by L Blake Finley, M A

Using the date of the final agreement signed 2015.Jul.14 in Vienna Austria (after a preliminary The "P5+1" conference was held in Lausanne Switzerland Mar26-Apr02 in 2015):

The signed agreement was made by several key nations at a global conference after one full week of exchange of perspectives in Lausanne, followed by discussions in Vienna over a period of three months -- and all of it in context of keeping Iran from further radicalizing in isolation from the rest of the world. Nations included in the negotiations were UK, France, Russia, China, USA, Germany (P5+1), as well as representatives from the Vatican State, Italy, Oman, Israel, Pakistan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia in initial discussions. Note that this was not an agreement made personally by President Obama with Iran (as some recent US domestic news sources seem to imply), but a broad multinational agreement made after extensive exchanges of information and viewpoints.  Final decisions have been difficult and controversial due to the curiosities of Iranian politics as well as recent political chatter involving advocacy for a "World War 3".

Using 2015Jul14 (date of the final agreement signed in Vienna) as the key date, here are important politically-related geodetic indicators:

Vulkanus (political influence given by the agreement) points to 28:40 cardinals, meaning top political power, due to the agreement, is held in cities including (per Grimm) Tartu Estonia, Mitlini Greece, Shanghai China, Taipei Taiwan, Manila Philippines, Bridgetown Barbados; (and per Sepharial) Rhodes Greece, Istanbul Turkey, Alamein Egypt, Standerton South Africa, Morgans Bay South Africa, Nanjing China, Quemoy Taiwan, Dominica West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago. 

The agreement, notably, thus throws the balance of power along the East China seacoast due to pre-existing global conditions, with key power in the agreement held on both the Chinese mainland and Taiwan (i.e. Kuomintang transnational $$$ increasingly fused into mainland China with its recent economic reforms), unavoidable at this general time with Vulkanus where it is (including Manila). Key power also held in the Aegean Sea, stretching from Istanbul Turkey to Rhodes Greece, and along the border between Russia and the Baltic states, plus Belarus, W Ukraine, and the Black Sea coast of Romania and Bulgaria. Any imbalance of power there can upset the global nuclear applecart. This means that it is in the interest of the whole world now to have a stable and truly popular government in all nations in those areas (including others listed under Vulkanus). Thus, Greece and Turkey, as well as the Baltic States and Finland, should not be neglected by the international community... nor should the Libya-Egypt border region or east central South Africa (incl Morgans Bay naval base and Standerton army base) or the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, the Guyana-Venezuela border region, or the Paraguay-Bolivia border region. Radicalized and volatile governments in western Ukraine and its neighbors, in all directions, are high risk for triggering global nuclear confrontations. Global power could also possibly rest in the rather remote areas of Siberia near 120E longitude.

Pluto (financial considerations affected by the agreement) points to 14:04 cardinals, meaning involvement of financial interests in cities including (per Grimm) Berlin Germany, Malmo Sweden, Salzburg Austria, Palermo Italy, Tripoli Libya, Luanda Angola, Hanoi Vietnam, Trenton New Jersey, Barranquilla Colombia; (per Sepharial) Swinemunde Poland/German border, Frankfurt-Oder German/Poland border, Prague Czech Rep, Linz Austria, Naples Italy, Valletta Malta, Walvis Bay Namibia, Chengdu China, Singapore, Dover Delaware, Medellin Colombia. The Pluto sector indicates who will get the money from the agreement and may be financially motivated in terms of nuclear power finances. This points to areas including those of long-established nuclear power industries in Germany.

Zeus (military factors involved in the agreement) points to 15:57 cardinals, meaning involvement of military installations in cities including (per Grimm) Swinemunde Poland/German border, Frankfurt-Oder German/Poland border, Prague Czech Rep, Linz Austria, Ljubljana Slovenia, Rijeka Croatia, Valletta Malta, Bandung Indonesia, Frigate Shoals Hawaii, Burlington Vermont, Bridgeport Connecticut, Iquitos Peru, Valdivia Chile; (per Sepharial) Longyearbyen Svalbard, Karlskrona Sweden, Zagreb Croatia, Calabria-Messina Italy, Sawknah Libya, Karibib Namibia, UstKut and Kachug Siberia, Yinchuan China, Hanoi Vietnam, Unimak Island Alaska, New York City NY, Newark New Jersey, Bogota Colombia.

The Zeus sector is where any potential firecrackers or fuses for a powderkeg are likely to be located. This points to a need for -equitable- mutual cooperation between Germany and Poland (incl peaceful resolution of old disagreements over borders that could come up), need for peace and stability along the northeast Adriatic coast, central Libya, and calm and peaceful waters along the Atlantic coast of South Africa, the Congos, Angola, and Namibia, as well as the Nigeria-Cameroon border, Vietnam, and the Indonesian capital at Jakarta (interesting and possibly pertinent information about which was recently published in Peter Levenda's book "The Hitler Legacy", re: history of fascist and manufactured pseudo-islamist cult politics in Indonesia), as well as Bering Sea posts in Alaska that need to be controlled by sane people and not loose-cannon wingnuts. This can also include any privately-run foreign paramilitary operations/cults near New York City. This area also includes, in the less powerful 8th harmonic, the eastern border of Iran with Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Zeus sector can however be strongly affected by, even controlled by, power held in the Vulkanus sector stretching along the western Russian border and the Taiwan Strait (see above) or in South Africa, Paraguay-Bolivia border region (incl weird paramilitary camps), or other longitudes indicated above for Vulkanus, including the Canadian Gulf of St Lawrence, northern Labrador, the Bahia Blanca naval region in Argentina, and the western Falkland Islands. These may be the areas where the most critical related decisions are made that determine whether there is a balance of power, or else explosive confrontations of a 'World War' sort.

All of the cities above are given power (of the sort indicated above) due to the 2015Jul14 nuclear agreement, and their relationships with Iran are critical.

Note that the influences are not inalterable, and their ultimate effects depend on decisions made both locally and internationally about how the existing energies are to unfold. The 2015 agreement can possibly also be overridden by other equally or more internationally-potent agreements made at future dates, and conditions can change at the indicated locations. Iran may even move into a 21st century unencumbered by antiquated religious fanaticism and rhetoric about 'wiping' Israel or the USA 'off the map' -- and much may be determined as well by the principles guiding those with sometimes secretive, stealthy, and greed-driven Plutonian transnational financial interests (see above) in the situations that unfold.

-- San Francisco Bay Area, 2015.Jul.29