The Current Risks of a

 'World War III'

© 2014 by L Blake Finley, M.A.

--This is one of several articles initially posted in rough draft and edited later, due to the urgency of the issues addressed. Two major planetary cycles that occurred during the Hoover Administration and which led to the 1929 Market Crash (due largely to Hoover being puppeteered by the German and East Asian banks that created the WW2 Axis) are now repeating, and it is vital that the same mistakes not be made again-- i.e. the disastrous abandonment of the US economy to control by foreign banks that built and run Wall Street; and the catacylsmic support for Central European and East Asian imperial ambitions that led to the chaos of World Wars I and II--

edited/updated 2014Jun26-

A highly-esteemed and scholarly astrologer recently recommended that I look into the writings of the prolific German mundane/political astrologer E H Troinski, and so, after reflection, I decided to skim through main points of his 1955 book "1001 Weltpolitische Horoskope".  The controversial Troinski did studies of an extensive number of world political events, published in German, worth translating into English for study of what he did correctly and incorrectly in his predictions. I will later summarize how his world political prognoses published in 1955 were often interestingly accurate in timing, although not fully accurate in terms of described probable event manifestations. Based on the choice of methods he presented in his text, I suspect that had he used uranian astrology methods with geodetics in addition to the more commonly-propagated traditional methods, his description of possible outcomes may have been more detailed and/or accurate. Troinski's prognoses include several major world events between 1955 and now that manifest at or near the time periods he indicated, and very roughly as he predicted, although dramatic interventions by sensible and wise political leaders facing the physical and socio-psychological political manifestations of the planetary energies of those time periods steered the course of events around the potential storms and into smoother sailing while the warmongers, war booty seekers, and media commentators rattled their standard hype. As always, astrological prognoses should be presented as tendencies and probabilities, and are continually subject to non-astrological human free will intervention to attenuate or modify the planetary energies to manifest differently from the worst case possible -- and this may be the highest function of prognoses, i.e. to notify of the range of various probable manifestations of the planetary energies with indicators of how free will shapes how the energies in our environs ultimately manifest. One of the things that studying Troinski's predictions elucidates is that worst-case scenarios that could have happened, and did nearly manifest, were averted by wise human choices. A cursory and superficial analysis of Troinski's "1001" book, without looking at the dates and related events that came close to happening, may cause one to think that he was completely incompetent -- but a closer and more detailed analysis shows a certain percentage of accuracy in timing that is worthy of study despite Troinski's 1950s-era nationalist subjectivities in interpretation of potential effects.

For example, Troinski, in his 1955 book, predicted a possible World War 3 outbreak in 1962 which instead manifest as the Cuban Missile Crisis and the sending of new US military advisors to Indochina. The Cuban Missile Crisis was often described as having nearly led to World War 3, but was handled wisely by President Kennedy so that it did not -- while the Indochina move was a critical stage in the years-long Indochina war which included the following event: Troinski predicted a 1965 atomic bomb attack on the USA, which might have manifest if Barry Goldwater had become US president, since he 'promised' to "Bomb Bomb Hanoi" with nuclear weapons to hypothetically end the Vietnam War quickly, in which case nuclear retaliation upon the United States from China or Russia could have unfolded -- which Troinski assumed would escalate to involve Europe by 1965-66 with danger of spreading nuclear war, a period which interestingly coincided with French President DeGaulle's dramatic removal of NATO troops from France. Troinski predicted a 'Hitler-like' dictatorship in Russia in 1958 that manifest in reality as Nikita Khruschev's gradual accumulation of several top national agencies under his own personal rule. Troinski predicted a critical clash related to the formation of a 'European Union' in 1992-93 as a natural unfoldment of the 1918 chart of the German Weimar Republic; and this manifest as the legal formation of the EU following German reunification, the violent collapse of Yugoslavia, and the split-up of Czechoslovakia.  He further predicted a 2016 reunification of ethnic German nations (something carried out under Hitler as the 'Grossdeutschesreich' during World War 2), and it will be interesting to see if and how this might manifest.  

Noteworthy for this particular article is that Troinski predicted the potential of nuclear catastrophes for the United States in 1975, 1985, 1995, 2005, and 2015 if provocative US policy decisions had been made. What, however, makes 2015 far more likely than the other dates Troinski indicated for the risk of a major high-impact attack on the USA is elucidated when one adds uranian astrology factors, specifically Vulkanus on the USA Sibley chart Ascendant by 8th harmonic. This further underlines what I have already covered in other articles about the strong probability of retaliation, devastating for the United States domestically if war is now (and until 2018) risked, from any national or transnational military or paramilitary operations stationed in Russia, East European Russia-border states, East China or Taiwan, South Africa, Pakistan and areas of Central Asia directly to the north of it, Brunei-Sabah, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Argentina, or even domestic or foreign operations in Mexico (all indicated as probable source areas by the geodetic alignment of Vulkanus over the MC at those locations). The American public needs, at this time perhaps more than ever, to read the writings of German-born US war crimes commissioner T H Tetens on the Metternichian ploys so much a part of German foreign policy for decades (or even centuries), based on recent events and strategic pretense and flip-flops in German foreign policy -- and observe carefully how, despite diplomatic hypocrisy, Germany has quietly arranged and provoked the current mess in Ukraine and neighboring regions to unfold while lobbying, shaming, or manipulating the United States into a potentially devastating confrontation with Russia.  This is exacerbated by the central involvement of current and former employees and associates of Deutschebank, Schroderbank, and other German, Austrian, and Swiss German banks in determining US foreign/military policy -- not to mention heavy German lobbying at the German-run Halifax conferences reminiscent of old and undying Hessian themes in US politics. (Note that Hesse is the current location of the Euro-issuing European Bank, the homeland of King George III in England of Revolutionary War fame, as well as Deutschebank's current headquarters across the street from the Eurobank. Very cozy little mega-power bloc.)  Another scholarly book needing reading at this critical historical juncture is 'Germany, Hitler, and World War II' (1995) by Dr Gerhard Weinberg, where he translates long-neglected documentation describing German plans to invade the United States in World War 2.

This is not to minimize the significance of any real and functional threats from Russian expansion or aggression; but it is to stress the relevance of Russian policy in Eastern Europe to US interests versus clearly manifest German nationalist and financial expansionist interests going out of their way to get the United States to fight Germany's fight for them while certain manipulative German 'diplomats' and double-agents now flip-flop and coyly and hypocritically claim they want 'peace' -- with many of the key provocateurs in Ukraine trained in or supported from Germany. Major German bankcorps are trampling Europe underfoot much like Russia dominated its Soviet "satellite states", and are now reaching across the Atlantic to eat up chunks of the US economy while old German economic allies in the East Asian revived 'Co-Prosperity Sphere', now called the 'Asian Century', chomp and swallow chunks of America at the other end.  Too many US foreign policy makers are swayed by stacked foreign intelligence data, foreign-born diplomats, employees of aggressive and warmongering foreign banks such as Deutschebank (fused into the US Republican Party since its birth) and Schroderbank (the possibly overlapping employer of Herbert Hoover), and other policy makers, to make sensible foreign policy decisions serving the genuine interests of the United States. Focus should instead be on containing any real Russian or Chinese (or other national) expansionist objectives, including German and Chinese and Japanese political operants within US borders. There is too much chaos at home, with foreign-bolstered cults including the so-called "Tea Party" (recycled German-backed Silver Shirts), Moonie, Falun Dafa/Gong, and Germanic neopagan cult fronts, to scatter US defense forces in far-flung places instead of at home, where border-crossing may still need to be monitored even more closely than it is already.  This correlates precisely with the very powerful Vulkanus 8th harmonic transit to the Sibley chart Ascendant in effect until 2018, and points particularly to high-impact meddling, or even 'invasions', in various senses of the word, from Chinese, East European, Argentinian, Amazon Basin, East Caribbean, West Australian, Canadian Maritime Province, or Alaska-Canada border neo-fascist exchanges which could be aligned with militia hiding in the Rocky Mountains north of Mormon country.  Any concentrated impact forces from these areas, foreign, or foreign-backed domestic, would most likely intervene via possible paramilitary force or just cultish armtwisting in areas from NYC-to-Philadelphia, Vancouver-to-Seattle, and/or a SSW to NNE diagonal stretch from west-central Texas through OK-KS-NE, and the Dakotas (containing US heartland defense installations) NNE toward Fargo. German domestic infrastructure remains too infested with deceptive radical elements, covered up with big forced smiles by national leaders to promote what they call "Germany's image abroad" to put trust in German military or intelligence fusion into US domestic affairs. And Snowden's situation points to a problem of inadequate screening and selection processes for proven trustworthy US national security personnel (urgently needed now, per the Vulkanus as well as Pluto indicators). Similar problems are coming from Chinese diaspora politicians and lobbyists, of no less significance. The internal chaos now in the USA is being provoked largely by foreign-run political saboteur cults.

Germany and/or Austria, using trained sockpuppet psy-op cults to stir up turbulence in Eastern Europe, wants the United States to be the cannon fodder and fall-guy in an unwarranted and potentially self-destructive and self-crippling war with heavily armed and nuclear-fortified Russia.  The same is true of the pesteringly manipulative China Lobby in Washington, in reference to increasingly fused mainland China and Taiwan. This is clear. And American policy-makers are foolish to fall for it. Too often overlooked are the Deutsche Bank and Schroderbank links between the Germanic cartel in Central Europe and China since at least the beginning of the 20th century, ongoing... the architects of the WW2 Axis alliance, the duplicitous and manipulative European Union oligarchy, and the East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere and its successors the 'Asian Century' -- none of which ever intended to serve US interests, and all of which have had covert hostility toward US interests both in WW2 and now, despite the 'smiling faces' sometimes, and which intended to invade the United States had Britain been defeated in WW2 (elucidated in Weinberg 1995 and elsewhere). The similarities to what is transpiring now in US-German and US-East Asia relations is glaringly similar to events of the last similar Pluto and Vulkanus cycles during the early 1930s) under the Axis banking employee and dupe Herbert Hoover, seen by the Axis powers/parties as the 'Stupid American' puppet and go-boy.  The United States stood and stands alone as a qualified shaper of world democracy, if it can only recognize its national crippling caused by the internal sabotage that began with Nazi and Japan Fascist agents imported after WW2, Moonie cult manipulation of Nixon, transnational corporate Reagan era policies rushed through by the cultish Bush machine, that were strategically packaged with the appealing anti-communist drive and rhetoric, and now out of control largely due to naiveté about their transnational corporatist (and literal neo-fascist) function and intent. It was Franklin Roosevelt's policies that kept the United States from falling apart the last time, despite his bitter opponents who were often puppets/sycophants of foreign bankcorp interests running the Republican Party since the day Deutschebank and the old Hessian network resurrected it from old pro-Hessian parties in America.  If only the United States can tighten up its borders in every sense of the word and emulate some of FDRs policies, it can both recover and move forward as a genuinely respected leading nation, and that includes an authentic Good Neighbor policy and a showing of kindness with strength, instead of being the dupe of slithering foreign lobbyists trotting around Washington forever trying to manipulate the United States into enacting their devious home-country political, economic, or military objectives often ultimately disadvantageous to Americans. Almost like attempts to turn the US military into a colonial puppet army, testing us to see how naive we are.  There is now far more domestic sabotage from foreign interests than most Americans have been willing to acknowledge, often done legally via private transnational contracting in US government agencies and functions, all the way to the almost idiotic US port control by foreign companies.  If the United States can effectively address these issues, it remains the most capable nation of promoting and maintaining global equality and opportunity due to its long multicultural and transformative history and founding democratic egalitarian guiding ideals -- but that first requires recognizing the current high-impact and intensive foreign machinations indicated by Vulkanus (repeatedly at 16th-harmonic angle to Hades) now on the US Sibley Ascendant. That indicates that what many Americans think is coming from Americans is actually originating from foreign-run cults and political machinations manipulating US politicians and possibly military leaders, the bulk of the 'Tea Party' (remake of the Silvershirts and Liberty League) being a prime example. The sneakier, still largely unrecognized elements of foreign subversion, per Hades and the geodetics, likely in the form of cults including drug-funded ones, come from the European Union and NATO headquarters in Belgium, dupes and puppets of theirs in the 'Austrian School' aka 'Chicago School' or 'Hayek Marginalist' Habsburg royalist economics in cities between 2 and 6 East longitude (incl EU headquarters in Brussels), covert operations coming from far eastern Tibet and Assam and the Myanmar/Burma Opium Triangle reagion,, the Krasnoyarsk region in Siberia, areas 2 to 6 East longitude in Africa including Algiers and Lagos, and covert operations coming from Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, and the eastern Yucatan -- some of which happen to overlap with major transnational narcotrafficking networks (offering drugs for votes?) -- and which can manifest with collaboration inside the USA from 84-88 West in Chicago, Indianapolis, Nashville, and Alabama including the Hayek/'Austrian School' headquarters and the old Nazi colony there.  In addition to such formidable possible invasions (literal or figurative), especially until early 2015, the United States also remains vulnerable to almost simultaneous UR.PL cluster/square domestic disruptions likely to manifest overtly in the area  between 75 and 85 West (incl Atlanta, Detroit, all of Ohio, WV, and western VA/Carolinas; but originating though problems building up between 72 and 80 West longitude (including the NYC-to-DC stretch and all cities north and south of there incl Norfolk, Bahamas, Guantanamo region, Jamaica, E Colombia), and 119 and 125 West longitude (incl from Reno to the Pacific coast and western Oregon and Washington state). Any turbulence in these areas may well be backed transnationally by foreign interests located between 12-16 East (incl Berlin and eastern Germany, western Austria, Rome and central Italy and Sicily, Malta, western Libya, Angola and Congo coasts), Ontario-Quebec border regions incl Ottawa, areas of eastern Asia 102-108E (incl Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, all of former Indochina, Singapore, Malaya, E Sumatra and the Lake Baikal region of Siberia and Mongolia), areas along the eastern half of the Caspian Sea, central Iran, Oman, and eastern UA Emirates, as well as the NSW-SQueensland coasts in Australia... some areas among which, strangely or literally foreign "Tea Party" chapters and affiliates (incl in Toronto and Singapore, for example).  Any turbulence or financial interests with disruptive intentions in those regions could be behind sudden destruction or disruptions in the main "Tea Party" cult's concentration zones.  Note the Emirates factor and foreign contractors controlling US ports, the mistake of the century that seems to have almost been made under hypnosis.

All these factors indicate a vital need for the United States, from now until 2018, to not only refrain from unwise or unwarranted hostility or aggression in foreign affairs anywhere, because of the current vulnerability to devastating counter-attacks (such as those of "911") from unwise and unwarranted aggression, but to instead re-direct US military capacity on intensification of US border and domestic security on land, sea, and air -- and to eject foreign troops and spies from US territory and away from US borders, and this may trigger German-intel-NLP-manipulated sockpuppets like Assange and Snowden (who repeatedly parrot specifically German/EU intel propaganda rhetoric) to make even more noise about US security surveillance for reasons they themselves may not be aware of.  With the current configurations, the United States is subject to substantial aggression, whether official or not, overt or covert, uniformed or not, from all of the previously indicated locations. The indicators are that it is more important for the USA (as well as Canada, France, Britain, and Argentina, similarly affected now), to expel foreign agents who are in any possible way involved in covert operations, including support for or manipulation of fake 'patriot' puppet cults actually manipulated by foreign agents -- as this was precisely the case with the 'Silvershirts' (urgently needing study) and related cults of the 1930s that were run and supported by the Axis powers and planned an overthrow of the US government in 1932-33 (as confirmed in British and other media reports, as well as, in part, now declassified FBI reports long concealed domestically in the USA to cover up 'embarrassing' domestic collaboration including manipulative foreign entanglements of families and corporations still holding substantial political power). And the domestic financial interests that supported the Silvershirts network often correlate with their remnants today supporting the so-called 'Tea Party' cult.

With the current revival of imperial ambitions of 'Greater Germany' via its obviously now passive-aggressively domineering role in the European Union, in addition to competing Russian imperial ambitions, and of the reviving 'East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere' joint Sino-Japanese transnational imperial banking network now touting the 'Asian Century' plan, the talk in Washington of an unwinnable 21st-century technology 'World War 3' to solve problems, while US domestic politics are in chaos due largely to German, Chinese, and Japanese-lobbied and manipulated politicians who are unaware of the potentially devastating repercussions for the United States should such a war take place now, is high-risk and potentially dangerous for US internal national security/domestic stability.  This has been covered in other articles.... Vulkanus on the USA Sibley Ascendant, via 8th harmonic angle, similarly aligned via 8th harmonic in orb of the geodetic Ascendants of Ottawa, London, and Paris (all at either approximately 12 Mutable or 27 Cardinal).  Vulkanus on the Grimm geodetic Ascendant of Washington (at about 23 Cardinal) manifested as the 911 attacks on both near Washington DC and in the city of New York.  Vulkanus at either approx 12 Mutable, 27 Cardinal, or at points in 16th harmonic to there (adding aprx 5 Cardinal and 20 Fixed) manifest in past cycles as attempted coup against Franklin Roosevelt (backed by Nazi Germany, Dutch and Belgian royalist, and Sino-Japanese imperial Manchukuo 'co-prosperity' governments, which geodetics indicate backed Hitler, Japan, and their pets Mussolini and Franco and Hungarian and Romanian Nazi quislings; and thus FDRs references to the 'economic royalists' which included the Axis-sympathetic Edward VIII of the English House of Saxony, who planted his political coterie in the Bahamas, annoyingly close to the US coastline and the Axis spy-colonies in Cuba). The geodetics also indicate that part of dizzy Uncle Eddie's Nazi dupes may have camped somewhere in the Lesser Antilles, and that their descendants may still today be significant if another similar move against the USA is in the planning.  An Axis-friendly coup in Buenos Aires (near 27 Cardinals) also occurred around that time, and is also at risk of occurring again during the next year or so.  These all co-occurred during the coup reinstalling the Qing/Manchu Dynasty on the throne of Manchuria, and what eventually unfolded as pro-Axis regional governments in Nanjing and North China -- China being divided in allegiance throughout WW2 despite post-war Chinese propaganda claims. Similar events could re-occur in 2014-15 with similar 8th-harmonic configurations.  The result of these events in the last cycle was the very real, officially documented, and shockingly inhumane building of slave labor and extermination camps in Axis-occupied territories to 'liquidate' 'undesirable populations' specified by race, nationality, ideology, or sexual orientation by the Axis governments.  The Axis-bolstered 'Silver Shirts' cult in the USA, a clear prototype for the Tea Party and similar cults, was to participate in the attempted pro-Axis coup in Washington that the wise Franklin Roosevelt recognized and prevented, while his dizzy Axis-brainwashed puppet-like opponents hysterically brandished their guns and babbled naively about the 'Liberty' they were brainwashed to think they were going to see after a planned Fascist coup  intended to bring the USA under German and Sino-Japanese control (where only the Japanese were blamed due to Chinese Axis diplomatic strategy).  Similar Axis-run cults like the Silver Shirts existed in many other countries, including the Nazi/Fascisti-programmed Cagoulards in France, who played a key role in the collapse of Paris under the bootheels of the Nazi Blitzkrieg machine.  And note that the recent American cheerleaders for a World War 3 have naively sung praises to German bankcorp courier Herbert Hoover, the overseer of the 1929 Stockmarket crash that both economically and politically boosted Germany and the Sino-Japanese fascist parties into power in Europe and Asia, as Hoover's transnational banking advisors had planned.

(Note that few Americans still today are aware of the intent of Germany and its Axis cohorts to literally invade and occupy the United States with the help of pro-Nazi cults trained by German agents in the USA in the 1930s and early 1940s, and that this is verified in documents declassifed only in the 1990s by the Clinton administration, and summarize in part in the book "Germany, Hitler, and World War II" by German-born American Professor Gerhard L Weinberg, published in 1995. This means that pro-Nazi Americans who though WW2 German intentions toward the USA were benevolent, were dupes, fools. Similarly, other declassified documents about Japanese operations (often in intense collabaratio wit the German Nazis) in the USA were summarized in the book 'Shadows Dancing', later republished as 'Spies for Nippon', by Welsh-born Australian historian Tony Matthews -- and these verify reports of Japanese subversion in the USA and other Allied nations that were earlier denied and dismissed due to clever lobbying by post-1945 East Asian Prosperity Sphere Axis fascist lobbyists in Washington..)

Due to Franklin Roosevelt's countering wisdom, Axis Fascism failed to subdue (either Britain or) the United States, which remained the main beacon of democracy (with Roosevelt displacing his Nazi/Fascist-sympathetic opponents and Deutsche/Schroder Bank puppets Herbert Hoover and Wendell Willkie), without which the whole world would have probably fallen under the Axis dominance of Germany, Japan, and their two-faced covert allies within China. The Axis plan was to continue its aggressive lobbying to weaken the USA via Hoover/Austrian/Chicago School economic theory and turn America into an economic colony full of dumbed-down poorly-educated slave labor, which was beginning to unfold during the Great Depression under the Deutsche/Schroder Bank puppets Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover as Secretary of Commerce and then president -- and this is at risk of occurring again due to a revival of those same disastrous foreign Axis-fascist bankcorp-manipulated policies cooked up in Germany and Austria for the 'inferior nations' and parroted by fools in America. The final German/Asian Axis plan in WW2 was an invasion and takeover of the United States, Canada, and Mexico -- and the former Axis powers and their allied parties (like the Kuomintang now largely in actual control of the Chinese economy despite the Communist stagepuppets and flags on display) have gained even more ground in doing that today than they did during the last cycle.

Some have questioned the realism of a possible catastrophe if the USA or Canada or France or Britain should participate in a war with Russia now, even though the Vulkanus factor clearly indicates the potential for devastating counter-attacks on home territory similar to 911 for all 4 countries if a military or nuclear confrontation were to occur any time while Vulkanus is in orb of the Sibley Ascendant and the London-Paris-Ottawa geodetic Ascendants. Considering both Tropical and Sidereal/Precessed transits, this extends the period of risk for the USA all the way into 2018.  If there were astrologers in the early 1930s watching via similar methods, and there may have been, they may have alerted people in Washington of the risk of retaliation from forces in Manchuria, East China (where both Japanese and pro-Axis Chinese troops were stationed), or from Eastern Europe (where German-allied or actual German Axis troops were stationed), or in South Africa, which had recently fallen under a pro-Nazi party that created the Apartheid system only 3 years after WW2 nominally ended. And, by 1933, pro-Axis governments in Argentina and the Dominican Republic could also have played a role in attacking the United States, as could the Nazi-run/funded Gold Shirts cult in Mexico -- per the geodetic indicators, the 1932-33 Washington coup plan may have involved Axis troops stationed in those countries.  These very same locations, per the geodetics, would be the launching pads if a similar attack on the USA were in the planning from now until 2018.  The power of Vulkanus is colossal, and is not to be underestimated, as 911 and other events have shown. British and other media still verify the reality of the Axis-backed coup against Roosevelt, although it is denied by many domestically who are of the political heritage who thought the Nazis and Asian fascists "weren't to bad" and "the Jews made up those stories". If you think those stories were made up, pick up a copy of "Hitler's War against the Jews" by David Altshuler, or read the highly revealing chapter "Manchoukuo - a Prototype for China" in the book 'Japan in China' written Berkeley Professor of History T A Bisson and  describing war crimes that were classified as secret for many years as a concessionary request by the East Asian Prosperity Axis parties, until declassified by the Clinton administration -- and then ponder how serious a mistake it would be to allow the same banks and corporations that built the World War 2 Axis machine in both Europe and Asia to become the masters of a new globalist "order".  And know that those same now transnational banks and corporation are the very ones having created the ugly socio-economic polarization that has gradually unfolded across the globe since Reagan's justifiably highly-controversial visit to Bitburg -- to destroy communism for its replacement by revived fascism instead of democracy.  This is the reality unfolding, and constant pressure should be on political leaders across the planet to make sure that our future is one of democracy and equality of opportunity for all, an not the restoration of the functional feudalism and social gentrification of the unjustifiably glorified Days of Yore.  If nothing else, young people need to be able to have a world of Real (not drug-induced or imaginary 'virtual' computer-screen or slave-like) peace and opportunity to look forward to, and not war and instability due to greed-driven, dehumanizing, corporate-manipulated and 'profitable for investors' social chaos/instability. 

-- San Francisco Bay Area, 2014.Mar.27