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Al H. Morrison was an outstanding and outspoken 20th century Astrologer (as you will see from the following quotations) who communicated with resolve and insight. His attempt to bring world astrological organizations together into an international Congress of Astrological Organizations (CAO), suffered partisan obstacles -- yet eventually his efforts transformed into the establishment of the CAO Times, a journal wherein he published articles of exceptional insight and unique contributions to Astrology. Al continued to lecture most often in Europe, and particularly in Ireland, where he participated up until his last days in ongoing research on the several stonehenge-like rock constructs throughout the Emerald Isle. Eventually I will be including some of the information he shared with me on the Stone circles in Ireland either in this tribute or in a separate article on this website.

According to Al, he was born on 8 July 1916 in a small village in Arkansas located at 92w52 x 34n46. He lived much of his life in the city of New York and had periodic contact with such prominent astrologers as Charles Emerson, Charles Jayne, and Hans Niggemann, all of whom took an interest in Uranian Astrology.

While Al did not call himself a Uranian astrologer, he was one of the most enthusiastic supporters of research on new planetary factors, and contributed significantly to the publication of ephemerides for newly-discovered asteroids and planetoids. He printed one of the first ephemerides of Chiron and supported related research enthusiastically. With Aries rising, he spoke directly and locked horns with a number of astrologers, yet persistently moved forward with what he called "clean, clear Astrology". He supported people's efforts in research and their efforts to clear up astrological misconceptions. Al did not suffer fools gladly. He appeared to be motivated primarily to publish and proliferate sound new ideas that promoted human and social evolution and contributed something original to the field of Astrology. I remember in particular how excited he was to share with me the astronomical verification of Transneptunian asteroids in the early 1990s, and he was supportive of my work with the Witte-Sieggrün Transneptunians.

It was my good fortune to have corresponded with Al regularly for about 12 years immediately prior to his death in 1995 and at this point I would like to share some of my favorite succint quotes from him:

ON RULERSHIPS: "The usual theory of planetary rulerships of houses repeats an error made by the Greeks when they codified several prior astrologies into a single rational system. There is no such thing as any natural planetary rulerships of houses, as such. Ptolemy entrenched this error by not understanding the difference between signs and houses, and mixing them up. Ptolemy was not any profound astrologer, but a copycat encyclopedist." 19.Oct.1989


ON THE HELIOCENTRIC THEORY: "Late 15th century astrologers yelled at each other about whether the Sun is the center of our solar system, or was the Earth. It was all settled that the Sun is the center before the young priest Kopernigk (Copernicus) came to Italy to study. After he went home, he set up the experiment that proved Johannes Müller (Regiomontanus) was right and Ptolemy had been wrong. As we know, Coperincus got all the credit, probably by reason of political expediency." [exact date of quote unknown, early 1990s]


ON PLAGIARISM OF ASTROLOGY MATERIALS: "You have undoubtedly heard of the thieves who stole the Holy Water from the Church; it did not work for them, but did for somebody who didn't steal it."



ON ASTROLOGICAL POLITICS: "All astrologers are more or less difficult to communicate with, to reach, on any level. Most of us are so full of our own egos, it is difficult or impossible to hear anything we have not generated ourselves. Most of us are reluctant to share information. Most of us are subject to ridicule, real hazing, both form sh**-heads outside our field and sh**-heads within it,that we are a bit weary of the process. Anybody who does not do his/her astrology the way "I" do it is a sh**-head by definition. At least that is the general psychology I have observed going on." 06.Apr.1983


Data from chart handdrawn personally by Al and dispensed shortly before his death, inscribed: "rectified and vindicated by 25 years of observation after rectification; set up 15 April 1982".  Al sent out this data subsequent to his widespread distribution of a 1978 computer printout-chart from Neil Michelsen which indicated a birthtime of 00:15 in North Little Rock, the closest city recorded in the computer's database; the time on the 1978 printout was adjusted to approximate the correct MC and AS, which was common practice in the early days of computer printouts.

Al was known for his no-nonsense, direct manner of communicating, and he could be quite critical and emphatic and at the same time, dead serious.  The chart here has the dial pointer set to the Sun, but let's first look at Mercury to investigate his communicative nature.   We can see visually that if we shift the dial 3° counterclockwise, one of the pointers will be on Mercury, and the other long points of the star, which mark 16th harmonic angles, considered critical in Uranian Astrology, ME=HA=SA=VU; in other words, there is a cluster of ME.SA.HA.VU.  [Traditional astrology pays more attention to higher harmonic and "soft" aspects, with larger orbs, whereas Uranian methods show that 16th harmonic angles with 1° orb describe more precise and outstanding special personality qualities and talents.]  ME.HA showing as conjunct on the 90° dial indicates a critical nature that gets down to brass tacks and dispenses with impractical formalities.  Hades is the populist planet... it speaks in the voice of the common man, and deals with the basic facts, with no frills.  With Saturn involved, it indicates a serious demeanor and complements the aforementioned with a sense of responsibility in communicating.   Add the intensity and clout of Vulkanus, and this indicates someone who speaks forcefully and with intensity, and has a subsequent strong impact on others' thinking.  Saturn involved in this configuration provides the sense of responsibility that made Morrison an effective advocate for the "serious astrology" that he spoke of often and admired.   On the other hand, it was this same seriousness and intensity that alienated Morrison from those whose astrology he had less than time for.  Hades can be discriminating in both the positive and the negative sense of the word, and coupled with his Mercury and Saturn, he had no time for what he considered to be nonsense or duplicity or pretense.  The ME.HA combination also indicates an interest in mysteries and secrets, and Al was the first to support research, investigation into new areas such as asteroid discoveries, and even took an interest now and again in Uranian techniques. He made special efforts to reprint out-of-print historical texts of value, such as W. H. Chaney's astrology primer, and texts on Celtic astrological mythology and Islamic astrology (Al-Biruni); he found value in knowledge that was useful and significant despite its obscurity.

Following are interpretations for ME.SA.HA and ME.SA.VU from the Brummund Rulebook, accompanied by my own observations in parentheses (© Ruth Brummund and Blake Finley).  These further substantiate Al's aforementioned charactersitics and interests.

ME.SA.HA  (from Brummund Rulebook)

* retrospective - interested in historical or causal factors - needs to overcome the past - circumspect - reserved - concealed or hidden away - seriously concerned about problems - questioning or skeptical - reticent -- stuck in the past - sometimes anxious or fearful - needs encouragement - needs application of imagination - needs objectivity -- slow - easily offended - avoidant - distrustful - non-chalant or indifferent - ill-natured - needs to forgive and forget - antagonistic

* Travel into the unknown in private - Philosophizing - Consolidation of historical or causal knowledge - Serious thoughts relating to the past - Private thoughts relating to departures or distancing - Deeply critical conversations -- Thinking relating to continual inadequacies - Unconscious or unrecognized communication problems - Memories relating to discrimination or handicaps or disadvantage/s - Problems relating to gossip or to immobility


* logical - level-headed - down-to-earth - circumspect - discreet - responsible - duty-conscious - retrospective - interested in historical or causal factors - needs to overcome the past - reliable memory - focused - active -- stuck in the past - contrary - immobile - slow - low on energy - needs mental agility - has mental blocks - inhibited in communicating - sometimes drastic or forceful

* Major trips or travel - To prove ideas - Excellence or predominance relating to serious discussions - Handling of problems relating to communications - Intensive work with problems in youth - News relating to impeded or restricted influence - Thoughts relating to departures or distancing from power - Youthful strength in old age - Emphatic communications relating to problems -- Actions contributing to delays in communications - Discussions relating to ongoing pressure or coercion - Discussions relating to minimization of work

In keeping with the ME.HA cluster, Al frequently sent out flyers dealing with archaeological discoveries, deadpan jokes, and obscure research projects that escaped the attention of the mainstream.  In wrapping up our assessement of Mercury, we can also see visually on the dial that ME falls at the midpoint of Aries Point (or Vp, Vernal Point) and Mars, i.e. ME=AR/MA: his manner of communicating out among the public was direct and to the point.  This is also an indicator of work (MA) entailing communication (ME) out among the public (AR), reflected in his publishing activities.

Al's love of astrology can be found if we visually notice that the midpoint between Uranus and Apollon; UR.AP, often considered the key combination for astrology, falls on his Venus.  It tells us that astrology was his one of his many loves; and with that same UR/AP=VE configuration in 16th harmonic aspect to Kronos, the dial shows that Morrison was a dedicated authority and master of astrology.

Now, let's look at his Sun, which happens to closely clustered with his MC, thus forming about the same configurations with other points.  MC clustered with the SU means someone who is known for their individual uniqueness, and who radiates vitality out to others, often functioning as an inspiration to others.  Even those who objected to his sometimes coarse manner of communicating would almost have to admit that he was motivating and inspiring.

Sun is one's core vitality and inner purpose as reflected through the life-source of our Solar System, and for Al it is clustered (including the 16th harmonic aspects) with Cupido and Poseidon, and even linked to Mars through Poseidon.   This indicates that his life's purpose was to spread enlightenment in socially; and that despite his sometimes seemingly antisocial (often said of Hades) manner of communicating, his inner purpose was to bring light to his associates, community, and society (CU.PO), which he did enthusiastically and with determination (MA).

Here are the interpretations of MA.CU.PO given in Brummund's Rulebook, also followed by my own supplements in parentheses (© Ruth Brummund and Blake Finley).


* seeks intellectual stimuli - intelligent - instinctive - knows how to blend - trustworthy - seek truth - works to share knowledge - eager to make contact - seeks ideological complementation - behaves insightfully - shares convictions - behaves ethically - follows ideal - works with aesthetic concepts - Authors

* Advocacy for truth in associations - Complementation relating to intellectual or spiritually-conscious work - To record social concepts - Literature - Activities relating to ideological associations - Work relating to honesty and sincerity in family or society - Ethics relating to cooperative efforts -- Ideological conflicts relating to groups

I find it particularly suitable to present excerpts from Ruth Brummund's Rulebook here, as Al had agreed to publish my English translation.  However, interference from other parties, astrological politics, and resulting temporary suspension of my translation work led to not having the book completed at the time of his death, which occurred in 1995.  None of the problems were a surprise to Al, as he had seen such situations before.

And perhaps I felt a strong link with Al since his birthday was on the same day as my father's, only one year earlier.  I miss the many substantial and information-packed letters Al wrote and only wish for the field of astrology that we continue to have more no-nonsense, serious, dedicated astrologers like Al in the future.  I think I could say that my current mentor, Ruth Brummund, fits that description.

(information about Al derived directly from correspondence written by Al Morrison himself.)

If you are interested in more information about the Brummund Rulebook, click here.


for Al H Morrison:

Al's Mother's birth: Emma Augusta Smith Morrison: 26 Sep 1898; 10:00 CST [UT-6h]; Pine Bluff, Arkansas: 34n14 x 92w00; AS 22SC44; MC 01VI26; data from son, Al, per mass mailing dated 26 Mar 1993.

Mother found dead in bed: 20 Feb 1993; 08:15 CST [UT-6h]; Little Rock, Arkansas: 34n45 x 92w17; AS 03AR07; MC 01CP50; data from son, Al, per mass mailing dated 26 Mar 1993.  Al says he was "in Ireland at that time, lecturing about the Face (rock formation) on Mars".

Al's Father's birth: 05 Jun 1889; 01:55 (AM) CST [UT-6h]; Hickory Plains, Arkansas: 34n59 x 91w44; AS 17AR--; MC10CP--; data from son, Al, who rectified chart to AS=17AR--, per mass mailing dated 26 Mar 1993.

Al receives first news of his mother's death: 26 Mar 1993; 11:20 (AM) EST [UT-5h]; New York City, New York; 40n43 x 74w00; AS 14CE50; MC 24PI40; data from son, Al, per mass mailing dated 26 Mar 1993.