The Universal Chart for 2015  

 Uranian Mundane Astrology Analysis 


by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics



updated 2015Apr24


Preliminary notes were here were posted Dec 24 2014 (updated from Dec21) due to the urgent situation in New York City which includes the shooting of city policemen... correlates of which clearly show potential for in the chart for the new solar year. This article may lengthen at a later date, with more focus on positive growth potential for the year, but some critical issues are perhaps more important and need more urgent attention right now, and this urgency is symbolized by Zeus (at 17 Cardinals) clustered on the 90-dial Ascendant (A in illustration) of the 2015 Universal/Annual Solstice chart for Washington DC, the geodetic alignment of Zeus with the Boston Grimm LM or New York City Sepharial GM, and its coupling with Vulkanus (at 28 Cardinals) still pressing on the geodetic Ascendants of the New York City/Philadelphia region and Ottawa and Brussels and Rome (within secondary 2-degree orb in either Grimm or Sepharial system)  throughout 2015, and continuing within orb most of these cities on into about 2020 -- continued potential for Powerful Counterblows if US or Canadian military aggression is exerted on Russia or China during this period.  In other words, it's among the worst high-risk times for the USA, Canada, or the EU to start a war with either Russia or China.  The configurations show that Putin's Yosemite-Sam-like 'Don't Mess With Russia' comment is probably Not without intent to back it up... the Russian arsenals of guns and intercontinental missiles are real and deadly. Note that it's the German-run Halifax 'German Marshall Plan' lobbying circuit that has gotten American politicians all wound up about US military moves in Ukraine and Russia, while German politicians at home have for the last several years groomed covert ops in the background to stir up the Ukraine-Russia conflict while more recently claiming in their diplomatic emissions, Metternich style, to want peace.  Disgusting duplicity beyond all decency, reminiscent of the 1930s, and referred to as 'phony peace', when the current related planetary cycles were earlier in effect.  History shows that Germany, with an early Aries/Leo geodetic M and A combination, has continually and childishly overestimated its military power and thus loses fiery and hot-headed wars of aggression, nearly every time except 1870 when it targeted only one neighboring country its nearer own size. One problem is that while the Western Allies recognized the Nazi game-playing and double-dealing then, including secret but tenuous and hypocritical deals between Germany and Russia, some of us seem today to think it couldn't happen again.  It's perhaps wise to think twice. The last 8th harmonic Vulkanus cycle repeating now, 45 degrees later, at 28 Cardinals, and that coincided with the rise to power of the Hitler's Nazi party in Germany, with geodetics indicating backing from German bases/operations in nominally Danish-controlled Iceland (13 Pisces +45deg= 28 Aries/Cardinals) and or Eastern Front bases in Russia's bordering Hohenzollern Romania and Czarist Finland, and possibly even the Rand region of South Africa. The 16th harmonic Vulkanus cycle prior to that (at 28 Cardinals) timed the ultimate triumph of the Habsburg and Hohenzollern royal/aristocratic Kaisers and their imperial allies over the German (and other neighboring) democratic revolutions of 1848.  Times and conditions have changed, but Old Money and Banks and literally genetically-related imperial dynasties have often remained in power, even if behind the scenes, ruling over "the little people".  28 Cardinals shows geodetically that substantial power revolved quietly around genetically-related dynasties in Finland and Romania (the Hohenzollern royal family of recent German Kaisers, with old royalist bases in Iceland, Madeira, and the Canary Islands possibly relevant in each case).

What is interesting from a geodetic standpoint, is that the setup of the East Asian fascist State of Manchukuo, which was also created during the previous 1932-33 cycle, shows backing more likely from Taipei, then in Japanese-controlled Taiwan/Formosa, or Lushun/Dalian, Qingdao, Nanjing, or Shanghai in China, which included foreign-controlled enclaves -- rather than from Tokyo itself -- and that within the main islands of Japan there was still organized domestic opposition to the rising Fascist Party military units in Manchuria already aligned with the European Axis.  It was a few years later that Tokyo itself succumbed to the transnational Axis Fascist military machine already built up in Manchuria.  Such details are lost in the many and often contradictory  'official versions' of WW2 history emanating from East Asian countries involved, and which have often been accepted at face value in Western circles.  As a result, the facts about East Asian history remain obscured by conflicting stories coming from conflicting interests.  And the same is true of events on the European Russian  front during this same period.  Geodetics, using long-studied and repeatedly-verified planetary factors could well help verify which of the reports were true or false.

With the pointer set to 0 Cardinals, we see that London (LA2) and Paris (LA3) are in a fog about world conditions, with AR=LA2/NE and ARLA3/NE, and this may be due to alcohol or drug consumption, or simple voluntary denial and refusal to accept reality, correlating with confusion originating from Neptune at 5 Mutables (65), pointing to MCs over the obsure areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan (Opium-growing regions), and Central Asia north of there (similar or other secret activities occuring there); California-Mexico border regions (transnational drug trafficking area of Mexico, now at the mercy of transnational narcotrafficking cartels), the Bismarck Archipelago (where the Axis powers were allowed to maintain operations after WW2); the Kamchatka-North Kuril island region of Russia and Japan. Paris LM3/Mars on the Ariespoint means France needs to be on the alert, and may be more active this year than in the past in shaping its global relationships, but must be clear on its actual international relationships, with LA3/NE on the same midpoint axis.  Not shown on the chart is the Grimm LM for Berlin at 14 Cardinals and its Sepharial GM at 13 Cardinals, both clustered with Venus (in Capricorn) and Saturn for highly pragmatic and calculated diplomacy after recent years of rearmament when Zeus was on the Berlin geodetic MC.  Note that in 2015, Zeus is nearer the fixed/geo M in Prague and Naples.

In 2015, the potent Zeus=Vulkanus continues to be clustered in the significant 32nd harmonic (11:15 multiples), in even more exact aspect than through 2014, and they are on the HA/KR midpoint, showing the intensive covert and highly-skilled global politicking and covert military ops are already evident to the adequately observant.  The impact of that politicking comes from locations where Vulkanus and Zeus are on the geodetic MC, and is directed at locations where Vulkanus and Zeus are on the geodetic Ascendant.  As for Vulkanus at 28 Cardinals, the East China Coast and Taiwan, the Euro-Russia border, western Egypt and Turkey, Johannesburg region in South Africa, the Argentine navy at Bahia Blanca, and something building up power in the Kodiak/Kenai region of Alaska are among the likely sources, and the targets in the USA and western Europe are as mentioned above plus Shanghai and Buenos Aires (meaning Buenos Aires, and the Falklands, are at risk of a coup carried out from the Bahia Blanca naval base) and/or the Carnarvon area coast/islands in Australia (susceptible to impacts from the East China Coast or islands of Indonesia just east of Java).  Due to their close 32nd harmonic alignment in 2015, Zeus and Vulkanus tend to act in tandem (potentially like a modern Blitzkrieg, at worst). Zeus forces (at 17 Cardinals), including paramilitary ops, from southern Chile around Puerto Montt may act with Bahia Blanca upon Buenos Aires, armed paramilitary groups or even gun-running from those areas or Bogota or Guantanamo could cause disruptions in the Bahamas, South Carolina, W North Carolina, West Virginia, eastern Ohio, and/or the areas of Ontario all along Lakes Erie and Huron and Detroit; and these could be coordinated with paramilitary from Austria, Croatia, the Italian boot-heel, central Libya, western South Africa, west Java Indonesia, or Guangxi/Hainan region of China -- while areas targeted by these Zeus sources could also include Madrid, Wellington NZ, Singapore, and/or Cambodia, or even the area running NE from Penong South Australia toward the Cape York peninsula in Queensland (at 2 degree Mutables).... in worst case scenario .. which is what this article is addressing at this point, due to the recent terror waves, and no pragmatic reason to sugar-coat matters for popular appeal.  There is no reason for fear, as long as our elected leaders remain calm and rational, and exercise diplomacy with wisdom, objectivity from multiple sources, and genuinely trustworthy support.


The most conspicuous pictures for the USA in 2015 are Zeus, clustered via 11:15 angle with Vulkanus, on the annual Ascendant (the door to the outside world) for Washington, all concurrent with a potentially explosive UR.PL cluster within orb of both the Grimm and Sepharial MC for Washington DC, while Mars is clustered opposite (on the 90 dial)  the Washington annual MC for 2015.  Such a combination is potentially explosive internally, and most likely triggered by Zeus at or from beyond US borders, from the aforemention cities with ZE and VU on the geodetic MC, or from areas where Uranus and Pluto on the MC and similarly vulnerable to transnational cults (other cities with 13 Cardinals MC plus or minus 2 degrees).  This is clearly NO TIME for the USA to engage in wars or be drawn away from attention to domestic turbulence that may be stirred by foreign operative (likely originating from 17 Cardinals or maybe 2 degree Mutables (2mut +45= 17car), and particularly those that are not based on genuine US national self-defense interests, despite pushing from supposed allies, as the risk of powerful retaliation remains intense and strong during a period stretching throughout the mid-to-late 2010s, particularly from the China coast region and the European-Russia border region, where there is already and clearly military buildup on both sides, and either of them potentially devastating for the USA and Canada (as well as for Britain and France) if western policies are unwarrantedly aggressive. Areas to both the north and south along 17 Cardinals or 2 Mutables are equally possibly para/military source areas outside US borders. Its not impossible that self-interested parties in central and eastern Europe, or in east Asia (influential China or Central European lobbies, for example), may simply want the USA to go to war for their interests 'back home'.... it's happened before, manifesting as the Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq bog-down bloodbaths consuming billions of dollars of weapons and other war materiel). From a historical and cyclical perspective, previous co-occurring cycles of Pluto and Vulkanus together around 1930 involved appeasement of a passive-aggressive Germany during its last cycle of covert military buildup, duplicitous diplomacy from Germany preparing to launch World War 2 attacks that were planned to be made later as well on the USA and Canada after the planned but unsuccessful defeat (or Axis assimilation) of Britain. (See, for example, German-American Professor Gerhard Weinberg's "Germany, Hitler, and World War II" for details on records declassified since the 1990s, previously concealed in order to obscure Nazi collaboration among American oligarchs). Much the same geographic regions are being affected again in 2014-2016, in terms of 4th harmonic geodetics.

  The positive side of the UR=PL configuration on Washington MC is of course the potential for dynamic technical/technology developments in Washington DC spreading all across the USA -- this is a good year to launch new technology development programs that are American-based and American-run, specifically because of the current genuinely delicate national security situation that is neither to be feared nor denied.

  It is extremely unwise to jump to premature conclusions over inconclusive evidence on the Sony cyberattack, as geodetics show more indicators of involvement of the Qingdao-Wenzhou-Quemoy-Pescadores China/Taiwan coast longitude (either China or Taiwan possible, with motives and other factors to be considered, or even foreign non-Chinese corporate enclaves along this longitude). The geodetics also show possible direct connections between Sony and military interests in Tokyo.  In other words, there is risk of the cyberattack being used as an excuse for a 'World War 3'-type retaliatory attack in regions around Korea -- coupled with the grave current danger (throughout 2015 and on into 2016 and potentially as late as 2019) of devastating counterblows of various possible sorts on US territory (overt military, armed cults, political psy-ops), with New York in particular, from either China OR Taiwan (which are difficult to distinguish due to recent overtures and political/economic overlaps between the two, and widespread circulation of false identification documents -- including those made by Chinese mafia in the USA -- which allow for extensive potential double-agent activity), or the European Russian border region and/or any possible ICBMs in east-central Siberia.  (Note, covered in the article 'Global Power Politics' that North Korea has always been a highly-dependent puppet state, even if the puppeteering country has changed, and may run its military/space/weapons programs.) 

  Most significantly, you don't attack another country when Vulkanus is on your Ascendant (as it remains for the USA now and for the next few years if one includes Boston as a major national financial power hub, especially when combined with Zeus, without clear risk of a major, powerful and potentially destabilizing counter-attack.  The USA is no longer the world's only superpower, regardless of what corporate or other media have been repeatingly recently; China is now a match, and Russia remains 'loaded', while Argentina may be on the way, and the secretive South African oligarchy has a hold on the world that is rarely acknowledged.  As stated in other articles before, the source of risks of potential Vulkanus reaction from 28 Cardinals also includes the Argentine naval base in Bahia Blanca should a radical regime arise there or be in control of Argentine naval resources, military or paramilitary bases along the Venezuela-Guyana border or the Lesser Antilles, Pretoria South Africa (still largely under control of secretive old Apartheid circles), Alexandria Egypt, Istanbul and Izmir and Aegean-coast Turkey, naval bases west of St-Petersburg Russia and southward, any possible Russian missiles in east-central Siberia near the longitudes of Tobolsk and Salekhard, naval bases at largely German-controlled Constanta Romania or Varna Bulgaria, any military facilities along the border of German-dominated Finland and Russia, or foreign transnational paramilitary units known to have been amassing in the Paraguay-Bolivia-Brazil border region, and northward toward Manaus, and southward toward Santa Fe and Rosario Argentina.


There is continued grave risk of naive US politicians going to 'pep talks' like the German-orchestrated 'Halifax Conference' and getting pumped up and primed by German or other calculating foreign agents/lobbyists for a 'World War 3' that puts the USA (and Canada) in clear danger of powerful major destabilizing counter-attacks of the sort that Zeus and Vulkanus in combination could produce -- rapid-fire, high-power, or large-scale, high-impact weapons, the brunt of which would likely fall on both NYC and Ottawa, as well as missile bases in the US heartland at 8th harmonic angle -- and in 2015 on Brussels and Rome if Russia is provoked.

There is good reason for Americans to be wise and thoughtful in terms of foreign policy, and vigilant for foreign attacks without living in fear or ranting and screaming like rabid foreign-controlled Foxies... and that requires confidence in sensible and mature and non-belligerent political and military leadership.


There is Moon.Mars.Neptune cluster for the whole world meaning drunkenness or drugging can cause public confusion and disorientation, and since this is clustered in turn with the Washington annual MC, it is especially critical for the USA in 2015.  That energy should instead be applied to "imagineering", i.e. invention, acts of compassion, and other activities drawing on human imagination and empathy.


To mention Israel/Palestine, being now a bit uneasy and also important to US policy in the Middle East, the 2015 charts (always quite similar for Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Gaza, so similar in longitude)  also shows Zeus and Vulkanus on the 18 Cardinal Ascendant, and Israel/Palestine should consider many of the same issues... similarly vulnerable to potential attacks or meddling from the same foreign locations as mentioned as problematic for Washington DC.  Yet, Israel and the Palestinian territories' biggest problem in 2015 is shown by MC=NE=PO, i.e. the danger of leaders blinded by ideological delusion... so caught up in one 'belief' or another (religious, political, or other) that they cannot see the facts of the situation, blinded by 'beliefs'... and since these are also clustered with Mars and Zeus... potentially trigger-happy leaders carried away by ideological zeal based on nebulous beliefs or ideologies... even those they have absorbed from others on a semi-conscious or unconscious level.  What this means is a pointed urgency for BOTH Jewish and Arab leadership to be people who are calm, reflective, highly conscious and not compulsive, clear-minded, highly knowledgeable of depth psychology, and having done ample inner work to know themselves and their own psyches well.  It calls urgently for leaders who can remain calm and buoyant despite disappointments, who are not predisposed to compulsive reactions or fanaticism, and are not readily manipulated due to weak psychic walls or addiction problems or "flying off the handle".  It is highly critical in 2015 for leaders of Israel, Palestine, the USA, and the whole world in fact, to be sober, have an intuitive understanding of sensitive and critical military matters, and be vigilantly avoidant of irrational beliefs or ideologies. 


All this means that military belligerence by either the USA, Canada, Italy, Israel, or the EU toward Russia or China is At This Time and for the next couple of years is both senseless and dangerous-- no matter how much pushy foreign lobbyists with something to be gained from a "World War 3" clamor for it.  Add all that to the domestic political chaos in the USA created largely by foreign/transnational covert psy-ops and machinations, including screamingly irrational and provocational foreign-run domestic media that repulses and disgusts most Americans, and it should be clear that wanting a war with Russia or China at this time is a sign of political incompetence.  What the United States should instead be doing is redirecting military energies to domestic defense and transformation of energies into sincere goodwill gestures toward other nations, isolation of foreign terror sources in collaboration with other nations proven trustworthy over time, and recognition that Germany and the revived East Asian Axis have been systematically, even if stealthily, seeking global dominance as they did in the 1930s, but in new and more technically and psychologically sophisticated ways adapted to current realities, including systematic infiltration and manipulation of US infrastructure since 2001.  The article linked below points out how many invasive media tools that Americans assume to be American are actually foreign-run, with sneaky German BND and its long-allied East Asian fascist cohorts. The machine with Merkel as the hood ornament is Treacherous (as can be seen in the potently passive-aggressive 1990 reunified Germany and 1999 Reichstag government charts -- the later showing potent and skilled high-power covert psy-ops integral to government policy).  Meanwhile, Russia and China of course have to be vigilantly watched, but not taunted with warlike moves, because of potentially devastating counterattacks.  China is now a global superpower, no longer 'weak' or defenseless or lacking in power to counterattack, and Russia has not been militarily weak for the last 70 years despite periods of chaotic disorientation -- its ability to defeat an army that subdued all of Europe in the 1940s should say enough.  Germany, nouveau-riche as a whole via transnational privatization schemes and intensive foreign lobbying, is pulling puppet-strings all over the globe, in a way that would make Hitler dance and shout with gleeful admiration.


Following are previous, related observations on the 2015 chart for the USA briefly fused into the article 'Men Behind the Curtain':


The annual Universal/Solstice chart for 2015 for Washington shows continued danger of political lobbying and pressures on the USA from Shanghai, Taipei, Qingdao (either government or private interests, increasingly fused/overlapping), the functional German puppet governments in Helsinki Finland and Bucharest Romania, gold/diamond/plantinum-rich and secretive Apartheid remnants in South Africa (also fused with interests in Germany for many decades), and Argentinian Naval operations in Bahia Blanca, as well as risk of powerful counterblows from those areas directly on US and/or Canadian territory if the USA or Canada should overact or overreact militarily in regions under control or influence of those locations. This is why the mystery-cloaked Korea situation, in a region where Scorpio rises geodetically and there's more than meets the eye, should be handled with pragmatic caution, and premature evaluative decisions should not be made. Meanwhile, due to Zeus on the 2015 Washington solstice Ascendant, there is also real danger of military or paramilitary operation attacks coming through central Europe near 17E longitude (esp Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, the Italian boot-heel, central Libya, or South Africa (incl AWB neonazi paramilitary), East Asia along 107E longitude (incl Ulan-Ude, Ulan-Bator, Chongqing, Hanoi, Saigon, and Djakarta); any paramilitary ops (including 'Alaska Independence-affiliated?) in west Alaska along 163W longitude; and or foreign-funded paramilitary cults along 73W (including longitude of Montreal, NYC, the Guantanamo region, Bogota Colombia,  Iquitos Peru and southern Chile along the longitude of Puerto Montt) -- which could possibly be affiliated with the December 2014 attacks on US police in NYC (if programmed cults are involved), As Could Vulkanus on the geodetic Ascendant in the NYC area (covered in other articles also pointing to the potential volatility of the areas in the USA due to foreign-run psy-ops and paramilitary backing along both the longitudes of both the AL/GA border, and the longitudes of both the east and west borders of Arizona, Nevada, Sonora Mexico, and Alberta Canada -- all these states are potential hubs of radical neo-fascist movements (including fake 'patriot' cults) backed in reality by (possibly offshore) foreign money and intended to destabilize the USA, Canada, and Mexico -- all North America -- for foreign political and economic objectives. 

More reasons why American (not foreign) military needs to be guarding US borders and internal conditions instead of being dispersed globally, as enemies might want.  As many history texts point out, many a great nation has fallen while its national defense troops were scattered overseas, manipulated by competing nations who then attack the homeland.


Meanwhile, the updated article "Men Behind the Curtain" elucidates some of the background dynamices of today's global instability and volatility.  In a nutshell, WW2 Fascism was Not concluded in Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Argentina, South Africa, China, or other countries where it ran political organizations that were not the official government parties... the table in this article helps explain where and how 20th century Fascism has continued to fester after WW2 was over; and how some national fascist/nazi parties were only the puppet parties of the key Axis powers.