2014  L Blake Finley, M.A.

Attempts to infiltrate and/or manipulate astrology organizations and egroups have steadily increased in recent years, and patterns point to possible revival of something similar to the old WW2 Axis-funded Silver Shirts cult (which dabbled in astrology and integrated it into its strange paradigms) of the 1930s.  The Silver Shirts, a Nazi subversion cult founded almost the same day as the German Nazi Party, had base offices, at various points in time, in Asheville in North Carolina, near Los Angeles in California, in east central Washington near Redmond, and finally in Noblesville in Indiana (near Indianapolis) where it established a publishing house.  The Silver Shirts cult used mind-control seduction and brainwashing like the Nazis in Germany did (and which Neo-Nazi and other neo-fascist cults most likely do) to acquire new members, and has many overlaps both with:

a) 1930s pro-Axis-fascist networks in the United States that survived and played key roles in forming and funding the Tea Party (although the root funding probably remains foreign and neo-fascist affiliated);

b) strange astrological and metaphysical paradigms held in common with some Nazi-party cults in Germany, which were eventually fused into the Clare-Prophet cult (where Elizabeth Clare Prophet may have actually been an innocent victim of brainwashing due to her receptive and impressionistic mindset and used as a figurehead controller of her cult, which still remains extant in mutated forms; and her father was a German military officer possibly involved in German psy-ops).

The proliferation of dubious new tax-exempt religious "faith based" organizations of various and sundry "religious" categories that use or promote astrology as an adjunct risks leading the field into potentially problematic paths -- as do blanket rejections of scientific paradigms as a model for astrology (despite rejection and hazing from conservative astrology bashers, who are continually fueled by the proliferation of cheesy and undiscerning astrology). Perhaps equally problematic could be the combination of astrology with controversial Pavlovian/behaviorist psychological NLP-type "programming" practices already long eschewed as marginally ethical by most professional psychology organizations, and routinely practiced by people with little to no accredited college coursework in psychology -- astrology could go down along with NLP abuse, and that's not worth the risk.

Astrology PR outfits and some astrology organizations may have gone overboard and invited so many astrology-dabblers into the astrological organizations as to inundate the field with nonsense, playtime games, and/or confusion of astrology with most anything metaphysical, speculative, or 'occult', and in the process have even invited 'occult cults' in the mix. This puts astrology at risk of increased censure.

In any case, in the times we live in, most vitally critical and relevant is a thorough study of the WW2-Axis-manipulated Silver Shirts cult and how it manipulated astrology, and its parallels and possible historical links with the so-called Tea Party, to avoid potential problems otherwise on the horizon.  Those welcoming the "Tea Party" cult to fuse its weird and often militant cult dogma into American astrological organizations may be naively inviting in a huge Trojan Horse mess, and it might be more wise to keep astrology organizations more discerning and astrology-substance-focused. One of my most admired master-teachers used to often say, "Sometimes Less is Better".

Many chapters of the Silver Shirts did double-duty as an armed militia, and promoted a weird blend of Christian themes, paganism, 'prosperity' themes, and astrology (as did its parallel 'Deutschechristen' organizations in Germany), advocated (functionally fascist) revolution against the US government, and was backed by pro-fascist transnational Wall Street money as well as the international Fascist Axis, which also operated literal Nazi youth camps in New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and possibly elsewhere to indoctrinate Americans. Silver Shirts historical ties with organizations financially backing the current so-called "Tea Party" (which is now often aligned with the 'Austrian School' Libertarians) are multiple. Note that Nazis in the USA collaborated extensively with the East Asian Fascist network.. this is detailed in the summary of Tony Matthews of Asian Fascist covert operations in "Spies for Nippon". The East Asian Fascist network may well form the foundations for today's Moonie and Falun Gong/Dafa cult networks. There are many indicators that today's Euro and Asian fascist cults still intersect at certain points, and use even more sophisticated methods than in WW2.  The German BND has been so infested with Nazis/NeoNazis since WW2 that it cannot be a reliable source of information or investigation into such issues; same true of Japan, Korea, and Taiwan intelligence, where both Japanese and Chinese Fascist agents lingered after 1945.

After the NCGR and hacking events, a group of Austrian School advocates invaded and tried to co-opt my egroups, which I had to shut down to maintain distance from them.  It was one of two attempts to get my astrological work aligned with their weird cult network, and the process functioned much like a systematic psy-ops set-up or Frame-Up.  Others need to be alert to anything similar they may have experienced or are experiencing... and the events sound to be similar in some ways to the fiasco reported at the NCGR headquarters on April 23, 2005 which involved, per witness reports, cult-like behaviorist control/hypnosis methods and psychological coercion, claims of assault, and a hush-up campaign that involved witnesses being pressured to take oaths of silence, with concurrent radical changes in affiliations and nominal ownership between the NCGR, Astrolabe, and Astrodatabank (which was a major event in American astrology, its history silenced by oaths demanded by unspecified organizations). These events happened to coincide with a series of hackings on the main Uranian Institute computer that included the copying and and then scrambling of Brummund Rulebook text files, other translations of older Hamburg School astrology material, and a new world timezone database gathered largely from long research of material from San Francisco bay area university and public libraries and others via library-loan, stolen immediately before another popular atlas/database program announced substantial updates.

Links between the events at the NCGR and the hacking on the Uranian Institute main computer in Spring 2005, and a revived Silver Shirts-type cult, may or may not be pure coincidence, but all three issues should be recognized and understood by astrologers in the USA and elsewhere. Here are some of the more credible accounts of the Silvershirts cult -- which should be recognized in case something similar is encountered by astrologers.  In the various reports, the accounts of Silver Shirts Leader Pelley's activities in Russia differ substantially (from journalist to food-relief worker to YMCA volunteer, to Czarist-trained mercenary soldier), and both 1885 and 1890 have been publicized as his year of birth.

Whatever the explanation of those events, be on the alert for cults with a noteworthy number of overlaps with what is described in the following linked descriptive articles: