The Universal Chart for 2021  

 New Solutions for Old Problems

by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics


(First posted 2020Dec15, edited for typos or updated Dec26, then 2021Jan06 & Jan28)


Note that mention of other astrologers is not in any way an endorsement of their personal political views or involvements.  This is about scientifically-approached astrology engaged in by people of various countries, parties, and viewpoints.


The typically difficult Hades=Vulkanus (at 22.5 angle within 2-degree 'secondary orb') of the last several years continues through 2021 and on into 2023, along with Neptune added (as Neptune=Hades=Vulkanus or NE=HA=VU) through 2021, clearly correlating with the Covid/Corona virus among other manifestations.  Covid vaccinations could be effective if certified medical scientists indicate that, but the virus, now widespread, may not fully clear away for at least another year, especially if people "believe" the virus is not real, as some oddly have.  One should not confuse ambiguities about its origins with whether it exists or not.


As senior Uranian and Hamburg astrologers pointed out for years, and as I have in many previous articles, the Ariespoint, or Cardinal Axis, not only signifies global conditions (the world at large, and how we relate to it/them as individuals), but it is a key indicator in the Universal (annual Capricorn Solar Ingress) chart.  As we can see in the 2021 chart below (set for 2020Dec21 Ingress, the natural and historic 'New Years Day' of sorts), there is a potent and obvious MAPLZE (MA=PL=ZE or MA.PL.ZE) 4th-harmonic/90-degree cluster, that couples with points opposite and at right-angle to the core annual AR=SU as well as Mercury and Venus and Poseidon, superficially and visually resembling what was in traditional astrology called a "Grand Cross" although stepped up via the 90-degree dial to the 4th harmonic, and the significant 32nd harmonic, or 11:15 angles (at the dot midway between the 4 dial pointers) further include Lunar Node, Neptune, Hades, Apollon, and the actual Ingress chart/event Ascendant for Washington DC.  In sum, AR=SU=ME=VE=MA=NE=PL=HA=ZE=AP=PO in 2021.. a highly complex configuration or 'planetary picture' composed of harmonic clusters (traditional 'aspects when viewed in a harmonic dial such as this, where 'aspects' are seen as 'clusters').   To gradually digest such a large number of factors, we can first look at the most potent 4th-harmonic clusters, clearly indicated in the illustration as being within 2 degrees of the 4 pointers on the dial, (i.e. as 22.5 or 22:30 multiple aspects, also called 16th harmonic). That shows only AR=SU=ME=VE=MA=PL=ZE=PO to start with. 


Neptune=Hades=Vulkanus problems (Covid, corruption, drug and chemical poisoning) linger from 2020, but in 2021 systematic and organized efforts (MA=PL=ZE) may be set in motion to overcome them, like lighting a contained fire in the fog, like sunshine piercing the clouds after a long storm.  "Sunrise" is an optical illusion, for the Sun is always in the sky, even when its power is captured on the other side of the planet and shining somewhere else instead.

Aries=Sun is in All 90-degree Universal/Ingress charts, every year.  Using the season-change Capricorn Solar Ingress as the chart of the year is a very old tradition among those perpetuated in the Hamburg School and Uranian Astrology precisely because of its validity and effectiveness, not because it is tradition; holding a view that while other seasonal Ingress/Equinox charts may be significant, their significance is overridden by the Carpricorn Solar New Year "Universal" chart as representing the entire year, regardless of the seasonal change ingresses.  Some astrologers may disagree, but this is the Brummund method among many others long similar in view on this issue.

So we have remaining ME=VE=MA=PL=ZE=PO as front-and-center for the world in 2021.  This could be transformative (PL) cooperative or artistic (VE) communicative (ME) media or data (PO) involved in the building and construction (MA=PL) of new physical manifestations (SU) out in the public world (AR).

Alfred Witte described Zeus as 'military', and did not use the 4 outer transneptunian factors of Sieggrun, included in interpretation 'Rulebooks' after Witte's death -- and yet Witte's interpretations remained among many as the final word anyway.  This was complicated by Rulebook interpretations for Sieggrun's factors being written by Hermann Lefeldt and his odd, ideologically-tinged world view that made the Witte-Lefeldt Rulebook so negative in tone, and in fact substantially more negative than Alfred Witte's original interpretations  Since then it is noted that Vulkanus is actually top military brass and central command (and accompanying political power and implications), and Zeus appears to be 'ground operations' but also simply machinery and technology and tools, with Uranus being the electricity and inner mechanics that often power the technology, or Benjamin Franklin's key on the kite, genius that he was 250 years ago.  Sometimes old ideas are still genius, even if they are outdated in terms of the current technology.  Sometimes they are functionally obsolete.

Mucky crap (oil and drug money) most likely to come from locations with 10 Cardinals (Hades) or 18 Mutables (Neptune) overhead in 2021 clustered with the Ariespoint Axis via 32nd harmonic... with potentially primal and strategically secretive Hades overhead in Oslo, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Liechtenstein, Milan, Tunis, oil-rich Equatorial Guinea, oil-rich Koko Nor Qinghai China, long-drug-prolific Golden Triangle, Pinang, Samoa, Miami, Panama, and Ecuador.  Dinosaurs love vegetables, which is what drugs create from human beings.  Similarly evasive Neptune overhead in Western Xinjiang (Uighur country), India's capital New Delhi, Moonie-cult-infested Marshall Islands, Midland Texas oil country, Mexico City, east-tip Iceland and west-tip coastal Ireland and their transnational colonies, and west Morocco and Sahel (aka Rio de Oro), where what you see may not be what you get, and the costumes hide reality underneath.  Both Neptune and Hades tend to nocturnal operations, Hades deep in the night and often carefully concealed, including underground and underwater/submarine.  Some from overseas who want foreign "Change" may be implementing it via stealth and with objectives not revealed.

About media, unlike other reports, more media distortion has been unfolding as transnational corporations take over US domestic news outlets, combined with calculatingly deceptive "historical revisionism" (NE=PL=HA) including that propagated by imported professors in US universities cherry-picking America's history to make it look like America is rotten and dying and they have a better way of doing things even if they come from lands of the caste system and bus rapes, kamikaze suicides or rampant human trafficking.  Take a look at the native conditions of those propagating such 'beliefs', and the real truth will be obvious. America is already importing too many deceptive pipe dreams, and some of them are manifesting through crack pipes and fake 'virtual reality' distractions, sometimes 'believing' things not American or even not real.  The NE=HA=ZE=AP component of the mentioned cluster accounts for the covert weapons trafficking, as well as the trade in needle-drugs plaguing America's streets and killing people slowly alongside the recent viral epidemics. That won't last forever, but it may last for another year, so don't expect sunrise and rainbow unicorns everywhere just yet.  Intensive investigations may need to continue before specific problem sources are clearly identified. America's own real sunrise begins only when it's sunset in Iran and Arabia, and midnight in Japan, whose troops have been brought to America by Fools.

Higher-potential Zeus will be part of the solution, and at 22 Cardinals (or 07 Mutables at 45 angle) for the USA, that comes domestically either from the Honolulu region (unfortunately also a Moonie-entangled hub), the Alaska Peninsula longitudes (another Moonie hub), or the eastern Maine-Canada border, or Phoenix and Salt Lake City (Mormon country, where unwise and potentially dangerous alliances with the armed Moonies have been made).  Very grave risk there comes from continued Asian Nationalist CAPAC control of Honolulu, Moonie control of the Alaska regions, or any foreign control (including German) of privatized military bases in eastern Maine that are vital to Atlantic US national security functions.. or foreign infiltration and manipulation of western Puerto Rico. Part of the Salt Lake longitude hub includes the renegade anti-government paramilitary Mormon elements with weird recent ties to and conferences with the Moonies, for reasons best known to them. Obama's sleepwalking during Antiamerican Nippon Kaigi cult Shinzo Abe's hypno-speech at Pearl Harbor should be a national warning-call to America.... something sown there not good, and an indicator that we need a new president, as while Obama's domestic policies were often beneficial to most Americans, whether some admit it or not, and he averted the McCain-Palin-Halifax-German-plan "World War 3" potential global cataclysm that could have added nuclear fallout into the ozone deterioration problems, he made some seriously naive errors in foreign policy including excess globalist oversteps that need urgent correction, Not continuation.  What is needed for an American future is Biden, not Obama II.  Overall, this also means there needs to be Firm and reinstated American control of Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico by unquestioningly American patriotic agents of Washington DC, not people screaming about US imperialism; conflated injusticies to Japan in World War II, and containment and shutdown of Moonie strongholds in Mormon-land Utah and Arizona longitudes; otherwise, America could spin off its axis along with the rest of the planet, and the American Dream be replaced by something else already begun but maybe stoppable, like the Corona virus, or "redefined artificial intelligence" anything.  As mentioned in the blog, America's emerging Pluto return means America's economy will either be American, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Austro-german, Libyan, or South African for the next 250 years.  If you are an American, which would you rather have?  If you are not American, maybe you want foreign control over America.  The global competition lobbies are pounding the floors or else phones and email inboxes of Congress and other government office buildings daily, looking for inroads and those bent to their canvassing and bribes  America's survival involves drawing clear boundaries and enforcing them, and this may be a challenge, since the entire large cluster mentioned above is also within 2-degree orb of the Washington DC Ascendant in 2021, while the Washington MC=Admetos requires digging deep to roots, standing firm, and the US government buying up real estate lost to economic and health and natural catastrophes, rather than letting foreign interests buy up American real estate to charge Americans to live in our own country.  MC=AD is capable of that, but only if smart and pondered choices based in the roots of American government, which was actually Very liberal in essence when founded, and minimally conservative in principle, contrary to global corporatist propaganda that actually began in 1980 and subsequent shutdown of US government functions and its assurances of freedom of media, are made in Washington DC. (The so-called "Reagan Revolution" reversed protections of the American public from various corporate monopolies including transnational food-and-drug/sugar and corporate media giants/Gargantua). This also requires, more than ever, Admetos-type bolstering of firm and solid national boundaries to resist Zeus and Vulkanus continuing to push at America's borders and ports including at night (noting NE and HA also in the picture), and that includes ship hulls, submarines, and tunnels, already known to facilitate smuggling of contraband and of human beings like "cargo".  Continued stealth invasion is not impossible, and should not be ignored, including immigration under false pretenses -- which is precisely why immigration is now controversial.

As the subway billboard read, "Your dream job is somebody else's dream job", and you can substitute the word "home" in the same sentence to get to the worst possible outcome of MC=AD for America in 2021.  Is your dream home about to become somebody else's dream home you lost or never had, due to globalist economics, enabled by 
 "Reaganomics" (actually concocted largely by the Wendy Lee Gramm friends-and-family network), of recent decades?  Do you feel guilty enough about "US Imperialist" rhetoric to let it happen, as it already has happened to many? 

The grounding point for America in 2021 is at 01:30 Mutables, America's Rock of Gibraltar now, if there is one.... longitudes of Los Angeles and Spokane and east Oregon, and also 45 east of there at 16:30 Cardinals (NYC and Albany longitudes), and if those locations should fold under foreign control, America could be overpowered by already extant, potent foreign stealth in 2021; and the same applies to the Bering Sea coast and Unimak region in Alaska, leading not only to Russia but Asia in general, and including countries of the Shanghai Pact network.  Too close to Siberia and to the Japanese Marines in San Diego, and politically affiliated Moonie and Kahr Arms gunrunning hubs around NYC, not to mention the Elaine Chao dynasty's family empire on Long Island shared with the wealthier Soong dynasty (and with claws sunk into San Francisco banks).  I warned to flush the Japanese Marines out of California ASAP, shut down the politically-fused Moonie operations (selling Kahr Arms on America's streets), and have the US Navy confiscate the Chao family's shipping fleets. If not, (already invited and possibly covertly allied now as in the past) Japanese and Chinese fleets, some allied with Russia via the Shanghai Pact, may overtake America, and appear to have already done so in some cities... enter "CAPAC" problems and Ted Lieu's demands for secrecy about Transpacific communiations. West Point and the US Navy in San Diego had better be ready to dig in heels and stand firm to preserve America, or it could be at risk of some sort of defeat in 2021, trampled to the floor.  The 'Sanctuary' advocates may be naive fools manipulated by foreign lobbies, when not foreign agents themselves.  US domestic defense shows to be most effective with bases of operations around Greater NYC and LA-San Diego as well as at 24 Mutables (Houston longitude), interestingly all key US port cities very busy with international traffic.  That means that foreign franchises or dual citizens controlling US ports and shipping MUST end ASAP to avoid further problems.  This is No Time to be naive about foreign infiltration and subversion, as the NE=HA=VU on the Washington DC Ascendant can include foreign incoming covert naval and air force operations, although locations where Vulkanus is on the Ascendant continue to be most vulnerable to outside incursions.

NOTE: problematic and stealthy hostile foreign elements include those fused into the "People of Color" network, trying to make it a vehicle for inroads unrelated to legitimate domestic civil rights issues, and mixing immigration with civil rights is a Huge Mistake that Americans will probably regret for years.  The "People of Color" network is clearly, in California and probably New York and elsewhere, a motley crew including moderates, domestic socialists, and foreign fascists stealthily manipulating both.  Rich fascist immigrants are being allied with poor established minorities in a brew that is likely to eventually explode like a dangerous chemistry set experiment. "Grass Roots Revolution" sounds like Bad trouble.

 In 2021 the vulnerable ports of entry continue to include locations where Neptune and Hades (doubly vulnerable when together) are also on the MC of the Washington DC chart for 2021, with their intersection being perhaps the most vulnerable, and a bit to the east or south of ongoing vulnerable locations of recent years i.e. in 2021 at about 09:30 Cardinals, 02 Fixed, 24:30 Fixed, and 17 Mutables. Vulkanus incursions possible at the fixed/geodetic Ascendants all along the central and southern Oregon coast, where hard drugs have just been legalized to put people off-guard or in the grave; Guaymas port area in Mexico (port of entry for much literally Transpacific cargo coming into the USA); Texas border around Eagle Pass (possibly via the Gulf of Mexico); Miami and also Savannah and Detroit (Transatlanic including St Lawrence Seaway in the north).  All are border or port cities.  Who controls America's ports... Arabian Dubai, Chao shipping vessels?  Per geodetics, the most vulnerable of those longitudes are where Neptune or Hades are in orb of the MC, i.e. 110 mi north and south of the remote Oregon-California border coastline from Cape Blanco to Cape Mendocino, including nocturnal (Neptune and/or Hades) operations; the Laredo to Eagle Pass regions along the Texas border and Rio Grande; again Miami and Savannah (busy areas where foreign subversive operations may already be in place or ready to join).  Note that drugs pour in to most of those locations, often along with weapons importation, and that the Moonies are not only importing but "blessing holy guns", "faith-based", with Korean or Japanese or Chinese blessings, while charming and 'love-bombing' politicians.  And do you feel shamefully "xenophobic" and "anti-immigrant" for even thinking of such things of legitimate concern?  Or just realistically cautious?  The California-Oregon coast region is also where foreign pot-growing farms have been proliferating, driving long-time residents out of their homes and into cities to the south... refugees in their own country, facing local drug war hostilities if they remain.

Add that to the California Admission Day statue with the quote by purportedly "US Imperialist" Secretary of State William Seward being defaced and obscured from view in downtown San Francisco by obnxious steel newstands containing issues of the Moonie-affiliated Falun Gong's "Epoch Times" propaganda rag (gone from Chinese nationalist themes to pretended American patriotism) and the "Sing Tao Daily"... covering up Seward's quote about how the Unity of America rests on America's securing of California coasts.  And then there's Saudi-bounded "Dubai Ports", and Shanghai-rooted AIG and the "Neptune Orient" purchase of the American President Lines (signed away by US presidents), the mysterious 'I Kuan Tao' shipping-lines cult, and the list goes on while America sleeps, or is drugged, or is shamed for even mentioning the issue of foreign subversion, so clearly indicated by the still-continuing HA=VU mix on critical USA Ascendants, in effect for the last several years, and now possibly reaching a peak as there are standoffs in the US Capitol.

There's light at the end of the tunnel, but not if the pirating and armed hordes keep pouring in and getting 'sanctuary'.  The Japanese military, for example, has a reputation for invading other countries without declaring war, and the Chinese known for claiming to be an ally of America while aiding America's enemies.  The Jihad issues should be obvious, but apparently aren't to some, and not everyone knows or remembers the history of Chinese and Japanese mutual alliances, in addition with Germany, with Jihadist organizations, for decades.  A study of WW2 in East Asia (as well as WW2 and WW1 history in the Middle East) is highly instructive in explaining related things going on now, as Vulkanus global power amasses on both sides the East China Sea, with more in common with each other than with America.

The Falun Gong band trampling through the 2019 St Patrick's Day Parade in San Francisco was too symbolic and eerie.... all near the Hibernia Bank robbed by the Asian 'Cultural Revolution'-manipulated 'Symbionese Liberation Army', that looks like it could resurrect via the 'Cultural Revolution's 'Third World Liberation' network continued from the 1960s.  Falun Gong has to be deported to surveilled quarantine before America can move forward again.  Too risky to keep, but also too risky to let amass overseas. Interesting geodetic lineups between the historic Taiping Revolutionary Army and California statehood competing for the upper hand, fast-forwarded into the present, with both phenomena apparently still in existence, at the moment.  Has Shrimp Boy Chow been released from prison and onto the streets to team up with Moonie Kahr Arms and Leland Yee's gunrunning operations involving South China Sea Islamist 'sanctuary' paramilitary cults? Schwarzenegger's Chinese-fusion "Rebels with a Cause" at his "Global Institute" in the critical Los Angeles to San Diego stretch?  Rajneeshpuram Hindu Voodoo revival?  Drugs to anesthetize American prey?  Opium Wars in Reverse? America deserves better. And naivete about these matters could be nationally devastating, and Americans need to scrutinize just what "redefining America" advocacy is really all about, in terms for powerful and wealthy foreign and imported interests lodging into US government, media, telecommunications infrastructure.

Whatever the case, as the Pluto Return will be near the Wall Street geodetic MC and by 45-degree (opposite on the 90 dial) extension also in Los Angeles and San Diego and Chinese "Yellow Bird" mafia's Houston, and "he who control Wall Street and California and Texas ports control America". So, Americans had better be alert to just who's getting ready to "Occupy Wall Street" and control the America's western and southern seaports and movie industries for the next 250 years. Have the "foreign guests" proven to be conquering invaders?  Take a good look around for the answer, noting that the same Pluto is now moving toward the Boston banking hub through Connecticut's insurance company clusters.

My view is that Americans need to stop fighting with each other over selfish and petty domestic policy trivia and instead focus on mutual defense against invasion as well as Covid, as both are equally detrimental.  It may indeed be vitally necessary to seize the Chao dynasty's shipping lines and have the Pentagon staff it to defend and bolster America, rather than to let the Chao machine confiscate/privatize America's economy and infrastructure, in part via her compliant spouse.  I'm "dead serious"... not just trying to be cute.  The potent passive-aggressive NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster, coming from the East China Sea (as well as western Russia and Ukraine, and Turkey and Egypt), is right on the 2021 Universal Chart Ascendant of Washington DC throughout the year.  Nothing to dismiss as minor or insignificant or lacking in urgency. There are plenty of manifestations already extant for a while.  It should be carefully scrutinized whether post-Orange Revolution Ukraine is truly independent, or a German puppet state from which German operations emanate, as been the case several times historically, including during WW1 and WW2, and which might be bolstered from German bases in Romania or Bulgaria, per 2014 indicators for the Euromaidan government. 

I know someone who went to take French conversation courses at a local college and found out that they were taught by a Chinese instructor with his degree from a Chinese university. The decades-old ethnic cronyism has escalated and spun out of control to what is absurd by American standards, but that's not what seems to be in charge any more.  The mess seems to have been building up steadily for the last 20 years.  The meaning of "Redefine America" is beginning to get clear.  It's going to be up to Biden to take the lead in fixing the mess, in sorting foreign "People of Color" games from real domestic American civil rights and social justice issues, and it can't be fixed by those making it worse, which included Trump calling for a "New American Moment" while he let Japanese troops occupy San Diego and control the US Pacific Fleet.  Is Washington run in part by Moonie cult dupes?  Maybe.  Geodetics confirm participation in Watergate by China Lobby elements within the "Flying Tigers" network, possibly why the Moonies wanted it all swept under the rug and left in secrecy. And if so, the chart indicates that they could fully take over in 2021 if not contained, as MC=AD can, at worst, mean Washington DC being cornered and trapped, under siege and contained by foreign stealthy Vulkanus powers.  The choice for Washington DC is to either resurrect America, or else see it "redefined" according to what pushy foreign lobbyists want, and thus surrender to invasion.  The Moonie problem started with lobbying Nixon, then Reagan and Bush in the Republican Party, and then fools in the Democratic Party, too, who were so naive to the Asian Sun Tzu slick tricks as to let it happen on the other side of the aisle. People forget how, similarly, Rasputin took down an empire, or the Habsburg-arranged rule-by-marriage of Napoleon did the same. The Asian mafia are very old and very clever, and it's why the Korean and Vietnam wars were disasters.  Read Sterling Seagrave's books, and Sun Tzu's Art of War to understand their tactics, or perish; before your country is somebody else's country.  The world is so globalist now that an understanding of Machiavellian and Metternichian political trickery are also urgently needed.  Otherwise, Bye Bye American Pie, as well as European Democracy trampled by Nazis recast in civilian clothing as Vulkanus hovers over Peterburg and Kiev and approaches Ankara.  Geodetics indicates likely substantial support for the budding Nazi machine from the German Czarist Oldenburg remnant "Volga German" colonies in Russia allied with the Hitler crowd.  Could that happen again, or is it already underway?  Modern democracy came from the USA and Britain and France, not Germany or Asia, the latter two of which the concept only became functional, it at all, less than a hundred years ago.  Americans had best be much more careful about what is being imported into US infrastructure, especially into national security functions and technology at all levels. 

Fixed Angles

Noting that Universal/Ingress chart configurations are for the whole planet, except where MCs and Ascendants are cast for the specific locations, which are where we see how the global conditions impact or interact with specific locations.  LM and LA (fixed Locality MC and AS) in the chart above are the fixed Grimm-value MC and Ascendant, and note that the Sepharial values are usually little more than 1 degree distant, so that we can extend the orb to 3 degrees to cover most of both, always noting that the wider the orb, the weaker. In using the chart to visually locate midpoints or oppositions or right-angles, one can use the dots as well as the arrows on the dial as an aid.  And we see that the geo LA as well as the chart-based Ascendant for Washington are clustered with the MA=PL=ZE cluster, further emphasizing that such energy is either coming from outside the USA, or is manifest at the country's borders including coastlines.  This means that new technology production is best located at coastal or national border cities, yet very carefully guarded and monitored for foreign interference, manipulation, infiltration, or even sabotage.  Indeed, maybe fused with national military operation and surveillance with a continual eye on national defense interests.  It's not unusual, historically, for new technology projects to be developed in military settings, and with the current conditions, it may be necessary.  That means that national military budget money is needed and should be fused with new technology development clearly tied to US national security interests... in these time, especially.

(Note that the exception where the difference between Grimm and Sepharial geodetic/fixed angles are not within about 1 degree are the longitudes of East China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand.  This is being resolved for Aureas software users via supplemental program files either for Special Uranian or the larger Aureas comprehensive program.)  

The LM for Washington is clustered with Kronos, but also Neptune. This means that sobriety is vital to national government administration throughout 2021.  Wining and dining or even drugging of food or drinks can lead to severe problems and official incompetence; and may sometimes be encouraged by those wanting to see that happen.  And this is further underlined by the proximity to the HA/KR midpoint and of the NE/HA midpoint for 2021. Government leaders may continue to be quite vulnerable to intrigue and pretentious machinations.  Neptune and Hades are both also the 'unfamiliar' or 'alien' and subsequently 'foreign' or 'obscure' or 'unclear', and these challenge official clarity on issues; ambiguities are risky, and all must be spelled out clearly.  After Uranus leads us to explore 'outside the box', the next step is Neptune into unfamiliar territory.  Next, Pluto begins to master the unfamiliar and adapt and make major changes to accommodate the new. Cupido then begins to integrate in every sense of the word, incrementally, to build communities, and then Hades steps outside the family or community once again into the socially unfamiliar.  All this requires maximal clarity; no fogginess or fantasies, but clear perception and interpretation of them in solitude.  This applies in particular to the President; and nature is often the best place to get in touch with pure and grounded perceptions... hikes and walks.  No loud clamor or parties.  The need for such should be clear in a time of such urgency.

I wish I could spell out a more positive reading, but NE=HA fused with ZE and VU continues to be a time of great potential risk, and even danger, due to lack of full awareness or inattention to detail.  More pollyanna pretendo dreamy-poo stuff is not going to work out well.  NE=KR at best can in fact lead eventually to mastery of intuitive impressions, and genuinely empathetic leadership, especially with PO also in the cluster... all in the same position relative to the arrows and dots around the dial.  However, mean and hysterical drunks and druggies are to be avoided. The next 4 years in Washington can be the implementation of things that needed to be done a long time ago, guided by people who have long and deep experience with American government and society; by those who know America's history and what it is really all about from the beginning, setting aside ideologically-driven or dogmatically-distorted assumptions about the facts and the causal factors and energies that led us where we are now.  The understanding of those who know America through upbringing and generations of family discussions and visits is what is needed to lead America through the nascent Pluto return transformation unfolding. No other country can make America the best of what it can be in the future, and despite temporary lulls of confusion, it may be that no other country has met with the admiration and awe that so much of the world has for the USA despite any foreign policy errors, extremist foreign propaganda, or mistakes that some nations make to any even more dysfunctional degree.

One that comes to mind is how it's so popular to focus on the cruelty of slavery in the USA, something that so many Americans objected to from 1776 onward, even before then, and yet which existed due to the greed and inhumanity of a minority that perpetuated it.  And yet some still naively turn admiringly to Asian cultures that rustled up slaves in Africa and sold them directly, or to other slave-traders, and in some cases still do; so it makes no sense until you realize how many do not know that. The same applies to cultures that for many years, and still do, traffic indentured servants, sometimes sold by their family members, who undergo brutalities that make treatment of migrant workers in the USA look like preferential treatment.  Asian organized crime networks are known to confiscate passports of migrant laboreres and hold them hostage as functional slaves.  However, when media outlets, even long-standing national publications, are steadily bought up or staffed by deceptive foreign interests and used to humiliate Americans and demonize America in front of the world, it's easy to lose accurate perspective on who we really are.  Deceptive foreign-funded historical revisionism is in full swing now inside the USA, and as Pluto makes its return in the USA chart, it's time for multi-generational Americans to review our national history in as factual and unbiased a way as possible, and get ready to regenerate for the next 250 years as an American nation, rather than surrender to functionally colonizing foreign interests, which will continue to be at our door during 2021, maybe more than ever, and operating in potent NE=HA=ZE=VU passive-aggressive mode.  Noting that HA=VU can include foreign fascism (presented as "globalism" or foreign "inclusion") and organized crime when on the Ascendant, as is the case in 2021.  The warnings about crime from overseas are legitimate, even if described in inaccurate ways by demagogic politicians.

For America to recuperate and rebuild, the new technology needs to be made by American companies and workers, and the benefits go to America, not across the ocean for others to make Germany or Japan or China Great Again, because that's what's been happening far too often for too long.  The MC=AD in 2021 clearly indicates that the US government or honorable domestic companies need to buy up American land and real estate to keep them from being rented to Americans by foreign interests ready to carry the profits overseas, to buy America out from under Americans... i.e. foreign colonial imperialism.  We can have global harmony without inviting foreign heads of state take the floor in our national Congress and stand in place of our President and Congress members, or letting foreign governments or corporations dictate what we do or how we run our country.  The spirit of Brexit is an example for others, even if the old imperials in Berlin and Vienna play every trick in the book to make every other country, including Brexiteers, their obedient poodles in ways that a charming Nazi Dominatrix would admire.

This also points back to the Vulkanus hovering around Peterburg in Russia, as well as Kiyev in Ukraine by 90-degree angle. If that were to manifest as the long-desired German-Russian unified empire, as existed in fact under the last several Oldenburg "Romanov" Czars, including Catherine. Then Hitler, followed by Hermann Lefeldt in the 1960s along with his fellow travelers, sought a German-Russian global-monstrosity union that the world could be subject to, and that some in the EuroUnion clearly aspire to... the ultimate totalitarian state fused together by both Germany's and Russia's well-honed totalitarian control 'skills'.  Certainly the astute among the British must be aware of that potential, while too many naive Americans 'believe' whatever lies Angela Merkel and fellow travelers tell them. Another problem for the USA at our Pluto return is how to Declare Independence Again, upgraded to the conditions of 2021.  It starts with voting first- and second-generation immigrants out of federal government offices ASAP. You don't get to immigrate to America and become President or Governor or Senator any more. There's a good start on making the Pluto return good for America.  Every immigrant is 'on probation' politically, not a national policy decision maker, no matter how rich or clever at lobbying.  This reminds of the controversial new Schwarzenegger-enabled "Korematsu schools", and related court decisions.  If Fred Korematsu wanted to help America, he would have surrendered right away to US federal agents and offered his services in the war against Japan (and Germany and Austria), under US surveillance.  Instead, he ran from federal agents and claimed he was trying to help America 'in his own way'.  The story is not believable except to the foolish and naive and manipulable. The Korematsu pardon should be revoked. The Korematsu Schools should be shut down.  Fred Korematsu should not be seen as a hero, for that encourages America's youth to have disdain for American laws and legitimate wartime national security procedures, and to 'believe' in Japanese nationalist buffalo-dung lies. For those interested in the topic, it is important to read the court rulings on Korematu's cases over the years prior to the pardon, and note who first represented him in court, what the geodetic alignments were for the cases, and the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the one who trumpeted Korematsu's role as a model for California's youth, and how that relates to Schwazi's own ambitions including the willingness to "trade places with Donald Trump" to be America's first certified Nazi-Heritage president who forwards German money to Wiesenthal organizations to try to manipulate and buy them off and maybe get access to their records so useful in covering up post-WW2 Nazi underworld networks and operations.  Another problem is how naive are those who would form alliances with similar Asian-Fascist Heritage figures and networks that routinely facilitated and even emulated the Nazi genocide machine.

When American leaders praise the heads of the two main Nazi/Fascist nations that are now manifesting their "dreams" of global conquest via the same corporations the built the Nazi genocide machine, America is in trouble, and such naive and shallow ignorance may explain much of current domestic problems. Add that to the rise of Russian and Chinese Fascism, and it's a recipe for global disaster.  This is a reason to support American democracy by building alliances with the fully-conscious and grounded leaders in Canada and Latin America, as well as in Britain and Australia, and New Zealand, and preserve the best of the institutions of the world's oldest and most stable democracies, rather than dally with countries with ongoing problematic totalitarian tendencies.  In 2021, ironically, it may require the US military, not so much to govern America as to be constantly on guard, on standby, to preserve leaders of democracy, and rout out the foreign meddling and manipulation that has caused so many of the problems in recent years, including those who rode into Washington DC next to Donald Trump, whom I see not as a dictator but as a manipulee of foreign interests, and maybe genuinely believing they will serve American interests when they don't and wont.  The NE=ZE=KR cluster in Trump's chart says it all.

But perhaps most important of all is to finally get the godam Moonies and Falunies out of American government.  Otherwise, they could take completely over America in 2021, using the power extended to them from East China sea political bases where much of their roots are.  They have ample agents in Hawaii for some time, and within their Alaska shipping fleets.

Lastly, I would note that, while Nostradamus has often been questioned, his writings have also often proven to be unusually pertinent, even if not always in chronological order for some reason.  Some claim the years he indicated are to be taken literally, and others that they are to be adjusted by 325 years to account for historic calendar changes. Nonetheless, quatrain 72 in Century X of his complete prophecies indicate the rise of a powerful global 'king' in the 7th month of 1999, who may bring about global war, and events of July 1999 include the establishment of the 'Minghui' website of the pseudo-buddhist Falun Gong cult under the power-mad "Li Hongzhi"; a coup d'etat at Pacifica Radio's "Democracy Now"; the establishment of the "Ukraine Fatherland Party"; the founding of "Makena Inc" rooted in "Makena Investments" earlier founded on Pearl Harbor Day in 1970`; the founding of the South Asian Bar Associatioin of Silicon Valley; and installation of Vladimir Putin as Prime Minister of Russia.  The same quatrain refers to the "Roy d'Angolmois", which Nostradamus scholar Henry Roberts interpreted as an anagram for "the King of the Mongols", thinking of the invasions of the iconic Mongol Hordes (although there is an Angoumois region in SW France, no longer independeent or with a 'king' of any sort, but a hub of German Kapetinger monarchist counterrevolution during the French Revolution).  Something to ponder for any possible relevance.  The 'Complete Book of Nostradamus' by Roberts and Lawrence also claims that same quatrain to refer to 'the Beast of the Apocalypse'.  Note also that the Falun Gong leader Hongzhi/chi Lee comes from Manchuria, long a Russian Fascist hub -- relevant to Putin's political network in any way?  Lee/Li, the Falun Gong head honcho, heads an organization that brandishes swastikas, claims to be the Gautama Buddha reincarnated, and enacts cult rituals that involve procedures manipulating "chi" energy of strangers as well as as plots of land they occupy and appear to be staking claims on.  Cult members also wear hats and sunglasses, even during cloudy weather, that obscure identification by surveillance cameras as well as by local members of the American public... Very Weird, very stealthy -- with geodetic lineups indicating likely offshoot from the (armed and gunrunning) Moonie "Sanctuary Church" cult network, and also rooted in the East China Sea longitudes, for "sanctuary" and "inclusion" in America.  More parallels with the "Nonaligned" Arthur-Chung-affiliated Jonestown and the Symbionese cult and its affiliates.  Geodetics show how the similar Asian cults of the 1960s and 1970s may be linked to foreign covert operations as front organizations.  Today, the 'Asia Pacific Research Center', with operations functioning conspicuously close to critical US federal government offices, and staffed at top levels by members of military organizations of countries in Asia, and manipulating US social service agencies, is clearly among the mess that has been unfolding. Directly correlative with global Vulkanus power amassing in the East China Sea region, and encroaching on vulnerable US infrastructure functions, including those near now-shut-down US military bases (e.g. Alameda, Walnut Creek) on the US Pacific coast, in ways that should be monitored and contained in the interest of basic and essential US national security, and where CAPAC affiliates may be complicit.  What is Taiwan-born Ted Lieu, in a US government post where he should not be, tryng to hide by attempting to give immigrants special immunity from US national security scrutiny?  This question may be quite urgent, aside from the current relevant Vulkanus geodetic lineup.  What is he doing here, and how did he get where he is in US government to do it?  Set the 'xenophobia' and 'anti-immigrant' rhetoric aside and get to the facts, because it's about America's national security and America's future independence from gross, probably illegal if not dangerous, foreign encroachment.  Are there connections to the immigrant-run "Schwarzenegger Institute for Global Studies" and its Asian operations?  Why are such obnoxious imports in US government office functions in the first place?  Such an issue may be directly related to the current chaos in Washington DC, where Trump provides a convenient fall-guy for things Lieu, Schwarzenegger, and Trump's treacherous cabinet-members Peter Thiel, and Elaine Chao, and financial bolster Jack Ma have done.  "America a nation now run by immigrants" spells Hostile Takeover.  Due to holes in US national security functions, American citizens are even vulnerable to retaliatory measures from such foreign agents holding US government office.  American citizens demonized for objecting to foreign enchroachments on the country housing our ancestors for generations.  With continued policies putting immigrants in US political offices, it could get worse to where America has been "Changed" and "Redefined" into some other country's colony, or colonies if they can carve up America like a "Chinese apple pie" for a Luau party.  This is no joke.  No more than Euro nationalists wanting to "Change" or "Redefine" America into their wienerschnitzel pizza.  The people you elect, and what you demand they do in office, help determine such issues.

America at its core is about the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution, not the late-19th-century imported Statue of Liberty next to the Wall Street casino... near where Pluto now hovers as American approaches its momentous once-in-250-year Pluto Return.  It's either American or it's not.... no in-between blurry lines with concealed transoceanic phone conversations or people dressed in halloween costumes with dubious proof of identity. No more China/Taiwan lies.  Legitimate Identity Papers Matter.  "Civil" means "of or relating to the state and its citizenry".

For the USA to weather 2021 in once piece, its roots must be firmly claimed an established along the Admetos=LM (fixed MC) line near 01:30 Mutables (per both Grimm and Sepharial values, that means from the longitudes of San Francisco to Los Angeles, including central Oregon and Washington states, and east-central British Columbia and northern border with Alberta (2 degrees to either side of the Sepharial/Grimm average around 122W longitude, and that focuses on the California state capital at Sacramento, recently declared "Yeefow City"; as well as 45 degrees to the east and west, including 2 degrees to either side of the Sepharial/Grimm average near 72W longitude, from Philadelphia to Boston, and including the state capitals of New York, New Jersey, Vermont, and Connecticut, as well as Quebec; to the west, all along the Alaska mainland seacoast with the Bering Sea in the far western Hawaiian and Palmyra Islands, near the Grimm/Sepharial average around 165W.  That means American Coast Guard (none welcoming or covering Transpacific cousins) need to be ample and fully awake and alert, warm and safe and sound, well-provided-for 24/7; those at all those Admetos locations are America's bulwark of border defense, along with those near where Vulkanus is on the MC.  If foreign troops (like Japanese or Chinese or German troops or agents, and there are plenty of them) occupy those critical national defense longitudes areas, it's time to flush them out now, immediately, adios, unless you want to see America's foundations crumble like a quake into chaos.  The concerns about national security against foreign infringement are have been legitimate, no matter which party or politician has spoken about them.  If Democrats don't acknowledge it, they may be ousted out of national security reasons.  No more Kumbaya campfire games.

More later on how to identify the blind spots of politicians and any other leader (including military or other)... things they may not see out of overidealization or susceptibility to deceit, or due to unfamiliarity (as in politicians who haven't studied the trickery that Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, and Metternich taught the unscrupulous of both yesterday and today).  Those tricks were the guidebooks of 20th century fascism that is trying to revive and continue.  This is important during these recent and continuing times of HA=VU political treachery... in another article to follow.  And it also applies to the chart of every individual.  Be Prepared for the down-side of globalism that might not be sweetness and light, and already isn't, in some cases.  Fantasy play and 'creating your own reality', along with drugging, is to fall into the jaws of the "gator" cults confusing so many and leading to social collapse.  The Rebuilding machinery has a chance to launch in 2021 with the MA=PL=ZE cluster, and its abuse or neglect and instead turn into destruction through compulsive thought and behavior and anger that lead to nowhere but mass misery and confusion (=NE=HA in 32nd harmonic, and on the Ariespoint Axis of planet-wide conditions).  Free-will choices, and conscious awareness, also determine the outcome.  No more raging crowds wound up like the eveready bunnies, parroting preprogrammed dogma, some with hair-trigger guns in their hands -- explosive fools, some being programmed, raging kamikazes.  Politicians encouraging public rage may not be doing anything smart, as the waving guns could ending up firing at most anyone and anything.  As if someone wants chaos and anarchy... for ????  The potential chaos and anarchy of Neptune and Hades is now subtly guided toward the goals and objectives of those where Zeus and Vulkanus are overhead... delineated in this article.  In 2021 they are on America's doorstep still, as in recent years, all the way to Washington DC.  From the centuries-old Tong and Green Gang and Yakuza mobsters of the East China Sea, from whatever now lurks in western Russia to Ukraine, far W Finland and Norway, Turkey, Egypt, and E South Africa, now Sudan and Uganda and Tanzania; from any cults around Tahiti; from Alaska along the Fairbanks and Cordova longitudes; and weirdness in Newfoundland and Labrador or Greenland north of there; from Jonestown/Guyana to the Moonie-infested Paraguay region and Montevideo, as well as Buenos Aires, to any paramilitary cults around Barbados.  These areas must be additional bulwarks of American democracy; and if left to weird cults, then America is in trouble... Bad trouble.  And the Asian organized crime already flooding the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the bad signs... Ed Lee's "Future of America" as he called it while he and Facebook planned the "Hummingbird" resettlement program for those not in line with the Tong and Yakuza Asian Century plan for California, gaining ground through the Covid crisis.  Either American reclaims the state, or it may be further annexed to the East China Sea political machine, with a little help from Mitch McConnell's charming associates and their friends on "both sides of the aisle".  It's directly related to whether the Pluto Return of the American economy is based in the NYC-to-Boston  and LA-to-San Diego longitudes in the USA; or China and Malaysia and Indonesia; or Austrian banks, and notice how Schwarzenegger's America Terminator Flexyapowa Revolution network fuses right into those locations.  Now, That's Hitler stuff.  Any true, remaining democracy in Sweden can help counterbalance it, but does that exist anymore?  Greta is still a teenager, and no match for armed bullies.  Meanwhile, the San Diego and Los Angeles region are full of Moonie network powerbrokers, incl Sony and others overtaking the US movie industry.  Can anything be done about that, or has California already been tipped to slide across the Pacific and take the rest of the US west coast with it?  Note that geodetic influence start in the west and continue eastward, and Seward's flag statue has been obscured by Falun Gong and Sing Tao propaganda -- so Putin is not the only gremlin on the planet, even if he can be one of them.  Are US govt and military agencies being manipulated by Asian disinformation, among other foreign controls over intelligence and security data?  It smells like it.  Geodetics, and just simple timing, indicate "Asian Pacific" CAPAC rose to power when some of California's key Pacific coast defense bases were shut down.  Japan chanted "World Peace" before it bombed Pearl Harbor and then started shelling US mainland defense facilities.  Hitler did the same in Poland and Czechoslovakia.  "World Peace", they said.  Some operate by the rules of Metternich and Sun Tzu, not Benjamin Franklin or George Washington.

-- 2020.Dec.15, Oakland-SanFrancisco.


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