Admetos in Taurus Global Greed that led to the Shutdown of the US Government in 2013

and Observations on Iran


© 2013 by L Blake Finley, M.A., ABD-2

We learned in the article on the 2013 US Government shutdown that wrenches thrown in the works point to Berlin, Dubai, Bahamas, Singapore, and Korea... filtering into the USA via revived old Nazi-funded cults in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas (and possibly Nebraska and the Dakotas -- as Admetos in Taurus (concentrated global wealth) shut down the US government just as the old Axis machine wanted to do in the 1930s and 1940s.

This prompted the author to look at when Admetos entered 0 Taurus, a symbolic indicator of seeds sown for the current global deadlock.  The results are quite remarkable:

Admetos within 2 degrees (secondary cluster orb) of 0 fixed signs in 1965-1967 at these locations:

  • St-Petersburg, Russia: Government policy changes gave substantial power to Alexei Kosygin. Admetos in Taurus overhead there indicates a probability that changes during this time led to a restoration on some level of old Czarist wealth in St-Petersburg/Leningrad. Kosygin was critiqued for taking anti-semitic stances and pressured other superpowers to name Israel as the aggressor in the 1967 war with Egypt. Note that old Czarist money (in exile) supported the Axis/Nazi military machine in World War 2.

  • Cairo, Egypt: Civil unrest and clashes gives the Nazi/Fascisti-backed Muslim Brotherhood increasing power, after which Egypt subsequently mobilized its Army in the Sinai Peninsula and blocked Israel's access to the Red Sea via the Straits of Tiran, provoking war with Israel in 1967 with a partially-averted plan called "Operation Dawn" to destroy Israel.

  • Shanghai-Qingdao, China and Taipei, Taiwan: Shanghai has long been among China's largest financial centers and cities, a long-time hub of international banking. Qingdao an old German colonial enclave, with many German investments in Shanghai as well in the 'Bund' (German-named) district. During this period, China erupted into civil war over economic policy changes, with a so-called 'Cultural Revolution' that geodetics indicate may have been foreign orchestrated for purposes of creating chaos across China.

  • Pretoria-Johannesburg, South Africa: B J Vorster (imprisoned in WW2 for involved in pro-Nazi organizations) takes over.

  • Canberra-Sydney, NSW Australia: Rupee Murdoch inherits his father's media empire and sets up his first newspaper in Australia. Then, Australian trade shifts from Britain to Japan, and the Australian Navy exchanges a British for Australian ensign. Sydney plagued by underworld gang killings.

  • ... also quite significant, 22.5 angle away at 7:30 cardinal MC:

  • Bonn-Frankfurt-Stuttgart, Germany: Bonn the capital of West Germany during West/East division, Frankfurt a main banking center now the hub of the Eurobank and 'Euro' currency "across the street" from Deutschebank,  Kiesinger of the CDU/IDU (who voluntarily joined the Nazi Party in 1933 and worked for the Goebbels Propaganda Ministry) takes over Germany after several years as State Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg (capital Stuttgart). Kaiser Otto Hapsburg 'comes out of exile'; his son Karl a major proponent of the Austrian School of Economics, the Pan-German version of  the European Union, and the CDU/IDU alliance ("Christian Democrats" and "European Peoples Parties" as well as "UNPO" promoter of separatist movements including at various times those of Catalonia, Basque country, Texas Independence, Dixie Independence, Alaska Independence, Lakota Independence, and South Tyrol independence. Princess Beatrix of Royal Dutch Shell marries German Baron Claus von Amberg, whose family lands included plantations in the former "German East Africa", later Tanganyika Territory and Ruanda-Urundi, renamed Tanzania and Rwanda and Burundi in the 1960s.

  • Lugano and Zurich, Switzerland: Post-war Nazi money laundering locations for post-war Nazi underworld agent Ahmed (Albert) Huber, financing Islamic cults in the Middle East, including the Al Taqwa/Nada Management network and the Muslim Brotherhood -- to manipulate and destabilize the Middle East for German corporate geopolitical objectives. Huber also backed the Ayatollah Khomeini's campaign against Salman Rushdie.

  • Milano and Torino, Italy: Additional stashes of post-war Nazi and Fascisti money used to destabilize the Middle East for both German and Italian geopolitical objectives.

  • Atlanta GA, Knoxville TN (GOLD), Cincinnati OH, Detroit MI: historical bases of pro-Nazi and KKK elements in the United States, affiliated with the other world financial hubs indicated in this list. Money running Gingrich machine.

  • Note that the USA was in turmoil with political polarization and near civil war at this time, with foreign-propped political cults and psy-ops of every stripe rampant, including the German intel-run LSD/Sandoz drop-out drug culture cultivated at Stanford Research Institute. Other major American public issues were race segregation laws and involvement in the Vietnam War, which was interestingly perpetuated largely by foreign advisors and foreign lobbying in Washington despite widespread domestic objections that caused a major national schism.

  • ... at 15 mutables, 8th harmonic:

  • Denver and Colo Spgs CO, Cheyenne WY 1965-1967: somehow affiliated -- to study..

  • Northern India-Pakistan border and Kashmir: Consolidation of power in the Sikh-dominated region in opposition to Indira Gandhi's wealth-redistribution policies, forcing Gandhi out of power during much of this period.

  • NOTE THAT ALL OF THESE LOCATIONS WERE TRIGGERED BY VULKANUS ON THE GRIMM LM AND SEPHARIAL GEODETIC GM/GA MIDPOINT ON THE DATE OF FOUNDATION OF THE "ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN"  ON APRIL 1, 1979, MEANING THAT THAT OLD MONEY ACCUMULATED AT THE ABOVE LOCATIONS IN 1966 (AND STILL, IN SOME CASES) WAS INFUSED INTO SETTING UP THE CURRENT IRANIAN GOVERNMENT. This implies that the "Islamic Republic", like other fake Islamist cults, is a puppet of Central European financial interests in the Middle East, as was the Shah's regime before it. The "Islamic Republic" was backed by the old Nazi network that wanted to keep a genuinely modern democratic government from taking power in Tehran. It is however highly dangerous for the USA to risk involvement in a 'World War 3'  at this time because Vulkanus is on the USA Sibley Ascendant, and powerful retaliatory blows affecting the USA domestically would be likely, especially from German neo-nazi paramilitary bases in Eastern Europe that are probably affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and the old Apartheid money machine in South Africa, as well as any paramilitary forces accumulated in the Lesser Antilles or the Mormon colonies inside North America. The danger for the USA would come more from the Eurofascist machine that controls Iran's cult government than from Iran itself, and that Eurofascist machine has also long controlled the Muslim Brotherhood and Alqaida cults affiliated with the Iranian government. John Loftus has asserted, logically, that the Eurofascists are using the pseudo-Islamic cults as tools to destabilize the United States, to resume the Axis Fascist global power consolidation that the United States played a key role in stopping in World War2, several years after the risks of Vulkanus on the US Sibley chart Ascendant were past. The previous Vulkanus cycle in the early 1930s was when European and East Asian fascist agents infiltrated the United States and created political cults that served as prototypes for the Tea Party, the Fox News propaganda machine, and the so-called ' fundamentalist' pseudo-christian TV cults that peddle hate and crass materialism -- all described in Michael Sayers: "Sabotage: Secret War Against America" .


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