that include Transneptunian objects

Brummund, Ruth: THE BRUMMUND RULEBOOK AND BRUMMUND URANIAN LEXICON in electronic format only:  This most comprehensive and authoritative uranian midpoint reference text is available only in electronic format as part the Special Uranian astrology calculation program, which also contains a search function equating to an additional Lexicon/Dictionary of Planetary Pictures.  With copies of the old Lexicon or "Key" for Uranian Astrology selling for prices in the hundreds, the computer program is a relative bargain, as it also includes a program to implement the most recent Uranian Astrology techniques sorted out from the historical, experimental chaff, and, with an on-screen dial, eliminates need for extra books other than occasional reference to an ephemeris or an atlas for small towns. 

The Brummund Rulebook itself  brings Uranian Astrology and midpoint astrology into current times, along with a breath of fresh and more positive air, and is quite suitable as an interpretation text for conventional midpoint astrology without transneptunian objects or asteroids. It is validated by Ms Brummund's 60 years of extensive practical knowledge and experience with both Uranian Astrology and Cosmobiology. The German original for this text was published in 1990 and was updated in the early 2000s by Ms Brummund, former Vice-President and research coordinator for the Hamburg School of Astrology, and founder of the German School of Uranische Astrologie. It provides far more balanced and comprehensive interpretations of the planetary energies than older midpoint reference books, including the Key/Lexicon books which were English translations of interpretations in the final Witte-Lefeldt Rulebook edition of 1946.  In contrast, the Brummund Rulebook includes both physical manifestations and psychological keywords for all planetary pairs and trios, as well as interpretations for some combinations of 4 or even 5 planets. The book steers the reader away from antiquated techniques that did not prove to be of relative value or functionality over time. Translated into English and substantially annotated by a certified linguist and 40-year experienced midpoint astrologer. Unlike wordy American interpretation texts, the Brummund Rulebook is succint and formatted more like scientific references. 

For more information on the Brummund Rulebook & Lexicon and the Special Uranian Program, click here.) 

The following books were written to be used with American variations and derivatives of German Uranian Astrology as taught by Ruth Brummund, and may have their own unique additions and modifications:

Donath, Emma Belle: ASTEROIDS IN MIDPOINTS: This is for astrologers who want to use both the four major asteroids and the Transneptunian objects in their work, and serves as a good reference in that case. However, even if one does not use the asteroids in charts, this is useful study material for the abstract thinker, as it is written in a way that allows one to see Transneptunian keywords and concepts in the interpretations. 138 pages.

Donath, Emma Belle: PATTERNS OF PROFESSIONS: 1984: Listing of various midpoints and planetary pictures that includes both Transneptunians and the 4 major early-discovered asteroids, along with descriptions of how the planetary energies relate to professional activities and functions. Good study material for learning Transneptunian concepts. 100 pages.

Lang-Wescott, Martha: THE ORDERS OF LIGHT: 1993: The author includes substantial interpretative information on both Transneptunians and numerous asteroids, and the reader is free to choose what information s/he needs. Interpretations interweave both physical manifestations and psychological factors with indicators of how they are interdependent. Includes interpretations of all planetary pairs, and also a large number of planetary triads. One of the most detailed references on the Transneptunians. Intelligently written. Encourages independent thinking. Highly recommended. 313 pages.  If out of print (as is in mid-2016) see "Angles and Prediction" as alternative.

Lang-Wescott, Martha: ANGLES AND PREDICTION: 2007: This book contain much, but not all, of the interpretation material in "Orders of Light" (out of print as of mid-2016) and "Mechanics of the Future" on interpreting transneptunians, plus extensive interpretations involving asteroids in addition. Interpretations interweave both physical manifestations and psychological factors with indicators of how they are interdependent. Includes interpretations of planetary pairs, but excludes triplicites and technique instructional material found in "Orders" and "Mechanics". One of the most detailed references on the Transneptunians and on the asteroids. Intelligently written. Encourages independent thinking. Highly recommended, especially if/when "Orders of Light" is unavailable. 552 pages. 

Lang-Wescott, Martha: MECHANICS OF THE FUTURE: 1988: Primarily a reference and teaching book for those who use asteroids, but also includes valuable material on Transneptunians that is largely replicated in "Angles and Prediction". 225 pages.

Nauman, Eileen: MEDICAL ASTROLOGY: this book describes correlations between astrological factors and health issues, along with homeopathic and naturopathic remedies.  The book includes information on the medical correspondences of the Transneptunians and midpoint structures. 357 pages.

Sherman, Sylvia & Frank-Manske, Jori: SYMPHONY OF THE PLANETS: (circa 1980): lists of keywords for individual planets, including the Transneptunians, and for all planetary pairs. Includes some interpretations for some planetary triads. Excellent for referral in developing one's own independent interpretive skills. Highly recommended as a routine reference for those learning Uranian astrology.  318 pages.



A number of books on Uranian Astrology still in wide circulation teach older approaches from the period prior to the substantial research and subsequent updates and improvements in technique since the 1970s.  Those books are not included here.

Ambjornson, Karl H: URANIAN ASTROLOGY HANDBOOK, also published as THE 90 DISC: an illustrated introductory guide for learning to use the 90 dial.

Brummund, Ruth: THE BRUMMUND TECHNIQUE BOOK; translated by Blake Finley: (in preparation, now partially available only in electronic format) This book is not to be confused with the earlier-translated "Handbook of Techniques (for the Hamburg School)" co-authored by Udo Rudolph and Ruth Brummund.  In contrast, the newer Brummund Technique Book is a separate and distinct book, significantly updated and published in German nearly 10 years later.  Rather than a collection or summary of techniques used historically, this is a concise, systematic instructional text and handbook of current Uranian techniques for everyday astrological practice. Until this book is published, lessons based on these methods are available to owners of the Special Uranian Program