This directory contains mini-biographies and birth data for astrologers who have made notably unique and positive contributions, published in the English language, toward the advancement of astrological understanding and/or technique, and are deemed to deserve special recognition by the Uranian Institute.  All times are given in 24-hour notation, in accordance with international and scientific and technical standards -- "PM" times can be converted simply by subtracting 12 hours.  The hour and minute are separated by the international convention "h", which normally indicates 24-hour notation.  While academic degrees do not necessarily indicate expertise in astrology per se; they do, in most cases, and under normal circumstances, indicate the intellectual discipline required for sound reasoning and knowledge of how to process and convey information sensibly and responsibly. Certification by astrological organizations is sometimes indicated.


A special thanks goes to Donna Cunningham for her creation of the many links below to more detailed biographies from her Solstice Point website, which includes an Astrologers' Memorial dedicated to those astrologers who have gone on to another plane.  Hans Taeger built a database of German astrologers, similar in structure to this one, which is included in the website listed after his name below.  For information on numerous practicing astrologers of today, with bios written by the astrologers themselves, you might also want to visit the Directory of Professional Astrologers on the StarIQ website.
LOUIS ACKER: Together with Frances Sakoian, co-author of a popular trilogy of references that were first published in the early 1970s, during the transitional evolutionary phase from event-oriented into humanistic astrology: The Astrologer's Handbook, The Astrology of Human Relationships, and Predictive Astrology--Understanding Transits. Pertinent webpages
EVANGELINE ADAMS: Born 1868.Feb.08 at 08h30 Sun Time in Jersey City, New Jersey, 40n43 x 74w04 (AS 22PI06) per her book Bowl of Heaven.  Skillful and prominent New York astrologer who, brought to trial in 1914 for "fortune telling", led to astrology being removed from the list of illegal practices in New York City due to the accuracy of her interpretations in the courtroom.  Her classic reference text was Astrology for EveryonePertinent webpage
JOHN ADDEY, M.A. Philosophy, D.F.Astrol.S.  Born 1920.Jun.15 at 08h15 BST [1hE] in Barnsley, Yorkshire, England, 53n34 x 01w28 (AS 05LE43) per Marc Penfield's 2001.  Addey was involved extensively in empirical research, concluding that the principle of harmonics is key to astrology's re-integration with science.  Addey founded the Urania Trust in 1970 for the purpose of researching the underlying unity between astrological and astronomical principles. Pertinent webpage
KARL AMBJORNSON: Born 1914.March.29 at 02h20 PST [8hW] in San Francisco, California, 37n46 x 122w25 (AS 18CP36) per Astrodatabank via the Astrologer's Memorial.  Ambjornson taught Hamburg School Astrology methods at the Metaphysical Town Hall in San Francisco.  His books included Delineation of Mundane Events and The Uranian Astrology Handbook.
STEPHEN ARROYO, Ph.D. Psychology: Dr Arroyo's books have played a key role in integrating psychological insights into astrological practice.  His books have brought us deeper insights into the nature of the individual planetary energies and planetary cycles.  Titles include Astrology, Karma & Transformation and Relationships and Life Cycles.  He was instrumental in establishing the CRCS publishing house,  which made works by accomplished European astrologers, such as Alexander Ruperti, available in English translation.
RONN BALLARD: Co-authored with John Sandbach Planets in Containment or Planetary Containments in the Horoscope, an authoritative interpretive reference for techniques of Alexandre Volguine which can be used equally effectively for midpoint interpretation. Pertinent website at
ELBERT BENJAMINE, a.k.a. C.C. ZAIN: Born 1882.Dec.12 at 05h55 Sun Time near Adel, Iowa, 41n37 x 94w02 (AS 02SG27) per Benjamine's Brotherhood of Light, Course 1: Conveyor of the teachings of the hermetic order of Luxor through the Brotherhood of Light, later re-named Church of Light (not associated with CCRS or Wiccan churches using that name).  In that organization, he initiated some of the first systematic research projects in modern astrology. He was equally interested in science and mysticism, and emphasized the importance of cultivating the positive potential of the planets in astrological work. Pertinent website at 
JAMES BRAHA: An extraordinarily insightful astrologer who has excelled not only bringing out best of both standard western astrology and Hindu astrology by fusing them for the precision of Hindu with the more positive and constructive, non-fatalistic, interpretations of western astrology.  His brilliant transit interpretation book titled How to Predict Your Future moved to the forefront of objective and constructive Transit interpretation reference books.
RUTH BRUMMUND, Dipl. Psych.: Born 1921.Sep.28 at 13h43 CET [1hE] in Johannisburg (Pisz), East Prussia, 53n38 x 21e49 (AS 02CP58 rectified by Ludwig Rudolph) per written correspondence from Ms Brummund, who has updated the traditional techniques of Alfred Witte's Uranian Astrology to reflect modern developments in humanistic astrology in both her Uranian Mandala and her authoritative reference work for midpoint interpretation, The Brummund Rulebook. A summary of Ruth's life, work, and publications is at
CHARLES E. O. CARTER: Born 1887.Jan.31 at 10h55 Sun Time in Parkstone, Dorset, England, 50n43 x 02w00 (AS 15TA59) per his book The Astrological Aspects.  Recognized for bringing greater depth and insight to astrological interpretation, Carter published The Encyclopedia of Psychological Astrology in 1924.  He was the first president of the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. Pertinent webpage at 
WILLIAM H. CHANEY: Born 1821.Jan.13 at 23h31 Sun Time per Marc Penfield, birthplace was Augusta, Maine 44n19 x 69w47 (AS 12LI17); per Lois Rodden, birthplace was Chesterville, Maine 44n33 x 70w06 (AS 12LI15): prolific American writer who penned  Chaney's Primer of Astrology and American Urania in 1890. Chaney was also the father of the internationally-renowned American novelist Jack London.  Pertinent website at 
BRIAN CLARK, M.A.. Classics & Archaeology, FAA Accredited Teacher of Astrology:  actively involved in astrology since 1972, Brian has served as national president of both the Fraternity for Canadian Astrologers (FCA) and the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA).  His publications include the remarkable Underworld in Myth and Antiquity: Amplifying Pluto, one of a series of texts published for the Astro-Synthesis education program at the Chiron Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Pertinent website at .
HOWARD L. CORNELL, M.D., LL.D.: Born 1872.Jul.23 at 09h27 Sun Time in Hartsville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania 40n12 x 75w00 (AS 24VI48) per Dr Cornell in his authoritative text, Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology, a comprehensive 1000-page reference that also incorporates psychological and other areas of astrology.  Pertinent webpage at 
DONNA CUNNINGHAM, M.S.W. (Social Work): Combining her psychological and sociological insights, among the books Ms Cunningham has produced is Healing Pluto Problems, a text of extraordinary depth and practicality.   Pertinent website at  Ms Cunningham created the early beautifully-designed pages of the Astrologers' Memorial, tributes to 20th century astrologers.  
EDITH CUSTER:  Born 1923.Jan.05 at 12h53 EST [5hE] in New York, New York 40n48 x 73w48 (AS 15TA52); Died 28.June.2000 in Charlottesville, Virginia) per the NCGR Aug-Sep 2000 Newsletter.  Starting in 1974, Ms Custer coordinated and published one of the most popular pre-internet-era astrologers' information exchange forums called the Mercury Hour, which developed a broad international circulation. Pertinent website at
DORIS CHASE DOANE, B.S. Psychology, L.P.M.A.F.A.: We have Ms Doane to thank for undertaking the mammoth task of collocating time change data for the United States and other countries, before computers were available.  She also wrote references on astrology exam preparation, vocational guidance via astrology, the Index to the 21-volume Brotherhood of Light-Zain Lessons, and has served in leadership positions in both the American Federation of Astrologers and the Brotherhood of Light.  Her book Time Changes in the USA is still the most authoritative reference containing details of the complex issue of time changes and recording procedures in the United States, and is essential for astrologers who calculate charts for clients born before the mid-20th century in the USA. 
ZIPPORAH DOBYNS, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, M.A. Clinical Psychology, B.A. Anthropology, P.M.A.F.A.: Born 1921.Aug.26 at 21h48 CST [6hW] in Chicago, Illinois 41n51 x 87w39 (AS 24TA24) per Dr Dobyns, who  began studying astrology in 1956, and received professional certification from the AFA in 1960.  Her special interests included research and asteroids.  Her articles on psychological astrology are particularly insightful, and the outstanding website associated with her work can be found at 
EMMA BELLE DONATH: One of the pioneers in research on the four major asteroids, Ms Donath wrote Asteroids in the Birth Chart, Asteroids in Synastry, Asteroids in the U.S.A., and two books which also include interpretive material for Transneptunians: Asteroids in Midpoints and Patterns of Professions.  Pertinent webpage at 
REINHOLD EBERTIN, Dr. Med.: Born 1901.Feb.16 at 04h40 MET [1hE] in Görlitz, Germany, 51n09 x 14e59 (AS 02CP39) per Taeger Archives. Son of prominent German astrologer Elsbeth Ebertin, and student of Alfred Witte's methods. Ebertin conveyed certain components of Witte's teachings, particularly the extensive use of midpoints, while rejecting others, as he earnestly sought the approval of the contemporary scientific establishment. He teamed up with a number of skilled German astrologers and developed what has generally been called Cosmobiology. Wrote the medical astrology reference Astrological Healing. Pertinent website at 
A. CHARLES EMERSON, B.A.: Born 1923.Jul.26, at 09h19 CST [6hW] in Omaha, Nebraska, 41n15 x 95w56 (AS 19VI45), rectified by Emerson from the recorded 09h30.  Emerson's career included secondary school teaching in mathematics and science, and later active participation in founding the NCGR and teaching Uranian Astrology, a subject on which he published lessons in issues of Astrology Now in the 1970s. Pertinent webpage at 
MICHAEL ERLEWINE: Michael Erlewine: Born 1941.Jul.18 at 17h03 EDT [4hW] in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 40n03 x 76w18 (AS 08SG01) per e-mail from Michael.  Developed the first popular (Matrix) astrological software programs, revolutionizing astrology by allowing astrologers to invest their time in interpretation and research instead of endless hours of calculations.  Pertinent website at 
FRANÇOISE GAUQUELIN, Diplômes en Statistique, Psychologie de l'Education, Psychotechnique et Psychopathologie: Born 1929.Jun.19 at 04h00 MET [1hE] in Neuchatel, Switzerland, 45n49 x 07e54 (AS 06GE43) per DAV Database and Rodden American Book of Charts.  World famous for voluminous research verifying the effect of planetary influences, and steadfast in the face of despicable concoctions borne of conventional astrology-bashing scientists in attempts to discredit the methods Françoise and her first husband, Michel Gauquelin, used in carrying out their outstanding  and exhaustive research on the astrological effects of the planets.  Pertinent webpage at 
MICHEL GAUQUELIN:  Born 1928.Nov.13 at 22h15 UT in Paris, France 48n50 x 02e20 (AS 15LE43) from birth certificate, per Lois Rodden.  DAV Database gives 22h20 (AS16LE37) from Gauquelin in a personal interview published in the Oct/Nov 1986 issue of Astrologie Heute.  In the 1950s, the exhaustive systematic research of Gauquelin and his wife, Françoise, rattled the chains of the most reactionary of conservative scientists around the world as they put their statistical proof of astrological influence into print.  Organized efforts to debunk the Gauquelin research were made; yet the arguments of critics were later often proven to be based on faulty or even deliberately fudged data.  It made people wonder why astrology had such rabid critics -- what drove them to go to such unfair means to disprove something they often knew little about?  Later research in the 1990s by German scientist Suitbert Ertel further validated many of the Gauquelins' conclusions.  Pertinent webpage and Second pertinent webpage 
DEMETRA GEORGE, M.A. Classics, B.A. Philosophy: has made outstanding contributions to understanding astrological symbolism through mythology.  Her book Astrology for Yourself serves as a superb learning text for self-teaching or classroom instruction, and her book Asteroid Goddesses reflects her specialized authority on the psychological significance of the major asteroids.  Ms George is on the faculty of Kepler College in Seattle. Pertinent webpage
LLEWELLYN GEORGE: Born 1875.Aug.17 at 04h18 Sun Time in Swansea, Wales, 51n38 x 03w57 (AS 18LE16) per Donald Bradley in Modern Astrology, Aug.1950, quoted in Mercury Hour, Apr.1980. One of the American Astrologers most effective in popularizing legitimate natal astrology, primarily through the publication of his comprehensive tome, A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator.  George encouraged systematic research in astrology in the early 20th century.  Pertinent webpage 
DORIS GREAVES, Born 1919.Jul.29 at 14h04 AEST in Melbourne, Australia per Beginning astrological studies at age 19, Ms Greaves fused them with studies in Industrial Welfare at the University of Sydney in 1944. She became Coordinator of Astrological Studies at the Melbourne Theosophical Society in 1965, and played a leading role in founding the Federation of Australian Astrologers in 1970, and set the course for midpoint astrology to play a central role in Australian astrology. Pertinent webpage  
LIZ GREENE , Ph.D. Psychology, D.F.Astrol.S., Dip. Analyt. Psych.: Jungian analyst and astrologer, founded the Center for Psychological Astrology in England together with Howard Sasportas.  Among her more outstanding works are The Outer Planets and Their Cycles, The Development of the Personality, Saturn--A New Look at an Old Devil, and The Luminaries.  Pertinent website at 
KAREN HAMAKER-ZONDAG, Ph.D. Social Geography, Ph.D. Environmental Engineering: One of the most insightful of contemporary humanistic astrologers, Dr Hamaker Zondag is a founding member of the Dutch astrological school Stichting Achernar, and of the Jungian school Stichting Odrerir.  Among the most noteworthy of her English language books are Aspects and Personality, and Psychological Astrology: Astrological Symbolism & the Human Psyche.
CHARLES HARVEY, D.F.Astrol.S.: Born 1940.Jun.22 at 09h16 BWT [1hE] in Fetcham, Surrey, England, 51n17 x 00w22 (AS 20LE37), per Axel Harvey. Highly active in astrological research and education, Harvey was president of the British Astrological Association from 1973, and Vice-President of the Faculty for Astrological Studies. He made major contributions to classic references such as Recent Advances in Natal Astrology, Working with Astrology, and Mundane Astrology.  Pertinent webpage at 
JOHN ROBERT HAWKINS, M.S. Agricultural Economics, B.A. Theology: Born 1938.Feb.02 at 12h28 CST [6hW] in Lafayette, Indiana, 40n25 x 86w54 (AS 14GE24) per his book Transpluto or Should We Call Him Bacchus?, his authoritative study and reference guide on Transpluto, which he renamed Bacchus (and which is also known as Isis among some European astrologers).
JOYCE HOEN, D.F.Astrol.S.: Born 1953.Jan.24 at 05h22m22s CET [1hE] in Enschede, Netherlands, 52n12 x 06e53 (AS 14SG36) per Joyce via email. Joyce Hoen is Director of the Center for Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology in Holland, and long served as  editor for the ISAR Newsletter. Pertinent website at
BRUNO & LOUISE HUBER: Bruno born 1930.Nov.29 at 12h55 MET [1hE] in Zurich, Switzerland, 47n23 x 08e32 (AS 00PI10) per Astrologer's Memorial.  Husband and wife, Bruno and Louis Huber established the Astrological Psychology Institute (API) in Switzerland, integrating astrological studies with the transpersonal psychology principles set forth by Roberto Assagioli.  Other branches of the API have subsequently been set up in Spain and Britain.  Pertinent website at  and pertinent webpage at 
ROGER A. JACOBSON: Jacobson wrote one of the most comprehensive and intelligent references on early methods of Hamburg School Astrology, the precursor of Cosmobiology, in his book Language of Uranian Astrology.
JEFF JAWER, B.A. cum laude in History of Science and Astrology, PMAFA: Born 1946.May.16 at 03h35 EDT [4hW] in Astoria, New York, 40n46 x 73w55 (AS 05AR37) per his website. Jeff was a co-founder of AFAN, UAC and the informative Star IQ website at, where you can find a current comprehensive directory of practicing English-language astrologers. 
CHARLES A. JAYNE: B.A., Born 1911.Oct.09 at 22h39m12s EST [5hW] in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania  (AS 16CE17) per the Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology, which Jayne, himself, edited.  Jayne supported research and the integration of astrology with science, and to this end published journals In Search and the Cosmecology Bulletin and founded the Association for Research in Cosmecology; his interests were not restricted to traditional astrology, evidenced by his studies on the Vertex and prenatal charts, and his booklet entitled The Unknown Planets, which included information on the Transneptunians of Witte & Sieggrün.  Pertinent webpage at 
L. EDWARD JOHNDRO: Born 30.Jan.1882 at 01h08 Sun Time (AS 10SC51 indicated in a hand-drawn chart included in his book The Earth in the Heavens) in Franquelin, Québec, 48n48 x 67w35 (location & coordinates given in Penfield's 2001, per Jones's Sabian Symbols). Johndro did considerable research on geodetics and locational astrology. His precessed system, compatible with Sideral Astrology, was popularized through his published books; yet, according to his contemporary, Charles Jayne, he later rejected this system after extensive comparative research in favor of the original Greenwich 0° baseline used by Sepharial and Grimm. Johndro also worked with radio and electronics and developed theories of astrological physics. His work included research on the Vertex.
MARC EDMUND JONES, Ph.D. Philosophy: Born 1888.Oct.01 at 08h37 CST [6hW] in Saint Louis, Missouri, 38n38 x 90w12 (AS 10SC00) per his book Sabian Symbols in Astrology. Jones was perceived by many to be a forerunner of humanistic astrology, elucidating some of the first astrological paradigms for cyclical and evolutionary development and holistic assessment in his Astrology: How and Why It Works.  He questioned the validity of some traditional devices such as benefics, malefics, and rulerships, and stressed that free will combined with astrology and other factors shape each individual's destiny.  He was known as the "Dean of American Astrology", and at one point worked closedly with his junior, Dane Rudhyar.  His upbringing, studies, and work led him to various cities during his life, including Chicago, Seattle, New York, San Diego, and San Francisco.  He was a brilliant Renaissance man whose contributions to the modernization of astrology have perhaps been too often underappreciated and overlooked. Pertinent website at
CARL GUSTAV JUNG: Born 1875.Jul.26 in Kesswil, Switzerland, 47n36 x 09e20.   Various sources give various birth times, all yielding between late CP and early AQ on the Ascendant.  The Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology contains quotes from Jung verifying his unquestionable enthusiasm for the subject.
ELEONORA KIMMEL:  Born 1923.Apr.05 at 20h08 MET [1hE] in Straubing, Germany, 48n53 x 12e34 (AS 00SC54) from her authoritative textbook Cosmobiology for the 21st Century.   In 1972, Ms Kimmel founded the Cosmobiology Research Foundation in Denver, Colorado, USA, to further cosmobiological study and research.   She became editor of what is now called the Cosmobiology International Journal.  Other texts by Ms Kimmel include Fundamentals of Cosmobiology and Patterns of Destiny.
THEODOR LANDSCHEIDT, Dr.Phil.: Born 1927.March.10 at 18h08 MET [1hE] in Bremen, Germany, 53n05 x 08e49 (AS 18VI24) from the Taeger Archives via personal statement from Dr Landscheidt.  Dr Landscheidt did much to bring new scientific discoveries into astrology, including research on the Galactic Center and Transpluto.  His most outstanding English language work is Cosmic Cybernetics.  Pertinent webpages at and 
J. LEE LEHMAN, Ph.D. Botany, M.S. Botany: Born 1953.Sep.09 at 04h35 am CST [6hW] in Wakefield, Nebraska, USA (AS28LE55), per Her text Traditional Medical Astrology fuses in her academic background in botany, and her other books include those on classical astrology topics, asteroids, and horary astrology. Professor at Kepler College in Seattle.
ESTHER V. LEINBACH: Pioneer in studying the four major asteroids and Chiron, and author of one of the first interpretation books, Planets and Asteroids, which serves as a good interpretive text even when the asteroids are excluded. Pertinent website at 
ALAN LEO: Born 1860.Aug.07 at 05h49 Sun Time in London, England, 51n30 x 00w10 (AS 26LE31) per Penfield's 2001.  Actively involved in the Theosophical Society, Leo combined spiritual and mundane components of astrology and popularized it significantly, publishing what were standard references in the early 20th century, such as How to Judge a Nativity, and Modern Astrology.  Pertinent webpage at 
GRANT LEWI: Born 1902.Jun.08 at 08h35 EST [5hW] in Albany, New York, 42n39 x 73w45 (AS 10LE32) per his book Astrology for the Millions: Lewi taught English at Dartmouth, and at the Universities of North Dakota and Delaware, and was editor of Horoscope Magazine. He was one of the earliest non-fatalistic, psychologically-focused astrologers, publishing books where readers could interpret basic chart factors using tables, no ephemeris needed. His book Heaven Knows What surpassed many modern astrology references in terms of sophistication and insight.  Pertinent website at
JIM LEWIS: Born 1941.Jun.05 at 09h30 EWT [4hW] in New York, New York (AS 06LE34), per the Astrologer's Memorial.  Lewis was most noted for his promotion of the Astro*Carto*Graphy locational analysis technique, based on the principles of natal chart relocation, and also for defending the legal rights of astrologers.  Pertinent webpage at 
MICHAEL LUTIN: Mr Lutin's remarkable skill for combining humor with substantial professional astrology has manifest in, among other things, his book Saturn Signs.  Pertinent website at 
MICHAEL R. MEYER: Meyer, a personal student of Dane Rudhyar, presents principles of humanistic astrology in systematic format in his Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer, a comprehensive and intelligent reference on astrological techniques and humanistic interpretation, destined to be a classic.  Pertinent website at 
NEIL F. MICHELSEN: Born 1931.May.11 at 05h32 CST [6hW] in Chicago, Illinois 41n51 x 87w39 (AS 06GE00)Michelsen was both a skilled astrologer and computer programmer, and revolutionized astrological accuracy and research by producing some of the first computerized astrological ephemerides.  Pertinent webpage at
AL H. MORRISON, B.A.: Born 1917.Jul.08 at 00h17m29s CST [6hW] near Bellevue, Arkansas, at 34n46 x 92w52 (geocentric) (AS 26AR29) per a 1982 hand-drawn chart rectified and distributed by Morrison himself. Mr Morrison established the Congress of Astrological Organizations and published innovative articles in its journal CAO Times along with numerous asteroid ephemerides. He was involved in facilitating translation & publication various important works from other languages into English.  Morrison supported the development of scientific astrology based on sound thinking, and was not averse to new ideas. Pertinent website at 
EILEEN NAUMAN, D.H.M. (Homeopathic Medicine), EMT-B: Ms Nauman has been a pioneer in modern medical astrology, reviving broad interest in her specialization with her reference entitled Medical Astrology, originally published as the American Book of Nutrition and Medical Astrology.  Pertinent website at 
PETER NIEHENKE, Dr.Phil. (Psychology), Dr Niehenke has been a strong advocate of scientific research in astrology in Germany though his work in the DAV (German Astrologers' Association).  Pertinent website at
ALAN OKEN: Prolific writer who ushered astrology into its late 20th century renaissance with a classic trilogy of books later synthesized in edited form into Alan Oken's Complete Astrology.  His original trilogy was composed of As Above, So Below; The Horoscope, the Road, and its Travelers; and Astrology: Evolution and Revolution.   Alan has brought together an international faculty to teach at his new Wisdom School of Astrology and metaphysics in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Pertinent website at 
ROBERT PELLETIER:  Born 1927.Feb.28 at 23h20 EST [5hW] in Dover, New Hampshire, USA 43n12 x 70w53 (AS 17SC50), per his book Planets in Houses.  Pelletier has made significant contributions to understanding of derivative house interpretations through his book Planets in Houses, and of natal angular relationships through his book Planets in Aspect. 
MARC PENFIELD: Born 1942.Nov.08 at 06h57 CST [6hW] in Chicago, Illinois, USA 41n51 x 87w41 (AS 27GE13), per his book Solar Returns in Your Face. Penfield has contributed much to the field of astrology via his data collections, including his reference 2001: The Penfield Collection, a listing of birth data for 2001 famous personalities, the product of over 15 years of data collection from a number of authoritative, cited sources, and first published in 1978.  Additionally, the mapped charts of over 200 famous people, along with data sources, appear in a convincing study of return charts in his aforementioned 1996 book on Solar Returns; and over 500 charts appear in his Astrological Who's Who.
GLENN PERRY, PhD Psychology and Consciousness Studies. His earlier scholarly publications include textbooks for teaching psychological astrology with basic classical methods, including Introduction to Astro-Psychology, Essays on Psychological Astrology, and Depth Analysis of the Natal Chart, as well as a guidebook in qualitative research in astrology, Stealing Fire from the Gods.
LEYLA RAELLeyla Rael, wife of astrologer and musician Dane Rudhyar and an astrologer in her own right, has done much to perpetuate and further develop the teachings of Rudhyar, particularly in the area of Lunar cycles, and aspects as steps in the chart cycle, now works at Hearts of Space
FRITZ REIDER:  Reider was instrumental in publishing and distributing quality English-language Uranian Astrology materials on traditional Hamburg School techniques through his printing enterprise "Uranian Publications". The books he published included Jacobson's Language of Uranian Astrology, and early editions of the Transneptune Ephemeris.
LOIS M. RODDEN: Born 1928.May.22 at 00h27 MST [7hW] in Lang, Saskatchewan (AS 13AQ37), per email from Lois. Author of the authoritative and concise reference text Modern Transits and prolific collector of data for professional astrology.  Her published books of collected birth data include Profiles of Women, and the 5 volumes of the Astro-Data series.  Pertinent website at

DANE RUDHYAR: Born 1895.March.23 at 00h32m40s UT in Paris, France (AS 13SG56). Rudhyar was the key in spreading substantial psychological and cyclical astrology into American astrology, part of an evolutionary stage that was also furthered by contemporaries such as Marc Edmund Jones and Alexander Ruperti.  Rudhyar made great impact on astrology through his intellectual sophistication and prolific writing.   Pertinent webpages at and

LUDWIG RUDOLPH: A colleague of Alfred Witte, and one of the founders of the Hamburg School of Astrology. After detainment and banning of his astrological publications by the Nazis, Mr Rudolph reconstructed Witte's works after World War II and published the more recent editions of the Rules for Planetary Pictures, which included supplemental material by Hermann Lefeldt, and served as the primary reference for Hamburg School Astrologers until the first edition of the Brummund Rulebook, dedicated to him and written by one of his most admiring students,  was written (1st ed 1979, 2nd ed 1990).  Ludwig Rudolph, with the endorsement of Alfred Witte, also developed the 4th-harmonic 90° dial for simplified midpoint detection.  Much of his work was borrowed and utilized by Reinhold Ebertin and the Cosmobiologists, starting during World War II.
ALEXANDER RUPERTI, D.O. (Osteopathy): Pioneer in introducing humanistic astrology in Europe, a contemporary of Dane Rudhyar, Doctor Ruperti wrote the master-reference Cycles of Becoming, a classic guide to understanding the major transit cycles and their role in personality development.  Pertinent webpage at 
FRANCES SAKOIAN: Together with Louis Acker, co-author of a popular trilogy of references that were first published in the early 1970s, during the transitional evolutionary phase from event-oriented to humanistic astrology: The Astrologer's Handbook, The Astrology of Human Relationships, and Predictive Astrology--Understanding Transits.  Pertinent webpage at 
JOHN SANDBACH: Co-authored with Ronn Ballard Planets in Containment or Planetary Containments in the Horoscope, an authoritative interpretive reference for techniques of Alexandre Volguine which can be used equally effectively for midpoint interpretation. Pertinent website at
FRANCIS SANTONI: Computer programmer and astrological research analyst, among the first European astrologers to produce research-oriented software for serious scientific astrology (Aureas Software).  Publishes the RAMS journal for astrological research, and the single-volume 150-year International Ephemeris.  Co-producer of the 100-year Rosicrucian Ephemeris.  Pertinent website at 
SEPHARIAL, a.k.a. WALTER GORN OLD:  This remarkable British astrologer was adept at technical astrology, writing on the geodetic system of locational astrology, eclipses, arc directions, and also kabalistic astrology.  Pertinent webpage at     
SYLVIA SHERMAN:  Together with her daughter, Jori Frank-Manske, Ms Sherman published the handy Uranian interpretive reference Symphony of the Planets, and the Uranian Astrology Guide, which summarizes traditional Uranian techniques.
JOHN SORIC, Ph.D. Astrology: Born in 1942 in Eugene, Oregon, per his book, The New Age Astrologer, a noteworthy work of forward-looking humanistic astrology.  His doctoral research at the University of Kansas included study of correlations between astrology and criminal psychology.
ERIN SULLIVAN: Born 1947.Nov.09 at 07h21 PST [8hW] in Vancouver, British Columbia (AS 14SC55), per Erin, from her father. First known for her stimulating articles in the Canadian FCA Journal, she was a cofounder of AFAN and is a tutor for the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London and an adjunct faculty member of the Central American Institute of Prehistoric and Traditional Cultures in Belize. Pertinent website at
HANS HINRICH TAEGER : Born 1944.Oct.15 at 06h 35 MET [1hE] in Görlitz, Germany, 51n09 x 14e59 (AS 20LI53) per his database of 150 German Astrologers.  Hans Taeger's work, following university studies in literature, aesthetics, social sciences, and film, was first widely recognized in English due to his articles published in the CAO Times in the 1970s.  Subsequently, Taeger, a native German who relocated to Ireland, developed the Taeger Archives of famous birth data, promoting astrological research, and later, the Database of 150 German Astrologers.
NOEL TYL : Noel Tyl has done much to upgrade the quality of astrology, including the creation of various types of networks for serious astrologers.  His master reference series Principles and Practice of Astrology was created as a textbook series for formal astrological education, and his work in developing the outstanding publication Astrology Now has left a strong and valued imprint in the minds of astrologers who were studying or practicing during the evolutionary cultural flourish of the 1970s.  Pertinent website at
ALEXANDRE VOLGUINE: Born 1903.March.03 at 05h45m13s Sun Time in Novaya Praga, Ukraine, 48n33 x 32e54 (AS 13AQ48 ) rectified by him, per his book Ruler of the Nativities.  He moved to France at an early age, and in 1937, he established the professional journal Cahiers Astrologiques.  He popularized the use of Solar Return charts in his book The Technique of Solar Returns.  Pertinent webpage at 
BARBARA WATTERS: through her sensational writing style, Ms Watters was one of the first astrologers to bring Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto down to interpretation in terms of daily events in her outrageously unforgettable title Sex and the Outer Planets.  Pertinent webpage at 
JOYCE WEHRMAN: Ms Wehrman was noted for her remarkably pragmatic approach to astrology, and spoke or wrote memorable presentations on financial astrology and geodetic/locational astrology.  Pertinent webpage at
HENRY WEINGARTEN: Founder of the New York School of Astrology and the New York Astrology Center, Mr Weingarten is today known for his skill in financial astrology.  He was also the editor of the popular astrology magazine The Aquarian Agent.  Pertinent webpage at 
MARTHA LANG WESCOTT: Among the most thorough of systematic research analysts in the area of newly-discovered asteroids, Ms Wescott followed up on the immediate interest of astrologers like Al Morrison in the effects of the smaller bodies in our solar system not classified as 'planets', with a special focus on their psychological effects, as well on the physical. Her analyses routinely include studies of effects of the transneptunian factors used by Witte, Lefeldt, and the Hamburg and Uranian astrologers.  Pertinent website at 
ALFRED WITTE: Born 1878.March.02 at 21h12 Sun Time in Hamburg, Germany, 53n34 x 10e02 (AS 19LI31) recorded in Der Mensch, a German anthology of articles by Witte and his Hamburg School contemporaries.  An avid researcher of various astrological techniques, Witte brought about the popularization of the use of midpoints in 20th century astrology.  He was a key developer of the German Hamburg School of Astrology, which lay the groundwork for both Uranian Astrology and Cosmobiology.  Witte is attributed with having discovered 4 Transneptunian celestial factors, later supplemented with another 4 by his colleague Friedrich Sieggrün.  Cosmobiology developed the same basic techniques while excluding use of the 8 extra Transneptunians and other factors controversial among contemporary conventional thinkers.  Pertinent website at