Helen Keller

 Success Despite Tremendous Obstacles 


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Helen Keller was a remarkable woman who was able to accomplish what might be seemingly impossible despite the huge challenges of her life.  We look at her chart via today's Uranian Astrology methods to see what they reveal about her.

Chart and graph illustrations produced by the Special Uranian astrology program by Aureas Software... the only computer program designed to correctly perform the techniques presented here and provide similarly appropriate interpretations.


The name Helen Keller is familiar to most Americans, and perhaps many overseas. She was famed for learning to communicate and ultimately complete a college degree despite having the double handicap of both blindness and deafness, which beset her suddenly at an age of only 19 months, caused by a severe illness that manifest what was "brain fever", possibly cerebral meningitis as it is today understood, which caused total loss of her senses of sight and hearing.

Ms Keller has been repeatedly held up as a model of perseverance and success despite extremely challenging obstacles that would have defeated or rendered many people passively resigned to stagnation.

Let's take a look at Ms Keller's chart to see what factors most likely correlate with her early illness and later health challenges…. And also at what factors correlate with the strong will and determination that she utilized to communicate and develop her intellectual potentials despite crippling disabilities.

Helen Keller was born 1880.Jun.27 at 16h00 LMT in Tuscumbia USA-Alabama 34n43 x 87w42. This gives an Ascendant of 234.58 (Data from Penfield 2001 Collection, quoting Wemyss Famous Nativities), and ME Jones Sabian Symbols indicates AS 235.37 (16h03 LMT).  Let's start with the non-rounded time of 16h03 LMT, which at least appears to be derived from more detailed information, and assume more certainty about the time after rectification.

It is suggested that you draw up the chart on your computer program now. With the Special Uranian program, you can use the moveable on-screen midpoint dial to read the following midpoint structures and draw up the Uranian Mandala. There are various ways you can look at the chart while studying and answering the questions in this lesson: 1) You can print this lesson out onto paper and use it alongside the chart and Mandala on the computer screen, or 2) Reduce the size of your internet display window by clicking the square at the upper right corner of the window and dragging the borders of the window to cover the left half of your computer screen, and reduce the size of the 90° chart in the Special Uranian program by dragging the borders of the frame around the chart until it covers only the right half of the window.

Let's take a general glance at Ms Keller's 90° chart. Ruth has pointed out often that immediately visible clusters (`conjunctions' of less than 1° on the natal chart) often correlate with salient personal characteristics of the native. (In terms of traditional astrology, this correlates with close-orb hard aspects, Uranian Astrology recognizing that the negative characteristics of hard aspects often grow and transform into the positive characteristics as the individual grows and matures).

In Helen's chart, we see a Moon.Cupido cluster. Helen was very close to her family, and it was her loving family's support that contributed greatly to her perseverance despite obstacles. In addition, she had an extraordinarily close bond with Annie Sullivan, the woman who taught Helen to read lips, read sign language, communication in sign language, and eventually speak while still being unable to hear others.

We also see a Mars.Vulkanus cluster. This lent her tremendous willpower and determination, and the ability to apply her energies intensively to achieve beyond the norm. However, the MA.VU cluster is also challenged by a midpoint structure that correlates with severe infections or viral illnesses… look at her chart and decide just which configuration that is.

We can see still another cluster which could account for both sudden crises in perception relating to light, and yet also the potential for highly intuitive perceptions which possibly compensated for the loss of other perceptive faculties. Which cluster is that?

While Mercury represents the mind as mental processor, Moon is often more related to the reception of impressions and information. What midpoint on the Moon indicates possible blindness or being in the dark, or semi-conscious? …. And this midpoint would assume that the given birthtime is relatively accurate.

What other midpoint on the Moon would correlate with the sudden loss of perception associated with her early disabilities?

However, Mercury too was affected… her ability to process information and communicate. What midpoint structure falling on Mercury indicates that possible illness or other deficiencies impeded her mental and communicative development? And also note that this same configuration on a positive side indicates the ability to transcend mental and information-processing impediments

Thus, taking a look at the major axes of the Moon and Mercury alone, we can see possible challenges in the areas of perception and communications…. Challenges central to her life and her reputation.

Assuming that her MC is relatively accurate, which midpoint structure relates to attainment of academic status? Of development of, and transformation through persistence, i.e. repeated efforts?

Ariespoint indicates our relationship to the world in general, and subsequently also what we are reputed for. What configuration shows that Helen's actions were outstanding and made a strong impact on the world around her? What picture on this same axis indicates her ability to suddenly burst through obstacles into awareness?

Ruth also points out repeatedly that the Sun is the focal point of personal vitality and physical being, and that study of the Sun midpoint axis reveals essential factors about a native's character. What two midpoint structures on Helen's Sun indicate blocks or difficulties in perception? Impeded mental functions or information processing? Closeness to family and potential for social restrictions? Development of extraordinary strength and willpower? (Notice that these seem to reinforce and validate what we saw looking at clusters alone, out of context of midpoint-axes.)

If you are reading both the lesson and studying the chart on-screen, to properly display the Mandala keywords after the chart-size has been reduced, double-click on the Mandala to display full-screen, and use the combination of Alt+Tab to switch back and forth between windows.

Let's assume for the moment that the 16h03 birth time is correct, and look at Helen's Mandala. ME/JU is less than 2 degrees from Mars, so we need an alternate axis. Mercury is less than 2 degrees from the Sun, so it is not a viable alternative. So let's proceed to choose Jupiter for the third Mandala axis.

Remember that the black dots are planets occurring in high frequency along the 3 Mandala axes and thus assumed to be functioning automatically at a high degree of consciousness, while planets with small empty circles or rings are absent on at least one of those axes and thus not functioning consciously or fully integrated in early life, or projected onto others.


In Helen's Mandala, what shows an ambivalent situation with physical vitality on hand, yet physical impediments on the other, bringing up issues for her relating to self-reliance, will to prevail, and self- mastery?What two factors show strength of subjective perceptiveness yet obstacles impeding personal judgment and perception of more objective realities?

What factors correlate with the close sense of community and love with her family?

Her ability to transform and regenerate despite physical challenges?

Her drive to surpass limitations?

If you are already familiar with Helen Keller and her life story, what other configurations in the Mandala or the chart correlate with what you know about her?

Ruth also emphasizes that the Mandala should be used as a tool to synthesize the individual chart factors into a whole and unified personality assessment. With Helen Keller, we see some one who despite vital physical limitations (SU), impaired reasoning faculties (JU) and intuition of objective essence (PO) was able to transform and regenerate (PL) and ultimately surpass limitations and make remarkable accomplishments (MA and VU) with the aid of her strong perceptiveness and sensitivity (MO), and strong since of cooperation and communion with others as well as inner balance (VE and CU).

Lastly, the accomplishments of Helen Keller were not only unique because of her physical disabilities, but because her accomplishments such as the university degree were rare for women in the times and the conservative southeastern US culture she lived in.

- Presented in 21st Century Uranian Group lessons Sep 2005


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