2021 US Presidential Inauguration 

by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics


(Posted 2021Jan12, updated Jan19 & Feb15)


Reference to my previous article on the 2021Jan06 fiasco at the US capitol may flesh out some of the following, as planetary pictures are similar to those for the inauguration on Jan20, especially in terms of outer planet and point positions and configurations.  I have suggested already, as a US citizen, to local legislators, that the inauguration be as private and protected as possible, but telecast, and ideally with the presence of top US military leaders to assure Americans that we are safe from more public chaos or polarized anarchy.  In fact, it may be wise for the location of the inaugural ceremony to be unknown until after it occurs. Changing the inaugural conditions is not unusual historically, when the country is in a state of distress or relative chaos.  Such changes for this inauguration may forestall the "success" of any attempts to turn our national institutions or icons or procedures into to a glory party for literal anarchists or even terrorists, domestic or foreign, which are already overly abundant and in excess.  The US Constitution provides for freedom of speech and assembly, but only where other laws for public safety and security are not truly broken.


Zeus is about 1 degree opposite to the Ascendant and at right angle to the MC at 14h06 (2:06pm) local time.. and is at 11:15 angle to Saturn, Hades, and Vulkanus, indicating the fiery force, breaking through walls or doors or windows, and the destruction and primal behavior. 

(Chart from Aureas Special Uranian Astrology program.)

Just as with the chart for the January 6 fiasco, Zeus remains at the fixed Locality Ascendant (LA) and Kronos at the fixed Locality MC (LM); and that Zeus also still on the NE/HA midpoint.  Thus the possibly drugged to cult-programmed militant element may remain somewhere in Washington DC, noting that the Ascendant refers to outsiders... those from the outside at the door or window, or walls of Washington DC or of locations within the District of Columbia (DC).

What is different from the Jan06 chart are pictures involving the Sun, Moon, MC, Ascendant of the event, and inner planets close to the Sun.

The MC refers to the inner nature of a person, event, organization, or location, and Cupido there, at right angle to the MC, is a positive indicator for national unity despite disruptions, as does Venus at 11:15 (45 degree angle on the 90 chart) angle, midway between the dial pointers.  Yet, Pluto is also there in force, right at the MC.  At worst, Pluto can be schisms, destruction, mistaken changes, or abuses.  At best it is genuine (and not trendy or merely rhetorical) evolutionary, constructive, and rectifying change, which is what the Biden-Harris campaign has advocated for, and the chart indicates that it will unfold if unimpeded, if the negative side does not foul things up.  Pluto changes are major and normally can take a winding path before final physical manifestations, sometimes even go to extremes before finding a balanced course forward, and a large and nationally variegated Congress may insure that.   Each state and demographic sector of the nation must be represented fairly and with consideration for national unity for change to unfold without bad detours.

With the MC on the midpoint between the fixed LA and Zeus on one side, and Vulkanus on the other, we see that America's changes for the next 4 years will indeed contend with potent, even pushful or almost militant, pressures from outsiders, even from overseas.  These can come from overseas locations, borders and coastline entries, or foreign lobbies pounding the doors and halls of, or otherwise manipulating, legislators.  They can come from cults that appear to be American, but are not American or not controlled at top by American interests.  Such is the reality of increasingly globalized political and commercial processes.  The locations where Zeus and Vulkanus align in 4th or 8th harmonic, as pointed out in articles and blogs before, are where the outside forces are likely to originate, and this is covered in the article on the 2021Jan06 capitol disruptions.  Foreign lobbying is out of control, and potent, if not seeking to overpower, while Vulkanus is on the Ascendant... other countries want to sway and manipulate America where they can, for their objectives, and that includes via foreign lobbies nested in Honolulu, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.. or at 45 angle at Phoenix or Salt Lake City longitudes, which includes advocates chummy with the Sun Myung Moonie cult, including during TPP negotiations, and who have advocated for an amendment to the US Constitution to let foreign-born individuals become US president.  The incoming presidential administration must not allow those lobbies to overpower coming changes, or America could get steered off-course, or even driven off-course in so-called "driverless cars" promoted by potent foreign political interests, that are of course 'driven' by remote controller technology and could be controlled to crash -- just as the stock-market crashes of the past were caused in part by foreign interests manipulating Wall Street or other smaller markets, and in 1929 led to the rise of the brutal and genocidal Germany- and Japan-centered Nazi machines.  That means there is no room to let the definition of "American" to blur into the interests of foreign lobbies.  It's probably wise to decide clearly what is to be "included" or not, when it comes to competing international affairs and interests; and some are clearly competing, even if under a veneer of shallow or fleeting diplomatic concessions or bribes.  Fine print in "Fast Track deals" of the past or future are to be understood and fully published for the citizenry before either political or financial leaders sign America away to foreign control.  Thus, casual permissiveness of transnational boundary-crossing rightfully arouses the scrutiny of American citizens.  Americans need to know that our government is in Washington DC, not Berlin, Davos, Tokyo, Beijing, or Taipei, for compliance to them has repeatedly led to America and Americans engulfed in and terrorized, if not murdered by war; or subject to national economic crises.  That clearly includes controls of the stock markets and stocks, Highly pertinent to the coming Pluto return departing from Wall Street in NYC, or to control of US real estate markets, banks, national security functions, or transportation or telecommunications systems, all of which have begun to manifest recently.

Lastly I would add that Privatization of the US Post Office is a fundamental sell-out of America's foundations and national security, and yet such critical security services have been chipped away slowly by foreign contractors and employees for at least 20 years already.  Our Post Office handles documents of vital and literal national security, including identification papers for those living in the USA.  The privatization of Passport agencies has been a Grave Error subject to international bribes and functional identity theft.  Today, even genealogical and ancestry databases being bought up by foreign stockholders and controllers has left the American public vulnerable to theft of identity and undermining of family connections and relationships, thereby undermining national unity in facing competing foreign interests -- dividing rather than uniting American families.  That's got to stop, or America is in Bad Trouble.  Family records should be treated as national security documents, and their distribution and use, or deceptive abuse, monitored by US government agencies, not transnational corporations.  Competing foreign interests should also be excluded from the handling of US mapping services, capable of being abused by foreign real estate acquisition interests, or even foreign military agencies studying access to US national resources.  I would never have imagined feeling the need to mention such issues 40 years ago, in a time of relative national stability, but today is very different in those terms, and the geodetic alignments make that clear.  This is no time to continue to play loose with national boundary issues or immigration laws, or legislate for importation of vital national infrastructure employees when there are ample deeply-rooted Americans capable of the same if only given the opportunity for solid and practical education for those with the clearly proven aptitude to shape America's future.  Companies in the USA who want to be cheap or cut corners on education, or play venture capitalist with America's educational institutions as if they are shopping-mall stores, are greedy fools, if not literally foreign venture capitalists, and must be halted before American government creates a "brain drain" or further takeover by self-interested or dubious "foreign experts" who may be nothing more than shifty actors out to "Terminate America", or "Change" it into a foreign "Dream" that could be America's nightmare.  If the Axis powers' political and corporate machinery of the last World War become the controllers of the future, there could be "Blowback" exponential to that already from the Asian countries allied with them before and still.  Those of the British Commonwealth should be even more aware of this, but it appears that some few are not yet, while France grovels under the jackboot of a machine that includes Schwarzenegger functioning as a German agent, as he does also in our USA.  He needs to be sent to a deserted island and surrounded with his personal admirers so he can be the Fuhrer he wants to be, and be kept from doing the damage to all of America that he did to California.  There are far better, fully-American green-technology advocates without all his very weird stage Akt baggage that includes cozy relations with top German govt officials he parades around with on the fragile borders of Eastern Europe, Japan, the Chinese diaspora, and elsewhere.  Add that to Ted Lieu trying to keep Transpacific communications of Asian immigrants a secret from investigation for transnational crime or political subversion, and the potential for disaster could be catastrophic.  Are all of the marauders invading America's government institutions really conscious Americans or are some cult puppets or actors under foreign control?  Every public demonstration is susceptible to infiltration and sabotage... as has always been the case.  Extremist actions of one political wing is only likely to provoke the extremism of the opposite.  People must have civilized and reasoned dialogue and debate if any constructive American change is to occur.

It is important to note and remember that extremist clubs like the KKK were resurrected in the USA in the WW1 era by German and Austrian military intelligence subversion operations, as was the Nazi Bund as Hitler rose to power in Germany, and the Silvershirts first by German military subversion (led in part by Franz von Papen in both in WW1 and WW2) and possibly also by similar Japanese operations described in books on the subject, and in paramilitary training camp locations where strange Japanese cults operated after World War 2 and up to today, as Vulkanus power is amassed along the East China Seacoasts and adjacent islands.  Would the secrets concealed by Ted Lieu tell us more about that?  Who has taken control of vital US military bases in coastal California abandoned in the 1990s and how much is it fused into foreign political agencies?  Such foreign interests must not be conflated with domestic civil rights issues, for the sake of literal US national security.  Does well-meaning "Sanctuary" impede control over real national security issues including containment of incoming foreign organized crime that includes gunrunning and narcotrafficking?  Geodetics make it clear that the answer to that last question is almost certainly "Yes".  Notice also the geodetic alignments of foreign agencies and interests with various "California Independence movements" and the more obnoxious immigration promotion organizations.  These are serious matters that All political parties in the USA must be able to discuss rationally and without namecalling. Charter school permissiveness is allowing for schools indoctrinating students in the interest of foreign nationalist interests and ideologies while undermining American integrity and respect for US national institutions.  The destruction of legitimate American icons and statues and government buildings by violent mobs should be a stark warning to Americans of all political parties; not a partisan issue, but a national one.  American political organizations need to be very discriminating about alliances formed with foreign organizations, as what may seem to be cordial and friendly agreements can turn out, in some cases, to be subversion operations preying on the naivete and goodwill of Americans.  While much is to be learned from international exchanges and agreements, following the political models of the European Union or the Asian Century network, neither rooted in long-ongoing democracy, is not the answer for America's needs, even if they would try to lobby it as such.  Time to draw the line at political patronization.  The USA actually has some comparitively progressive and egalitarian traditions and institutions that have been forgotten, and often destroyed by the influx of transnational corporatism...  of the sort that President Eisenhower probably was noticing at the end of his presidential administration, and which Kennedy sought to rectify before he was shot dead, and again his brother met the same fate.  There are many admirable icons of American history forgotten among the recent incompetence and meanness of spirit that must not overshadow who and what America is, in the eyes of Americans.  The USA was not founded on the principles of selfishness or greed or psychological narcissism; and the problems of slavery were unique to a class of people, often in specific regions of the country, who, even though calling themselves Christians, could justify the degradation of others with no true ill will, and with a conspicuous air of religious hypocrisy.  Those souls have gone on to deal with whatever the laws of the universe and any extant divine force offers in return.   Meanwhile, when the Titanic hit the iceberg and a hole was punched in its hull, nearly everyone sunk into freezing ocean waters, drowning like ice cubes and floating to the ocean floor.  America's first war was with invading pirates ready to sink American ships, and so take care of your ship and your neighbors on board in order to avoid a similar fate.

Note than in this inauguration chart for the next 4 years, there is also a MAUR/AD clustered midpoint also on the MC, meaning either that clashes could continue periodically, or else the energy of the nation is directed to focus on building technology infrastructure along American lines, but with long delays wherever national stability is put at risk. Such developments will need to occur under strict controls so that errant interests to do not steer the country in erratic and potentially accident-prone or even destructive directions.  The need is urgent, and overdue, but the implementation must not be rushed, or accidents could lead to destruction.  Supervision by the long-experienced, and thoroughness of work done on projects is mandatory if accidents or corrective measures are to be avoided.  Transnational competition, overt or covert, always remains an issue.  The Node=Neptune cluster indicates that drug legalization for increased consumption was and is probably Not a good idea.  Oregonians, for example, may regret their recent drug liberalization law. Since Vulkanus hovers along the East China seacoast and in Manchuria, moving into Japan's Ryukyu islands, and clustered in 16th harmonic (22.5 degrees) to the Golden Triangle, and 45 degrees to the edge of the Opium Triangle near Sikh Kashmir, advocates of opiates and hard drugs use in every state need to read, for example, the chapter in Prof T A Bisson's book "Japan in China" titled "Manchoukuo: A Prototype for China?" with an eye to how drug addiction as a social engineering and genocide weapon could be applying to America.  Note material from any disinterested source on the "Red Swastika Society" and remarkable parallels to the Crack Wars in the USA.  Also of pertinence to current events is the fusion of the fake and fascist "Japanese Red Army" as well as related Moonie/Kahr cult paramilitary networks including the so-called "World Anti Communist League" that gathered together remnants of the Post-WW2 Nazi military with Japan Fascist military and Chinese collaborator interests fused with transnational narcotrafficking and gunrunning operations, and how they infiltrated many "leftist Cultural Revolution" organizations including those in American cities during the Indochina/Vietnam War and into the more radical militant wings of various civil rights organizations in ways that actually undermined American civil rights via cults, guns, drugs.  One most conspicuous example was the Symbionese Liberation Army, but there were others.  They risk resurfacing, if people are not alert and aware, as have radical right neonazi and klanbot confederot organizations. The more radical one side gets, the more radical the other gets, until the extremism is attenuated and people brought together for reconciliation and deprogramming from ideological extremism.  As things stand now, some charter schools are promoting rather than resolving radical extremism and foreign nationalist propaganda, and so that's a job for a cleaned-up, smart, and well-informed Department of Education divorced from the gross and regressive corruption of privatized education or incompetent and moneygrubbing urban schoolboards out of touch with community needs.  The turning of schools over to the control of "businessmen" and "businesswomen", rather than thoroughly-educated education professionals, has resulted in a huge disaster, a cheesy money game where students are the losers, and so America loses without students challenged to develop their full potential by professional teachers who know what they are doing.  There's a big challenge for the next 4 years and a potential for extensive long-range national rejuvenation.  And give educational technology contracts to 100% American companies, not those half-based in Germany or Asia or using the profits to "Make Asia (or Germany) Great Again" and perpetuate vindictive attacks over past centuries on otherwise once sympathetic "Old White Men" of today or tomorrow.  It's time to look more carefully at just what's going on with the pushy and sometimes subversive immigration lobby drives, especially when national security posts are being surrendered to newbies from overseas.

American counterbalance will return when Vulkanus reaches Juneau Alaska around 2045, but that will require 100% control of Alaska by American interests, and flushing out Moonie/Asian mafia interests along the coastlines of Alaska, anywhere near Fairbanks longitude, and all the way from the Alaska Peninsula down to the Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia.  Meanwhile, support from Canada can come only if Newfoundland does not fall under the control of the European Union or Asian nationalist interests.

Otherwise, America may hobble, especially if compliant to pushy immigrant lobbies out to carve up America like foreigners did China a hundred years ago.  America remains in trouble until the Moonie network and its allies are routed out of US infrastructure -- and EuroGermany is not out to do anything but throw cookie crumbs and try to dominate as it strives to build a Fourth Reich that dreams of also absorbing Ukraine and Belarus and Russia. 

Interestingly, America's full global resurgence in the 2040s will involve not only masterful control of Alaska, but also vigilant control of the Mississippi River Valley including New Orleans and Memphis and St Louis, and the sooner that starts, the better.  Texas will have to get off its recent drunk-and-druggie-culture binge, and be ready to divert its oil money into new, clean, environmental technology instead, and that includes all states to its north.  The quiet Midwest will have to get up to speed on current technology and adapt to current global realities without surrendering to greedy and manipulative foreign interests, and quit being cheap when it comes to education, as the power now in Denver will spread slowly eastward, and the quiet prairie states should welcome Colorado smarts without its hopefully fleeting drug fad, which has to go.  Time for kids to get high on exercise endorphins and fresh oxygen and healthy food, and dump the loser booze and druggie crap.  Geodetics indicate that one of the most powerful weapons of the currently global-dominant Asian mafia networks is importation of drugs into the USA to make it weak and wow-man pushovers to be trampled like fools.  Meanwhile, 2045 is over 20 years away but on the long-term horizon and the more one prepares for future success, the better the outcome.  Oddly, the long dormant Midwest could become America's locus of global power during that period if not fallen under foreign control or ownership. Per 32nd harmonic indicators, America's global resurgence will also start around San Diego and Spokane longitude and spread eastward, and that means boot the Japanese Marines back to Japan and put San Diego under full American control, on to Needles and Arizona, Utah, and Idaho.  These are already the counterbalances to Asian ambitions for North America, and yet weakened where foreign agents are present.  The US military should establish firm control of the Colorado River Valley all the way to the Mexican border, and insure American control of Las Vegas, Salt Lake, and Idaho and Montana government and infrastructure, or risk potent foreign subversion, especially from East Asia and India, already underway and obvious to the observant of infrastructure underpinnings.

Asia has been given a toehold in America, and it's advancing daily, even during Covid, in part through increased control of media outlets and telecommunications/internet structure... the "Ajit props", and Canada's apparent surrender to Asian interests, although that's their choice to make even if it's not a good one.  About Britain, Brexit will prove to have been a smart move down the road, and others in Europe may opt for a British-led rather than German-led Europe.  France's democracy seems to be poor at defending itself from foreign encroachment ever since Napoleon fell.  Russia has been flip-flopping and may continue between Euro and Asia, depending on the best deal offered.  America will not go along with a smarmy EuroUnion imperial policy that tramples every democracy it has overtaken.. Germany's oligarchy, built on the ashes of the Kaisers and Hitler, does not understand cooperation among equals, and it rules over real German democrats as it has since 1933.

There's a new generation of Americans arising, with the potential to be smart and savvy if given access to education that empowers them and tools to develop potential, but not if drunk or on drugs, so new forms of recreation and entertainment that bolsters American strength and accomplishment is needed.  It will probably also require liberalization in positive ways and cooperative social models, which actually once flourished in America until the Hooverites took over and brought their foreign banker friends in to manipulate America's politics and economy to match the objectives of Germany's and Asia's Axis Fascism-aligned beneficiaries of the globally devastating 1929 Stockmarket games and crashes.  The American Progressive movement, from Democratic William Jennings Bryan (women's rights and economic justice advocate) to Theodore Roosevelt's similar economic adaptations by taking control of the Republican Party for as long as he could, are American, rather than foreign, prototype models for the future, and that accommodates to spirituality and tolerance without being naive or dogmatic about either.  Their progressive policies were killed not only by the Hooverites but similar trends by the earlier multimillionaire Robber Barons who stole America's railroad commonwealth plan and turned it into personal empires, the foreign-fused foundations of the radical right of the Republican Party.  Geodetics of Vulkanus indicate Bryan's historic territory is where America's resurgence will most effectively manifest in coming years, along with Seward's Alaska.  But not if Alaska is sold off to foreign interests -- it must remain an American commonwealth, and the Moonies can go sell their toxic sushi and mushrooms and plastic Anonymous masks back in their "Sunrise" homelands, noting that Japan (and Korea under Japanese control) is set to be one of America's biggest competitors before 2045, and fools in America will have set it up to be a formidable foe once again, especially if it and Germany continue to manifest their Dream to turn China even moreso into their giant sweatshop factory.  While China is overweening economic competition, Japan had plans to join Hitler in infiltrating, bombing, and subjugating America within the last 80 years, and by stealth, with duplicitous Chinese collaborators tied to banks and corporations now globally powerful and in line with East China Sea Vulkanus, already over Japan's offshore islands and moving toward Tokyo as Japan remilitarizes under Antiamerican neofascist political leaders (Shinzo Abe and friends) extended deceptively hypocritical but charming diplomacy tactics that Obama fell for.   There's the ugly underbelly Sun Tzu "diplomacy" replete with hypnotic drone speeches with weird dream imagery rather than factual reality (NE=VU, HA=VU, and NE=HA=VU on steroids).  Gangnam Asian Trance Dance is a most conspicuous illustration, tied to "KPop", Japanese Anime images, and plastic mask replicas of Guy Fawkes with obvious Asian facial features, promoting Anarchy, Assange, Snowden, and fake Tea Parties -- Transnational political gimmick TRASH to Throw Out.

The Obama-era mistake of letting foreign and immigration-advocated politicians run US government policy has to End if disasters are to be avoided... they are no doubt a 2nd, inappropriate, and disruptive logical cornerstone of potentially explosive schisms in US domestic politics.  If the USA is to survive its upcoming Pluto return intact, US Government must shift strictly serving the people who live in the USA, not the people who Don't.  Policy must shift to pleasing American citizens, not citizens of other countries, or serious problems are likely to ensue, and that should be obvious by now.  The problem is: immigrants and their children dictating US government policy.

Vulkanus is in Leo for years to come now, so it's wise to start or keep doing your pushups, taking good vitamins supplements, buying good food instead of booze or drugs and you'll be ready and probably feel no need to get "in-toxic-ated", and won't get terminated by bullies or fall asleep when dealing with slick con-artists, who will probably remain rampant until the Hades=Vulkanus cluster moves out of 2 degree orb around 2024, before which global crime may be brought slowly but increasingly under control.. crime emanating largely from the Golden Triangle, Singapore, the Bahamas, east Cuba, Jamaica and Caymans, Colombia, Peru, Sicily, Cameroon, Kinshasa, Angola and Namibia coast, and possibly the Irkutsk longitude in Russia.  Any remnant corruption in Washington DC can be flushed out by incoming policing agencies, to clean up federal government, if wise choices are made.  Criminal networks will head east from there, but be weakening by 2025 due to political and possibly military actions.  There's a brighter tomorrow, if clean technology replaces the smog generators in time.  Who gets rich from it will be a question maybe too much overlooked now in Washington DC, and needing study and attention.  Control under democratic government might be ideal... i.e. FDRoosevelt's futuristic policy, although some may call it "old and white", that Willkie and his Wall Street and Chinese friends destroyed substantially by manipulating the courts in favor of ruthless corporate interests, just as the Robber Barons and their foreign friends stole the railroads from the American public, and Teapot Dome stole America's national oil reserves, all planned to be American economic equalizers until transnational corporations trampled the plans like invading ogres.  The USA would be a very different country if those plans had not be trampled by the prototypes of today's corporate globalism, now no longer as subtle or effectively concealed as was foreign control of nominally American corporations, or of Wall Street, years ago.  There's an issue for an upcoming 250th anniversary of American Independence. San Francisco mayor Ed Lee's sleazy "Future of America" announcement was a clear indicator that the USA could fall under foreign control, and that's another story yet to be fully told.  What starts in the West moves slowly eastward, so it's wise to make sure it's American now if you want it to be American tomorrow, even if fools and the foreign say it's "xenophobic".  The future is already underway, and William Seward's statue pedestal quote in San Francisco is obscured by Chinese newsstands, maybe in hopes Americans will forget what he said when California became a US state.  Like the slaves of yesteryear, America risks being sold off at the auction block, if not stolen by pirates. This will be one of the challenges of the next 4 years, and a very important and perennial one nationally, as Seward foresaw already in 1850, and that still applies.  Control the western border of any coast or country, and the rest of the country comes next.  Certainly the geodetic practitioners of the German military know it, as well.  Everybody wants a piece of California, and if Washington DC doesn't continue to stake its claim firmly, somebody else will, has already started.  Even William Seward knew it somehow, just as he knew the importance of Alaska and maybe of Hawaii.  Get those US troops in Alameda and Contra Costa counties and every other base abandoned to foreign meddling or control, and up and down the coast from San Diego to Bellingham, from Ketchikan to Attu and Nome and Point Barrow, awake and alert 24/7, and make sure they speak English fluently and don't have an issue with Jews, or America may be in Bad Trouble. Israel will take the lead in cleaning up the crap that's been going on, clearly as it partakes of Vulkanus power after the HA=VU problem subsides.  Korea may help, but is not likely to ever escape control from China, Russia, or Japan, because they have long all wanted it for their own purposes, and why Americans were welcomed there in the 1950s.. anything preferable to being bullied by their relatively giant neighbors who will never go away or let up, and aren't.  Filipinos need to remember how they were treated by the Japanese before they take America's relatively good treatment for granted, and American military in Guam reported it is infested with a Japanese-run hate cult trying to drive Americans out for Japanese takeover.  Same maybe going in Truk/Chuuk; and the Moonies and their diabolical Yakuza Black Dragon network may run the Marshall Islands.  The "Asian Century" plan is real and has held several regional conferences to plan control of the Pacific including America's Pacific states.  It includes quite collusion between China and Japan and Taiwan, since the day the Maoists fell from power, that underlies sham, diplomatic posturing toward other countries, in a world where "old white men" are further seen as "stupid old white men", due to naivete, as Asia steadily steals the Pacific, now so visible as to be tangible, and clearly validated by the geodetic indicators a potent but stealthy, although the masks will be ripped away during the next couple of years, once smart Americans regain control of Washington DC, and quit letting Germany's and Asia's agents with their own national interests instead manipulate the situation to the advantage of Berlin, Vienna, Beijing, Taipei, Tokyo, or Seoul.  The situation is that critical, validated by Hades=Vulkanus... stealth politics, of which Russia and Ukraine, Turkey and Egypt and brutal Apartheid remnants in South Africa also take part.

-- 2021.Jan.12, Oakland-SanFrancisco.


The 'Special Uranian' astrology program was designed in Europe in collaboration with Uranian expert and Hamburg Astrologer Ruth Brummund, and primarily in France by Electrical Engineer and Astrologer Francis Santoni, Classical astrologer expert and programmer Philippe Badenas, and American Astrologer and Linguist Blake Finley to implement the efficient and research-justified techniques of today's European School of Uranische Astrologie, and is needed to implement the techniques presented here.  Each participant has their own personal world-view on on-astrological and on some astrological issues.  The program has undergone substantial changes since its initial release, and has included the text of the Brummund Rulebook interpretations (since Summer 2005). (Click here for further information.)