European & East Asian Fascist Revivals


as Vulkanus Again Strikes WW2 Allied Ascendants

while Pluto returns to the geodetic MC of Berlin


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This theme has been covered already in the 21st Century Uranian Astrology newsletter in late 2012 and early 2013. Following is a summary of main points relating to a revival of 1930s Fascism globally.

The topic is vital since key astrological patterns present at the time of the rise of Fascism in the late 1920s and 1930s are recurring at this time. Considering both Sepharial and Geodetic values, which are nearly identical for London and Paris, Pluto was within 2 degrees of  either the Grimm (14:29) or Sepharial (13:22) geodetic MC of Berlin from 1923 to 1928 and is repeating 2013 to 2015. The 1923-1928 period was the remilitarization and buildup period to the Third Reich, the groundwork for which was laid immediately after what the German military considered a "temporary" defeat in 1918. German intentions in both World Wars included economic expansion into Eastern Europe and Russia, accompanied by high-pressure lobbying pressure on the US, Britain, and France to align with German objectives. In both WW1 and WW2, German military policy included plans for genocidal extermination of East European populations and their replacement by ethnic Germans who would take control of East European infrastructure. Psychological warfare in terms of both propaganda and political cult development and control was rampant, and puppet paramilitary cults were created in countries that were invaded. Mass genocide extermination plans were forestalled in WW1 by qualms of conscience in the German/Austrian military (see Davies), but were in fact carried out after all in WW2.




The first Nazi coup ('Munich Beer Putsch') was attempted under Hitler's nominal leadership in 1923 and failed, but other events from 1923 to 1928 nonetheless occurred to prepare for a brief period of Axis power success, all while Pluto hovered over Berlin and/or Vienna -- remembering that the plans for a comeback of the German Empire (Reich) and expansion of German national interests outside its borders were laid almost immediately as World War 1 came to an end, and that Austria and Germany were united via either military alliance or political merger on both occasions. The Dawes Plan of 1924 adjusted German war reparations payments and extended loans enabling Germany to engage in covert remilitarization (including weapons factories in various disguises). The Locarno Pact of 1925 retracted France's guaranteed right to act on German infringements of the end-of-WW1 Versailles Treaty. By 1926, German average wage, production, and export figures returned to pre-war levels (Gall, 261) and stories about wheelbarrows full of paper money needed to buy a pound of butter no longer seemed real. Then, the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact withdrew French troops from the Rheinland, Germany's main heavy industrial production region, ending French monitoring of German remilitarization activities, which had nonetheless been carried out in secret before then. All this as Pluto hovered over and revitalized the Berlin MC from 1923 to 1928.  The cycle repeats now, moving much faster this time, from 2013 to 2015. Foreign (to Germany) locations that were impacted most by the rapid German economic recovery were, and logically will again be, Pretoria South Africa (where British power was displaced by German treaties and the rise of Germanic 'Afrikaner'/Boer power in Pretoria 1923-1928 under Hertzog and the Nationalist Party). Also Cameroun, a pre-1920 German colony where sizeable German plantations were recovered from British control in 1924; Detroit Michigan, where German business agreements were made with Henry Ford's industrial empire; Miami FL and Havana Cuba during the rise of the Machado dictatorship; Lima Peru during the rise of dictator Luis Sanchez Serro; Ecuador and Panama during a period of extensive political chaos and unrest 1923-1928. During this period, the Ku Klux Klan was revived in the USA with help from the German-American Bund funded by German intelligence operations seeking to destabilize the USA (see extensive coverage in Sayers 1942).

In East Asia, Pluto was concurrently overhead in Singapore and Hsingking/Changchun in Manchuria in 1923-1929 and again 2013-2015.  Japan already had the powerful 'Kwantung Army' in Manchuria, which it completely overtook in 1932, considered by some historians to be the actual start of World War 2, and around the time a German plan to invade Russia failed. Note that Pluto during this period points specifically to Manchuria rather than to Japan, and the infamous 'Tanaka Memorial' document which outlined the foundation of the Eurasian Axis pact and hostile intentions to the USA were issued by the Axis "Kwantung Army" in Manchuria rather than directly from Tokyo. Manchuria also housed wealthy remnants of the old Czarist aristocracy, and became the base of the revived Chinese Manchu/Qing dynasty after the Japanese-supported re-establishment of the imperial Manchu state in Manchukuo in 1932. Chinese Kuomintang agent Wang Jingwei/Chingwei moved to Japan in 1927 and later returned to China to set up a pro-Axis government in Nanking/Nanjing. Chinese imperial warlord Zhang Zuolin (Chang Tsolin) abandonded Beijing to the Axis "East Asia Prosperity Sphere" in 1928, when imperial Chinese money was shifted to backing Chiang Kaishek. Large and overpopulated China as a whole has been enmeshed in various types of political intrigues and civil war since its 1911 revolution, with clashes among old Qing dynasty warlords, advocates of western liberal democracy, mercenaries of the rich Chinese maritime pirate mafia 'tongs', communists aligned with Moscow, and fascists aligned with Berlin and Tokyo, with moles/spies commonly planted in opposition parties. In 2013-2015 look for some sort of revival of a similar East Asian power-complex that allied the old Japanese and Chinese dynastic money-power combines that restored the Manchu boy-emperor to the throne in 1932 and may again align with Germany, which has long had extensive bankcorp interests in China despite its empty Cold War rhetoric and well-practiced old Metternichian ploys.

The idea that coastal China and Manchuria and Taiwan (which was a Japanese possession in 1923-1928) and the old German enclave in Qingdao will repeat similar dyamics in 2013-2015 is reinforced by the concurrent Vulkanus passage over the MC in those regions.  All unified in the drive to create the 'Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere' with Pan-Pacific ambitions that manifest before in Japanese military occupation of the Philippines and the bombing of Hawaii and Australia and the annexation of as many Pacific islands as they could get their hands on, ultimately flying over Hawaii with bombs. Inadequate attention has been paid to Chinese collaboration with the Axis in WW2. Today, instead, there's the 'Asian Century' plan.

Details of Singapore history are difficult to find, but Singapore was one of the colonies long largely under control of the East India Company, which was as much a multinational corporation as it was a specifically British company, and may have been controlled by conservatives in the 'Cliveden Set' who found Fascism appealing, sympathized with Edward VIII's forays with Berlin, and paid little heed to official policies of the London Parliament. Exactly what role the various populations in Singapore played in WW2 is a topic that may be even more significant today since Singapore has become a global economic power hub.


One factor that makes the current transits different from those of the past is more extensive transnational corporate control over technology and information management resources, so that those controlling the computers or accessing their databases (including national security databases) can lead to the control or at least manipulation of the outcome of any international competitions or warlike moves, as well a domestic security issues of other nations.

There are several popular, widely-distributed misconceptions about 20th century Fascism and World War II that lead to a fundamental misunderstanding of what Fascism was and is, and that needs to be clarified in order to see the repeating cycle now in effect. Fascism is in essence plutocracy falsely disguised as populism, or as Herr Mussolini put it, "Fascism is Corporatism".  Fascism was designed primarily to retain control by existing or previous aristocratic (today 'corporate') financial power networks, while making the public think they were getting a populist government that serves their interests. The puppeteers of the Axis Nazi/Fascist parties were old established banks and corporations run by old established families which in the 1930s included literal aristocrats and royalists intent on retaining their empires. They had the money and influence to create sophisticated media propaganda machines that either seduced, bribed, or otherwise high-pressured the public into submission and alignment.  Today's computer and telecom technology can facilitate and expedite such a process even more readily, and the public needs to be attentive to not allow the restoration of a corporatist political order such as that of what became WW2 Axis fascism. Democratic governments are at least accountable to the public, while corporations are not, and the lack of government leaves a society wide open to takeover by organized crime or foreign powers.  Remember that  fascists like Hitler told the public that democracy was no longer 'practical' or 'efficient' in the 'new order'.




As the Pluto geodetics will show, money funding the Axis fascist military machines (in East Asia in particular) included wealthy narcotrafficking hubs, explaining the historical accounts that troops (and possibly civilian populations at rallies) were fed either cocaine or amphetamine to make them aggressive and eurphoric.  This also explains the weird post-war overlaps between transnational narcotrafficking and Nazi/Fascist cults. It does point to how control of international narcotrafficking may be essential to controlling neo-nazi and other neo-fascist cults.

In 2013-2015, the Pluto money hubs have returned to much the same locations (about 9 cardinals) as at the beginning of the 1923-1928 Axis fascist buildup period. In Europe this includes the banking hubs in Lugano-Milano-Frankfurt-Hamburg -- that have funded the Muslim Brotherhood and other terror cults in the Middle East, and some of the more chaotic events related to the Arab Spring fiascos.  And the Pluto money hubs in Asia simultaneously point to old Shan State Opium triangle hub in Burma, the oil-rich province of Qinghai in China, and Burma-border regions of China affiliated with the Opium Triangle -- these could be funding a New East Asian Fascism, by inference, along with other major locations at 22.5 and 45 angle... money from the (collaborative old Sino-Japanese maritime mafia networks) around Taipei, Shanghai (central global banking center), Shandong peninsula (incl Qingdao), Liaodong peninsula and areas of Manchuria to the north in both China and Russia, Japanese islands immediately to the east of Taiwan -- and eastern Hokkaido island and southern Sakhalin.  The Pluto money sources for the New Fascism in the western hemisphere indicated, via this method, point at the same time to Miami and coastal Florida (another longtime narcotrafficking hub), central South Carolina and the Charlotte-Winston-Salem tobacco region of North Carolina, central West Virginia, eastern Pennyslvania including Pittsburgh (old Ukrainian fascist hub) and Erie, and Hamilton and Sudbury in Ontario. In Latin America, Pluto money accumulations point to the Cienfuegos area of Cuba, Cayman Islands (major international money-laundering hub), west and central Panama, and coastal Ecuador and northwest Peru. At 22.5 degrees away, this also points to possibly lesser but possibly related money stashes funding neo-fascist paramilitary at Leon and Aguascalientes Mexico and along their general meridian incl most of Coahuila, San Angelo-Lubbock-Amarillo TX (major oil-drilling region) and areas directly to the north in other states (OK-KS-NE-SD-ND), and west Vancouver Island and all areas of Canada directly north of there in BC, YU, NT. In Africa, it points to Tunisia, the old oil-rich Biafra region of Nigeria, coastal Cameroun, and oil-rich Equatorial Guinea.  A combination of narcotics and oil money may fund the neo-fascist terror network, and certainly narcotics funded WW2 era fascism, at very least, in its early stages.  Remember that the 1920s-30s cycle for the USA was when government regulations were cast to the winds, government regulation was downsized, Germany funded KKK and Nazi-affiliated organizations in the USA, and organized gangster crime took over US cities while Axis fascism rose in Europe and East Asia (and in-depth study of the history shows a direct relationship between all of it, meaning organized crimed and fascism grow out of the same seed) -- all under the watch of the naive German Schroderbank employee Herbert Hoover.




First, to summarize key points:

1) Adolf Hitler did not control Nazi Germany, but was a puppet of the bankcorps and old imperial and aristocratic oligarches that ran the European economy for centuries, some of which still do -- and which pushed for World War 1 and probably are those behind the drive for World War 3 promoted by politicans under their sway.  This was recognized during the last cycle by Franklin Roosevelt, who referred to top-level fascists as 'economic royalists'.  WW2 occupation by Axis/fascist governments (running Germany, Italy, Japan) often led to restoration of royal families compliant or sympathetic to the fascist 'cause' on thrones of subject states after overthrowing democratically elected governments that had previously displaced them. The bulk of Americans who collaborated with the Nazis and East Asian fascists were, and are, dupes of propaganda or shallow opportunists. Despite current German right-wing propaganda, Nazism was not by any means created by or supported primarily by the Americans who were foolish or naive enough to do so, and the same is true of pro-nazi elements in US-allied countries in Europe. Instead, fascism was bred and administered in Europe and Asia, and was in effect a restoration of feudalism adjusted to the realities of the 20th century -- and was born out of remnants of the WW1 bankcorp/war machines. The relationship between Japan Fascism and German Nazism and Chinese Fascism are obscured by the overall strategically deceptive and secretive nature of Japanese, German, and Chinese politics, with long traditions of diplomatic deceit summarized in the works of Metternich and Machiavelli and Sun Tzu, and in nations which have only brief to no histories of functional democracy. They are countries where functional feudalism never really ended, except perhaps for brief periods. Furthermore, there are sometimes substantial differences and mutual autonomy between domestic governments and their national foreign policy apparatuses often appointed or selected by oligarchs and plutocrats rather than popular election -- and where politicians are 'groomed' ahead of time, like pets of the groomers.

2) East Asian Axis fascism was not exclusively Japanese.  There were a number of Chinese collaborators among Chinese bankcorps, Chinese mafia, the old Chinese imperial network (which largely controlled Chinese banks after its nominal fall from power).  The contradictory strategies of the Kuomintang military during WW2 explain how the Kuomintang/Guomindang was actually split into two or three factions, some of whom worked with and actively assisted the Japan Fascist military and were notified ahead of time of attacks so they could withdraw. The Kuomintang/Guomindang Party as of 2000 was reported as the single wealthiest political party on the globe due to the recent China Trade wave (where it plays a central role in the marketing and transport of goods from mainland China), i.e. long and extensively fused into the mainland China despite China's continued nominal status as a 'communist' country.

3) There were Russian fascists who opposed the Soviet government, some lodged inside the Soviet government, and actively collaborated with the Nazis -- often bolstered in part by by wealthy and influential former Czarists (who were often of German or at least Germanic 'Aryan' heritage). The Czarists implemented brutal anti-Jewish and anti-Slavic policies before the Nazis did. There were substantial trojan saboteurs and double-agents inside the Russian Communist Party, explaining at least a part of the Stalinist purges. Accounts of  the actual political status and activities of both Leon Trotsky and Josef Stalin remain highly divergent because of infighting and duplicity within the Russian Communist Party and interlinks with German intelligence operations and Czarist-aligned foreign corporate interests in Russia that were largely destroyed by the communist revolution of 1917.

4) Many Germans did not like Hitler or the Nazis (a functional terrorist government) but were either afraid to speak up due to known brutal consequences, or were sent to camps and eventually killed or set up to for failure and humiliation and death if they did (and as 'examples' to others). Other German believe Nazi propaganda lies and truly thought Hitler was "wunderbar". In other words, opposition to the Nazi Party was largely destroyed by most any means available. German propaganda was skillfully and highly deceptive, diplomatically cheerful and smiling in its early years (1928-1932, the cycle repeating right now), explaining how and why both domestic and foreign sympathy for Nazism was evoked. German propaganda inside the USA was extensive in the 1920s and especially in the 1930s, directed largely at one point by Franz von Papen, and intended to reverse American opposition to German nationalist objectives in WW1, in preparation for WW2. The German-funded organizations of that period inside the USA are often identical to those now bolstering the so-called "Tea Party" which is a virtual re-make of a fusion of the 1930s Silvershirts, Liberty League, and America First cults. This is covered extensively in books by Michael Sayers and Glen Yeadon, and summarized in FBI reports -- see bibliography.

5) Post-1945 laws in Germany classified (and may still classify) calling anyone a Nazi as "slander", which in practical effect intentionally allowed many Nazi war criminals to remain anonymous after 1945 (including federal court judges and other high post-war German officials), as did extensive fake-ID programs that allowed Nazis to claim new identities either inside or 'in exile' outside Germany. The survival of Nazism in Germany after 1945 is covered by several authors including T.H. Tetens and Joseph Wechsberg, both War Crimes Commission participants who experienced Nazism first-hand.

6) Both European and East Asian Axis fascist (incl Nazi) parties stashed assets underground at the end of World War 2 in preparation for a comeback, which is happening again, using current means and imagery that appeals to current social and political realities.  This is detailed in several books on the topic (including those by T.H. Tetens, Joseph Wechsberg, Charles Ashman). German intelligence is today so powerful internationally as to quickly suppress and discount related valid information, and create disinformation campaigns to confuse the issue, and discredit opponents and critics, and they often carefully monitor and edit Wikipedia entries related to Germany to whitewash references to Nazism.

7) It is widely assumed that France was subjugated by Nazi troops from Germany by overt military operations only.  Some histories claim that German intelligence had inflitrated and manipulated French media and politics already, prior to the 1940 invasion, and that one of the more effective Nazi strategies in southern (Vichy) France was to spread the rumor that Paris had been overrun by Communists when in fact the Nazis invaded northern France, thus persuading many southern French to welcome even more Italian Fascist and German Nazi troops in to protect them from Communism.  How extensive and effective this technique was then and in other countries and time periods is a topic to study... for example:

8) When the Nazis invaded Poland, they removed the uniforms of Polish soldiers and put them on, adding marks known to other Nazis, so that that Nazis could masquerade as Polish soldiers while implementing Nazi policy.  This was reported by Polish historians (incl Davies), and has been reported as occurring in other countries since that time.  It's a trick known to have been used at various points during the Indochina war of the 1970s. Local populations thus would not know who was on whose side during wartime, except in areas clearly and firmly under control by verified government or military officials. Abuses were carried out by troops wearing enemy uniforms, for the purpose of confusing or demoralizing the public. Intermixing of troops of allied countries with their own unique policies and possible ambiguities about alliance sometimes further complicated problems.  The Fascist/Axis parties made it clear they did not intend to adhere to (Geneva) international war conventions set up by other countries, in terms of codes of honor or rules of conduct in wartime.




It is important to study the relationship between the locations where Vulkanus was overhead 1926-1933 and corresponding events in Berlin and Tokyo, as well as Axis sabotage operations worldwide during that time period, to understand what is going on now with energies accumulating at the same locations. Some of the events during the last cycle are obscured in internal events in Russia, information about which is obscured by lack of information or by widely divergent propaganda.  Events in China 1926-1933 are similarly obscured by widely divergent and often equally contradictory propaganda. It was a period of extensive sabotage and covert operations (including deceptive propaganda campaigns) that preceded the overt installation of Fascist governments, and then World War II.  With NE=ZE=VU in 16th harmonic in the upcoming Universal chart (for 2014), there is great likelihood of related covert or guerrilla-type military operations involving the indicated locations -- as were partially verified during previous cycles. This includes, both before and now, countries in between Germany and Russia, specifically along the border of the former Soviet Union (Finland, Romania, Belarus,west Ukraine, Romania), as well as the Kamchatka peninsula of Siberia, where there is now subtantial Russian naval power and where missiles were reported to be stationed at one time. Vulkanus also points to the old German colonies in Nova Scotia Canada, PEI, Anticosti, and the north Labrador coast, as well as the Thule region of Greenland. This may have relevance to the Halifax Conferences hosted by Berlin and attended by American politicians opposed to the legitimately-elected US President, Barack Obama... and also risks again manipulating the 2016 elections the way it did those of 2000 and 2004.  Fortunately, during the last Vulkanus cycle in the early 30s, American democracy ultimately threw off Axis fascist influence in 1932, but not without an attempted fascist coup to overthrow Roosevelt in 1933-34 (verified in British media reports; denied inside the USA by complicit parties). According to the timing of the two cycles now recurring, the Obama administration corresponds to that of Herbert Hoover during the last round (noting also that John McCain eulogized Hoover during his election campaign), right before Hitler was lifted into the office of Chancellor of Germany with the help of Franz von Papen, chief of German psychological warfare, lobbying, and sabotage operations in the United States -- and Franklin Roosevelt took charge of America at the last minute of disaster, weeded out the fascist dupes and gangsters, and made the United States a respected and admired global superpower for years to come, with the help of the resources of imperiled Britain and the Free French forces in exile.


Following, I will review the previous historical cycles of the same configurations in effect now, to see how they manifest otherwise:






 (and possibly paramilitary/psy-op hideouts in US heartland from Del Rio TX to Fargo ND regions; Mexico from Colima to Piedras Negras regions) SIMULTANEOUSLY:

 2009-2014, 1967-1974 (at 8th harmonic), 1926-1933, 1885-1891, 1845-1850

(Now and the following related events in past cycles: Vietnam War/Cultural Revolution mess; China polarization/Manchuria invasion (which Hoover got enmeshed in); Strategic/military preparations for WW2 and WW1 in E Europe; high-pressure German/Chinese/Japanese (the top money/powerholders) lobbying/persuasion in Washington under Obama/McCain, Nixon, Hoover; related power-clashes (nudges?) in Belfast, Buenos Aires, Paris, NYC-to-Philadelphia, remote midwestern destabilization cults.

Note that German/Chinese/Japanese power was often subtle and behind-the-scenes, making locations with Vulkanus on the Ascendant dance to their tune or else get heavy 'nudges' to do so, sometimes via foreign-orchestrated covert ops directed via the foreign-run Stanford Research Institute, Atsugi, the Pescadores, Chaco region, Guyana/Windward Islands -- including Moonie cult and similar political psy-op cult bases in E Asia and South America (Marks 288-312).


The energy source power/pressure-wielders (geographic/geodetic MCs) include both major cities and other regions of military or paramilitary buildup that are obvious only if you study global power politics in greater depth, i.e. "the men behind the curtain" in the halls of global financial/political power where corporations and banks (NGOs) often trump governments (symptoms of Fascism, a political model implemented and facilitated by privatization), including locations of paramilitary centers that are not widely publicized (in E Europe and South America).  These locations include those that were at the hub of Axis-Fascist financial and paramilitary buildup in its early stages that bolstered and orchestrated the World War II Axis alliance, sometimes via covert operations -- and they are now repeating.

It just so happens that the two most recent major-angle periods, 2009-2014 and 1926-1933 (when the foundations of the most powerful 20th century overt Fascist governments were laid), overlapped or followed shortly after Hades was in 2 degree orb of the Ariespoint axis (worldwide global conditions), accentuating the prevalence of the secrecy and primal nature of the organized crime what was intimately fused into Axis fascist parties, corporations, and operations. New Jersey was a major hub of Nazi activity, and included Nazi training camps at Nordland in Andover, affiliated with German-American Bund leader August Klapprott, the New Jersey Agricultural Chemical Company under Walter Scheele, Anti-New-Deal 'Sentinels of the Republic' affiliate W Cleveland Runyon, and the Nazi-affiliated ethnic German Ukrainian 'nationalist' terrorist organization ODWU which was a key hub of Nazi, Japanese, and Italian Fascist espionage in the USA during WW2 (Sayers p 95).


(Hades covert/underworld factors now hovering, in 2013, over Chicago, Mobile AL, Paris and Brussels, Lhasa and Bangla/Burma/India border, Belize-Honduras-Elsalvador-Quintanaroo; as well as in the Pacific: Atka, Midway, Wallace/Futuna, Chatham -- that may be undermining local infrastructure, could involve significant underworld contraband traffic.)



  • Generally, historically, the indicators (now repeating) are that Nazi paramilitary operations were probably built up first as overt military or covert intelligence operations in countries located between Germany and Russia, sometimes by German troops allowed to remain in those countries after 1918, and then brought back into Germany for the Hitler coup, explaining early Nazi organizations in Eastern Europe, and may explain current ones. A probability that the groundwork of overt German military occupation of Eastern Europe after 1939 was laid by German overt or covert operations already established there beforehand.

  • Brussels, Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Lyon: Prince Bernhard's Royal Dutch Shell, Headquarters of Herbert Hoover's business cohort Emile Franqui, today the functional headquarters of the European Union and the "IDU" transnational alliance of corporatist political parties.

  • Helsinki Finland: Seat of the German-installed and supported Mannheim (ethnic German and former Czarist general) regime that allied with Nazi Germany during WW2.

  • Bucharest Romania: Hub of Fascist Iron Guard political cult that allied with Axis fascist/nazi powers starting during the 1926-1933 period. Some historians claim that the Romanian Iron Guard has never ceased to exist since then, and that members including Nicolae Malaxa were active in other countries after 1945. Romania is where Stanford Research Institute's Nazi founder Otto von Bolschwing carried out his human psychological experiments on concentration camp prisoners).

  • Baltic State capitals of Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania (Grimm system) or Minsk Belarus and Istanbul Turkey (Sepharial system): Baltic States home to the Nazi and Neo-nazi Iron Wolf, Baltischer Bruderschaft (Baltic Brotherhood), Perkonkrust (Thunderbolt) terror cults, that allied with Nazi Germany and ultimately helped implement some of the largest Nazi extermination operations of Jews, homosexuals, communists, social democrats, and other targets and opponents of Nazi policy. Belarus Nazi/Fascist history is referred to in "The Belarus Factor" by John Loftus, and Istanbul Turkey is where the Russian anti-Stalinist Leon Trotsky moved in 1929 after his expulsion from Russia.

  • ** Nanjing-Shanghai-Qingdao-Taipei China: Republic of China capitals, long-established transnational and imperial banking centers (temporarily interrupted until recent economic 'reforms' in mainland China, overlapping substantially with hubs of both Chinese Green Gang mafia and collaborating with Japanese Yakuza mafia and WW2 Fascist 'East Asia Co-Prosperity' governments in Japan and regions of China, and headquarters of the neo-fascist 'World Anti-Communist League' (aka 'World League for Democracy and Freedom') affiliated with the Japan Fascist POW-programmed Sun Myung Moon's pseudo-christian cult and Yakuza mafia. Leading elements of the Kuomintang covertly allied with Fascist Japan for the 'Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere' via secret agreements.** (See 'Note on East Asian Fascist Mafia' below... the role of East Asian mafia in both WW2 Fascism and Neofascist cults [including that nominally headed by Sun Myung Moon] worldwide has been repeatedly denied and concealed by East Asian mafia-funded lobbying groups ever since the beginning of World War II -- explaining many of the enigmas of East Asian politics and commerce overseas. See details at the end of the following list of foreign-funded fascist cults in the USA.)

  • Tokyo Japan: Location of the overt Axis Japan Fascist government established during the 1926-1933 cycle, with major assets in Taipei (Taihoku) Taiwan/Formosa banks, and affiliated with Japanese, Chinese, and German money in banks (incl Deutsche-Asiatische Bank) in Qingdao and Shanghai China; election of  WW2 fascist-apologist political leaders during the 2009-2014 cycle. 

  • Riyadh Saudi Arabia: Affiliated with Al-Qaida operations, the pro-Nazi Muslim Brotherhood, nominally neutral but often covertly complicit with Nazi Germany, and active in the post-war fascist paramilitary 'World Anti-Communist League' (renamed WLDF). The Saudi Arabian regime was officially consolidated during the cycle that included 1932.

  • Bloemfontein-Port Elizabeth-Ventersdorp South Africa:  incl the capital of the Orange Free State (German-Dutch Afrikaner hub) and current "Judicial Capital" of South Africa. The South African Nazi "AWB" was headquartered in Ventersdorp in recent years. Many Germanic Afrikaners in this region sympathized with the Nazis in WW2, and later built the Apartheid system. The Afrikaner/Boer political movement was supported by Germany during the Boer War with Britain.  

  • Athens-Iraklion-Khania Greece: hubs of 'Golden Dawn' and other Neo-Nazi cults in Greece rooted historically in the Nazi-allied German-supported Mataxas WW2 dictatorship.

  • Kabul Afghanistan and Peshawar-Multan Pakistan: morass of assorted multi-national operations around one-time headquarters of Al Qaida; split allegiances during WW2 due to Axis offers to support movements to fight British colonial rule.

  • Bahia Blanca-Rosario-Santa Fe Argentina: including the Bahia Blanca naval center.

  • Kamchataka peninsula of Siberia-Russia: reported Russian missile-base region.

  • Areas of Siberia-Russia directly north of central Manchuria: logical military facilities remaining from the era of border clashes with China.

  • Areas of Russia and Central Asian republics directly north of central Pakistan and the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan.

  • Eastern Iceland: Area including lands recently sold to foreign investors for development. Study of the political climate in Iceland 1926-1933 may provide insights into current events in terms of continued or cyclical factors... this region may be critical for Ireland and Britain, as well as Canada. 



Many of these locations of Nazi or neo-fascist organizations (some armed) have been affiliated with European, Asian, South African, and South American Nazi and Fascist organizations via the so-called 'World Anti-Communist League' (later WLDF) fascist paramilitary network. Note that, as during WW2, ethnocentric racial groups of different races and nationalities (largely Central European and East Asian cults run by old local imperial/feudal 'tradition preserving' networks identified by Franklin Roosevelt as 'economic royalists') formed alliances for common political objectives. and promoted puppet cults in these North American locations:

  • Billings-Lewiston Montana: hubs of White-Racist Klassen-Hale "Church of the Creator" advocating 'racial holy war' (once led by former Florida legislator Ben Klassen, and once headquartered in North Carolina, as was the Nazi-funded Silvershirts cult and militia).

  • Chihuahua-Sonora border, and Sinaloa in Mexico: longtime Mormon colonies in Chihuahua, transnational drug cartel in Sinaloa logically tied with post-war Nazi/Fascist-run global narcotrafficking networks.

  • Alberta-Saskatchewan border region, and eastern Nova Scotia: Havens for Vertriebene German groups used politically by the German imperial bankcorp cartel and war machine during both WW1 and WW2 to promote Pan-German expansionist and 'Lebensraum' objectives in Eastern Europe, then targeted for deportation by host countries after the wars ended. Nova Scotia also functioned historically as a refuge for German troops that fought for King George against the American Revolution of 1776.

  • Rock Springs-Riverton Wyoming: "Church of the Creator" affiliates near Riverton, as well as possible National Socialist Movement cult groups at unspecified locations, affiliated with the former Christo-fascist 'radio evangelist' "Reverend Pete Peters". The church is known for promoting hatred against Jews, people of African descent, and "Reverend Peters" for promoting hostility toward gay/homosexual populations.

  • Grand Junction-Mancos Colorado: "Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints" church. The Mormon church's history is riddled with anti-government militias and illegal bank currency.

  • Areas at 22.5 angle may also be linked, this including regions around;

  • Grand Rapids-Traverse City-Bay City-Detroit Michigan region: Hub of Wotansvolk, United Klan, TC 'Family', Christian Identity cults; Hub of pro-Nazi America First chapters prior to US entry into World War II.

  • Fort Wayne-Noblesville-Muncie Indiana region: Once headquarters of the Nazi-funded Silvershirts cult/militia of William Dudey Pelley and its publishing house; current hubs for neo-nazi Vinlander, Aryan League, and WTM White Nationalist cults. 

  • Louisville-Covington-Lexington Kentucky region: Hub of the "Protestant White Nationalist Party of Kentucky", United Klan chapters..

  • Cincinnati-Dayton-Toledo Ohio region: Chapters of National Alliance, 'Creativity Movement' fascist political and religious cults.

  • Gadsden-Anniston-Dothan Alabama region: Historical hub of the Ku Klux Klan, revived in the 1920s with funding from German Nazi organizations, fused with Nazis and pro-Nazi organizations inside the USA, and used to actively campaign for Schroderbank employee Herbert Hoover in the 1928 US presidential elections.  Today, a hub of the "League of the South" (LS) advocating for a "Christian Theocratic" "Neo-Confederate state". The LS is reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center to be headquartered in a suburb of Muscle Shoals, known for years as a haven for Nazis brought to the USA after 1945 to 'share' Nazi space technology (a situation needing extensive investigation, as some analysts claim the Nazis deliberately sabotaged and slowed down, rather than facilitated, American technology, in some ways. Near the 'Austrian School of Economics' headquarters for North America).

  • Atlanta-Columbus Georgia region: Several Ku Klux Klan and League of the South cult chapters.


**NOTE ON EAST ASIAN FASCIST MAFIA: First, one must realize that, after several domestic squabbles and 'cultural revolutions' (and virtual civil wars) in the 'Peoples Republic of China', the Kuomintang Party, the single wealthiest political party on planet Earth as of the early 2000s, is nearly in control of China once again despite the retention of the communist flag and titles-- and its transnational financial/political power rests in its restored banking empire in Shanghai and Nanjing, key elements of which often collaborated with the Japan Fascist Party in WW2 to build a 'Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere'. The reintegration of the Kuomintang into the mainland infrastructure was a slow and gradual, strategic process which revolved around the overt roles of Liu Shaoqi (Shaochi), the 'Cultural Revolution' (virtual civil war), Deng Xiaoping (Teng Hsiaoping), and extensive psychological warfare, propaganda, cult indoctrination and control very similar to that of WW2 Axis fascist parties (which spread with the Chinese and Japanese diaspora into North America and elsewhere -- study the 'Atsugi' psyops programs, the history of Sun Myung Moon, and the extensive manipulation and personification of 'Maoist' cults.  The concept of "Manchurian Candidate" and WW2 Japanese and Chinese psychological warfare experimentation (detailed in T.A. Bisson's "Japan in China") has much to teach about the subtleties and treachery of both Chinese and Japanese politics and their collaborations and machinations with WW2 German Fascism/Nazism (detailed in Tony Matthews "Spies for Nippon" (earlier published as "Shadows Dancing"), and John Spivak's "Secret Armies".  Further study of the books of Sterling Seagrave, and a study of history of the so-called "World Anti-Communist League" (later "World League for Democracy and Freedom") will make clear many of the connections between the Shanghai-Qingdao-Taipei underworld/financial political network (that includes Japanese interests continuous in Taipei since the 1880s) and global Nazi and Fascist cults and movements. These include various East Asian psy-ops cults functioning as intelligence fronts all around the globe and particularly in North and (more recently) South America.  The Fox News network of programmed Tokyo-Rose and Lord-Haw-Haw type Talking Heads was integrally interlaced in this mess from its beginnings via Opium Triangle mafia and the Nugan-Hand Bank.  The terms "Manchurian Candidate" as well as "Quisling" are key to understanding the process and functions of the revived New Fascism destabilizing global politics/economics, and studies of WW2 Fascist intel and psy-ops in the Americas (detailed in the books of John Spivak, Sigrid Schultz, Albert Sayers, and Tony Matthews) give substantial explanations of the current political and economic turmoil in the Western Hemisphere, including the New-Fascist orchestrated genocide and turbulence in Mexico which the global New Fascist network logically intend to spill over into the USA, and reviving the WW1 and WW2 strategies of the Central and Axis powers of pitting the USA and Mexico against each other to provoke mutual destruction.

 It is either not widely known or else remembered that the Kuomintang Party was founded in Japan, continually interfaced with Japanese political and economic parties, that powerful Kuomintang factions collaborated with the Japan Fascists during WW2 via unofficial agreements (often made with Chiang Kaishek, also with pseudo-leftist double-agent Wang Jingwei/Chingwei) which directed the Japanese military to focus attacks on specific Chinese population groups including trade unionists, communists, and anti-fascist liberals.  This led key US military personnel in China to often wonder whether the Kuomintang was an ally of the United States or of Japan and Germany. It is interesting to note that radical reforms of 1928 which even changed the Chinese flag to the sun motif of Japan's, put the Kuomintang under the Shanghai bank/stockmarket cartel which Chiang Kaishek worked for, in a leading partnenship role with the Axis to build the secret Blueshirts cult, and the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, whereas Japanese banks already controlled Taiwan and Korea at least since their annexation to the Japanese Empire in the 1880s. This could explain much about the role of the bizarre cult of Sun Myung Moon, a one-time Korean POW of the Japan Fascists, notorious for their mind- and social-control experiments similar to those of their Nazi allies, whose membership has been as much in Japan and Taiwan as in Korea, and whose cult brandishes the Imperial Japanese flag -- and his affiliations with Japanese mafia bigwig Ryochi Sasakawa.  Throughout 1926-1933, East Asian politics largely revolved, and may again revolve, per the astrological indicators, around Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Taipei bankster money.  East Asian cult psychology appears to be more rampant than ever, and may be again fusing with European fascism in ways similar to how it did in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Collaboration with German fascist organizations may be rooted in the role of the Deutsche-Asiatische Bank in World War 2 fascism. The books by Tony Matthews, Thomas Marks, Sterling Seagrave, John Spivak, Michael Sayers, and Sigrid Schultz, while varying on details and ideological perspective, all point to the almost unquestionable covert role of a collaborative Sino-Japanese "East Asian Co-Prosperity" fascism both World War II and global underworld politics and criminal corporatism that have unfolded ever since then, now extremely powerful in international economics and politics, and still aligned, overtly or not, with old European Axis fascist bankcorps, and fools in the Western Hemisphere charmed by their witchery. Parallels with the 'Asian Century' plan and Asian Development Bank policy need study.



2009-2015, 1967-1974, 1926-1933, 1885-1891, 1845-1850 ***


The USA, France, and Britain are all forever linked via the 12 degree mutable Ascendant of the Sibley chart for the USA, and the 27 degree cardinal geodetic Ascendants of both Paris and London, via 8th harmonic (45 degree multiple) angle/aspect.  This is validated by historical events (some listed below), and means that whatever affects one of these countries from outside its borders also affects the other two, meaning ongoing natural natural affinities in foreign relations. What has been noteworthy in the current cycle is incidents related to neo-nazi and neo-fascist cults affiliated with surviving or morphed WW2 Axis fascist organizations, which have had paramilitary units sometimes funded by non-government organizations including major transnational banks and corporations -- some of which have sought to usurp or overthrow the power of the national governments of the USA, France, Britain, Argentina, and other countries indicated. During the last cycle, Argentina took a different course from the United Nations Allies.  Each country has its own MC as well, determining inner attitudes, functions, responses to energies originating from outside the country.

The 12 mutable/27 cardinal Ascendant position (i.e. areas vulnerable to impact from where Vulkanus is overhead) also includes (in Grimm geodetic values), within 2 degrees orb, Ascendants of Buenos Aires, Caracas, Kampala/Entebbe, Zomba/Lilongwe, Kigali/Bujumbura -- meaning that Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda, and Burundi, tend to be affected by foreign impacts from the same locations that impact Britain, France, and the USA. Argentina has recently been troubled by a revival of fascist/nazi organizations there, and Uganda has been repeatedly victimized over the years by multinational psy-ops cults and subversion. Argentina may be again at risk of civil war or an internal coup, thus determining who would control the Falklands if they were under Argentine rule.

Areas in North America  and Australia and Pacific vulnerable to accumulated power from the locations listed (after this section) as "Global Power Sources" -- note that some of these are sparsely populated areas which may not be closely monitored, while others are major urban areas, and study of 20th century fascist activities in these locations (which included coastal shipping and submarine infiltrations) might offer insights. 

  • From Delaware to Connecticut, including New Jersey and bordering Pennsylvania, southeastern New York incl NYC.  This area was a major hub of Nazi sabotage and Nazi-funded cults during the last cycle, which East Asian fascist intelligence operations assisted in facilitating (per Matthews and Spivak). Do not discount the possiblity of Chinese fascist collaboration in Japanese operations (per numerous books on the history of World War 2 in East Asia).

  • Vancouver Island and Puget Sound: logically a point of influx from locations in East Asia. 

  • West central Texas and Oklahoma, central Kansas, east central Nebraska, border regions between Dakotas and Minnesota, northwest Minnesota, southeast Manitoba.

  • In Alaska: Alaska and Kenai Peninsulas, Kodiak Island.

  • In Mexico: Michoacan state, Jalisco-Guanajuato border regions, Zacatecas-Sanluispotosi border regions, eastern Coahuila.

  • In Australia and Pacific: mostly remote and possibly unmonitored areas: western Victoria state and neighboring South Australia, west central New South Wales, southeast-central Queensland incl Charleville and Rockhampton. Central Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands.  Java and central Borneo (in both Indonesia and Malaysia).

  • In 16th harmonic, also includes California-Mexico border region, Nevada-Arizona border region, western Utah, Eastern Idaho, west central Montana.

  • Overlaps between MC and AS contact that could possibly be key positions of influx of funds or material from overseas:  Alabama-Georgia border regions, central Kentucky and Tennessee, Indiana. western lower peninsula and central upper peninsula of Michigan.

Areas of Europe and western Asia vulnerable (other than London and Paris): Lyon and Nice in France. Belfast and northern Wales. Baghdad and eastern half of Iraq. Eastern Yemen and eastern tip of Somalia.


Burma/Myanmar is subject to heavy impact from the locations where Vulkanus is overhead.





(S) =Sepharial Geodetic values; (G) = Grimm Geodetic values.


12 mutables = 27 cardinals = 19:30 fixed = 4:30 cardinals in 16th harmonic, with 2 degree orb to either side.

* 27 cardinals over Helsinki, Estonia & Latvia, Bucharest, Crete and Aegean Islands (G), Minsk (S), Izmir (S), Johannesburg; Halifax; Bahia Blanca; Tianjin and Nanjing (S), Qingdao and Fuzhou and Tainan (G), Perth region; El Alamein Egypt.
* 12 mutables over Husavik Iceland; Multan, Peshawar, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Diu;
* 19:30 fixed over Tokyo (S) or Sakhalinsk (G); Adelaide (S) or Portland Vic and Cape York Peninsula (G) in Aus; Tananarivo Madagascar, Riyadh Saudi (G), or Baku-Samara-Kazan (S).

Within 1 degree orb:

* VU 27 cardinals +/- 1°: 1845-1850 
E.ASIA: Taiping Rebellion/Revolution.
E.EUROPE: Revolutions of 1848.
BRIT/FRAN/USA: British Foreign Minister Palmerston writes often of the tensions between the liberal democratic West (Britain and France) and the conservative totalitarian monarchies of the East (Russia, Prussia, Austria) called the "Holy Alliance" with the Catholic and Orthodox churches. 

* VU 19:30 fixed +/- 1°: 1885-1891. 
E.ASIA: Power struggle for Constitutional monarchy, advocated by Kang Yuwei and boy emperor Guangxu/Puyi, but opposed by Empress Ci Xi (Tzu hsi) and Beiyang Army leader Yuan Shikai. Puyi rules briefly, but deposed by Ci Xi and Yuan Shikai. Germany annexes Kiaochow/Qingdao. Confucianists organize to resist Christian missionary influence, but study western science -- groundwork for Boxer Rebellion clashes.
E.EUROPE: Czarist Russian intervention in Bulgaria. Germany signs treaties with Italy and Czarist Russia guaranteeing their neutrality "in case of " (subsequent) German war with France. 
BRIT/FRAN/USA: Foreign-supported Deroudele 'Patriot League' causes unrest in France. US Interstate Commerce Act counterbalances power of sometimes foreign-owned (including Deutsche Bank) railroad monopolies. Pan-American Union formed to monitor renewed European colonial interests in Latin America.

* VU 12 mutables +/- 2°: 1926-1933. 
ASIA: Civil war breaks out in China between the Communist rebels and Kuomintang leaders aligned with the main Chinese and Japanese banks; radical economic polarization of China, as elsewhere globally. Japan already owns and controls Taiwan (since the 1880s). Tanaka Memorial proclaims Japanese military intent to invade China, build an East Asian empire (later called Co-Prosperity Sphere), deflect US and European influence in East Asia, and move toward US territory. Japanese government withdraws from League of Nations to avoid restraint by the international community of nations. Japan invades Manchuria and restores Qing Dynasty under Japanese control. Japan invades North China, establishing a collaborator government under former Chinese imperial military leaders. Kuomintang leader Chiang Kaishek signs secret accords with Japan. Japan invades central China and establishes a puppet 'republic' under Chinese Trotskyist Wang Jingwei.  Saudis consolidate control of Arabia.
E.EUROPE: Nazi-allied 'Iron Guard' cult assassinates Romanian Premier Ion Duca. Romanian fascist government signs military pact with Mussolini's Italian Fascist government. Soviet Russian embassy secretary in Lvov Poland assassinated by Ukrainian nationalist organization. Buildup of Nazi puppet organizations: "Liberty Fighters" in Estonia, "Baltic Brotherhood" in Latvia, "Iron Wolf" in Lithuania, King Boris in Bulgaria, all of which stage either successful or unsuccessful pro-Axis/Fascist coups in 1934.
BRIT/FRAN/USA: Czarist exile Torgprom group meets in Paris with Royal Dutch Oil to plan Russian invasion using German troops. Nazis support Croix de Feu cult in France (which allies with the Action Française in a later 1934 coup in Paris). Herbert Hoover (German Schroderbank employee) elected US President in 1928, then reduces or forgives German war debts, and presides during Wall Street crash one year later, caused largely by overinvestment in overinflated German stocks which built the foundations for the Third Reich. Economic depression leads to replacement of British Labor government by a national coalition. In 1932, Hoover displaced by landslide election of Franklin Roosevelt. Act of Inter-American Arbitration reinforces Pan-American Union. Nazi network in USA sets up Nazi front organizations together with pro-Nazi Russian Czarist exiles Anatase Vonsiatsky in Connecticut and New Jersey who also helps set up Nazi youth camps Nordland and Yaphank, and Peter Afanasieff in Chicago and San Francisco (who helps Nazi agent Fritz Wiedemann work with Japanese Kempetai and T.O. spy agencies, which later plan Pearl Harbor attack, and distributes English translations of Russian Czarist book 'Protocols of Elders of Zion' in the USA. Anti-US regime takes power in Argentina. Nazis set up the Silver Shirts (under Homer Maerz and William Pelley), Friends of New Germany (later German American Bund under Peter Gissibl, William Luedtke, Hermann Schwinn, and Fritz Streuer) cults in the USA, along with chapters of Hitler Youth, League of German Girls, German-American Business League (under Walter H. Schelleberg), German Edda Kultur League, German-American Waiters League, German-American Vocational League, German-American Settlement League, Fatherland League, German Soldiers League of North America, Hindenburg Youth Association, German Legion, Storm Troop chapters ("Ordnungsdienst" or "Service to the Order"). The German-American ethnic organizations were set up by Ernst Wilhelm Bohle in collaboration with espionage coordinator Franz von Papen.
Nazi operations in Bucharest later included activities of Freikorps officer Baron Manfred von Killinger, German Consul General of the West coast of the USA, and German ambassador to Romania after wartime ejection from the USA... leading to later ties of Otto von Bolschwing and and Antonin Malaxa of the Romanian Nazi Iron Guard back to California after 1945. 
Nazi Freikorps and Reichswehr officer Heinz Guderian, and Freikorps officer and Nazi official Captain von Kleist, as well as Freikorps officer Avaloff-Bermondt coordinated German operations in the Baltic States.
Freikorps officers von der Goltz and Mannerheim coordinated Nazi operations in Finland.
In 1933, Reichswehr Captain and Nazi Ambassador to Japan Eugen Ott negotiated the Berlin-Tokyo-Rome Axis alliance, Japan having taken control of Manchuria in 1931 and eventually Tsingtao.

* VU 4:30 cardinals +/- 1°: 1967-1974. 
E.ASIA: China ends alliances with Russia and increases exchanges with Japan. US travel to China allowed. Cultural Revolution cult erupts nominally to counter fusion of capitalism into China by Liu Shaoqi/Shaochi, and Mao Zedong/Tsetung returns to power to prepare for assumed US intention to invade. China tests nuclear first warheads, does thermonuclear tests, and detonates hydrogen bomb. China ends alliances with India and Burma, and reinforces its control over Tibet. China launches first satellite. UN recognizes Beijing government. China nominally supports Pakistan against Bangladesh independence. Border clashes between China and Russia. 
E.EUROPE: Prague Spring uprising followed by Soviet Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia. Romania breaks with Russia and formulates unique 'third path' nationalist policies and alliances.
BRIT/FRAN/USA: French student revolt of 1968. US Secretary of State Rusk calls for bombing of Vietnam in order to contain China. Clashes at Chicago Convention of 1968 and Kent State University in 1971. Racial tensions related to assassination of Dr Martin Luther King. German diplomat Henry Kissinger arranges for US recognition of Beijing Chinese government.

* VU 27 cardinals +/- 1°: 2009-2015. 
E.ASIA: Chinese military buildup. Further consolidation of Chinese control of Tibet. Falun Gong clashes in China, Tibet suicide protests after rapid efforts to further integrate Tibet into Chinese economy and culture. Privatization reforms under new Prime Minister Xi Jinping after several years of overtures/fusions between Kuomintang and Communist parties. 
E.EUROPE: Revival of Nazi Vertriebene movement in Eastern Europe. Revival of Nazi organizations in the Baltic States, Belarus, and Romania (Iron Guard).
BRIT/FRAN/USA: Falun Gong (popular in Germany and advocated by Chancellor Merkel) demonstrations advocate US intervention in China, and advocates for 'Tea Party' cult and Bitcoin currency in USA. Police murders in London. Anti-fascist youth in Paris killed by Nazi groups. Rift in French Socialist Party and rise of the LePen factions, with frequent German meddling in French politics. Tensions in France involving Jewish-Arab issues. Controversial Zimmerman trial raises US public scrutiny of issues of racism and arbitrary gun use; provoked race tensions in Saint Louis.

Youtube video "Organized Crime A World History 'China'" covers Chinese mafia smuggling operations.

These all affected the fixed geo-Ascendants (Grimm and Sidereal nearly identical) in London and Paris, and at the same time the Ascendant of the Sibley chart for the USA.
From 1926-1932, Britain, France, and the USA were all targets of the Nazi-Fascist Axis (Anti-Bolshevik League prototype for  World Anti-Communist League then World League for Democracy and Freedom) along with the Soviet Russian government. What all the targeted nations had in common was a threat to old Central European (Hapsburg-Hohenzollern) and East Asian (Manchu-Yamato) imperial orders (identified as 'economic royalists' by Franklin Roosevelt). While Hitler criticized the Hapsburgs in public, he implemented their objectives and policies including race-superiority theory and subjugation of Jews and Slavic nations. In East Asia, the Japanese and Manchu (in China) dynasties united to subjugate ordinary Chinese who threatened their old economic empires and control still in effect via the dominant governments. China was in civil war; half collaborated with the United Nations Allies, and the other half supported the Fascist Axis powers, in some cases covertly.




The 1840s correlated with the war between the USA and Mexico after European imperial rule under a Hapsburg had been restored in Mexico several years before. 

The late 1920s-early 1930s with the rise of Axis Fascism in Europe and East Asia, the Axis invasion of Manchuria, a failed coup and political purge in Soviet Russia, the controversial secret Tanaka Memorial pronouncement that was officially denied but believed as confirmed by some historians, and gradual extensive and sophisticated transoceanic Axis espionage and sabotage operations inside the USA, Axis supplanting of US involvements in Latin America, and Axis plans to eventually attack and invade the USA after subduing our European allies, Britain and France. While, in the 20th century, Americans were often alert to potential problems with hostile Communist influences, few were alert to problems of similar nature with foreign Fascist parties and organizations.  While parties with Communist and Fascist labels were few in the late 1840s, the cycles imply historical lineage and clearly show repeated cycles involving political forces (Vulkanus) in the same geographic regions (per geodetics) at each recurring instance.  And interestingly, each astrological event also triggered energies whose intensity of impact became obvious to Americans as a whole only several years afterward.

Moreover, and in part because no single astrological factor (Vulkanus being a clearly significant power point, due to repeated correlations of observable impact) alone and by itself is a sole determiner of influences. The America, the Europe, the Asia of the 1840s or the 1930s differs from those of today -- and yet there remain measurable repeating constants of underlying essence and oligarchies, as well as of historical momentum and old established money interests.


Each instance, of the simultaneous Vulkanus contact to the Sibley Chart and the London and Paris geodetic Ascendants historically and today, indicates a buildup of power and influence (political and economic) that has a heavy impact on the United States, Britain, and France, the potential to hammer at the country like Vulkan forged steel into implements for his use. On each occasion, Vulkanus amassed power, at those specific points in history, along the East China and Taiwan Coast (old power hubs of the Chinese Tong and Green Gang mafias); the Witwatersrand gold and platinum-mining region of South Africa; Russian frontier areas now in Finland, the Baltic states, Belarus, western Ukraine, eastern Romania and Bulgaria, Crete and the Aegean islands of Greece and Turkey, as well as western Egypt... and Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island; eastern Venezuela, Amazonas state in Brazil, eastern Bolivia, the Chaco of Paraguay, and central Argentina including the Bahia Blanca naval base; Perth and the western half of Western Australia; Kenai peninsula of Alaska and all areas directly to its north. 

Interestingly, the naive corporatist Herbert Hoover's pre-presidential German and East Asian banking and mining business affiliations involved oligarchies specificaly in several of the specific regions indicated above. Those areas are in 4th harmonic angle now, and are accompanied by the 8th harmonic areas perhaps in some ways more powerful in the 1930s, but still significant in all cases: internally the Arizona-New Mexico and Utah-Colorado border regions and all areas directly to the north (in WY, MT, and Canada) and south (Sonora, Chihuahua, Sinaloa in Mexico); eastern Iceland; Madeira, Canaries, and coasts of Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau;  Central Asia and Siberia to its north, central Pakistan and areas of Afghanistan and India to its north and south; Kamchatka Peninsula of Siberia; Marshall, Solomon, and New Caledonia islands in the Pacific.

Look to all of these areas for indicators of foreign force applying pressure on America now, and a good starting point for historical roots is the histories of Herbert Hoover by John Hamill and Walter Liggett -- which imply in later context that Hoover, mostly as Secretary of Commerce under Harding and Coolidge, threw America's door open to economic colonization that was causal to the 1929 Stock Market Crash. Those policies specifically included lifting of government restrictions on corporate business that plundered the US economy from overseas, and the harnessing of the economy to a Wall Street controlled by foreign banking interests affiliated with Hoover, including industries that built the Third Reich's military machine (amassing power in the Baltic states and Finland in the 1930s) in Germany, and the East Asian Fascist military machine (amassing power in Manchuria and Taiwan and the centuries-old multi-national organized-crime pirate base Qingdao/Tsingtao in the 1930s, and the multinational imperial banking centers of Tientsin/Tianjin) that bombed Pearl Harbor. Hoover also forgave or reduced German war debts, facilitating the rise of the Nazi war machine, no doubt with the advice and approval of his Schroderbank employers -- and had worked directly with Imperial Chinese agencies in Tianjin, sympathetic with Japanese royalty, that spawned the boy-emperor Pu Yi that the imperial Japanese Fascists re-enthroned in the East Asia Prosperity Sphere's Manchukuo. In retrospect, it appears not so much that Hoover ran the USA, as much as foreign corporate/bank money that built the Fascist Axis ran, bribed, or in some other mysterious way, controlled Hoover.  This would explain the ultimately disastrous results of Hoover's policies, which primarily served the multinational bank/mining/industrial conglomerates he worked for, and the nearly simultaneous collapse of the western stockmarkets selling grossly inflated foreign stocks, and the rise of power of Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, and the military 'non-resistance' policy of the Chinese to Japanese invasion, and setup of the Manchukuo government. All this while Vulkanus was within 1 degree orb of 12 mutables, and not only triggering the Ascendant of the USA Sibley chart, but also the geodetic Ascendants of London and Paris.  During this time a dictatorship was installed in Estonia that eventually banned all other political parties and aligned itself with the Nazis, in Latvia the 'Baltischer Bruderschaft' (Baltic Brotherhood) and 'Perkonkrust' (Thundercross) cults rose to power and advocated Latvia's annexation to Nazi Germany. In Lithuania, the German-funded 'Iron Wolf' cult also advocated annexation to Germany.  These radical cults largely containing Germanic 'Aryan' ethnics in the Baltic states, have been revived and reported to be at the core of radical-right extremist movements in Britain today. The Aegean Islands in the early 1930s were half occupied by Italy and became a staging point for Italian Fascist imperial ambitions that reached into Ethiopia and set up concentration camps in Libya similar to those of the German military machine in Europe.

Today, the border area with Russia is once again tense with Neo-Nazi cults and German intelligence infiltration that would logically dovetail with the "World War 3" saber-rattling of recent years. Remember that power is agglomerating in all these areas and appears to almost certainly be tied to foreign lobbyists and pressures on Washington and perhaps similarly on London and Paris, where similar neo-fascist cults have been acting out in public. The geodetics also show that wiithin Argentina, the power amassed at Bahia Blanca may also be pressuring the central government in Buenos Aries.

What brews in nouveau-riche Shanghai, Qingdao, and Taipei where there is talk of an "Asian Century" to supplant American and European dominance?  What's with Germany's revived obsession with being the "Leader/Fuehrer"? What's brewing in Eastern Europe why the German-lobbied saber rattlers rattle about World War 3 and the "Asian Century" steadily annexes the Pacific coast of North America?  Does America need to remain more vigilant at home instead of leaving the country to be sold off  like pizza slices?  The astrological indicators say Arm and Guard the borders at very least until 2014, and weed out the foreign agents who would hammer us like Vulcan into their transnational corporatist mold -- as we are once again as vulnerable as from 1926 to 1933, and from the same geographic locations, whatever occupies them now.





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