Methods of Uranian Astrological Synastry:

Synastry of the Roosevelts:

synthesizing the charts of Franklin and Eleanor

© 2006, 2007 by L. Blake Finley  M.A. Linguistics



In order to view the data needed for this lesson, you need to open up the Special Uranian program, with the Tobiasdata file installed, and call up the charts of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

There is more than one entry for Eleanor, as various sources account for her birth time differently... in this case, select the one marked "fam", meaning data from a family member.


I wrote directly to the Roosevelt Library, and received a response indicating that no known birth time was recorded, but that a telegram sent at 11h30 on Eleanor's birthday announced her birth to her great-aunt Elizabeth. I estimated the birth time then at 11h21, based on the appropriate pictures on the MC and AS that would exist for 11h21.


I will note here, for the experienced astrologer, you might, as you look through the Tobiasdata file, note which charts might have pertinent MC or AS pictures manifest if the recorded birth times were shifted a bit.... Do this by clicking on MC or AS and then noting not only points withing orb, but those a bit beyond orb which might indicated the need for time adjustment. This of course is not a fully-justified rectification method - but it does give clues of likely adjustments needed for the birth time to match with the actual event. Before proceeding with the synastry analysis, let me review what I did in making a preliminary and tentative rectification for Eleanor Roosevelt. The telegram announcing herbirth was sent at 11h30, and so I would assume (as did the Roosevelt Library librarian) that the birth was within 30 minutes before that. I originally set the chart for 11h25. The chart is currently set for 11h21 (my tentative rectified time), and so to view the original starting point, you can set the chart back to the originally viewed time. To do this:

1) make sure you have Eleanor's chart displayed.

2) remember that the data line above the chart is the chart data in Universal Time, as is the data in the chart data box box in the upper left corner of the Astrology Tools window to the left.

3) The local date and time are shown inside the chart window, at bottom left, with the UT time in parentheses. This is the data that will print out if you need to print out a chart... but of course, with Special Uranian technology, you may not need to print out anything, as most everything is already on the screen (i.e. the 'dream come true' of another software distributor whom I suppose is still trying to duplicate what we have done.. we have already manifest the dream, a couple of years ago).

For Eleanor we see 1884.Oct.11 11h21 (the birth in local standard time) and then the time in GMT.

The difference between UT (GMT) and local time tells you what the time zone is. 16h21 - 11h21 = 5h and the longitude is west, so the zone is 5hW, which is Eastern Standard Time. This is a European convention for noting the time zone, easy to calculated mentally when both local time and UT are displayed together. This eliminates confusion in international exchanges, where time zone abbreviations differ from one language to the next, and for example while BST means British Summer Time, Americans might think it means British Standard Time, but it doesn't. The muddle is compounded in data exchanges between various languages, so the program stays with the unequivocal numbers.

However, Aureas did yield to my request and in the Data Input window insert various English-language abbreviations associated with the time zones, to facilitate entering data that is recorded with these sometimes confusing and overlapping abbreviations. 


Now, back to Eleanor.... let's quickly set her chart, temporarily, back to what I looked at initially. If you want to do this quickly, and this is very useful during rectification, double-click on the minutes box (of 16h21m0) in the upper left Tools Window chart data box.


You can now manually type in, or use the little arrow buttons to click and change the time, in order to see exactly where the MC and AS would be then. Type in 25, or use the buttons to move the numbers to 25, and then click Refresh. (OK will register the new data, and Refresh will ensure that the chart using the new data is displayed right away.)


Now we have a chart for 11h25 in zone 5hW (EST to North Americans). Keep in mind that this is the chart of a woman who probably came closer to being the first female US president than anyone else, in part because her husband was increasingly disabled. And that she was the niece of US President Theodore Roosevelt, and thus had grown up around politics... i.e. politics in her immediate environs at most all times. This should show in Ascendant pictures. As should politics, and possibly politics with the spouse, in the MC pictures.


Let's click on the MC in the 11h25 chart. We see Jupiter. Her family was wealthy (as are the families of most American politicians, for unfortunately obvious reasons), so that is appropriate. We see that she has a natal Sun.Moon cluster, and it is opposed Venus and clustered with Cupido as well, so that marriage is a central issue in her life, as is a pronounced social consciousness. All records verify this. And we would expect this to show significantly on Eleanor's MC, and so we do. What midpoint is within range of formation with SU.MO on her MC axis?


Now, her MC is also clustered with her AS so their pictures are similar, but not exactly the same in all ways, as there is about 1/2 degree between their exact clustering.


Click on AS in her chart. Here we again expect the political family to show, the official partnerships, etc. And this is where I wanted to move the AS and MC back a bit so that both the SU/KR and MO/KR midpoint fall on the AS and MC. This also puts VE/KR more within orb, highly appropriate for her role as 'co-president'.


Note that setting the MC and AS back a bit also gives MC=AS=UR/AD=AR/AD. Eleanor was noted for her breaks with tradition and her drive to establish radically new foundations for the world around her... and her clashes with traditionalists.


Now remember that the MC moves at approximately 1 degree every 4 minutes. If you don't have that memorized, and want to learn rectification, write that down and memorize it... or put it on a post-it note next to your computer. The AS also averages the same movement, but its movement is quite irregular as birth locations range south and north anywhere between the North and South Poles... so estimates on it will not be as reliable as those for the MC.


For when we want to rectify unknown birth times, also remember that the Moon averages about 12 degrees per day in movement, with is about 2 degrees per hour. (This is an estimate since the daily apparent Lunar motion can range from between 10 and 15 degrees, i.e. between about 1.75 and 2.25 degrees per hour.) But, just remembering or writing down approx 2 degrees per hour will suffice for estimated work during the rectification process, to be fine tuned at the end.


Ruth Brummund covers these points in some of her lessons posted on the Uranian Institute website... a reminder once again for all who have not done so that reading those articles by her will give you lots of good background information for these lessons, and in some cases, I will ask you to read those lessons again in response to your questions.


Now, I should also consider that it might have taken longer than 9 minutes to rush out and send a telegram (in New York City, where telgraph offices were probably readily accessible)... and so I would also look for other likely configurations on the MC and AS. Assuming a birth after 11h00, that means a 30-minute range. If 1 degree of MC = 4 minutes of time, then 30 / 4 = 7.5  That means a range of seven and 1/2 degrees before the MC at 11h30, or in a 25 minute range before 11h25, then 25 / 4 = approx 6.25 degrees before an 11h25 MC of 14.00


Actually, lets just click the chart data box boxes again and view a chart set for 11h00.

Well, right at 11h00 looks pertinent also... click on the MC... Where do we see the transneptunian relating to official matters? What about marriage? But Kronos is not within orb of the AS as might be expected.


Kronos will still be within orb of the MC if we advance the time by 3 minutes. Let's click on the minutes on the chart data box box and advance by 3 minutes to 16h03 UT. Note that we are seeing Neptune rather close to the MC in both these cases, and I am not sure that someone with Eleanor's outgoing nature would have had that configuration.... it's possible, but MC=NE would probably have made her a bit more retiring and passive, unless Mars or Zeus or Vulkanus, the fiery action factors, were clustered there, and they aren't.


Remember also that Ruth says we need to see Mars involved in one of the midpoints on the MC in order for the new-born child to have the will to live. 11h00 has MC=MA/NE but still I think that is too subtle for Eleanor Roosevelt's fighting spirit.  On the other hand, back to 11h21 (setting the chart data box box to 16h21m again) we find MC=MO/MA which seems really appropriate for her active public involvement, and note that moving back to about 11h19 would bring MO/MA closer into orb of the MC, and still have MC=SU/KR=MO/KR.

So you see how those of you advance enough can experiment with estimating times, but those are only to be ultimately verified through events and solar arc directions.


Well, that's enough to digest for the moment, so I will end Part 1 of the lesson (a review of some rectification principles) and proceed with the synastry analysis in Part 2.




Resuming with part 2 of the Roosevelt synastry lesson:

You need the Eleanor Roosevelt -fam chart set up as the Natal Chart, and the Franklin Roosevelt -cer chart set up for Level 2. If you do not remember how to do this, please review the last lesson, posted on the 21st Century Uranian website. Once you have both those charts registered as Natal and Level 2 charts, click main menu "Comparisons: Uranian cluster synastry".

This gives you a single-view listing of all 22.5-degree clusters connecting the two charts with each other. These are among the most critical factors describing the dynamics of the relationship under analysis. A bit of review of the wonderful book by Joseph Lash: Eleanor and Franklin gave me ideas on how to elaborate on how these synastry clusters manifest between Eleanor and Franklin. Some of the clusters are more obvious to those of you familiar with these two mid-20th-century political personalities.


Rather than tell you what means what, I will ask you to look at the table and see what matches with the pertinent concepts I present here. After calling up the Uranian cluster synastry function, we should see a table.

Until we have fully rectified and verified both charts, we should not put emphasis on the MC or AS connections, as they are subject to substantial change if the birth times are even a few minutes off. Remember that the MC and AS are the most personally significant chart points, but when not accurate, we should proceed instead down the list of priority points to Sun and Moon.


If you have the Uranian Astrology-Brummund default settings activated, and color (versus black-and-white) selected for displays, you can quickly identify the strongest points....Sun and Moon are in red, and MC AS and NO are in black, while all other points are in blue. Ariespoint also would display in black, but is not included in the list, as it is a static impersonal point that is the same for all people, and in any case is always at 0 degrees in the list.


The planetary and mathematical point longitudes are displayed in 22.5 (16th harmonic) notation, and displayed in pairs of columns: note that if we look across the top of the table, we see Eleanor Franklin Eleanor Franklin....etc.

Thus, the columns are listed in pairs. In the first two columns we can visually see which of Eleanor's planets and points are within 1 degree of Franklin's, and vice versa. Remember that, at the top, and at the bottom, of each list, we also need to look in previous and following columns to see if there are points within 1 degree.  For example, we see that Eleanor.ME=ZE =Franklin.JU. Synastrically, these energies naturally combine when the two of them are together. 


Further down the list, we also see that Eleanor.ME=ZE=VU =Franklin.AD  And so these energies mix and combine in their various possible manifestatations when the two people interact. You can look up interpretations for these by going to main menu: "Help: Access interpretation"...and then clicking the buttons for the appropriate points/planets. By doing this, you see various possible manifestations, and if you are familiar with these personalities, also see which manifest most often between them.


The same process of detecting interpersonal clusters continues with each column in the Uranian Cluster Synastry table, remembering to also look into the preceding column when at the top of the list, and the following columns when at the bottom of the list. To get intepretations for the individual factors, you and right-click on any point/planet in the table, select 'Interpretation', and the keywords for that factor will display. This is a helping-hand for those not famliar already with the planets and points.  If you need help with interpreting the combinations, you can once again go to main menu: Help: Access Interpretation... and get suggested meanings for the factors when combined.

Now I am going to give you some summaries of the relationship between Eleanor and Franklin, and ask you to identify which factors clustered (within 1 degree) between the two charts corresponds.  Beginning students may find this difficult, and consider this an advanced lesson to be returned to later, after you learn more. More experienced students may find this most interesting.  Note table midway in list of study questions.


1) First, Franklin was physically disabled with poliomyelitis and unable to walk during the later years of his marriage with Eleanor. Which synastry cluster correlates with Eleanor's part-time role as a nurse, attending to Franklin's health needs?

2) Which cluster shows that the two were 'on the same wavelength' in terms of inner sense of purpose and vital energies as manifest physical and vital beings on the Earth, and thus saw their life-purposes as being similar in many ways?

3) Which synastry cluster shows that Franklin connected significantly to Eleanor via her nurturing and sensitive qualities?

4) Which cluster shows that Eleanor connected to Franklin via his agreeable, aesthetically-conscious, accommodating qualities?... and as well through his sense of duty and self-discipline?

5) Which shows that Eleanor provided stimuli and spontaneous intuitions that triggered the opening of Franklin's intellectual and spiritual interests?



6) Which shows that Eleanor's intellect and spirit gave Franklin greater objectivity and facts about his political and administrative functions.... and that Franklin gave, in turn, to Eleanor the influence and political channels to enact her ideological and/ór spiritual


7) Which shows that Franklin focused and restrained Eleanor's drive for power and influence while providing her with a sense of stability... and that Eleanor urged Franklin on to struggle with obstacles and overcome limitations?

8) Which shows that Franklin's vital energies and sense of purpose matched well with Eleanor's sense of family, community, and social values?

9) Which shows that Franklin helped lift Eleanors daily actions and efforts to a higher level, and to cultivate greater dignity and preparedness for official and professional roles, while Eleanor encouraged Franklin as well in attaining greater dignity and resulting status?

10) Which shows the readiness of Eleanor to accommodate to and complement Franklin's daily activities, as well as the natural sexual attraction normally a part of healthy marriages?


There are other synastry connections that you may want to study further. The ones we have noted above truly summarize some of the most noteworthy characteristics of the Roosevelt's marriage as described in the literature I have read about them and their interactions. If you are motivated to do so, you may find even more.


Lastly, you might also be motivated to apply this same procedure to your own relationships, whether with a spouse, or a business partner, friend, other family member, or client. The information revealed can be quite helpful in understanding the dynamics of human relationships.


Tables of this type are readily available in the Special Uranian Astrology program by Aureas Software, available from the Uranian Institute at


-- posted in 21st Century Uranian Astrology egroup 2006Dec06 and Dec23; on Uranian Institute website 2015Dec25.