Janis has a BS in Psychology and an MA in Counseling.  A teacher, spiritual counselor and astrologer for over 25 years, her traditional astrological background includes study of cosmobiology with Eleanora Kimmel, medical astrology with Eileen Nauman, dial and asteroid study with Martha Lang-Wescott, and beginning tutoring in Uranian astrology with Ruth Brummund.  Janis has given presentations on the planetary archetypes and music at Don Campbell's Mystery School as part of his teaching staff, and also to the Colorado Federation of Astrologers, and the Colorado Jung Society.  Her non-traditional astrological studies include studying Tibetan astrology at the Tibetan Insititute of Medicine and Astrology (Men-Tsee-Khan) in Dharamsala, India, and receiving initiation and studying its astrologically related and derived Kalachakra Tantra.  As part of her interest in experiential and manifested astrological applications, she has also learned to do the Sufi dervish spins and walks of the planets from Sufi teachers Wali Ali and Pir Shabda Kahn. She has many years study and experiential work in Native American, Tibetan Buddhist, and Jungian studies and dream work.  Janis has studied and worked for many years with several shamans from different traditional backgrounds and lineages, studying healing, oracle, energy studies, psychic imagery, and universal laws and principles. Using a meditation technique she calls "direct inquiry" she has engaged with archetypal energies of the elements, planets, and stars. In addition to her love of "dancing with the archetypes" of the planetary beings, she takes her practical mystic and compassionate intuitive approach to her readings as a means of spiritual counseling.  Janis sees a chart as "the blueprint to the soul's growth", and humorously, as "the contract in your lifetime orientation packet", providing keys of understanding in how to integrate and balance Essence, ego and mind in one's life and path.  Also a musician and composer, Janis works with music, sound and healing as well as exploring harmonics as they manifest musically, vocally, astrologically, and in sacred geometry. Having taken spiritual journeys to India, Peru, Australia, and Greece, she takes a multicultural as well as multi- and interdimensional approach to her life and work. Janis lives in Denver, Colorado.