brummund in 1984, now available in English translation.The article describes the basic format and principles and how the Mandala is to be read.Part 2 of the the article, to be added later, will explain the mathematical procedure (also mentioned in other Beacon articles by Ms Brummund) for constructing the individualized Mandala.It would be wise to study this section now, to familiarize oneself with the symbolism and fundamanetal interpretive strategies.Still further information on the Mandala will be available in the Brummund Technique Book, in process of translation at this time.

Site of Donna Cunningham, M.S.W.: astrologer, counselor.  Donna's newest website focuses on astrological psychology and social psychology and natural healing techniques.  Entries ended with Ms Cunningham's death in 2017.

Center for Humanistic and Transpersonal Astrology (CHTA), maintained by Joyce Hoen, D.F.Astrol.S.: astrologer, educator, counselor: stimulating articles, responses to arguments against astrology, workshops in the Netherlands.

Dawn Mountain Press, maintained by Greg Bogart, Ph.D.: astrologer & licensed psychotherapist: articles and books linking spiritual psychology and astrology.

Two Approaches to Astrological Knowledge: by Michael R Meyer: A short but significant introductory chapter to Meyer's authoritative reference Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer that has yet to fully sink in to the consciousness of today's astrology.Read and meditate.

Evolution of the Uranian Astrological Mandala: by Ruth Brummund, Dipl.Psych: This article gives an overview of the Uranian Astrology Mandala, originally inspired by the work of Bruno & Louise Huber, tracing its historical development from an angular table into a circular paradigm synthesizing major principles ofJungian and Freudian psychology.Jung emphasized that the study of the Mandala concept was a key to integrating elements of the personal and collective unconscious into consciousness, facilitating personal and collective empowerment, as a deterrent to totalitarian social orders (see Jung's Collected Works, v 10, para 450).

The Transneptunians and Cultural Archetypes: by Ruth Brummund, Dipl. Psychology: An authoritative description of the archetypes of the Transneptunians through pertinent symbols from the collective unconscious, based on the author's research at the Hamburg University Library and her many years of practical experience working with the Transneptunians.

Synopsis of Transneptunian Planets as a Developmental Sequence: by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics, Cert. Teaching. (full article to appear soon). The influence of Witte's transneptunian planets from an integrated humanistic/transpersonal perspective.A study based on over 20 years of analytical study, observation, and practice.

The C G Jung Page compiled by Jungian analysts as a general reference source for Jungian concepts, including a dictionary and abstracts of the Collected Works.You can use the search engine on the front page, entering "astrology" to find articles linking Astrology and Jungian Psychology.

CCRS Dodona, created by Zipporah Dobyns, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, and Maritha Pottenger, M.A. Clinical Psychology: a high-impact site with interesting articles on how astrology applies to human psychology.

CyberWorld Khaldea, maintained by Michael R Meyer, leading advocate of humanistic astrology. This site reveals links between Humanistic concepts, current events, and the zeitgeist of the 21st century. This informative site includes a Rudhyar Archival Project, excerpt from Rudhyar's works, and articles on the contributions of humanism to today's astrology.

Astropsique, in Argentina, offers astrological articles and a training course for psychology professionals in the Spanish language.