Thich Nhat Hanh  

Teacher of Peace --

rectification of unknown birth-time

2010 by

L. Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics, ABD-2

[Author's note: The rectification of Nhat Hanh's chart was begun in 2010.  I consulted with Ruth Brummund via email briefly over the rectification conclusion, and then waited a few months before compiling this article. Thus, the rectification correspondence was left in my email archives for several months before this article was posted. I intended to write this up for publication, but because of the endless barrage of imperial-type astrological politics in certain American astrological organizations, my unwillingness to submit to those empires, and chronic health problems affecting my nervous system that limit my mental focus and resources, this lesson now appears on the internet while I am still able to write it up and present it. As with most knowledge, use of this material for exploitive or abusive purposes leads to karmic results.]

Few people have the courage that is combined with the wisdom necessary to confront challenges as extreme as those in one's native land in the midst of ongoing war with both inner calm and love, and still live on to share derived wisdom with others. One of those few is the Zen teacher of peace Thich Nhat Hanh. Born in a land torn for years by war and outside political machinations, Nhat Hanh repeatedly walked into battlefields, and with others of similar dedication, rescued and preserved those enmeshed in the trauma and pain of open warfare. His Buddhist training gave him the understanding to do so, and knowledge to pass on to others in his schools, seminars, and books.  Early in his life, Nhat Hanh was active in caring for the injured and homeless during wartime, establishing orphanages and social services, as well as cooperatives.  We should expect to find evidence of this in his chart.

I contacted one of the organizations under Nhat Hanh's guidance, and while unable to verify a time of birth, was able to verify his birth date as 1926.Oct.11 in Thua Tien village in Quang Ngai province of Vietnam.  Even without a known birthtime, we can see planetary pictures that correlate with his life experiences and accomplishments.  Regardless of birth time, we find SU=PL either in primary cluster (within 1 degree orb) or secondary cluster (where SU=SU/PL and PL=SU/PL within 1 degree orb; thus Sun and Pluto within 2 degrees of each other.  This indicates his vital regenerative capacity, evidenced in his healing and rebuilding work, as well as his ability to function as a Plutonian 'cat with nine lives' and survive death-defying extreme situations.  At most any time of birth on his birth date, SU =SU/PL =ZE/PO =KR/PO... his regeneration through developing higher intellectual and/or spirit potential, and his leadership in education... the central theme of his teachings and life work, logically shown right on his Sun axis.  There we have, in a nutshell, even without a birth time, a key essential element and theme of Nhat Hanh's personality in this lifetime, shown almost instantaneously after drawing up his 90-degree uranian chart.

The final assumed rectified time matches his life well in terms of natal indicators, and we should indeed expect a rectified time to clearly correlate with clear personality and life indicators before accepting it as valid.  The rectified MC=PO correlates with his life of devotion to ideological, intellectual, and universal spiritual objectives, and search for universal truths; and AS=ZE=KR correlates with his continual dealings in his environs with war and weapons and martial law as well as official and professional matters through his routine vocational activities.  Also, with the rectified time of 10h26m30s SST/7hE, we find MC=AP, correlating with his active role in education as well as peace efforts. MC=AP=PO combined shows the multicultural and ecumenical background and themes of his vocational life, =MA/ZE =MA/KR (=MA/ZEKR) indicates his initiatory and leadership roles in those matters. Only printed records or accounts of witnesses at his birth will verify if the assumed birth time is correct, but the correlations with his main life themes are remarkable.

*Remember: Although we can normally find specific planetary pictures for past events, there is more than one possible manifestation for each pertinent picture.  Thus, we cannot predict with certainty specific events, but can, if using an accurate birth time, predict related trends or a range of possible related events. Astrology does not account for all of reality, any more than any other science does. Life is not fully fated, but probabilities are in many cases predictable, as with other sciences.*


Here I seek to rectify/ascertain Nhat Hanh's birthtime without current knowledge of any birth record or report from him or his organizational associates, and explain the rectification method taught to me by master uranian astrologer Ruth Brummund of Hamburg, Germany.  This is a relatively advanced topic for most astrologers, requires time, and may be challenging unless one already has related experience and familiarity with the meaning of the uranian transneptunian factors, generally speaking. Ruth Brummund has taught me that the first essential step in rectification of an unknown birth time is to determine the approximate location of the Moon at birth, since it gives a general indication of the hour of birth, and the range of possible positions is only within about 15 degrees maximum. In this method, only and logically after one narrows to an approximate Moon position does one look for pictures involving the MC and Ascendant.  That means that in the first step, only events relating clearly to Moon issues are studied, and that includes primarily events relating to important feminine personalities in the native's life. Since Nhat Hanh never married, we look at events involving other women, in this case his sister.  Only the year of her birth (1938) is known, so we use the median date for they year, July 1, and the necessarily allow +/- 30 minutes leeway for accuracy. More precise dates for other events involving his sister are fortunately available.

I began as normal for an unknown birthtime by setting up a chart for 12h Noon local standard time, keeping in mind that the Sun moves 1 degree per day, and the Moon moves a maximum of about 15:15 (15 degrees and 15 minutes) per day.  Thus, with a chart for Noon, the Sun could potentialy be anywhere between 30 minutes of arc before and after, the Moon anywhere between 7:37 (round to 8 degrees for preliminary estimates) before and after.  Speculation on the MC or Ascendant is relatively pointless until the Moon position is at least estimated.  Then I looked at indicators for the birth of Nhat Hanh's sister Chan Khong, since her birth would be a Moon-type event.  She was born at an unknown date in 1938, so I set the solar arc date at mid-year, Jul 01, 1938, and scouted for possible pertinent configurations involving the Moon. Events relating to women in the family normally involve, MO.CU. We know that Nhat Hanh and his sister were very close, and they worked together, he as a monk and she as a nun.  I noted that directed Cupido would be on his Moon in mid 1938 if the Moon were at about 34:40 on the 90 degree dial, but since we don't know his sister's birthday, the possible range would be Moon between 34:10 and 35:10 (due to average of 1 degree solar arc movement in 1 year). At this point, I changed the speculative birth time to 9h45 local standard time (SST 7hE) for the average at 34:40 with awareness of the 30 minute (of arc) orb. In rectification, one cannot safely assume that a single event indicator will be exact, so we do look for at least a few other Moon events involving feminine personalities important for the native for narrowing down to a more exact birth time.

1963.Dec.16: Nhat Hanh'ss sister departed for France. Separations/departures usually involve Saturn, women usually involve Moon, family involves Cupido. We see d(SA/CU)=AR on that date, which is clearly pertinent but not significant to birth time. dMO=PL/CU is pertinent, and would shift the Moon to about 64:51, which gives a time closer to about 10h04, so I re-set the speculative time to 10h04 zone 7hE but would still look for more events to further fine-tune, as the one event alone may not be adequate.

1966.Feb.05:  Nhat Hanh ordained his sister as a Buddhist nun. The approximated Moon would be =KR if at about 65:11 natally, and yield a speculative birth time of  10h43.

*Remember that we would expect pictures involving Moon to be in orb during Moon-related events, but ultimately there may be pictures more specific to the individual event involving MC and AS more exact, and therefore and orb of +/-1 degree should be allowed for throughout this initial Moon-rectification process.*

1969.Jan.25: First day for Paris Peace Talks, during which Nhat Hanh reunited with his sister after several years.  Pluto is often involved in situation where something is resumed after a lapse, and PL.CU is sometimes an indicator of significant family changes including family reunions as well as family separations. On this date we find dPL=MO/VE where MO=approx 64:50.

After looking at a few possible times using events involving the Moon, we average the estimated positions (or the associated times) and then begin to rectify using the MC and AS as in the normal procedure of fine-tuning a recorded birth time.  We've looked a 4 events involving sister Chan Khong and found pertinent directed midpoint configurations, and so now average the positions for the three events with specific dates, and come up with the narrowed average estimate of Moon at 65:01, which occurs at 10h24 AM zone 7hE.

With the 10h24 estimated birth time, we can now fine tune with MC and AS events as in standard rectification, where events should show pictures involving MC and AS within a few degrees that are pertinent to the events.  After noting several clearly pertinent pictures involving the MC and AS, we normally begin to discover precision within 30 minutes or less of arc. 



.... to be continued

San Francisco, 2011.Jan.17