Indira Gandhi

 Universal Woman of Courage, Compassion, and Social Justice 

by L. Blake Finley M.A. Linguistics


Thanks go to Ruth Brummund for comments and for verifying the birth time rectification. 

Indira Gandhi, genetically unrelated to, but political compatriot of Mahatma Gandhi, and daughter of India's first Prime Minister Jawarhalal Nehru,  was a woman who used the privilege of her personal background more to the benefit of her nation's people rather than her own self-interest.  Her intelligence, and powerful love for humanity are what led her to become one of the first women to be the main national political leader of a country, at a time when such a feat was almost unknown.  She triggered controversy and a powerful backlash by redistributing the wealth concealed in her country to the general populace, as she continued the work of Mahatma Gandhi to reverse the damages of the ruthless feudal Caste System and bring greater equality to Indian society. Here we look at some of the main midpoint axes in her chart, and proceed to a rectification to clarify her birth time.

Chart and graph illustrations produced by the Special Uranian astrology program by Aureas Software... the only computer program designed to correctly perform the techniques presented here and provide similarly appropriate interpretations.

I wanted to select the chart of a strong woman who has shown both leadership qualities and a sense of public service. I believe Indira Gandhi to be such a person. While Mrs Gandhi was controversial due to clashes with the Sikh population and politically with Pakistan, her policies were to the general benefit of the majority of those she administered. Her remarkable efforts to challenge the remains of the ancient and oppressive caste system as she took the bold move to nationalize the banks of India brought severe backlash from the old ruling classes, and she was accused of election frauds and humiliated, leaving her political office. Nonetheless, her popularity about the Indian people led to her re- election several years later, as the accusations of fraud proved to be set up by opponents, and invalid. I recall watching Ms Gandhi on television when she was Prime Minister of India and remember her powerful presence and the intensity of her words. You are invited to look at her chart to see what configuration jumps out as correlating with the intensity of her communicative style. You might also look at the chart to see what configuration validates her high-level success out among the public, and her strong sense of community with her people. "Charisma" is another term appropriate for describing Mrs Gandhi's character. What configurations correlate with this?

Ms Gandhi lived several years in Switzerland, attended university in England, and was the daughter of India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. For a woman to attain and maintain such a powerful position in the 1960s despite opposition and setbacks was no small feat, and a tribute to her strong character. We will explore her chart to see how it confirms her life and character. First I want to rectify with some life events, to see if and how it confirms the rectification of noted Indian astrologer Mr B V Raman via traditional Hindu methods -- 23h12m29s IST [5h30mE]. Incidentally, the other times indicated for her birth were 23h11 IST [5h30mE] per the American Federation of Astrologers, and 23h40 Local Mean Time per Marion March. All 3 of these times are reported in the famous personalities Tobias database compiled by our 21st Century Uranian member Sylvia Tobias, and accessible to Special Uranian program users.

You will read articles highly critical of Ms Gandhi, in part because she was a woman, in part because she stood up against very powerful financial interests who had the power to undermine and discredit her through media attacks and political jostling.  As mentioned, an internet search for information on Indira Gandhi may lead to extremely different accounts of her rule, depending on who was in sympathy, or not, with her controversial policies. Some only mention the trumped-up charges of election fraud, period, without mentioning that she was acquitted and later re-elected, more popular than ever. As an example of the political harassment, some sites claimed that she promoted outrageous forced sterilization/birth control, while others indicate that it was in fact voluntary, as a means of reducing overpopulation. Her political party literally split over her nationalization of the banks and imposition of income ceilings on the wealthy, who often despised her, and which brought a powerful backlash -- while she was beloved by the young and poor people who benefited from her policies. In Britain and France, she was at one time elected Woman of the Year, while more conservative media sources in the USA in sympathy with the banking interests described her as a radical and a dictator. Only through the reading of various sources might one gain a relatively objective view on Ms Gandhi. Perhaps quite significant is that Mother Teresa endorsed Ms Gandhi's state of emergency and political crackdown in reponse to the violent opposition provoked against her populist policies. We can look at Ms Gandhi's chart to see what drove and motivated Indira Gandhi to do as she did. 

What do configurations on the main Sun, Mars, and Mercury/Jupiter axes say about Ms Gandhi's innate inner drive and life purpose, her manner of taking action, her manner of communicating with the framework of social codes? Was she in essence a power-seeking dictator, or a woman with conviction for public service who had to take strong measures to resist the efforts of powerful and wealthy political opposition?  Ruth emphasizes repeatedly that the chart shows potential, and  the individual's degree of consciousness of  potentials determines how energies manifest. We know that some planets have very high and also significantly lower possible manifestations. Much of this is also determined by free will, which should be taken in consideration as we look at this chart (as well others).

Chart with on-screen moveable dial from Special Uranian astrology program by Aureas Software


Ruth has reminded me that in order for an MC to be valid, when we point the dial to Mars, the MC should either 1) be part of a midpoint on the Mars axis, or 2) be clustered with Mars (i.e. be at a 22.5 angle to Mars), and that if neither of these exist, then Mars does not have adequate expression through the MC for a child to survive after birth, and therefore the time is not likely.

I therefore proceeded to Indira Gandhi's chart with the time rectified by B V Raman. It shows MA =AR/MC =MC/SA = MC/AD, validating that the proposed time is plausible according to the MC.MA principle. What do these pictures also indicate relating to significant life events for Ms Gandhi? Take a look at the other midpoint pictures formed along her Mars axis, even if this birth time is not yet precise. What pictures there clearly correlate with her life's work?

Note that in this and other rectification tables compiled for our lessons, the MC and AS are usually rounded to the nearest 1/2 degree (30'). This will ascertain a birth time to within 2 minutes of precision, using Solar Arc rectification methods alone. Greater precision would come after more detailed analysis over time.

Directed midpoints can be quickly found in the Special Uranian program by 2 methods: Type in the date of the event for Level 2 (Study chart) and select the Solar Arc Chart function, and then use the mouse functions to quickly set the dial, one by one, to each directed midpoint you wish to survey.

Ruth has recommended working the the midpoint table. To do this, select from the main menu "Natal - Uranian Midpoints". If you are going to be working on a chart for a while, you may want to print out the table on paper. Or you can leave it on the screen to refer to. Remember that you can resize windows by clicking and dragging the edge of the window. As the table is in 22.5 notation, you need to convert the midpoint to 22.5 notation. You can do this in your head, or you can revert to the dial, pointed at the directed midpoint you are analyzing, and look to see at what degree one of the four dial pointers points to that is between 0 and 22.5 degrees. Or you can right-click on the dial, and select "Advance dial by right angle" until it points somewhere between 0 and 22.5 degrees. Once the value is reduced to 22.5 (16th harmonic) notation, then look that degree up in the table to discover which natal midpoints are being triggered. The table has the advantage that it gives the precise degree of natal midpoints being triggered.

You will probably see pertinent midpoints or individual planets, other than those mentioned in the rectifications, being triggered. Focus should be kept on configurations involving the MC and AS during the rectification process, as these are the ones which validate the birth time. Other pertinent midpoint configurations, which may do nothing to ascertain the time of birth, however, make us more aware of how the planetary combinations manifest in events, teaching us new ideas, or expanding or clarifying our previous conceptions, although they are of little value during the rectification process - except for the Moon when rectifying an unknown birthtime... a process reserved for a later lesson.

Some believe that Indira had a premonition of her own death. The very night before the day she was assassinated she said in a speech, "I don't mind if my life goes in the service of the nation. If I die today, every drop of my blood will invigorate the nation."

Despite the controversy over her policies, she probably did more than any single Indian Prime Minister to ultimately democratize India and make the general populace more prosperous.

Note that the Special Uranian program calculates one year of Distances & Halfdistances automatically, if you have checked that option after selecting Directions Solar Arc chart. What is the Table of Distances & Halfdistances in terms of traditional astrological terminology? In essence, it is a listing which indicates at what time 22.5 angular contacts between any two planets or points will form, in arc directions, along with what time either of the planets reaches the midpoint between itself and the second point. While it would take much time to calculate this table by hand, the Special Uranian program makes this concise and convenient table of central, critical, solar arc direction contacts accessible for quick assessment, without having to look all over the chart. It is a convenient tool routinely used in 21st century Uranian Astrology. The table is calibrated to be used with Complementary Arc, a symmetrical derivative of Solar Arc, and not the full equavalent of Solar Arc itself.

Since Ruth wanted to also look at Distance and Half-distance contacts a few months prior to the following events, she uses the full Table of Distances & Halfdistances found under the main menu bar Directions Uranian Distances & Halfdistances. This table gives a complete listing of all possible Distance & Halfdistance contacts in the chart, all in one location, in a continuous list.

If you set the Level 2 chart (Study Chart in SU Version 1) for the event date you wish to analyze, the full Dist/Halfdist chart will begin with the contacts effective on that date, and contacts in immediately prior months will be shown at the end of the table.

Let's begin by setting up the main Natal Chart for the data of Indira Gandhi:

1917.Nov.19 23h12m29s IST (5h30mE) India. Allahabad (in Uttar Pradesh)

This gives an Ascendant of 140.25

[Ruth reminds me that transits are the triggers which release solar arc directed configurations, the directions themselves not always being exact in time, but having an orb of plus or minus one degree.]

A list of events in the life of Indira Gandhi, with dates, follows:

To study individual events, set the Level 2 (Study) Chart to the event date under study. This can be done very quickly in Special Uranian by the following method:

Look for the matrix of chart data boxes at the Tools window at left. These contain the chart data in Universal Time. The box to the right should show the birth data for Indira Gandhi in UT.

To change the data in the matrix of boxes to the right, double-click the box at the upper-left corner of the matrix. Depending on the date format you have selected in your Windows settings, it could be the day, the month or the year. Date order is specified by you in your Windows settings, and then the Special Uranian program automatically adapts to that. For example, I am using the international scientific and computer technology format of Y.M.D in the examples presented here. So I click on the box at the upper left corner of the data matrix box, and a small window appears asking me to enter the new date manually. I enter the entire event date as 1942.03.26 this is 1942 March 26, when Indira, daughter of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, married eminent Indian journalist Feroze Gandhi, and click the OK or the Refresh button.

Now, verify that the new data shows up for Level 2 / Study Chart. If you select Directions Solar Arc chart, you will see in the upper right corner of the chart the Complementary Arc value for that date: 02.11 < The < indicates that the Comp Arc is increasing in value at this time, moving upward from 0 to 11.25 degrees at the midpoint of the 22.5 circle.

Next, access the Distances table by selecting from the main menu bar Directions Table of Distances and Halfdistances , and you will see that it begins with the position nearest 02:11. To see Half/Distances immediately prior to 1942.Mar.26, look at the end of the table. Just as in Solar Arc. 1 degree is equal to approximately 1 year, and therefore 1 month is approximately equal to 05' of arc, since 60/12 = 5.

The table shows that in early March, Indira has MO/MA, as well has AS/AD, and later AS=KR.

[IMPORTANT: Ruth and I have discussed this issue at length on several occassions, and she has remained firm that the / symbol is to be used for both midpoints and halfdistances. In fact, halfdistances are in effect the midpoint of the distance between two planets, and reflect the same mathematical principles. However, the degree of the halfdistance is not the same as the degree of the midpoint. The measurement of a halfdistance begins with 0 as the longitude of the the planet being measured from; while the measurement of planetary longitude begins with 0 as the beginning of the zodiac, i.e. 0 Aries. The notations for both are the same, but the degree values of both are not the same. You do not need to know how these values are calculated in order to use Distances and Halfdistances, as the Special Uranian program does the calculationg for you.]

Then, right at the time of Indira's marriage, we see CU=VU.

Ruth points out that the same configurations recur about 22.5 years later (as is always the case with any configuration for anyone, in this system), and this coincides approximately with the death of her father. Thus both events have impacts on her of similar planetary nature.

In the case of her marriage, she married an independent professional (AS.KR), and the marriage involved many and extended separations (AS.AD) as both partners were highly active professionals in different fields. MO.MA indicates the emotional ardency of her involvement in the relationship, and that it would be one where she was publicly active. Another issue I will leave for you to uncover which combination of the aforementioned pictures also point to Indira's imprisonment for opposition to the British colonial government shortly after her marriage? CU.VU correlates with the marriage being a powerful and influential bond, and one where politics/administrative functions played a central role. CU.VU also correlates with `influential family'.

If you now set the Level 2 / Study chart for the date of the death of her father, Prime Minister Nehru, on 1964.May.27, you see nearly identical arc-directed configurations in 22.5 mode.

Ruth then proceeded to look at the date when Indira herself first became Prime Minister of the Republic of India 1966.Jan.19. If we set the Level 2 / Study chart for that date, and call up the Table of Distances and Half-distances, we find JU/KR around October, MO/VU November, and JU/AP and NE/ZE in December, followed by MO=NO, NE=CU, and AR/NE at the time of her ascendancy in January. Ruth interpreted this as "The future out in public, involving direct public contact, following extensive success as an influential woman making new beginnings for the future". I leave it to you to correlate the keywords with the planets involved.

Next, Ruth looked at the date of Indira's tragic death 1984.Oct.31. Complementary Arc 00.35 increasing. Within two months previous, we find MA=AD, AS/UR, AR=SA, MO/ZE. I ask you now, using keywords from our list, or the Rulebook, or your own prior knowledge, how do those contacts describe her assassination and departure from this plane of existence? Ruth writes about this turning point: "Energies are blocked due to sudden interactions, as a woman dynamic in public departs from this world. There was excitement and surprise in the environs."

Ruth continues in commenting that this is only one example of how the Special Uranian program enlightens us in referring to planetary configurations correlating directly with worldly events in our lives today.

Now, not only does Uranian Astrology prove out physically manifest events, but it also can describe the metaphysical realities such as our psychological states. The physical and psychological are intimately and inseparably interrelated, and both impact our lives in very significant ways.

Thus, Ruth proceeds to look at the Uranian Mandala of Indira Gandhi.

With Ms Gandhi's data entered for "Natal Chart", we now from the main menu bar select Natal Uranian Mandala. The Mandala that first appears shows a full 2 degrees between each of the 3 axes used for analysis (listed in the upper left corner), therefore we do not need to select alternate axes.

A look at the sector categories at the top and left margin of the Mandala show that Indira is both primarily introverted (in the Jungian sense), and is strongly driven by instincts from the unconscious, the soul. The most strongly occupied sector indicates that she derives great persistence and staying-power from the energies of collective unconscious, for as long as her sense of justice does not lead to excesses outside the limits of convention. Looking to the opposite side of Mandala, we see that her activities require self-denial, and she her actions relating to others are stressful. Which planets correlate with this? Upper sectors in relation to the whole: She has difficulty realizing intellectual and ideological concepts, as she is not fully conscious in those matters. She lacks inner balance between body-spirit-soul, and introversion-extroversion. She is primarily a woman of the soul, of the collective instincts.

In closing, I want to mention that I also noted the absences of Venus, Hades, and Kronos, and how the Venus absence might correlate with the extended separations from her husband, and the Hades and Kronos absences with her martyrdom and criticism by others of the ruling classes.

Another comment about the earlier predictive technique: Note that Complementary Arc is symmetrical, and its value waxes and wanes between 0 degrees and 11.25 degrees, the two halves together forming a complete circle of 22.5 degrees.

You do not need to fully understand the mathematical foundations of Complementary Arc in order to use it, as long as you have a program such as Special Uranian, which creates the tables for you, and calculates Complementary Arc values for you. It of course also calculates the Mandala for you.

Ruth has emphasized to me that the Mandala should be used primarily as tool to summarize the chart holistically... that in contrast with the standard midpoint methods which tend to easily lead us to focus on isolated elements of the chart, the Mandala summarazes the main points of the chart. My own tendency is to look at individual components of the Mandala and then think about synthesizing them to create a whole picture of the individual; following this tendency, I wrote the following, which Ruth has reviewed and approved for posting. You may want to view the Uranian Mandala for Indira Gandhi, and can do so via the Special Uranian program, or I have also posted a copy as 'MdIGandhi' in the Photos section of our group, which you can access and print now. 

Looking at the Uranian Mandala for Indira Gandhi, we first see that there is a full 2 between Sun, Mars, and ME/JU, so that we do not need to substitute alternates. And remember that a black dot represents strong presence of the marked planet along these three midpoint axes; while each small circle indicates an absence of the marked factor along one of the three axes. Accentuated planets imply that they are used at a highly conscious level; absent planets mean unconscious or semi- conscious functioning, perhaps projected onto or experienced through others. Planets with both dots and circles are strong in some ways, weak in others, indicating ambivalent attitudes in those matters. Ambivalent planets can indicate special personal gifts, once the energies are mastered.

  • Where do we see indicators relating to frequent separations between Indira and her partner/husband?

  • What indicators of stable roots, firm support from a strong heritage, and her remarkable persistance and comeback despite setbacks?

  • Her strong determination and sense of purpose?

  • Her confrontations with large-scale commercial interests, and a possible problem with scattering her energies by doing too many things at one time?

  • Her remarkable intelligence, positive attitude, and sense of justice?

  • Issues surrounding ideological objectivity and understanding of potentials in situations encountered?

  • Which factors might relate to her martyrdom at assassination?

Uranian Mandala calculated by Special Uranian astrology program by Aureas Software

In later lessons, we will look at other Mandalas, and move more toward synthesizing the individual components of the Mandala into a unified picture.

One thing has become very clear during this analysis... the world needs more political leaders like Indira Gandhi,

dedicated to serving the needs of the public, and not just themselves and their extravagant cohorts.


Another link briefly summarizing key points of Ms Gandhi's life and career: 

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