by RUTH BRUMMUND, Dipl Psych

Translated by L Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics

Sample of midpoint interpretations:

(This data is not to be copied or printed for sale in any form without permission of the author and of the translator, and violations are subject to punishment according to national and international copyright laws.  Copyrights lie exclusively with Ruth Brummund and Blake Finley.)

Preliminary comments:  for those accustomed to the older Rulebooks, note that all triplicities are now listed in one place, i.e. ME+JU-SA, ME+SA-JU, and JU+SA-ME are all listed in one place in the Brummund Rulebook:  under ME.JU.SA   The period or dot between each planet indicates that the planets are connected in a significant mathematical relationship, via midpoint or cluster.  Years of experience working with older references that kept the various mathematical permutations separate led both the author, as well as the translator, to realize that there were continual overlaps between the separate listings; and that listing the interpretations in 3 places instead of one was quite frequently both impractical and misleading.  Each planetary interpretation is divided into two paragraphs, the first giving psychological tendencies, and the second giving likely manifestations.  The +/- format used in earlier versions of the English translation has been removed at the request of Ms Brummund.  Instead, the more positive/constructive manifestations are listed at the beginning of each paragraph, followed by less constructive manifestations at the end.

Another quality that distinguishes this Rulebook from past editions, particularly those which Hermann Lefeldt was involved in writing or editing, is a decided emphasis on the idea that the human will is capable of analyzing and shaping all planetary influences in order to maximize the positive potential of any given situation, and that astrology is NOT constrained to a philosophy of 100% determinism. While planetary influences are undoubtedly significant and powerful, the human will is capable of molding them to shape human destiny.  This new Rulebook is written with an understanding of the interrelationship, as opposed to an assumed mutual exclusivity, of the dense physical and more subtle metaphysical realities (including the psychological); this in step with current advanced developments in science.

Some people have misunderstood or been misinformed about other fallacious claims to copyrights on this book, and these are clarified by documentation from both Ruth Brummund, the author of the German original, and Udo Rudolph, the publisher of earlier editions of the Regelwerk-Neufassung, and these letters can be viewed at .

The following sample section includes interpretations of planetary combinations involving both Mercury and Jupiter.  It is based on the second, enlarged, 1990 edition of the Regelwerk-Neufassung by Ruth Brummund, and also includes updates and additions by Ruth Brummund and additions by Blake Finley, (indicated within parentheses).


* capable of accurate thinking - intelligent - optimistic - positive in outlook - animated - cheerful - happy - fortunate - satisfied - confident - friendly - affable - candid - fluent - realistic - thinks rationally - circumspect - comprehensive - experienced with money - has business acumen - commercially oriented -- hypocritical - materialistic

* Thoughts relating to good luck - Beneficial ideas - Positive thinking - Optimistic communication - Notification of success - Good news - Gains or income relating to communications - Beneficial discussions - Commercial successes - Business negotiations



* circumspect - sober - down-to-earth - methodical - duty-conscious - responsible - retrospective - interested in historical or causal factors - needs to overcome the past - reliable memory - capable of concentration - enjoys philosophizing - likes to travel - orderly -- stuck in the past

* Good luck relating to travel - Mature thinking - Enduring benefits relating to discussions - Serious communications relating to money - Enduring business success - Thoughts relating to profits and delays - Sales -- Communications relating to limited earnings - Interruption relating to beneficial discussions - Thoughts relating to departures or distancing from money or good fortune - Talk or news relating to financial or legal problems



* comes up with good ideas - quick-witted - shrewd - witty - quick to catch on - makes quick deductions - responds quickly - comprehensive - mentally progressive or innovative - has business acumen - skilled at technology, math, or implementation of reforms -- highly nervous - hypertense in dealing with rules or laws - frantic - jumps to conclusions

* Sudden beneficial ideas - Unexpected business success - Suprising income relating to communications - Discussions relating to favorable events - Communications relating to satisfying occurrences - Exciting news relating to good fortune - Accurate judgment relating to events - News relating to beneficial reforms - News relating to technical acquisitions - Beneficial news via telecommunications - Successful advertising - Computers



* inspired - highly sensitive - highly imaginative - idyllic - future-oriented - playful - has acting ability - needs pragmatism -- hypocritical - confused or confusing - easily misled - unrealistic -thoughtless with money - often judges unfairly - fawning - crafty - sly

* Secret thoughts relating to prosperity - Just or fair ideas relating to the future - Arousal of hope - Ideas relating to easily-earned money - Discussions relating to injustice - Businesses involving fluids or aquatics -- Surrender to illusions relating to wealth - Talk relating to financial losses - Increase of deceit relating to communications - Business losses



* highly perceptive - good at reasoning - rational - communicates appealingly - able to develop thoughts clearly - deliberately fair - capable of abstract thinking - eloquent - talented with language - optimistic - jovial - positive - spontaneous - criticizes constructively - exhilarating - seeks to develop or alter or exchange - changes opinions - gifted with rhythm -- materialistic

* Communications relating to beneficial development or improvements - Favorable course of conversations - Increases relating to commercial success - Communications relating to financial exchanges - Beneficial restructuring, conversions, or transitions relating communications - Communications about financial exchanges - Pulse rate - Thoughts relating to profitable changes or increase of wealth



* entertaining - gregarious - eager to make contact - family-oriented - fair in social dealings - agile - talkative - effectively expressive - skilled at synthesizing - has business acumen - aesthetics-conscious - charming conversationalist - clever -- materialistic

* Beneficial conversations within families - Profits relating to organizational communications - Discussions relating to business gains or income - News relating to overall social prosperity - Beneficial social discussions - Profitable artistic ideas - Successes relating to literature - Business dealings - Thoughts relating to beneficial marriages



* reserved - private - low-profile - interested in unseen or unclarified factors - ironic - retrospective - interested in historical or causal factors - needs to overcome the past - has non-materialistic values -- sometimes anxious or fearful - stuck in the past - tactless - prattles or gossips - mentally dull - derisive - needs to forgive - unemployed - passive or inactive - abuses trust or dependency if unevolved - unfair

* Private discussions relating to financial or legal matters - Talks with strangers relating to rights or legal matters - Discussions relating to private or secret income - Thoughts relating to inadequate prosperity - Discussions relating to legal setbacks or prejudices - Trade in second-hand or recycled items - Private thoughts relating to financial advantages -- Inadequacies relating to financial mobility - Handicaps or disadvantage/s relating to business negotiations - Financial discrimination or handicaps or disadvantage/s relating to communications - Business deceit - Gains or income from stolen property - Crass materialism



* communicates dynamically - presents ideas persuasively - eloquent - rational - thinks in concrete terms - realistic - highly objective - practical - practical - ambitious - comprehends well - has creative ideas - humorous - criticizes constructively - spontaneous - athletic - likes sports, driving, or firing or ignition devices -- overly sure of one's opinions

* Beginnings relating to financial transactions - Successful negotiations - Profits relating to persuasion - Regulated communications contributing to earnings - Business transactions - Good luck relating to writing - Beginnings relating to beneficial speech - Demand for honest communications - Beginnings relating to businesses -- To be forced to buy or sell



* deliberate - mentally resourceful - realistic - capable of independent reasoning - intelligent - intellectually outstanding - self-confident - has integrity - sincere - civil - conciliatory - conscious of fairness - has business acumen - agile - rational -- calculating - materialistic - self-important - conceited

* Thoughts relating to great good fortune - Favorable communications with officials - Important conversations relating to income - Beneficial discussions relating to self-reliance - Communications relating to extraordinary profits - Major business successes - Beneficial discussions with officials - Discussions relating to official matters and finances - Business skill - Official decisions or rulings



* has many interests - open-minded - highly perceptive - keenly observant - frank - eloquent - gifted with languages - apt at theory - thinks in legal terms - advocates harmony - seeks freedom - has business acumen - experienced with money - conscious of fairness - liberal - broad-minded -- materialistic - calculating - excessive

* Many pleasurable conversations - Extensive commerce - Increase of commercial success - Discussions relating to financial gains or income - Conversations relating to extensive advantages - Beneficial purchases - Enjoyable academic dialogues - Much communication relating to legal issues - Beneficial financial transactions - Freedom relating to positive thinking



* mentally profound - philosophical - logical - focused - good at memorizing - circumspect - has ripe ideas - retrospective - interested in historical or causal factors - needs to overcome the past - has profitable ideas about material objects - thorough - duty-conscious -- stuck in the past - miserly - prejudiced - slow - pedantic

* Continual beneficial conversations - Successful communications relating to persistence or continuity - Thoughts relating to lasting or continual good fortune - Endings relating to financial transactions - Philosophical dialogues -- Limitations relate to business earnings - Business declines - Financial insolvency - Commercial stagnation - News relating to breaking of laws



* optimistic - positive - realistic - practical - highly objective - criticizes constructively - conscious of fairness - eloquent - talented with language - practical - dynamic - ambitious - has business acumen - puts theory into practice - productive - capable as author - persuasive - agile - athletic - robust - Writers -- judgmental - overbearing - boastful - blustering - grandiloquent - self-important

* Thoughts relating to great good fortune - Success through writing - Actions contributing to business gains or income - Discussions which yield profits - Talk relating to power and money - Influence in substantial interchanges relating to money - Power or influence in law and communications - Success relating to persuasiveness of communications - High-impact legal communications



* intuitive - spiritually conscious - honest - insightful - understanding - trustworthy - confident - knowledgeable - honorable - idealistic - positive - conscious of fairness - apt at theory - thinks clearly - intelligent - prudent - wise - mentally agile - resourceful

* Beneficial discussions relating to knowledge - Resourceful communications - Discussions relating to truth and justice - Lucid financial concepts - Openness and clarity in business matters - Success relating to intellectual agility - News relating to cultural benefits



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