Martin Luther King II

 Universal Man of Courage, Compassion, and Social Justice 


© by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics, ABD-2


Martin Luther King was a man whose reverence for the peaceful methods of pressing for social change, whose compassion was an inspiration to many, and whose speeches rang like music through the atmosphere of wherever he went, was also assassinated due to his threat to the selfish interest of an arrogant and entrenched retrogressive social order.  Here we look at some of the main midpoint axes in his chart, and proceed to a rectification to clarify his birth time.

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This article is being posted on 2005.Oct.25, as news is sent out that Ms Rosa Parks, a contemporary and woman of similar spirit and conviction as Dr King, died today. This article about Dr King is therefore dedicated in her honor, and to commemorate her courage in standing up to social injustice and retrograde ignorance and hatred.


A more appropriate time could not exist for a study of the chart of humanitarian leader Dr Martin Luther King II. Although the conservative American media typed him during his life as a man who represented only the 'special interests' of people of his own race, nothing could be further from the realities, as witnessed in his autobiography and in reviewing the awesomely inspiring speeches he presented, some of which I will quote from below. Dr King was an Afro-American minister and civil rights leader who studied and taught some of the social and spiritual beliefs of the great Mahatma Gandhi. Dr King was not a racial isolationist, but saw all people as brothers and sisters, and made extended efforts to make American society an integrated multi-racial society rather than a compartmentalized collection of ethnically isolated and segregated communities. While Dr King was a Christian, he did not advocate the superiority of his religion or any other religion. He saw the struggle of Mahatma Gandhi to break down the antiquated Hindu Caste system as similar to his fight for equal rights for poor and disfranchised Americans for education and economic opportunity... the issue was the tyranny of a child's being typed at birth due to artificial social class determiners (whether racial, ideological, ethnic, or parents' economic class) rather than the ability of the individual to develop and contribute to society in a constructive way.... one of the most critical transitions from antiquated feudal social systems to a modern democratic society. Were Dr King alive today, he would still see that much continues to be done in this area both in America and other countries.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr was born 1929.Jan.15 at 11h29am CST6hW in Atlanta USA-Georgia, per astrologer Mary Frances Wood. We will also seek to validate or rectify this time via Uranian methods and life events.

Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968, when I was only 12 years old. Impressionable as a child, I believed what I heard in the media, parroted by adults. The lies of the de-facto conservative media sealed my impression of Dr King until I first saw quotes from Dr King's speeches engraved on panels beneath the King memorial waterfalls at Moscone Center park in San Francisco, and my awareness shifted radically. The profundity of these quotes had me in such awe that I was compelled to return on my lunch break the next day with pen and paper and record them. They indicate to me that Dr King was not a just a parochial fanatic, but in reality another universal Man Ahead of His Time (like Alfred Witte, Nikola Tesla, and like the Woman Ahead of Her Time Indira Gandhi)... all these people lived during the 20th Century but were of the spirit of the Higher Essence of the 21st Century. Were they, in a sense, prophets? The quotes also verified that rather than being just a racial-minority religious zealot, as popular media painted him to be, Dr Mr Luther King was a Great Spirit of a high level of universal consciousness who spoke profound truths that applied to all people of all races, not only in the 1960s but still today, perhaps even moreso. The US Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, in which Dr King was a leader, was not composed exclusively of Black Afro-Americans, or of Native Americans, but of people of all races and ethnic backgrounds who were spiritually appalled at the compartmentalization of American society according to race and socio-economic class (which were often synonymous in some regions)… America's own version of Apartheid. In the years following Dr King's assassination, the conservative media encouraged further racial and ethnic compartmentalization rather than unity, pushing for ethnic "pride" to divide and alienate society into ethnic groupings, rather than respect, compassion, and subsequent unity. Today, Americans are told that our society is no longer a cultural `melting pot', but a cultural `tossed salad'. Why? Often ethnically-segregated and antiquated fundamentalist ideologies focused on past times rather than current realities are triggering our infrastructures to founder and crumble. The USA, once a model of justice and equality, is becoming one of the more economically gentrified and socio-economically unequal countries on the planet Earth due to recent political regression, decay, and plutocracy. Many Americans are demoralized by all this, as we have seen the high ideals and principles of our constitution warped and destroyed by power-addicts out of control. What can be done to revive hope for the future?

Dr King's words still echo loudly while reading each sentence, as though he truly was a messenger of a Higher Spiritual Power telling us about times to come. Rather than rattle incessantly about nightmares of an inevitable Armageddon, as many of his religious colleagues do today, he presented solutions to the problems and hope for the future, prompting personal empowerment and optimism rather than fearful resignation to a 'predetermined fate'.

Following are some of his universal and futuristic quotes:


How does this relate to today even more than it did to circa 1965?


This timeless statement can be applied to everyday life. It caused me to question my life path deeply, asking myself how it applies to the way I live my life every day.


-- perhaps more pertinent to the 21st century than to the 1960s... the global corporate media is displacing social consciousness with mindless and primal shopping-mall consumerism, just as Nazism and Fascism have encouraged mass murder and ethnocentric arrogance to justify greed and exploitation of people and material resources. At worst, today, impoverished children are allowed to die because their parents have no money for corporate health `care'. `Sweat-shops' reminiscent of the `concentration camps' of the 1940s still exist, owned by am extravagantly wealthy economic class parroting empty religious dogma but whose actions in fact seem devoid of soul-consciousness or compassion, using politico-religious power to exploit millions of the Earth's inhabitants and natural resources. Children from poor families go with inadequate education as public funds are yanked from public schools and instead privatized schools under corporate control are presented to children whose parents can afford them, the poor children robbed of opportunities for a decent life, while others live in senseless extravagance.

Dr Martin Luther King perhaps saw the levity of these issues in the making... and his words ring in many ways more true now than they did when he first spoke them. And he provides us with ideas for solutions.

As we look at his chart, let's see how Dr King's planetary configurations correlated with his convictions and life events.

Before ascertaining Dr King's birthtime via rectification, let's look at the pictures formed by his Sun, by clicking on the Sun on his chart and viewing the symmetry of the pictures…. Or by using the Uranian Data table to note his Sun's 22.5 position at 02.37, and then looking for midpoints and planets within 1 degree of 02.37 in the Uranian Midpoints table. Here, I have selected those midpoint interpretations from the Brummund Rulebook that jumped out at me as seeming to be most pertinent:



SU.VE.VU (from Brummund Rulebook) 

* intensely attractive or attracted - passionate - high-spirited - strong-willed - capable of being very loving - even-tempered - harmonizing - has yearnings - attracted to strength and influence - artistically productive - enjoys one's strength or influence - athletic -- driven by desires - compulsive - flirtatious - vain - abusive of power or influence - needs self-control

* Passionate men - Intense longings of/for someone - High-impact personal sympathy - Powerful attractions relating to men - Enjoyment relating to physical strength - Making of peace between men - Victory - Days or years of great joy or artistic influence - Attractions relating to power sports - Power or influence relating to love - Power in relation to amiable men


Synthesis: King's influence as an amiable man contributed to the victory of his yearning to make peace between men. The Sun represents the male archetype, and characteristics of pictures involving the Sun may have been inherited from his father (who was also a charismatic religious minister). The love of his wife empowered him.


SU=HA/PO (from Brummund Rulebook)

* knowledgeable of private matters - understands obscurities - retrospective - interested in historical or causal factors - needs to overcome the past - insightful about non-solid, non-physical, or unmaterialized factors - needs enlightenment - needs knowledge - needs pragmatism - needs optimism

* Intelligent private or reclusive men - Insights into non-solid, non-physical, or unmaterialized factors - Clarity relating to obscure or unknown factors - Opinions relating to handicaps or disadvantage/s - Discrimination relating to ideological matters - Cultural handicaps or disadvantage/s.

Synthesis: King had great metaphysical insight and was knowledgeable of obscurities. He was at times reclusive, and was worsted by misunderstanding and disadvantages relating to his opinions, and dealt with issues of cultural jeaopardy, and likely found enlightenment through retrospection.

SU=SA/CU (from Brummund Rulebook)

* steadfast - enduring - persistent - attached to family - attracted to mature persons

* Stabilizing marriages - Perseverance relating to husbands and cooperation - Unity despite physical departures or distancing - Days or years of shared or social problems - Restraint/s or separations affecting communal life

Synthesis: King was attracted to mature persons, strongly attached to his family, with whom he shared deep unity despite many separations. He encountered many family problems, social restraints, and social problems, remaining steadfast and persistent.

SU=MO/NE (from Brummund Rulebook)

* intuitive - empathic - sensitive - tender - mediumistic - interested in unseen or unclarified factors - highly imaginative - future-oriented - misunderstood

* Sensitive husbands - Tender or delicate wives - Sharing of the future - Mediumistic states - Physical fluidity - Times of suspense - Ambiguities with the public in relation to men -- Partner's moodiness - Emotional uncertainty or instability or insecurity - Confusion relating to partnerships - Disillusionment among partners - Dissolution or denial or withdrawal affecting partnerships - Mutual deception

Synthesis: King was highly intuitive and empathic (even mediumistic, which we may see in his Mandala if the 11h29 birth time is correct). At times he and his wife likely felt disillusionment as they were separated, or due to ambiguities in his relations to the public, yet he remained imaginative and future-oriented. Photos of him with his wife vividly show expressions of the empathic communion he shared with her.

SU=UR/PO (from Brummund Rulebook)

* mentally agile - highly perceptive - has lightning-like perceptions - inspired - enlightened - genuine - bright - open - candid - seeks truth - insightful - understanding - sees the overview - progressive in spirit - ideologically rebellious or disruptive

* Sudden notions - Sudden realizations relating to someone - Unexpected clarity relating to men - Surprising truths or facts relating to individuals - Manifestation relating to individual genius - Enlightenment - Spiritual or intellectual stimuli - Clarity relating to physical tension - Stimuli relating to insights about the body or objects - Light-bearers - Days or years of sudden realizations or surprising facts - Ideas which create tension – Upsets relating to truth or facts - Propaganda

Synthesis: King stimulated others spiritually and intellectually with his enlightened and progressive spirit, contributing to surprises out among the public, and sometimes reactions of tension in response to the facts and truth he presented.


* In worldly dealings: intuitive - progressive or innovative - original - dynamic - responds quickly - unpredictable - stimulating - technically-inclined - mathematically-inclined - gifted with rhythm - reformist - likes the new or innovative - future-oriented -- tense or stressed - spasmodic

* Personal premonitions - Intuitive people - Surprises out in the world - Astonishment in public settings - Adventurous people - Surprising days -- Widespread tension among men - Restless or turbulent times - Nervousness out in the world - Years of tension or stress - Public unrest

Synthesis: King was progressive and dynamic, and lived through many surprising days and turbulent times of public unrest, yet responded quickly with an eye to future reforms.  He lived through times of public unrest.

These are only some of the midpoint pictures formed with King's Sun. Further study of the pictures on his MC will reveal more about his inner nature, as will a study of his Mandala.

Martin Luther King was clearly no ordinary man, yet his compassion for the happiness and well-being of ordinary people was outstanding, as was his courage, revealed by looking at his Mars axis, as well as his Mandala… (to come, in another 21st Century Uranian Astrology lesson).

Dr King's courage and dynamism, and the power of his conviction led to worldwide recognition, including the award of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

The man's light (AR=PO =AP =MC/SU) shone so brightly that forces of darkness threatened by it came to extinguish him in 1968.

Shortly after his death, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi presented to his wife, Coretta Scott King, the highly esteemed Nehru Award for his high-impact social actions. Following is the speech delivered by Ms Gandhi shortly after the time Dr King was assassinated.

Speech by 

Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India,

 at the presentation of the Jawaharial Nehru Award for International Understanding 

to Coretta Scott King:

This is a poignant moment for all of us. We remember vividly your last visit to our country. We had hoped that on this occasion, Dr. King and you would be standing side by side on this platform. That was not to be. He is not with us but we feel his spirit. We admired Dr. King. We felt his loss as our own. The tragedy rekindled memories of the great martyrs of all time who gave their lives so that men might live and grow. We thought of the great men in your own country who fell to the assassin's bullet and of Mahatma Gandhi's martyrdom here in this city, this very month, twenty-one years ago. Such events remain as wounds in the human consciousness, reminding us of battles, yet to be fought and tasks still to be accomplished. We should not mourn for men of high ideals. Rather we should rejoice that we had the privilege of having had them with us, to inspire us by their radiant personalities. So today we are gathered not to offer you grief, but to salute a man who achieved so much in so short a time. It is befitting, Madam, that you whom he called the "courage by my side", you who gave him strength and encouragement in his historic mission, should be with us to receive this award.

You and your husband both had foreseen that death might come to him violently. It was perhaps inherent in the situation. Dr. King chose death for the theme of a sermon, remarking that he would like to be remembered as a drum major for justice, for peace and for righteousness. When you were once asked what you would do if your husband were assassinated, you were courage personified, replying that you might weep but the work would go on. Your face of sorrow, so beautiful in its dignity coupled with infinite compassion, will forever be engraved in our hearts.

Mahatma Gandhi also had foreseen his end and had prepared himself for it. Just as training for violence included learning to kill, the training for non-violence, he said, included learning how to die. The true badge of the satyagrahi is to be unafraid.

As if he too had envisaged the martyrdoms of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Rabindranath Tagore once sang:

In anger we slew him,

With love let us embrace him now,

For in death he lives again amongst us,

The mighty conqueror of death.

This award, Madam, is the highest tribute our nation can bestow on work for understanding and brotherhood among men. It is named after a man who himself was a peace-maker and who all his life laboured passionately for freedom, justice and peace in India and throughout the world. Dr. Martin Luther King's struggle was for these same values. He paid for his ideals with his blood, forging a new bond among the brave and the conscientious of all races and all nations.

Dr. King's dream embraced the poor and the oppressed of all lands. His work ennobled us. He spoke of the right of man to survive and recognized three threats to the survival of man--racial injustice, poverty and war. He realised that even under the lamp of affluence which was held aloft by science, lay the shadow of poverty, compelling two-thirds of the peoples of the world to exist in hunger and want. He proclaimed that mankind could be saved from war only if we cared enough for peace to sacrifice for it.

Dr. Martin Luther King drew his inspiration from Christ, and his method of action from Mahatma Gandhi. Only through truth can untruth be vanquished. Only through love can hatred be quenched. This is the path of the Buddha and of Christ, and in our own times, that of Mahatma Gandhi and of Martin Luther King.

They believed in the equality of all men. No more false doctrine has been spread than that of the superiority of one race over another. It is ironical that there should still be people in this world who judge men not by their moral worth and intellectual merit but by the pigment of their skin or other physical characteristics.

Some governments still rest on the theory of racist superiority-- such as the governments of South Africa and the lawless regime in Rhodesia. Unregenerate groups in other countries consider one colour superior to another. Our own battle is not yet over. Caste and other prejudices still survive, but most of us are ashamed of them and recognise them as evils to be combated. We are trying hard to eradicate them.

While there is bondage anywhere, we ourselves cannot be fully free. While there is oppression anywhere, we ourselves cannot soar high. Martin Luther King was convinced that one day the misguided people who believed in racial superiority would realise the error of their ways. His dream was that white and black, brown and yellow would live and grow together as flowers in a garden with their faces turned towards the sun. As you yourself said, "All of us who believe in what Martin Luther King stood for, must see to it that his spirit never dies". That spirit can never die. There may be setbacks in our fight for the equality of all men. There may be moments of gloom. But victory must and will be ours. Let us not rest until the equality of all races and religions becomes a living fact. That is the most effective and lasting tribute that we can pay to Dr. King.

- Indira Gandhi, New Delhi, India: January 24, 1969

Ms Gandhi, herself, of course, was also assassinated later on for her equally controversial and futuristic stands on social and economic democracy.


Martin Luther King II rectification:

Let's start by entering Dr King's birth data: 1929Jan15 in Atlanta USA-Georgia at 11h29am CST6hW (rectified from 11h30am, per astrologer Mary Frances Wood.)

First I looked for directions at the time of King's assassination… MA.SA =Death. After displaying Dr King's chart on the screen, I typed in 2004.04.04 for the Level2 (former 'Study Chart') data, selected Solar Arc chart, right-clicked on the directed Mars position in the outer circle, and selected the MA/SA midpoint from the list. d(MA/SA) =radix AS (within 01' of arc)… could indicate that the 11h29 birth time is already correct.

1944Sep20 - began college studies SA.AP or SA.PO =education (AP=experience, PO=theory) dAP =AS/SA, exact if AS=33.50circa d(SA/AP) =SU d(SA/PO) =MC/AD, exact if MC=19.55circa

1948Feb25 - ordination as religious minister KR.PO =Authority on ideological, spiritual, or intellectual matters d(KR/PO) =MC/CU, exact if MC=20.50circa, confirming 11h29 birth. MC.CU =My community or organization and dPO =AS/HA, exact if AS=33.25circa, again confirming 11h29 birth. "To light up darkness around others"

1955Jun05 - awarded Doctorate of Theology degree d(KR/PO) =MC/SU, exact if MC=21.00circa

1956Jan30 - home bombed dUR =SU/ZE; d(UR/AD) =AS, exact if AS=33.13, 11' from 11h29 AS.

1964Dec10 - Nobel Peace Prize d(KR/AP) =MC, exact if MC 43.29, 08' from 11h29 MC.

--- The 11h29 birth time rectified by Mary Frances Wood is again confirmed, using Uranian rectification methods as taught by Ruth Brummund.


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