The 2016 Republican Party Convention in Cleveland

by L Blake Finley, M.A.


The Convention is scheduled to start 2016.Jul.18 at 13h00 EST/5hW in Cleveland USA-Ohio.

Pluto = Ascendant and also Zeus. Pluto at 15:57 Cardinals, Zeus at 16:46 Cardinals. This can be an indicator of money and even para/military force from outside Cleveland front and center.  Arms and money may be evident throughout, as might be expected already.

If the Pluto from outside Cleveland is domestic, it points to the longitude of NYC, i.e. Wall Street/Lattingtown front and center. If foreign, then Vienna (Wall Street founded largely by Imperial Habsburg banking money there, as in "Vienna School Economics"). Chongqing/Chungking (old Kuomintang power base) will also, for sure, weigh in (possibly via the Multi-Bank Mega-Rich Elaine Chao China Lobby power inroads to the aorta of American govt -- just as a grand exhibit of the Chinese "Emperors Treasures" is on display on the Civic Center Plaza at the other end of  Ed Lee's San Francisco City Hall, while global power-balance Vulkanus clusters at Moonie "Unificationed"  Kuomintang-Communist Shanghai and Taipei.

Zeus is only about a degree away from Pluto and so 1 degree of longitude to the east, still in orb of all of the above-mentioned global metropolises.... New York City/Lattingtown/Blauvelt, Austrian School Economics Vienna, and Nouveau-Riche Chongqing/Chungking.  Pluto money from the Saigon and Jakarta business worlds could also have a less powerful or subsidiary presence, if not already "Unificationed" with Chongqing in the Revived East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere "dream" plan.

Cupido, the unifying point of the party gathering is at 25:25 Mutables, i.e. pointing to Houston and Kansas City, Houston being the giant among the two, with oil money, Halliburton transnational moneys, and Houston the party's rallying point.  And as indicated in the past, regardless of political stage-ploys, if the Bush network think they can control Trump, they actually want him in.  He may not be hard to control, given his chart, for a lthough he has SU=MO=VU within 2 deg secondary cluster, he also has SU=NE/HA.... very vulnerable to addiction or drugging; and MC =MA/NE =SU/HA =MO/HA indicates he can easily slip into semi-conscious behavior, especially while intoxicated, and this could explain his seemingly irrational behavior and flippant rantings and erratic contradictions.

If one wants to understand who and what controls the Republican Party at this time, study the political and financial power network controlling Houston... mostly Who Owns What in that city.

Vulkanus is not without power, in H32/11:15 angle to the convention chart MC at 29:16 Cardinals, pointing to the AT&T base in Nova Scotia, political power in the Lesser Antilles, probably at least one component of the old Hanover dynasty, which is what the Republican Party (the Federalist/Whig Party "re-made") is rooted in. Add to the power balance Shanghai and Taipei transnationa/diaspora mafia money raging for global power via US infrastructure investment; South African gold and platinum money; the power of the secretive transnational oil-rich operations in the Paraguay-Bolivia Chaco region, the Argentinian economy, and St-Peterburg Russia -- which may or may not be a Putin stronghold... Russia is huge and diverse, more than ever... is anyone asking if Putin is fully in control of that city or not?  And how much of Russia today is really communist or capitalist... esp with the privately-run and private-profiteering so-called "State Owned Enterprises" sometimes run by transnational, including German (the ethnicity of the last Czars) corporations.  Istanbul and Alexandria (old Turkish 'Caliphate' cities) may try to make their presence felt, and the old Caliphate had ties with the Saudis that need to be reviewed and studied, esp for any remnants in the present.  While American flags wave, and the Tea Party parrots may prance and prattle, transnational corporate/banking/new-mafia Money Power from outside America will still reign supreme, as always, at the Republican convention.

If the convention gets 'explosive', it is most likely due to PL and ZE forces on the Ascendant, but the various cities aligned with Vulkanus may account for any internal party power struggles.... boiling down to old British/Hanover imperial versus Chinese/Taiwan and/or Mideast 'Caliphate', with possible inter-alliances in the mix. West Australian gold mine money, South African gold mine money, and also Manila Philippine elements could play into the mix with varying alliances to the larger power hubs indicated for Vulkanus.. as well as Alaska power from the longitude of Anchorage and northward.

Regardless of any populist pretenses over the years, the Republican Party IS and always has been the party of Big transoceanic Imperial Money, no matter how much Lincoln and Tea Party shows and conspicuous flag-waving go on... the Railroad Robber Barons that built the party from the ashes of the Whigs lived in Deutschebank and/or the Swiss-German "Schweizerische Kreditanstalt" (aka "Credit Suisse" to make it look French instead of German)...and with ties to various Hanover German imperials who have sat on the British throne in London since the days of the globally-despised König Georg III von Hanover who tried to crush the Real American Revolution of 1776. And now challenged for power over the party by the sprawling nouveau-riche China Coast mafia and whatever truly rules the revived "Caliphate" and the old Czarist capital of St-Peterburg at the highest echelons of power. Perhaps not enough people are looking yet at the pre-WW1 Ottoman Turkish Caliphate power structure and still globally-powerful imperial family alliances rooted in the past century and or earlier, as Turkey has sought under Erdogan to revive the old Ottoman traditions and institutions, and displace the modernizing reforms of the foundation of the Turkish Republic in 1923.  Also needing attention are alliances in that region with the China Coast power hubs, whether Mainland or Taiwan (now virtually unified in many if not most ways). Turkey is in the middle of the chaos in Syria, the brutal chaos in Ukraine polluted with neo-fascist cults, and the border confrontations to the north involving Russia.  If anyone at the convention starts babbling casually about "World War III" again, as though it is a viable option in today's world of rampant Ballistic Missiles and Drone Warfare, America and the world had better be on the alert to look at a potentially globally catasrophic nuclear confrontation that should not risk being in the hands of a raving ideological fanatic who looks like a spinning top in a whirlwind.

Per the Pluto=Zeus configuration on the Ascendant, the convention risks being a trigger-happy event, with potential disruptions from all locations indicated above, and all reasonable precautions should be made to avoid a three-ring-circus with armed clowns and religious zealots hungry for the holy wars of the Days of Yore, when kings were kings, modern democracy did not exist, and Ayn Rand was still being trained by the imperial psychologist Pavlov to bark on command like a weenie-dog praising the virtues of selfishness and old gentrified social orders of yesteryear, with imperial economies based on imported slave-labor and slave trade, and vast domestic underclasses paying inflated rent prices to the rich, wondering daily if there would be food or shelter tomorrow. Some call that the good old days, and we should all ask why -- especially if we dare call ourselves Christians while in fact worshipping the markets in the temple.

--- 2016Jul15