Nikola Tesla

 The Real Producer of Today's Technical Wonders 

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Thanks go to Ruth Brummund for verifying the chart birth time rectification.

Only after his death was Nikola Tesla justly credited for his fundamental contributions to today's science, many of his inventions still futuristic.  Tesla's genius was harnessed and capitalized up on to make millions for others, while Tesla himself died in poverty, others often credited for his inventions.  This chart looks at his life and disposition.  What could he have done to overcome the injustice?

Chart and graph illustrations produced by the Special Uranian astrology program by Aureas Software.

In the next lesson, we will be looking at the chart of prolific inventor Nikola Tesla, and will verify or rectify his birth time. Data available (from Marc Edmund Jones' Sabian Symbols) indicates birth at 00h01 Local Mean Time in Smiljan, Croatia on 1856.Jul.10. Data given in the biography on Tesla written by John O'Neill indicates a birth time "at midnight between 9 and 10 July 1856. Tesla lived in poverty while the fruits of his brilliant mind and labor were sold by influential business people without crediting him appropriately as the source. He was one of the most significant but formerly unrecognized contributors to the development of modern electrical technology. An analysis of his chart after rectification could prove to be very interesting.

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All sources do not agree on the coordinates for the birth city of Smiljan, Croatia (a small village near Gospic and Lika), so were verified with Astrodienst in Switzerland: 15E19 x 44N35.

The preliminary chart example has the dial set to the Aries axis, which triggers midpoints highly pertinent to his contributions to the world. An analysis of his Sun axis also yields clear correlations describing his work.

Note in the Tesla preliminary chart, based on biography data, the configurations on his Aries axis that so vividly describe his contributions to the world in terms of technical developments and light.

I have been reading the book Tesla: Man Out of Time, by Margaret Cheney, Laurel Books, New York, 1981. You are invited to take a look at the Ariespoint axis  for Nikola Tesla, as shown in the neighboring chart illustration here, and take note of which of the midpoints matches with these outstanding traits repeatedly emphasized about Tesla in Ms Cheney's book  [Remember that 22.5° (16th harmonic) midpoints reveal the most dynamic and productive energies in the chart.... using a +/- 1 degree orb.] :

1) starting early in life, Tesla had vivid intuitive flashes, which he described as often visualizing the very inventions he ended up developing. From the description given, he was extremely intuitively gifted, with almost paranormal gifts.  Looking at his chart, what midpoint configuration on his Ariespoint axis correlates with this?

2) Tesla was highly impractical with money... almost other-worldly in financial matters. On several occasions he sacrificed patents for small amounts of money while others made large sums of money from his ideas. How does this show on his Ariespoint axis?

3) Tesla ultimately set up his own company, and did business in machinery and technical objects and tools, many of which were obscure in origins and/or previously mysterious and unfamiliar to the general public. What Ariespoint axis-configuration verifies this?

4) Tesla was often subjugated by people more influential than himself, and subsequently met with political opposition relating to some of his projects. What Aries-axis configuration correlates with this?


Chart drawn on Special Uranian astrology program by Aureas Software


AR.UR.PL  (from the Brummund Rulebook):

* In worldly dealings: highly perceptive - readily stimulated - flexible - seeks to develop or alter or exchange - adventurous - gifted with rhythm - technically inclined - progressive or innovative - inventive - unsettled or transitional - spasmic -- restless - compulsive about change - explosive - rebellious or disruptive

* Unexpected exchanges out in public - Surprising public interchanges - Quick readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions - Rapid restructuring, conversions, or transitions in public settings - Technical development or improvements out in the world - Rapid mutations all around - Spasmodic public development or improvements -- Impulsiveness in relation to readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions - Sudden compulsory changes out in public

Note that all of these factors were continually emphasized as being critical factors in Tesla's position in society and his reputation out among the public, all are very clearly shown front-and-center on his Ariespoint axis, using today's direct, no longer esoteric Uranian methods as taught by Ruth Brummund.  Uranian methods perpetuated by those last trained in the methods of the 1970s or earlier may not be so direct or clear to identify -- superfluous and mesmerizingly distracting historical gimmicks and gadgets have been dispensed with to render this astrology straightforward and efficient.

One other characteristic mentioned in Ms Cheney's biography of Tesla -- he was close to only a very few people, and those tended to be people of equal intensity, and often of social influence. (Among those friends was author Samuel Clemens, pen name Mark Twain.) Assuming the birth time is somewhat accurate, what configuration on Tesla's Ariespoint axis confirms this?

Tesla invented quite a number of electrical devices, and others were often credited for his inventions. This is one reason why Tesla refused to accept a Nobel prize proposed for award jointly to him and Thomas Edison... Edison had exploited him so much that Tesla refused to see Edison get credit for his work. Tesla was a scientist and inventor, not a businessman by nature. Thus he accumulated tremendous debts from business losses, and died a relative pauper. It was only an annual $7200 grant from the government of his native Yugoslavia that kept him from being destitute during his final years when he lived in the United States. Meanwhile, others profited enormously from the inventions he actually produced. Guglielmo Marconi stole Tesla's drawings from the US Patent Office, and it was only after an extended lawsuit that Marconi was exposed as a fraud, and Tesla was credited with his own invention.

Here are some quotes from Ms Cheney in her biography on Tesla: p.242: "As is typical of so many of Tesla's inventions, scholars still do not know the whole range of their possible applications or, in some cases, even their full theoretical significance."

About Tesla, from  the cover of Ms Cheney's book: "A visionary genius, his discoveries radically changed -- and continue to change -- the world we live in."

This man was exceptionally brilliant, highly intuitive, far ahead of his time. In those ways he reminds me of what has been written about Alfred Witte, whose inventions were fewer, but whose futuristic inspirations were of also of benefit to the potential progress of humanity.

As we look more at Tesla's chart, we will probably see indicators of these descriptions of him.

The following list includes  key life events I was able to uncover data for, along with some correlating solar arc directed configurations, and a few transits. I decided to post this as it is now so that anyone who wishes to participate in the process.  In some cases, only the year or season are given (7SU = summer, 4SP=spring, 10FA =fall/autumn, 1WI=winter). This data is from Margaret Cheney's biography of Tesla.

In our rectification work, remember that we are working with the Brummund method. Only midpoints and 16th harmonic clusters are acknowledged as significant, and are supposed to account for all major life events. (A+B-C pictures, houses, or rulerships from historical methods are not given consideration, as they will take us too far off track from our coherent method verified by current practice. Directed midpoint and cluster analysis only has proven to be more than adequate for rectification, and can be verified with transits.)

At this point, while Ruth tabulates her data, let me mention that I have chosen the next chart for study as that of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India. A controversial figure, she at one point ruled somewhat arbitrarily while facing opposition for having tangled with powerful banking interests in India and U.S. President Richard Nixon. In addition, perhaps one of Ms Gandhi's biggest challenges... she was a powerful woman in a world controlled by primarily by men who saw women as second-class citizens. She dedicated her life to the broad public of her country, and was assassinated due to her controversial and bold policies. The two most convincing birth times for Ms Gandhi that I have on file come from the database compiled by American astrologer Sylvia Tobias (a member of our group). Indira Gandhi was born 1917.Nov.19. The birth time rectified by famous Indian astrologer B V Raman is 23h12m29 IST (5h30mE). Another nearby time supplied by American astrologer and data collector Marc Penfield is 23h11 IST. A third time supplied by American astrologer Barbara Watters is 23h40 Local Mean Time. It seems most logical to start with the time supplied by Mr Raman, a notable astrologer and practitioner of (Hindu) methods reputed for their accuracy.

Here are the rectification data as provided by Ruth:

Her method was to pick only two significant events to see if the proposed birth time was valid or not, and came up with this:

Rejection of Nobel Prize, and financial bankruptcy

1915 (date unknown, therefore estimated for Jul.01:

Solar arc 56.38


Could this also indicate that he was having physiological health problems at that time, as well?

Then, at Tesla's death



Ruth points out that since the MC/JU axis was trigged, death may have been a pleasant event for Tesla, implying perhaps that his metaphysical and spiritual consciousness found a transition from physical life into non-physical existence as something pleasant.

Now, note that I originally looked for specific planets or midpoints (from our rectification list) to see if the specific matters related to those planets somehow triggered the MC and/or AS in specific ways. This is often the quickest and most effective way to verify the natal MC and AS.

Then, Ruth looked to the directed Sun as the indicator of current overall trends for the individual. In past communications, Ruth has emphasized to me the central importance of looking first at the directed Sun to assess current trends. It can also be used to verify the accuracy of the MC and AS, especially as a way of double- checking to see how dSU validates the first procedure (or not).

Another method is to direct the MC (for events effecting the native personally) or AS (for external events in the environs) to see if these confirms the events as well.

I recommend that you review the table of directed data above on the Special Uranian program tables and dial functions to see how the pictures manifest, and perhaps also experiment with the directed SU and MC to see other configurations that would validate the events.

In summary, it appears that the birth time for Tesla is correct.

Note that, in addition to the directed pictures, that transiting AP was on Tesla's Ascendant when he first moved to a university setting in a city much larger than any he had lived in before.

Then, transiting Pluto was on his Ascendant when he first moved to a major world metropolis, probably leading to a radical change in outlook and manner of interacting with others... and working for a large corporation.

Tesla lived his live fascinated with and devoted to knowledge and discovery, and was a remarkable individual who had a radical effect on the electro- technical society we live in today. While he refused to accept a Nobel Prize along with Thomas Edison because he felt exploited by him, he later, bankrupt and defeated, did accept a medal with Edison's name on it, perhaps finally accepting the political realities, undesirable as they might have been.

Tesla saw much of his life creating and working only to see others reap the benefits. However, after his death, he was recognized more appropriately for his contributions to world society. On 1983.Sep.21, a US postage stamp was issued featuring him. On that date:


Remember that in our list, KR.AP correlates with an `important experience', well-described by the Brummund Rulebook interpretation of this picture:

 MC.KR.AP  (from the Brummund Rulebook)

* Internally: eager for knowledge - highly perceptive - keenly observant - widely-known - frank - unfettered - seeks autonomy - unrestrained or unrestricted - magnanimous - widely experienced - of high standing - generous -- overbearring - needs humility - needs to anticipate reactions

* Me and outstanding successes - Exceptional knowledge - Experience with self-reliance - Enjoyment of much respect - Important business - Extraordinary gains or income - Profits relating to official matters - Authority for many - Scientific or academic authority - State academic or scientist - Me and satisfaction relating to official matters


Ariespoint is situations out among the public, out in the world.


PL.AP indicates a broadening of experience or fame, an increase of success. AS.HA probably relates to the fact the that honor was post- mortem.

Overall, the averages indicate an MC of approximately 17.00, with an Ascendant of approximately 33.30 –validating Tesla's birth time as 00h01 LMT.

This should be accurate to within 30' of longitude, or 2 minutes of time. Greater precision could be obtained with additional study of directed and transiting configurations.

How many astrological Teslas have there been?

-- San Francisco 2005.May

The 'Special Uranian' astrology program was designed in Europe in collaboration with Uranian expert and Hamburg Astrologer Ruth Brummund, Electrical Engineer and Astrologer Francis Santoni, and American Astrologer and Linguist Blake Finley to implement the efficient and research-justified techniques of today's European School of Uranische Astrologie, and is needed to implement the techniques presented here.  The program has undergone substantial changes since its initial release, and has included the text of the Brummund Rulebook interpretations since Summer 2005. (Click here for further information.)