by L Blake Finley, M A


In facing the controversies over Greece, EU oligarchy are bemoaning "populist tendencies", which is in many ways a Hades in Cancer phenomenon.

Populism is not a dirty word or a necessarily bad thing, depending on who and what organizes and maintains the populist organizations and how they are run.

Per the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Populist/Populism: 1) a member of a political party claiming to represent the common people. 2) a believer in the rights, wisdom, or virtue of common people.

If run by people who have no broad understanding of socio-political/economic realities, or driven by anger or raw emotional reactions instead of reason, or by people who are in fact puppets of big bank/corporate interests and programmed unconsciously to promote bankcorp interests, populism can, and has been disastrous, manifesting in very worst cases as fascism. However, populism in the positive sense has been at the root of...

Democracy: 1) government by the people, especially: rule of the majority. 2) government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.

Populism may differ radically between societies where literacy and adequate public education is the norm -- and societies where illiteracy and superstition are the norm.  In the latter case, populist parties often revolve around individuals or a small circle of leaders with education and an understanding of larger global issues -- although this is not always the case, and this dynamic is not the only determiner.

In the Universal chart for 2015 (cast for the Winter Solar Ingress of 2014), VU= HA/KR, and official (KR) state politics (VU) is having to adapt to populist (HA) considerations, largely due to sharp contrasts between the privileged (KR) and the underprivileged or 'ordinary' people (HA). Also VU= JU/VU with 1-deg orb (or JU=VU in 2-deg orb secondary cluster), the power is with the money in 2015.  This is all complicated by deceptive transnationally-owned media outlets manipulating public opinion with inflammatory and hate-filled rhetoric, or with intentionally deceptive and/or biased information designed in the interests of Big Money.

This could change for the better in some ways in 2016, when SU=MO=VU, and populism may become more widespread, although VU =JU/VU is again in effect, but with VE added as well to that cluster, and Cupido in 32nd harmonic... and while VU =HA/KR will also still be in effect.  Thus, some social polarization may continue or even increase marginally, but is likely to be attenuated by an overall global desire for peace and cooperation that should not go overboard into submission to or seduction by foreign interests. Jupiter.Vulkanus combinations can also indicate financial bullying, coercion, or power-plays, when unevolved or karmically ignorant.

Part of the populist effect shows to probably come from people strengthening themselves physically and through diet (SUMOVU), thus being more alert, vigilant, and capable.  This also does risk an increase in bullying if both men and women are not attentive to empowering and strengthening themselves for maximum potential.  Balance-of-power will be a continual public theme/issue throughout 2016, especially problematic where there is selfish pushing.

The quality of media information will have a big effect on the public mindset... so if the longtime screaming hate-media garbage of crafty animalistic transnational toxic-media companies continues, some of the (fake and foreign-manufactured) populism could be negative. Sober and emotionally-calm critical thinking and reason, in both media and education, and access to objective and rational and unbiased education, will continue to be essential and urgent, for a positive populism (democracy rather than fascism) to unfold.

The biggest potential problem is probably the risk of big corporations using media or education to program people into becoming sheep and/or slaves or reactionary knee-jerk ideologues (like the Tea Party, shown by geodetics and media reports to probably be run from Germany and South Africa, two countries which oddly had Tea Parties spring up simultaneously with the ones in the USA, and modeled after the 1930s Nazi German-run Silvershirts cult) -- spouting rhetoric and dogma like mantras that they don't even consciously understand. And there is a risk of some of this occurring, as PO (ideology, cultural mindset) =MANE/ZE... so people need to stay away from NLP, groupthink, and other types of subconscious programming trickery... or religious organizations that program 'sheep' instead of helping people to think for themselves... or spewing angry rhetoric while drunk or drugged. Change needs to occur on a conscious level, not through hypnosis trickery.  With a 2 degree orb, we can also see MA=NE=ZE=PO, so there is indeed a risk of a temporary increase of inflammatory ideological hostility, for the year 2016, and a risk of organized ideological programming coming from locations where ZE is within orb of the MC, i.e. at 17:28 cardinals. Following are likely locations, per both Grimm & Sepharial:

In Europe, this would include Stockholm and Norrkoping (noting a weird radical-right shift in recent years under German influence, and polarization due to unregulated population shifts); Vienna (post-WW2 Nazi haven now plagued with radical-right literal neo-fascist organizations); Croatia (Nazi/Fascist Ustashe hub); western Poland near the German border (where there may be agitation for restoration of historic political boundaries).

In Africa: Central Libya (long turbulent); west central Chad and Central Africa; areas near Brazzaville and Kinshasa and to their east; central Angola and Namibia and bordering areas of South Africa.

In South America:  Transnational drug/mafia-infested central Colombia; southern Peru; Chile from Valparaiso southward, and neighboring areas of Argentina (incl Colonia Dignidad/Baviera).

In Asia: Lake Baikal and areas northward in Russia (incl remnants of old Baron Von Ungern network?); Ulan Bator and by extension Mongolia; Ningxia, W Shenxi, E Gansu, Chongqing, east Sichuan, Guizhou, and west Guangxi provinces in China; South China Seacoast areas of Vietnam and inland incl Hanoi and Saigon; Jakarta and by extension (as capital) all of Indonesia; 

In North America: Boston longitude (incl Manchurian transnational John Birch Society hub, Tea Party historical revisionists, in MA-NH-VT-RI-CT); Turks & Caicos Is; Haiti; Quebec City and by extension Quebec province.

There are also possible locations of militant programming source centers near locations at 8th harmonic angle at 2:28 Mutables:

In Asia: Eastern Ural area near longitudes of Ekaterinburg/Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk; areas of Kazakhstan east and northeast of the Aral Sea; west central Uzbekistan; eastern Turkmenistan; border areas between Iran and Afghanistan-Pakistan; Kamchatka peninsula and eastern Sea of Okhotsk region; north Kuril islands.

In Australia & Pacific: far eastern coast near longitude of Brisbane; Bismarck Archipelago in Papua, incl Bougainville; eastern Micronesia; Lord Howe and Macquarie islands.

In the Atlanic: Azores & Cape Verde Islands; South Sandwich Islands; coastal areas of Greenland NE of Iceland and areas directly north of there (with Thule Society-related cults?).

In North America: Northern California/Nevada border region and directly south to the coastline from San Luis Obispo southward -- Los Angeles area may be especially vulnerable; Alberta-BC border in Canada and areas directly southward and northward into NWT; east central Washington and Oregon; 

Any radical organizations in any of these regions may have direct transnational ties to any of the other areas mentioned, and organizational controllers may be of domestic or foreign origin.  In California, this could include remnants of the emigre movements imported as sham 'refugees' or 'freedom fighters' and/or militant or regimented psy-ops cults from overseas.  This can include overtly or covertly armed paramilitary operations.  Arms may be coming in via coasts or air traffic at locations of the same longitudes. The coastline of southern California needs intensive monitoring for arms and/or radical organizational influx, including stowaways.

Areas vulnerable to armed or militant influx, official or non-official, from any of the locations listed above include: Newfoundland and Labrador; west central coast of Mexico; Atlantic coast of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina (i.e. outside provocateurs); eastern Spain and Spain-France border regions; Algiers and by extension Algeria; Pretoria and by extension South Africa; Singapore; Saigon and Hue regions; Central South Australia and northerern Queensland coast; west central Aleutian Islands; Nunivak and Bethel regions in Alaska; eastern coast of New Zealand (both N and S Islands); American Samoa; coast areas of British Columbia north and northwest of Vancouver Island; Tierra del Fuego in Argentina and Chile.

Note that none of the indicated locations are in Greece -- but source locations are in Austria and Croatia; and the Pluto (global finance) is not too far away at 13:50 Cardinals, and also in Austria and Croatia and Sicily, and the newly restored Berlin Reichstag and environs in Germany.  Greece may be vulnerable to subtle invasions from these areas.

Note that the geographic locations are not those of Hades in transit, but Zeus in transit and thus probable source locations of militant or armed populist movements that could be destructive.

These areas should instead be transformed into constructive technology-producton regions cleared of radical militant ideologies and/or companies, domestic or foreign, advocating them -- and areas where Hades is overhead, on the MC, are areas of the globe which need a focus of energies to be on social service industries, healthy and natural non-toxic medicines, and ideological development that focuses on universal connectedness and interdependence rather than primal selfishness and dysfunction (like Ayn Rand and other fascist dogma, self-serving black-magic-type trickery, etc). This includes southeast England, west Central France, Barcelona coast and the Balearic Islands (post-war Fascist/Nazi hub), Algiers, Niamey-Lome-PortoNovo; Lhasa Tibet, west Bhutan, east Assam and Bangladesh; east Mississippi river valley incl Chicago-Memphis-NewOrleans; Nagoya and Tokyo and by extension Japan; RioDeJaneiro longitude of Brazil; Kuwait; Riyadh and SaudiArabia; Yemen Hadhramaut (incl Alkhaida region); Mogadishu and by extension Somalia; Tanananrivo and by extension Madagascar; southern Alaska panhandle and Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia; Adelaide and Spencer Gulf region of South Australia -- these areas are susceptible to the festering of neo-fascist and/or warped "satanic"-like cult ideologies.  Neo-fascist ideologies and fascist-apologism in Japan should be of global concern, along with its affiliations with organizations in other countries, particularly due to Japan's current impact on global culture through technology media (video media, etc.), in particular.  Note that that there are geodetic and other indicators that, for example, the Sun Myung Moon and Falun Gong cults may actually have originated in Japan, and may be affiliated with literal satanic mind-control cults fused into Japanese intelligence psy-ops, which flourished in Manchuria during World War II and took root in Korea and Taiwan after 1945. These cults could have affiliation with the Alkhaida-related cults in the Mideast, including via lingering WW2 Axis underworld ties, and risk invading and polluting Brazil, where the Moonie cult is already invading from Paraguay and Uruguay.  Early versions of similar cults were very briefly mentioned in "Japan In China" by T.A. Bisson and in "Germany Will Try It Again" by Sigrid Schultz; but due to the US-Japan Treaty of 1951, most information about Japanese psychological warfare was silenced/denied. We may have reached a time where it is important for secrecy around those programs needs to end, particularly with current talk of "Transpacific" legal and trade agreements that could be politically-charged and result in problems due to information about Japanese psychological warfare operations, many of them carried out in China and possibly in Korea, and continued after WW2, being suppressed.

Hades in Cancer and current news reports indicate that there is the need for medicine to shift away from corporate alchemy toward natural herbal remedies, already being recognized.  Hades in Cancer also indicates the urgency of the general public learning about how psychology can and has been abused to manipulate individuals, cult victims, and public opinion... in order to avoid seeing weird political cults proliferate.  

The last time Hades was in Cancer was around 1655-1685, and some relevant positive things occurred.  Events included the rise of Oliver Cromwell and the British Commonwealth, with Protestant displacement of Habsburg-run Catholicism in Great Britain; Habsburg "Holy Roman" Empire fragmented due to excessive centralized autocracy and corruption, followed by rise of localized nation states; consolidation of Dutch independence from neighboring countries, and British-Dutch democratic alliance; Ukrainian Cossack/Kazakh rebellion crushed. Evolution of Scientific Method via  establishment of the Royal Society of Sciences, Leopoldine Vienna Academy of Sciences, Moscow Academy of Sciences, and Paris National Observatory and Greenwich Observatory; Isaac Newton constructed the reflecting telescope for more precise investigation of the skies.  Could Hades in Cancer bring another return to reason and independent critical thinking, or did other factors account as much for these developments?  Cancer correlates with instinctive and right-brain direct perceptions including emotion.  Will these again evolve globally away from mob mentality, primal emotional reaction, and superstition, after an immediately previous period of Hades in Gemini, where information exchange was popularized but not yet refined via scrutiny of direct personal perception and direct scientific inquiry, but was instead often repeated hearsay or shallow chit-chat?  Astrology, along with all other sciences and information exchanges, may have a lesson to learn in this sense.  Where is the evidence, either of cause OR effect?  For example, where are the "sources" and evidence of which Julian Assange or Edward Snowden speak... or are their pronouncements mere hearsay relayed to them to read aloud, another fad for manipulation of public opinion trumped up by media for covert objectives of their transnational intelligence suppliers?  These issues are to be addressed in other articles.

-- San Francisco Bay Area, 2015.Jul.07