The Universal Chart for 2006  

 Uranian Mundane Astrology Analysis 


by Ruth Brummund, Dipl Psych



(The geodetic-based Locational MC and AS, or LM and LA, used in this article are calculated per the method of A M Grimm. The Uranian Institute is not necessarily in agreement with views expressed in this article.)

NOTE: It has come to the translator's attention that the textual content of some of the original articles sent or posted by Ms Brummund from/in Germany have been altered after the translator received the text translated below. The following text is a translation of the content of the article as it appeared on the date indicated at the end of this translated text, and does not include translation of any alterations that may have been made in the German original since that date.

The year is nearing its end, and we remain thankful that we belong to the fortunate on the Earth who have managed to remain alive after the repeated natural catastrophes which have occurred since last December.

Were these events indicated in the heavens? For several years now, Apollon has been lingering at a distance of about 90 degrees from Vulkanus, which correlates with the forces of nature. Apollon, being the slower of the two, is slowly moving past the significant angular relationship. Will the recurring severe weather conditions which led to earthquakes, seaquakes, and hurricanes also move on?

First we recall the Universal Chart for 2005 which began when the Sun entered Capricorn, on 2004.Dec.21 at 13h41m29s UT. Around Uranus in that chart, were bundled all sorts of problematic energies illustrated by the following planetary picture:

UR=MA/SA=AR/HA=SU/HA=NE/HA=MA/AP=NE/PL=MA/VU=NO/AD Excitement relating to much damage and death. Bodies of water and storms approached with powerful intensity upon humanity and broke up connections and relationships. The result was widespread suffering due to destruction.

During the coming year, should we be prepared for further such hardships?

The cosmic year begins 2005.12.21 at 18h34m48s UT.  In the chart cast for Washington, the natal and current direct positions of the Sun for George Bush II, born 1946.Jul.06, are marked by the 2 stars.  rSU=13CE47, dSU=57.01.

It is noteworthy that Moon, Uranus, and Neptune all cluster with the Earth Axis (Ariespoint axis) indicating possible upsets among the public, particularly women, if sensitivities are not relaxed, in turn leading to checkmates. Clusters of NO.ZE, PL.HA, and ME.CU added to this could lead to regression in social matters if joint goals are not set to resolve disadvantages.

Let's analyze the Earth Axis for the year more systematically:

AR.SU  =UR Excitement or Tension, Reforms or Technology  =AD/PO stimulate root-level insights and a revolution in consciousness. These stimulate serious thoughts breaking up ideological stagnation, mental blocks, and deadlocks over ethical issues.  =MO/UR Excited people, surprises in particular in relation to women.  =AR/NE Widespread insecurity or uncertainty in relation to matters relating to the water and the air.  =SU/NE The secrets of men, deceit, and issues relating to physical weakness are brought out in public, and =MO women, the broad public, and emotional issues play a role in this.  =JU/KR The importance of finance, rights, and law and order are brought out in public  =UR/VU and should be dealt with intuitively rather than through reactionary or coercive measures,  =NE so that in place of instability, a receptivity to future potential manifests; attention to empathic intuitions overcomes ambiguity and precludes the disappointments that lead to checkmates.  =MO/VU A strong public, particularly influential women, stand firm and remain active.  =MA/AD This however requires concentration and persistent effort; problems can manifest if there is resistance relating to work, limited activity, and subsequent blockage or obstacles; destruction or violence would only block the world populace's potential to fulfill objectives.

The above configuration applies to the entire Earth, and it appears that the types of catastrophes manifest in the previous year are not likely to continue this year.


2006 FOR THE U.S.A

In this study we will seek to peer into the future. The indicators above apply to all nations of the world. Let's however proceed to focus on the USA. What can Americans expect for the year?

First, a look at the midpoint between America's MC and Bush's directed Sun, i.e where Bush stands this year in relation to the country.


=MC/AP:  Success and satisfaction 

=MC/VU over power and influence, 

=MC/ME:  personal thoughts and communications 

=MC/MO: about position among the public.

=AS/NO: Cultivation of cooperative relations 

=AS/ZE: requires setting goals; creative resourcefulness is needed. 


Through the USA, Bush's influence and efficiency (MC/VU) lies in his capacity to not only speak of goals, but to act on them (AS/ZE). Relations with other countries (NO/ZE) depend on how Bush is approached, and the outcome of those interactions (AS/ZE).

Later, we will look at specifics of relations with Russia, Japan, and Germany. For now, however, let's first look at more detailed internal indicators for the USA alone, based on analysis of the midpoints on the Universal 2006 MC and AS for Washington:

MC Washington 20.27 The standing of the USA

=NO/VE=SA/NE=SU/SA=AR/SA:  Loving and congenial relations suffer due to widespread public problems. AIDS or other health concerns could lead to continual uncertainty and problems relating to harmonious relations.

=MA/KR=VE/ZE=AR/JU=SU/JU:  Socially-significant activities are carried out with enjoyment, bringing success and income. High-level projects involving art or aesthetics bring benefits. Self-discipline should be exercised so that passion for work does not lead to excesses or extravagance.

=NE/HA=NE/PL=PL/KR=HA/KR:  Contradictions between the Past and the Future can lead to conflict if subterfuge develops further and regression causes loss of meaning and sense of priority.

=MA/NE=KR/PO=SO/HA=AR/HA:  Intuitively-guided work leads to significant insights on how to prevent damages or disease. Mistakes leading to shortages and losses bring into question the openness of officials; work involving air or water are subject to hazards.

=SU/PL=AR/PL=SU/MA=AR/MA:  Workplace changes require organizing and further development, after which assignments unfold effectively.

=VE/AD=JU/NE=SA/KR=MC/UR:  Minimal enjoyment relating to expenditures, and official problems lead to tensions. However, those who hold firm to the task at hand, seeking rewards in the future, undeterred by difficulties, will experience surprising results.

Insertion of Local Points of other world capitals yields these indicators:

Moscow LM 10.03 Taurus/17.33 LA 25.20 Leo /10.20 

Tokyo LM2 16.56 Leo/1.56 LA2 10.41 Scorpio/18.11 

Berlin LM3 14.31 Aries/14.31 LA3 6.55 Leo/14.25

MC Washington

=LM/KR Moscow is important due to its preponderance and ascent  =LM/LM2 in relation to Tokyo as well as Washington  =LA/VE bringing congenial and cooperative US-Russian relations.

=LM2/MA Tokyo is relatively highly productive, 

=LM2/PL.HA although disadvantageous developments may be associated with covert changes 

=LA2/NE possibly involving water air or water pollution issues.

=LM3/CU Berlin seeks to build a sense of community with the USA.

After considering some of the possible indicators for the MC for America, let's look at the Ascendant:

AS Washington

First, the Local Points of Russia, Japan, and Germany will be considered for how they relate to America this year.

=LM/VE Moscow enjoys the symapthy and cooperation of America. 

=LM2/VU Tokyo is robust, and uses its influence on Washington 

=LM2/ME =LM2/dSU B. through communications with Bush. 

=LM3/ME Berlin thinks of partnership matters with the USA.

And the following pictures on the Washington Ascendant indicate interactions of the USA:

=VE/HA=VE/PL=AR/ME=SU/ME: Widespread discussion of changes relating to aesthetics and pleasures, which may be minimal. Dissatsifaction drives people into activity and discussion of ways to increase income.

=KR/VU=NE/AP=VE/MA=ME/NE: Politics and inexperience with handling passions lead to disappointments. One should therefore use one's higher potential to derive pleasure from knowledge and non-material things. Artistic activities require imagination, which can lead to extraordinary ideas for future potential.

=MO/KR=SU/AP=AR/AP=AR/CU=SU/CU: The significance of women in public affairs, and their successes this year, uplift families and public organizations. Nurturance by the state could lead to greater success in social affairs.

=VE/SA=UR/KR=NE/VU=KR/AP: Loyalty leads to extraordinary events for those who exert their influence intuitively, and thus gain power. Problems affecting congeniality and fulfillment of desires however can lead to tensions if powerlessness accompanies experience with officials.

=NE/CU=AS/PL=SU/VU=AR/VU: Casualness of contacts could undermine unity in already unstable relationships. Future-directed associations develop greater power and influence through unity, and the socially underprivileged can experience changes relating to power. Physical strength is required for greater future potential cooperative and family-like developments.

These are some of the indicators shown. Overall, the coming year is likely to bring peace and positive developments, if creative resourcefulness is used to stop regression and decay.

New hope comes to those who remain active, who set goals and work hard to pursue them. Each of us shapes and molds our own destiny.


.If we cast the 2006 Universal Chart for Berlin, we will find the MC between Apollon and Vulkanus, clustered with the radix Sun of Angela Merkel (at 24CE35), born 1954.Jul.17 in Hamburg.

MC Berlin 24.30 (1.50) = Germany's position in the world

=MO/ME=NO/MA=AP/VU=Merkel.SU:  Discussion among the public of the coalition workteam over which Angela Merkel has much influence and power. Young people make work contacts which become increasingly productive and lead to influence and efficiency.

=ME/UR=SA/AD=MC/VU=UR/CU: Unexpected news relating to burdensome problems due to reactionary politics and refusal to cooperate. Agitation over impasses only leads to loss of energy which should instead be directed toward finding common ground and striving for reforms and social progress.

=NO/PL=NO/HA=JU/AD=MC/AP: Changes of public connections take place in private, affecting financial stabilization, and leading to the satisfaction of Germans despite financial restrictions relating to commercial matters.

=KR=NE/KR=MO/AP=MO/CU: Diplomacy is of great importance. Predominance in trade and commerce may have to be sacrificed. The populace, particularly women, become successful through social networking.

=PL/ZE=HA/ZE=VU=ZE/PO: A transformation begins, away from unemployment and muddled goals, toward efficiency. With concentrated effort, clear goals are set and reached. By stressing the facts, unclear goals are resolved as increased productivity compensates for unemployment and leads to efficiency due to clarity.

=ME/VU=AP=UR/AP=HA/AD: Productivity is set in motion, and strengthens the economy. Influential media communications about resulting technical successes bring about satisfaction -- it is not impossible that astrology and the realities of karmic law will be more popular topics -- as the obligations of the past are brought to conclusion. Lack of maturity or focus or stability could lead to an imbalances such as excessive youthfulness, and subsequent serious losses or breakdowns. This should be seen as a time of opportunity, despite exaggerated and disruptive media reports that might undermine the stabilization and the peace and harmony required for success.

=PL/AD=SU/KR=AR/KR=MC/MO: Slowness of changes implemented in public settings by those at the top may be due to popular sentimentality.

=NO/PO=NO/SA=MC/ME: Mutual openness can lead to stabilization of contacts, about which Germany is consciously informed, and this is attained once young people recognize that honesty leads to reliable relationships.

=MA/AD=MC/UR=MO/VU: Hard work is accompanied by surprises due to efficient and influential women who care about stable employment and progress. Destructive or counterproductive public reactions only lead to tension and disruptions.

It rests not only on politicians, business, and the trade unions -- but also on the whole populace of Germany to create our opportunities.

And now to look at the Ascendant:

AS Berlin

=SU/JU=AR/JU=VE/ZE: Pleasure from pursuing goals and creative resourcefulness brings benefits and successful accomplishment.

=PL/KR=MA/KR=SA/NE=NO/VE: Improvements relating to self-reliant work are undermined by self-doubt or uncertainty until problems are understood as a challenge to the future. Pathological arrogance should be brought under control through restraint of unconscious compulsions. Only then can one connections with others be enjoyed.

=JU/NE=SU/SA=UR/SA=SA/KR: Financial losses bring unexpected problems to elderly people. Official cutbacks lead to stringency and instability.

=NE/HA=NE/PL=AR/AS=AS/SU: The contradictions between past and future unfold unconsciously or instinctively. Danger of regression if secrecy in exchanges are not resolved through direct confrontation.

=AS/JU=MA/NE=KR/PO: Through beneficial partnerships in work directed toward the future, Germany can provide enlightened leadership. What is important is openness instead of secrecy about work, where intuitions are used to seek benefits.

----- This astrological method can serve as a model where the MC and AS at the capital cities of other countries are used to describe national trends for the year.

Despite any hardships we encounter, we are full of hope for what the coming year will bring.

In 'The Power of Now`, Eckhart Tolle writes, "They realize that 'being spiritual` has nothing to do with what one believes, but only on how conscious one is -- which in turn is reflected in how one behaves and interacts with others."

-- Hamburg, 2005.November

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