Pluto, Mali, and the Jihadists

2013 by L Blake Finley, M.A.

Last Updated 2013.Feb.08

(NOTE: Some of this information has been previously mentioned the 21st century uranian newsletter.)


Pluto has been clustered (in a 16th harmonic aspect) with the fixed geodetic Ascendant near Gao, the hub of the religious fanatic cult that have been pillaging the ancient Malian cultural heritage site in Timbuktu recently.  At the same time, Pluto has been clustered with a geodetic MC of  7 to 9 Aries in neighboring areas.  What does this mean in terms or locating likely problem sources?


Not everyone agrees on the influence of Pluto on earthly life, although there are many overlaps in the various viewpoints.  There are several factors that complicate Pluto interpretations, one of them being that, like Uranus and Neptune as a trans-Saturnian factor, it represents, in part, matters that are beyond conventional materialistic thought, although all three planets can manifest through clearly evident things or phenomena that are designed to facilitate social or 'transpersonal' developments, and potential social balance and harmonization if the right choices are effected.

At least one observer of the erratically-orbiting Pluto is colored by its variable (over time) distance from the Sun (and from Earth, where we live and are impacted, correspondingly), and therefore also its proximity to neighboring planets.  Alfred Witte conjectured in the early 20th century that not only is Earth impacted by the planets, but also that the planets are impacted by the Sun -- and that, by extension, the planets in some ways reflect back the emissions of the Sun to other planets including Earth.  Here Witte emphasized the idea the planets may not always emit energies as much as they reflect the giant, powerful solar energies which in part keep them in orbit where they are... an interesting concept to ponder.

Another consideration in interpretation is that initial observations of any new phenomenon often note the more conspicuous and less subtle characteristics, and that sometimes puts a focus on the most troublesome manifestations.  Pluto has no doubt manifest problematic situations at times, and there was a reaction to go to opposite extremes of denial and wishful prettification. In sum, it might be wise to consider both as potential, as Pluto does prove to be concerned with potential, and that can range the gamut from dealing with the raw and primal to the polishing and refinement of things and situations to their greatest potential. And Pluto can range from serving 'Universal Welfare' as indicated by CC Zain/Elbert Benjamine of the Luxor Brotherhood of Light, to manifesting as the sort of marauding piracy and destruction inflicted by the radical religious fanatic cults that have caused so much grief recently in Mali, or the Ayn Randian crudeness and shortsightedness of opportunists and plutocrats who might be control the cult zombies like puppets. 

In the case of the Mali situation, cults can be, and often are, political and/or financial vehicles, and this includes not only  'Islamic Jihad' warlike fanaticism, but also its Christian 'Jihadist' counterpart which has manifest in the bloody Crusades and Inquisitions of various sorts over the centuries... all of which have manifest primarily in conditions of ignorance and illiteracy, and are engineered for objectives of greed and power. As Pluto has been on the fixed geodetic Ascendant in the region most affected by turmoil, it means that outsiders with Plutonian motives have been meddling in Mali's affairs.


The fixed-angle geodetic system (where Grimm and Sepharial vary slightly on precise values). Shows that Pluto, around 7 to 9 Capricorn, has been opposite (within orb of influence) the geodetic Ascendant in the city of Gao in Mali, the recent hub of the Jihadist movement that occupied, terrorized and partially destroyed the ancient cultural capital of Timbuktu, also in Mali.  When planets contact the Ascendant, it means energy coming from outside the indicated area, and is coming FROM areas where that same planet is overhead on the fixed MC. This is symbolized by the concept of MC as 'self' and Ascendant as 'others'.  As we can even estimate on the world geodetic map below, it means Pluto energy coming from Tunisia, central Niger, east central Nigeria, and the coastal areas of Cameroun, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon.  .

Recent news reports show strong Jihadist movements in most of those areas, especially problematic in Tunisia.  Furthermore, recent maps showing the area controlled by the Jihadists to include eastern Mali (where Gao is located), western Niger, the Algeria-Libya border region, pointing northward to the Tunisian capital at Tunis.  Wherever capital cities are involved, there is a probability that the influence is somewhat nationwide, and probably condoned either by the government or by other non-government organizations powerful in the capital. Note that Pluto also hovers over Libreville, the capital of Gabon.  However, Pluto also extends northward into Europe, and this puts an interesting light on historical multi-national psy-ops that use and manipulate religious cults (still today, for the unwary or naive) to carry out covert political objectives.  We also know from observations over time the Pluto can in some cases operate covertly and be sneaky, particularly in the case of exploitative motives... i.e. shortsighted Pluto indifferent to Universal Welfare, or what one might call "Ayn Rand on Steroids" extolling the grand old "virtues" of selfIshness. Pluto in its lower forms, operating from fear or from greed (or both together), can also impede natural change and evolution by restraining natural development in a desire to maintain control -- even to the point of volcanic outbursts or destruction (figuratively or literally), in very worst cases, to finally release the needed change. Both religious fanaticism and cult control (often twins joined at the hip) are common tools for suppressing natural evolution of social situations as well as individuals, and the resolution of the suppression can be chaotic if not consciously directed to unfold in a gradual and constructive way.

The simultaneous location of Pluto over politically-significant European cities to the north matches with information uncovered by investigators of World War 2 fascism and its continuation after 1945, including reports from the Wiesenthal Foundation, that Jihadist and other 'Islamist' cults have been psy-op tools for manipulating Middle Eastern economies since as early as World War I, when the Germanic Kaisers (of Germany and Austria) sought motley alliances with the Islamic governments (including the Ottoman Turkish Islamists) to extend economic interests into the oilfields and play on resentments against competing British and French business and colonial interests. This was continued during World War II as German funding and support for sometimes armed Jihadist cults and organizations including the Muslim Brotherhood, affiliated with the Jihadists in Mali and Tunisia and Egypt (whose capital is at the significant 16th harmonic angle to Tunis), and in Milano in Italy, Cagliari in Sicily, Lugano in Switzerland, and the Frankfurt-Mannheim-Stuttgart region of Germany. The post-war Nazi and Fascisti underworld operations have included extensive meddling in Egyptian, Palestinian, and Saudi politics that contributed to the wars with Israel in 1948, 1967, and 1973. The claim that the Italian Fascist were anti-mafia is only half true, as the Fascisti opposed only the mafia clans that opposed them, and recruited the rest. Banks in Lugano Switzerland have been a major repository for money funding post-1945 Nazi underworld paramilitary and terrorist operations in general, and Stuttgart is a German federal prison and psy-op experimentation center where Jihadist cultists have been housed, including those associated with the 'Black September' organization that committed the murders of Israeli athletes in the Munich Olympics in the early 1970s.  All this is Pluto at its worst -- the underworld money, the revenge for defeat in World War II with intended revival, the brutality of the primal greed that created World War II fascism, and the readiness to destroy.

The Jihadists can and perhaps should be seen as puppets, as cult/s created to destabilize the regions they attack, as was clearly the case per historical accounts of past 'Islamist' cults in Palestine and Egypt during and after World War II.  Their backward religious views keeps the Middle East in the Stuck in the Past culturally and economically while serving as political puppets to carry out post-war Axis fascist objectives in the region -- most often, control of or access to oil fields and other mineral rights -- and suppress the power of Middle Eastern countries to modernize and become competitive in the world market through education and access to needed tools.  This is recognized by many educated Middle Easterners who have not developed the power to do much about it.  It is also complicated by other foreign interests who similarly seek to keep the Middle East population below potential.  Niger (where Pluto is overhead now) is remote and generally improverished, but is rich in uranium reserves, and Pluto is also overhead above main oilfields of Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon.  There is thus a pattern of Jihadist centers near oil-producing regions, coincidentally.  These areas are naturally desired by global mineral investment banks and corporations, and Frankfurt (Pluto recently overhead) is of course the headquarters of the European Central Bank that controls the Deutschmark turned Euro currency. While Germany refuses to officially participate in the West African wars with troops, the question remains if segments of German intelligence continue to in fact participate via longtime interface with the Jihadist puppet cults.  As one analyst put it, the Nazis were and are the German Mafia, and their political heirs remain nested in the German political infrastructure.

All this may sound a bit too complex to be real to those who do not understand the traditions and current realities of German and Axis fascist politics and their historical development from the tricks of Machiavelli and Metternich -- but to those who do, it shouldn't be surprising.  Meanwhile, Pluto has simultaneously been overhead in Davos Switzerland, where the uber-rich meet to make global corporatist economic plans.

MC locations at 45 and 22.5 multiple angles may also be involved, which would point locally to:  Cairo/Qahira in Egypt, areas immediately to the east of Congo/Zaire including western Urganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania; and the far eastern regions of South Africa around Swaziland, where the old Apartheid-built Inkatha cult was long based -- and Tehran in Iran, which has a curious relationship with German intelligence operations for many years (Germany is Iran's biggest trading partner), and the western Emirates and Oman-Yemen border area (including Dhofar) and the eastern oil-rich Rub Alkhali desert region of Saudi Arabia.

It is quite significant that Pluto is overhead in such European and African economic power hubs while all these events take place, and the outcome will be determined by how aware those shaping future directions are of the political and economic realities, and the choices those with the power make.  Re-colonization is and no doubt will be a theme as events unfold -- and whether oil-dependency (and uranium nuclear power dependency) is perpetuated or not will also likely have an effect over time.  For in a solar- and wind-powered world, neither oil nor uranium would no longer be such (unneccesarily) precious commodities.  This also emphasizes the idea that Uranus square Pluto has the potential to bring freedom through technical developments and transformations.  The Saharan desert nearly surrounding Mali is rich in sun and wind, but worthless in a world where the synthetically-created market for oil instead prevails.  Will the world economy make that transformation?  It means the transformation from energy accessible only to those who can afford oil rigs, to energy far more readily accessible to more ordinary and numerous people around the globe.


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