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Who and What was Adolf Hitler?


by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics


The Third Reich did not end when Hitler died, as detailed in various books by UN War Crimes Commissioners including T.H. Tetens and Joseph Wechsberg.

An analysis of Hitler's chart should show that he was one of the early models of Manchurian Candidate, which in WW2 were called Quislings.

The German election campaign poster below, from the 1930s, just about says it all about what Hitler was about.  The key text describing Hitler reads "Millions Stand Behind Me", which in Hitler's words meant millions of people, but secretly meant millions of Deutschmarks (now called the Euro).

The banks that supported Hitler run the German economy still today, have expanded their tentacles across the oceans, and they made sure that various internet comments describe this poster as 'savage satirization', whereas in fact, per many scholarly books describing the origins of the Third Reich, the poster accurately summarizes Hitler's role in German history in a succint symbolic manner.

Hitler was a puppet, and his controllers were the old German and Austrian fatcats, with the German intelligence agent Franz von Papen playing a key role in putting Hitler in power, and coordinating German sabotage, propaganda, and psychological warfare operations in the USA during Both WW1 and WW2 along with the IG Farben corporate conglomerate that absorbed several American corporations and played a key role in supporting American pro-Nazi dupe organizations like the Teutonia Society, Steuben Society, (German-) American Bund, Silver Shirts, and the America First committee -- all set up before or during WW1 and WW2, and active in lobbying for either US alliance with or neutrality toward Nazi Germany. Some but not all members were ignorant of German intentions to eventually invade the United States.

Thus, their "New World Order" is in fact as Old as Hitler, the so-called "Man of the People" who was in reality a puppet of the Pan-Germanist banks that dominated Europe then and now, with extensive investments the US economy today, powerful influence on Wall Street, overlapping with the IG Farben corporate complex, and lobbying in Washington since the 1920s.

Hitler was groomed for office largely by German intel psy-ops agent Dietrich Eckhart and facilitated into power by German intel psy-ops agent Franz von Papen. The German public was inundated by weird propaganda, rounded up like sheep, and either lived out the Nazi agenda, or were sent to the camps for slave labor, psychological experimentation, or extermination so that the Nazi state could run 'efficiently' and unimpeded by 'uncooperative' citizens, some of whom were isolated and blacklisted into poverty or illness, then branded as 'useless eaters, and then shipped off to internment. There were those above him who gave Hitler orders... the way things are usually done in Germany.