A Uranian Astrology Analysis 

   Ruth Brummund, Dipl Psychologie     

Translation by L Blake Finley

.NOTE: It has come to the translator's attention that the textual content of some of the original articles sent or posted by Ms Brummund from/in Germany have been altered after the translator received the text translated below. The following text is a translation of the content of the article as it appeared on the date indicated at the end of this translated text, and does not include translation of any alterations that may have been made in the German original since that date.

Using the methods of Uranian Astrology refined after 30 years of continued research from 1970 to today on Alfred Witte's earlier methods, Ruth Brummund illustrates how today's Uranian Astrology quickly identifies mundane events.

Chart and graph illustrations produced by the Special Uranian astrology program by Aureas Software.

On 2004.Dec.26 at 00h59 UT a disaster occurred in southeast Asia. Masses of water overflowed the coastlines and destroyed that which stood in their path.

The epicenter of the turbulence lay in the proximity of the city of Banda Aceh, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The Indian Institute of Oceanography indicated a disturbance of 8.9 on the Richter scale at a longitude of 95E07 and a latitude of 03N04 (just north of the island of Simeulue, off the Sumatra coast). The fixed Local Points for the city of Banda Aceh are LM 04CE39 and LA 05LI18. These can be calculated automatically in Version 2 of the Special Uranian program, or entered as External Points in Version 1 of the Special Uranian program.

To investigate this event, we will compare the chart of the event with the pertinent New Moon Chart and annual Universal (Capricorn Ingress) Chart. Let’s begin with the chart of the day of the event, set for the Tsunami Epicenter at 95E07 x 03N04. This new location can be added to the Special Uranian program by selecting Files -- Open (Chart data input); then select state = Indonesia; click the City button, and then New City to the right in the window that appears. Next type „Tsunami Epicenter" for Name of the City, followed by the coordinates making sure that East and North are also selected; then click OK, Save.

At the time of the earthquake on 2004.Dec.26, the MC at the Epicenter stood at 26 Libra and the Ascendant at 21 Capricorn. In assessing such catastrophes, we need to choose an axis corresponding with the energies symbolized by the event. Since earthquakes usually correlate with UR.AD.VU, and seaquakes with UR.NE.VU, relative midpoints should be accentuated.



=MA/HA =KR/AD =JU/PL This was a day of destruction on a large scale, leading to devastation.

=MC = MC/ME =AR/ZE =ME At this moment, everything began to move.

=VE =NO/VU =JU/HA Troubles spread, for which generous assistance was also offered.



=NE =MO/NE =SU/PO =MC/MA The hour brought the water, whose spirit hovered over the public.

=UR/VU =JU/SA With sudden force, good fortune was brought to an end. The time was somehow ripe.

=MA/SA =HA/KR The distrubing deaths might somehow correlate with obscure higher powers.


=VU =AS/VU This was a powerful seaquake. The invisible directing of the waters seems karmic.

=HA/AD =MC/UR =AS/SA Upsetting moments relating to separations were of a fateful nature.


=ZE =HA/VU The blow had only one major effect… to annihilate.

=MC/PO =AR/UR Personal knowledge brought enlightenment to many about the widespread damages out in public.

LM =SU; LA =ME News on this day about Banda Aceh.


Next, we look at the New Moon chart, set for 14 days prior to the shocking event.

In the Special Uranian program, the Level2/Study chart should first be set to calculate for Banda Aceh (05N34 x 95E20). Then return to the main program menu, select Returns--New Moon Chart, and then the immediately prior chart… for 2004.Dec.14.

New Moon: 2004.Dec.12 at 01h28m UT.

Set for the Tsunami Epicenter near Banda Aceh, this New Moon chart yields an MC of 20 Libra and an AS of 16 Capricorn.


=KR/VU =ME/HA =UR/ZE The New Moon already shows indicators of the extraordinary force which went into action suddenly. Anxiety triggered the power to survive.

=AS/ZE =NO/HA =SA/NE This led to loss of connections and brought about damages and breakdowns which remained after the water left.

=MC/MA =MC/AD =AR/SA Many separations occurred due to the destruction.

=UR/AD =AS/VE =AS/ZE The devastation nonetheless triggered love and help from others.


=SUMO/ZE =SA/UR =MA/HA The predominance of the waters brought about sudden problems relating to damages.

=HA/AD =MC/AP =MC/SA =MC/CU The fate of many families served as a foundation for learning to build long-lasting peaceful communion.


=HA/VU =ZE/AD =SUMO/SA =NO Powerlessness relating to destruction and separations from associates

=HA/AP =ME =AR/UR are talked about. Increasing losses lead to increase of stress and tensions.

=AR/AS =AS/KR =MC/NE At this location, a Higher Being has made itself publicly known by means of the waters.


=AS =HA =SUMO/NE Death at this location due to water at this time.

=AP/AD =CU/AD =AR/ME =AR/NO News about much reduction and shrinkage of contacts and families.

=VE/VU =ZE/VU =NO/KR =MA/CU Social activities of goodwill with great intensity.

=HA/PO =ME/KR =PL/HA =JU/UR Prayers and requests for assistance from unseen spirits for a favorable outcome despite the ruin.

The fixed Local Points show very pertinent indicators:

LM =SA; LA=MA Death.

The trying nature of this New Moon chart is evident -- however, it should be read in context of its larger annual Universal Chart (Capricorn Ingress chart):


Universal Chart 2004.Dec.21 at 12h41 UT

As the Sun reached 0° Capricorn, the MC stood at 17 Aries and the AS at 17 Cancer in Banda Aceh.


=NE/KR =HA/AD =VU This indicates that this is a year when water is of great importance to humanity, shown here with all its potential power.

=VE/SA =PL/AD There are difficulties relating to the development of peace. Obstacles are encountered before a fundamental transformation develops.

=SA/UR =VE/UR =ARSU/NE Sudden termination of harmonious activities due to water. Upsets and tension must be held in check in order to fight for peace in the future.

=MC/NO =MC/SA =MC/ME =MC/CU People talk about family matters and trying situations among associates.


=ZE =HA/VU =HA/AP Lack of defenses and strength, as well as fire, multiply the grief.

=PL/VU =CU/HA Great transformations occur where political power is used to act on social privation.

=MC/NE =AS/NE =AR/MC =AR/AS=MC/SU =AS/SU Water at this location is significant throughout the entire year.


=UR =KR/PO Sudden energy stoppages relating to deaths effected by higher spiritual powers.

=NE/HA =AR/PL =SU/PL =ME/MA Destruction brought about by bodies of water in increasing movement. Opinions undergo changes relative to disadvantages, damages, and breakdowns affecting the future.

=NO/AD =AR/HA =SU/HA The grief of departed relations seems to correlate with inevitable karma.

=AS/VE =MC/VE Love and peace should be cultivated for the future, in order to overcome the tragedy.

The fixed Local Points of Banda Aceh can be inserted into the Universal (Ingress) Chart and further pertinent pictures might be uncovered.

Finally, in assessing the event, we can look at the graphic linear ephemeris, showing natal positions for the event date and time, and transits as they unfolded over the next 12 days. This graph of detailed, day-by-day view of planetary motion can set up with the new Version 2 of the Special Uranian computer program.

The Moon transited over Uranus on December 25 shortly before midnight, and then reached the MA/SA midpoint right at midnight.

In the early morning hours of December 26, the Moon reached Zeus, and then the SA/UR midpoint as the havoc began.

The graph shows clusters of natal planets from 0 to 5 degrees, and then from 14 to 20 degrees. Note that on December 28 that Sun, Mercury, and Venus all meet with the Lunar Node and Admetos. This was a day of meetings in enclosed rooms and small groups.

This article serves as a study for all those who are interested in scientific work, and in research on areas still not widely understood.

We are fortunate that we have passed through these times safe and sound; and we should be thankful for and contented with our relative good luck.

-- Hamburg, 2005.Feb.04

The only software program which effectively calculates the methods used in this article (and which produced the illustrations above) is the 'Special Uranian' astrology program by Aureas Software of Paris, developed in cooperation with Ruth Brummund and Blake Finley  (Click here for further information.)