The Snowden Setup, Merkel's Drama, and the 2013 Washington Deadlock

© 2013 by L Blake Finley, M.A., ABD-2

updated 2014Mar07 and 2022Jan31

The Deadlock in Washington has already been traced at root to the Berlin, Dubai, Bahamas, and Singapore transnational revived Axis-fascist money hubs in geodetic alignment with Admetos at the time of the October 2013 US government shutdown, orchestrated on stage by the Tea Party, a virtual replica of 1930s Nazi/Axis run cults (Silvershirts/LibertyLeague/AmericanBund)  that similarly attempted to bring the Franklin Roosevelt government to a standstill and implement a coup. (The prototype German- and Japanese-funded and run cults were described in 'Sabotage' by Michael Sayers, and 'Secret Armies' by John Spivak, as well as in the FBI internet-posted report 'Vonsiatsky Espionage'.)  Admetos remains in critical relationship to the Washington geodetic Ascendant until 2015, when the deadlock has a change to slowly begin to lift. As the deadlock went on, a motley alliance developed as Julian Assange and Eddie Snowden supported Ron Paul and the Tea Party. They all seem unrelated until one finds their histories rooted in ties with WW2-fascist-era intelligence cult psy-ops recycled and 'spruced up' for an attempted 21st century revival.

Hitler and the entire Nazi party, as did its Asian counterpart, also initially appeared as a cult of youthful (and sometimes naive) harbingers of "the future", charming and smiling and propagandizing, but puppets of a ruthless corporatist machine that ultimately ravaged Europe and Asia.  Both had extensive sabotage and subversion operations in the USA, as described by Sayers and Spivak and the aforementioned FBI reports, as well as in 'Spies for Nippon' by Tony Matthews.

Immediately after the rise of  the CDU under Merkel, routinely described before her ascent, by opposition parties in Germany, as a long-groomed handpuppet of Helmut Kohl into apparent 'leadership', reports on the rampant neo-nazism in the German media were nearly silenced by censorship. The CDU government announced that it was 'Not good for Germany's Image Abroad' to publicize reports of neo-nazis, and when foreign media questioned the sudden silence, the German government announced that neo-nazis would be 'reformed' and 're-educated'. However, they continued to increase in numbers in the streets nonetheless, per media reports from the rest of Europe.  Meanwhile Merkel began to chime about 'Germany's role' as 'Europe's Leader', as south European economies crumbled under economic pressure from EU economic regulations which are now known to originate in the larger "IDU" league of European parties, as well as the chapters of the 'European People's Party', both doublespeak names for corporatist parties run largely by old aristocratic/royalist money that created the German and Austrian war machines of WW1 and WW2.  Meanwhile Merkel, smiling and charming as trained, throughout most of it, succesfully chimed to voters "We Have The Power" at election time, and Germans again voted for 'Having the Power', assuming the elections were legitimate. Then the Greek and Spanish economies fell, Italy faltered, the Czech Republic became a virtual German economic colony, and France submitted to playing the obedient Junior Partner with 'The Leader' ('Der Führer' in German). Britain watched and waited to see what would happen next.

Assange's early releases of the so-called "Truth" bytes he was strategically handed to dispense were full of "Europe says" or "Europe thinks" as though he was speaking for the European Union, even though he was curiously in Australia, and the rhetoric of his prepared scripts bore strong resemblance to Deutsche Welle news reports from Germany.  His data sources were being stored on neo-nazi websites in Europe, and the loudest clamor over his pronouncements came from..... Germany!  Surprise!  It raised the question of if the cult he was programmed by in Australia as a child was also possibly a German-intel-run cult, as some political analysts now claim. Assange's Vulkanus political influence shows as probably coming, in fact, from somewhere around Brussels, now substantially fused with German infrastructure.

Snowden was only one more puppet to add to the BND/Gestapo puppet show, and he too ended up, in effect, similarly making key statements to humiliate the United States and sabotage any US policy not in alignment with the objectives of his mysterious "Sources".  The Guy Fawkes masks were also used at some of Ron Paul's initial Tea Party extravaganzas, and Guy Fawkes was a pro-Habsburg royalist counter-revolutionary who sought to undo the British breakaway from the Habsburg continental imperial monopoly fused in to a certain wing of the Catholic church. This is symbolically significant as old Hapsburg money funds the agencies of the 'Austrian School of Economics' that Ron Paul and much of the Tea Party touts, with parallels to David Duke of the newly whitewashed Ku Klux Klan after additional grooming and training in Austria -- also significant in that in the 1930s the Nazis not only ran cults like the Tea Party in the United States, but also gave funds to revive the Ku Klux Klan (Duke's hosts).  All of it ties together as revived WW2-era Pan-Germanist fascism re-decorated for 21st century appeal.

The question is, why did Assange and Snowden end up in post-communist countries?  Because they were told to apply there, and were accepted because of the controversies they stirred in western democracies. The Ecuadorian government may not know it is hosting a crypto-fascist puppet, but it does serve as leverage in international diplomatic bargaining. Whereas Russia is today a huge pool of political chaos that contains parties of every extreme sort, including neo-fascist parties, and again officially eulogizes the Czars, whose dethroned network supported the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany and similar parties in Eastern Europe, in hopes they would invade Russia and restore Czarist rule. And if you study the family history of the last Czars, many if not most trace back to the Oldenburg dynasty Germany or Scandinavia.

What do the charts show to validate these observations?

Let's first look at Snowden's chart.  1983.Jun.21 at 04h42 EDT (or EST?) in Elizabeth City USA-NorthCarolina. It shows that he is a naturally highly sensitive and empathic individual, prone to kindness toward others.  With both Sun and Moon in close 8th harmonic cluster with Neptune, as well as Venus, he is so impressionable as to be highly vulnerable to hypnotic suggestion or brainwashing. With Neptune so critically central in his chart, he is prone to merge with whatever surrounds him.  This also means that he could potentially be re-programmed in Russia, and that could mean by most any ideology that exists there, from far right to far left, even to religious or other ideological extremism. He does Not Have naturally strong psychic walls or ego identity, and does have a strong need for solitude in order to maintain his own individual integrity and identity. This is probably why he was chosen as a psy-ops puppet. He would do something cruel or harmful to others probably only if he were manipulated into it, drugged, or programmed by hypnosis or other indoctrination methods.  Even then, his empathic level is such that he would grieve with guilt over causing harm, IF in a conscious mental state, not numbed from full consciousness.  With Neptune so strongly placed, he might also, in a way, live in a fantasy world rather disconnected from what most of the world recognizes as reality. It would probably be fair to perceive him as a victim of manipulation, but capable of doing things causing harm if he were manipulated or programmed into it, which may very well be the case.  Anyone working in espionage intelligence is susceptible to being co-opted by manipulation into 'changing sides' in situations of international disagreement and competition, and that may very well be what has happened to him. "Double agents"  may more often be brainwashed into duplicity rather than choosing it consciously. 

Assange's chart: 1971.Jul.03 at 14h20 AEST/10hE in Townsville Australia-Queensland.  This may also show addiction challenges during his life. In any case, his background is apparently radically different from that of Snowden in terms of upbringing and childhood values.  Assange's impressionability level is not as extreme as Snowden's, but he may have undergone substantial early brainwashing experiences that Snowden did not.  Assange has MC=MO=NE, which does indicate a high level of empathic sensitivity and impressionability, quite vulnerable to his cult upbringing despite his claims to the contrary.  He does have the ability to later stabilize and ground through meditation, per his SU=UR=AD =NE/HA configuration, but may be prone to deep-rooted outbursts when subconscious memories are triggered.  It's possible that he was exposed to repeated physical shocks of some sort early in life, probably involving his father or another older male figure central in his life.

These analyses are intended to explain what the charts show about the temperaments of these two young men, not to evoke sympathy for what they have done under possibly substantial manipulative political persuasion or programming. Their intentions may be good, but the effects often have not been, particularly because they think they are doing a service by releasing often hand-picked information that is probably fed to them, while they probably do not have a full understanding of its origins and what function the information serves outside their assumption that they are just 'exposing corruption'... What they have both been doing, whether they are aware of it or not, is to usher in the rise of the Fourth Reich in Germany and stamp out competition from the United States for continued German/Pan-Germanist dominance over the rest of Europe via the EU.  Ron Paul has been similarly programmed to do the same with his stupid nonsense about no government and no regulations, which only, logically, brings about infrastructure collapse and the rise of 'Austrian School' Fascism, with the help of his 'Tea Party' replica of a fusion of the Nazi cults cultivated in 1930s America by German intelligence subversion operations (as detailed in the FBI, Sayers, Spivak, and Matthews data described above).

The convenience of Snowden's comments on NSA surveillance with a quick followup by Merkel's cellphone stage play drama should be obvious, as should Ron Paul's and his Tea Party's pathetic bumbling Austrian pot-head ideology by now... privatizing American public institutions and infrastructure so revived-Axis German and East Asian banks and corporations can take over and colonize the United States. And it's been happening gradually since the trumpeting of so-called 'Chicago School' economics, which is a remake of both 'Austrian School Economics', i.e. the Hayek School of imperial Habsburg economics that was designed to reverse the threat of economic democracy for the preservation of the old medieval imperial social order and social gentrification. Tea Party/Austrian School rhetoric is also a largely replay of German-bankcorp-manipulated Hoovernomics, which was calculated by Hoover's manipulators to bring about the 1929 Stock Market crash and the rise of Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, and Wang Chingwei.

This all becomes even more clear if you study the chart for the 'Berlin Republic', established when a large component of German government functions returned to the Berlin Reichstag from Bonn: 1999.Apr.19 in Berlin (time unknown but official opening before 15h32 CEST/2hE per BBC news report). Regardless of time, the Berlin Republic has MA=SA=MA/NE=URZE=PLVU.  It's a government that acts secretly, and with great caution, but then with sudden and escalated, blitzkrieg-like force.  If the time is anywhere near 15h30, MO=HA=SU/NEPO... the populace may be largely unconscious of what goes on due to the level of secrecy of leaders. The geodetics for Vulkanus show that the government in Berlin may be heavily influenced by political power based in Budapest Hungary, a longtime imperial power hub of the Habsburgs, known to have played a key role in setting up most recent stage of the EU, and a hub of militant right-wing politics in Central Europe. Some political analysts have indeed commented on the likely behind-the-scenes control by the old Habsburg monarchy of both the new German government as well as the EU. The idea of power in Berlin being wielded in part in Budapest is not so strange if you remember that the Habsburgs were the ruling royal family of Germany before the Hohenzollern crowns, and Emperor Otto's funeral in 2011 was attended by soldiers in Austro-Hungarian imperial time-warp uniforms. This fits interestingly with the reference of Franklin Roosevelt to the old aristocratic network that supported WW2 Fascism as the 'Economic Royalists', and with the role of the 'Austrian School' in European politics as well as the Libertarian Tea Party elements in the USA... and their role in building up the World War II Fascist Axis.  Ron Paul's proximity to post-1945 German psy-ops agents brought to Texas is a matter needing urgent study, as is the proximity of the 'Austrian School' hub in Alabama to similar post-1945 German psy-ops agents there.

In addition, not to overlook are the powerful allies of Nazi Germany in Asia during the heydeys of overt facsism, under the leadership of interlinked fascist parties in Japan, China, Burma/Myanmar, and India, and the significance of locations 90 degree east of Brussels, i.e. Rangoon and locations of fascist paramilitary networks near the juncture borderlands between India/Burma/China as well as the Andaman Islands, a key location of Japan Fascist operations in southern Asia, and Kyzyl and Krasnoyarsk, historic Russian Fascists hub in Siberia.

Merkel's later rush to visit leaders of Malaysia as the 'Pivot to Asia' and 'TPP/Transpacific' deals may also be of significance to the machine manipulating both Assange and Snowden.