2021Jan06 Washington DC Insurrection  

by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics


(Posted 2021Jan12, updated Jan14 and Mar02)


One might use various times for various events on 6 January 2021.  I have chosen the time of breakin to the US capitol building for the following reasons. One could choose the time that Donald Trump called for followers to proceed to the capitol, and that chart does show Mars=Uranus/Zeus on the MC, like a call for "Charge!".  However, that speech was at the White House, and others had already gathered at the capitol building, and the crowd was varied.  So it is not yet clear if those who assaulted guards and broke into the capitol and pillaged through capitol property were among those at the White House rally, or if they were among others who merged prior to the assault on capitol guards and the building itself.  There is the question of how much were they following specific suggestions from Trump and how much involved personal choices, although the chart, as well as film footing of facial expressions and behavior, indicate a strong possibility of intoxication... drunkenness or drugging to the point of participants possibly being in a semi-conscious state.  Even pre-programmed cults in the picture are not an impossibilty, noting the many similiarities in behavior, flags, logos to past "Tea Party" events.

Media reports vary from 'shortly after 2pm' to 'about 2:15pm'. This is not to say that the chart for Trump's call to action at the capitol, announced at about 13h10 (1:10pm) local time is irrelevant, but it is a different but clearly related event, with most chart factors in common, except for the critical MC, Ascendant, Moon, and the midpoints and clusters/aspects they formed, and which account for any possible differences of significance.  There is the plausibility that both events contributed to what ensued, in some possibly different ways. 


Zeus is about 1 degree opposite to the Ascendant and at right angle to the MC at 14h06 (2:06pm) local time.. and is at 11:15 angle to Saturn, Hades, and Vulkanus, indicating the fiery force, breaking through walls or doors or windows, and the destruction and primal behavior. 

(Chart from Aureas Special Uranian Astrology program.)

Among the time range given, a chart for 14h06 local time looks highly pertinent, in that it shows a Moon=Zeus cluster, indicating an excited populace, on both the MC and Ascendant (almost identical in this chart via 16th harmonic angle, showing as a right angle on the 90 dial).

Furthermore, that Zeus is both on the midpoint of HA/VU, describing a primal lunge of targeted force (or covert political or paramilitary operation led from any possible location on the planet), and with Saturn also next to Vulkanus, a bursting through walls or doors or windows functioning as dividers or boundaries.  In addition, Zeus is on the NE/HA midpoint, indicating drunkenness, drugging, or even pre-programmed semiconscious behavior like that of a cult or of sleeper-cells.  A psyop?  Domestic?  Foreign?  Hybrid?  Zeus on both the event Ascendant and fixed Locality Ascendant, as well as on the Moon and reinforced by powerful Vulkanus, is a clear indicator of possible potent participation from locations outside Washington DC or even outside the USA, anywhere globally.  Excessive foreign meddling in US politics during recent years is too substantial to overlook.  The foreign national capitals and metropolises aligned with Vulkanus include Shanghai China, Taipei Taiwan, Manila Philippines, Kiev Ukraine, Cairo Egypt, Georgetown Guyana, Asuncion Paraguay, and Buenos Aires Argentina.  Taipei, Manila, Asuncion, and Georgetown happen to have been strongholds of the APACL (Asian People's Armed Colonization aka 'Anti Communist' League, later WACL and WLFD) global paramilitary (affiliated with the Moonie cult and thus possibly 'Kahr Arms', an imported 'faith-based' gun club to which the American public and policing agencies should pay close attention); while Zeus is aligned with Honolulu Hawaii (CAPAC hub) and the, of recent years, politically turbulent locations of Hongkong, Caracas Venezuela, Tobruk Libya, and Mossel Bay South Africa naval base.  How might this relate to the event, and previous and subsequent related actions?  All these factors need study before drawing conclusions on exactly what occurred and why... it should not be dismissed as a group of crazy Americans committing insurrection against their own government, which actually makes No sense -- whereas foreign psy-op manipulation makes more sense.  What patriotic American in their right mind would actually deface the US capitol inside?  A question to ponder.  MC=NONE/HA in the chart prompts one to look for hidden factors, or those unconscious, such as previous cult programming.

Of note is Venus and Poseidon in the picture, combined with the aforementioned factors to possibly indicate the participants as artists or actors, and guided by some kind of ideology, if not media actors; maybe even friends in the context.  Was the event a sort of stage production?  Note some of the strange costumes and behavior resembling people acting out a role.  And a motley assortment of flags. Some sort of "Grass Roots Revolution" cult stage act maybe?  American controlled or not?

Since Zeus is on both the chart Ascendant and the fixed locality Ascendant (LA), I would look to the geodetic lineups where Zeus is on the fixed MC for possible sources outside Washington DC, i.e. where 22:15ca Cardinals is on the fixed/geo MC.  Honolulu area?  Kenai Peninsula of Alaska?  Maine border area with New Brunswick near historic Neonazi hubs?  The eastern tip of Dominican Republic?  Caracas Venezuela?  Or other locations like Hongkong?  Kaliningrad coastal enclave between Berlin and Moscow, near Donald Tusk's "Life in Hell" buddies?  or the Mossel Bay region in South Africa?  Patagonia bases in Argentina?  Top command of any concerted operation (Vulkanus) points to about 2 degrees Fixed Signs, which I have indicated in other current blogs and articles (i.e. bases near the East China Seacoasts, along the western frontiers of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan and southward to eastern South Africa; Guyana or Chaco region or Arg-Uruguay border areas, even Duterte or Moro wackos in the Philppines or Indonesia; Russian Siberia north or west Manchuria; Fairbanks and Cordova longitudes in Alaska including Moonie fishing fleet harbors) and with the Special Uranian program, you can right click in a chart point or planet and request a list of cities aligned.  (Note that for those with Version 10 or 11 of Special Uranian, you may request a replacement file that lists cities according to both Grimm and Sepharial, sometimes identical and sometimes not.)

Hopefully, this chart will help track down sources of violence and disruption at the nation's capitol that may even come from outside the USA.  Charts for this date may be seen as the root chart for any further similar disturbances, as the media is already reporting further planned incidents at various US state capitols.  Logically, no real American would want to desecrate the US capitol, and so foreign orchestration of the event seems very plausible.  If participants were drugged or pre-programmed, did they fully know what they were doing?  Don't drink the koolaid.  Think thoroughly before you believe anything, including Yootoob babble.  Read various news reports from various sources and compare what seems logical and what doesn't.  America doesn't need more loose cannons dancing and screaming and spewing in the streets.  There's light at the end of the tunnel, so don't give up ship for the pirates or barbarians.

-- 2021.Jan.12, Oakland-SanFrancisco.


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