Hades and Vulkanus in Cancer


© by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics


Gratitude is expressed to Ruth Brummund, longtime Hamburg Uranian Astrologer, for teaching a prioritized a streamlined methodology that dispels the obsolete assumption that uranian astrology is by nature too complex or cumbersome to be a functionally complete astrological model if one chooses it as such.  Such a misconception has been perpetuated in the USA by dominant, vested, controlling astrological organizational cliques that have ignored the substantial more recent developments in Uranian Astrology -- as well as by a sometimes limiting preoccupation with astrological history and tradition.  This often led to an apparent blindness to seeing Uranian Astrology as anything more than a marginal adjunct to relatively vague and ineffective astrological traditions, or a motley connection of historical techniques, some of which have been abandoned as marginally useful except for specialized analysis.  Hades in Cancer will hopefully lead to an increased scrutiny (HA) of past traditions (cn) so that they can be put in perspective in relation to current realities.

The author has evolved into agreement with the view that the transneptunians of Witte-Sieggrün should be seen only as points marking verified correlating manifestations; that they could be barycenters of asteroid belts or other vortices that may or may not eventually qualify as 'planets' -- i.e. that the assumption of planet status is premature until astronomical verification, while the validity of effect of these transneptunian points speaks for itself, and has done so since the 1920s via remarkable description of events, social conditions, and psychological correspondences. In other words, one should not assume that because verifiable effect are noticed that the source is a literal planet.  Psychology has been integrated into Uranian Astrology at least since the 1960s, flourishing in the 1970s, and yet still unrecognized by many astrologers with marginal knowledge of uranian astrology who still describe it as it existed in the 1950s and earlier.  This is due in part to the stranglehold of establishment astrologers mostly on the US East Coast who seem more concerned with the glamour of "ancient wisdom" of supposed "sages" and "gurus" and "high priests" than with scientific and pragmatic approaches astrology.




As the method taught by Ms Brummund has continued a driving theme behind the research of Johannes Kepler, Alfred Witte, the Gauquelins, and other scientifically-oriented astrologers to sort out, prioritize, eliminate ambiguities, and then simplify based on such priorities to create a coherent functional and scientific method of uranian and midpoint astrology, the inclusion of zodiacal signs in routine uranian/midpoint analysis has been minimized in natal astrology in order to put due focus on the more specifically descriptive power of cluster and midpoint configurations in the individual chart.  This issue may not be evident to traditional astrologers who have worked with midpoints only as an adjunct or otherwise marginally, or have as a priority the proof of validity, or the perpetuation, of historical methods of astrology.

This does not however indicate that the effect of zodiacal signs is non-existent. Nor does it claim that the methods of current uranian astrology have no historical root or foundations in recently-neglected and marginalized historical methods. While Ms Brummund's method has advocated general exclusion of signs in routine individual personal analyses, here we continue to utilize them for practical reasons in more general analyses of broad historical social developmental cycles and trends, the signs being referenced to global and impersonal classification symbolized by their collective reference point, the ecliptic -- rather than to reference points that vary between individual charts (especially midpoints and clusters involving Personal Points such as the MC, Ascendant, Sun, and Moon.

Nor does this indicate that factors technically classified as planets or asteroids are the sole indicators of verifiable astrological influence, meaning that the transneptunian factors need not be planets in order to account for astrological influences.


Many international news articles are now addressing gender-based discrimination, usually scapegoating the feminine, and abuses against women for being women, of psychological, social, and physical sorts -- and shortly afterward there is news about women's empowerment and self-defense to fight such problems, particularly in cultures where women as well as homosexuals who honor the feminine aspects of their personal nature, have been oppressed, suppressed or abused for centuries in most current world cultures. At first, the author noticed the contrast of energies reflected in articles on these subjects, and then finally realized that, as of 2013, while Hades is entering Cancer, Vulkanus is in the later degrees of the same sign -- Cancer, in terms of zodiacal signs, long assumed to correlate with the feminine archetype.

This again also points to the idea that in the early degrees of signs, we see the first 'baby-steps' in the process represented by the sign (in this case addressing gender-based discrimination -- in the negative sense of the word, and Hades appears to correlate with both the negative and positive senses of the word). Whereas the latter degrees of a sign correlate with the capacity of the given zodiacal sign in its later and more polished stages of experiential or ego development, and this appears to apply to all planets in all signs -- an interesting point for study for those who pay attention to the signs. 

Here also note that, per this paradigm, the process of women's empowerment thus would have made new beginnings across the planet around 1962-1965, now culminating as Vulkanus nears the end of Cancer and we see many women in leading positions in politics and other areas of social administration (Vulkanus areas).

Thus, it might not be appropriate to ascribe the current organized political campaigns for women's rights to Hades in Cancer alone, but more to a combination of both Hades and Vulkanus in Cancer. It's also interesting that the same principles correlated with gay and lesbian rights in the sense that homosexuality honors individuals who do not identify exclusively with male or female at all levels, and thus the issue is related also to the honoring and empowerment of the feminine in both women and men. This would further extend to the empowerment of heterosexual men to engage in non-sexual archetypally/traditionally feminine functions without negative discrimination -- for example, men as cooks or child-caregivers or nurses, without being degraded as 'effeminate' in a negative way or somehow 'less than' or 'rib-like' for carrying out traditionally female functions. Also to remember that going back in time and multi-culturally across the planet over time, some cultures are or have been more matriarchal than patriarchal. Even among other organic species we see for example male penguins routinely living out roles considered female in other species. The recent emphasis on cross-cultural exchange and fusion is challenging oppressive stereotypes and traditions of specific cultures. Ideally, Vulkanus balances power-imbalances in the areas it affects, and this logically relates to the empowerment of women and feminine and nurturing functions, and of the feminine and nurturing functions and qualities in men, all across society since the early to mid-1960s, now culminating as Hades moves in Cancer to address discrimination issues.  It will be interesting to see how women's/feminine equality issues manifest as Vulkanus completes its cycle through Cancer in 2016-2018.

In studying historical cycles to look for pertinent historical evolutionary developmental correlations, it is quite interesting to note that during the last cycles, Hades and Vulkanus in Cancer also overlapped, and for an even longer period of time: Hades was in Cancer from about 1300 to 1330, while Vulkanus was in Cancer from about 1300-1356. The relatively faster-moving Hades point was then again in Cancer from about 1655 to 1685, during which noted advancements were made in western medicine (Cancer correlating with nurturance procedures; Hades with health and diagnosis issues) in part logically due to wider availability of printing presses, books, and literacy education.  It could be that the unfoldment of the internet during the most recent Hades in Gemini period will have laid a foundation in some ways for upcoming new medical developments, possibly with increasingly greater emphasis on nutrition and health maintenance and promotion in the home. There could even been a continued shifting, already started in some regions, from institutionalized medical care back to home health maintenance, home-care and home visits by doctors and nurses, and family education and mutual support networks relating to health issues.  


Cancer also correlating with home and domestic issues, and housing: Vulkanus entered Cancer in 1962, and a study of its effect on the real estate 'markets' and construction industry could be studied for useful insights.  What is happening as both Hades and Vulkanus are in Cancer simultaneously, in recent years, is the buildup of powerful real estate cartels to the point that many people are being shoved in and out of their homes at the whim of real estate investment corporations, and the costs of living driven up, along with devastating economic rich/poor polarization, to the point where things like the "American Dream" of owning one's own home has become increasingly inaccessible.  This has increased along with the negative side of "globalism", where German and Chinese and Japanese economic cartels, from cultures where feudal gentification and ruling-landowner classes (the Junkers in Germany, the 'Big Five Families' in China) just so happen to be gaining an increasing stranglehold on global politics and economics.  It will be interesting how this unfolds as Vulkanus leaves Cancer in 2018, while Hades remains there.  In worst case scenario, it could manifest as completed feudal re-gentrification and the spread of models like the German, where the majority of Germans are renters paying rent to the landowner class, and increasing homelessless as manifest in the 1920s under Coolidge and Hoover (both heavily lobbied and manipulated by the German and Asian banks and corporations that built the Nazi/Fascist machine that took off like a skyrocket as the 1929 stock markets crashed.

-- San Francisco Bay Area, 2013.Feb.19, updated 2021Feb18


To implement the newer techniques of today's Uranian Astrology, the 'Special Uranian' astrology program was designed in Europe in collaboration with Uranian expert and Hamburg Astrologer Ruth Brummund, Electrical Engineer Programmer and Astrologer Francis Santoni, Programmer Philippe Badenas, and American Astrologer and Linguist Blake Finley, and is needed to implement the techniques presented here.  The program has undergone substantial changes since its initial release, and has included the text of the Brummund Rulebook interpretations since Summer 2005. (Click here for further information.)