Answers to Questions

about Uranian Techniques

Ruth Brummund, Dipl. Psych.


The most effective way to work with Uranian techniques is through use of the 'Special Uranian' program, designed in cooperation between Ruth Brummund and Aureas Software of Paris.  (Click here for further information.)

ADMETOS DIRECTED TO ASCENDANT OR ASCENDANT DIRECTED TO ADMETOS: These could indicate that a partnership is strengthened, or that we depart from the location.  This depends on the situation we are already in, and the subsequent choices we make.  There are restrictions in connection with the partner, and we decide whether to endure the limitations and consolidate the partnership, or to break it off.  

MANDALA INTERPRETATION: Interpretation is the most difficult part of Astrology, including the Mandala.  With the Mandala, looking at the Introversion sectors, we might investigate the characteristics of the midpoint configurations associated with each emphasized planet (taken from the Brummund Rulebook).  Next, we would look at the Extroversion sectors to see how the inner life manifests through external action.  If there are strong contradictory energies, we look to the emphasized planets in the Synthesis sectors to see how these contradictions can be reconciled and balanced.  We follow the same procedure in assessing the horizontal consciousness zones.

MARRIAGE INDICATORS:  First off, I would adjust the SU/MO midpoint by direction on the 90 wheel and note where it comes in contact with AS, CU, and NO, and then write down the number of degrees between natal SU/MO and these three points.  Sometimes two or three of these contacts coincide, so that we can determine an approximate age of marriage.  In one example, the AS is 10 from SU/MO, NO is 35 from SU/MO, and CU at 38 from SU/MO.  10+35=45.  These indicate approximate solar arc values.  In this case, we estimate the likelihood to be between approximately age 34 and 39 (always allowing an orb of 1 year -- ed: and noting that people do not marry at age 10).  Additional indicators for verification would be the distance, as well as the half-distance between natal SU and natal MO; these may also yield confirming indicators.

MC/AS AXIS:  The MC/AS midpoint is something I would look at only when concerned with additional specific questions.  It may indicate professional interactions, or one's personal relationships with others.  This midpoint essentially means "others I come in contact with".  Whenever investigating a specific issue, I pay attention to all midpoints on a given axis; thus I also am able to assess the character of the individual and recognize his or her weaknesses.  When investigating the MC/AS axis, we uncover situations that are personally suited to the individual.

MONEY:  Since Jupiter is an indicator of material possessions, it also stands for money.  In connection with Kronos, we may find substantial sums, or money in connection with important matters.  With Pluto, we often find increase of assets; however these can manifest either materially or in ideas or knowledge which end up being profitable.  Pluto is conducive to growth and development, while Apollon indicates expansion and, combined with Jupiter, also increase of freedom.  Further combined with Aries and Venus, this indicates a love of the outdoors.  One should always consider the various possibilities, and look at contradicting energies within any given axis (ed: due to other dissimilar midpoints).  Experience will teach us how to refine our interpretations.  If we want to know if sizeable earnings are ahead, the JU/AP midpoint is often directed via solar arc, and triggering transits are noted for more precise timing.  Remember that great care and caution should be used in considering all these factors, in order to derive an accurate prognosis.

RECTIFICATION AND THE MANDALA:   If the Mars-axis shows no midpoints involving MC, the birth time is not correct.  Each living being expresses energies which must manifest through Mars being linked with the MC.  One would in this case, with the dial pointing to Mars, look to find where a modified MC would most closely form a midpoint (on the Mars axis).  From this, an initial estimated rectification can be made.

The most effective way to work with Uranian techniques is through use of the 'Special Uranian' program, designed in cooperation between Ruth Brummund and Aureas Software of Paris.  (Click here for further information.)