Uranus Square Pluto cycle repeating:

Watch for Neo-fascism


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First draft posted 2013.Feb.21

Expanded and updated 2014.Feb.04







Various articles have covered the Uranus Pluto square in various ways. Here, the intention is to point out the geographic spots that some Uranus Pluto hard aspects have triggered since 1850, the recurring patterns, and their relevance to now.  This points to critical locations and points in time involving 1930s Fascism, and its prototypes in earlier years, and its derivatives in the present -- remember that Fascism was and is not the only possible outcome of a critical Uranus hard aspect with Pluto, but that it has been and Can Be if proper decisions and policies are not implemented by our social and political leaders, and public awareness and reasonable and wise decisions.  Intelligence, wisdom, and sobriety are needed among our leaders as well as the public -- while dim-witted or fanatical demagogues or advocates of drugging, religious escapism, or public revelry and histrionics, are a potential danger.

In the following, we look at both Sepharial and Grimm geodetic values, which often differ little, and by about 2°45' only in the most divergent cases, with differences being specific cities at the apex of the planetary influence.

For preventive purposes, we start here with problematic events that occurred in 1930-1934 in areas where the Uranus.Pluto combination on the 90 dial (in conventional terms, where Uranus or Pluto was conjunct, opposite, or square) in orb of the fixed geodetic MC (referring to both Sepharial and Grimm systems). These were the beginning sparks of what became the Fascist Axis movement that developed into the Euro-asian Axis fascist alliance, and their mass war and extermination policies.  Such manifestations could recur with the Uranus Pluto squares of 2012-2015 only if we do not take measures to stop them.  The 2012-2015 squares are 7 in number rather than 5, as in 1930-1934, meaning a possibly slower and systematic unfoldment based on the experience of their failed and temporarily "successful" tricks of the 1930s.  The 1930-34 squares covered an approximate 5 degree range (in both planetary and geodetic longitude), while the 2012-15 squares cover an approximately 7 degree range. We have much to learn from studying how fascism rose in the 1930s, the political players involved, both naive and conscious, and the often neglected multi-national corporate role in the 15-year success of the sociopathic ideologies of 1930s fascism. Fascism overtook the German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese (incl Taiwan and Korea), Chinese Manchurian and Northeast China governments, and was substantially supported by nominally neutral governments in Argentina and Saudi Arabia. It had substantial support from the Boer-Afrikaner Proto-Apartheid machine in South Africa and polarized the United States by highly-organized infiltration and subversion cults (detailed in Sayers, Spivak, Matthews) until Franklin Roosevelt reversed the course of America near the end of the cycle in 1933. The tragedy of the Japanese internment camps in the USA was a result of extensive East Asian espionage and collaboration with the Nazi network inside the United States.

More positive manifestations and potentials will also be presented in this article... what we can strive for while fighting the revival of treacherous dinosaurs with sometimes more appealing faces, such as those now covering up the extensive, now underground, Neo-Nazi movement in Germany, as of 2013. Roosevelt grabbed the bull by the horns and steered America away from the foreign-orchestrated Fascist mess, while after 1945 Hoover naively and passively complied with it (and unfortunately  naively welcomed its remnants back in after the war, to play a key role in what Eisenhower referred to as the 'Military Industrial Complex', an in fact transnational machine ultimately controlled by the Pan-German and Asian Fascist banks that built the Axis powers and are now seeking to dominate the global economy by financial means and 'shut down the government').

The 1930-34 square primarily affected areas under approximately 20 to 25 degrees cardinal sign geodetic MC, while the 2012-15 square primarily affected areas under approximately 8 to 15 degree cardinal sign geodetic MC.

Note that the 2012-15 square triggers some of the very same countries, but in a region a few to several hundred miles or kilometres to the east.  The squares once again trigger areas of Germany, China (a story obscured in the skillful deceit of the ancient 'arts' of Chinese diaspora political lobbying and propaganda), the eastern USA and Canada (where the fascist movement was neutralized by the Roosevelt and  Mackenzie-King administrations), in South Africa, Indonesia, West Indies islands, Central America, eastern South America, and Hawaii. Before 2015, Cuba and Panama could be impacted, Thailand and Malaya and Yunnan province of China are already having problems -- the affected area of the eastern USA is the hub of the Tea Party (remarkably similar to Nazi-funded subversive so-called 'patriot' groups of the 1930s) in states including or bordering the Appalachians plus Ohio and Michigan -- moving eastward into Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York -- as well as the west coast of Alaska by 2015.

Areas at 45 degree angle to these locations also are affected, and this pointed in 1930-34 to areas of India-Pakistan, where a Fascist 'Aryan' party took root and later fought alongside the Japan Fascist Army in various wars in southeast Asia, the Arizona-Utah-Montana area where the Mormon church is influential, Iceland where the fascist Nationalist Party of Iceland rose and went underground during British and US occupation, and in the Japanese-controlled Mariana and Caroline islands of Micronesia.  In 2012-2015, the areas would instead be Iran and the Emirates and Oman; coastal Oregon and Washington and northern California by 2014-15; the eastern tip of Brazil; and Tasmania, Melbourne eastward, and inland areas of New South Wales and Queensland in Australia.

Areas at 22.5 angle in the 1930s included the western half of Japan, obviously significant, and could today also be affected in the 2010s -- and are detailed below. (They include areas in the western half of Australia in both the 1930s and the 2010s, and in the 1930s the central US states where pro-Nazi fascist cults were popular, as well as parts of Britain, France, and Spain. And in the 2010s the East China coast and Taiwan.) Let's start with events manifesting in the main affected areas in the 1930s, identifiable from credible history reference texts. Precise degrees are mentioned later in the article, and a bibliography follows at the end. 



  • German East Prussia -- The 1932 election of Adolf Hitler had been cultivated over the years by the old East Prussian-based military elite, who also controlled the industrial and mining regions in Silesia where main Nazi concentration camps were built. East Prussia had historically been part of Poland, and its southern half is again today inside the boundaries of Poland. Nazis were active early-on in East Prussia, which played a key role in the brutal and deceptive 1939 Blitzkrieg over Poland.

  • Lithuania -- Early 1930s ascent of the Iron Wolf fascist cult trained in neighboring German East Prussia, overtly and later underground.

  • Hongkong-Macao-Guangdong region -- hub of the Chinese underworld financial empire that allied under-the-table with and supported the Japan Fascist regime in Tokyo, helping build the Manchu-kuo state and its gradual expansion into China. Importation of Nazi military and youth organization trainers for Kuomintang troops and the Blueshirt Chinese fascists in 1932-1934. Macao ruled by nominally-neutral but at that time pro-fascist Portugal, Hongkong by Britain still divided and teetering over fascism.

  • Eastern Hungary -- 1932 rise to power of quisling dictator Gyula Gombos, advocate of revival and restoration of the Austro-Hungarian union (also advocated by Austrian fascist dictator Engelbert Dollfuss, who sought to restore the Hapsburg monarchy), in alliance with Germany and Italy. (Dollfuss and Gombos eventually clashed with Hitler, whose puppeteers wanted North German and not Austrian dominance of the Third Reich.)

  • Eastern Libya -- 1932 rise to power of Italian colonial governor Rodolfo Graziani, who set up concentration camps to reduce native population. 

  • South Africa -- 1931 British Statute of Westminster reduced British control of South Africa, allowing the German-supported Nationalist Party to increase racial segregation laws which prevented and even expelled native black non-landowning and officially unschooled Africans from both jobs and voting rights.

  • Eastern Maine -- at one point housed the headquarters of the 'American' Nazi Party, led by George Lincoln Rockwell, close associate of William Dudley Pelley, leader of the Nazi-funded Silver Shirts cult/militia (which included astrology in its weird rituals, and set up a cult school in Asheville North Carolina). The Silver Shirts eventually created or fused with an organization it called the "Order of '76" and referred to its members as "Patriots", and advocated alliance with Germany in World War II.  In 1934, a close association of Pelley and editor of the Nazi propaganda newspaper 'Amerika Deutsch Post' founded the "Friends of Germany" organization in New York City.

  • Western New Brunswick and Nova Scotia -- New Brunswick had been home to many conservative British and German Hessian royalist troops and settlers who fought against Washington's Army in the American Revolution of 1776, and Nova Scotia hosted purported 'Anti-Hitler refugees' from the German Nazi Party, including associates of Franz von Papen, director of German intelligence and subversion operations in North America (directly or indirectly responsible for many bombing and arson crimes, and factory sabotage incidents in the USA through the 1930s and rampant in the 1940s).




Geodetically, the Uranus Pluto square of the 1930s ranged from about 20 to 25 degrees of cardinal signs, and so pointed directly to control centers of Nazism/Fascism in Germany, Hungary, Serbia, China, Japan, and the area of the USA where the German-funded 'American' Nazi Party had its headquarters, as well as southern Argentina, where Nazi-Fascist elements operated despite that country's later nominal 'neutrality' in World War 2, and was a base of back-door Axis buildup in the Western Hemisphere -- among other areas.

In the 2010s, now ugently critical, the UR.PL square (UR90PL) points to the current European economic hub of Germany, western Italy, eastern Switzerland, and the headquarters of the Jihadist cults in northwest-central Africa (recently in the news); and again to coastal China and Taiwan, north coastal Philippines, and remote paramilitary centers in the USA that correlate with Tea Party cult hubs -- meaning that there is potential for events similar to those of the 1930s-triggered areas before 2015.  In the past, there were often multinational political and/or economic connections between the events at various locations.

Uranus correlates with spontaneity, breaks with the past, invention, and technology; while Pluto correlates with development of potential and the compulsion to control that development in self or others, as well as the value of shared resources or assets.  This points to the issue of the UR.PL combination revolving in part around the issue of the compulsion to control technology development, invention, spontaneity, and how breaks are made with the past.

Often overlooked in politics, by most people, is the underlying core of global power politics; i.e. the top banks and corporations that dominate and manipulate the world economy via political lobbying, stockmarket value manipulation, and in worst cases, unscrupulous covert political operations, over the centuries.  Another thing often overlooked is that 'terrorist organizations' have more often than not been cults programmed by ruthless economic interests to manipulate local politics and economies, functioning as functional "goon squads" in various disguises, including religious -- and that their success requires an uneducated or readily manipulated populace.  Thus they are basically tools for social control, and an integral part of what is often referred to as "psy-ops", something the 1930s Fascists exploited extensively, but which also existed in times past, even utilized as far back as to successfully undermine the success and ultimate appeal of the French Revolution via sabotage of the most manipulative sort, including psychological warfare conducted mostly by the Hapsburg power circle orchestrated by Klemenz von Metternich. The games of conservative plutocracy are old and rehearsed, even if repackaged..

As the impulsive International Fascist figurehead leader Mussolini once accurately disclosed, even if by mistake or out of foolishness, "Fascism is Corporatism". Meanwhile, Franklin Roosevelt, one of the main targets of 1930s Fascist hostility, because he understood it, described Fascism as "economic royalism", referring to its underlying creation, support, and financing by the greediest and most control-obsessed of old royal families and aristocracy, of which the most powerful were the German and Austrian which virtually created World Wars I and II, built the Third Reich, manipulated Italian and Spanish Fascism like puppets, and made alliances with Chinese and Japanese imperials to build a "New Order" to include East Asia as a hub (as well as Argentina and much of the Union of South Africa). FDR followed many plans of Woodrow Wilson, whom German corporate lobbyists, invested largely in the US railroad industry, played a key role in displacing quickly after WW2 with the Herbert Hoover line, which included Harding and Coolidge.

The areas triggered by UR90PL can be estimated by looking at the map below... noting that we are referring only to areas where the UR.PL configuration was overhead (on the geodetic MC) in the 8th harmonic (0,45,90,135,180 angles) in most cases, or the 16th harmonic (22.5 multiple angles) in some noticeably significant cases.  Note that the various indicated locations have often been somehow interconnected politically on a global scale, as we can see from various examples.



Looking back on the areas indicated by UR90PL in the 1930s, this was exemplified in the urgings of German Reichswehr General Hans von Seeckt, one of the advocates of "wiping Poland off the map" in World War I, who trained Chinese Kuomintang Fascist troops operating in south China, starting in 1932 or 1933, to coordinate with Germany's ambitions in the Far East, and developed a foreign exchange program between the Hitler Youth and the Chinese Fascist Blueshirts youth chapter [Bianco p117; Chiang pp119, 302; Marks p71; Seagrave p292-4]. These exchanges were often denied by the "face-saving" strategies of the Kuomintang to manipulate Allied policy toward China, yet were frequently doubted by American military personnel and political officeholders due to the eventually obvious ambiguities and duplicity common in Chinese politics and lobbying even then. The exact relationship between the Blueshirts and the Japan Fascists was also ambiguous and concealed by diplomatic posturing by both Chinese and Japanese officials with similar objectives -- most of whom followed the passive-aggressive strategies mapped out in Sun Tzu's "Art of War" [Bisson 55, 76, 163-4, 167; Snow 46, 378-80, 384, 398, Chiang 119, 302, Seagrave 292-5, 304, 346]. 

This correlates with current political undercurrents in now different areas of Germany and China (and remote areas of the USA under their influence and infused with paramilitary centers that often involve German and ethnic Chinese military and intel agents), as well as in Argentina and Paraguay (the latter where both German and Taiwan-Chinese paramilitary training centers and 'colonies' have existed for a number of years) [Marks 288-314].

 Fascist methods often start with and build on initial cult control psychology and regimentation, implementing the worst of Pavlovian psychology experiments on dogs transferred to application on humans (and was rampant in Nazi Germany)... thus the 'pit-bull' references by today's neo-fascists to human beings programmed to be under their direct command [Schultz 86-9, 180-1].  This was a core mode of fascist politicization that must not be allowed to unfold further if we are to see democracy in our planet's immediate future. Many today do not recall the references to "Nazi Goons", i.e. NLP-programmed 'servants' of the party, or that "Quisling" referred not simply to a traitor or collaborator, but to a figurehead psychologically programmed to carry out often foreign orders like what are now called "Manchurian candidates" (as the same techniques were developed in Manchuria by the Japanese and Chinese Fascists).  This means that people today need to be guided by reason and logic, not unthinking or ungrounded religious or ideological faith, or by primal emotions evoked by TV or radio pundits, if we are to avoid a further Fascist unfoldment.  Just as it was in the 1930s, the recycled political and so-called 'Faith Based' movement is a potential cesspool of duping, ideological deceit, public manipulation, and public confusion polluting the good intentions of people seeking a genuinely compassionate spiritual path through organizations with spiritual names and imagery. Semi-conscious religious fervor is a grave danger, as nominally Christian, Islamic, and even some nominal Buddhist cults have shown over time and in recent years.

This also means that astrology as a field puts itself at greater risk of implication and censure by aligning with religious or impressionist paradigms rather than striving for scientific approaches -- despite the narrow views of the scientific establishment that thrills on astrology-bashing and has ample fuel to do so when astrology is cheapened to the level of tea-party entertainment or glamorization with dubious religious imagery, and abandonment of scientific standards in resignationn because of conservative criticism.  And this is a potential danger since astrology was glamorized and abused in such a manner by some Fascist cults of the 1930s, including the Silver Shirts, and some cults within the Nazi Party in Germany. (The Nazis persecuted astrologers, like practitioners in most every other field, only selectively and according to party ideological criteria.)

Proto-fascist groundwork policies were carried out by Herbert Hoover (among other world political leaders), who was seen by many political analysts as a naive Quisling under control of his Schroderbank employers, whether as President or earlier as a possibly more influential Secretary of Commerce in the cabinet of two laissez-faire Presidents (Harding and Coolidge) who said 'business should run the country' -- while IG Farben corporate affiliates from Germany infused steadily further into the US economy. And business Did run the country --  gangsters, in the employ of underworld businesses, running the streets, and running America into the ground via crippling and inhumane economic polarization and the Great Depression of 1929.  Hoover was Schroderbank's revenge on America for opposing Germany in World War I, and Franklin Roosevelt apparently knew it. Other political leaders in various countries were lobbied into office by the transnational banking interests that engineered World War I, and intended World War II to pick up where the first war left off.  UR90PL in the 1930s points to bases of operations of the military and paramilitary machines funded by transnational bankcorp interest that now dominate the European Union and East Asian economies.

FDR, like all other world leaders, was faced with the consequences of the 1929 economic crash that was orchestrated via deliberate stockmarket inflation strategies implemented by the multinational banks that built and ran Wall Street and other international stock exchanges -- which sell tickets to claim profits made from factories, factory-farm operations, and other corporate business enterprises. The intent was to break America in revenge for World War I, blame the USA for the Depression, and restore Germany to its pre-1918 status and ambitions, and Germany succeeded for 15 bloody, violent, and genocidal years.  The top stock market controllers are, more often than not, old imperial and aristocratic families.  Franklin Roosevelt knew this when he used the term 'economic royalism'.

In FDR's early years, he had to confront the German bank/corporate-funded neo-fascist elements manifest in the Silver Shirts, the "America First", and "American" Bund (formerly Teutonia) cults, as well as the so-called "American" Nazi Party/cult, all designed to lure Americans on board with what became the Third Reich.  Some naive Americans were manipulated by rousing propaganda of the German-funded cults that were functional prototypes for today's Tea Party.  Not all members knew what they were joining, but some did [Sayers, Schultz, Spivak].

FDR's programs were actually moderate, in relation to the full political spectrum, and were a compromise between policies proposed by the 'right' and the 'left', the rich and the poor, the corporatists and the democrats, and were intended to circumvent the social chaos and revolution which were otherwise on the horizon in the early 1930s, and which manifest in Germany as the Hitler coup, and a planned coup in the USA that is strategically denied by those complicit in it.  These facts have often been lost in a time when centralized corporate media is dominated by the views of the corporations that espouse radical rightist views so similar to those of Hitler, Mussolini, and the East Asian Fascists in the Japanese Empire (that included Taiwan and Korea) and mainland China (often overlooked because of Chinese diplomatic strategizing). The corporatist elements seek to deny their role in creating 1930s Fascism, in apparent current hopes that they can succeed in a second and more polished attempt to do the same again [Schultz, Tetens].

There were also positive manifestations of the Uranus Pluto square that were manifesting elsewhere, but we probably need to first look at the problematic ones so that they do not manifest so problematically again during the Uranus Pluto square of 2013-2015, where, once again, Germany and China are implicated, as are any of their naive dupes in the United States, and possibly Japanese corporate bases of operation in China and Korea who operate cults in the USA.  The overlooked element of Chinese Fascism, in a country divided by Civil War during World War 2, will need to be more deeply understood, requiring wading through the machinations and blatant lies of the centuries-old Arts of Chinese propaganda and political chicanery, which recently manifest the Pan-Asian Moonie cult.




What's important to remember is that the Fascist parties of the 1930s were functional cults using mass psychology, often high-pressure and dramatic, to excite, regiment, and puppeteer their party members, which they did effectively, producing unthinking, knee-jerk, obedient political parties and organizations.  Any success of such organizations today would depend on the inability of the public to recognize the abuse of high-pressure mass or social psychology.  A second factor would be the public's understanding of the real facts about what happened during the Fascist era of the 1930s, and for UR90PL (Uranus 90 degrees from Pluto), and specifically, how it Fascism wormed its way into power.

 Using a 2-degree secondary cluster orb, and considering both Sepharial and Grimm values, that puts Pluto overhead in early 2013 in northwestern Italy, including Milano, Genoa, Parma, Pisa, Livorno, as well as in eastern Sicily including Cagliari. The geodetic indicators, plus historical events and political threads indicate a probable direct link between Fascist organizations in Europe and the Jihadist terrorist cults worldwide, including those directly southward, in northwest Africa, at this time apparently run from areas where UR.PL is overhead. The Eurofascist-Jihadist link is at least as old as the 1940s and described in several scholarly references [Lapping, Tetens, Wechsberg] 

UR.PL are also overhead in eastern Switzerland, including the banking hub of Lugano that has been implicated in post-1945 funding of Fascist and Neo-fascist organizations and terror cults worldwide -- and in Germany in Mannheim, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, a Euro banking and intelligence hub area involved in the Islamist 'Black September' terror cult of the 1970s which shocked the world with the Munich Olympics murders.

This correlates interestingly with the nominal resignation of Ratzinger as Vatican Pope, and perhaps more strikingly with Hades clustered with the MC and AS in Rome in the Universal (Capricorn solar ingress) chart for 2013, as well as still in secondary cluster with the Ariespoint axis that could lead to secretive processes and outcomes there.

It looks like UR90PL is manifesting as a sort of attempted literal fascist revival in Italy, and its success depends on the wisdom of Italian voters, and possibly moreso on the legitimacy of the elections, in which a literal screaming clown is said to have won a large percentage of votes due to public loss of confidence in such election legitimacy. It is dangerous for democracy when the public doubts democratic institutions and procedures to the point of non- or cynical participation prompted by political candidates designed to manipulate and sabotage vote counts, and important to remember that in the 1930s the Nazis/Fascists preached that democracy was 'no longer effective' for social development, allowing for its replacement by the lockstep corporatist regimentation that drove the dehumanizing and genocidal Axis power societies.

A thorough study of 1930s Fascism shows that, in many ways, Italy (like Spain later, then Yugoslavia) was a testing ground for extreme Eurofascist policies before deciding what to do in other countries, and that Mussolini was a puppet used to 'test the waters' for similar political strategies in other countries.  It would be interesting to hypothetically view Berlusconi in the same light.

In addition, the UR90PL configuration was overhead in the 1930s in areas of China (in 4th harmonic) and Japan (in 16th harmonic) where Asian Fascism took root. Note that Japan, Korea, and Taiwan (as well as eastern Manchuria and the Philippines) have Scorpio on the Geodetic Ascendant. Japan Fascism (where Leo is on the Geodetic MC) revolved around an overtly royalist cult where the Emperor became a literal holy figure of worship, the hub of the Japanese state cult, while their allies in the old Manchu/rian/Qing dynasty of China bolstered pro-fascist political leaders and regional governments in China, including a literal revived Manchu/rian dynasty (under Pu Yi) on the throne in Manchuria, an 'autonomous' North China government under Japanese 'protection', planned at one point to be an extension of the revived Manchu dynasty, and an overtly Japan Fascist collaborationist government in East Central China under Kuomintang collaborators.  In contrast, contemporary democracies of that period (such as in Britain, Canada, and the USA) promoted policies that implemented new egalitarian social-democratic policies that met the needs of an increasingly literate and educated world, and included rapid technical electrification projects to distribute public power. In fact, Franklin Roosevelt established the 'Electric Home and Farm Authority' on the day of the last Uranus Pluto square on January 17, 1934. [This program was later fused into the federal TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) project for flood control, dam-building, and rural electrification, that in following years became the target of Vall-Street laissez-faire advocates including Republican presidential candidate, corporation lawyer and electro-power CEO Wendell Willkie, who had also been involved in controversial dealings with Chinese president Chiang Kaishek and his wife around the time of his presidential campaign.]

Overall, FDR's New Deal phased back the bloated privileges of the old royal and aristocratic establishment elements fused with oil interests that cynically helped create the Depression to justify destroying laws restricting corporate monopolies, and drive the general public to either desperation or elimination.  FDRs policies, overall, instead promoted increasing egalitarian civil rights in a sort of peaceful revolution that led to post-1945 democracies maintaining legal protections against socio-economic polarization and plutocracy -- balancing measures now being threatened by a very vocal corporate-media-promoted neo-fascist trend, in part through manipulating their "Tea Party" puppets, as we again have UR90PL in the skies.

Continuing with the idea that UR90PL was the seed of 1930s overt Fascism, it is logically by extension a potential seed for an early 21st century overt Fascism.  However, in this newer cycle, the squares occur in earlier degrees of the cardinal signs, in locations a bit to the east of the 1930s manifestations.  

In the 1930s, the square (in 4th harmonic) was overhead in the East Prussian province that was ceded after 1945 by international treaty to Poland and Russia -- whereas today the square is overhead in the Euro banking hub in western Germany around Frankfurt, in Hesse (home of the Hessian royalists of the 1700s).  East Prussia was a hub of the old Prussian warlord and "Junker" landowner class long dominant in the North German military machine, and hosted one of Hitler's wartime war- and genocide-planning bunkers called the "Wolf's Lair", as well as a launching pad for the Blitzkrieg on Poland.  Hitler was put and bolstered in power by a combination of old Prussian, Bavarian, and Austrian landed aristocracy who wanted a regimented, obedient society under their control, and long controlled the economies of Central Europe -- and the Third Reich was in many ways little more than a continuation of the Austro-German 'Central Power' alliance of World War I. This is covered in several books which detail the origins and development of the Third Reich.

Areas 22.5 degree from East Prussia included the London area, where the pro-fascist Cliveden set and British aristocracy of German lineage quietly supported the Third Austro-German Reich and its Mussolini puppet in Italy until such time as the true agenda of  the Nazis became publicly evident, and British public outrage pushed them into the background politically.  In the 2010s, areas 22.5 from the Frankfurt region include the Nile Valley of Egypt (one of the countries where Nazi created-and-funded Jihadist cults, including the Muslim Brotherhood, survived continuously after WW2), Turkey around the Istanbul area, Ukraine along the longitude of Kiev, and Russia along the longitude of St-Peterburg, where the pro-Nazi, ethnically German Romanov dynasty is again eulogized in the Russian media in the post-Soviet era. "The Jews", as a whole, and as a political target, were seen as a threat to the old imperial dynasties that had ruled Europe, largely unchallenged, for centuries, and mostly advocates of liberal democracy and humanism -- and thus were harassed or exterminated after continual distorted stereotyping and even framing by the Nazis. Naive homosexuals were sometimes brainwashed and manipulated by Nazi-controlled S&M cults, and used as fall-guys in the early stages of Nazism to do the Nazi dirty work, and then imprisoned or exterminated after no longer useful [Schultz, p86], many during the "Night of the Long Knives". Fascism was concocted as a pseudo-populist ideology for the uneducated to trick "the masses" into bolstering the interests of the old conservative wealthy establishment while presenting itself as the party of "The People".  Not unlike the recent US Tea Party reviving the similar Nazi-funded "patriot" cults in the USA in the 1930s whose members the crafty German agent Franz von Papen referred to as "Stupid Americans".

As for East Asia, the square (in 4th harmonic) was overhead in the 1930s in the area around Macao, Hongkong, and Guangzhou/Canton -- whereas in the 2010s the square is or will be in the Shan states region of Burma/Myanmar, Yunnan-Sichuan-Qinghai provinces of China, and moving across Thailand as the various UR90PL squares manifest, putting an interesting light on recent political turmoil in Thailand, in relationship with the opium triangle mafia that has funded various fascistic parties across East Asia.  Laos and Cambodia, with their tragic political histories of destabilizing foreign-imposed psychological warfare, will also be vulnerable to neo-fascist upsurges before 2015. The Guangzhou/Canton area was a hub of the Kuomintang military hierarchy, which in 1933 welcomed Nazi officers to take charge of their military development, youth training programs, and Blue Shirts stromtroopers  [Bianco p117; Chiang pp119, 302; Seagrave p292-4]. Hongkong was a Crown Colony, and Macao was under the rule of the Portuguese dictator Salazar, tacitly pro-fascist until shifting to the Allies after their victory was clear.

Areas 22.5 from those locations in the 1930s included central Japan, the overt nominal hub of East Asian Fascism -- and today include Taiwan, Shanghai, Shandong peninsula, southern Manchuria, and by 2015, northeast Korea -- meaning that cultish North Korea under a new dictator icon is moving toward absorption in the New East Asian Fascist Co-Prosperity Sphere that may well revolve largely around the Taipei, Shanghai, or Qingdao/Tsingtao global banking centers as the Kuomintang merges in with the Chinese Communist Party.  It would be interesting to study the extent of collaboration between Japan and the Chinese Kuomintang during WW2, and how much the pro-Axis Fascist banks in both countries retained or rebuilt power in Taiwan as well as Shanghai since 1945.  Qingdao, on the Shandong peninsula, was a virtual colony of either Germany or Japan at various points during the early 20th century, and is today in an Economic Development Zone that includes many Japanese and Korean business interests capitalizing on Chinese labor.

In North America, the 1930s, UR90PL was overhead in the Maine-New Brunswick region where the "American" Nazi Party cult under George Lincoln Rockwell (funded by the German Nazi Party) was powerful. New Brunswick was a major destination of royalists, including Hessians (King George III's homeboys) who opposed the US Revolutionary War of 1776, and neighboring Nova Scotia an asylum haven for Nazis who supposedly opposed Hitler but not the Nazi party.  Per the geodetics, this region, near Maine, likely played a key role in the coup attempt against Franklin Roosevelt that is adamantly denied by those who backed it and/or sympathized with it and have done all possible to destroy the records.  Whereas today, the UR90PL is and will be overhead until 2015 around 8 to 15 cardinals, over Pittsburgh and the area stretching from the Appalachians from the northern to the southern states, and in 2015 manifesting around Philadelphia and New Jersey (a major congregating point for Nazi organizations in the 1930s and 1940s, and hub of post-1945 Nazi investments via Farben, and a base of east-coast SRI psy-ops).  Key 'Tea Party' leaders hold office in states under these longitudes. The southern Appalachian area includes one of the hubs of the old German Nazi-funded Silvershirts cult (color coded in different countries, with Goldshirts in Mexico, Blueshirts in China  [Bianco p117; Chiang pp119, 302; Marks p71; Seagrave p292-4], Blackshirts in Italy, Brownshirts in Germany, etc), and we should be attentive to its possible revival in other formats.

Areas 22.5 from these locations in the 1930s included St-Louis, Memphis, and New Orleans. St-Louis was home to Charles Lindbergh, who had direct dalliances with Hitler. "Reverend" Gerald L K Smith (an interesting study in relation to today's 'Faith Based' movement, founder of the 'Christian Nationalist Crusade', the cornerstone of the current 'Christian Identity' movement, publisher of English translations of the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion', and collaborated with the Silver Shirts cult in Asheville North Carolina and that state's congressman Robert Reynolds. "Reverend" Smith came from Virquoa, Wisconsin, then ran his cult from St-Louis, and later from New Orleans, where he collaborated with the Nazi-funded KKK. All three of these Smith locations were along the longitude with UR90PL overhead.  22.5 degrees further west were the central areas of Arizona (whose governor at one point blatantly defied President Roosevelt and federal government policies) and Utah (hub of the Mormons, who have a long history of anti-federal government rebellions, militias, illegal banks and currency) as well as eastern Idaho (largely Mormon as well), western Montana, and eastern Alberta (polarized in the 1930s around the Social Credit movement)... as well as Sonora in Mexico, which was known to house ports of entry for covert Axis operations in North America, adjacent to the Mormon colonies across the border in Chihuahua.  Mormon-Nazi connections have long been denied by Mormons.  In 2013-2015, the areas 22.5 to the west of the affected Appalachian region include the western sectors of the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.  45 to the west of the key Appalachian area is outside the USA, but along the British Columbia coast, an area for Canadians to watch carefully for neo-fascist activites or even coastal infiltrations from other countries.  UR90PL at 16th harmonic angle to the geodetic MC in 1932 also hovered over Arabia as the Saudi family, earlier backed by the Austrian Hapsburg imperials that built the Austrian Fascist Party, and later dallied with the Nazis, branded the country with its family name, and henceforth the new 'Saudi Arabia' appeared on the maps.

The 2013-2015 squares cover a wide 7 degree range, and in each area, the activities will likely move slowly to the east, ending up by 2015 over Philadelphia and New Jersey and possibly in NYC, then eastern Dakotas-Nebraska-Kansas-Oklahoma, east central Texas, and then into western Washington-Oregon, and northern and west-central California.

Neo-fascist and all terrorist-type cults need monitoring throughout these regions.  And yet, the same regions can also be centers of new technical development, hopefully not under the control of the pro-fascist corporations, depending on who's in charge there.

NOTE that overt manifestations of UR90PL occurred where it was on or near the Geodetic Ascendant (like the attack on the Bonus Army in Washington DC, while the source areas appear to have been where UR90PL was on the Geodetic MC, in keeping with geodetic principles.  This means that participants in clashes in Washington DC may likely come from or were directed by the German-funded Nazi Party in Maine, also a probable source of planning or assets for the planned coup against Roosevelt, the chief executive in Washington DC, where the coup would have had its effect and outward manifestation -- and other source areas could have involved related anti-government organizations around St-Louis, New Orleans, Utah, Arizona, or Idaho -- or in Sonora Mexico or Alberta -- with possible affiliations in Germany, of which there were many among anti-Roosevelt cults and militia groups.

Other areas where the UR90PL triggered the Ascendant, in the early 1930s: rise to power of Eamon de Valera in Ireland, who insisted on neutrality in relation to Germany WW2; rise of Pierre Laval, later vice-premier of Nazi-collaborationist Vichy France; Bonus Army suppression by the courageous but politically naive MacArthur in Washington DC; Japanese troops annex historical Jehol province to Manchukuo; Chiang Kaishek (who had agreements with Germany and Japan) makes "non-resistance" treaty with Japan, effectively leaving Chinese liberals and leftists to be the casualties of  Japanese attacks; Dutch colonial government cutbacks on Indonesian education and social services followed by clashes in Jakarta/Yakarta; consolidation of Trujillo dictatorship in Dominican Republic.

It seems that the most important issue would be to search the indicated source areas, where the MC is triggered... and also watch for areas where UR90PL is on the Geodetic Ascendant -- which in 2012-2015 is not in Washington DC, but rather includes the metropolises of Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Miami, as well as Asheville NC and all Ontario-Michigan borders-- cities in an area which President Obama should be probably avoid until 2016, and federal government agencies should also watch for anti-government activities or outbursts.  This would also include, by 8th harmonic angle, Salt Lake, Phoenix, Cheyenne, and also Saskatchewan and Sonora across the US borders.  Those border areas could also be problematic, not only because of this configuration, but Sonora and Saskatchewan also because of possible paramilitary buildups there as well as all around 110 to 112 west longitude that could act on Washington, directly or indirectly, if affiliated with transnational paramilitary groups with bases in the Kenai-Kodiak area of Alaska, coastal China and Taiwan, Novascotia-PEI in Canada, South Africa, western Turkey, central Argentina, Chaco Paraguay-Bolivia, Guyana-Venezuela border, or even power bases accumulated in St-Peterburg in Russia, or old Romanian Iron Guard paramilitary affiliates -- regions among which several post-1945 fascist parties and paramilitary organizations are known to have been based. 




Meanwhile, in the 1930s, the positive manifestations of the Uranus Pluto square included the social and economic change programs of FDR, the 'New Deal' equalization programs. Government stepped in to rectify the imbalances created by banks and business leaders indifferent to the well-being of the American public, and sometimes duped or bribed by foreign money interests keen on weakening the US infrastructure in competition with them, and lured by a pool of impoverished job-seekers desperate to work for pennies.  FDR and his advisors knew, based in part on their broad understanding of human history, that if evolutionary egalitarian changes were not made by democratic means, democracy was at risk, and society was headed for more of the bitter polarization and confrontations manifest by his critics and opponents leaning in the Nazi direction.  And FDR knew the German propaganda was mostly lies. 

The 1930s UR90PL era became one of rapid technical advancement including widespread electrification of areas that had no electrical wiring earlier (such as the Tennessee Valley Authority, a US government project sued by presidential candidate and Wall Street lawyer Wendell Willkie for 'unfair competition' against the huge corporate utility conglomerate Willkie represented in court cases, in order to pay for his election in 1940 -- for which he later strived to make amends to salvage the reputation of the Republican Party for again wanting strip away economic power from the general public and give it to Wall Street. UR90PL in the 1930s correlated with the early development of prototypes for television (developed by the Nazis specifically for mass propaganda and indoctrination), and substantial developments in aeronautics, as well as the old computer punch-card technology.  Technical developments occurred in both democracies and the brutal dictatorships under Hitler and Stalin, and led to a displacement of old technologies by new.

Today, similar developments are occurring in computer technology and solar and wind technology in selected countries where multinational but home-biased economic interests are not blocking them. UR90PL appears to be manifesting so far as overtly multinational corporations with covertly nationalist objectives, lobbying and manipulating exactly where the new technology will develop and which economies it will benefit at the top. If solar and wind technology continue to be blocked in the United States by multinational corporate interests, for example, the ambitious new sugar-and-smile-coated fascist economies in Germany and China will continue to zoom ahead, in countries whose banks and corporations increasingly dominate today's centralizing global economy while they lobby in the US legislatures to manipulatively localize global technical development. German and East Asian fascist money lobby to support backward political organizations that cause the to USA stumble and fall into its own dinosaur puddles surrounded by cheering foreign-programmed yayhoos with rifles and Bibles they can't read -- just as they did in supporting the weird fascist cults of the 1930s.  The connection between Chinese and Japanese Imperial dynastic money and Fascism was often swept under the rug by those with money or 'political capital' to do so, and, as in Germany and Austria and Italy after 1945, the Nazis and Fascisti reformulated into political parties with new names but still affiliated with the same banks and corporations who appear to be intent on similar objectives once again.  Some political analysts assert that the Worldwide economic depression of 1929 and the early 1930s was planned and orchestrated by the banks and corporations that built the 1930s-1940s Fascist Axis in Germany by manipulating banking rates and the grossly inflated value of (often German) investment stocks... and biasing the rates toward the countries that became the Leaders of the Axis "Fascist New Order", as planned.  Few people realize that Wall Street was set up by European bankers and plutocrats from the beginning, with the imperial Austrian Drexel Wall Street banking house at the hub early on, designed to retain the USA as an economic colony however it could.

Another interesting parallel during this cycle is the use of Korea by both Japan and China as a cult-like puppet state to manipulate international policy on their behalf.  The psy-ops of the New Fascism (cults, primitive and sometimes violent pop culture fads that appeal to and trigger primal urges) are logically more sophisticated than those of the 1930s, and have been under continual development since the 1930s, even if covertly and at a more subtle and less overtly-political level.  It was such psy-ops that led to the success of Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, and the Chinese and Korean Axis collaborators and their barking lockstep Pavlovian cultures where people become disposable numbers in mechanistic societies that readily justified brutal warfare and genocide, in a semi-conscious 'Tea Party'-like state.

Let's think what we can do to encourage the positive manifestations with Uranus with Pluto, while recognizing the dangers of a repeat of 1930s Fascist robotics.  That quickly points to the development of needed humanistic changes in technology in step with natural evolution, the need for increased public education in technology and technical development, the sobriety as well as the knowledge to develop intuitions for new inventions, and the need to make revisions where technology abuses, or even destroys, the environment and people.

Pluto at its lower levels fears change or blocks or warps it due to greed or obsession with control.  In such cases, new technology is held back from development, and the society where such stagnation occurs also stagnates economically while the rest of the world advances, relatively unimpeded -- orchestrated by multi-national corporations with specific national biases.  This should be clear today, more than ever.  What kind of foolishness or transnational political manipulation keeps certain countries from advancing with technical evolution? -- it appears to be lobbying from the banks and corporations in countries which want to hold them back while their own chosen national economies zoom ahead and become the leaders of the future... or the new factories are built by the manipulating countries, who get the investment profits.  Such elements laugh at the naiveté and gullibility of those with their heads and attention directed to the past, obsessed with obsolete tradition and ideas, blinded to what's happening now, and what's ahead. These are precisely the issues addressed in the 1930s, and once again now, and exemplified by the reference of the charmingly diplomatic and friendly Franz von Papen, director of German propaganda psy-ops in the USA, to "stupid Americans" in his reports back to Germany. 1930s German and Chinese fascist links ran, in part, through the Deutsch-Asiatische branch of Deutsche Bank, merged into the IG Farben conglomerate that dominated much of the Third Reich economy and coordinated financial cooperation with Fascist Japan, and is more powerful than ever in today's global economy.




Note that these lists do not claim to be all-inclusive, but are indicators of likely trouble spots in 2013-2015.. Here there will be, in some cases, differences between the Sepharial and Grimm values, and both should be considered, and with 1 degree orb to either side may overlap/replicate.  It would take time to pinpoint cities applicable on each specific date of the squares, and so here, at this point, to lessen the time for calculation, a range of cities is indicated from the first square in 2012 to the last square in 2015 -- with the comment that, overall, the influence will move from the westernmost cities to the easternmost cities in each region, with possible reversals westward during apparent and relative 'retrogradation' (due to the actual orbit of planets around the Sun, not Earth -- there is no assumption that planets actually, physically move backward).

Note that in the 1930s, the pinpointed locations hosted administrative, controlling sources (corporations, banks, political planning centers) of 1930s Fascism more often than just overt manifestations such as riots, overt coups, etc -- while both did and could in some cases manifest at the same locations, the overt manifestations may not necessarily manifest there -- Fascism relied heavily on secrecy for its "successes".  Following or major or key political cities that have UR90PL on the fixed geodetic MC from 2012 to 2015. Included are positions at 45 angle (8th harmonic) and other higher harmonics that could logically also be implicated, within 1 degree orb to either side, noting that cities within 2 degrees orb can also be implicated to a lesser but significant degree via secondary cluster -- one should also consider other cities nearby.

These positions are visually estimated from a map. For the first occurrence in September 2012, more locations specific to that date are indicated.

Generally speaking, the initial aspect contact lays the seed for the final outcome at last aspect, and aspects in between those periods represent final full manifestations, but all unfolding and interrelated over time.




2012Jun24 at 8:23 Cardinals: 7:23 to 9:23 cardinals, and 22:23 to 24:24 fixed on the geodetic MC are potential Source areas of problems.

GERMANY: Sepharial: Bremen, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Osnabruck, Paderborn, Stuttgart, Wilhelmshaven; or Grimm: Dortmund, Frankfurt, Paderborn, Wiesbaden, Wilhelmshaven.

  SWITZERLAND: Sepharial: Baden, Lugano, Luzern, Neuchatel, Schaffhausen, Zurich (and Davos within 2 degree orb); or Grimm: Bern, Freiburg, Luzern, Schaffhausen, Zurich.

  ITALY, FRANCE, MONACO: Sepharial: Genova, Milano, Montecarlo/Monaco, all of Corsica, all of Sardinia except eastern tip; or Grimm: Ajaccio, Genova, Montecarlo/Monaco, Nice, Sassari.

  ALGERIA: Sepharial and Grimm: Annaba/Bone, Illizi

  NIGER: Sepharial and Grimm: Agadez, Zinder.

  NIGERIA:Sepharial and Grimm: Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Zaria, Enugu, Port Harcourt.

  CENTRAL AFRICA: Sepharial: Malabo, Port Gentil; or Grimm: Sao Tome.

  USA: Sepharial: Asheville NC, Bristol TN/VA, Cleveland OH, Greenville-Spartanburg SC, Detroit MI, Huntington WV, Augusta-Brunswick-Savannah-Waycross GA, Gainesville-Jacksonville-Keywest-Orlando-Tampa FL; or Grimm: Akron-Cleveland-Youngstown OH, Pittsburgh PA, Charleston-Wheeling WV, Bluefield VA, Columbia-Orangeburg-Rockhill SC, Augusta, Brunswick-Savannah GA, Canaveral-Jacksonville-Keywest-Naples-Orlando-Palmbeach-Miami FL.

  CANADA: Sepharial: London-Windsor ON; or Grimm: Kitchener-London ON.

  THAILAND: Sepharial and Grimm: Phuket region.

 INDONESIA: Sepharial: Medan, Pematang; orGrimm: Padang.

 AUSTRALIA: Sepharial: Carnarvon in Western Australia, Richmond-Longreach-Yarka-Windora-Hungerford in Queensland, Wilcannia in NSW, Swanhill-Ballarat-Geelong-Warranambool in Victoria, by 16th harmonic around Nullagine-Jiggalong-Wiluna and Coolgardie-Kalgoorlie-Hopetoun-Ravensthorpe and Norseman-Esperance-Salmon Gums in Western Australia; or Grimm: between longitude of Cooktown-Blackall-Cunnamulla and longitude of Bowen-Emerald in Queensland, Bourke-Brewarring-Cober-Nynga-Nymagee and Nyanderra-West Nyalong-Waggawagga-Albury in NSW, Melbourne-Mount Benalla-Wanthaggi in Victoria, Burnie-Ulverstone-Strahan-New Norfolk-Hobart in Tasmania, Derby and desert area for about 2 degrees east of Laverton-Norseman Esperance in Western Australia.


2012Sep19 at 6:57 Cardinals
2013May20 at 11:14 Cardinals
2013Nov01 at 9:25 Cardinals
2014Apr22 at 13:34 Cardinals
2014Dec15 at 12:35 Cardinals

2015Mar17 at 15:18 Cardinals

Overall, in composite, this period includes 2013 to 2015 with and 4:57 to 17:18 Cardinals, and 19:57 fixed to 02:18 mutables on the Geodetic MC.

THIS INCLUDES AREAS WITHIN 2 DEGREES ORB, TO COVER ALL OF THE MOST PROBABLE LOCATIONS USING THIS SYSTEM OF ANALYSIS... Note that the influence can also manifest at 22.5 degrees from these locations. The most potent impacts are likely to occur starting 1 degree inward from the western and eastern boundaries of the areas indicated.

Neo-Eurofascist, Asian Fascist, Jihadist, or other violence-advocating cults under Any Label, authentic or false, should be watched, in particular, as well as organizations affiliated with them.

  GERMANY: Sepharial and Grimm composite: All of Germany, started in the west and moving toward the eastern border.

  SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA: Sepharial and Grimm composite: All of Switzerland  and all of Austria, starting in the west and moving eastward.

  OTHER CENTRAL EUROPE: All of Poland west of longitude of Wroclaw, all Czechrep east of Olomouc, all of Slovenia, all Croatia east of longitude of Nosice, all Bosnia east of longitude of Mostar, Bratislava, Hungary east of Pecs.

  SCANDINAVIA: All of Denmark; all Norway east of Tromso; all Sweden east of Uppsala.

  ITALY, FRANCE, MONACO: Sepharial and Grimm composite: All France east of the longitude of Sedan-Dijon-Lyon-Avignon, Monaco, all Corsica and Sardinia and Sicily, and all Italy west of Bari.

  ALGERIA, TUNISIA: Sepharial and Grimm composite: all Algeria east of longitude of Bijaya-Wargla-Tamenghest; all of Tunisia. 

  NIGER: Sepharial and Grimm: all Niger between the longitudes of Tahoua and Bilma.

  NIGERIA: Sepharial and Grimm: all Nigeria east longitude of Sokoto-Ilesha.

  CENTRAL AFRICA: Sepharial and Grimm: All of Cameroun, all of Equatorial Guinea, all of Gabon, Cabinda, all Congo-Brazzaville, and Congo-Kinshasa west of the longitude of Mbandaka.

  SOUTHERN AFRICA: All of Angola west of the longitude of Kuito; all Namibia west of the longitude of Keetmanshoop.

  USA: Sepharial and Grimm composite: All of Ohio; all Michigan east of Lansing, all Kentucky from the longitude of Lexington eastward, all Tennessee from the longitude of Knoxville eastward; all Georgia from the longitude of Atlanta eastward; all of South Carolina; all of North Carolina; all of Virginia; all Florida east of Tallahassee; all of Washington state; all of Oregon; all California west of the longitude of San Diego, with greatest intensity likely west of longitude of Santa Ana, likely starting from the Pacific coastline and moving westward (applicable also to Washington state, Oregon, and British Columbia). By 16th harmonic association, this could also include bases in the central sectors of Texas-Oklahoma-Kansas, and the eastern halves of Nebraska and the Dakotas as well as adjacent areas of Canada and Mexico.

  CANADA: Sepharial and Grimm composite: all Ontario from the longitude of Sault-Ste-Marie to the longitude of Ottawa, and all areas of Quebec north of there, all of British Columbia, Alberta from Peace River westward, Watson Lake area in Yukon, NWT between longitude of Ft-Good-Hope and Ft-Providence.  By 16th harmonic affiliation, possibly in western Manitoba.

MEXICO: Sepharial-Grimm composite: states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo-Leon, Veracruz, Distrito Federal, Hidalgo, Puebla, Guerrero, Oaxaca. These could include remnants of the old Axis-funded Gold Shirts cult from the WW2 era.

  THAILAND, BURMA, MALAYA, SINGAPORE: Sepharial and Grimm composite: All of Thailand; Burma from Mandalay-Rangoon longitude eastward (including the Opium Triangle Shan States); all of Malaya; all of Singapore.

 INDONESIA: Sepharial-Grimm composite: All of Sumatra island.

 AUSTRALIA: Sepharial: All of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and the Capital Territory, plus areas of South Australia south of Queensland, and by 22.5 extension, all Western Australia from the longitude of Albany eastward. 




Uranus square Pluto in 1850-1851, ranging from about 28 cardinals to 0 fixed.  This triggered (in the 22nd harmonic) the coup d'etat restoring monarchy in France; the Mlanjeni Xhosa war in South Africa; the Taiping Revolution and its Manchurian reaction in China. 


Uranus opposite Pluto in 1901-1902, ranging from about 16 to 19 mutables.  This triggered (in the 8th harmonic) the Boxer Rebellion in northeast China over the seizure of Qingdao by Germany; Anglo-Boer Wars in South Africa; Russo-Japanese agreement in St-Peterburg for control of Korea; Germany acquires Marshall Islands; Clashes over European control of Morocco.


Uranus was conjunct Pluto in 1965-1966, ranging from about 16 to 17 mutables.  This triggered (in the 8th harmonic) Colorado Springs, where the Clare Prophet cult (roots overlapping with the Silver Shirts) moved in 1966; Guyana's independence; the Communist Cultural Revolution in east coastal China; unilateral independence of the Apartheid government in Southern Rhodesia; and more positively the ascent of Indira Gandhi in India, and reconciliation between Russia and the Vatican.


As Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana wrote, "Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it".



Longitude ranges given for 2 degrees to either side, to include the weaker effect of secondary clusters

Cities listed are mostly within 1 degree to either side, where the strongest impact is likely


2012Sep19 at 6:57 Cardinals, 21:57 Fixed

Sepharial system: Cities within 2 degees of  6E57, 94E57, 83W13, 173W13, and cities 45 degrees from these.

or similar Grimm system: Cities within 2 degees of  6E27, 95E27, 83W58, 174W28, and cities 45 degrees from these.

Including these major cities and their surrounding areas defined by longitudes given above: 

EUROPE-AFRICA: Bergen, Norway; Esbjerg, Denmark; Groningen, Neth.; Cologne-Dusseldorf, Ger.; Luxembourg; Strasbourg, France; Nice, France; Monaco; Constantine, Algeria; Touggourt, Algeria; Illizi-Djaner, Algeria; Agadez, Niger; Kaduna, Nigeria; Lokoja, Nigeria; Port Harcourt, Nigeria; Sao Tome

PACIFIC: Samoa; Tuvalu; Phoenix Is.;

AMERICAS: Detroit MI; Toledo to Portsmouth OH; Pikeville KY; Knoxville KY; Huntington WV; Norton VA; Asheville NC; Greenville SC; Athens to Waycross GA; Gainesville to Tampa FL; Windsor to London ON; SaultSteMarie to Timmins ON; Habana to Cardenas, Cuba; Limon, Costa Rica; David, Panama; 

ASIA: Rangoon-Mandalay-Moulmein-ShanStates, Burma; Phuket, Thailand; Qamdo, Tibet; Batang, Sichuan; central Qinghai; Yumen-Jiuquan, Gansu; Koso Lake and southward in Mongolia; Tuva-Buyatia border in Siberia; Baykit-Kansk in central Siberia; Idi-Langsa-Medan in Indonesia;


2013May20 at 11:14 Cardinals, 26:14 Fixed

Sepharial system: Cities within 2 degrees of 11E14, 101E14, 78W46, 168W46, and cities 45 degrees from these.

or similar Grimm system: Cities within 2 degrees of 10E24, 102E14, 79W31, 170W00, and cities 45 degrees from these.

Including these major cities and surrounding areas:

AMERICAS: Miami FL; Charleston SC; Greensboro NC; Lynchburg VA; Clarksburg WV; Hagerstown MD; Pittsburgh PA; Buffalo NY; Toronto ON; Sudbury ON; Santa Clara, Cuba; Panama-Colon, Panama; all of Ecuador; Trujillo-Lima, Peru;

EUROPE-AFRICA: Oslo to Trondheim, Norway; Alborg to Kobenhavn, Denmark; Goteborg, Sweden; Hamburg to Leipzig and Munich, Germany; Davos, Switzerland; Liechtenstein; Bolazano to Roma, Italy; Palermo, Sicily; all of Tunisia; Algeria-Libya border; Goure, Niger; Maiduguri, Nigeria; Douala to Yaounde, Cameroun; all Equatorial Guinea; Libreville, Gabon; Cabina to Namibia, Angola;

PACIFIC: Tutuila, Samoa; Tokelau Is.;

ASIA: Chiangmai to Bangkok to Songkhla, Thailand; Pinang to Kuala Lumpur, Malaya; Padang, Sumatra.

AUSTRALIA (in 16th harmonic): Cooktown to Cunnamulla QL; Bourke to Wagga Wagga NSW; Canberra; Bairnsdale to Melbourne VIC; all Tasmania.


2013Nov01 at 9:25 Cardinals, 24:25 Fixed

Sepharial system: Cities within 2 degrees of 9E25, 99E25, 80W35, 170W35, and cities 45 degrees from these. 

or similar Grimm system: Cities within 2 degrees of 8E35, 98E35, 79W45, 171W50, and cities 45 degrees from these. 

AMERICAS: Port Huron MI; Cleveland & Youngstown OH; Charleston WV; Pittsburgh PA; longitude of TN-VA-NC convergence; Columbia SC; Augusta to Brunswick GA; Jacksonville to Miami & Key West FL; Habana to Santa Clara, Cuba; all west and central Panama; all west and central Ecuador; Trujillo, Peru; 

EUROPE-AFRICA: Kristiansund to Oslo, Norway; Esjberg to Odense, Denmark; Bremerhaven to Hamburg and Augsburg, Germany; eastern Switzerland; Torino to Milano and Siena, Italy; all Corsica; all Sardinia; all Tunisia; Algeria-Libya border; Iferouane to Zinder, Niger; Katsina in the north to Katsina Ala in southern Nigeria; Douala, Cameroun; all Equatorial Guinea; Libreville to Port-Gentil in Gabon;

PACIFIC: all Samoa and Phoenix Islands;

ASIA: Xining in Qinghai; Kangding in Sichuan; eastern Yunnan next to Shan States of Burma; western half of Thailand incl Bangkok; Pinang, Malaya; Padang, Sumatra;

AUSTRALIA (in 16th harmonic): central sector of Queensland; Bourke to Deniliquin in NSW; Kerang to Ballarat and Melbourne VIC.


2014Apr22 at 13:34 Cardinals, 28:34 Fixed

Sepharial system: Cities within 2 degrees of 13E34, 103E34, 76W26, 166W26, and cities 45 degrees from these.

or similar Grimm system: Cities within 2 degrees of 12E44, 102E44, 75W36, 167W41, and cities 45 degrees from these.

AMERICAS: Buffalo to Utica NY; Johnstown to Philadelphia PA; all of Maryland and Delaware; all Virginia east from Roanoake eastward; all North Carolina from Greensboro eastward; all South Carolina from Charleston eastward; Cuba from Ciego de Avila eastward incl Guantanamo; all Jamaica; Colombia from Bogota westward to the coast; Ecuador from Cuenca eastward; central Peru from Chimbote to Puquio;

EUROPE-AFRICA: Norway from Oslo up along Swedish border; Sweden from Orebro westward; Kobenhavn and Sjaelland in Denmark; Germany eastward from Halle; Czechrep westward from Jihlava incl Praha; Austria from Innsbruck to Graz; Italy from Verona to Foggia incl Roma and Napoli; all Sicily; Libya from Misrata westward incl Tarabulus/Tripoli; eastern Niger incl Bilma and Agadem; eastern Nigeria incl Maiduguri; Cameroun from Eseka eastward incl Yaounde; all inland Gabon; Congos from the coast to Kinshasa incl Brazzaville; coastal Angola from Cabinda to Humbe and inland incl Luanda; north coastal Namibia;

PACIFIC: Rarotonga, Palymra, Hawaiian islands west of Niihau;

ASIA: China from Xining in Qinghai to the Yunnan-Guangxi border incl east and central Yunnan and central Sichuan incl Chengdu; Thailand from Bangkok eastward; Malaya east of Pinang; Singapore; southern half of Sumatra; areas to north of these regions in Mongolia and Siberia;

AUSTRALIA (in 16th harmonic): east central Queensland from Cairns to Toowoomba; east central NSW from Bourke to Sydney; Canberra; Victoria east of Melbourne; Tasmania east of Strahan.


2014Dec15 at 12:35 Cardinals, 27:35 Fixed

Sepharial system: Cities within 2 degress of 12E35, 102E35, 167W25, 77W25, and cities 45 degrees from these locations.

or similar Grimm system: Cities within 2 degrees of 103E50, 165W15, 76W35, and cities 45 degrees from these locations.

Locations indicated for 2013May20 and 2014Apr27 generally applicable -- for which, refer to those dates immediately above.


CRITICAL FINAL SQUARE: 2015Mar17 at 15:18 Cardinals, 00:18 Mutables

Sepharial: Cities within 2 degress of 15E18, 105E18, 164W42, 74W42 as well as 45 degrees from each of these areas.

or similar Grimm: Cities within 2 degrees of 14E03, 106E33, 162W32, 73W52 as well as 45 degrees from each of these areas.

AMERICAS: New York from Oswego to NYC; Pennsylvania from Harrisburg eastward incl Philadelphia; all of New Jersey and Delaware; Maryland west of Washington DC; Virginia from Richmond eastward incl Norfolk; northwest coastal NC incl Hatteras; Ottawa and Montreal; King Edward VIII's Bahamas; Cuba from Manzanillo eastward; eastern Jamaica; inland Colombia from Barranquilla to Neiva incl Bogota and Medellin; east central Peru between Lima and Cuzco, incl Iquitos.

And by 16th harmonic extension, also Winnipeg MN, Fargo ND, Sioux Falls SD, Lincoln NE, Manhattan and Wichita KS, Oklahoma City and Tulsa OK, Dallas-Waco-Houston-Corpuschristi TX; and 8th harmonic extension to Yakima WA, Bend OR, Reno and Carson City NV, Tahoe to Santa Barbara CA incl Fresno. Far western Alaska near longitudes of Kotzebue, Bethel, and King Cove. Note Hawaii location under 'Pacific' below.

EUROPE-AFRICA: Central Norway-Sweden border region; central Sweden from Ostersund to Karlskrona incl Orebro, Jonkoping; Berlin eastward and German-Polish border area possibly as far as 100km into western Poland; west and central Czech Republic incl Praha/Prague; Linz to Wien/Vienna and Graz in Austria; all Slovenia; coastal Croatia and Zagreb; Italy from Ancona to Bari incl Napoli/Naples and Reggio di Calabria; eastern Sicily; west central Libya incl Tarabulus/Tripoli; Chad-Niger border region; Cameroun-CAR border region; Cameroun-Congo border region and most of Congo-Brazzaville; Congo-Kinshasa from Mbandaka westward to coast; Angola westward from Kuito incl Luanda; Nambia westward from Windhoek.

PACIFIC: Hawaiian islands of Kauai and Niihau and westward; Palmyra; Jarvis; Cook Islands;

ASIA: All Cambodia and Laos; northern half of Vietnam incl Hanoi; eastern Malaya; Singapore; southern Sumatra; Java westward from Jakarta/Yakarta; central China incl Lanzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Kunming;

AUSTRALIA : Queensland from Mackay and Roma eastward incl Brisbane; NSW from Dubbo eastward incl Sydney; Canberra. And in 16th harmonic by extension: all along the Western Australia border, from north to south, and possibly into NT as far as the longitude of Alice Springs, including Darwin, and into SA possibly as far as Ceduna.




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