Corruption Problems among Entrenched NCGR Astrological Fixtures

© by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics


posted 2013Nov12, updated 2014Feb18.


These are issues that need to be considered especially in relation to astrological ethics standards, cronyism, and certification objectivity. Astrology risks increasing corruption and degeneration if such issues are not resolved.  I intended to write this summary several years go, but was discouraged by colleagues because they thought it could cause problems.  My view now is that the problems will grow if I do Not addess these issues publicly, and I wish I had done this earlier. It is not intended to critique any current or past organizational president... the NCGR chart, via uranian methods, shows a clear corruption problem from the foundation date of the organization. terminally ingrained in the organizational chart... a secretive and perhaps cult-like element that controls the organization from the sidelines or background, regardless of whom is put on stage as the chief, and who may not necessarily be astrologers themselves.  In other words, the public sees the actors while the directors hide behind the curtains, and control intensively and surreptitiously. An analysis of some relevant components of the NCGR chart, with geodetic indicators that may indicate possible sources of organizational dysfunction, follows at the end of this report.


Around 1999 or 2000, after several calls from Astrolabe affiliates asking about my progress on translating newer Uranian astrology materials from Germany, I probably made the mistake of calling a newly-appointed Education Director at NCGR to congratulate him on his position and talent. During the conversation, I was again asked (as had earlier other Astrolabe affiliates in the NCGR) about the progress of the Uranian astrology text translations, and I perhaps mistakenly mentioned that the new materials could cause a major change in American Uranian Astrology because they could make obsolete older translated materials inherited by a key NCGR/Astrolabe Uranian Astrologer claiming a leading role in the field. The tone of the call quickly changed after mentioning this, and I knew I shouldn't have called. Years later I realized that the individual I spoke to was a close friend of the high-profile NCGR-Astrolabe Uranian Astrologer holding the old materials, and that the comment I made was relayed to him.  A series of high-impact temporarily crippling and sneaky, almost cultish, measures to squelch my efforts ensued over the years -- and a list of them follows:

In the early 2000s I was active in the ISAR Newsletter and addressed the problem of people sending drafts of articles to the NCGR for publication, only to see no response but a paraphrasing of the articles for presentation with other people's names on them in the nationwide NCGR Journal or Newsletter, which at that time had a rather predictable NY-to-Boston set of nominal authors repeatedly appearing in NCGR publications. Other ISAR members sent me emails indicating that the same thing had happened to them -- once again, a plagiarism problem. I had also mentioned how projects were stolen and presented by other people as their own work at NCGR conferences. Such projects could often be readily identified by the fact that papers would be read, but supposed authors (plagiarists) could not explain what they had read off in their 'lectures', where they were essentially reading someone else's writings without acknowledging it. A similar problem of impostors/plagiarists not being able to explain the logic behind principles in papers they had read, combined with filler words and pleasing flattery, while those explanations were later found to be inaccurate or even totally contrary to fact.

In the ISAR newsletter, I addressed the severe problem with cronyism in the NCGR, and set about to initiate research projects on via the ISAR newsletter and website, mentioning that I would be working with French software developers who worked directly with Françoise Gauquelin and would use their French-language software in English translation in the projects. Rather quickly, I was sent an email from ISAR to hold off and wait -- the email had been sent using the editor's email address, while the editor of that time, an honest individual whom I knew via regular communications, said she had not sent such an email. What ensued was that the President of Astrolabe was then quickly installed as the ISAR research director, and individuals who previously intended to work with me on the project abruptly withdrew. Around this time, I had also been in contact with Lois Rodden about tabulating her research data for computerized research using the same software program designed in collaboration with Françoise Gauquelin, but Ms Rodden died shortly thereafter. I publicized the problem of my projects being stalled while the Astrolabe president was put in charge of research projects, and so the president of a third software development company became ISAR President. New software developments began to duplicate the methods and techniques contained in the French software I was planning to help make available in English.

Crippling and destructive hacking attacks began on my computer that included copying of files followed by their scrambling or erasure on my hard drive. My comments in the ISAR Newsletter were increasingly sharply critiqued (often without factual justification, i.e. simply as 'hazing' with intent to discredit), and I discovered after study that the majority of the barbed criticisms came from friends of employees of Astrolabe Software, who also contacted my partners in France as disinterested agents to monitor and keep tabs on what we were doing.

After that, my internet communications with Ruth Brummund, with whom I was working on Uranian Astrology translation projects, were being routinely spied on with a spybot that was sending copies of my communications with Ms Brummund to a third party, and periodic hackings on my computer continued, targeting astrological files often specifically and exclusively, and several times destroying my hard drive so that I had to buy a new one and restore files from backups. This continued for a few years, apparently for the purpose of hackers gaining the latest updates. In initial occurrences, hacking sources pointed to a commercial bank server in Taipei, Taiwan, with either direct or mercenary involvement; and as time passed, there were more and more pointers to involvement of people identifying themselves as Wiccans. My Uranian Astrology website was periodically hacked and data on webpages were altered, and which I was able to correct only after discovering what the errors were. This problem appeared to subside after changed to a server in Canada, where I would have greater protection against hackers. 

I contacted Doris Chase Doane, American pioneer in timezone and time change data collocation, with whom I had corresponded earlier about time-change data, and told her that I planned to make a brand new global time zone database to include data gathered via correspondence with interstate agencies and resources accessible via San Francisco Bay Area university and public libraries, and fuse it with data gathered by Françoise Gauquelin and retained at Aureas Software. Ms Doane had explained to me that her data had some specific gaps, and wrote me that, "I'm sure you'll get it right".  I probably made a big mistake in announcing the new time-zone project in my astrology egroups before it was complete, for reasons explained as follows. 

Around this time, I relocated to a different house in densely populated San Francisco, where share-rental is quite common out of necessity, and where new co-habitants affiliated with the Wicca sect were conspicuously persistent about connecting a cable to network with my computer, which I repeatedly refused since I had no reason to do so. Their persistence was eerily odd, and almost cultish. What ensued then was that some new Wicca-affiliates moved into a basement below me  -- with direct access to my internet phone-lines, which I later discovered they had physically tapped into -- and repeated hackings occurred, stealing and scrambling many years of translation work, original writings on uranian interpretation, a new techniques book in the making, and the new Time-Zone database as it stood at this time. I had to have the police remove the violators from the property, after overhearing them discussing that they had possession of a gun illegal in this state and planned to draw one of my housemates not involved in the astrology issue down to be shot, leaving only me in the house for whatever might happen after that. I also overheard the plans of the one who owned the gun to join an 'elite' affiliated pagan cult that the other of them warned was dangerous. Their general behavior was unusually cold, lifeless, stiff and unnatural, not unlike what one would expect of brainwashed cult members. This occurred in the Spring-Summer of 2005, when there was, during the same general period, also a major internal schism at the NCGR 'headquarters' that involved changes of personnel and legal clashes that entailed challenges of NCGR's status as a non-profit organization due to overlapping business interests, and a reported witnessed assault over statements of intent to report the corruption, legal proceedings that some observers claimed were "not to be discussed under court order", and reported cult-like behavior similar to what I had seen directly. After that, NCGR whistleblowers either left or were eased out, offices shifted, with controversy over a business overlap that was discovered between Astrodatabank, which had earlier taken over the tabulation of Lois Rodden's research data, and Astrolabe, and NCGR as a non-profit organization. Subsequently, Astrodatabank was shifted for dispensation via Astrodienst in Switzerland, and after some NCGR people were ejected or moved around, it was back to business as usual at the NCGR-Astrolabe complex, which was replicating all projects I had intended to work on with Aureas. A central whistleblower on the NCGR corruption was slandered and blacklisted and set off to the side, and then apparently given incentives to no longer discuss what happened. Some spoke up, nonetheless, with disgust at the degree of deceit involved. Astrolabe shortly thereafter announced substantial new updates to the ACS Atlas time-zone databases from "newly-acquired data". I had not before seen such brazen aggression, and did not expect it to occur under the auspices of a national astrological organization.

I went though yet another relocation, due largely to the actions of the cultish individuals previously mentioned, and serious hackings continued on my computer throughout 2005 and into 2006, while I was restoring and re-editing hacked data and compiling additional data. The hacking attacks included two viruses that destroyed my hard-drives after a period of lockup and data copying (lights flashing rapidly while a spy program sucked out the data), and then the drive was wiped clean, on both occasions. This required buying two more computers to resume.  In one case, a virus was planted on a backup disk in the drive while the lockup-piracy was occurring, so that the backup disk was also wiped blank. The disks contained years and endless hours of tedious astrological translation work and original writings, including minute details gruelingly edited and reconstructed after the last piracy. My loss of the data allowed ACS to maintain their (at that time) relative monopoly on the time zone/change database used in most astrological programs and elsewhere (including private-contracted government services).

This was followed by some sort of functional Astrolabe-ACS merger, and a well-publicized attempt by Astrolabe to shut down access to a US government public service agency database because it was quoting bits of data from the ACS Atlas Astrolabe had acquired. What was not mentioned is that much of the ACS Atlas data was from the earlier data collated by Doris Chase Doane accumulated during her participation in Church of Light research -- and it it appears that the acquiring and litigious Astrolabe agents didn't know that, since, as normal for them, they had somehow taken ownership of something someone else created or built through long and intensive labor.

Around that general time period, I announced on the Uranian Institute website that Uranian astrology was taking a new direction on the Pacific coast, like other astrological paradigms did, and the NCGR-Astrolabe central cult quickly pushed their head honcho to give presentations in California to make it look like they were part of, or dominant in, the new Uranian Astrology trend on the Pacific. This was done with the assistance of people working for a non-astrological organization I had long been a member of, and which included German nationals involved in psychological research projects, and apparently the NCGR giant octopus took precedence over what I was doing, and had the clout to push in front. 

Next came the publication of a 'Uranian Issue' of the 'Mountain Astrologer' which contained articles written mostly by Astrolabe business affiliates, and a text-centerfold featuring an interview of the President of Astrolabe by one of Astrolabe's chief advertising agents. The magazine was full of inaccuracies and misconceptions about uranian astrology and uranian astrologers, some quite conspicuous (and which I plan to disambiguate in another article). Key highly-experienced uranian astrologers not affiliated with Astrolabe were conspicuously absent in the issue. I am not disputing that Mountain Astrologer, as a private commercial publication, has the right to choose whatever it prints, or allow paid advertising determine who and what is published -- but much of the information was incorrect, probably due to lack of understanding and inadequate experience, stuffing the pages with articles by Astrolabe business affiliates -- just so the 'Uranian Issue' could promote Astrolabe's interests predominantly. Reviews of computer programs were by written by someone who had even been an Astrolabe computer programmer at one point. In short, the 'Uranian Issue' of the Mountain Astrology functioned primarily as an ad for Astrolabe, filled with numerous misconceptions about Uranian astrology. And since the Mountain Astrologer is published in a Pacific coast state by transplants from the Astrolabe hub zone, this further put an attempted Astrolabe stamp on this region of the United States, probably in attempt to eclipse, with possible intent ot absorb, my work.

Meanwhile, as 'competition' for Astrolabe, cheered along by its NCGR cronies, my egroups were being continually infiltrated and sabotaged by representatives of Astrolabe, very aggressive in its public relations and "information gathering" campaigns; there were several instances of active Astrolabe affiliates attempting to co-opt translation and research projects I was working on and promote them with their software instead; Astrolabe agents were quoting phrases from my egroups to promote the sale of their computer programs while I frequently discussed development, and later presentation, of a Uranian astrology specialist program with the Gauquelin affiliates in France (who were also publishing one of the most professionally-produced quantitative astrological research journals on the planet), and so I ejected known Astrolabe affiliates from my egroups for having used my work to competitively promote their program. Afterward they circulated rumors that I had an 'exclusive group' that they were not allowed to participate in, and brazenly that I was (rather than their company) the one trying to create a monopoly ( ! ) by not 'sharing' it with their mammoth NCGR-dues-propped software empire. And got the information anyway via friends of friends.

Aureas, the French company I was working with, had servers in the USA where files were being hacked and altered, producing errors in upgrades to their computer programs, in turn making the programs not work properly for a couple of years, while critiques of the program were circulated.  I suggested they use servers only in France, after which such problems were solved.  I was also experiencing periodic hacking and alteration of webpages on my website, which subsided after I moved my server to Canada, which had and may still have more stringent server security regulations. During the time that the inclusion of the new timezone database was delayed by the hacking, critiques of the computer program database were circulated. There was an all-out campaign to sabotage my Uranian Astrology research, e-group, and software projects while Astrolabe aggressively used NCGR resources to "strut its stuff" along with weird rhetoric about "humility" and "spiritual/guru" themes. 

The hacking and sabotage games were beyond cheesy and obnoxious, and almost predatory. Overall, someone or ones highly skilled at hacking was/were carrying out a series of measures that all ended up primarily to the benefit of Astrolabe's intent to remain dominant and controlling in American Uranian Astrology. Wicca cult puppets and manipulees appeared scattered all along the way, and I then learned from an x-Wiccan that members were often brainwashed/programmed using NLP-hypnosis methods to carry out organizational objectives and serve top cult members like functional hypno-slaves. How pervasive this is within Wicca as a whole, I do not know, but it exists to a noteworthy degree within the sect in California, and was described to me as being common in Minnesota, per what was described to me by observers. In a coffee house I frequented at that time, Wiccans listened to my conversations with others relating to my astrology projects, and one of them, after a long period of silent listening, said to some other Wiccans, "Shall we send out the flying monkeys?" (as in the Wizard of Oz paradigm).  If you haven't been around many Wiccans (lucky you!), this sounds outrageous, but of if you have, you probably understand. And the frequency of practice of sado-masochism among Wiccans fits with the NLP-mesmer-hypnosis history and origins of sado-masochism, which was developed as a political mind-control and reprogramming device during the French Revolution, and today often extends to business, corporate, and political objectives. It's the stuff of which WW2 fascist cults were later made, and on which NLP was developed. 

Astrology has enough credibility problems already, without willingly allowing such machinations and skullduggery to dominate the field, and yet not talking about it or shoving it under the rug has clearly already led to the festering of corruption and practices that continue to trash astrology.  In addition, some of the guilty parties were then reported to have been allowed to play key roles in "astrological ethics" programs, which of course risks making astrological ethics an utter mockery and joke. The problems I encountered over a near 15 year period appear to be linked to a much larger problem in American astrology... one of corruption and abuses and cronyism at top levels of control that trickle down into moving the field in a direction toward circus-time entertainment astrology where scientific goals are eschewed, where quantity of practicing astrologers is stressed far over quality, where chichi-fufu wing-it circus footsie astrology prevails, and a ridiculous little cabal of astrological fixtures play every dirty trick in the book of underworld opportunism to control the national astrological organizations and monopolize American astrology all under one cliquish and passive-aggressively bullying organization, and essentially make sure that Astrolabe or its covert offshoots are the Dominant Brand promoted by the Dominant National Organization to which all must yield. Wall Street connections provide money to bribe, silence, or otherwise manipulate those who might otherwise oppose the steamroller. ISAR has gradually been fusing more and more with the NCGR so that the boundaries between them are often minimal except in terms of superficial appearances.

Astrology organizations in other countries need to be aware of what they are contending with when they encounter the apparently insatiable monopolistic ambitions of the Astrolabe-NCGR cabal, which is something FBI agent and astrologer Al Morrison warned me about years ago. What is also perpetuating is pop astrology for the circus and media shows cluttering and sometimes overshadowing the advancement of real, scientifically-oriented astrology.

Those of you who have followed the Uranian Beacon/Institute egroups over time are familiar with the many outages and setbacks I have dealt with in terms of implementing astrological program and research objectives since 1999, and now NCGR-Astrolabe affiliates who have benefited by my setbacks are trumpeting the glories of fulfilling their long-time dream to develop a Uranian Astrology specialist program after I have been systematically knocked out and delayed in completing by their crafty public relations, bribery machinations, and apparent political connections while brazenly using NCGR resources as their vehicle.

There is certainly a much Higher Universal Power somewhere who will eventually bring justice to the situation, and pretended religion will not prevent it. Meanwhile, what appears to prevail in some high-profile astrology circles is Crack-pot Circus-clown Wing-It stageplay astrology; a situation apparently maintained by the gloating master-controllers of the NCGR and other misguided organizations that just want astrology to become popular, regardless of how its done, or maybe simply aligned with the interests of the big money in the organization.  This probably explains why some of the most talented and skilled American astrologers in the field avoid enmeshment in such organizations, and are driven to instead work with other astrology organizations, so that they can proceed unimpeded by the rampant dysfunction and almost gangster-like back-door machinations, bribery, and badgering of the NCGR head honcho clique and its vested interests.  Using Uranian methods, the chart of the NCGR clearly shows its innate dysfunction-prone nature, secretiveness, intense passive aggression, and cliquishness -- the chart of the organization, plus its correlate manifestions, indicate that the NCGR is Not Suitable as a leading or guiding organization among others, despite their aggressive and sophisticated campaigns to control and manipulate other US national organizations, and some overseas organizations.

There must be some other way to promote quality and credible astrology among the public, besides the bloated sideshow carnivals hypocritically calling themselves 'non-profit educational foundations'. Astrology and its public image, and quality, will probably continue to trundle downhill if such machinations persist.  Based on my years of dealing with them, I would advise astrologers around the world to Not let the NCGR become any more a dominant force in astrology than it is already, and not let Any single astrology organization dictate over the rest. There are other US astrological organizations more capable of maintaining some sort of ethical standards and legitimate certification that is not corrupted by the endless underhanded games, cronyism, and corruption that the NCGR has promoted and maintained over the years -- and astrologers should remain attentive to NCGR overlaps and manipulations within those organizations.

I have communicated with other long-time astrologers, some highly esteemed for their research and/or publications, who have similar views, and have had similar experiences with whatever it is that runs the NCGR and keeps it subservient to the interests of Astrolabe or something larger that controls it.

Cleverly, and typical of their style, Astrolabe then accused me of monopolizing those things I refused to turn over to their centralized control, sort of like a Gang whining about being the victim of some individual they want to fleece... and, like underworld gangsters (which the NCGR chart, per uranian methods, shows it may have been born into), skilled in passive-aggressive bullying, and use of puppets on the frontlines, they deny they did anything to me or my projects while piously projecting images of "humility" and "spiritual guru-ship".

I call on American astrologers to investigate what happened at NCGR in 2004-2005, to make sure it doesn't continue, as it appears to have done, and formulate a nationwide organization led by proven ethical professional people in social service professions who are also astrologers, and purge American astrology of the contaminated NCGR birthchart, rampant with dysfunction, cronyism, and opportunism -- and warn astrological organizations in other countries about the risks of submitting to the NCGR controlling clique's crude and primitive slime games. Or establish regional organizations free of the endemic NCGR dysfunction.

Lastly, one clear explanation for many problems encountered in Uranian Astrology the fact that it was developed in Germany and confiscated by German intelligence services, who have sought to manage and control its content and distribution ever since.  You have to understand German culture and history and politics (militant and normally repressive and tightly controlled, so that what appears on the surface is rarely what is underneath) to understand how and why that matters as much as it does. Nearly every major German relay of Uranian Astrology to the USA, for example, has involved German intelligence agents or military personnel or close affiliates and their covert decisions and control.... from German Naval officer Hans Niggemann to German intelligence officer Udo Rudolph to undercover German intelligence operatives who have continually manipulated my work with Ruth Brummund (a situation which still provides no apparent logical explanation for the theft of my files and sabotage of Uranian Institute projects being almost consistently to the primary ultimate benefit of Astrolabe, unless Astrolabe is affiliated with German intelligence). It is not insignificant to note that in the 1930s, Axis fascist/nazi parties and organizations were functional cults where 'members' were routinely debriefed and brainwashed to serve the objectives of the organization unquestioningly and obediently, laying aside their own personal views and feelings. German agents were apparently even involved in orchestrating Astrolabe's push to eclipse my work. I ask if this is in any way relevant to the series of events I have seen, including behavior that should not be allowed to preponderate in astrological organizations. Because if it continues to preponderate, American astrology risks becoming ridiculous Trash.

For nearly 15 years, I have wondered who was behind the underhanded hacking and manipulations, and recently it became clear that Astrolabe has been become the central benefactor, regardless of who was involved along the way, with ACS (and now Astrolabe) benefiting as well along the way from theft of my work. Their simultaneous machinations to keep their established enterprises, beneficiaries of such corruption and subterfuge, On Top and in control of organizations that determine astrological certification and endorsement needs to be considered by astrologers everywhere, as corruption (which astrology does not need) trickles down just a readily as do competence, reason, sobriety, and authentic (not hyped nominal) professionalism directly relevant to the functions astrology is most often used to serve (which astrology does need more of). 


A uranian astrology chart for the NCGR shows a highly potentially potent problematic configuration... i.e. a close HA=ZE=VU=AS cluster, or in more conventional terms a 16th harmonic (22.5 degree angle) configuration that would logically explain some of its innate organizational problems.  Overall, it refers to a highly secretive controlling force in the organization that dominates probably largely by often passive-aggressive means, including possible strategic background manipulation which could in most extreme cases include hypnotic cult-control methods. The political power lies with Vulkanus, and that power geodetically points to US locations of ultra-right-wing poliitical organizations, around Grand Rapids MI, Indianapolis IN, Louisville KY, and Montgomery AL. These have long been bases of radical-right political cults including the old Silver Shirts cult (which was interested in astrology and was fostered by Nazi Germany), the John Birch cult (with known post-WW2 Nazi and East Asian Fascist affiliations, also with major offices in or near Boston, where the NCGR was founded). Among the indicated metropolitan regions are current sham 'Tea Party' power bases, and other even more controversial ultra-radical-right organizations like the KKK -- which died but was revived with help of German intelligence prior to WW2 as a subversion/disruption tool and fused with Nazi (and derivative Neonazi) organizations. And these organizations were never at any time typical of the the values of most Americans, I would add for readers in other countries -- they are fringe elements shunned by most Americans). This powerful, secretive, controlling cluster has been in the NCGR chart from its inception (before there was a sham 'Libertarian Tea Party' functional revival of the the German Nazi covert-ops-backed Liberty League of the 1930s) and will remain there for as long as the NCGR exists. It functions in a way as a sort of inborn cancer or curse that honest NCGR members probably only tolerate out of necessity, and are yet largely controlled or knocked about by nonetheless... and for as long as Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, Louisville, and Montgomery (current sham 'Tea Party' and 'Austrian School' hubs) remain organized hubs of radical-right and even sometimes literally fascist political force -- which is further expanded in that those radical right politics show alignments with the Mormon colony (gold & silver mining) region in Mexico, the Hague (Nassau Royal Dutch Shell), Brussels (old Saxe-Coburg imperial money controlling Congo mining interests from their inception, as well as the mysteriously arbitrary E.U. administrative capital), Qinghai oil money in China (now largely privatized, and per the geodetics a possible main support for the Japan-led East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere in WW2), Azerbaijan-Iraq-Kuwait-Northeast Saudi oil money, and some possibly secretive network along the relatively remote AZ/NM, UT/CO, and AB/SK borders in North America and areas of west Wyoming and central Montana between them. These corrupt power bases may well explain otherwise mysterious problems in the NCGR, from birth to death, part and parcel of its fiber.  Is that what astrologers want in ultimate top control of astrological certification and 'ethics standards'?  The NCGR chart shows their root integration into the organization and its lack of capacity to do much more than submit to their directives, and its ultimate power may well even lie more outside the USA than inside, operating through domestic puppet organizations. Thus, to spread NCGR control to other astrological organizations is a Grave Error. Many NCGR officers may have no control over what may amount functionally to a transnational political cult inside the organization since inception, and which could even interface with covertly armed chapters due to the intense HA.ZE.VU cluster. Similar problems have plagued the Hamburg School of Astrology over the years, and why many Uranian Astrologers eventually distance themselves from the weird organizational politics.  There are other astrological organizations that need similar scrutiny for primarily non-astrological cult infusions/invasions, including 'Magi Astrology', whose 'Shaolin temple' themes are routine fronts for Chinese mafia underworld sometimes interfused with covert intelligence operations. Astrology and astrologers deserve to Not be dominated or manipulated by such cults, which can remain on the fringes, but which may not be only fringe factors if they are not brought under control (and I can speak from grueling personal experience on having to ward them off). I was in fact warned when beginning Uranian Astrology translation projects of the possibility of encountering post-war Nazi networks, while not understanding the scope of their continued existence. Not to overlook that churches and religious have similarly been inflitrated and used as fronts for devious covert political or corporate operations. I am concerned that abandonment of scientific models for astrology could lead to more such problems, and the regression of astrology into cheap, mindless showtime entertainment, could lead to further wasting of astrology's potential for advancement and greater credibility. Which is a hard enough struggle already, against so much anti-astrology bias, retention of antiquated nonsense in astrology texts, antiquated and misguided religious biases, and astrologers wanting to keep oversimplified astrology primarily as a parlor game that fills auditoriums and hotel rooms and sells drinks, or retaining faulty and unreliable historical concepts because the are presumably some sort of inalterable or "sacred" tradition. Too much business/entertainment, and not enough scholarship, competence, or depth of understanding make a society, organization, or profession fall apart and wither into superficiality, decay, and failure.