Why the TPP was and is Bad News for the USA

and for Global Democracy  

(as is the Transatlantic TTIP, which the machine running Merkel and the Nazi-built CDU knows quite well)   


2015 by L Blake Finley, M.A., Post-Masters


-first posted in rough draft; edited/updated 2015Jun30-

Geodetics for Vulkanus political power and control show that while the original TPP agreement of 2005 favored control by the Macao-Guangzhou-Hongkong longitudes, and that any 2015 agreement, if signed and enacted, shifts more control to Shanghai-Taipei-Qingdao; while simultaneously, within the USA, the 2005 agreement gave some minor US controls in the Maine-New Brunswick border longitudes and to the Phoenix-SaltLake longitudes, but a 2015 modification shifts more control to Anchorage Alaska and less so to the Cheyenne-Denver-ElPaso longitudes.  Note that none of the US regions are major national economic centers, while both Chinese regions are, by contrast, major nationwide economic centers. While the Hongkong region gave influence to British banking interests and any residual Portuguese interests in Macao, Shanghai-Taipei-Qingdao moves all the power to Asia, and residual German and Japanese economic interests in those cities.

Overall, no major American economic power hubs are involved, in either 2005 or 2015, leaving China and Taiwan with the lion's share of control, while trusted old American allies in Britain are abandoned for German and Japanese bankcorps, possibly explaining the push among some German interests for the USA to sign TPP (Transpacific), and certainly the reason for EU-dominating German pressure to sign TTIP (Transatlanic). One key factor in all this is Deutschebank and the old Deutsch-Asiatische banking network long established in China as well as Japan. This is further explained below. Deutschebank has been engaged in economic globalism at least since the day it helpd found and fund the US Republican Party, which Schroderbank also joined into substantially via its employee, Herbert Hoover.

The 2005 TPP shows, per geodetics via Vulkanus at 22:46 Cardinals, to probably have been crafted in part, and/or aligned by the "German Marshall Plan" alliance made by Bush (fused with the Victoria Nuland network), possibly affiliated with European Defense Agency plans consciously or not.  Herbert Hoover's obedience to the German banking network led directly to the 1929 Stock Market crash and the rise of the Third Reich and East Asia Prosperity Sphere... it was planned that way.  German bankcorp interests probably operate, in part, through what German/Austrian politics calls 'Tarnung' holdings or offices in Eastern Europe, possibly in Finland, the Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, or Bulgaria, or possibly even the Aegean Islands, European Turkey, or offshore in South Africa -- with old pan-European German imperial families and emigre factors being significant (i.e. Ethnic German kings ruling Romania and Bulgaria, etc), not to mention the old "Three Kaiser Reich" tying Germany and Austria to the Turkish Ottoman Empire (now being revived) in World War 1.

The original TPP was put into effect in 2005 when Vulkanus was at 22:44 Cardinals, and Pluto was in the same subsector (within the same 30' sector of the Cardinals) and thus aligned with the same cities in previous cycles when the "Pan Asia Declaration" of the East Asian Axis, the crowning of Qing-dynasty heir Emperor Pu Yi in Fascist Manchukuo, the Nazi-Bund rally in Madison Square Garden in NYC, and the formation of the Nazi-backed "Order of 76" in the USA took place, and still earlier in 1911 at the time of the birth of Moonie-cult co-founder and Japan Fascist Mafia leader Yoshio Kodama.  All these events may be related significantly, being what occurred when financial power was amassed in many of the same locations in the 1930s -- certainly the historical events, and some networks/organizations are clearly inter-related.

The current 2015 push for a further-expanded TPP is while Vulkanus is at 27:55 Cardinals, exemplified by longtime WW2 Fascist-apologist Japan PM Shinzo Abe pushing for the TPP on (the politically significant in Japan) birthday of Emperor Hirohito.  Vulkanus is in the same subsector for these recent and related, or possibly related events: the reinstallation of Shinzo Abe as Japan Prime Minster, the Ashton Carter US-Taiwan Defense Agreement, the Bucharest Cyber-Security Conference, formation of the UDI (IDU affiliate) Party in France, ISIL occupies Mosul, March 2015 attempted break-in at NSA, Fort Riley bombing attempt, Euromaidan installed in Ukraine, Texas independentista Ted Cruz Senate office, and yet another Moonie cult Mass Wedding despite the fact that their treacherous cult-leader Sun Myung Moon died.  Geodetically, this points to these most-likely relevant cities: (per Sepharial) Xiamen/Amoy China, Quemoy/Chinmen I. Taiwan, Kuopio Finland, Pskov Russia, Narva Estonia, Varna Bulgaria, Bozburun Turkey, Wahat Farafirah Egypt, Pretoria/Johannesburg South Africa, Bahia Blanca Argentina, (and per Grimm) Gaoxiong/Kaohsiung Taiwan, Bucharest Romania, Marsa/Matrah Egypt, Bloemfontein Orange State South Africa.  Politically powerful or dominant organizations among these locations are pushing TPP in 2015.  Likely affiliated historic events from previous cycles: Pluto here at start of 1937 Sino-Japanese war; and historically in 1915-16: Rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan, WW1Central Powers sabotage/bombing of Jersey City Weapons Depot, empires of Swiss Nazi financier Francois Genoud and Kuomintang paramilitary trainer Wang Sheng and Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. In other words, a potentially huge mess, with no potentially equally powerful bases inside the USA except in the area just east of Anchorage AK, and only relatively minor power in Denver all subservient to the foreign power locations.  These would be a substantial part of what politically controls any TPP agreement made in the next few years.

Pluto indicates the money behind the TPP, and at the 2015 TPP push initiated by Shinzo Abe's visit to Washington, Pluto is at 15:23, which would shift US financial involvements from Texas-Okla-Kansas to New Jersey and NYC -- although more powerful Vulkanus actually shows who would actually administer where the money ends up at the top, and that shifts from Macao-Guangzhou-Hongkong, Lanai Hawaii, eastern Maine, western Puerto Rico (per 2005 agreement) -- over to Shanghai-Taipei-Qingdao, and Anchorage as an almost unavoidably junior partner (2015 agreement, if passed).  Within the continental USA 48 states, that correlates with some local junior mid-management (higher harmonic) Vulkanus political/admin controls shifting from NewOrleans-Memphis-StLouis (Mississippi River bases 22:30 west of the eastern Maine control point which are a mainstay of Obama's support network) per the 2005 agreement, over to Atlanta (Gingrich-richer country) and Cincinnati (Boehner-richer country) and Frankfort lucky-Kentucky if the 2015 changes are implemented, meaning Obama has been probably been systematically lied to about what the results will be, and more power will be handed over to his most conspicuous opponents including Elaine Chao (financially fused with Shanghai-Taipei billions) and hubby, in charge of the American sub-wing of a 2015-proposed TPP.  And, regardless of power shifts within the USA, the 4th harmonic (and 1st harmonic) power over the TPP, whether 2005 or 2015 version, is a Chinese deal and the smiling Top Dogs are in China (and Taiwan and foreign money in Shanghai too, if 2015 passes), with American agents subservient underdogs eating table scraps.  In short, the TPP means a Chinese-controlled Pacific Rim, much moreso if the 2015 changes are implemented, with Japan gaining some advantages due to its investments in East China/Manchuria. None of it's good for America, but it will give the Elaine Chao family empire that now stretches from Washington to New York to Taipei to Shanghai, Transpacific Power.

Why Obama would relinquish the influence in the matter from his home-state Hawaii and his Mississippi River-valley political support base over to that of his most bitter opponents is a mystery, perhaps explained by Neptune now being 22.5 to both his MC and AS (proneness to confusion, elusive or even deceptive professional associates, as well as Saturn and Venus (similar problems undermining/manipulating his security base and closest partnerships).  It may well be that Obama is really in a daze on the TPP issues and is not being realistic about the outcome, for various possible Neptunian reasons.  In any case, it is not a good time for him (or anyone with such a configuration) to make major decisions, which TPP issues are, until after the Neptune transit is fully past. The Neptune (potential blind spots/confusion) is at about 0 Mutable signs, with possible sources coming from Sydney Oz longitude, Reno NV or Fresno or Santa Barbara CA longitude, eastern Iran, or the Azores or Greenland coast near Iceland that are blurring or even distorting his perceptions on the issue, or even covert power in the Marianas or Bismarck Archipelago.  Who and what are some of the organizations and people backed by power via Vulkanus, Pluto, or Zeus while Obama is now possible blinded or evaded?  Superkraut Herr Kissinger in his NSA role; German government elements accompanying the 1999 Reichstag restoration; South African SUNSAT Sattelite offices and data; remnants of the billionare Chiang Kaishek political machine in Shanghai; remnants of the Yakichiro Suma WW2 Japan intel network (which spied on and sabotaged the USA together with Nazi Germany); Comcast Corporation; Sen Joni Ernst; and the polarized mish-mash of agents in Interpol. Any combination of these personalities/organizations may be keeping Obama somehow in a fog right now, possibly with miscommunicated or even hidden information, and on into early 2016, for various possible reasons/motives. In any case, with Neptune in either 16th or 32nd harmonic angle to both his MC and AS, as well as to Saturn, this is a horrible time for Obama to make major critical decisions, and he needs to put the brakes on the Fast Track; stop, look, and listen; get out and take a walk and gather some more information before pushing ahead for the Asian Pacific (which is what TPP should be more accurately called) "Trade Agreement".  At any earlier or later time without such strong Neptune aspects, Obama could have/use/d executive powers with clarity, to overcome blocks on issues that matter A Lot More, but not during a Neptune transit to the MC. Abbott has already made the blunder of his lifetime by signing a TPP agreement at this time, and he now has Neptune at 16th harmonic angle to both Moon and Mercury, with sources of deception or confusion being very similar to those confusing Obama.  One wonders if aforementioned parties want Obama to rush through a Fast Track before he wakes up and sees what's really going on, remembering that there Is No TPP good for the United States, except maybe as some minor breadcrumbs fallen from the table, while Shanghai and Taipei get the big bucks. As one analyst put it, Obama is dealing with some Slick Traders.  Everyone makes mistakes, and TPP is one of them (even though President Obama's statement about the Confederate Flag belonging in a museum was brilliant and long overdue from a US president).  Also note the Chiang Kaishek Shanghai machine and WW2 Japan Fascist Intel connections where Neptune is now; as well as involvement of whatever accompanied the highly-controversial 1999 Reichstag restoration in Berlin.  These are very clear indicators of (still very powerful) WW2 Axis remnants playing a covert role in the TPP push now, and they are operating covertly/quietly/undercover all over the globe while Neptune is within orb of 10 Pisces, maybe even via substantially maritime or submarine ops. These geodetics also that the Japan Fascist intel network of Suma, and the Shanghai political machine run by Chiang Kaishek, were integral in the formation of Interpol, and their remnants likely still prominent in it -- and the whole world needs to study how and why the Reichstag (Imperial Legislature) building that housed Hitler in Berlin was restored without changing its name to Bundestag, contradicting the supposed replacement of the German Empire with democracy, and the real history of China uncluttered by the usual abundance of charming Chinese propaganda and diplomatic myths.  IT IS IMPORTANT to note that Neptune is at this location for all people at all locations near the same date, meaning the covert people/orgs mentioned are affecting ALL decision-makers about the TPP during the current Fast Track Push... but affect those like Obama and others in a critical decision-making position. EVERYONE deciding on TPP issues now needs to study the history of the Yakichiro Suma network (described in Spies for Nippon by Tony Matthew), the Chiang Kaishek network in Shanghai (described in greatest detail in books by Sterling Seagrave), and the whys and controversies over the retention of 'Reichstag' on the restored building housing German parliament since 1999.  These are vital to understanding the role of WW2 Fascist remnants in global politics today, and their relevance to the WTO/TTP/TTIP agreements, and No Premature decisions should be made until those issues are fully understood. Because power handed to Shanghai and Taipei and/or Japanese interests there could cause global economic shock waves, and certainly an 'Asian Century' displacing an 'American Century', with further decline of the United States due to political infiltration, undermining, and stealthy economic competition.

As Vulkanus moves toward 0 Fixed signs now (and onward into 2020, both the Beijing and Taipei governments, increasingly fused at an economic, and in some ways political, level -- regardless of the clever little diplomatic games they play with other countries -- have had or will have Vulkanus overhead now during the next few years, and while Beijing has become a superpower, Taipei is already fusing and will soon join it.  And the Taipei economy is strongly fused with that of Japan, as is the economy of Manchuria in many ways.  When it comes to the Big Money, there is likely to be a successful revival of the old WW2 East Asia Prosperity Plan, which may even still involve Deutschebank via its East European (esp Romanian or Bulgarian) branches, possibly including old communist-era agreements.  One has to consider some East Asian history and politics to know that skillful diplomacy and guerrilla-type Sun Tzu politics is the way things are done in that region, whose political and economic tentacles span the globe, especially and increasingly in North America in recent years

What's most imporant for Americans is that None of this is likely to be advantageous to the United States except in superficial and marginal breadcrumb ways... the Chinas (maybe one unified entity by then) will get the biggest slice of the pie, by far, via most any new trade agreement made during this period or in the near future.  Japan's motives are likely due to its substantial investments/holding in China and Taiwan, and longtime benefits and prosperity from re-selling Chinese-made goods (probably often re-labeled Made in Japan) at a higher price... for a number of decades.  While a 2015 agreement may shift some of the power from China to Japan, it will be under the control of the East China Sea mafia, one of the most corrupt and ruthless financial networks on Earth, for centuries, controlled by an old Chinese-Japanese underworld alliance; noting parallels with the shift of Pluto money from Texas to New Jersey if a new agreement is implemented 2015-2020, and remembering that None of the TPP is to US advantage, either way.  Many Republicans voting for TPP are doing so do their own ultimate disadvantage, because they've been conned by the East Asian lobbies and their weird lobbying "religious" cults and political matchmaking tricks. While some mainstream media is describing McConnell as some sort of mastermind of Republican victory, it's the Chao transpacific network put him where he is now.  It's time to study how and if the privately-designed Homeland Security Panjiva database tallies in with this.

The Australian Abbott's recent 2015 pact with China was probably a huge mistake, for many of the same reasons noted above, with no Pluto influence in Australia in either 2005 or 2015, and the Vulkanus influence in Perth in 2005 lost into the Western Australia interior desert due to 2015 changes.  However, following analysis explains some ways in which Australia can counterbalance the overpowering advantages given to both Chinas, and to Japan via its substantial economic interests/holdings in China, due to the 2015 Australia-TPP agreement.


The United States needs to make Anchorage Alaska (near 0 Fixed) a 100% American city (not "Euro" or "Transpacific" with the money flowing overseas) to counterbalance the power shift moving simultaneously to St/Peterburg, Shanghai, Taipei, and Buenos Aires.  Better ties with Buenos Aires could be of mutual benefit, but Not by relinquishing British, or at very least UN or multinational control of the Falklands (and NOT under control of the treacherous German/Austrian-run European Union government).

This means the foreign-backed 'Alaska Independence' cult has got to be contained and neutralized, ASAP... and study where its foreign backing has come from.

France will need to fortify its bases in Tahiti and New Caledonia, independently of the subtly domineering German EU oligarchy, to counterbalance growing Chinese influence in the Pacific, and the USA needs to better consolidate its influence in the Marshall Islands before the Chinese or Japanese do, as well as in Samoa -- and that means via advantageous treaties, and not moves that alienate the Pacific Islanders, like nuclear testing.

Any Russia-China alliance will be shaky as there is little real trust between them, and they are not fully stable, although they do have big missiles and other weapons ready to fire, if they are attacked -- the pair might function well militarily under mutual siege, missiles united.  The Philippines will become a power base for China/s if friendly and attentive US presence there is not reinforced -- longtime Chinese mafia abuses and colonizing intentions work against China-Philippine relations.

Australia can best hold its own by teaming up with the USA, New Zealand, Britain, and France.

Robotic Japan is run by fascist-apologists and Yakuza-mob historical revisionists and cannot be trusted... it may seek to boost alliances in Taiwan and the Philippines, although the latter probably won't trust them. Japan-Taiwan ties are old and thick, and very rich from trading cheap goods made on the Chinese mainland, and now neighboring countries, for decades; and they may be fusing with old mainland Chinese dynasties returned to power due to privatization reforms. Little Japan became rich and powerful by means of stealth, and is trying again.  Americans need to realize there is a different set of rules and modes of operation in East Asia, and they aren't likely to change soon, despite superficial diplomatic gestures. Remember that Chinese and Japanese and probably Korean politics and business play by the rules of Sun Tzu... passive aggression and heavy strategizing.

Guadalajara, and possibly Chihuahua and Durango, will become power hubs in Mexico if the 2015 TPP is passed, and US influence there should be sought... Argentina and or China or Taiwan, or even Russia, Ukraine, or South Africa may compete for influence there.

Australia will need a firm and vigilant government presence at locations all along 118E-124E.

New Zealand will need the same near 167E-169E longitude (southern South Island and Steward Island).

Britain needs to make amends and bolster its interests in Fiji, where there is probably a Chinese push for distancing with the UK, and hold its turf in the Falklands, even if jointly with the USA and Canada... the Falklands are vital to control of the South Atlantic and the Atlantic-Pacific sea passageway, otherwise monopolized by Chile and/or Argentina.  The degree of survival of the old South African Apartheid machine needs to be assessed before any agreements are made.

The USA should also bolster presence in and around Kiska island in the Aleutians, and in Samoa.

Canada needs to bolster its federal/monitoring presence in the Queen Charlotte Islands (both land and sea) and adjacent BC coast regions, and around Glace Bay NS and Goose Bay NL.

Britain needs bolstered national presence in Barbados.

Some Argentine elements clearly want the Falklands, but there is no justification for that other than geographic proximity, and the descendants of the Nazi/Fascist immigres in Argentina there are too powerful to risk the Falklands coming under their (or similar colonies in Chile's) control.  There are many islands in the world much closer to the mainland that retain their independence, so geographic proximity it not an excuse for Argentina to acquire the Falklands.  Argentina may actually risk another Nazi/Fascist revival if the British abandon the Falklands, which are a Vital Transnational strategic sea-lane corridor between South Africa and Argentina/Chile and Antarctica, delicate due to continued presence of old Apartheid money in South Africa, where Durban will also become a global power hub due to Vulkanus reaching overhead.

Egypt will increase in power, with Vulkanus over both Alexandria and Cairo, and Turkey via Istanbul, and these have formidable impact on Israel.

US politicians need to tell the China lobbies to Get Lost and quit pushing for more control of the US economy and infrastructure, or the United States may weaken substantially, including from internal sabotage, which has already begun, and flourished during the first decade of the 21st century, including via control of computer networks and databases.  Same problem from Germany.  It should be reversed, and national protectionism is in order.  The US needs to build up stricly American national defenses around Denver, Cheyenne, Albuquerque, Roswell, El Paso (with NO foreign troops involved), throwing out foreign military operations/contractors ASAP, and start on Texas with the same measures... no Chinese, no South African, no German, no East European, who will hold the capacity to gain the upper hand otherwise.

The next few decades, when Vulkanus is nowhere overhead in the USA in 4th harmonic except in Alaska for a while, the country may have to watch other powers rise to greater strength, and should instead focus on building a solid national infrastructure and foreign relations that are both respectful and unimposing, but also attentive to deceit.  America will become strong by building inner strength and domestic defenses, and thus be ready for more expansion in the 2060s, when Vulkanus reaches the US Pacific Coast.  Meanwhile, cordial relations with Canada will be mutually beneficial if implemented with mutual consideration, and excluding third parties attempting to use one to get at the other. Harper's ECTA/CETA will ultimately be as disadvantageous to both Canada and the USA as would be TPP for either country; the Euro oligarchy pushed for it to divide the US and Canada and/or try to manipulate the USA into the equally disastrous TTIP/TAFTA plan that Merkel push push pushes for while she stirs her cauldron per CDU/IDU instructions.

As the period of Vulkanus in 4th harmonic over Europe is also ending, power will shift to Russia, and careful but cordial relations should be pursued.  Russia will have the upper hand as it accumulates more power and national strength, and the world can best benefit from that by promoting evolution of Russian culture and politics, without meddling or sabotage.  For the first time, cautious US dialogue with Russia could be beneficial if the decades of German manipulation and triangulation games long strategically poisoning US-Russian communication can be acknowledged and attenuated.  The same may be applicable for Canada.  The USA and Canada need to quit relying on self-interested German intelligence on Russia, and instead gather it themselves or go to more long-proven allies without hidden axes to grind over WW2 and WW1, and an obvious need for Lebensraum.

Germany/Austria must be made to relinquish its monopolistic dominance over Europe, and desire to recover old imperial boundaries, unless neighboring countries voluntarily concede, or there will be continued problems like those that have occurred in Greece (i.e. now running to Russia in response to excessive German badgering and condescension after having manipulated Greece and other struggling European economies via slippery EU regulations created largely by German banks).  Europe will benefit from genuine and authentic transcontinental democratization, which has not existed since the EU unfolded. Greece could have led Europe in a new direction had it not been stomped into the ground; it will be up to France and Britain to take the lead, but they may be unable due to invasive German-run EU infrastructure infusion in their countries. As of 2015-16, something powerful in eastern Iceland, the Canary Islands, Madeira, and/or far eastern bases in Greenland, holds a lot of obscure sway over Europe, while power will gradually shift to Ireland and Portugal in coming years, whether they be relatively independent or dominated by other states. Financial (Pluto) power will shift gradually eastward, which may finally mean a shift from Germany and Austria toward Sweden and Poland, at which time more cordial relations with Russia may unfold and there may be less of the German obsession with being dictatorial Fuhrer in all things, as Swedish and Polish cultural values replace German.  Hopefully Hungary will heal its cultish radical elements, and Greece (and the United States) will recover economically.

Brazil will likely become a world power in coming decades, and plans should be made accordingly.

South Africa underwent large-scale hot-house privatization of government assets right before Apartheid turned over nominal control to the post-Apartheid government, which largely explains continued inequalities there.

Over the next several years, American financial power will shift from the New York conglomerate gradually eastward across New England; in Canada from Ontario into Quebec; in China from Sichuan and Yunnan into Hainan, and Vietnam will unfold economically, as will Java.  Money will probably shift from central to southern California, and Nevada will undergo an economic renaissance starting in Reno and moving eastward.  Later, the Baja California economy will take off, and that should include closer US-Mexico economic relations there (before other foreign interests invade), hopefully meaning the drug cartel mafia will be flushed out of Mexico and sent back to wherever it came from... that's another analysis to look at. Haiti and Dominican Republic may develop economically, Colombia may do so if the drug cartels are flushed (meaning people have to quit thinking cocaine and meth are "cool"; better drug education programs are needed, but the politicians and financial brokers have to quit first), and Venezuela will undergo a gradual economic renaissance from west to east, followed by Puerto Rico in the late 2010's.

US relations may be better focused on Latin America, which is increasingly vital to US national stability, and learn to deal effectively with European competition there that goes all the way back to the causes of the Monroe Doctrine -- European attempts to increase influence in Latin America, now joined by Asian economic colonizers there.

The USA must start with purging foreign agents and sabotage, including database design/access, accrued steadily since 2000 due to foolish transnational privatization of US infrastructure, with border controls expanded to better federal and disinterested coast/shipping monitoring -- or the nation is likely to just continue to spin its wheels and slip backward as more foreign sabotage and infiltration continues.  As other countries are now acknowledging, unregulated migration can produce both problematic social and economic chaos, and may be a destablization strategy used by foreign nations with hostile or competing intentions.


Fortunately, the recent years of Pluto being overhead in Germany, Italy, and Austria, largely still controlled by post-WW2 Nazi/Fascist elements dressed up in contemporary costumes (and running the so-called, cynically-named "Christian Democratic" parties which absorbed most WW2 Axis supporters), are about to come to an end.  The problem could, however, worsen if neo-fascist or crypto-fascist, or old pro-Nazi German corporations are in control of Sweden, Poland, or Hungary, where Pluto and the money will shift.  This may be complicated by the USA allowing German military (Laubenthal, etc) control US forces in that region, and since German politicians probably know about geodetics, they are probably planning accordingly, to try to consolidate German control over the East European nations just west of Russia, and expand their influence over Sweden and Finland. Vulkanus power may fuse St/Peterburg Russia or Odessa Ukraine with the Ruhr valley in Germany or eastern Switzerland. Pluto will continue into Greece, the Baltic States, Bulgaria, and Romania, finally in Bucharest around 2021-2023, and the influence of old Nazi banks and corporations there could also impact the future of the world substantially, if allowed to. Perhaps just as critical is Pluto's move across South Africa, and how much the brutal old Apartheid machine (and its radical-right allies in Europe) still controls the country. The political climate in this region of the globe will determine substantially how the world's money is used, although it can be trumped by Vulkanus power Shanghai, Taipei, St/Peterburg, eastern South Africa, or the Anchorage area in Alaska (where it is urgent for the USA to consolidate its national presence firmly).  Buenos Aires will also become a world power hub (via Vulkanus), and it is vital regional and world democracy that Buenos Aires be controlled by a democratic and humane government, not another Nazi/Fascist Junta like controlled it a few decades ago and may still have political descendants influential in the Argentine infrastructure.  Political conditions in Chile will probably be interdependent.  Even long-obscure and secretive Paraguay, containing many weird radical-right cults and paramilitary groups from both Europe and East Asia, may rise to some global influence, and it is vital to survey exactly what is going on there and in neighboring regions -- including how transnational paramilitary operations in Paraguay might even be able to influence Argentine politics.  The USA will also need to establish firm alliances with proven trustworthy native Filipino elements, alert to the long-ongoing manipulative Chinese and Japanese mafia elements there which might try to sway manipulate situations via local influence, bribery, or even underworld coercion.  It will probably be advantageous to help Filipinos flush out Chinese and Japanese mafia crime, and in exchange bolster native Filipinos and the Philippine national economy... to show that an alliance with the USA is the better deal than corruption from the north.  It is not impossible that the official US classification as 'Asia-Pacific' will be further specified into 2 categories, being either Asia or Pacific Island, especially since such a huge mulitnational area (more than half of the planet) is covered by that category/label.  This may help solve the huge and recently growing Chinese and Japanese mafia corruption problems in the Pacific Island countries.

Vulkanus is nowhere overhead in the USA during this period (in 4th harmonic) and so not stong anywhere, except in Alaska, although there will be some minor US global 8th harmonic clout in New Jersey and New York.  The USA urgently needs firmly-constructed US domestic security-controlled democratic/humanitarian power consolidation in Anchorage and eastward to the Yukon border (Fairbanks, Cordova, Valdez, etc).

It's time for US political parties to unite around areas of common interest and quit being swayed or sidetracked by foreign interests or lobbies, including weird foreign psy-op controlled cults like the Moonies and their permutations, and to put the focus back on concern for other Americans first, to help the country heal and strengthen.  The Republican Party will be challenged by its innate ties to Deutschebank via old railroad and oil interests that serve European interests.  Otherwise US national fracturing could continue. Put the stupid Confederate Flag back in the Museum.  US global power will resume a bit when Vulkanus reaches Juneau, around 2045, and then more firmly when Vulkanus reaches the lower-48 Pacific Coast in the early 2100s.  Meanwhile, national energies are best focused on rebuilding internal national infrastructure and strength, and a period of national protectionism, not yielding to the self-interested and calculated persuasive tactics of Merkel's CDU/IDU neo-fascist network, or to the obnxious and overflowing Chinese lobbying cults, or resurgent fascism in Japan.  The USA also needs to get clear on what is happening in Mexico and why, and respectfully help Mexico heal from its current disastrous situation while, of course, continue all precautious against the dangers of the destabilizing transnational narcotrafficking mafia coming from wherever its origins globally... that will be a major mystery to resolve, and the answer could possibly include generally unexpected locations.  Cocaine-addicted politicians will not help solve the problem.

For a detailed appraisal of the same planetary cycles occurring in the 1923-1928 period and their correlation with the building of WW2 Fascism, read the article "21st Century Fascism Identified: European and East Asian Fascist Revival". 

- San Francisco/Oakland, 2015Jun20