21st Century On Hold

-- Where in the World and How

© 2013 by L Blake Finley, M.A.

Updated 2013.Feb.12

(NOTE: Much of this information has been previously mentioned the past few years in the 21st century uranian newsletter, and is summarized here as there finally may be some Hope for Change as the millennium chart Saturn goes direct by solar arc direction. The article pinpoints cities and geographic regions, using geodetics, that correlate clearly with clear early 21-century manifestations of economic power-plays and greed/accumulation that have kept certain areas of the world in a stifling deadlock, defined largely by Oil interests.)

Media personalities had recently been asking why the 21st Century seemed to have been kept on hold, with undue emphasis on traditions and stubborn resistance to need new energy technology by deeply entrenched economic interests. So I decided to look at astrological indicators, and it shows clearly. The good news is that, per approximate 1 degree per year direction methods, the Saturn retrogradation at the turn of the new millennium would be about to go direct, using January 1 2000 as the start date. A momentary thought about using the immediately previous Universal Chart (Capricorn Solar Ingress), which has similar outer-planet configurations, as a starting point was dropped, as the Gregorian calendar, used in most of the world, is no longer fully aligned with natural astronomical cycles. Yet, the widely-observed synthetic construct of a new century has still had its significance in terms of its impact cultural assumptions and trends, and therefore culture and so public consciousness, and even manifest technical realities in daily life -- and 2000 did indeed mark some substantial political changes globally. In addition, in comparing the Moon configurations in the Solar Ingress chart, the chart for January 1 2000 showed the clear indicator of a major turning point in time for the world populace – and Uranus, marker of breaks with the past, was even closer to the Ariespoint axis.

However, in the Uranian Astrology paradigm, Uranus was also hindered by a heavy and stubborn Saturn/Admetos midpoint in 2000, and this is the focus of this article. UR=SA/AD (Uranus at the Saturn/Admetos midpoint on the 90 degree dial) is a clear correlate of the struggle with stubborn cultural retrogradation (and financial since in Taurus) hindering progress in many ways. Here I want to bring in astrological geodetics to show how this has manifest globally in terms of specific locations aligned with the factors involved, and how the dynamics are likely to unfold, depending on choices made.

One must understand the past well in order to overcome it, and that has been impeded in part by the public confusion correlating with the AR=SU=NO=NE=HA=PO configuration showing in 32nd harmonic – which indicates that there is pervasive planet-wide confusion until people start learning and/or using logic and critical thinking skills, reflect on intuitions to understand and develop them, quit taking drugs that distort perceptions, quit indulging in denial, and start using the critical thinking skills to weed through deceptive media and psychological games and appeals which include blind religious assumptions, fanaticism, and blind belief. The configuration also shows that we are in a millenium when everyone needs to understand basic principles of practical applied psychology, for less confusion and greater happiness -- and that even learning methods of dream analysis, to understand where one's mind goes when asleep, could solve many mysteries in an otherwise confusing world, as could more communion with nature. Perhaps most critical is that the general population needs to know about how hypnosis and other pyschological warfare and social engineering strategies have been used to program populations unthinkingly into MK-Ultra type political cults, including calculated abuses of phenomena like NLP to exploit people rather than assist them. Such strategies were widely used in WW2 Fascist regimes, and perpetuated by fools and the unscrupulous. Pollution of air and water will also need to be dealt with on a conscious level, as they could in very worst cases be causes of mental illness (NE.HA.PO). 

Saturn and Admetos in Taurus correlates with the pigeonholing of the world's money and resources at specific locations. Where these locations are the seats of old monarchies and cults of their conscious or unconscious sycophants, the money has been hoarded by the rich, as it was prior to 1929, in order to control the world economy with an iron hand according to their designs, and much of it has been done through privatization of public assets, a regressive policy bound to bring about public discomfort and even sometimes disastrous situations, to make sure the wealthiest dominate with minimal interference. However, if those bulwarks of financial power can be somehow "revolutionized" by Uranus, there can be greater equality, freedom for the world's population, and greater spontaneity required for human progress -- not to mention the end of bottled-up and potentially explosive tensions that arise when old established power or economic bases refuse to change -- even disasters from continued use of antiquated technology that damages the Earth, also correlating with the UR=SA/AD configuration. Ideally, the "revolutionization" will occur via technology development and unimpeded progress and invention, and socio-economic equalization so that neither geological nor other physical or social destruction occur. 

A main point is the (apparent) retrogradation of Saturn in relation to the Earth (where we live and thus receive the impact of planetary energies). Apparent retrogradation implies that energies are put on hold or even move temporarily move backward in time in terms of influence on Earth. How appropriate, as we will be able to see. Saturn orbited at 10:24 Taurus on January 1, 2000 and the Sabian Symbol for 10 Taurus is "A Red Cross Nurse – the compassionate linking of all men". This is a process that should have been playing a key role in earthly stabilization in our new millennium, but because something held it in check for at least 12 or 13 years, it hasn’t unfolded as it should. This appears to be due to meddling and corruption in the Red Cross so that it has been either abused or misdirected by private corporate interests not in line with universal needs, probably somehow related to greed factors. Less literally, it refers indirectly to blockage or corruption of adequate health care for all the world's population. 11 Taurus may also be pertinent: "A Woman watering flowers in her garden -- development of the powers of the mind on which ego consciousness is based". This is impeded by often distortion by media owned by old money interests at these locations (or where Admetos is overhead), rampant drug trade, consumption of mind-numbing pharmaceuticals, philosophies of 'denial', and religious delusions -- but the powers of the mind can potentially be unlocked over time if appropriate measures for the are taken to reduce health risks and mind-numbing drug consumption, and advance healthier public conditions worldwide.

Locations pertinent to this holdback are within orb of 10:24 on the fixed MC, especially capital cities, other major metropolises, military or technical installations that have held back progress. Here we will look at both the Sepharial and Grimm positions, which are sometimes identical, and never more than 3 degrees in difference, and also locations within orb of 25:24 mutables (at 8th harmonic angle). 2 degree orb is used so as to include secondary clusters, while the influence in cities within one degree are stronger. Location of Saturn over capital cities may imply intent of the local governments, or of other non-governmental agencies including covert operations, some of which could be functioning as shadow governments via lobbying or other machinations.

The critical Saturn retrograde locations where global change has been held back, largely due to greed and retrograde conservatism in its negative and stifling sense:

SATURN RETROGRADE IN 2000 IS OVER THESE LOCATIONS, WAITING TO MOVE FORWARD AFTER INITIAL RETROGRESSION AND STAGNATION -- in general, bases of old imperial power and regional oil industry hubs.

  • Mecca/Makkah and Medina/Madinah Saudi Arabia (in orb of 10:24 fixed per both Sepharial and Grimm): long-time base of global economic and political power of Aramco oil and the Bormann group (continued post-1945 Axis fascist underworld econ-political influence in the Middle East) and cities of Islamic pilgrimage, in orb per both Grimm and Sepharial systems.

  • Moscow/Moskva in Russia (in orb of 10:24 fixed per Grimm but not Sepharial). It is unclear exactly what rules long-communist Moscow now, a new "international city", but Russian state media now once again interestingly eulogizes the Romanov dynasty, and some Russian state-owned media are now privately managed and convey a remarkably German-biased point of view. The Soviet regime was finally overthrown due to efforts of German intelligence operations (probably launched from Iran and Germany, per the geodtics). The question is "who’s really running Russia now?"  And time in Moscow does seem to have been on hold there, or moving backward at times.

  • Vienna Austria (in orb of 17:54 cardinals): Hapsburg imperial capital and subsequent power center instrumental in another attempt to build a European economy controlled by Germanic banks on the old 'Intermarium' or 'Heart of Europe' model, and Zagreb Croatia, under strong Austrian influence since its breakaway from Yugoslavia.

  • Stockholm Sweden (in orb or 17:54 cardinals) which has been influenced by increased foreign presence since 1986.

  • Vladivostok Siberia (in orb of 10:24 fixed per Sepharial but not Grimm), in a sense, Russia’s far eastern/Siberian alternate capital and main regional port city, it was also a gathering hub for Russian imperials in exile after 1917.

  • Yakutsk, capital of the Yakutia/Sakha region in Siberia (in orb of 10:24 fixed per Sepharial but not Grimm), which houses some major experimental scientific programs, and near mines that produce over 20% of the world's diamonds. Home of the International Institute of Cosmophysical Research and Aeronomy..

  • Nagasaki in Japan (in orb of 10:24 fixed per Sepharial but not Grimm), where one of the atomic bombs was dropped in 1945, and site of the Sasebo Military Base.

  • Hiroshima in Japan, (in orb of 10:24 fixed per Grimm but not Sepharial), where another of the atomic bombs was dropped in 1945, current significance not clear, home of the "Hiroshima Peace Institute".

  • Darwin in northern Australia (in orb of 10:24 fixed per Sepharial but not Grimm) near major multinational uranium and gold mining, and oil refineries.

  • Houston TX and Kansas City MO/KS in the USA (in orb of 25:24 mutable per both Grimm and Sepharial): Houston is a North American base for the Saudi Aramco oil corporation and old Bormann Nazi money, including the old Dornberger Nazi colony; areas near Kansas City became a main base of operations of the Aryan Nations and ‘Christian Identity’ neo-fascist cults after Aryan Nations was scrutinized in Idaho; Houston is a Tea Party cult hub. Remember that the Nazi Party was a cult full of brainwashed programmed zombies espousing policies they didn't understand the ramifications of, but served corporate interests, today multi-national. The 'Austrian School' economic philosophy was promoted by the old Hapsburg monarchy, and then by the Austro-fascists to indoctrinate the public into retaining, and later restoring, the old imperial Hapsburg banking/economic order rather than align with increasing public demands for economic democracy and socio-economic leveling -- knowing full well that decrease of democratic government regulation would lead to the continuation or restoration of the old imperial-like economy under control of the most powerful, coercive, and their predatory arms -- very retrograde and thus long referred to as the 'Marginalist School'. Only fools and the poorly-educated would and do advocate it as an American solution, as it was designed to restore the power of pre-democratic imperial European (and today also some Asian, by default) banking houses, and has often done so.

  • Glasgow Scotland, western Wales, Isle of Man (in orb of 25:24 mutables) -- banking centers?

  • Madrid-Valladolid-Cordoba-Malaga Spain (in orb or 25:24 mutables) including old Hapsburg imperial strongholds and the hub of the 1950s post-war fascist underworld network hosted by Francisco Franco, as well as Brest France.

  • Western Morocco and Abidjan Ivory Coast near major gold fields (both in orb of 25:24 mutables).

  • Ekaterinburg Russia (in orb of 2:54 mutables) longtime heavy industrial production and oil industry center.

  • Other financial centers to be found at 10:24 fixed and at 16th harmonic angles (indicated above).

Over half of the indicated locations are somehow linked through old, common international economic establishment forces or political organizations that have played a key role in keeping the 21st century from getting off to a healthy start, while keeping key social institutions and energy technology trapped in the past for economic control reasons. The pointers to major oil lobbying interests seems significant, as does the Bormann financial network run largely by post-war Nazi underworld and old 'royalist' money referred to by Franklin Roosevelt --  yet Uranus at the midpoint of Saturn and Admetos means that technology and invention could break the deeply-entrenched deadlock… which could logically be via internet and/or electro-technology that would break the deadening stranglehold of giant oil monopolies --about which, read on.

The other antiquated and very old established global financial empires, including banks, holding back progress through hyper-concentrated wealth (Admetos in Taurus), per the geodetic indicators, have bases where 19:07 fixed and 4:07 cardinals, and with extension into 16th harmonic, 26:37 cardinals or 11:37 mutables are overhead, pointing to cities including power-bases of old imperial families and their banking houses (within 2 degree orb),


  • Amsterdam-Hague-Brussels (Royal Shell/House of Nassau-Orange oil, in orb of 4:07 cardinals per both Grimm and Sepharial). Brussels is NATO headquarters and the functional parliamentary capital of the European Union, and Amsterdam the hub of the remainder of the House of Orange oil empire; 
  • Baku Azerbaijan (Caspian oil capital largely controlled by transnational oil corprations) per Sepharial, or Kuwait (Mideast oil hub) per Grimm; 
  • Tokyo Japan per Sepharial, home of the Imperial Fascist/Yamato/Yakuza Asian financial power complex foolishly allowed by MacArthur to survive largely intact (detailed in books by Sterling Seagrave);
  • Beijing China per Sepharial, or neighboring Tianjin China per Grimm, both hubs of the old Imperial Chinese Bank that in 1928 absorbed and took over the Kuomintang Party to restore imperial economic control of the country -- which has has been gradually resuming control of the mainland Chinese economy since the reforms of the 1980s. Old Imperial Chinese money collaborated with the Japan Fascist (de facto imperial) party in the 1920s and 1930s, facilitating the temporary overt restoration of the Manchu dynasty on the throne of Manchuria (polarizing China internally throughout World War 2). Herbert Hoover worked for both imperial Chinese and Japanese banking houses and mining companies before his positions as US Secretary of Commerce and US President, as well as with Saxe-Coburg imperial banker Emile Franqui in Belgium.
  • Adelaide Australia per Sepharial, near gold mines and oil fields; old home base of Rupert Murdoch, long tied to Chinese mafia.
  • Perth Australia in orb of 26:37 cardinals per Sepharial, capital of a state rich in gold mines.
  • Persian Gulf oil ports of either Saudi Arabia (per Sepharial) or Kuwait (per Grimm), and in Iran (per both systems, in orb of 19:07 fixed signs) -- who owns those local oil companies?
  • Peshawar, Pakistan (in orb of 11:37 mutables) per Sepharial, the virtual capital of the Sikh region.
  • Auburn-Huntsville-Montgomery Alabama (in orb of 4:07 cardinals per Grimm and Sepharial), in what seems to outsiders like a remote, disfranchised area, this is home of a post-1945 colony of Nazi aeronautic scientists brought to settle in the United States to train early NASA project scientists, and of the quirky "Austrian School" Institute of Ludwig von Mises, who developed the fascist economic philosophy of the Hapsburg monarchy and of the Austrian Fascists, who ultimately advocated a return of the Hapsburg monarchy. Remember that Hitler was an Austrian, and there was an ongoing battle between the German military and Austro-fascist (Austrian School advocates) political machines for control of the Greater Pan-German Reich. As of 2013, German corporations have substantial if not dominant investment holdings in the Alabama state economy. 
  • Indianapolis Indiana and Grand Rapids Michigan in orb of 4:07 cardinals per Grimm and Sepharial, locations of two main headquarters offices of the Standard Oil company, including the original founding office. Some political analysts claim that, today, Standard Oil is near or over 50% owned by IG Farben Chemical company of Germany, part of the multi-national Bormann Capital network that built up a substantial portion of the Third Reich.
  • Mormon colonies in Chihuahua Mexico in orb of 11:37 mutables per Grimm and Sepharial. The power structure of  the Mormon church is highly secretive, and an investigation of its history since its inception leads to references to funding from old imperial money in Europe, mention of the House of Orange in early 'church' history, and repeated use of the church by old European establishment to exert influence on the US government and economy, including creation of alternate currencies and support of domestic separatist movements on more than one occasion, and a questionable position during the US Civil War. Its mention among the more vitriolic Fox media cult pundits shows interesting correlations with some of the other economic agglomerations mentioned above. The Mormon colonies were built close to a rich silver-mining district in Mexico, perhaps not by accident.
  • Billings MT and Grand Junction CO, near oil fields, and Rock Springs WY near Natural Gas fields (within orb of 11:37 mutables in both Sepharial and Grimm systems) -- harking back to the Teapot Dome controversy that was never fully resolved.

Power bases located in these cities with Admetos on Taurus on the fixed MC in 2000 have gained a chokehold on the world economy since then, and all of them connect in some way with the old banking network that built up the 1930s Axis Fascist alliance that included their crazy Austrian School ideology for the greedy or the naive, put in practice by the Hooverites and largely responsible for the 1929 stock market crash... and there's the recent overt Fascist Revival. Note that while the democratically-elected Dutch and Belgian governments were not part of the Axis Fascist-Nazi alliance, key members of their (ethnic German) royal families offered only token resistance, and some of the members of the old-bank-affiliated House of Orange (and Hapsburg and Saxe-Coburg) actually collaborated with the Nazis before, during, and after World War II.  Franklin Roosevelt obviously knew much or all of this, and foiled their plans; and after he died, Hoover played a key role in reviving their power network. 

Today, new and more economically democratic and publicly-accessible energy technology (Uranus) may well hold the key to break the old economic/oil monopoly deadlock, possibly as Saturn goes direct by standard progression or direction methods sometime around 2013, and Uranus breaks away from its recent cluster with Hades in the 2013 Universal (Capricorn Ingress) chart. This could indicate a possible end of the chokehold of the old oil dynasties that have monopolized the world economy for too long, when electricity and technology could liberate greater human economic equality around the globe and popularize an energy source the uber-wealthy cannot so easily monopolize because of the expensive involved in extracting, processing, and transporting oil. This retro element built up the Hayek 'Austrian School Economics' theory in past generations, basis of Hoover's economic philosophy for most of his time in office in either the Dept of Commerce and the early years of his presidency, and revived it via Friedman "Chicago School of Economics", a proven disaster for the bulk of humanity and pushed by old imperial Euro and Asian corporations seeking to acquire privatized state assets and send competing democracies back into the feudal era where Kings were Kings and most everyone else but a few barons and knights and counts were serfs. Note that the House of Orange originates from Nassau in Germany, near the 0 Leo fixed Ascendant line, which in turn is near the original homeland of the House of Hapsburg around Lake Constance/Konstanz. And key European Union offices are located in the "Charlemagne building" in Brussels, glorifying imperial history, the grand kings of old ruling over endless miles of a desperate and economically subservient peasants.

Uranus was at 14:47 Aquarius, the key to progress and breakup of the economic stranglehold, at the start of the new century and millennium, 15 Aquarius being "Two lovebirds sitting on a fence and singing happily", implying that some sort of reconciliation between old technology and traditions and new progressive ideas will break the deadlock held by traditionalists congregated at the above locations as they turn around and look forward instead of backward… or 14 Aquarius being "A train entering a tunnel -- Exercise of will (and) mental skill...". That could both mean that mass transit plays a role in change, and that intellectual self-empowerment (and quality education) is essential to human progress. Per the geodetics, including significant locations 16th harmonic angles (29:47 mutables, 7:17 mutables, 22:17 cardinals)


  • London, England (in orb of 29:47 mutables).  Current European Union restrictions, possibly tied with established oil interests, may be broken by forces in Britain, allowing technology development to unfold and shift the world economic power base.  Note also that many establishment banks based in London have actually been owned largely by other banks or corporations in other countries at various points.
  • Bordeaux-Cannes-Angers-Pau region of France, Valencia-Alicante region of Spain, Oran/Ouahran Algeria (in orb of 29:47 mutables) as potential new technical centers. 
  • Accra Ghana (in orb ov 29:47 mutables) could become a new technology development center in West Africa, as could possibly Gao Mali, after political disturbances there are resolved..
  • Iraq and Yemen (capitals in orb of 14:47 fixed) may play a key role in toppling the backwardness of Saudi Arabia, possibly as technology centers.
  • Shikoku island Japan (in orb of 14:47 fixed per Sepharial) or Osaka-Kyoto Japan (per Grimm) may help break up the old conservative chokehold in Japan.
  • Juneau Alaska (in orb of 14:47 fixed) may break old deadlocks as new blood comes in, Alaska being a long-time oil producer.
  • St.Louis-Memphis-New Orleans in the USA (in orb of 29:47 mutables) could host technical buildup that breaks the longtime regional economic deadlock. Also add Springfield IL, Jackson MS, and possible technology buildup around West central Wisconsin and Thunder Bay Ontario
  • Maine USA and New Brunswick Canada (in orb of 22:17 cardinals) could see increased new technology development.
  • St-Peterburg Russia and Kiev Ukraine (in orb of 22:17 cardinals per Sepharial) or in Istanbul Turkey (per Grimm) could bring global change through technical developments that revolutionize the former Soviet zone. 
  • Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo Brazil (in orb of 14:47 fixed per Sepharial) could become new global technology centers.
  • Dakha Bangladesh (in orb of 29:47 cardinals) could be a center of increasing technology development, bringing money to this long-impoverished ancient world cultural hub region. 
  • Phoenix AZ, Salt Lake City UT, Edmonton AB, and Hermosillo Sonora Mexico (in orb of 7:17 mutables) in North America (could also break the economic deadlock, including possible technology investments. It looks like the old establishment money may finally invest in new technology it can't hold back much longer, in order to keep a corner on the economy.
  • Alice Springs NT area (in orb of 14:47 fixed per Sepharial) or Port Lincoln SA area (per Grimm) in central Australia.
  • Haikou Hainin, Guilin Guangzhou, Baotau Neimongol, Changde Hunan (in orb of 22:17 cardinals per Sepharial); or Macao, Hongkong, Wuhan Hubei, Zhengzhou Henan (per Grimm) in central China.
  • NOTE THAT It will be vital for genuinely progressive and egalitarian, genuinely democratic interests to gain the upper hand in all these regions if the future economy is to also be progressive and egalitarian, not fascistic (Uranus dysfunctional).  With UR=SA/AD, there is a chance for gradual and peaceful modernization of the world's economic establishment through progressive changes, less grasping greed by established money, and greater respect for the individual ingenuity and inventiveness (Uranus) required for real progress that benefits all humanity to occur. Changes will need to be made as the Sabian Symbols indicate, with, and furthering, ingenuity and the spirit of unfeigned love for one's fellow beings.

Note that some of these locations are conservative strongholds, meaning that a progressive element among conservatives may break the deadlock to avoid global catastrophe that they know will affect them as well as everyone else. The resultant change will be slow, but will unfold steadily over time.  However, if progressive and energy-technology change continues to be held back, UR=SA/AD can also literally mean more earthquakes, tidal waves, and weather disasters from drilling and fracking and ozone deterioration, or even violent shattering of old money power bases resistant to change, all taking down everyone including the greedy few at the top. Indeed, the dinosaurs may give an inch when they see that they, too, could go down with the good ship Earth.

Both Netherlands and Belgium may readjust the role of monarchy in their future political directions, as might Japan and Saudi Arabia, and old European and Asian financial establishment strongholds in the USA and Australia may be broken up by natural evolution. The relationship of the European Union to the old imperial banking houses, and relationship of the Euro to the Deutschmark and various centuries-old banking networks will have to be scrutinized and altered to avoid disastrous results. Old empires may have to finally yield to both political and economic democracy, to avoid major global ruptures, physically or socially, due to old establishment money hoarding too much of the global economy. The manifestations vary depending on the choices made or allowed by the world public and/or the people who dominate the public. Either way, old established structures may somehow crumble steadily from 2013 onward, as the new millenium chart Saturn turns direct -- and when Saturn in Taurus begins to manifest in its healthiest natural form, in apparent direct motion and accepting of the new energies of Uranus, and which would find the extravagance and waste of the greedy distasteful if not socially unethical when there are those living in poverty and need.  In 1929, the uber-rich were willing to watch the majority of the world public fall to the ground and suffer, even die, in order to consolidate global economic power.  Will they be allowed to do it to such extremes this time, or have they already, in some ways?


Vulkanus at about 27 Cancer, is pounding as it does, but in muffled passive-aggressive Cancer fashion, by non-precessed transit on the door of both the USA (Sibley chart 12 to 13 mutable Ascendant via 8th harmonic) almost simultaneously on Canada (Ottawa geodetic Ascendant opposite and in orb at either 28 cardinals per Grimm or 29 per Sepharial, in orb 2010-2016), and by precessed transit (for the USA chart) continuing into the early 2020s, already destabilizing both countries from the outside via economic power strategies, media manipulation, government lobbying, high-pressure finance, and psy-op goon cults. Where are the battering energies coming from?

  • Beijing and Tianjin in north China (in orb of 27 cardinals per Sepharial) or the Taiwan Straits bases and East China coast including the old international banking center of Shanghai (per Grimm). One should consider that the recent overtures between the Communist Party and the Kuomintang on Taiwan have been manifesting as a gradual economic and perhaps covert political reunification (not dissimilar from what has been happening more recently in Korea). The USA needs to be attentive to pressures and meddling and passive aggression from BOTH mainland China and Taiwan, taking neither side in their centuries-old, studied games of artfully subtle strategy and diplomacy, the winning card in Chinese politics in all traditions and ideologies.
  • Paraguay: Chaco region, hub of weird multinational meddling in South America, and neighboring secessionist oil-rich eastern Bolivia
  • Argentina’s main naval base at Bahia Blanca (and around the Rosario-SantaFe region), and near the power hub of the large Nazi-Fascist economic empire that moved into Argentina in the 1940s and quietly bolstered the Peron regime and remained there after the war, opening eventually southward to the Falklands/Malvinas, which Argentina again seeks to control. Vulkanus will be overhead in the Falklands within the next few years, so one can expect a power buildup there at that time, and with possible standoffs and power-balance issues, as the islands monitor and can impact major international shipping traffic, both legal and contraband, in the South Seas and around Cape Horn, including traffic between southern South America and 
  • Northwestern Mexico Guaymas port, major channel of global imports into the USA; and the nearby Mormon colony area, and internal areas of the USA in Mormon country in AZ, UT, WY, MT (in orb of 12 mutables) and western Saskatchewan in Canada -- these can be political organizations or enterprises coming from overseas and attempting to influence the US and Canadian economies and political system.
  • Halifax Nova Scotia Canada (in orb of 27 cardinals) -- interestingly, areas where colonies of British and Hessian German soldiers who opposed the 1776 revolution settled, and where there was a colony of Nazis settled in Canada during World War 2 which survived afterward, and where Germany still holds transatlantic military conferences under a so-calledl "German Marshall Plan" banner, i.e. Marshall Plan In Reverse, drawing naive American political figures foolishly handing US power over to German dominance.
  • Pretoria-Johnnesburg South Africa region (in orb of 27 cardinals), a longtime world economic/precious minerals powerbase, upcoming world power base with Vulkanus overhead, where much Nazi corporate money also moved to inflitrate in the late 1940s, to latch on to the extensive gold and platinum reserves and cheap captive labor there.
  • Multi-national mining corporations in Lubumbashi Congo, and in Lusaka-Ndola Zambia after privatization (in orb of 27 cardinals), affiliated in some ways with the South African mining money.
  • Venezuela-Guyana border area (in orb of 27 cardinals), where the Jonestown psy-op cult was located, and on the edge of the maverick Hugo Chavez government controlling major world oil assets.
  • Lesser Antilles (in orb of 27 cardinals) where psy-ops similar to Jonestown have been reported since the 1970s.
  • Bucharest Romania (in orb of 27 cardinals) home of the fascist Iron Guard of Malaxa that was an appendage of the Nazis in WW2 and gained influence the USA starting in the Cold War, and Minsk Belarus, where the old German Vertriebene network is reported to be reviving the old Belarussian fascist cult. Again emphasizing that the world needs to consider just exactly has what displaced the old Soviet and Chinese communist governments, which may, after recent reforms, now include elements of the radical right fascist network in those countries that never ended but only went underground after WW2.
  • Northern Pakistan (in orb of 12 mutables), especially near Multan and Peshawar, and areas of India directly from Ahmadabad to Mumbai, and to the north in Central Asia, including
  • Aqmola Kazakhstan (in orb of 12 mutables) oil-rich national capital nominally separated from Russia since the 1990s.
  • Petropavlovsk Kamchatka (in orb of 12 mutables) major Russian Pacific fleet station and stronghold of the nationalistic and Anti-American LDPR party of Vladimir Zhirinovsky.
  • Omsk Western Siberia (in orb of 12 mutables) longtime Russian military technology production center.

An interesting point about Argentina is how the geodetic indicators interrelate with South Africa, whose Apartheid regime is still dominant in  the background financially due to massive privatization of state assets in the early 1990s. Both countries point to oil and oil-related interests of the German Bormann financial network (major stockholders in Standard/Chevron oil) and Royal Shell oil.

It is widely known that after World War II, the Peron government in Argentina was bolstered, almost paid off, in return for a stronghold in South America, by Axis fascist money from Germany and Italy. What the geodetics reveal is that the money was possibly coming into Argentina via the colony of wealthy Nazis moved to South Africa, rather than directly from Germany – although the money itself remained under European control, and still does.

This is of great significance as Vulkanus hovers over Pretoria South Africa, where power is amassing now. In Argentina there is risk of rejuvenaton of the radical right Peronist machine (and being indicated in some recent news reports), and in South Africa the power of the old pro-Nazi Apartheid element – both countries under radical right governments were linked in the 1980s via "SATO", the South Atlantic Treaty Organization -- unless such elements are stopped from regaining power.

In summary, as Vulkanus is on USA chart and Canada geodetic Ascendants at nearly the same time, this means that the current political turmoil in the United States, particularly the harsh and Vulkanus-like attacks on American "liberals" by the Fox Nazis, and the irrational clamor against President Obama, is likely being bolstered by money and perhaps even other assets from any or all of these locations, which includes key power points in the old communist superpowers whose governments have recently shifted to the right, in some cases to the radical-right with neo-fascist parties gaining substantial power after the fall or hybridization of communism with privatized corporations since the 1990s.

These now power-packed locations are pushing their force to influence on the United States, economically and via lobbying and covert operations or psychological and political cult operations. Some were welcomed into the USA by naive and often semi-literate radical right domestic elements and dupes. Which may explain part of why the ‘Tea Party’ robots present an ignorant and distorted version of what the US Constitution actually says… because their top programmers and cult controllers are not Americans, and may have hostile intentions toward the United States. The USA needs to be ready to defend against disadvantageous pressures, even counterattacks, from these indicated areas until the the mid 2020s, and risks high-impact retaliation from these powerbases if a careful  balance of power is not maintained.. in both directions, and in which case war-like moves which could bring damaging domestic blows to the USA, and during which time the USA is wise to focus on strengthening domestic defenses and border security, and decrease potential for foreign meddling from these regions, including covert agents from those areas inside the United States.


Vulkanus was at 12 to 13 mutables, also in tension aspect with the Sibley Ascendant and the Ottawa fixed Ascendant around 1928-1932, during the Hoover administration and the Wall Street stockmarket crash of 1929, which was triggered largely by manipulation of American investors to sink money into inflated stocks in Germany and East Asia that were used to build up the Axis powers after they helped orchestrate the 1929 market crash. This recurring historical cycle also happens to correlate closely with a recurring Uranus-Pluto 4th harmonic (square) cycle. The Great East Asia Prosperity fascist plan was inaugurated in 1928 and funded by both the Japanese and Chinese imperial banks (which created the puppet state of Manchukuo and the pro-fascist Chinese governments in northeast China and under Wang Chingwei in Nanjing). As mentioned earlier, Herbert Hoover worked for the Chinese Imperial Bank and the Japanese Imperial Bank, and for Emile Francqui representing old imperial interests in Belgium, appointed by the ruthless and calculating King Leopold II whose colonial policies in the mineral-rich Congo (including the Katanga area mentioned above) drew widespread international censure – Hoover was their employee and dupe, and in some ways their quisling in the office of US Secretary of Commerce and then President, implementing policies propagated by them, which led to US economic failure, while they laughed at him and America throughout. Due to Roosevelt’s mention of the ‘economic royalists’, he no doubt understood most if not all of this. In the 1930s, the manager of German espionage operations in the USA during both World Wars, Franz von Papen, referred to US citizens as "the stupid Americans" amenable to German propaganda and readily manipulated by German-funded fake "patriot" cults such as the American Bund, America First, and the Silver Shirts, all designed for German national objectives, and obvious prototypes for the Tea Party. After Roosevelt's death, the multinational bank dupe Herbert Hoover went about to destroy the evidence.

Both the United States and Canada are vulnerable to powerful lobbying groups coming in from these regions now. If the Bormann-Golden Lily-funded underworld succeeds in its aims, the USA and Canada will be further regressed into a sort of colonial status under old multi-national money now amassed in the old Euro and Asian banks that built the Third Reich and East Asian fascism. The Bormann and Golden-Lily network also funds the radical-right so-called ‘World League for Freedom and Democracy’ (former ‘World Anti-Communist League’) and fuses substantially with the Sun Myung Moon cult, a political psy-op cult used collaboratively by the Japan-Korea-Taiwan intelligence service network, and has long worked with the Romanian Iron Guard cult, and applies its pressure on and via NATO since Germany was admitted and then dominant.

The Fascist Revival Bormann and Golden Lily networks may also be pressuring other locations with 27 Cardinals on the Ascendant at this time, which would include:

OTHER LOCATIONS OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA UNDER SIMILAR FOREIGN PRESSURE OR EVEN CONTROL FROM THE REVIVED AXIS HUB (including allies of the USA and Canada, as well as vocal opponents, all under impact from the third New Fascist Axis lobbying and pressure, manipulating global economics and politics):

  • Brussels Belgium (E.U. headquarters location, and one of the Old Money hubs mentioned above); 
  • Bern Switzerland 
  • Rome Italy (where Berlusconi thinks "Mussolini wasn't such a bad guy") and Vatican City
  • Kampala Uganda (site of foreign psy-op cults like Idi Amin and the current pseudo-christian cults) 
  • Caracas in Venezuela (unstable) 
  • Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic (long mysterious) 
  • Santa Cruz in Bolivia (capital of breakaway oil-rich provinces) 
  • Vancouver in British Columbia (in turmoil from international narcotrafficking mafia) 
  • Aqmola Kazahkstan (oil-rich) 
  • Kabul Afghanistan (notorious global battlefield) 
  • sparsely populated area along a line running NNE from Del Rio, Texas to Winnipeg, Manitoba and including culturally remote areas around Abilene and San Angelo TX; Dodge City KS; Grand Island NE; Mitchell SD; Fargo ND. And the same line continuing SSW from Del Rio TX to Colima, Mexico -- influence moving slowly eastward -- are these by any chance significant gathering points for the foreign-funded Tea Party fascist revolution that right-wing media wackos babble about? -- runs through Koch territory. 

The correlation with 1930s fascist power centers (described as 'royalist' by Roosevelt) and areas of elusive power politics today seems significant.

Note that the locations indicated under Saturn and Admetos in the lists in the first section of this article affect All of the planet Earth, and not just North America Alone.

The Bormann network has had long-time alliances with the Saudi royal family, and in a way used them as pawns to hold sway in the Middle East, and practically built the old German intelligence psy-ops that programmed and maintained the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Alqaida-related cults sprang, fueling wars against Israel in revenge for WW2, as well as intensively manipulating the internal politics of Israel, the long-time scapegoat and target of the Nazi network to either subdue, control, or destroy. In addition, several political analysts have written that Prince Bernhard of the House of Orange base in the Netherlands also had common holdings with the Bormann network. One of the biggest post-1945 mistakes that either Israel or the USA ever made was to make pacts with the Nazi-infested Apartheid establishment in South Africa and pull their meddling influence into domestic politics. (Franz von Papen was also active in German espionage and psy-war operations in Palestine during both World Wars.)

President Obama (and Secretary Clinton and earlier her husband) have been and will continue battling the post-1945 Axis underworld element (influential in sometimes naive but recently dominant conservative circles worldwide, and central in the "IDU") until the end of Obama's administration, and win, if the United States is to avoid coming under the control of the heirs to the World War II Axis fascist network, which are largely fused with the above-mentioned oil monopolies. And Canada appears to be having a similar struggle, but equipped with a generally more politically aware and well-educated populace less likely to herd like sheep or replace critical thinking with simplistic faith or belief, or unquestioned religious appeals. The radical right in the USA, including the ones that own and run fake churches and other sham religions, has been continually funded by old Axis fascist/nazi money intent on keeping Americans stupid and in line with their economic and political power interests -- they often program Americans to idolize the culture the money comes from. The old multinational corporate Axis network intentionally dumbs down the American populace with cheesy pop culture, making it less of a threat to continued dominance of the old Euro and Asian conservative banking/money interests which control substantial interests on Wall Street (Drexel-cum-Morgan one of the oldest) from where privatized mulitnational corporate power trickles down upon ordinary citizens and wags the US national economy around by its tail still. The same element fans up enthusiasm among the naive for Austrian School economics and its deliberately-dysfunctional descendant economic philosophies written by and calculated to restore financial power back to the old world imperial network that created WW2 fascism (and created and owns Fox News). If American political leaders do not attend to these issues, the US economy and infrastucture are headed for further disaster, the US further weakened into a neo-colonial state, perhaps even broken into smaller countries, per the plans of the old imperial banking circuit including the Hapsburg "UNPO" and its regional ‘independence’ cult movements inside the USA. Furthermore, as in both World Wars, the Central and then Axis powers meddled actively in Mexican politics and stoked up US-Mexico tensions, the same old financial-political network may also be doing so now, since the Bormann and Golden Lily networks largely dominate international narcotrafficking and gun-running. The old Axis funded the attempted coup against Roosevelt and re-built the KKK, and would love to see the USA embroiled in a Civil War created by gun-toting rednecks clueless about the larger political realities of today’s global complex, with a crumbling education system and foreign-owned media noise machines that keep people stupid and in love with their "Austrian School Economics", the poison brew the victims are programmed to drink. It’s Hoover the dupe all over again, and for how long before either a disastrous collapse of public infrastructure from slick privatization schemes usually carried out by organized crime networks, or else a realization of the global political/economic realities at hand that require collective, cooperative, egalitarian socially-conscious responses.





Substantial change can occur in the USA and Canada when the conservative fools and their 'libertarian' appendages finally realize how much they have been bought off and duped by old imperial multi-national corporations that have neither the USA or Canada's wellbeing as a primary interest, but rather the maintenance of an obsolete imperial world order that appears to be heavily interlaced with oil, gold, diamond, and uranium (and moving in on silver) money, which in turn monopolizes the world economy. Pay close attention to how many companies/banks/corporations appear to be American-owned but in fact are largely owned by foreign investment money, and it will be clear how the USA is being gradually eased into neo-colonial economic status.

For details on Hoover’s foolishness and naivete, read the biographies of him by John Hamill and Walter Liggett. For the accounts of Axis espionage operations now appearing to replicate in contemporary political cults and transnational lobbying, see the bibliography at the bottom of shortwav.htm


A number of thorough political analysts have pointed out that one of the greatest errors US goverment agencies have made time and time again in foreign policy, especially since 1945,  is to put trust in foreign advisors and lobbyists who have either manipulated or deliberately misinformed US foreign or military policymakers in order to further their foreign nationalistic objectives while the USA takes the blame. 

For example, Germany, Italy, and Japan were driven by fiercely anti-American military-industrial corporate/banking complexes that are known to have planned post-WW2 revival of power via post-war covert operations and lobbying and manipulation of US policy, even via infiltration continued from the pre-war period -- and intended to destroy the United States less than 70 years ago.  The same is true of substantial influential parties within the pro-fascist "East Asia Prosperity" Chinese diaspora, and powerful pro-fascist interests in nominally neutral but pro-Axis Argentina and Saudi Arabia.  The Russian diaspora also had wealthy and influential pro-fascist elements that arranged the Hitler-Stalin pact with Germany during the early part of World War II and whose power and wealth has not waned, and perhaps even grown in Moscow.  The USA has no sensible reason to go to war over these issues, but every reason to remain vigilant to both covert and overt hostility -- and continued German-Russian underworld alliances.  Americans have continually lived in "a nation of immigrants" to a degree that most other people on the planet have not until recently, or at all -- Americans in general (with exceptions) have a "Kumbaya" feeling, and a relative perception that the past is over and forgotten, while most superpowers don't --  and Americans need to remember that.  Old established cultures overseas have centuries-old traditions they identify with and seek to actively preserve unchanged. And Americans need to remember that there were indeed highly wealthy fascist parties, corporations, and other organizations from WW2 which went underground and intended to regroup and revive, and have done so -- and the USA was a country targeted by them for even submission and control, or else destruction.

Americans also need to remember who their partners have been in wars to maintain democracy and defeat old, unjust political orders that perpetuate human suffering and its twin, economic injustice -- and to throw foreign lobbyists OUT of Washington ASAP, fast, as many of them have ultimately been weakening the United States via government contracts that ship millions of dollars overseas, and even promote regional secessionist movements inside the USA (often via "UNPO") -- as was also done during the US Civil War by old foreign imperial governments seeking to retain their colonies in the Western Hemisphere.  As one analyst put it, the old conservative royalist elements stridently seeking to unite Europe under the economic control of its preponderant economic superpowers, by any means available, and in Asia to revive the old fascist East Asia Prosperity Sphere, are also  seeking to weaken the the United States by fueling internal conflict and promoting secessionist movements and fake 'patriot parties' by passive-aggressive policy strategies including lobbying, financial ploys, and constant internal meddling via intel operations, media influence, and sabotage quite similar to that described in the books recording pre-WW2 sabotage efforts. They await and seek to facilitate the fall of what they call the 'American Empire', and during 2000-2008 they were welcomed into the USA to infest government agencies and grab up government contracts vital to US national security, political and economic stability.

-- First posted 2012.Feb.03