Franklin Roosevelt  

A 21st Century Leader Ahead of His Time


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"Franklin Roosevelt was one of the rare great Presidents. While he was in office, until America entered the war, both the Roosevelts were daily vilified and mocked in the Republican press, and and both were indifferent to these attacks. Mrs Roosevelt was in herself a moral true north.  I think the President's own affliction -- he was crippled by polio at the age of thirty-nine -- taught him sympathy for misfortune.  They were wise.  They had natural dignity and no need or liking for the panoply of power.  I miss above all their private and public fearlessness." 

-- Martha Gellhorn, journalist,quoted in Granta magazine #23, Spring 1988



In 2007, the United States stood torn between the extremes of its own political traditions, confused by the deceptive propaganda of political elements masquerading behind well-financed doublespeak, and not dissimilar from the place it stood by 1932 during the tense socio-economic polarization of the Hooverville era, thanks to the Robber Baron policies of many Bush-Reagan years, egged on by the mammonist Milton Friedman cult. Political 'leaders' who have stolen office by rigging elections and coercing voters told us that the main threats to our national stability and security were Muslim cults, and that everyone except themselves exhibited the behavior of Adolf Hitler.

A favorite target of the international corporate political machine of 'New World Order' (a term Hitler also used for his international policy) has also been one of Hitlerís favorite targets: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a man who governed through extremely trying times, confronting the forces of greed and dehumanizing materialism, while correcting the gross errors of his excessively materialistic predecessors and contemporaries.  Roosevelt saved the American nation when it was splitting into fragments by seeking to address the needs of as many Americans as possible while maintaining an agenda coherent enough to keep the nation unified, and bring the United States closer to actual application of its founding humanistic ideals of 1776.

Even the majority of partisan Republicans who lived through the Roosevelt Era could eventually not speak ill of Roosevelt, for his effect on national unity, world peace, and overall promotion of international equity was well thought-out and exemplary of the highest of human evolutionary potential. Among his foes was Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of George Bush I and II. Bush (along with with other high-finance oligarchic families) had supported Hitler's Austro-German war machine and was forced by national law during wartime to retract his business agreements that contributed to Nazi objectives. Oil companies, of course, also profited extensively. Bush, and Robber Baron friends, including the duplicitous Leland Stanford clan, had extensive holdings in railroads and the weapons production industry, and close ties with pro-Nazi German corporations -- the "Military-Industrial Complex" which US President Dwight Eisenhower later warned the American people of in 1960, yet which later prevailed nonetheless.

Unfortunately, many young Americans now know too little accurate information about the pre-Roosevelt era, since corporate media and increasingly corporate-controlled educational institutions have sought since 1980 to whitewash or conceal the disasters of the lop-sidedly pro-corporate economic policies of Harding-Coolidge-Hoover, while steadily reviving them via Republican policy.

Alice Bailey, emininent metaphysician, daughter of a British Christian minister, sometimes maligned and grossly misrepresented by the fascists she denounced, was a devoted student of international spiritual teachings including those of Tibetan Buddhist Masters.  In the 1940s Bailey wrote that, in the international spiritual paradigm, Roosevelt was an agent of the forces of Light, promoting compassion and social justice to counter the Dark-force crass materialism of the Nazism/Fascism of that era.  Indeed, Ms Bailey's assessment is validated by pictures on the Ariespoint axis in Roosevelt's chart:


Outstanding intellectual or spiritual work advocated out in the public world with intensity (ARZEVUPO).  Excellence relating to wisdom, strength relating to awareness, and struggle for clarification (ARVUPO), coupled with advocacy of truth or facts, and making of lucid decisions (ARZEPO).  Roosevelt implemented these through resolute personal actions (SUMA) as an official and despite physical disability (SUHAKR).... as a public figure (MCMO) often accompanied professionally by women or wife (MCASMO).

The Ariespoint axis alone describes worldly conditions around one.. those situations one seems to attract during one's lifetime, and those are actively personalized when such highly personal points such as MC SU or MO are involved, and most actively when Mars is involved in 16th-harmonic pictures on the axis.  Nearly all these were present for Roosevelt, making the ARZEVUPO a vital part of his life and personal activities through SU/MA and MC/MO.

After 40 years passed, in 1980, in hopes that the evils and failures of the Coolidge-Harding-Hoover era ('Teapot Dome' and related machinations) would be forgotten and swept under the rug, their policies nonetheless revived as models to be emulated, and extolled in the memorized speeches of the alzheimered Ronald Reagan (who openly claimed admiration for Calvin Coolidge), while controlled from behind the curtain by by the Bushes... because those policies were profitable for the oligarchy, regardless of general public wellbeing. Reagan praised the virtues of Republican presidents of the 1920s and 1930s whose "laissez-faire" policies led to economic polarization between the wealthy and the poor (their true objective) and a consolidation of aristocratic feudalism (also part of their objective), naturally leading to an almost criminal gentrification of American society, followed by a stock market crash and the Great Depression -- all caused by the natural subsequent demoralization of a nation under the thumb of gross economic inequities.  Such policies also left the public in desperation and willingness to work for minimal salaries, desirable for the cold-blooded oligarchy. Had Franklin Roosevelt not taken (at that time radical) measures to compensate for the selfish and shallow materialism and arrogant inhumanity of Republican policy, America might have broken out once again in Civil War... which it was near when Roosevelt took office... and this too has often been whitewashed and written out of the corporate-published history books.

Overall, Franklin Roosevelt's policies did more to protect the political economic interests of the middle class and poor, and for civil rights of disfranchised minorities and women, than any other American President. In addition, he actively supported the development of both the League of Nations, and later the United Nations, to bolster the national autonomy of smaller and poorer nations around the world, and promote world peace while maintaining strong defense against primal aggression. In short, he stood for genuine democratic principles and human equity.  The antithesis was fascism which sought to allow the disfranchised to die off and be displaced by the more selfishly aggressive in a polarized society of 'masters' and 'slaves'.

Political opponents of Roosevelt (particularly descendants of the international corporate nazi/fascist fraternity and sycophants) have recently singled out Roosevelt for his internment of ethnic Japanese inside the United States over concern for national security and allegiances during wartime and the rule of the Japan Fascist Yakuza Party -- this was dramatized to discredit his reputation for noteworthy support for the rights of women, and of deeply abused and disfranchised Black and Native Americans, and support for self-determination of disfranchised third-world colonies of his time. Roosevelt sought a middle path that would have minimized the continued polarization of the world between the two extremes of totalitarian communism and laissez-faire corporate capitalism, both ruthlessly dehumanizing and ultimately untenable in their own ways.  But this was a stance his wealthy and influential critics would not tolerate, preferring instead to benefit from the Cold War which followed Rooseveltís death, when his policies were steadily unraveled as political economics again regressed back to the behind-the-scences corruption of the Harding-Coolidge-Hoover era.

Letís take a look at the chart of Franklin Roosevelt to see how it correlates with what we know of him.


Franklin Roosevelt born 1882.Jan.30 at 20h46 LMT (from fatherís diary, per ME Jones Sabian Symbols -- in Hyde Park, USA-New York, 41n47 x 73w56.  There are two cities named Hyde Park in New York. Roosevelt was born in Dutchess county near Poughkeepsie; not in Otsego county quoted incorrectly in some resources. Until the Aureas atlas is expanded (one of our projects continually set back by internet cracker-hackers), you may need to enter the coordinates for Hyde Park DUT manually.

After entering the data, you should have a chart with Sun 311.08 (41.08); MC 82.22; AS 173.28 (83.28)

Letís look first at the Ariespoint axis on the 90 degree chart. As the birthtime was recorded by his father, we will assume it is near precise.

On the Ariespoint axis, we immediately see 16th harmonic clusters correlating with matters he was publicly known for:

  • Involvement with the navy (aquatic military services) shows via planets clustered in alignment with Ariespoint: AR=NE=ZE=VU

  • Involvement with political decision-making: AR=ZE=VU

  • Efficient use of psychology in implementing political goals: The aforementioned =NE=PO

  • Discussions about social change and progress, including technical developments: =MEPL/URCU

  • Prominence as an authority figure, personal dignity: =SU/KR

  • Implementation of populist economic policies: =MAZE/JUHAVU

  • Physical disability =SUMA/HA.

These cover some of the most well-known characteristics of Roosevelt, and logically so, since the correlating pictures are on the Ariespoint axis, which describes one's relationship to the world as a whole, and how any individual is seen out in impersonal public settings and contexts.  Test it on your own chart to see.

More study of his chart comes after a rectification, using data from the, the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, to determine the precision of FDRís birth time.

During rectification, MC and AS values may be rounded to the nearest 15'.  Orbs may be up to 1į.  After compiling several events, values are compared and narrowed. 'xx' indicates day of month not found during research, in which case the 15th is used as midpoint of the month.  Dates are in international scientific standard YMD order.

  • 1904.05.xx - Graduation - BA History, Harvard University.  On May15, d(SA/PO)=MC8215/PO; d(KR/AP)=MC8240/HA.
  • 1905.03.17 - Marriage to Eleanor.  d(SU/MO)=MC8225/PL; dCU=MC8240/UR.
  • 1913.03.17 - Became US Assistant Secretary of the Navy.  dKR=MC8245/CU; dSU=MC8205/ZE=MC8150VU.
  • 1921.08.10 Ė Attacked by polio, leading to paralysis.  dSU/HA=MC8245/MA; d(SU/NE)=MC8215.
  • 1929.01.xx -- Became Governor of New York.  dVU=MC8245/PL; dSU=MC8155/KR.
  • 1933.Mar.04 -- Began first term as US President. d(KR/VU)=MC8210/AD; d(PL/KR)=MC8222; dMC8227=MA/VU.
  • 1945.Apr.12 Ė Died of cerebral hemhorrage. d(MA/SA)=MC8240/UR; dAD=MC8250/KR; dPO=MC8210/NE; dSA=AS8315/AD; dSU=MC8245/SA


First let's look at Roosevelt's chart with the validated birth time.

1882.Jan.30; 20h46 LMT; Hyde Park, Dutchess county, USA-New York 73w56 x 41n47, yielding MC 22GE22 (8222), AS 23VI28 (8328).

Ruth Brummund points out that Sun, Mars, and Mercury/Jupiter midpoint are the three main personality axes in most cases, the exceptions being where any of them overlaps to where there is less than 2 degrees between them.

In Franklin Roosevelt's chart, Sun and Mars do overlap, and so we choose Zeus instead of Mars. Note that we choose a replacement for Mars whenever there is a cluster (SU=MA) or secondary cluster (SU=SA/MA) in a chart, and this in turn implies that Mars is very much an integral part of the native's vital energies. Those with a SU.MA cluster have arrived in this lifetime with built-in courage and an ability to get things done, and, if evolved, do so unselfishly and therefore graduate and move on to the next similar energy of Zeus as the alternate personality axis. Zeus of source is out in the social planetary realm beyond Pluto and Cupido and it addresses the capacity to coordinate one's energies effectively with others.  If mature, it does so well. If not, battles and conflicts, or other forms of energy wastage result. Roosevelt of course was faced with a virtual necessity to fight war or surrender to a very aggressive ideology (Fascism) that advocated social-darwinist rule by the most aggressive, and the liquidation of opponents. Such issues most certainly correlate with Mars and Zeus issues and their temperance with genuine spiritual consciousness.

It is remarkable in Uranian Astrology, when used properly with 16th harmonic with +/- 1 degree orbs only (the Brummund Method), that pertinent and salient personal characteristics show up so quickly. No longer, as in pre-1970s Hamburg School and its English translations, do we sit down to a complex chart of innumerable, fragmented components, a potpourri of planetary pictures, having no focus for determining central personality characteristics for spotting core personality factors.

The MC remains a key personality factor, but as a mathematical point measured in reference to the Earth. Rather than a planet-like body, the MC is a reference point rather than a dynamic energy point. So we proceed to midpoints on key planets (or midpoints between planets) for analysis. This gives us more of a reference to how the individual actively manifests collective universal energies (of planets), thus yielding the significance of the individual in relation to society and the cosmos, yet we pay special attention to midpoints involving MC and AS that fall on the active planetary factors. The MC is the point in the sky above, indicating one's aspirations. The Ascendant is the point on the eastern horizon, where one encounters the earthly environment around oneself.

Let's look at the midpoint pictures on the Sun in Roosevelt's chart and how amazingly clearly they summarize core personality charactertistics that Roosevelt was noted for, as well as the brunt of his actions.


Ruth sometimes lists each midpoint separately, and I often combine those containing mutual factors. In this case, there is an intermediate notation. If you look at the midpoint listing in the Special Uranian program, you will see how the previous list combines factors showing adjacent within the list, and repeats factors shared among midpoints occurring further out in the solar system. This retains an element of the graduation from personal planets near the Earth on out to social and transpersonal factors distant from the Earth (and our Sun).

SU=MA gives great courage and willpower, and energy. Despite Roosevelt's setback by poliomyelitis in his 30s, he remained remarkably determined, decisive, and courageous in leading a nation to victory against tremendous odds. SU= AR/MCAS alone show how much participation in public life was part and parcel of Roosevelt's lifetime as US President.

SU=AR/MCASVESAAP show his active involvement in public education, as well as his partnership with his loyal and education-focused wife-as-partner. Through Eleanor Roosevelt's active involvement, the NYA (National Youth Administration), a predecessor of the CETA (Comprehensive Employment Training Administration, dissolved under the Reagan-Bush administration) sought to resolve unemployment and social problems by means of practical employment education and skills training programs that actually empowered disfranchised young people to participate economically and build their own success. Perhaps under no other American presidency did equality of the sexes gain such tremendous strides -- for while Franklin Roosevelt was anything but weak, he also allowed his wife Eleanor to take an active role as his co-president, and champion equal rights for women. (Remember that Apollon, as well as Venus, correlates with issues of equality and freedom, and Apollon on a much broader social scale.) And although much work remained, and still remains, in terms of equality of rights and opportunities for disfranchised and stigmatized ethnic minorities, some powerful initial strides toward decreasing racial discrimination and other inequalities of opportunity occurred during the Roosevelt Administration (including policies authored under Roosevelt's leadership but implemented after his death).

SU =MC/NEZEVU Roosevelt was long actively involved in the Naval military forces (NEZEVU) and in fact was appointed to an administrative role in the US Navy prior to his New York governorship and US presidency. Manifesting many of the highest potentials of Neptune, his political measures were often infused with empathy and compassion, seeking to resolve the muddle of unresolved manifestations of the collective unconscious.

SU =MO/UR Progressive and spontaneous in emotional nature, Roosevelt sought a partner of similar temperament, and he and Eleanor worked independently to advocate for social progress, among which was public electrification projects to bring electrical technology to the majority of the American nation.

SU =ME/AD This configuration gave Roosevelt the mental focus to think issues through thoroughly and address reality in depth.  He could say much while using few words.

SU= JU/SACUAP Roosevelt succeeded by putting restraints on the extravagance and opportunism of the oligarchy and sought to return the fruits of labor to those who produced it, reminding the wealthy that their wealth was derived from the labor of others who merited a fair share of the benefits. Note that this picture can also be extened to include ZE and VU, to JUZEVU/SACUAP. Social and economic justice were put into application via mandatory restraints on extravangance and excessive wealth, accomplished through strong administrative measures. A balance of power was effectively struck with the influential commercial power-brokers to re-establish equality and social justice. Such measures did much to reduce the frequency of social poverty without causing hardship of any substantial nature on the wealthy who made the required concessions.

SU =PL/AD Roosevelt was able to resolve the most profound obstacles in his own life, include the ability to take an active role in leading one of the largest countries on the Earth, ultimately effecting a radical transformation of the nation he led, to practically pick it up and turn it around in a new direction. America was reborn from the shambles of a devastating economic collapse to what was to become the world's leading superpower for a number of years.

SU =CU/HAKR Included among Roosevelt's political associates were leaders of the common people, alongside the previously ruling elite. He integrated labor union leaders and disfranchised minority groups into his administration. He effectively rectified problems created by unrestrained corporate economics and its polarization with the revolutionary instincts of the economically disfranchised with legislated economic and social checks and balances that brought about reconciliation and populist democratization. In the process, the lofty learned humility, and the disfranchised attained dignity, and the evils of the extremes of both poverty and extravagance were gradually tapered down.

SU=ZEVU/AP Roosevelt functioned in many ways as a commercial administrator of the nation, enacting mandates to implement equality and peace for as long as possible, while the world raged in international warfare, and as the necessity of war to protect his nation from the encroachment of the inhumane and genocidal policies of international corporate Fascism, Roosevelt built upon his military experience to lead the American nation to the verge of victory and later peace. His international policies were in many ways the antithesis of those of his opponents, who sought to subjugate poorer nations into colonial status. Roosevelt sought to promote legal equality for all races and nations, in part through his and Eleanor's active involvement in the formation of the United Nations (despite venomous resistance from opponents continued from the League of Nations era, and still continuing today), promotion of self-determination for less powerful countries, and tapering off of the colonial system.... a willingness to forego the imperial policies of earlier Republican administrations.  The USA prospered, and gained great respect in the international community due to these policies.

Roosevelt's critics were primarily among the excessively wealthy, who had to pay more taxes from their overabuncance of wealth to finance his social programs -- they could afford to do so. Other opposition came from those swayed by the media influence and clamor of this element, and assorted sycophants and tailcoat-riders of minimal social or spiritual consciousness. Otherwise, Roosevelt was highly popular among the general public, who benefited from his policies. He was attacked by the Republican-owned media as a leftist, a label used to describe anyone who disagreed with them -- yet the most radical of his policies were conservative in comparison to those of ruling leaders and parties of most other wealthy, yet better-educated, western democracies of then and of now. Roosevelt simply sought to bring America forward into the times, toward the future, rectify social injustices, and create greater social harmony nationwide and internationally. And in doing so, brought America closer than it had ever been to the original principles espoused in the Declaration of Independence, which his own ancestors fought to enact, and which conservatives have sought to obscure and distort, often with hypocritical religious dogma.

Ruth has often pointed out that clusters showing on the 90 degree chart are often indicators of salient personality characteristics and life tendencies. For Roosevelt we see:

VE=SA=AP and ME=PL and NO=PO:  The Venus cluster we have already addressed... involvement in education through his close professional relationship with his wife. Mercury.Pluto his resoucefulness in coming up with new ideas to adapt to the challenges of the times, and considerable effort was put into language translation to share in ideas with other nations. Node.Poseidon indicates contacts with highly-knowledgeable and universally spirit-conscious individuals, and his own ultimate reciprocation of these qualities into his contacts.

As we saw above, the Sun axis alone points out so much of this already. World War II was seen by the eminent metaphysician Alice Bailey as a polarization between the forces of light and the forces of darkness, or between humane values and crass materialism, and Roosevelt was seen as a medium for the forces of light in battling the dark ethnocentrism, genocide, dehumanization, and materialism of Hitler and Mussolini and Tojo. In part, the conflict was an ideological and psychological one, even though ultimately focused on acquisition of land and natural and financial resources. Roosevelt, aided by the wisdom of his connections, was able to subtly direct energies to bring about greater dignity and equality to the various populations within his own nation, as well as to numerous other nations, through his breadth of perspective and innate sense of fairness.

What do we see on Roosevelt's second personality axis (indicated above) that addresses nearly all these issues? While his opponent, Hitler, implemented a policy of 'Schrecklichkeit' or control by fear of non-Aryan 'terrorists', Roosevelt made his statement on the psychology of fear: "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself". And he advocated actively for the Four Freedoms for America and for all nations:

  • Freedom of Speech. (i.e. the right to communicate freely, without censorship)
  • Freedom of Worship. (i.e. No Imposed State Religion, leaving such matters up to individual or family choice)
  • Freedom from Want. (i.e. conscious government efforts to alleviate and minimize poverty through active rectification of economic injustice maintained by coercion, blackmail, or discriminatory practices)
  • Freedom from Fear. (i.e. the restraint and minimization of intimidating and coercive social and political elements, along with encouragement of the populace)

These were radical proposals after the crass materialism and gentrification of thw 1920s, and yet were effectively implemented in the 50s and 60s and 70s, in many although not all ways. 

Yet, did those exist by 2007-2008, and if not, why not ???

Why were we instead dominated by the revived crass Robber Baron corporate fascist network that Roosevelt temporarily neutralized?


Joseph Lash: Eleanor and Franklin, Norton, New York 1971.