William H Seward:

California USA or Else What?


L. Blake Finley, M.A., 3 yrs Post-Masters studies

-posted 2021Jun21, updated 2021Jul30-

There are four events that prompted the writing of this article.

1) For over a year, at this point, the California Admission Day statue, commemorating the admission of California as a US state, inscribed below with Seward's statement "The survival of the empire depends on the decision of this day" has been obscured by newsstands containing Chinese newspapers including the Falun Gong cult's "Epoch Times" propaganda rag.  The statue had been removed to Golden Gate Park in 1948, but returned to Market Street in downtown San Francisco in 1977, the year of the Golden Dragon Massacre in Chinatown.

2) During eight years of the author's living in New Chinatown in San Francisco, I was asked at two different Chinese-owned bookstores why I wanted to buy either an atlas or a map of China.  In the first case, the store refused, in an almost militant manner, to sell a detailed atlas of China unless I provided my address and telephone number. I doubt that if I were Chinese I would be required of such before buying an atlas of the USA, but on US soil I was refused the sale because I would not provide my address and phone number, and so walked a way without it.  In the second case, I was similarly refused a wall-map of China without providing the same, in a more civilized manner.  I had paid for the map, took it during the questioning, and walked away without providing the information, although I lived a couple of blocks away and was sure to be watched anyway as an 'outsider'.  I had for years actually been quite an admirer of Chinese culture, as many who knew me also knew -- but these incidents made me aware of the need to be as cautious as were the merchants monitoring the whereabouts of maps of their native countries, in which they no longer lived. At this time, a commercial district in western San Francisco was in the process of a number of businesses taking on the name 'New Hongkong' during a very noticeable immigration influx from China, Taiwan, Hongkong, and Singapore during the rule of the incoming "Lee Dynasty" nearing full control of the city and some suburbs.

3) More recently, I rediscovered (forgotten from family history stories of my aunt) that a brother of my great grandfather was one of the California statehood pioneers, as were cousins of his, and that American settlers in California were given incentives to make certain that California was to become a state of the USA rather than fall to control by foreign powers as the newly-independent Mexico was already being subjected to official Chinese, Russian, and British plans to annex California as a colony and contain the growth of the USA into a competing global power.  Another distant cousin was the Commander of the San Francisco Presidio for a brief period before death.  Thus, all the events took on more personal meaning that I could almost feel as I perused family history.  My ancestors had been among those instrumental in making sure California (as well as Hawaii) was to be part of the USA and not under the thumb of foreign powers.  William Seward wrote about how, if California was not annexed by the USA, it would be annexed by powers other than Mexico.  The issue persists today among so-called "California independence" movements run by foreign interests.

4) The recent clamor of hyperbole about the tragedies of the Japanese internment camps during World War 2, coupled with aggressive immigration and resettlement lobbies in both federal and state government, as well as 'Resistance' networks (against officials in Washington DC) promoted by Asian nationalists made it evident that the desire of other nations to claim California had not ended, especially when the FBI website removed maps, posted for years, of Japanese infringements on US territory while Donald Trump invited the revitalized military forces of Imperial Japan into California, and while Trump announced "a New American moment" and appointed Japanese-born military personnel to command US Pacific Fleet forces.  Consciously or not?  How much rational thought put into any of it there?

5) The airfield at Pearl Harbor was named after a cousin in my mother's ancestral line only a few years before it was sneak-attacked by the Japanese Navy, from locations to the north, in December 1941.

6) At least three of my closest friends have been brainwashed and manipulated by Japanese or Chinese cults (Rampant in recent years) and programmed to turn against me (and in at least one case their own native family) upon my mention of them being so manipulated and disoriented.  These include the Nichiren cult, a Japanese-run 'punk rock' psy-op in Berkeley in the 1980s, something apparently fused into the tobacco lobbies, and possibly the Falun Gong cult that has a propensity to stake out American sidewalks and parks as if claiming them as their territory, often while wearing broad-rimmed caps or hats obscuring their identity from surveillance cameras (not unlike the "Anonymous" masks, which show interesting and possibly informative geodetic lineups as clues to their origin), with overlaps possibly of relevance at the "Korematsu Schools" as well as the Sun Myung Moon network and its restaurant chains with headquarters across the bay from San Francisco.

7) Japanese of the World War 2 era recently painted as 'victims' of 'mean old America' whereas the good faith trust put in the Japanese government was repeatedly returned as betrayal, including the Pearl Harbor incident that destroyed over half of the US Pacific Fleet (in a series of events to be covered in another article when time permits -- geodetics of recorded attacks from an unsuspected location, possibly from seaplane landing fields on Japanese submarines, described in Mark Felton's "The Fujita Plan"). Declassified documents also elucidate how Nazi Germany was shipping materiel to make nukes to drop on America during the final months of World War 2, meaning that US bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were pre-emptive strikes, in part to halt Japan's development of similar weapons to devastate the USA, with post-war German Nazi help, not just 'vicious attacks on innocent little Japan'.  Japan's wartime treachery surpassed in ways that of Nazi Germany, and its role in the Korea and Indochina wars has been too often overlooked. 

All of these factors led to a very heartfelt drive to proceed ASAP with an analysis of the chart of William Seward, who had a remarkable personal history in US national security and defense.  America needs to remember who our staunchest allies were in the depths of war and other critical national security questions, and quit dallying with nations who planned, within the last 80 years, to destroy America either from within via infiltration and sabotage, or by means of attack launched from overseas.

Whenever America seems to be enmeshed in domestic political confusion of ultimate benefit to outsiders before Americans, the first place to look, logically and carefully, is foreign subversion, and geodetics helps identify problem sources.

And so I proceed with this article on the chart of the remarkable American, William Henry Seward, known by many only for what was mistakenly called "Seward's Folly", i.e. the purchase of Alaska from Russia (ending its official status as a Russian colony), which ended up being a wise decision, rather than a foolish decision as judged by the less foresightful of the 1860s.  Seward was, in addition to the 'purchaser' of Alaska, and a key advocate for annexation of California to the USA, also at various times a Brigadier General in the New York State Militia, the Governor of New York, the US Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln, and a staunch advocate against slavery. He belonged to the historic and relatively short-lived Whig Party before it morphed into the Republican Party, and yet appeared to be more interested in the wisdom of individual policies than in party politics, as some of the greatest stateswo/men have been. 

Seward is also in focus as relevant, as firm and strict US domestic control of national security operations in Alaska, at this time, are of pointedly critical significance, as the Vulkanus power in the Anchorage and Fairbanks, and soon Canada-border, longitudes under foreign sway could lead to foreign subversion or devastation as the USA undergoes the final precessed Pluto return during the next few years; and Canada as well needs caution to assure that its facilities in the Yukon and Queen Charlotte Islands are not similarly undermined by ambiguous foreign infiltration or influence.  Friendly French control over the Tahitian/Society Islands is also of critical significance now and during the next decade.

Seward's birth date and location (1801.May.16 in the village of Florida, in Orange County NY),  are to be found in various references, and a time (14h00 local time) found in the database.  It is always wise to question birth times rounded to the full hour, although such births do occur, and yet, the planetary picture on his MC and Ascendant for that time are quite appropriate.

If time permits, I may follow up with a rectification via life events, but will for now post the chart as indicated by, for 14h00 (2pm) Local Time (before Standard Time was used).

The 14h00 chart, quite appropriately, shows MC=KR as well as MC=MA within 2 degree orb (noted as MC=(MC/MA)=KR on a 1-degree orb midpoint list), quite appropriate for a military as well as industrious official of outstanding accomplishment.  Seward's natal SU=MO=HA=AP cluster shows great sensitivity (MO), especially to issues of the ordinary populace (HA), along with breadth of perspective (=AP).  These would still be applicable if his birth occurred a few minutes before or after 14h00.

Ariespoint refers to issues he tended to deal with in public settings, and that included AR=SU=MO=PL=HA in the 32nd harmonic (11:15 multiple angles).  This validates him as public figure or leader, yet tending to be private at times and to focus on resolution (PL) of social problems (HA), and that he may have had a problematic inborn health condition that he was nonetheless able to overcome via meticulous hygiene.

MA=PL=KR (evident when dial pointer is moved to Mars) reiterates his drive for outstanding accomplishment, to push himself to develop his highest potential, and thus attain what he did.

The AR=HA correlates with him being misunderstood and mocked at one time for "Seward's Folly", although that ended when gold mines (HA) were discovered in Alaska, as had been the case in California when he advocated heartily for its annexation to the USA, aware not only of the wealth also actively coveted by other nations, but the vital control of essential Pacific Ocean seaports that would otherwise fall under the control of other nations, like those from which the "Falun Gong" newspaper empire emanates, even if hostile foreign powers and their fashionable agents might refer to Seward as a "US imperialist" or "White supremacist" or only bemoan the "social injustice" of California not being the willing colony or state of some other country.  After relinquishment of overseas territories comes the demand for relinquishment of states, or even the national government itself -- something Seward would not likely have approved, and so his statue is drowned out by newspaper stands full of foreign newspapers and propaganda and defaced by graffiti in "sanctuary cities" and obscured by the revival of the "Cultural Revolution" and its affiliated "Third World Revolution" centers including those around San Francisco Bay.  The statue was financed by San Francisco mayor James Phelan, whose name was recently removed from city street signs (on Pearl Harbor day, no less) because he opposed excessive Asian immigration (and thus a "white supremacist"), and his name was replaced by that of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican Trotskyist artiste who lived briefly in San Francisco.  The subtle message overall is that some sort of "Change" is taking place, and it involves the replacement of American patriots with imported figures, even brief visitors, and the movement led mostly by 1st and 2nd-generation immigrants who have been able to secure political power somehow and for reasons to be studied.  I write this as transit Hades is, postmortem, on Seward's Moon, transit Neptune is in orb of his MC, and transit Pluto is on his Saturn and Vulkanus (political foundations), as if there is an attempt to alter the US boundaries he set in 1850 in California and again in 1867 in Alaska (while Moonie cult shipping fleets engulf the Anchorage Pacific naval facilities).  In solar arc directions, directed Admetos is on Seward's Cupido (End of his country?) and directed Hades on his Vulkanus (deterioration or undermining of his political impact?). Is America being Terminated as it approaches its Pluto return, or are there options other than foreign takeover?  Will America kowtow forever to Germany or China, Japan or India or Russia?

Amid all the mess, American Progressivism has recently been overshadowed by imported variants, while deeply-rooted American progressive and liberal movements and historic leaders, ever since 1776, have been obscured or misrepresented (and even mocked) by the overly abundant influx of foreign distortions and propaganda (including in US universities by imported historical revisionists with high-level national political connections in other countries), in part via foreign buyouts of longtime US media outlets, not unlike what occurs under foreign occupation, or when your city or state is for sale to the highest transnational bidder (often oil or China-trade moguls or German Euro-empire oligarchs), or when politicians pay more attention to the interests of recent immigrants than to long-rooted American natives.  He or she who controls the sixth (or fifth, as some claim) largest economy in the world (i.e. California) also controls a huge and strategically vital chunk of the USA, with strategic, oil- and gold-rich Alaska of similar significance.  Don't fall asleep before it's too late to make American protection against foreign encroachment secure. Invaders are already calling for members of generations-long family inhabitants to "get out of the way", literally, on the streets and parroting the internationally disruptive buzz-phrases of politicians whose family roots in the USA, and understanding of it, are not very deep.  What does this mean as the USA 1776 chart nears completion of its precessed Pluto return?  Probably more than just trivial observations, and more likely symbols of the direction of "Change" is heading unless the Captain of the American ship takes back control of the steering wheel and quits letting it be run by pirates and newcomers and their manipulees.  It's a lesson for All of America, and a situation that will affect All of America, deeply, for a long time to come, and all while slow-moving but potent global Vulkanus power from Cairo's Muslim Brotherhood bases; and Japan, China, Taiwan, and Philippines bases in or seaboarding the East China Sea; continues to press with Vulkanus force upon the geodetic Ascendants at the northwestern border of California on the ocean and across from Oregon, in the St Lawrence Seaway bordering New York, on New York's capital at Albany, eastern Long Island and Connecticut, and along the Rio Grande between Texas and Tamaulipas, Mexico. While noting that the lingering Hades 22.5 to Vulkanus continues to make that pressure subtle if not underhanded if not 'underground', not unlike the hands of puppeteers unseen at the moment, and enabled by deterrence or blockage of FBI investigations via deceptive claims of "bias due to racial profiling" applied to foreign-based rather than domestic-based minority operations.  Extraterritoriality in the picture?  Or just abuse of laws?  Just as the borders in each state are different, so do the very same issues vary in different locations across America.  California is not Texas or Arizona or Alabama or Michigan, and vice versa.  The Gulf of Mexico is not the Pacific Ocean, in various ways.  The histories, demographics, geography, laws, and policing agencies differ despite the unity of America around its most important common values and objectives.  The similarities have united the USA for nearly 250 years, and literature describing foreign subversion make it clear that it was that foreign subversion that caused the worst of national disunity, time and again, during the US Civil War and at various points since then, including during the Vietnam War.  As Vulkanus begins to depart from the geodetic Ascendants (doorsteps) of Greater New York City and Portland Oregon, it moves toward Boston and then San Francisco during the next few years, meaning that this is No time to get lax about scrutiny of immigration procedures, sanctuary claims, or political organizations with roots overseas.  These issues were in focus by the now-departed souls of those whose primary duties were at one time to defend the US coastlines from foreign subversion and encroachment -- and when vigilance was relaxed, America experienced some of its worst domestic unrest due to infiltration and meddling by foreign interests and powers (typical of the Vietnam War era, WW2, and WW1), which geodetics will also demonstrate. The most disruptive political cults in the USA of the 1960s and 1970s were actually puppets of foreign sabotage, whether of radical right or radical left, as geodetic alignments demonstrate, and as such are nothing to be admired by Americans seeking a happy future unless they are willing to be the foolish kamikazes of foreign interests.  Geodetic alignments bring much clarity to previously baffling international enigmae, and those national militaries (Germany and maybe others) which have used them for decades are aware of this. It's time for Washington DC to stop guilt-tripping and take control of America again.

Note that the "Change" program started before Obama even ran for president.... while Elaine Chao was snooping around George Bush Jr's Oval Office and toying with Mitch McConnell's puppet strings, and the geodetics for "" give some insights into what it's Really all about behind the "dream" clouds, where Obama is only the mannequin in the window (and the fall guy) while someone else runs the store. His silent walk around Japan's neofascist "Nippon Kaigi" Shinzo Abe when he only said "people on both sides" died rather than apologize for the brutal sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, should be noted, despite the US govt having apologized for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings to end World War II in Asia, and Fred Korematsu pardoned for running for US federal agents during time of war and Japanese attacks on US coastal regions.  Biden and all American politicians must recognize this Now.  The world is real, Not a Dream.

(Note that those who own a copy of version 10 or later of the Special Uranian program can contact me at for a substitute file that will list both Grimm and Sepharial geodetic lineups within 1 degree of major world cities for any given point on a chart, free of charge only to verified program owners; and you may inquire about a planned larger and interfaceable program that will list both the Grimm and Sepharial MC and Ascendant on the circular chart itself, for more detailed analysis using the 90 or 360 dial, or the 45 degree dial in planning stages.)  


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- 2021.Jun.21, Oakland CA