Geodetics and Historical Cycles of 9-11-2001 Maybe Relevant to 2013-2014


© by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics


This article was first published 2003.Jan.06 in the 21st Century Uranian Newsletter

and first posted on the Uranian Institute website 2013.Mar.18 with editing for clarification and further detail.

The author is currently unaware of articles of similar content elsewhere, but also has abandoned wasting time reading pop astrology publications.


The ongoing debate over the relative effectiveness of either the Sepharial or Grimm method of fixed geodetic angles continues, and in this case favors the Grimm method of calculation.  The author however remains open to the idea that both systems could be valid and have slightly different meanings in relation to their different method of calculation.... and shifts to the perspective that the same could possibly be true of both the Mean and 'True' Lunar Nodes. In other words, alternate systems of calculation might mean that all are valid but in ways as subtle as the differences in calculation method.  Thus, at this point, the author will not say that either Grimm or Sepharial method is the only correct one, as, for some strange reason, both seem to prove valid in various world events in history, and this has yet to be explained.


The Sibley chart for the USA has proven valid for a number of historical events, regardless of whether the original published chart was cast for London (where the astrologer lived, the news was received, and local national government directly affected) or for a city in the United States .. or whether a chart published in 1776 did not have calculations of the precision of our current technology. It's the preferred chart for the USA presented in works by several astrologers recognized as masters (Michael Baigent, Dane Rudhyar), but the most important issue is that the MC, AS, and Moon (the main time-sensitive factors) work to account for the major events of US history, names aside.  What the Sibley chart shows during the general period around now (2013) is a transiting cluster of Zeus and Vulkanus near the Sibley chart Ascendant, and that that same ZE.VU cluster united with the fixed MC in Berlin. Vulkanus moves very slowly through the zodiac, and it made these contacts to the Grimm-calculated 'Local Ascendant' on these dates:

1836: Attack on the Alamo by the Mexican army, under the control of a pre-independence royalist element aligned with the Catholic church controlled by the Hapsburgs (who also arranged for the Mexican empire to assist the Confederacy during the US Civil War) that had regained power in Mexico. Hapsburg-controlled Spain had lost the most from the US Monroe Doctrine policy announced in 1823, and the Hapsburgs used the church to retain power sometimes lost during the original Latin American independence movements. European conservative politics, still today, is bolstered largely by old royal families and friends who have funded wars and counter-revolutions (including fascist ones) throughout history. This relates today to who controls the strings of the European Union at the core, and in some ways perpetuates the fear of American competition for world economic dominance. Thus, before WW2, the old European oligarchy funded the Friends of Germany, German American Bund, Silver Shirts, Father Coughlin's 'Christian Front', and other fascist movements in the USA.  Their continued criticism of modern French culture is based on its twin birth with American Democracy, which together signaled the downfall of the European imperial dynastic network. This historical thread was likely significant in the underlying politics of the attack on the Alamo in the 1836, carried out when Mexico was geographically as large as the United States and once again under functional control of old European monarchs.

1876-1879 (16th harmonic): Sitting Bull uprising at Little Big Horn in Montana in 1876; Boss Tweed captured in Spain in 1876; Nez Perce tribe declares war on US government Jun-Oct 1877.

1918-1922: American intervention in World War II brought about the defeat of the Austro-German alliance of the Hohenzollerns and Hapsburgs in 1918, and they were not happy, particularly when US President Wilson played a key role in insisting on the disbandment of the Hapsburg's Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Hapsburg machine, however, still retained its financial influence, and substantial control of the Catholic church, via its centuries-old political fusion with the Holy Roman Empire, which evolved into the Vatican. The imperial 'Central Powers' of Europe sought both to destroy the spread of democratic egalitarianism and social liberalism along with  the noisy and violent communism of Russia -- in favor of a return to the medieval society where the 'lower classes' and 'inferior races', all considered to be of 'lowly birth' and kept locked in their social station to preserve the traditions of centuries past.  And so, pseudo-populist parties serving the interest of the rich (the Nazis and other Fascist parties) were created to trick the naive public into submission and preservation of the old order when the winds died down. Anarchist groups were deported among the influx of war refugees into the USA, and by 1919, US domestic unrest was rampant. Events included the 1919 bombing of the US Attorney General's office; the 1920 Sacco-Venzetti anarchist movement, and the August 1921 revival of the KKK, funded by German conservatives planning the rise of what became the Nazi party.




indicators for further concern over Zeus and Vulkanus (in orb in of the Sibley chart for the USA in 32nd harmonic in 2013, and simultaneously on the geodetic Ascendants in an area running from Miami, up the Florida coast, through Asheville and the Appalachians NNW through Detroit) happen to correlate with an interesting observation about the recent controversy over Benghazi and that city’s relationship to recent American politics.



2000-2001 was a crazy and tragic time for the United States. Loud and pushy voter harassment, reported especially in Florida, tilted a questionably close national presidential election in favor of George Bush, knocking Albert Gore aside, and within a year, the election was followed by the 9-11 attack that flooded US media like a barrage of reports due to the tragic loss and political significance. It is normal to look at indicators for the national capital when referring to events of nationwide, and especially national political, impact. The indicators put into perspective the various assumptions about how the 9-11 attack happened.  It appears that it was Not an 'inside job', but may have been carried out by foreign interests that certain American political leaders were dupes or puppets of.

What’s interesting now is to look back on that period, with locational/geodetic factors in mind, to see what 
happened and what attack source locations external to Washington DC were likely, per the geodetics, and that includes possible, perhaps politically naive, sources inside the USA complicit with foreign elements launching the attack. And one should not overlook the involvement of cults or mind control, common in covert and underworld politics, facilitating the situation. 

In the 1980s, non-mainstream American media and various international media reported that Russia was being infiltrated and its infrastructure sabotaged by German intelligence operations, and that after the fall of the Soviet government, German and possibly also East Asian Fascist intelligence intended to carry out a similar operation in the USA, which, in keeping, would involve similar procedures, co-opting of the media, infiltration of infrastructure by foreign agents via spy operations, widespread use of intel-created cults and bizarre religions (as Nazi and East Asian Fascist agents did in the 1930s, per contemporary records) to confuse and destabilize American society, foreign corporate acquisition of national resources via privatization of public institutions and properties, demoralization of the public through psy-ops manipulation of political leaders, advancement of political leaders under their influence, and systematic breakdown of the national infrastructure for easy foreign invasion and takeover. If this actually occurred as described, it not only explains the rampant anti-foreign sentiments in Russia now, but also may well explain what’s happening in the United States since 2000… when Vulkanus first hit the fixed geodetic Ascendant (exact in Grimm system; in orb of Sepharial system) of Washington DC, and the USA began a downward tailspin, with the US infrastructure crumbling from 2000 to 2008.  Vulkanus is now again, in 2013, near cluster/hard aspect to the Ascendant of both the Sibley and the long-popular Gemini-rising chart for the US Declaration of Independence.

At the time of the 2000 election, 2001 inauguration, and 9-11 attacks, the fixed MC for Washington, whether Grimm or Sepharial, was also =SA=NE=HA=PO, and this shows that USA as a nation was taken ill, thrown into a state of confusion, and potential demoralization or ideological dysfunction… almost as though mental illness ruled the country for a few years. The configuration can also correlate with cult psychology, and muddling and confusion of education, and if we look for 64th harmonic clusters, sometimes relevant, it extends to include Cupido, validating possible indication of a cult controlling Washington around that period, one year after the onset of the Bush II administration. Below we will see the various locations where the foreign influence likely came from, per geodetic indicators.

Vulkanus simultaneously on the Ascendant at both the 2000 election and the 9-11 attacks shows external pressure, influence (including political lobbying), and even intense power blows (fitting the 9-11 attack, and the sensation of the 2000 election), from either outside the USA or from other cities inside the USA, or both (if involving a transnational network, which was the case in the planned coup against FDR in 1932-33), impacting Washington. The fact that Vulkanus was returning over the same point near the time of both events indicates a possibly sequential relationship, even in terms of sources of external blows to Washington. Yet another blow from Vulkanus on the Sibley chart Ascendant around 2013-2014 indicates that yet another attempt with similar objectives might be made. And launched from locations within about 5 or 6  degrees of longitude of the locations of 2001, which would mean sources in the same general regions again, possibly the same or neighboring countries involved -- the perpetrators may have moved only a short distance away, from an overall world perspective, within approximately 500km or 350 miles eastward.


Also remember that influences can come from unofficial or covert or transitory sources, and even temporarily or long-term infiltrated or co-opted official agencies, functions, or assets… the question should certainly be asked if America had a bug inside at the time, and if it involved cults… remembering that Alqaida is a cult, Nazism/Fascism was (and is) a cult, the Moonies are and East Asian multinational intelligence cult, and that historical references indicate that Alqaida was a descendant of pseudo-islamic cults created by the Nazis and Fascisti.
Let’s look at the midpoint of the fixed MC/AS midpoint to see what the relationship between Washington DC and the outside world, including allies at hand, was, using the Universal chart for 2000 (cast for 1999 Dec 22) for Washington USA-DC, the year including the election. 

With primary and secondary clusters alone we see MC =NO and in 32nd harmonic =PL. Major changes (PL) occurring, in relation to alliances (NO) that tie via geodetic degree to political power cities at 5 degrees fixed signs: Tel Aviv Israel, Montevideo Uruguay, the only major capital cities at that location. Did those changes relate somehow to what occurred in 2001? What was the result of either new, or of faltering alliances? A major international significance of impoverished Uruguay is its status as a based of operations for the Moonie cult, which is tied directly to the ruling Kuomintang party in Taiwan, and where the Moonie cult invested and stashed much of its money in offshore banks. The Washington Ascendant for the year is =NE, at 2 degrees fixed, which is over (and so coming from) Taipei, Buenos Aries, and Cairo, all in a Neptune fog, or camouflage. This has interesting relations to the incoming Bush revival and its longtime links to Bormann German money in Argentina, the Moonie cult in Taipei, and ties with the Saudis and their longtime ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, long based in Egypt and tied to the Bormann capital network, all linked together through the World Anti-Communist League alliance, cynically renamed the ‘World League for Freedom and Democracy’.

That shows alone through the yearly Ascendant for the 1999 chart, something in the making during the year, and critical in relation to documents declassified by President Clinton during his administration, as well as the political alliances of the Bush family and top Republican leaders. Note that the Bormann network includes Deutsche Bank, which was involved in a chunk of the refinancing loan scams that threw many Americans out of their homes, in Ohio (reported substantially in the media) and other states.

Was the confusion at election time related to the fog around the Kuomintang-Moonie, and Muslim Brotherhood-Saudi, and Argentine Bormann (German overseas) capital network – all allied through the WACL? Odds are high, especially considering the events of the next eight years, and even leading up to 2012 and the Benghazi controversy, and since the Bush family have old longtime ties with the Bormann capital network, friendships with the Saudi royals, and a weird reverence for the now deceased Reverend Sun Myung Moon, East Asian cult leader and psychological warfare operant. Note also that while the Saudis were nominally neutral in WW2, they were reported to have routinely assisted the Nazis, and complied with British demands largely under pressure. Numerous sources indicate the Saudis remained friendly to the post-1945 Nazis/Fascist underworld network.

The next Universal chart cast for 2000Dec21 and covering the following 12 months shows MC=AS =NO=JU and in 
32nd harmonic MA=PL=ZE.. the USA has lucrative alliances and undergoes major military and technical changes through economic agreements, perhaps new ones because Pluto is involved, and Pluto was already changing in 2000. The Node links at 16 cardinals points to the old established banking houses of Vienna, including Drechsel/Drexel, that lay the groundwork for Drexel-JPMorgan. Drechsel was a founding banking house of Wall Street in its early days, the purpose of which was to allow Europeans to buy into and profit from the fledgling American economy as it sought to break out of colonial status. 16 cardinals also points to New York, meaning a direct tie established between Washington politics and the trans-national bankcorps running Wall Street – this re-established the relationship Prescott Bush’s friend Herbert Hoover set up under their 
mutual overlords in the Deutschebank and Drexel-Morgan.


Subsequent years would be interesting to study, but let’s stay on the changes that tie Benghazi to events 
there in 2012. This requires looking at the fixed MC and AS for Washington. Throughout the period from Election 2000 to Sep 11 2001, Vulkanus, at approximately 21 to 22 Cancer, was within orb of either a primary or secondary cluster to either the Grimm or Sepharial fixed Ascendant of Washington (Grimm 22 Aries, Sepharial 23 Aries. The Ascendant correlates with others, people and things coming from outside to one’s proximity. Vulkanus can range from politics, to influence or sway, to pressure, to coercion, to high-impact powerful blows, and Vulkanus was configured with different clusters and midpoints 
at election time, election resolution time, inauguration, and the Sep 11 attacks, which involved both New York and Washington.
At this point, I would like to mention that it is possible that the Obama administration has been set up to 
appear to be affiliated with a very problematic international network that the Bush family undoubtedly had 
long-time affiliations with over the years – so that Obama could be potentially scapegoated for what was done 
by the Bush administration even more than already, a common trick played many times over, all around the 
globe and over the years by the disciples of Machiavelli, Metternich, and Sun Tzu – the political models for 
World War 2 Nazi and Fascist covert political strategies.

Remember that Vulkanus as of 2012-2013 remains within orb of hard angle cluster to the natal USA Declaration 
of Independence Sibley chart, considering both precessed and non-precessed transits. Thus, events of 2001 will carry a similar tone throughout the current period, and past observations show that some, perhaps not all, of the same energies and energy-sources will continue to be at play, although bases of operations may shift to the east by about 5 degree of longitude (per the norm in world events, evolving energies move, overall, from west to east rather than east to west, whereas energies 
moving from east to west are generally counter to natural evolutionary unfoldment or in a transitional but 
not final stage).

Another important consideration is that primary-suspected political organizations involved in 9-11 are cults affiliated with or part of other cults known to be de facto covet psy-op puppets of foreign espionage agencies in other countries. As mentioned, many of the more violent and powerful pseudo-islamic cults are known to be descended from the psy-op creations of the World War II Axis alliance led by the German, Italian, and Japanese military-political complexes, and known to have continued operation after 1945 despite the nominal defeat of the Axis powers in 1945 (although they continued underground, often under camouflage, and shifted bases of operations at various times to other locations). Many investigative authors on post-1945 
Axis fascism point to Middle Eastern pseudo-islamic cults created by the wartime German and Italian and Japanese governments as having continued Middle Eastern operations, as being central in the provocation of wars with Israel, and as being central in efforts to engineer the Middle Eastern economies and political systems to the advantage of the creators of the cults. Control of oil reserves was a central obsession of the Axis fascist cult/parties. Factual changes over time since 1945 will also need to be considered, as will covert continuation of the Axis fascist network already verified by many investigators and summaries in the original materials of Simon Wiesenthal, Joseph Wechsberg, TH Tetens.In the following, the focus will be on September 11, 2001, and the analysis will include consideration of both Sepharial and Grimm values for fixed MC and Ascendant.

This is not considered to be definitive or all-inclusive, but should provide reliable indicators of possible, even likely, problem sources, and those sources may involve official, clandestine, covert, or even locally anti-governmental organizations or agencies that have substantial consolidated and coordinated (Vulkanus) political power of some sort. Several of the locations point to power bases involving Saudi influence, which the Bushes are known to have interfaced with, and with which the Obama administration puts itself at great risk and potential humiliation through perceived guilt by association. The Saudis come up repeatedly in studies of both wartime and post-1945 Axis alliances in the Middle East, as do some elements of the Palestinian independence movement. Other locations point to known gathering points of (substantial) post-1945 Axis underground assets and covert and paramilitary operations.

Possible source locations of the energies pushing on Washington DC (remember that some sources indicate there were almost simultaneous attacks on New York and Washington DC) would be where Vulkanus was on the fixed MC, and it appears often that in major international events the various locations triggered can be linked or networked through international organizations on some level, Vulkanus being through force and political power. It is assumed, as is normally the case, that the isolated 9-11 attacks were possibly part of any ongoing political network, not an isolated event that struck momentarily and then moved on.

Possible source locations of the attacks (launching points and/or power source hubs) would include any combination of these politically significant international cities where 21:50 Cardinals (since the Vulkanus point was at 21:50 Cancer) was within 1 degree of orb on the fixed MC:

Benghazi Libya, Mossel Bay South Africa, Belgrade Serbia, Tirana Albania, Budapest Hungary, Warsaw Poland, 
Kaliningrad Russia, Tirana Albania, Hongkong China, Bandar Begawan Brunei, Surabaja Indonesia, Carnarvon Western Australia, La Paz Bolivia, Caracas Venezuela, Fredericton NB Canada (Grimm) or Augusta Maine (Sepharial), Hamilton Bermuda, Mendoza Argentina.

What politically significant factors are located at those locations, and which cities are known to be linked via 
international political power networks?

Assuming the source is indeed pseudo-islamic cults, some of which are known to have been created by the Nazis and Italian Fascisti during the WW2 period,  where among those locations are they likely to have had bases of operations or access to facilities to prepare for or launch attacks?

Let’s look at probable origins of the Sep 11 attacks, which includes a range of cities polarized in the Cold War over superpower control strategies and right/left polarized extremist economic philosophies/cults. Interesting symbolism in that in recent years the Age of Aquarius was to be the fusing of contradictory opposites, as were the efforts to end the Cold War, whereas what unfolded was, from an international perspective, a foolishly dogged adherence to traditional beliefs and paradigms crippling progress, education, and growth in the United States, and the ‘New Age’ vision of the WW2 Fascists – correlating with tragi-comic manifestations like the rise of the Moonie cult, the Tea Party, dominance of the European economy by its local superpower banks, election of a Nazi-trained Catholic Pope as though it’s no big deal, and a resurgence of the old Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere in a miasma of capitalist-communist confusion and dysfunction benefiting only the wealthy in the long run… a theme underpinning regressive changes in Europe and the USA as well that started around or at the New Millennium calendar turning point at January 1, 2000 when Saturn was in apparent retrograde, in relation to the Earth, in Taurus, interesting in terms of symbolism. And remembering that what appears retrograde eventually goes direct. Along with doublespeak cosmetic ‘reforms’ reversing economies to the inequalities of the Medieval Era, replete with the religious dogma and misconceptions of centuries past…. they can’t and probably won’t last forever, but remain due to mass indoctrination into the belief that they are the only One Way. If we consider a Millennium chart set for January 1, 2000, solar arc Saturn goes direct approximately after 12 years, i.e. around now; but if we consider the Millennium to have begun at the Solar New Year around December 21, 1999, when Saturn also appeared retrograde in Taurus, Saturn will go direct after about 22 years, meaning around the year 2022, give take a year or so… and the planet will not longer be living in the past. There are some indicators that it may require another 10 years to clear, due to all the continued traditional economic and ideological paradigms, and concentration of greed in the hands of the few that still persists – being still in the death throes of the 20th century.

Benghazi is across the border from Egypt, the longtime base of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its ties to the Gadafi regime need serious study, particularly since the Brotherhood was supported not only by the Nazis, but also the Italian Fascisti, who ruled Libya and earlier islands off coastal Turkey before 1945, and whose leader Mussolini was evaluated as not-such-a-bad-guy-after-all by recent Italian Duce Silvio Berlusconi.

Libya has long been a political hothouse in every sense of the term, due to its rich dinosaur oil reserves and strategic political and commercial location along Mediterranean trade routes and in many wars over the centuries. It was a German-allied Turkish colony in World War 1, a German-allied Italian colony in World War 2, and a mysterious political curio ever since with oil reserves that the still backward oil-dependent nations covet. There have been many speculations on who Gadafi really was and what made him tick, and why he seemed to change so radically over time. In his later years, he seemed to have an almost plastic, robotic, static appearance, and many political analysts speculated that he had been steadily brainwashed via foreign intelligence agencies and brought under their control like a sort of Manchurian Quisling, to get the oil and access to Libya’s other geostrategic advantages while hoping to tame him and also shape his influence over nations who followed his lead. Thus it is not certain whether Gadafi was ever really his own independent ‘strongman’ or originally, or gradually after steady programming, a puppet dictator. Methods of brainwashing political leaders existed at least as far back as World War II, probably earlier, and the Nazis were expert at the process (as had been the Habsburg espionage network as far back as the French counter-revolution), and other intelligence agencies learned the tricks after World War II. Gadafi, whether conscious and autonomous, or under external control, was credited with various terrorist attacks and incidents, and international subversion. Avid political research analyst of Nazi history and post-1945 Nazi underworld activities, Mae Brussell, reported that Gadafi’s early military machine and intelligence service were trained by the post-war Nazi Gehlen network machine, which had long been allied with the Italian Fascisti – meaning they remained covertly in control of Libya after 1945, promoting their interests in the region, and that Gadafi may have largely done their will.

Mossel Bay South Africa is a yachting center where the wealthy of South Africa boat across the South Atlantic and South Indian Oceans, and the site of a commercial airport run by the South African Civil Aviation Authority. The wealthy South African establishment has had many ties with the Nazis before, during, and after World War 2, and still controls the still highly centralized and super-rich (gold, diamonds, platinum) South African economy due to high-intensity privatization of government agencies and assets immediately before the Apartheid regime. Per Mae Brussell, the famous Dr Christian Barnard reported on extensive German Nazi resettlement in South Africa during the official 1948 installation of the Apartheid system as a ‘model’ for 
“separate development” based on the Nazi and previous Imperial Austrian model of race superiority and hierarchy that the Hapsburg imperials fostered, and Hitler grew up in as a child.

Kaliningrad is Russia’s only warm-water port in Europe, and carefully guarded for that reason despite its isolation in a province disconnected from the rest of Russia. Kaliningrad is Russia’s early-warning station to possible advances from central Europe, and houses one of Russia’s main strategic air stations, increasingly surrounded and isolated by European Union member states. Would Russia have risked war with the USA by facilitating the 9-11 attacks? When the Soviet government fell, did the old pro-Nazi Russian Czarist elements regain influence and fuse into the picture, or into Russian politics in general, since Russian government media now eulogizes the Romanovs? What controls Russia now, anyway, amid all the continuous domestic chaos and confusion since the Soviet downfall orchestrated by German intelligence operations? How polarized are the counter-factions in Russia now?

In fact, in reference to all of these cities, would the local governments have risked counter-attack from the United States, or were the attacks from rogue elements or cults housed at those locations? Among the mentioned cities, Belgrade Serbia and Caracas Venezuela have been allied with Russia in overt official political alliances. Caracas has since been building alliances with Buenos Aries, which will ally Venezuela with forces of the radical right if the powerful Nazi/Fascist element regains control of the Argentinian government, which it may already be doing, per messages from Christina Kirchner and recent news 
reports on a reviving fascist network on the streets.

And, significantly, Belgrade Serbia was in the middle of the bloody and chaotic religious and political cult wars that revived those created and orchestrated by the Nazis in World War 2, and continued to be run by German/BND intelligence in the 1990s, per European media reports of that period, and a prototype for cult-driven global wars and national destabilization strategies. Belgrade and Tirana Albania were under attack by NATO forces from 1999 into the early 2000s, and local factions there may have been blaming the USA for the war -- the economic and political outcome of which should indicate in whose interest the war was, replicating the WW2 events in many ways.

Mendoza Argentina is across the border from the infamous Colonia Dignidad in Chile, which fuses a nominally Catholic fake religious front and the Bormann capital network (IG Farben, Deutsche Bank, and subsidiaries). Most books (Wechsberg, Tetens, others) on the post-war Nazi underworld mention this mountainous area of Argentina as housing many of the escaped Nazi war criminals in hiding, and establishment of colonies and indoctrination centers by them there, including Bariloche from where public neo-fascist violence recently emanated.

Hungary (Budapest), a longtime political extension of the old Austro-German political complex, has long been a country of polarized radical extreme politics as well, in the middle between the German countries and Russia, yet not usually hostile toward the USA other than through local alliances. 


Warsaw has been a longtime ally of the United States, from Revolutionary War times in the 1700s, and not likely to have attacked the United States, although terrorist cults could have been operating inside Poland if monitoring of such issues was not adequate under its ironically ethnic German head of state.

Hongkong converted from British control to mainland Chinese control in 1997, with the population largely resistant to the new mandatory changes, and linked with the WACL/WLFD paramilitary cult that includes the post-1945 Nazi-Fascist Axis underworld network.

Brunei is an oil-rich enclave and monarchy on Borneo run by an old Islamic dynasty which has ties with the Saudis and the 
old Japan Fascist network. Not likely to risk attacks on the USA due to its size, unless it allowed terror cults to operate from there, or thought they would not be suspected from such a tiny country, yet a country so close to the oft-reported Golden Lily stash of Japan Fascist assets after 1945.


New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were primary destinations of the pro-monarchy military families that fought for King George III (and ethnic German from Hesse) on the throne England during the Revolutionary War of 1776, and the Hessian troops that were imported to help him try to quash the real original American Revolution -- while bordering Maine was the hub of the German-funded 'American' Nazi Party in the 1930s, which repeatedly attacked Roosevelt and was reported by some sources to be involved in the 1932-33 coup plot to overthrow Roosevelt, who stopped the USA from become a virtual German economic colony after the Schroderbank employee Herbert Hoover had paved the way.


The multinational corporate machine rooted in old Euro and Asian fascist and oil money that appears to have arranged for the 2000 US presidential election coup may strike again in 2013-2014.  The vulnerable locations are covered in another article.