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NOTE that in 2020 it became obvious that privatized corporate, and possibly transnational, university transcript services in the USA were sending out old or incomplete university transcripts making it appear that American university graduates did not hold the degrees claimed.  This is complicated by foreign contractors (including the "Asian Health Caucus" in US universities pushing/lobbying for American universities to hire foreigners, and foreign interests taking over US universities/colleges/schools).  It is thus advisable for all those having transcripts sent out to first request copies for themselves, photocopy and relay them with applications, and add a note asking for a response if the transcripts they receive do not match the copies you sent.  Does this have anything to do with the surplus of foreign graduates teaching in American universities or schools?  We now live in a highly globalist and competitive world, for better or worse.  Think critically and verify all data first, especially when national institutions have been co-opted or overtaken by foreign corporations or contractors.  "Diversity" must not lead to foreign invasion or subversion, if problems are to be avoided. Some universities have, wisely, ceased to use the corporate transcript relay services after this issue came to their attention. 

SEE PREFATORY NOTE PARAGRAPHS AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON THIS BLOG AND WEBSITE.  This site is not affiliated with German or East Asian military organizations although several attempts have been made by them to co-opt it.  This is an American website.  It was temporarily stored on a Canadian server starting during the weird Bush administration, which the Uranian Institute webkeeper considers to have been manipulated substantially by foreign interests and/or cults to a problematic degree, explained by geodetic lineups.


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2023Jan22: CHINO-JAPANESE TREACHERY (updated Feb09):

    One piece of good news is the discovery or major 'rare earth metal' deposits in far north Sweden near where Pluto is on the geodetic MC this year, that will break China's monopoly on substances needed to run the newer portable electronic technology, and so could have noteworthy impact on the global economy.  That said...

    Hoping to avoid America being manipulated by the German EuroUnion into submission, the Pivot to Asia has ended up being just as problematic, with sugar-coated Revived Fascism developing there as well -- Americans told that WW2 Fascism has nothing to do with what's going on now have been lied to.  The books describing how the infiltration and takeover of America was to be done by the Nazis and Asian Fascists (as described in books of that time and following decades) explain precisely the worst problems America faces now.  During WW2 Fascism, there were both Russian Communists and Russian Fascists, and Chinese Communists and Chinese Fascists, sometimes operating outside Russia and China.  The "Diversity and Inclusion" and "Change" campaigns both have functioned to slip America into colonial status with an increasingly puppet government run by immigrants and 2nd generation immigrants manipulating figurehead politicians appearing to who sing praises to the foreign (often feudal and corrupt) as benevolent and belittle American institutions as evil by comparison.   This matches precisely with the recent and current years of Vulkanus pressure on geodetic Ascendants of the USA passing from late Cardinals (Cancer) into early Fixed (Leo), manifesting a sort of guerrilla stealth invasion and takeover without openly declared war.   Not dissimilar to tactics in Europe during the last 2 decades to put Europe under German domination slowly and surely.  Just as in World War 2, foreign takeovers are being facilitated by foreign-run cults promoting the purportedly "new" or "inevitable", which is true only if the public "believes" they are inevitable, or that there's only one kind of "Change" possible.  There are always options, even if limited or obscured in the most difficult situations. This is certainly complicated by the most recent, very real climate catastrophes due to poor ecological and environment planning and corporate energy/power monopolies steamrollering over any opposition, like the oil dinosaurs.  Hades at 22.5 to Vulkanus has enabled such messes to unfold via stealth tactics... noting that the current HA=VU can and is manifest/ing in part as 'behind-the-scenes powers', as fascism and primeval criminality, as either 'brute force' or 'stealth force' globally, and this effect will endure for another several years before fully dissipating via unbiased investigations and effective crime and subversion control.

    Geodetics confirm that East Asian Mafia power (now at 3:15 Fixed) is the most potent of all of such energies, coupled with the Muslim Brotherhood (also at 3:15 Fixed) and Hindu Neofascism (at 18:15 Mutable, 45 degrees away) , and that their rise to power, and maintenance of it, has been by stealth, has impacted geodetic Ascendants at those same degrees, moving from Vancouver BC through Seattle, then Portland and Oregon, and now into the budding Northern California drug-wars zone, while in the North American east having spread in recent years through Greater New York City into 3:15 Fixed geo Ascendant in Long Island and western New England; from Ottawa into Montreal; and headed for Rhode Island naval bases, then Quebec City and Boston.  Of note then are connections from the 3:15 Fixed (and 18:15 Mutable) geodtic MC regions of the globe into those North American locations, and that clearly points to influx from the East China Sea and Kashmir and west-central India longitudes, and Muslim Brotherhood Cairo and Ankara.  In addition, impact is on Ascendants in Korea and northern Philippines; as well as hitting the far western coastline of Australia; on Ascendants in Puerto Rico, eastern Venezuela, and the Chaco region of South America stretching northward into the western interior of Brazil and southward to Uruguay, resulting in situtations involving East China Sea mafia long in the Paraguay region resulting in "Asian Hate".  Indeed, East Asian maritime mafia is running the burgeoning Asia trade shipping operations at the indicated seaport locations, and with Hades (in tandem at 22:30 from there near 10 Cardinals ) indicating nocturnal or subterranean/submarine potency, and already known to be fused in tandem with large-scale, decades-old narcotrafficking in the Golden Triangle, as well as underworld problems coming from the longitudes of Tunisia and west Libya, 90 degrees east of the Golden Triangle.  Naivete about transnational organized crime puts civilized regions of the globe at grave risk.  The world needs to learn about the history and extent of long-established Asian organized crime networks, rarely described in detail except in publications by the recently-deceased Sterling Seagrave ('Lords of the Rim' and others by him) or the writings of the Asian-mafia murdered & silenced San Francisco journalist Henry Liu.

    Laws are being passed to try to silence public discussion of imported crime as "anti-immigrant" or "xenophobic", which enables it to proliferate and cause further problems -- the drug trade being most conspicuous, while the Golden Triangle region also produces guns for export.  Big dirty money (including "Falun Gong" cult acquisitions) often goes into high-profit domestic and commercial real estate investments. While this may seem remote to non-coastal areas, once the contraband money overtakes government and other infrastructure functions, the result is rule by criminal "Thugocracy", which has indeed been unfolding on large scale, including rule by sometimes naive "bought pawns" of transnational organized crime.  The problem MUST be publicly discussed, without recrimination or censorship, before it can be solved.  HA=VU can also indicate affiliated covert paramilitary operations, already known to exist especially in southern central South America (at 3:15 Fixed) for decades (about which read 'Counterrevolution in China' by Thomas Marks), and this could be escalated by current contraband arms importation and lax or foreign-controlled seaport/shipping operations (tied to 3:15 Fixed signs longitude in Asia and 22:30 away near 10:45 Cardinal longitudes of Switzerland and the Golden Triangle, possibly also involving Malaya or Sumatra, or eastern border regions of Algeria and Nigeria; or in North American locations at longitudes of Atlantic coast Florida and Georgia, central Cuba, Panama, and Ecuador and neighboring regions, and significant 11:15 angle away from Nicaragua, where Russia has recently stationed troops).  Lax immigration controls and management do indeed, and have, put anywhere on the globe at risk of unmonitored importation of global organized crime along with the innocent, a fact that seems unwise to ignore, without the typecasting of all immigrants as complicit in the crimes,

    VULKANUS POWER has recently been handed to Chinese and Japanese militarization (noting heavy Japanese military and organized crime presence in its East China Sea islands) by both unwary or complicit, even related politicos in the USA and Australia, and by Canadians via the Hindu-Canada alliances with East Asia, and No one in power in American policy is paying adequate attention to the history (up to today) of the fusion of the Chino-Japanese Kuomintang/Guomindang/Tong and its fusion with the Chinese Communist Party and its remnants following the fall of the Russian "USSR" in the early 1990s (also covered in Seagrave: Lords of the Rim 2010 edition; earlier edition more detailed on history)... or to the fact that East Asia plays by its own traditional rules (e.g. Sun Tzu guerrilla tactics), as illustrated in how American military forces were unable to be victorious in either Korea or Indochina/Vietnam. America was trained only to handle European warfare conventions effectively, and did not understand or would not stoop to the Tricks of Sun Tzu.... the drugging wars, nocturnal and and tunnel warfare tactics, sex and mind-control as a weapon, etc., as described already in the WW2 era for example in TA Bisson's "Japan in China" and Joseph Gollomb's "Armies of Spies", which may today be more relevant than ever as Vulkanus makes its circa once-every-670-year conjunction with the meridians of the East China Sea -- the last time correlating with the glories of the Rise of the Ming Dynasty.

    As problematic as the events of the "January 6 insurrection" might be, they pale in comparison with the Asian takeover of North America's Pacific Coast, and the foreign (including Asian) takeover of American media, internet, and even Hollywood film industry.  The smarmy arrogance of imported yuppies is a reflection of their success in duping and overriding America's social and economic institutions while getting "Old White Men Out of The Way", and getting President Biden out of the way before the end of his term, and manipulating him to their imported colonization objectives until he wakes up to them.  The process has already been visible on the streets of San Francisco Bay, increasing steadily during the last 2 decades.  Fully American politicians in all political parties need to Wake Up and Smell the (American, not foreign-dispensed) Coffee. The "January 6 Insurrection" in Washington DC may have been another foreign cult-manipulated or drugged psy-op propaganda show vilifying genuinely American patriots and glorifying the Foreign Agents taking over the USA at its Pacific coasts as well as in some segments in Washington DC (illustrated by the Canada-born and Cuba-immigrant-child founders of "The Proud Boys".  Americans are supposed to think that Asian turbans and robes are the New Norm, and that Asian cultures are superior despite the fact that they have already laid waste to the grossly overpopulated countries they came from and are looking to America as the New "Dreamland" to "Change" into the foreign infrastructure messes they are fleeing. Why does America want to emulate Asia?  It must be the wily Asian propaganda and rapid acquisition of media controls, even barging into the American film industry, even copying and co-opting American websites (able to buy the names of failed businesses and websites and impersonate them if and where possible).  Asian corporate interests are even taking controls over US genealogical and ancestry companies, gaining access to family records of various sorts, fusing them with genetic research and 'virtual reality' reproductions, with potential or emulate or alter history.  Foreign-manufactured security cameras are finally being tossed and made illegal in the USA, the UK, and Australia due to vulnerability to foreign espionage or coverup of foreign subversion.

    American political parties need to Unite to expel foreign takeover, and contain foreign-manipulated cults, or the final Pluto Return in the 1776 independence chart (yet to occur via equinox-precession) could be the Death of America with foreign agents impersonating Americans ("Redefined America)", already started, and facilitated by their dupes and manipulees from the halls of commerce to the halls of government.  Adding the asteroids "Siva" and "Siwa" may indicate whether the outcome is more likely to be positive transformation or just destruction by the mesmerizing but devious exotic from afar.  Imported disaster is not inevitable if Asia is confined to Asia, and the Euro Union to the Euro Union.  America needs its own cocoon to do its own transformation peacefully. Complete isolation may be excessive, but tighter national controls are probably vital.  The "Eurounion Schengen" model is not for America.

    The China-India and Japan-manipulated "Asian Century" plan of Winter Solstice 1988, and coupled with ASEAN, announced in then newly-privatizing Beijing, but incorporating India and Japan and Taiwan as well, is a real plan that has unfolded gradually and is on a roll, across the planet and overtaking westerm North America in particular, and geodetics indicate it aligned largely with the "Asian Development Bank", and its objectives include China-Taiwan Unification by whatever means available, and already quietly underway from both directions via "China First" policy.  The "Asian Century" was unfolding as the "Chinese Communist Party" was converting gradually to capitalism, or as they called it "Socialism with Chinese Character/istics" to ward off public resistance, and the objective was to "Make" the planned "Asian Century" (21st they claim) displace the "American Century" (20th they claim) and its preceding "European Century" (19th they claim).  With Vulkanus in early Leo now, China is poised to restore the glories of its old imperial dynasties (touted by the obnoxious "Falun Gong/Dafa" cult trampling the streets of San Francisco Bay and glorified in its tacky "Shen Yun" shows), and the same for Japan, now remilitarizing and resurrecting Japanese Fascist clubs.  The question is if Western Civilization can contain that to Asia or watch it further trample over Pacific America (and some say metro New York).  Containing Asia to Asia must start first with "exclusion" of Asian agents from North America's military and government and related contracts including the information technology sector, as well as political party leadership, while reinforcing national defense institutions out of reach of Asian control.  Otherwise, get ready to speak and breathe Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Persian, and/or Korean, and bow to the foreign overlords (or their proxies), who make it clear via their puppet cults that they want today's and tomorrow's "Old White Men Out of The Way", weak or obedient or extinct, already largely accomplished in California, and some claim in British Columbia (and in Hawaii from Day One).  Hateful actions against individual innocent Asians or anyone else must be stopped, but so should the growing Asian organized crime and political stealth takeover of the American economy and institutions including government.  Also highly important is the termination of the extensive importation of Asian drugs and weapons, and Asian hoarding and its agents, including by politicians in the USA.

    It's already clear that, as government is neutralized by foreign mafia infiltration and contols, that efforts by "vigilantes" to contain the influx are only criminalized and therefore neutralized, and the only solution is effective legal opposition and neutralization of functional foreign agents in American political offices.  "Asian Hate" laws could be effectively manipulated to criminalize American opposition to inflowing foreign encroachment, and that is underway already, including via provocateurs and frameups.  Asian Mafia is already seeking "People of Color alliances" to fight American institutions they label "White Supremacist" and therefore needing replacement "change" by agents and allies of the "Asian Century".  It's already manifest, carefully planned since the day Deng Xiaoping and Rajiv Gandhi announced an Asian Century in 1988, earlier planned in collusion with parties in Japan and Taiwan... a resurrected East Asian "Prosperity" Sphere of the World War 2 era in tandem with resurrected German (fascist) imperialism in Europe and Russian fascism that developed in and after the fall of the "Soviet Union", also unfolding near the same date in 1988 as George Bush Sr made his speeches on a changing global order.  Did he fully know what he was applauding?  Possibly not, as he stared starry-eyed into space during the announcement, and it unfolded anyway despite America's Greatness.  What was created was a monster, Fascism Resurrected.

    Lastly, for those who think Japan is going to defend North America or Australia against Chinese expansion, you are too ignorant of East Asian history, maybe duped by East Asian 'diplomacy/lobbying' (including CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus, the Moonies and Falunies), for despite periodic scuffles between China and Japan, the region unites against "Western Expansion" including "US Imperialism", as was shown in the "unofficial" facts about World War 2, where there were Chinese Fascists assisting Japan as well as Nazi Germany during China's civil war, Chinese and Japanese military both trained by Nazi Germany, and an ambivalence of Chinese military leaders that frustrated American military leaders such as Joseph Stilwell, and aroused Eleanor Roosevelt's suspicions.  The "Asian Century" plan of December 1988 was also to unite Japan and Taiwan with China and India, even though it was only China and India's leaders who were featured at the most publicized summit.  As East Asian History professors have often put it, 'China was preparing to be on the winning side' during World War 2, and saw the war as a 'western' (i.e. 'Old White Men') game not in their interest, and capable of being foiled by Sun Tzu guerrilla tactics such as those that later won the wars in Korea and Indochina.  Recent overtures and fusions and treaties between China and Taiwan and Japan make this clear to those who are attentive to East Asian political events, which apparently not enough American politicians or military leaders have paid attention to, but rather charmed and baffled by skillful and polished Asian lobbying tactics (including skillfully-crafted bribes of various sorts, even 'arranged' dates and marriages).... the kind that are rapidly turning California from being the Golden State into being the 2nd Asian State (after Hawaii) -- and in line with planetary influences moving from west to east, what happens in California will be happening across the USA in subsequent years.  An Asian controlled California (and its ports, markets, banks, bases) will lead to an Asian controlled America, so plan policy accordingly to either stop it or else surrender to the tidal wave.  It's already started and on a roll, block by block, city by city, heading into Sacramento.













































    All related to VULKANUS at 3 FIXED SIGNS for 2023, per 2022Dec Universal/Ingress Chart:  Vulkanus "checkmate/stalemate" between Russia and Ukraine with major cities at 3 Taurus Fixed/Geo MC; New regime in Israel with 3 Taurus at (Sepharial, approaching Grimm, border w Egypt/Gaza; Taiwan gets $10Billion from USA for Defense against China and then a few days later makes China cooperation agreements (not the first time, shouldn't be surprising; common with Japan in WW2).  All at 22.5 angle to Islamic Iran's Persian Gulf naval ports while today Australian media announces Islamic Iran Navy ships spotted far from there and in southeast Pacific at longitude of Alaska Panhandle and headed in direction of CHILE, whose new head of state just announced -- while on a trip to MEXICO CITY, for some reason (Invitation to join him?) -- establishment of an embassy in Palestinian Arab territories, and Pakistan making alliances with Former Soviet Kazakhstan to its north, and both with bases at 45 angle, near 18 Gemini.  NOTE that all of these remain within 2 degree orb of 22.5 angle to HADES (secrecy, oil and drug money) at 12 Cancer/Cardinals, potentially tied via such background operations to Tunisia (new treaties with Japan) and west Libya; Swiss banks; Golden Triangle and Malaysia's capital city and central Sumatra; Bering Strait and American Samoa; west Bahamas, east Central Cuba, Jamaica, and the Panama-Colombia border regions.  

    The latter again emphasize the need for tight controls where the fixed/geo Ascendants are at the same degrees: Coastlines of southwest Oregon plus California north of Mendocino -- all within driving distance of, and approaching, maybe already leaking into San Francisco Bay from there; weaker but pertinent 11:15 angle to coastline from San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles; 22:30 angle to entire border region of SE Arizona; weaker but pertinent 33:45 angle to Texas border with west Chihuahua, then potent 45 angle to stretch from Laredo to Brownsville and Gulf of Mexico but possibly as far north as Eagle Pass.  Important to note both Sepharial and Grimm values for possible relevance; then also weaker but potential influx at 11:15 multiple to greater Orleans region; and then Gulf Coast of Florida from Apalache Bay to Florida Keys, where news just verified an accumulation of migrant populations with unclear objectives.  

    Potential for covert operations via/through Cuba even if origins in other countries; Russia has known submarine bases around Cienfuegos for some time and may use Cuba as a vehicle in 2023.  There is clear potential, not certainty, but likely potential for political, paramilitary, or military operations at all these locations now and through 2023. Take no chances in case, given today's global political climate and the potency now of Vulkanus over Russia, eastern Egypt and East Africa coast south of there; entire Parana and Paraguay river basins; Guyana and Suriname. US Bases in eastern Alaska mainland near Fairbanks longitude need full immunity from foreign or double agents, to be effective. 

    Other potentially vulnerable areas in USA with Vulkanus on Ascendant by 32nd harmonic include All of Puerto Rico, needing securing by US military; and coastal regions of North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland (meaning vigilance against infiltration of military bases).  Strength and sober vigilance of Coast Guard is Vital at all these locations, plus island of Guam; Alaska maritime borders with Siberia/Russia; of Pribilof Islands and Aleutians to their SW'; of the NW coast of Alaska mainland; coastline between Seward Peninsula and Yakutat; the Queen Charlotte Islands and adjacent coastline of British Columbia including foreign colonies there.  USA also vulnerable at east Long Island and CT and RI coasts; Canada around Montreal and Bay of Fundy region and Mont-Joli longitudes along St Lawrence; east Cape Breton and Anticosti islands; far north Quebec coast south of Ivujivik (meaning is Nunavut vulnerable to Russian infiltration or coercion?); Strait of Belle Ile and South Ungava Bay.  NORTH AND CENTRAL VANCOUVER ISLAND, and adjacent mainland BC coastal regions VULNERABLE TO PROBLEMATIC, POTENT FOREIGN INFLUX, particularly from East China Sea longitudes, but also Mexico coast regions in Guerrero and west Oaxaca as well as Mexico City and Pacific coasts of Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and northern Peru.


    Speaking of which, time to stop letting Trump-lovers monopolize the "Make America Great" theme; which is actually a good idea for all American political parties along the spectrum, and a point of nonpartisan unity to face the now very clearly real National Security threats from overseas, while getting beyond partisan greed ideologies into the realm of what's for the common good of the nation, and better than the opposing "Make Asia Great/er" policies being promoted in the halls of American national and local governments for reasons needing clarification.  Trump stories now ad nauseum are beginning to sound like a Red Herring to distract from the equally if not more real problem of foreign, especially Asian, infiltration and subversion cults in coastal cities also bolstering violence on the streets, not to mention importation of weapons by subversive cults like the Moonie and Falun "churches" importing "Kahr Arms" and "blessing guns" for Americans to shoot each other with, glorifying antique Chinese dynasties, or setting up 'Korematsu Schools' to idolize immigrants hiding from foreign agents and Schwazi's "Rebels with a cause" mooovie. 

    Both German and Japanese Fascism/corporations/banks are revived and running the world, and manipulating other governments as proxies, including via functionally neofascist parties fused into postcommunist China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Russia.   Most Americans apparently still too absent of knowledge of global politics and history, due to their sparsity in the education system, to see who's pulling the puppet strings via the "G7" and "Shangri-La" and similar conferences for continent-wide global corporate power plays on top of the COVID and climate disasters that make it all more complex.  The 1988-launched "Asian Century" plan of Deng Xiaoping and Rajiv Gandhi and Japanese manipulators (e.g. Takeshita) is Real and still underway.  America needs to know fully what the "Project 2049" and "80/20 Initiative" Asian-America political and economic colonization plans are, as they have been promoted or run by powerful Asian nationalist figures in both Washington and Sacramento.  The age-old problem of crass materialism and greed destroying society as a whole, and in a time of dwindling global resources, has to be faced with urgency without upsetting lives by poorly-planned and regulated mass relocations already wrecking major cities, or CHANGing America into an Asian Empire or an Imperial German EuroUnion colony.  Neither America nor Canada will be anywhere near "Great" if officials continue to be mesmerized and manipulated by Asian cults and gurus grabbing up every dollar and piece of real estate (domestic, commercial, now also agricultural) they can get their mitts on, and running American political and military offices -- and the German European Union, mowing over Europe, is roaring to control the planet as much as is the resurrected East Asia Prosperity Sphere and its Hindufascist and sometimes Islamic fascist allies (also historic allies of the Nazis).  The opiate and other contaminated drug trafficking are neutralizing and/or killing people off en masse, just as the Japfascists did in their WW2 occupied colonies (see "Japan in China" chapter "Manchoukuo" by T A Bisson).  Russia might aspire to similar imperial games if not watched carefully.  The childlike kumbaya era is over, as it naively led to territorial grabs by the predatory, and "social justice" often manifest instead as social revenge and retaliation manipulated by hostile foreign agents seeing it as a path for infiltration and subversion, even colonization by overpopulated nations. Foreign land grabs in Califonia, as one example, have spun out of control and are facilitated by foreign-born elected officials, complicit.  Immigration lobbying has been used successfully as an election gerrymandering tool, "building majorities" via immigration for political takeover wherever possible.  The infamous "Hummingbird Program" for resettlement, announced by Mayor Ed Lee before his death, includes Americans shoved onto the streets by aggressive immigrant colonization organizations lobbies.  Americans who were once teachers, professors, technicians, construction workers, have been living on the streets while immigration increases, and immigrants are housed instead.  Immigrant colonization strategists and lobbies run loud media campaigns to vilify the "xenophobe" and "anti-immigrant".  Campaigns for "sanctuary refugees" sometimes cover up immigration gerrymandering, cheap labor and union-busting, even foreign religious or political missionary campaigns.  The homelessness of American military veterans is inexcusable.  Sincere American politicians in both parties are going to have to wake up to the duplicity of crafty foreign lobbies and agents that have been manipulating them.

    Coverup of decades of passport and license counterfeiting may be explained by sham "investigators", or official communications interceptors, complicit in their issuance... the presence of foreign double-agents in port cities has long been a critical reality... "the holes in the swiss cheese".  Some of this has been verified on the website, elswhere in books by Tony Matthews, Michael Sayers, John Spivak.   Much is to be learned from the story of Rasputin, still relevant today.  I've yet to post the chart of Julian Assange, showing how he has been a sockpuppet, groomed to do what he has done as a cover for his controllers (with roots in the partly India-based but not necessarily fully Hindu-controlled Santiniketan network).  He may be intelligent, but also mediumistic and manipulated.  Eddie Snowden's chart shows him to be of similarly mediumistic and impressionable nature.  Meanwhile there are other recent issues like the similarities between the Harry-Meghan political story and that of his great uncle, King Edward 8 and Wallis Simpson, all of them as manipulees of transnational political intrigue -- unconconscious puppet show actors dramatized in transnational media outlets for political purposes.  Those who have not read accounts of wartime espionage and subversion ops may not realize how common and potent these matters are.

    Geodetic indicators for Chinese double-agent Katrina Leung are now posted in the geodetic "Curtain" tables, showing that she had potent impact on US domestic/economic and foreign policy... she was not just "small potatoes", and exactly how she manipulated American politicians is worthy of study.  I have no reliable birth date for her, but do have dates of her key meetings and other political impact actions, very useful in geodetic analysis, which point to potent US-China policy moves and players.  (Meanwhile noting Miami astrologer Anna Sanchez apparently trying to copy and co-opt lots of material from this website, and her work with foreign agents, some of whom appear to have US govt contracts despite their foreign origins... and then she lies and says I copy from her... she spouts a whole series of intentional lies.  Her websites start dates line up repeatedly with the hacking attacks on my website, whether she or puppet controllers of her operation hacked.  She wanted to co-opt the Special Uranian program until it was clear she couldn't, promoted longtime competitors' software, and then started producing a cheapy attempted replica with the help of dupes and foreign operants.... Very strange and deceptive situation there.)  A study of the assassination of Chinese-American journalist Henry Liu in South San Francisco is also needed again, and of what he reported on Asian organized crime, on both sides of the Pacific, that led to his murder by Asian mafia on US soil.

    The Vulkanus position now at 3 Fixed and 18 Mutables MAKES IT CLEAR THAT IF THE USA and CANADA do not bolster and concentrate globally counterbalancing power up and down the longitudes of Fairbanks and Denver and St-Johns, without foreign infiltrators, then Russia,  the Muslim Brotherhood, Revived Panturkist and Caliphate networks, India and Kashmir, East China Sea military and mafia (maybe the same) and the Moonie and Nazi colonies in South America -- all already on the rise -- could destroy North America, in fact have already started to do so gradually, and Australia, via China Command dominatrix Yen Penny Wong, the Wendi Deng clone, clicking her Black Boots "made for walkin' all over you" and "MAKE Australia pivot" and Obey, is similarly at risk.  It even does indeed appear that the USA and Canada have already been unofficially and functionally invaded, from the aforementioned Asian and South American longitudes, but are confused about it by foreign-run and manipulated domestic media to the point of feeling guilty or even vilified ("Asian Hate") for doing anything about it.  Geodetics indicate that Asian nationalist lobbies in Honolulu have served to help colonize and control California... including those fused into US military and security agencies, wealthy and with imposing propaganda machines, and may have taken over US military bases in California when they were "shut down" in the 1990s.  Not to minimize the Germany lobbies of Thiel and Schwarzenegger and their similar stealth tactics, equally threatening to American interests.  Geodetics indicate political organizations from Asia likely fused into Hawaii state government as well as earlier territorial and 'independent' governments, not to mention Honolulu as one of the founding and/or early organizing hubs of the Tong and the Kuomintang (which overlap heavily from KMT inception, noting further ovelaps between the KMT and Chinese Communist Party at various times, including now) and Japanese mafia and therefore politics.   At the hub of the "Asian Century" movement, the sometimes militant "API Force", and affiliates in the USA.  Communism versus capitalism are only "western" paradigms and games aped by Asian politics, which has its own centuries-old rules, summarized in part in Sun Tzu's "Art of War", a guideline still for today's Asian political and military strategizing, often able to defeat "western" defense measures (e.g. Korean and Vietnam wars, and the now-resurrected Asian "Cultural Revolution" operations inside the USA, recently creating havoc on American streets and trying to "Redefine America" and US Congress and government along foreign lines).

    Take a look at how many US media outlets, including internet, even once-American newspapers and magazines, are now foreign-run despite retaining the same names from before the takeovers.... Chinese New York Times, Japanese National Geographic, TV and radio stations under foreign control, and plenty of foreign legislators in government to make it that way, unless something is done to reverse that erroneous trend.  These problems worsened under Trump despite his jingo rhetoric, possibly due to pure ignorance.  Some German nationalist (Thiel, Schwazi) networks have done the same or similar to the USA.  Books on WW2 subversion alone explain how such tricks were played 80 years ago, and too few Americans have read any of them.  I and others have tried to publicize them, with inadquate success so far, contending with fake and often Japanese as well as German-manipulated sham "antifa" cult propaganda.  Chinese hackers (of every political persuasion) have repeatedly downloaded and reposted altered or falsified webpages and wikipedia pages, including altered dates. The US government response to the situation needs to be calm and firm before things get to the point where something like martial law is required, and having foreign agents in US government is highly problematic on the way.  Geodetics show likely foreign backing for California and Texas state independence movements.  The manipulative foreign legislators in American governments need to be humanely neutralized and then voted out of office.  Ted Lieu, Pramila Jayapal, Elaine Chao, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the Stanford tech puppets of the Peter Thiel and Schwazi USC network at the top of the list.... NONE of them should have ever been allowed to hold political office in the USA, but foreign globalists put them there to make America "heel".  US domestic internet, TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines, need to be put back under US domestic control, without censorship; while foreign views can be gotten from openly foreign sources, also without censorship.  That means Positive Nationalism, FDR-style, what really did Make America Great.  The days of Henry Kissinger dictating US foreign policy should have ended long ago.  Read "The New Germany and the Old Nazis" and books by by T H Tetens for why.  "Inclusion" should not mean outside takeover, but that has happened anyway, and needs to be stopped.   The world is not yet ready for global government, and may not be for decades yet.  International exchanges within bounds are good for everyone, but not when they turn into doors open to thieves and pirates, explaining the economically dismal conditions in some US coastal cities.  San Francisco was called New Hongkong not so long ago, and now more closely resembles Shanghai or Taipei.  No longer is Chinatown so much in San Francisco as much as San Francisco is in Chinatown.

    Biden can handle this if he drops the imported radical left and foreign lobbyists in his cabinet.  If he doesn't then the USA could later fall to the Republican radical right extremists, Trumpie and Teepotty wacko cult types, due to national polarization.  Republicans similarly need to drop the radical right and foreign lobbyists if democracy is to surivive.  Otherwise, too much risk of continued polarization among long-rooted Americans, the backbone of the USA.  Parallels with the extremes of 20th century fascism and communist "cultural revolution" games are evident, but too many are overlooking Asian fascism and how it operated/operates... the "cultural revolution" of the radical left was infiltrated and successfully manipulated by both the Chinese and Japanese radical right to fly off the handle into anarchy.  Asian fascism has been openly revived in Japan (e.g. Nippon Kaigi of Shinzo Abe et al), and is also apparent in China and Taiwan both.  How it has operated historically is covered in books by Joseph Gollomb, Tony Matthews, TA Bisson, Mark Felton, John Spivak, Sterling Seagrave, describing Japanese Fascist/Mafia methods and tactics basically as covert guerrilla and brainwashed puppet-control/kamikaze and lockstep cult methods.... Very treacherous and long practiced by the Moonie cult and possibly now the Falungong networks, and infiltrated and coopted segments of the nominally Chinese "People of Color/Cultural Revolution" cults now resurfacing with different names but similar objectives.  Chinese and Japanese propaganda from the late 1960s and early 1970s provide descriptions and illustrations for study ("Maoist" cults run by Japanese fascists, etc), and where the parallels are often obvious, and where radical right neofascist cults often wove in and controlled radical left cults successfully, thus "Japanese Red Army" and "Trotskyist" cults, for example, poop soup with tong songs, peking opera kabuki theater mix.  Today's manifestations are the "Anonymous" anarachists, "2/4/8chan", tiktok punk rock, and the pathetic psy-puppet Julian Assange (mind-control victim reading or memorizing script) show, Korematsu and Confucius schools, all Asian psy-ops sometimes with German intel fusions... neofascist psy-ops designed for pop appeal.  The Merkel machine was/is treacherous.  America contaminated by promoting them, blind to the difference between cultural exchanges and foreign subversion.

    Also to note how excessive race "color" politics are being used to mask subtle foreign takeover, especially where civil rights and immigration are intermixed as a single political issue.  Foreign-run radicalization programs for immigrant populations, including youth, are being promoted (sometimes with DACA programs)... Race as transnational power politics rather than just a domestic civil rights issue.  This is also happening in Europe.  Much of what it transpiring in the USA is a continuation of the "People of Color" motif of the East Asian "Cultural Revolution" of the 1960s-70s, a "revolution" led by a Chino-Japanese-Hindu (IWorKuen/JapRedArmy/Naxalite) alliance that was essentially Asian nationalist and included a fusion of both the radical left and radical right either intentionally or due to mutual infiltration.  It further tied to the "Bandung Conference" network that envision the rise of the "Third World" against European political and economic models, and further brought Islamist nations in alliance -- and thus what is unfolding now, dovetailing precisely with the 1988 global "New Order" and "Asian Century" pronouncements of Deng Xiaoping with Rajiv Gandhi, following Deng's meetings with Japanese co-engineers if not engineers, further rooted in the Fascist East Asia Prosperity Sphere and earlier East Asian "New Order" proclaimed in Japan in 1938 to "Free Asia of European Influence".... prototypes for Yen/Penny Wong's Chino-Malaysian politics, which Angela Merkel tried to court with her visit with Malaysian leaders in 2006 (interestingly on 911).  All of it to the detriment of the the USA and Australia, thrown into the backseat while "foreign experts" drive the car, shaming their sheep with taunts of "white privilege" and "US imperialism", while Chinatown and Japantown take control of North America's Pacific coast with a boost from the Jayapal "MuslimhateFreeZone" crowd and the "Ro Khanna Revoluton'.  It's time for Democratic and Republican multi-generational Americans to set aside domestic policy differences, retake control of the Pacific coast, and after that begin to tailor a reasonable and moderate domestic policy minus the weird cults, screaming radicals, and the uninformed tweeting random opinions.  Such a needed domestic coalition was formed by Franklin Roosevelt, yet fighting often transnational corporatist opposition that was heavily backed by the Axis powers, and which truly and literally "Made America Great" and a superpower that, until recently, no one could bully around like China and Germany are trying to do now, and like Japan and India also are trying to manipulated by some of the most treacherous machinations that have fooled people in both American parties, including Trump.  Trump practically handed California over to the resurrected Japanese military machine during the COVID lockdown, when opiates flooded into the state and opiate (or opiate blend) junkies were laying, falling, and dying all over the streets of San Francisco.  At this point, it is Vital that Biden send in 100% American troops, no double-agents, to guard the streets of California's cities and coastlines, and Make California American Again, and the same is probably needed in Washington state with the Parmila Jayapal network on the loose there, and Oregon for safe measure.  Otherwise, the USA is on the way to being chopped up into sectors like China was around 1900, and San Francisco, among other cities is Shanghaied, with the Asian Art Museum and its towering statues staring down and continuing to manipulate San Francisco City Hall like a compliant full-color puppet show.  America has started falling to the Asian Century, and it's up to whatever remains of deep-rooted Americans to keep the foreign takeover from spreading across the country as the planets slowly drift from west to east.  If California and Washington and Oregon are not stopped from falling under control from Asia or Europe, the rest of the country may follow suit; and an Australia or New Zealand under control from the countries to their north will also not be a deterrent to the End of America or possibly the End of Canada as well, having some similar problems.  It's being called "Change", and "Resistance" against American institutions, rewriting and falsifying American history with lies and cherry-picked facts out of context and taught by imported teachers and professors in some America's schools from kindergarten to university graduate schools.  There's the Low Side of the USA-1776 Pluto Return.  Where's the High Side?  The High Side is so far "cancelled" by foreign takeovers of American media, and publishers, and schools, and even churches peddling guns blessed by immigrants.  The immigrant Ted Lieus and Arnold Schwarzeneggers and Pramila Jayapals and Elaine Chaos and Peter Thiels need to be removed peacefully from offices of American public influence, and politically neutralized in the meantime, and "Homeland Security" needs to be heavily scrutinized for foreign control including seaport contracts and computer database programmers starting in its early days.   If multi-generational Americans don't take control of the USA, imported interests will, and have already begun to do so.  It's how Germany has slowly steamrollered over Europe,  and Asia's superpowers have steamrollered over their neighbors, and Putin steamrollered over Ukraine.  The German Empire, the Russian Empire, and the Asian Century are all on the march, lobbying the USA and Canada and Australia and the UK to roll over and yield, and that could only be done by cults, drugging, and communications lines controls such as those the Republic of China's Ted Lieu has had over the California Democratic Party and US national security affairs.... California controlled by a boy from the elongated droplet falling down from the silt and sludge of Shanghai's Yangtze/Chang River dumped into the Trans Pacific Ocean still dangling from the Chinese mainland, ready for "Unification" again at any moment, and now fortified with Vulkanus power conjunct its fixed geo MC, the potential dominant power of the world, especially if unified with Japan and Korea, and longtime headquarters of a party founded in pre-American Hawaii, then moved to Hongkong and built up via Tong alliances in Tokyo and Singapore.  A party that has danced in and out of alliances with, and fused with, the Chinese communist party and Japanese mafia throughout its history, as well as Singapore and Malaysia in collaboration with Japanese mafia on a common mission to get current and future "Old White Men Out of the Way", a goal celebrated at conferences in Asia inviting bribed politicians from the American continent to attend to Make America Pivot and Change that way.  While Ted Lieu has been in office, California has fallen increasingly under Chinese control, and that's probably no accident at all -- plus, despite party lines, his policies have dovetailed with those of Elaine Chao (on the boards of 2 major San Francisco banks plus at least 3 other interstate banks at one time if not still) in interesting ways, as do their family backgrounds, and Ted, with his controls over California Democratic Party communications plus US national security data, made sure that Kamala Harris, another Asian Law Caucus affiliate, was Vice President in case that President Biden is incapacitated... "Ro Khanna Revolution" without a shot fired (hopefully, anyway).  That matches with the Pluto Return in the chart of the 1776 American Revolution, Pluto being aligned at 27:33 Cardinals with Nanjing, the historic capital of the Republic of China, the Moonie colonies around Kodiak Island Alaska, near US bases at Hilo Hawaii, and the Asian nationalist power counterbalanced substantially only by what can still be mustered up in Nova Scotia and Quebec and Labrador north of there (under control of Asia's Anita Anand and her Hindu predecessor, aligned with India's Pramila Jayapal in Seattle?) or maybe the southernmost Lesser Antilles.  Whatever US military power is amassed at the longitude of Yellowstone and the AZ/NM and UT/CO borders will be no match alone, since in the weaker 8th harmonic angle to Vulkanus on the geo MC.  Literal Asian-run military invasion could even be portrayed as 'Civil War' in North America.   Mexico is so chaotic internally and subject to foreign manipulations that sealing of borders is more vital than ever, due to political risk factors.  Democrats are going to get more realistic, and fast, about double-agents and subversion from immigrant populations (including elected officials?), now and fast.  America will need to consider what happends if Pres Biden's health fails further, hoping that it does not do so, and his wife should probably resign from her teaching profession and be at his elbow at every moment possible, in ways that First Ladies (including Eleanor Roosevelt) have been before -- America does Not need any more sloppiness or radicalization than exists already.  If Democratic leadership does not attend to it, the Republican leadership probably will, and the excessive and unwarranted foreign lobby and politician meddling only makes things worse, as that VU at 27CP33 points right at the Philadelphia and Seattle regions, and if both Commonwealth Canada's military and that of the UK are controlled by Hindu immigrants, and Western Australia is run by Chinese Yenpenny Wong, then the USA could literally be "Asian America" for the next Pluto phase of about 2.5 centuries.... "Asian Century" indeed, as planned by Deng Xiaoping and Rajiv Gandhi and their Japanese cohorts in 1988.... Confucius and Korematsu and Guru Aga Khan schools teaching North America's youth to Change, Obey, and Redefine America.  Britain may need to consider these issues as well, for that Vulkanus is also bearing down on most of its geo Ascendant in later Cancer, as also for west Iceland, Belgium, Switzerland, eastern France, and western Italy, where there is also similar pressure emanating from Russia, western Turkey, and Muslim Brotherhood Egypt that could spill over from a Asian takeover of the USA.  Signs of such possibilities are already manifest, and yet the final Pluto return by precession still has not finalized until the end of 2004, although the final nonprecessed return manifesting now holds hints of what is to come at the end of 2004 (right before the next US Presidental Term starting in January of 2005).  Meanwhile, there is real risk of Asian Law replacing American Law, and that's already started on the Pacific coast of the USA, and the fallout could further unleash similar CHANGes in Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, and moving into Brazil, while it's already been in Paraguay and Uruguay for decades via the Moonie cult and (fused) Asian military operations.  More "Asian Century".  The East Asian alliances with the Middle East and India are not new, the former at least as old as the Xinjiang/Uighur operations of WW2 Fascist Japan, the Hindu Fascist WW2 alliances with Japan and Germany, and the Kuomintang-Hajj alliances of the 60s, possibly reactivated at the 1988 meeting of Deng and Gandhi.  Saudi and Turkish neutrality in WW2 baffled many, and the Nazis routinely ran over 'neutral powers' to use their territories for Nazi attacks on US/UK allied territory and military.... Sneak Attacks like that on Pearl Harbor.  Oddly enough, what some today naively think are friendly foreign 'progressive' alliances are actually machinations of Revived WW2 Axis Fascism.  There is much confusion over Arab Palestine due to extensive, misleading, propaganda, deceptive to the point of being diabolical.  To truly understand events in Israel, much digging through contradicting sources is required, and hopefully the geodetics can make more clear what the actual facts were, as can old maps and books from the era before the proposals of the late 1800s to restore the Jewish homeland in Israel.  Later maps may confuse, as there are maps of boundaries that were never implemented, or boundaries that were foreign-proposed but unsatisfactory to any of the people living there.  Is 'Palestine' named for 'Philistia', and what were its actual historical boundaries?  Were there Jewish temples in Jerusalem before any Islamic temples, and were they destroyed by invaders?  What were the historic boundaries of Israel in centuries past?  What was the role of the Nazis in Palestinian Arab politics and did those end in 1945?  How old is Islam compared to Judaism and Christianity?  What other religions existed in the Middle East prior to or concurrent with them?  How much was Islam a political tool of the Nazis and their allies in World Wars 1 and 2, and what role did control of oil wells and trade lanes to the rest of Asia play?  Who has controlled the global Opium trade historically, including before British intervention, and how has it been used as a wartime weapon including by Japan in WW2 and Vietcong aligned allies in the Indochina/Vietnam War, and are those continuing today?

    As most of those familiar with Pluto transits know, events can go from one extreme to the other until the final transit, and the processes slow even if sometimes radical in nature.  All is complicated by today's historically-rare series of clear and undeniable climate disasters.   

    Geodetic alignments indicate that US military bases shut down in California in the 1990s were eventually replaced at least in part by agents of the Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC, as could be seen there recently; and a measure to restore the Alameda Naval Base was met with with their screams and protests, so go figure.  Key military cities are often now heavily occupied by immigrant populations, for reasons needing study.  Local security systems in buildings near the Oakland US Federal Building are even installed (and ultimate run?) sometimes by employees wearing jackets of the "Black Dragon Society", one of the now-transpacific fascist gangster underworld networks at the core of Japan Fascist Party network.  Such arrangements could serve double-duty as Japanese mafia surveillance of "snitches" on them, and such is also potentially applicable to foreign-run phone and internet services.  Privately contracted national security functions and agencies are at high risk of double-agent leaks, maybe explaining the facility by which foreign interests have gradually taken over urban California (and Washington?) -- and it's time to again get real about such risks instead of ignoring them, because the results are now obvious to the observant.  Letting Germany take control instead is not the answer.  Training and educating multi-generational Americans to replace the technicians is, and fast, unless Americans want to see our country gobbled up like a Christmas fruitcake by arriving pirates.  Former military facilities need to be under multi-generational American control, not imported.  This may explain the Asian cult stalking, provocation, and bodyslamming on the sidewalks and in transit stations by people dressing and behaving like the Falun Gong network (sunglasses, overhanding floppy hats, hoods, face coverings beyond COVID masks), as well as antagonistic individuals of apparent Middle Eastern or South Asian origin possibly targeting those openly critical of excessive mass immigration policies.  Imported harassment, and not typical of most people from those regions.  The cults are not being monitored and controlled, apparently sometimes due to covers/fronts as "faith-based organizations"-- or if the monitoring systems are not American installed and operated. 

    US defense operations at Fairbanks and Denver longitudes (where Vulkanus is in orb and facilities are already extant), as well as long-established Canadian defense facilities in Newfoundland and also Regina longitudes, need special focus on containing aggressive influx from all East China Sea and Muslim Brotherhood nations, the Parana-Paraguay river basins, Guyana, Mexican crime networks or foreign agents at Durango and Guadalajara longitudes, the international spy hub in Tahiti; New Delhi and Kashmir and Almaty/Almaata longitudes, Celebes and West Timor longitudes in Indonesia, foreign agents in the Moonie-cult-infested Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and the Russian Komandorskie Islands longitudes.  Halifax, with its ports under overseas contract control, may not be so effective as Newfoundlant, not to mention is aligned geodetically and vulnerable to meddling from ambivlent locations like Hongkong, Asian-run Hawaii, Benghazi and the Libya-Egypt border, Kaliningrad, the Baltic States, and Venezuela -- and moreover does not counterbalance overseas Vulkanus locations now or in the next several years.

    Hawaii's US nationwide and Pacific-wide defense operations need to be moved to Alaska without abandoning US defense of Hawaii itself from foreign infiltration and meddling, and after purging Alaska as well as Hawaii of the (highly political and duplicitous) Moonie-cult network, now unfortunately empowered through their offices in the East China Sea region.   The Moonies are a Curse on America, and the Falun Gong may well be their pseudobuddhist right hand, with their deceptive "Epoch Times" propaganda "newspaper".   Fused now with Kahr Arms, they now risk becoming dangerously militant and/or functioning as Asian military adjuncts.

    Aforementioned American and Canadian bases need care to weed out double-agents from the above-indicated global power accumulation hubs and avoid setting up critical operations locations with high risk of such.  Kenai Peninsula bases in Alaska (as well as Denver longitudes) need to scrutinize heavily for Moonie and Muslim Brotherhood infiltration and manipulation, as is also the case for Australian national security ops at the Kalgoorlie, Broome, and Esperance longitudes, with the same true 22.5 east of there at Melbourne, Tasmania, Port Douglas, Cooktown, Townsville, Allied US Territory of Guam, and east PNG mainland longitudes, where foreign agents (especially from East China Sea longitudes) could severely undermine Australian national defense operations.

    Meanwhile, a South Asian yuppie in San Francisco recently commented on the opiates epidemic that "if they don't follow the rules, we (meaning who?) throw them in the trash", maybe where they are surely "untouchable".  Imported Asian "democracy now" in action, and this while Japanese Marines were in California 'training'.  The Pacific coast foreign takeover situation is urgent and should no longer be ignored by US national government/military.  And the drugs are sometimes being used to anesthetize and brainwash the naive (even veterans in some cases), including to want "peace" and surrender in the face of functional invaders.... cult controllers follow drug users around and try to function as "gurus" guiding "trips" to submission and foreign indoctrination, just like in the 1960s and 70s.  The marijuana trade is in some cases being hijacked by political brainwashing psyops, as was sometimes the case during the "cultural revolution", again accompanying foreign takeover -- and with some cult controllers coming from grossly overpopulated cultures where life is sometimes described as "cheap" and "expendable".   That's not positive "change" for America, and foreign backing for such things to manifest needs much deeper scrutiny, including foreign staffing of veterans' facilities susceptible to double-agent manipulation or objectives.  Lessons may be drawn from enemy psychological and drugging operations and during the Vietnam war, even Japanese and German operations during World War 2, as Vulkanus=Hades recently and still.  Announcement by McCain of intent to 'World War 3' may well have set in motion operations to infiltrate and weaken America in case such could still manifest.   It's time for Pollyanna immigration policy to End, especially with Russia on the warpath.

    In 2023, RUSSIA's most potent military power centers are, considering both Grimm and Sepharial, between 29E30-35E30E (includes both Peterburg and Moscow suburbs, not surprisingly); 75E20-80E30 (central Kara Sea region; area west of Novosibirsk; Pavlodar-Balqash-Almaty longitudes in Kazakhstan) ; and 121:30-128:10 (central Laptev Sea, central Manchuria in China if in solid alliance, and most of North Korea if still or capable of being brought back under full Russian control, in which cases a Russian puppet state).

    The sooner Denver operations are moved to rural areas east of there, the sooner the ability to monitor/surveil all traffic around them can be implemented -- but note that Chinese real estate vultures in San Francisco are already known to be going after "free" lands in rural Kansas, using spouses-of-convenience to acquire the property, digging right into America's "heartland", including by rich imported Chinese mafia on the Pacific coast scouting the internet for "lucrative deals" not only in San Francisco but also elswhere, like "Hungry Hippos".  Meaning even Midwesterners need to be on the alert for "the other side" of "diversity and inclusion" being actively pushed in campaigns by Asian mafia.  This land was your land but now it's their land, from California to the New York island; from the Redwood forests to the Gulf Stream waters.  Also beware "California Independence", "Texas Independence", and "Miami Revolution" manipulated by Caliphate and Black Ocean Tong agents.  The open borders and foreign-managed ports and defense contracts need to End ASAP.  The USA is in more grave danger of foreign manipulation or takeover than civil war, or civil war manipulated by foreign agents on US soil, which there may already be Far Too Many of, inadequately scrutinized, given "sanctuary", and/or holding fake ID or passports bought on the black market.  Are there politicians in American or state government who actually want imported subversion or even revolution?  Are cults in the picture?  That correlates with Hades=Vulkanus having recently shifted from NYC to Long Island longitudes; from Vancouver to Seattle to Portland; and from Laredo to Austin to Brownsville, Corpus Christi, and Dallas, headed for Houston.  Foreign subversions in Minnesota likely rooted in foreign-run cults in usually sedate Omaha or South Dakota, or the Canada border around Lake of the Woods.  Topeka and Tulsa should be vigilant to neutralize foreign political intrusions via cults with possible transnational backing like occurred during the 60s and 70s 'cultural revolution', backed by hostile foreign powers during the Vietnam War era, which appear to already be resurrecting themselves and manipulating the unaware.   The feds need to watch carefully what Schwarznegger is cooking up with his "rebels with a cause" and similar games at his "policy institute", and ask just what the hel he's doing in the USA, and what he's cooking up in meetings with German officials.  The international exchanges in general have gone a bit overboard into the realm of intrigue and subversion, even colonization objectives, noting the Austrian "UNPO" network in that specific case.   The "no government control libertarians" and "Tea Party" goofballs have outdone themselves.  Cuban-born "Tea Party" leaders in Florida???  Florida wasn't part of the USA until 1819, long after the original Boston Tea Party, and under Spanish Habsburg rule, so what kind of "revolution" does Marco Rubio intend in the USA?  And imported Ted Cruz?  Who's backing the foreign born and their children to run US government?  Schwazi obviously schmoozes with Berlin repeatedly.  And many Asian politicians spend half their time flying home to Asia to do part of their business or round up relatives to come to America.   Time for a 2nd change Back to America run by Americans -- not likely to happen under an Immigrant Government.

    Meanwhile, America's Pacific coast defenses are being infiltrated and dismantled, foreigners are overtaking American government, America's icons are being slandered and destroyed, media overtaken by foreign interests shaming America and Americans for existing or "being in the way", and similar propaganda taught in American classrooms.  It's as though "911" has gone from aerial attacks to domestic ground guerrilla warfare tactics.  The powerful Korean immigrant fake-church cult leader Sun Myung Moon called America the Land of Satan (contradicted by Moonie-run historical revisionst websites), and his literal children are selling and blessing their "Kahr Arms" on the streets while various rabid cults promote "Anarchy", and "Homeland Security", with a surplus of immigrant and 2nd-gen immigrant employees and contractors, looks run from other countries.  American political party communications lines have too long been run by Asian immigrants (e.g. Ted Lieu).  And Pluto is now returning to its position in the 1776 chart of the American war of independence from foreign control.  As Walter Mondale said in facing Moonie/movie-enamored national infrastructure privatizer Ronald Reagan during the 1980 presidential elections, "Who's in Charge?" Is America being Hijacked to Havana?  Hongkong?  Hyderabad?  Harbin?  Or to Muslim Brotherhood capitals in Cairo, where Vulkanus is now approaching conjunction to the geodetic MC, or 11:15 away around Saudi Arabia's Hail?  Interestingly, Vulkanus is also aligned 22.5 with the MCs near Cienfuegos and Panama (and Port of Miami); 22.5 to Vancouver Island and approaching Puget Sound; central longitudes of the Philippines and Indonesia and Western Australia and French Polynesia and Gulf of Alaska, and 45 angle to Guadalajara and Durango in Mexico -- are these secured by US Allies, or by ambivalent to hostile interests while "Anarchy" is promoted on American streets by foreign agents and gun dealers and their dupes?  Immigration agents from Washington DC need to know, or America is in bad trouble.  Quit hiding immigrants from from federal agents -- Fred Korematsu was Not an American Hero, even if immigrant politicians and their dupes said he was.   This is No Time for permeable boundaries of lax national defense measures, and that continues to apply to the coming years as the USA 1776 Pluto return continues via equinoctial precession.  If strict border security is not implemented by democracy today, it risks being done by militant regimes in coming years.  The screaming radicals of any political view need to be listened to for the important messages they carry, but not handed the steering wheel of government for reckless driving and potential disasters.


    Lastly, to stress with urgency that the LGBT community would be wise to drop the added/outside "Q" notation, quickly, for 2 reasons:

    1) "Q", by its very use, implies outside of the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender framework; no one agrees on what the Q means, and 'Queer' is redundant, and perceived as degrading and insulting since it was intended as such by gay-hostile people for decades.

    2) "Q" has often been used by people who are neither LGB nor T, or have some weird political agenda unrelated to or antithetical to LGBT interests.  This has been made clear to the carefully observant in public events in recent years, often in events that stress generally offensive, discordant, annoying, antagonistic, threatening, degrading, or vulgar public behavior of marginal elements that dramatize the worst stereotyped images of LGBT people and thus make for fine propaganda for hostile ideologies and organizations.  LGBT teachers, medical professionals, parents, and spouses suffer from sloppy fringe campaigns for experimental childhood sex education programs, antagonistic gender-pronoun games, and stupid to offensive and sometimes cultish 'kink' events that antigay opponents love to see proliferate, or may even actively promote from the background.  Note foreign agents and motives involved.  LGBT is sometimes being hijacked and run in other directions by outside interests, as are LGBT neighborhoods in San Francisco and possibly other cities.

    In short, "Q" is ambiguous to redundant, and being used, intentionally or unintentionally, to further vilify and stigmatize LGBT people.  It would be interesting to see how often "Q" is used by people or organizations who are not lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, and why. Sex-change operations are a business, and have profound impact on people's lives, not a trendy fashion game.  In WW2 Fascist Japan, plastic surgery was already mastered, and added sex-change operations were done by Japanese military to give spies baffling alternate identities (e.g. Kenji Doihara), part of military service duty to the Japanese Empire (now being resurrected).

    Some of the LGBTQ events and media stories are Not Gay or Lesbian or Transgender, but political ploys using Gays and Lesbians as naive puppets manipulated by sex games or bribes, just as any unwary individual could be if not alert and life-experienced.  In other words, the LGBT label is being sometimes abused, misrepresented, or conflated with ambiguous "Q" political gaming.  The same has been happening with "Pride" as hostile outsiders demand "diversity and inclusion" under false pretenses.


    Just one other example of escalated global political intrigue while Hades is 22.5 to Vulkanus, and which remains within 2 degrees orb for several years to come.  The solution is scrutiny of Hades calculated secrecy.  Hades, at 12 Cancer/Cardinals, is already known to manifest in part as as the Golden Triangle mafia network established in and around north Thailand and Laos (now fusing into Oakland Calif city govt, "Oaksterdam" territory and Alameda County govt ruling Berkeley and the port of Alameda), possibly spread down to western Malaya and central Sumatra, where 12 Cancer is the geo MC, within orb of Singapore and Malaysia's capital  If not controlled, they could be headed for Indonesia's capital and the far west coast of Australia, all Yenpenny Wong political territory.  Hades further, by 90 angle recently and still in orb of Miami as 10 Cardinals and the west Bahamas, Charleston, Winston-Salem and Greensboro, Roanoke and Lynchburg, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Toronto, with interesting "Tea Party" alignments, not to omit central Cuba, Panama (global canal) and Colombia/Ecuador/northPeru Pacific coast; some or all of which are global narcotrafficking hubs.  Next, 90 angle away at 12 Aries, potential resurgence of underground cults in Norway and Denmark, central Germany, west central Italy (resurgent crime on the horizon?), Tunisia and west Libya, east Nigeria and Cameroun, headed for Congo, Angola, and Namibia.  Then, in the Pacific, at 12 Libra, in American Samoa, Bering Seacoast of Alaska, and headed for Hawaii's far western islands.  With Hades, look for drugs and oil money, and 22.5 to Vulkanus for weapons contraband and even armed cults maybe peddling drugs.   These could be entering Puget Sound and Greater NYC (Kahr Arms hub already known), Puerto Rico (revolutionaries?), Venezuela, and the Rio de la Plata waterway leading to Paraguay and east Bolivia, already known Moonie cult strongholds.   New Zealand need alertness to increased contraband influx from the Golden Triangle, especially via port smugglers.  Port contraband smugglers in/around Miami USA enabled by weak coast patrol and controls.  Peru potentially thrown into chaos by drugs and/or weapons coming in through its southern coasts... Peru a potential transnational diaster zone in 2023, even with wars between drug or weapons cartels, and Colombia continuing to be as long already.  For Americans, the most important part is securing of Hawaii while moving defense facilities to Alaska out of reach of Asian mafia while flushing out Moonie mafia there.  Miami and Florida and Georgia and South Carolina Atlantic coasts, Jamaica, and west Bahamas, risk being disaster zones via drug wars maybe fused with imported weapons, on top of climate disasters.   Transnational underworld crime networks may seek to exploit climate devastated coastal cities, and that's headed for San Francisco in coming years, with such messes already verified in coastal areas north of there.  Anesthetized Coast Guard or foreign-contracted or intoxicated Port controllers could worsen problems due to the Hades combination.  Coastal security force operations may become more critical than ever, and drug legalization may have been a horrible mistake to be regretted in coming years.   Continued focus on minimizing polar cap melting and ozone deterioration is needed, as are studies of preventive and preparatory measures.  The people ignoring the potential of climate disasters are now proven idiots beyond doubt.  Next are those allowing immigration to escalate into invasion and foreign-run colonial government making Americans their underlings.  To do that, not only will illegal border crossings (both land and maritime people smuggling, and counterfeit identification papers) have to be stopped, but mass immigration bills will have to be revoked and classified as the national security threats they have been.  The USA can still engage in humane foreign policy while doing so, but it will require "excluding" immigrants and immigrant children from State Department and all National Security functions and contracts.  Otherwise, messes are likely to continue, and the resulting "Change" might not be American change.


2022Dec12 (edited 2023Jan03): RECENT EAST ASIAN TREATIES; ISRAEL SHIFT; "Change" games; Intrigue in the uranian astrology field.

    (NOTE that a wacko youtube channel in Miami with website, claiming to be a "uranian astrology school", and for a while trying to co-opt, and then replicate, the Brummund Special Uranian program, tied to some sort of transnational narcotrafficking network, has been inciting "students" to literally hit imagined "hoarders of secret knowledge about uranian astrology" over the head with a baseball bat" while making all sorts of ludicrous claims including being "the original source" of material it has brazenly copied, extensively, and distorted.  I call them "The Praying Witch Cult" with the Head Witch and naive followers confused by the "prayers", promoting what may think of as "Eastrology" (?) since they despise and condemn "Westrology".  Most all knowledge of uranian astrology is publicly available, even if requiring knowledge of the German language in some cases.  The Atlantic-coast coke-trafficker uranian astrology buffs are at it again.)


    Slow-moving Vulkanus at about 03:15 Leo in the upcoming Universal (Cap Ingress) chart applicable to 2023 is at relatively the same location as for 2022 (about which see the following blog entry of August 2022), but with a small shift more toward Israeli and Japanese (insular East China Sea) and Korean locations, as well as toward the Islamic power hubs in southern Philippines, and each of these Changes has already been marked by recent related government events in each of those countries/regions -- including changes of administration in Israel, Japanese remilitarization, and international treaties concluded in the southern Philippines (Duterte family home base) -- all near 3:15 Fixed signs on the geodetic MC.  Vulkanus is moving more away from European Union nations and toward Russia, indicating Russian power in the Ukraine situation may increase -- and yet there is also a possibility of regime change in Moscow that could potentially end the nasty war and leave Ukraine independent.  Transiting Neptune clustered with the Sun of Vladimir Putin confirms that he has been unstable through the worst of the Ukraine war, and now there are reports of his physical failure, as Neptune remains within 2 degree orb and is now joined by Hades in transit on his Sun, indicating further vulnerability to failing health, could be made to appear otherwise via energizing drugs.  There are various times reported for his birth, but one claimed to be from birth records is 09h30am per the Astralis-Madrid website in the early 2000s, giving Pluto near his natal MC and Hades near his natal Ascendant, matching what is publicly known of his disposition, with the assumption that 09h30 could also be an estimated time -- and this also indicates Saturn now near his MC and Vulkanus near his Ascendant, which corresponds with media reports -- yet Vulkanus moving more toward Russia and away from Europe indicates that Russian power may increase, regardless of Putin's position.  In such a case, much is dependent on who functions in Putin's political and military role.  Is it possible that those in Russia opposed to its war in Ukraine will somehow prevail?  Vulkanus is headed toward alignment with the Moscow geodetic Midheaven, and as for North America, Vulkanus counterbalancing power is also moving toward St-Johns in Newfoundland in coming years, and away from Halifax, meaning new defense operations in Canada will be more effective in Newfoundland (original site of Antinazi North Atlantic Pact operations prior to the foundation of NATO) rather than in the proposed Nova Scotia, and it also means that US military power accumulated in Hawaii should be shifted to Alaska and Canadian cooperation, for the defense of North American interests over Asian interests, generally speaking and aside from political lobbying machinations already in grave excess, referring to Asian Nationalist organizations fused into and possibly undermining US defense operations in Hawaii, long a site of double-agent subversion and dual-citizenship problems. Military operations in Tahiti could also be more effective for North America in its eastern islands and away from the intrigue of foreign espionage potential of international Papeete.  Australia's national defense will be enhanced by shifting toward clearly Australian national controls near the borders with Northern Territory and South Australia and away from any foreign infiltration further west in Western Australia, thus also meaning the monitoring of such by NT and SA government agencies.  Darwin has the scars of Japanese and collaborating aerial bombardments of the last World War.  Canada will also need to consider possible Asian Nationalist biases overshadowing domestic Canadian interests.  Canada needs continued primary military consolidation in Newfoundland in order to effectively counterbalance the China, Japan, Korea, Russia, and the Muslim Brotherhood Axis, and this is essential to US national defense as well, and in coordination with US defense operations within the few degrees east of Denver and Roswell, and any bases in and east of Fairbanks... the most effective stronghold areas of US national defense now and during the next few years, when the longitudes of the western Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, and Texas will become increasingly so.  Hawaiian operations need to be relocated to the mainland without detracting from the increased securing of Hawaii to US national interests, not to clearly and overly ambitious Asian nationalist objectives and organizations.  Operations in central Idaho and the western borders of Utah and Arizona will also be increasingly vital to US and Canadian national stability. US Defense operations will need focus on the Colorado River basin with an eye on international ports of entry in Mexico along northern Gulf of California.

    As mentioned previously, Hamburg/uranian astrology has roots in German military agencies, which linger for better or worse.  The use of the weird term "westrology" by strange people implies, and is verified by, involvement of Asian attempts to co-opt uranian astrology and claim it originated with them instead, and this is already shown as manifest, and in such cases it has sometimes been fused the with the Asian-run "Magi Astrology" network and its various gimmicks such as 'Cinderella factor', 'Golden mean', 'Triple trouble', and ambiguous demands for 'Diversity and Inclusion', etc, etc.  One related proponent has even recently advocated going after other uranian astrologers to 'hit them over the head with a baseball bat' in order to get imagined 'secret documents' from them... some real crackpots muddling the field now with some outrageous claims mixed with screaming youtube video babble that sounds almost drug-induced, interestingly reflecting the longtime problem with Atlantic-coast cocaine traffickers fascinated with uranian astrology for whatever possible reasons the two overlap..

    Back to the astrology that matters: new alliances forming, including the Pakistan Muslim League seeking to team up with Central Asian countries (incl Kazakhstan) once part of the Russian/Soviet Empire, Saudi overtures with China, and all of it matching the long-published assumption of more established Nostradamus scholars that World War 3 would be a war of Continents (matching the new 'trade blocs' more than individual countries, and an Asian alliance would confront and overwhelm a European one, with America remaining neutral until later in such a war, and this in keeping with the patterns of both WW1 and WW2, where North Amercans simply 'want to stay out of the conflicts' of Europe, and yet today also colored by the excessive and disproportionate, even sometimes obnoxious, Asian Nationalist lobbying in US state and national government agencies who might want the Asian alliance to win... which could be as much about furthering the 'Asian Century Dream' as peacekeeping strategies in North America.  What could be considered in counterbalance is to recognize the problems of foreign lobbying and manipulation in Washington and Ottawa, and state and provincial capitals, with an eye to what's transpiring in the Eastern Hemisphere and its ultimate implications for the Western Hemisphere and its innate vital interests, letting the Alaska 'Land Bridge' theory deep-freeze, especially with current and real Chinese and Russian implications, and get rid of the infatuations with exotic, manipulative, or seductive foreign cults in the political world. 

    US government decisions continue to be muddled by foreign agents, interests, and lobbyists meddling in US policy, all the way from the State Department to the US military to bids for Asian-orchestrated "Change", including Asian black-face politics, pitched by lobbyists at free lunches and dinners, phony 'prayer meetings' and 'meditation' groups (and hypnotic CDs and internet channels!) being fronts for political lobbying, neo-"glasnost"-type tactics turned upon western democracies rather than the Soviet dinosaurs of the 1980s (as some said they would be).  Such hoodoo-voodoo political intrigue matches with the 9-year long 22.5 angle between Hades and Vulkanus that will continue through much of the 2020s, run largely by the East China Sea countries under early Leo geodetic MC degrees sometimes peddling Pseudo-Buddhist or Taoist propaganda,  but also the Neo-Caliphate Muslim Brotherhood network peddling Jihadist garbage from early Taurus geodetic MC degrees.  In other words, psychological warfare that may also involve drug-peddling and drug-use promotion rooted in areas aligned with both the Opium Triangle and the Golden Triangle already promoting sham 'meditation retreats' and various 'faith based' nonsense, Hades manifestations including speculations on the metaphysical, as well as chemical influences.... watching the LSD-promo networks in particular, and remembering that the brilliant professor Timothy Leary ended up as a babbling fool with too much LSD residual in his brain cells... Hades=Vulkanus could well include literal chemical warfare in its various possible manifestations including drugging as a weapon, as well as radioactive warfare.  Thus, tightening of food-quality controls is justified, especially where transnational factors are involved.  Cooking of foods prior to consumption may become advisable, or at very least using antibacterial spices where that is not possible. Locally-grown food from trusted sources may become preferable due to spoilage factors. Hydroponic-type gardening may become more popular in colder climates, meaning the global economy could become less centralized in some ways rather than moreso... back to 'think globally, act locally', and nationalism may not always be a bad thing, as long as it's constructive and non-toxic.  The United Nations may need to return to being a forum of dialogue among sovereign nations rather than a mammoth and impersonal dictatorial machine dispensing imperial decrees, such as those in the old Soviet Russian, Nazi Reich, or Imperial Japanese or Chinese Empires best left to the dustbin of history.  Within the USA already, there is a demand for local state autonomy tailored to local practical conditions needed ironically to maintain national harmony and cohesion. Even local immigration policies impact other states and countries when there is later relocation involved, and the Merkel policy of mass-importing immigrants, "reeducating" them (whatever that means in authoritarian-inclined Germany), and then redistributing to other countries sounds like a recipe for disaster.  Mass immigration has always been, and continues to be, a policy of international chambers of commerce for cheaper labor, intermixed with any real and authentic concerns for safe sanctuary that be contaminated with political and corporate considerations.  It has been recently pointed out in media that functional slavery is still rampant today, even if the costumes and methods and ethnic factors are sometimes different.  Hades=Vulkanus has also been correlative in some cases with literal slavery, i.e. "forced servitude".  And for objectivity about the realities of Slavery both historically and today, while exclusively domestic appraisal of slavery with the USA can overlook the broader global reality of international slave trade that involved not only Europeans but also Asians and even in some cases African tribes selling prisoners of war as slaves to foreigners, not excusing the complicity of those who bought and utilized the slaves.  No major continent was exempt from participation, and to note that American institutions as a whole were Always divided of the morality of the issue, and it is often pointed out that slavery was allowed to continue in southern colonies of the early USA for fear that they would side with the imperial powers across the Atlantic if they were not allowed to do so.  Some media claim that there were more collaborators with King George III von Hanover of England in the southern colonies than the northern precisely because of the fear of losing the slave-based plantation economy -- and the debate over it continued for nearly an additional century. 

    Moreover, Islamic nations were also quite active in the slave trade (especially in rounding up unsuspecting people like one would round up cattle), as described in the UNESCO General History of Africa anthology.  Slavery remained rampant in other parts of Asia, and was functionally built in to the Caste system of the Indian subcontinent, and the brutal indentured servant system in China.  And Islam was a foreign ideology imported into Africa by Islamic colonizers... it is a colonialist religion, not an inherently African religion, and the same is true in Iran, where Shahs in the 20th century sought to marginalize Islam and restore native Iranian/Persian religions and ideologies. Iran is Not an Islamic nation by nature.  Mohammedanism was brought into Iran (and the Indian subcontinent) by invaders from Arabia and the Ottoman Turkish Empire, the latter of which was modernized in the 1920s, only to resurface like a resurrected dinosaur even trying now to extend its crusty, brutal tentacles into North America.  
    "Jihad" is a historical mission to convert the whole world to Islam and assimilate to a global 'Caliphate' -- it's not just a 20th century fringe cult network, and is part of what led to the Christian Crusades of the Middle Ages.  
It's natural that issues of slavery resurface as Hades is within 2 degrees of 22.5 angle to Vulkanus, and the power of the masters now rests largely at the longitudes of the East China Sea and the revived Caliphate oligarchs of Turkey and Egypt.  There is even the risk of the restoration of 'serf' feudalism in Russia if it goes retrograde, whether that be in a Soviet or Romanov-Oldenburg or other 'motif'.  There's also the risk that China could relapse similarly, or fall under fuller control of Japanese corporations as was planned in WW2, and which succeeded during that time and again later as China went "free market".  The US, UK, Canada, and Australia also risk regression if left to the leadership of neophyte radicals and imported functional lobbyists, cultural missionaries, and crypto-jihadists under the "diversity and inclusion" guise/anything-goes-ghoulash surpise disaster recipe. There is always a narrow set of variable probabilities in which planetary configurations can manifest, always shaped by non-astrological influences and free-will choices.

    And about the recent excessive and accelerated global population resettlements, beyond those that are absolutely necessary, they are often causing more tension rather than reducing it, by inadequate consideration of factors of housing shortages, covert nationalist ambitions disguised as 'global communitarianism', and compatibility and feasibility issues in terms of cultural readjustment.  Social engineering on a national scale is one thing, and on a global scale doubles the potential problems.  Throwing people into radically different cultures may not have positive results... people are not plastic tokens on a gameboard of global power politics, and unnecessary or cold political disruption of people's lives can trigger deep resentments or even hostility.  Lack of respect for local cultural and social conditions is already leading to problems that could be resolved by more forethought, consideration, and explanation of why such "change" is actually needed at all, or will be beneficial.  Geodetic lineups indicate that the "Change" campaign attribute to the Obama administration is actually much older and driven by Asian nationalist expansionist ambitions, explaining why its lobbyists have so often been Asian rather than of African ancestry.  It's like a depersonalized and misguided social-engineering experiment carried out in a very sloppy manner.  Under the guise of "multicultural diversity", the objective appears often instead to be foreign infiltration and control, even colonization, and geodetics indicate it is Asian-driven, tied with overpopulation and "lebensraum" ambitions, not unlike policies of the Axis Fascist powers in the second World War era, or of Russia's oligarchies trying to "make Central Asia Russian", or China's oligarchies to "make Central Asia Chinese" (including "Confucius Institute" pilot programs set up in Central Asian countries to the west of Xinjiang/Sinkiang -- which is also complicated by the Islamic Jihadist factor and Japanese meddling in China's affairs before and during World War II that resemble current issues in Xinjiang and Mongolia.  Empowering Japan excessively is already showing clues of leading to the resurrection of the Fascist and Nazi-allied "Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere".  Parallels are elucidated in the geodetic tables on this website, which by the way the wacky Miami uranian school youtube network has been striving to eclipse or maybe co-opt and "edit".

    While it may be assumed that California's borders with Mexico may be secure as claimed, that is more likely in Texas, which is vulnerable to foreign incursions from Central America (especially Nicaragua and Salvador, also Guatemala) and western Cuba, with the Rio Grande from Eagle Pass to the Gulf of Mexico, near 18 Pisces Ascendant, particularly vulnerable to covert or nocturnal operations since Vulkanus=Hades within 2 degrees -- and the same true for the entire Oregon state coast southward to Mendocino county in California (within driving distance of the San Francisco Bay), considering both Sepharial and Grimm systems, all near 3 degrees Fixed Ascendants.  Drugs from, Colombia, Panama, Jamaica, and/or eastern Cuba could fund such covert ops, as could oil or drug money from Ecuador or Peru, or imported Transpacifically from the Golden Triangle.  Each American state should remember that each state has its own laws and local issues affecting border security operations, and that humane approaches to handling them are vital to avoid pressure to relax needed vigilance... and that in coastal states, the coasts are also 'borders'.  Also to note that American domestic media has fallen increasingly and rapidly under foreign controls or ownership to where hostile national interests may be manipulating what the American public or even American officials hear or read about critical issues -- and such problems could increase rather than decrease in San Francisco during the next few years, especially if sea traffic is not thoroughly monitored, including contraband in the hulls of ships as well as nocturnal submarine or flight operations, as Vulkanus is moving gradually toward that city.   Hades in the picture puts a special alert on carefully concealed operations such as nocturnal, submarine, or concealed ship-hull issues.  This is no time for laxity at the shipping docks including risks of foreign agent operations or transnational intrigue, ambivalence, or ambiguities.  Be very careful what you include in 'inclusion and diversity', and quit playing musical chairs with strangers, as the HA=VU cluster now and in the next several years is capable of some very potent and high-impact political intrigue that can play on naivete, ignorance, drugging or intoxication, or even manipulation by political cults already abundant to excess.  Even 'meditation retreats', domestic and transnational, have already manifest as brainwashing and indoctrination operations.  As for South America, securing of the Falkland Islands remains vital, and Argentina, with its waves of political instability due to transnational meddling coming through channels in Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, and even Brazil, benefits from the firm control of the Falklands by western democracies rather than subjection to weird fascist dictatorships and slippery foreign economic interests. Puerto Rico could be vulnerable to intrigue also coming from the aforementioned countries around the Caribbean perimeters, as well as from Guyana and Suriname.


2022Aug09: UKRAINE; Hamburg School historical documents; Internet disinformation; "Changemaker" games.

    The lineup of Vulkanus at about 2:30 Leo this Universal (Cap Ingress) year, bestowing power at the longitudes of Peterburg and Murmansk, as well as Ukrainian cities to their south -- and the East China Seacoast and Cairo, brings up the issue of what is unfolding in Ukraine, a buffer state for Europe against the various Shanghai Pact and other Asian alliances that Russia has made.  European allies in Ukraine are indeed a counterbalance to the rising Asian Century machine, but what is of concern is what sort of government will unfold.  Putin has cast his lot with China and India, and some lower-profile agreements with Japan, regardless of his recent claims of being 'European' that contradict his military and economic pacts.  The question is if and how long he will remain in power as Neptune and Hades remain near his MC and he proceeds daily in a fog of illusions and imaginings, like his compass is spinning, or he wants to pretend that what's real is not.  It is true that he has create for himself the image of being a brutal tyrant via his actions, even if he believes his catastrophic policies in Ukraine are justified.  It's true that Ukraine has long been under Russian rule, even known as 'Little Russia', and yet it does have its own unique history and cultural blends that tie it to European as well as Central Asian and Turkic Cossack populations. What type of government unfolds in Ukraine is as important as whether it is under Russian government control or not, as Ukrainian politics range from the radical right to the radical left and shades in between, and foreign volunteers are similarly diverse.  However, without a strong European foothold there, Ukraine tilts to the Pan-Asian Shanghai Pact rising in power and global influence for as long as that is at the core of Russian foreign policy. Putin is likely to encounter some rude awakenings as Hades moved beyond 2 degrees past cluster/hard aspect with his MC.

    Keeping of control of the Falkland Islands and the Guianas, as well as Uruguay, western Paraguay, and the Brazilian longitudes between these areas (anywhere near 55 East longitude), continues to be vital to the survival of western democracy throughout the Western Hemisphere.

    About the early Hamburg School articles by Alfred Witte, those were collecte and published in the 'Der Mensch' anthology by Ludwig and Udo Rudolph in 1975 -- and it should be noted that those articles are from the early 20th century, when Witte was still experimenting with traditional astrology techniques, including houses, soft aspects (sextiles and trines), and an emphasis on Arabic Parts techniques that eventually faded away in favor of midpoint techniques.  Thus, those articles function primarily as early historical documents rather than those of his and his Hamburg School colleagues after 1924, or 1935 when the first Rulebook was published  -- and that the Hamburg School evolved substantially since then due to more intensive studies.  Students such as Ruth Brummund were not attached to the idea of perpetuating such traditions, and thus has been among those who threw the traditional techniques in the dustbin when they did not test out as both the most precise and functional (abandoning sign rulers and "Sensitive Points/Arabic Parts")  in practice, and articles on this website explain how and why.  Furthermore, for those who want to dig through the early experiments by Witte.  Thus those articles are largely about historic roots and methods from that time period, excluding later evolutionary developments. The material presented there are experimental, and are, overall, not recommended for beginning students or those seeking current knowledge.

    Michael Feist in Hamburg has published a reprint of the old Witte-Lefeldt Rulebook with some minor modifications, and listing his grandfather, Ludwig Rudolph's name in place of that of Alfred Witte as co-author with Hermann Lefeldt, and all written before 1946.  One can compare the interpretations with those in the Brummund Rulebook, published in electronic format inside the Aureas Special Uranian Astrology software program, along with its Lexicon search function, and clearly see which interpretations are more comprehensive, positive, broadly functional, and suited to present times. Before translations of the Brummund Rulebook were completed, it was labeled as "Innovations" by some parties in the 1980s, while the actual translators endorsed by Ruth Brummund later named the book 'Brummund Rulebook' to honor Ruth Brummund, not conceal its origins, and foil attempts to attribute the book to someone else.

    Several people have reported to me that there's an obnoxious underworld Youtube channel that has been parroting schlocky versions of material from this uranian astrology website for a couple of years or more, while slandering me and my decades of serious work, spewing vicious and ludicrous accusations and bold lies ungrounded in fact. Let me say that the most competent and skilled astrologers learn their techniques quietly on their own, self-motivated, and there is substantial material on this website for doing that... it doesn't require watching tacky videos of screaming fools and attention-cravers spouting dubious self-promotion, mixed with half-baked nonsense, like drunken parrots shouting deceit and lies at the still naive and impressionable.  Internet videos have, unfortunately, regressed astrology back to the era of carnival barkers trying to reduce astrology to oversimplification in order to gain 'followers'.

    The Universal (Cap Ingress of 2021.Dec) chart for 2022 is the beginning of the end of the global political intrigue that escalated in 2019, where Neptune in 22.5-multiple angle to Hades is still within 2 degrees of orb (unfortunately lasting beyond the earlier 1 degree of orb, with Neptune now fused (=ME=JU=AP) with the global communications of Mercury about commercial finance and academic law.  The underhanded tricks of Sun Tzu and the "Shaolin monks" of the Golden Triangle and East China Sea will be gradually exposed. Their use of brainwashed puppets and cults is now as rampant, if not moreso, as/than the late 1960s, for many of those cults never went away and have resurfaced in new formats, sometimes with new labels, following orders to help cover the tracks of the last several years of global corruption tied largely to narcotrafficking and pharmaceutical fraud, and possibly as well to the oil industry afraid of the grossly overdue transition to clean energy, and likely to the opiate addiction epidemic, similar to what Japan did in Manchuria in the 1930s.

  The groundwork for World War 3 has already started at the guerrilla tactic level (NE/HA=ZE), where it can hopefully be stopped before it turns into something like global nuclear catastrophe.  Doing drugs and joining fantasy/denial cults will not fix anything, as should have been learned from the 1960s-70s.  This requires a review of the "Cultural Revolution" era and its true roots and tactics, which geodetic lineups reveal -- it's not what its surface appearances appeared to be, whether in China or elsewhere.  The "Chinese Cultural Revolution" was heavily controlled by 1969 by allies of the "Japanese Red Army" rooted in part in Krasnoyarsk Siberia, Myanmar/Burma, the Pirate-run Andaman Islands, and possibly in western Sumatra Indonesia as well.... like the "Great Leap Forward", it was a disaster plan by foreign moles in China, designed to self-destruct and create anarchy across China.  The flags and "red books" of "Chairman Mao" were often distributed by his most virulent enemies, which he eventually came to realize after it was too late, as he faded away via Alzheimers by the time he shook hands with Nixon. The ultimate result was the later launch of the Asian Century plan Deng Xiaoping and Rajiv Gandhi in 1988, today's East Asian fascism, now amassing power all around the East China Sea, Kashmir, New Delhi, and pointed right at San Francisco, within orb of Vulkanus on the 2:30 Fixed Ascendant for 2022, and 3:12 Fixed Ascendant in 2023, and 3:45 Fixed Ascendant in 2024, approaching from the rural north as Chinatown and Japantown are no longer within San Francisco, whereas San Francisco is within the Chinatown-Japantown Asian Century complex, the cornerstones of which are already evident.  Asian Vulkanus invading forces are taking over everything in sight, in a blitz. Those who speak up about it are harassed or worse by the "Asian Hate" goon squads. Takeover of San Francisco by East China Sea Mafia is already in motion since the early 2000s, its ties to Cairo and Iran and the Emirates having roots in part in the "Kuomintang-Hajj" alliances of the 1960s that explain the otherwise enigmatic high-risk "Antimuslimban" chorus of Chinese mafia politicians in California (and noting Saudi Arabia at the (11:15) midpoint between Muslim Brotherhood Cairo and Tehran, with Vulkanus 22.5 now heading to the Meridian of the Emirates and Oman, and with possible alliances in areas of Russia north of all of those locations as well as western Cossack/Kazakhstan and Turkestan.  Earlier groundwork in the USA was laid via the Confucius Schools in Oregon, followed by the Korematsu Schools in California, as the Vulkanus power hub moves slowly from China to Korea and Japan, and an "Anonymous Buyer" acquiring the rights to the song "Bye Bye American Pie", a Chinese version of New York Times goes into print, while the National Geographic has been overtaken by Japanese controllers, the Atlantic Monthly dominated by Asian editors, and Canada has a Hindu Defense Minister while Kashmir and New Delhi are aligned with the Shanghai Pact, also evident to those watching what's been happening.  The direct connection between San Francisco and New York includes Elaine Chao and Soong family network nested in the 1940s -- Chao once if not still on the board of once San Franciscan Wells Fargo and Bank of America, and once New York's Citibank, all of which bumped San Francisco credit union ATMs during the reign of Mayor Ed Lee.  The Asian Century overtaking Long Island came in part from the earlier Sun Myung Moonie hubs in New York and Pennsylvania, expanding eastward, and in part from the rural decades-old Sun Myung Moonie cult camps north of San Francisco, and now attempting to overtake California's state university system for "diversity and inclusion" programs, if allowed to advance further, seeping into secondary schools via the Korematsu network.  "New Cultural Revolution", indeed, replete with the revived Golden Triangle mafia-run drugging culture and the phony imported cults brainwashing the well-meaning naive with Shaolin Monk Junk.  It should be pointed out that the East China Sea mafia's Vulkanus power is also now pressing in on Florida via 22.5 angle, as well as coastal Texas and Dallas via 45 angle, as well as western Arizona and eastern Colorado via 22.5 angle; with similar energies possible from the Muslim Brotherhood base in Cairo and fusing gradually into Turkey's capital in Ankara. Political operants from these regions are already, evidently, potently  problematic in the San Francisco Bay region, including real estate acquisition (Vulkanus 22.5 to Hades in Cancer real estate underworld stealth possibly tied to Golden Triangle drug money).  There are already functional Chinese-only real estate advert magazines on newstands in coastal San Francisco... if you can't read Chinese, you may not know the property is for sale in San Francisco, Berkeley, and other environs.  FBI investigations of Asian organized crime have been halted or sabotaged by Asian Nationalist lawyers claiming 'racial profiling' or even trumped-up claims of 'Asian Hate'.  If the California economy falls further under Asia mafia control, the impact on the USA as a whole could be devastating, and the same is true is the fall of Greater New York to foreign control, and to a lesser degree, coastal Texas (Houston area Yellowbird Mafia), Florida, western Arizona (infiltration of Native American reservations?) and eastern Colorado, and Edmonton and Regina provincial govt capitals in Canada  -- all highly vulnerable to foreign Vulkanus incursion power now and in the next few years.  Any war with China should be seen as a war against Asian mafia rooted in maritime China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, and Malaysia as the Asian Century unfolds and the Fascist Pan-Asian and East Asian Prosperity Sphere plans are revived, now that German neofascism is more under control although the Schwarzenegger and Merkel machines turn to their backup alliances in Asia.  None of it is really American, regardless of deceptive, imported claims to "Redefine America", and it depends on American ignorance of foreign affairs current and historic.  The history and roots of the Muslim Brotherhood reveal its ties to, if not roots in, German and Asian fascism, both of whom in 1945 were planning to destroy America with the nukes and and missiles that the USA was able to develop first, thanks to Albert Einstein and other heroes of democracy.  The real neofascists are out to destroy and defame America, in revenge for its defeat of the evil global political scourge run from Berlin and Tokyo, whose initial smiling faces morphed into Blitzkriegs and concentration camps, and in the case of Japan, free distribution of opiates to kill off targeted populations via mass drugging.  Neither should people forget how that was coupled with guerrilla warfare and Asian cryptofascist, pseudocommunist "Cultural Revolution" propaganda, how the Indochina war, a war to contain Asian imperial expansion as much as communism, was lost.  American and Australian weapons were no match for Asian "Smart Power" and stealth guerrilla warfare tactics, while one should not forget that today, more than ever, the very important truth that  "He who control internet and computers, media and communication lines, control world" via snooping, sabotage, and communication interception... how Taiwan-born Ted Lieu and his ilk have manipulated the Democratic Party in ways similar to how the German military's Siemens have manipulated the Republican Party since its birth in the 1850s, while given access to critical US national security data.  Postal services in the USA under foreign control are similarly a huge national security risk, as are foreign controls of passport and licensing agencies, and universities and secondary and primary education schools... indoctrinating America's children for foreign objectives, both of which have already begun and are 'on a roll'... students programmed to despise America's founding institutions via lies about its history, and to welcome foreign takeover; security documents in the mail monitored, redirected, or lost.  Transnationally privatized "transcript services" have already altered university transcripts by incomplete scanning, giving foreign applicants the upper edge over Americans for American skilled jobs including tech industry and medicine, as have foreign lobbyists in universities giving preferential admissions or hiring to countrymen in their foreign homelands.  That component of the "Diversity and Inclusion" campaign could spell national infrastructure disaster. Pacific coast federal agencies (including in California) already heading for more foreign than American control via foreign infiltration or stealth surveillance (e.g. Asia Pacific Research Center offices in California), compounded by decades of distribution of counterfeit passports and licenses.  "Who's in Charge?", as Walter Mondale said in facing Ronald Reagan's and the Asian spy Sun Myung Moonie cult's rise to power.  The results are today manifesting from coast to coast.  Who is President of the United States if Biden becomes incapacitated?  Someone asked if Vice-Presidents can be impeached.  The answer is, "Yes, they can", before it's too late.  Advocates of independence of defense-vital overseas US territories (Guam, segments of Micronesia, Puerto Rico), together with mass immigration programs, are already campaigning actively in San Francisco and maybe other America cities at free meal programs for the elderly, shaming Americans for their "privilege" as Americans.  Ask just what exactly the "Ro Khanna Revolution" and the "Change" campaigns entail in full, and who is running them, noting their geodetic lineups in the "Men Behind the Curtain" table... you might be surprised at who appear to be pulling the strings behind the scenes and how at might affect the planned outcomes.

    (American university and college graduates, it may be important to order a copy of your transcript to see if privately-run, contracted 'transcript services', rather than the university or college offices themselves, have sent out the full latest transcript, or just sent out partial copies missing the last page, missing degree data on the side or bottom, or even earlier transcripts prior to your graduation; and report such problems to your university of college of graduation and verify corrections made.  This problems is already known to exist.  Then, send copies of correct transcripts with any applications.  All American employers, as well as American universities and colleges, need urgent attention to this serious problem that could have been preventing American graduates from getting jobs filled by foreign graduates.  The evil side of 'globalism' is already 'afoot'.)


2022Apr18 (updated Apr25: The challenges of President Biden:

    First, note, that President Biden pledged to choose an African-American Vice-President, and it was assumed by many that the reason was to honor and represent the interest of African-Americans rooted in US history and institutions over generations and rectification of injustices accumulated since 1776.  Instead, what happened was Taiwan-born Senator Ted Lieu pushing for Kamala Harris, daughter of Jamaican and Hindu immigrants, to be the Vice-President and serve the Asian Law caucus.  Thus, the interests and perspective of generations-long African Americans were supplanted by those of one of Ted's Asian immigration lobby cohorts. What is being done now is to deepen an alliance between Asian immigrant populations and susceptible African Americans that was organized through the Third World Revolution alliance set up at Berkeley and Princeton in the 1970s. How compatible this is with American politics and interests is a question to ponder, as is why the Democratic Party leadership created the Biden-Harris partnership. The Republican Party knows this and is ready to exploit it in upcoming elections.  Asian immigrant Lieu's control of California Democratic Party telecommunications may well be the main explanation, noting that the Republican party has similar issues especially revolving around Taiwan Chinese immigant Elaine Chao, somehow planted repeatedly in Bush and Trump presidential cabinets, and with overarching influence on policies of the Bush Jr administration -- and Asian immigrant John Yoo, the Korean torture advocate with enough connections to remain at Berkeley despite his brutal stances -- as well as Asian immigrant Delaware Lt Gov and Chao-affiliated (largely foreign) "Heritage Foundation" agent & "8020 Initiative" advocate SB Woo.  What has been called the "China Lobby" is somewhat appropriately named and accurate although missing in reference to Japanese and Korean components, has its roots in the "One World" plan promoted by Madame Chiang Kaishek and the Chinatown "Five Families" network to the also Nazi-wooed 1940 US presidential candidate Wendell Willkie, whose home turf of Indiana's southern river-border was interestingly close to that of Chaoconnell (Elaine Chao husband Mitch McConnell), in the Fort Knox US national gold reserve's home state of Kentucky, straddling the once-bustling Ohio River trade route where the Bush family's "National Manufacturers Associaton" has been headquartered, near Louisville. 

    The "One World" plan of the 1940s is clearly echoed in the "Asian Century" and "ShangriLa" conferences and events in Asia of recent years (too often overlooked by North Americans for their profound significance for today's globalist economy and its overwhelming impact on the USA and Canada, which matches the similar impact from Germany as dominant controller of the European Union, another globalist monstrosity now challenged by Russia and its drive to join forces with the Asian Century "One World" network. The Chinese and Russian elements are rooted in family power networks based in locations now bolstered by the powerful slow-moving Vulkanus in 4th-harmonic cluster with the geodetic MC in recent years, along with the Muslim Brotherhood consolidating power in Cairo, the Caliphate Islamization restoration in Turkey, and in 8th harmonic to New Delhi and Kashmir and their global rise. Vulkanus further aligned with via 22.5 angle in the Ruhr Valley and now Stuttgart and Hamburg as the Ukraine-Russia confrontation unfolds.  All that concurrent with Pluto's global financial power accumulating gradually, since 2000, from 11 Mutables to 28 Cardinals, from west (Iceland), through EuroUnion Brussels and Germany, to East (Kaliningrad, then Finland and Romania) on the one hand, and across the "Asian Century Pact" India and China on the other since 2000 until now, shifting slowly eastward over the 20-year period. Russia's assets in Kaliningrad are likely of great significance, as has been the eventual Turkish control of Libyan oil reserves.  None of these are essentially American, have been in competition with American locations from Colorado eastward across the Central States to the Maine border with Canada, and all threaten to destroy if not infiltrate and overtake the US and Canadian economies and infrastuctures while California and its vast tech and agricultural economy, and Pacific ports, have fallen to foreign control. Can Biden strengthen the US economy and infrastructure in facing competition and even undermining coming from the Asian and European 'trade bloc' Mammoths?  

    Loss of American control over California, a huge percentage of the US economy, could devastate the entire US national economy, and the same true of Canada through loss of control over British Columbia. After the 2020 elections, Sikh investors had parades in the San Francisco Bay area celebrating acquisition of California's agricultural real estate. How are North American concessions to the Euro and Asian 'trade blocs' destroying the USA and Canada from within?  How is the "Asian Century", as well as agents of the New German Empire, and Russia (who could go any direction), lobbying in Washington DC and Ottawa to run our North American government affairs like a pathetic foreign puppet show overdramatizing every potential flaw of American culture and history?  Trump understands none of this in depth, as he did not realize that the revived, militarized Japanese Empire is allied with the centuries-old Chinese maritime mafia of the East China Sea, and has taken over China via privatization, and that the importation of high-tech workers from India further puts increasingly computerized US infrastructure under imported Asian control with the help of his crony, Ajit Pai. Only one more election (2022) could throw California and the US Pacific Coast under permanent Asian political and economic control (with 'California independence' movements already in motion), facilitated by aggressive "inclusive" Asian mass immigration lobbies ready to stuff the ballot boxes with new voters, continue shoving their cronies in positions of economic influence, and 'redefining' schools and education to indoctrinate American children for submission to Korematsu and Confucius... the Ed Lee machine's remaining "Hummingbird Program" and "ForwardUS" plans for population displacement further facilitated by stealthy "Facebook" using data to manipulate people's lives. Ajit Pai et al at the FCC have facilitated Asian takeover of the American internet as well as news media outlets. 

    These are bold realities of Life in the 2020s already in motion in 2000 but denied by the naive or dismissed as petty "xenophobia".  While the USA and Canada were asleep, the transoceanic G7 and Asian Century pirates crept up to the doors and windows, crossed the borders, and took over, via 'Investment' and poking holes and inroads into US and Canadian government and infrastructure.  This could reach a crisis point during the USA 1776 independence chart Pluto return, nonprecessed and precessed, already begun.  The Russia mess with Putin only adds one more globalist disaster to manage while holding other competing foreign interests at bay in the American homeland.  Biden has his hands full, and may need to weed out the rookies and get people on board who both know and love America inside out, including through upbringing and family heritage.  Otherwise, more disasters likely, the lower side of Pluto.

    How can one see Biden's related challenges and possible temporary confusion in his chart?  To start with, President Biden reported a birth time of 08h30 on 1942Nov20 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This yields an MC of 19VI56, which was clustered with (or squared by in traditional astrological terms) transiting Neptune, within 2 degree orb, throughout parts of the 2020 presidential campaign, at election time, and at the onset of his presidential term.  This reflects his messages of compassion and spirit-consciousness, in the positive sense, and yet also risks a lack of realism clouded by unrealistic idealism or dreams, as well as possible deterrence by any sort of intoxicant even including prescribed medications. What this means overall is that while Biden is now generally guided by spiritual principles of compassion that he feels most genuinely at the the core of his consciousness (MC), since it is now clustered with Neptune, he does also risk lack of realism and even susceptibility to the ruses of others around him.  His challenge is to distinguish between dream and manifest reality, literally, as they are not the same.  We might allow for the possibility of an additional 2 degree of orb or possible influence when we consider that the birth time could be up to 8 minutes earlier or later, until a precise birth time has been ascertained. Biden's already-extant natal inclination to genuine empathy and compassion shows via his natal Neptune =MC =Sun in the 32nd harmonic (11:15 angle/aspect/cluster).  Biden is indeed a Man of Compassion that is needed in times of social and even global turmoil and tension, and the configurations show that his dedication to the wellbeing of all of society overrides the more selfish inclinations of his opponents. Yet, he must weigh those inclinations out with assessments of  harsher or underlying realities of life. With Pluto advancing toward 2 degrees from his natal Moon, we can see that his health may improve significantly in coming months and years via a well-justified strict and scientific study and application of healthful dietary regimens, and that may include the abandonment of intake of any sort of unhealthy foods or beverages; and these will also enhance the clarity of his perceptions. It's no time for Junk Food or sugar drinks, as America needs him operating at full and healthful potential.

    We can also look further at which natal midpoints are triggered when any planet, including Neptune, is in orb of his MC, and to the geodetic lineups of near Biden's natal MC at 19VI56, being in 4th harmonic (conjunct or square or opposition) the longitudes of the capitals of the Dakotas, Dodge City KS, Abilene TX (the hometown of President Eisenhower), and Laredo TX (critical US border guard city with Mexico).  Outside the USA, via 4th harmonic, the recent, potentially illusive or deceptive, Neptunian influence comes also from the longitudes of transnational operations in western coastal Ireland, locations in India including Lucknow/Lakhnau and Madras, as well as the eastern Marshall Islands (Moonie cult hub), western Kiribati, and South Island in New Zealand, not to overlook the sea-border between Russia and the USA (Alaska) located between the Komandorskie Islands and Alaska's Attu Island (in the purported "Land Bridge" region touted by the Moonie cult that claims challenged Asian origins of native North American aboriginal tribes).

    At this point I will introduce the technique of looking at geodetic alignments of Neptune and Hades in the natal charts of any individual for their Jungian "shadow", or personal blind spots as defined by Jung himself in his writings, where, as a child of relatively regimented and suppression-oriented Swiss-German culture, he described "projection" as only one of the possible manifestations of the "shadow", i.e. things lingering below full conscious awareness until brought into consciousness through personal reflection and/or investigation; thus, every individual from political leader to the relatively powerless are highly vulnerable to any lack of awareness of influences from cities clustered with either Neptune or Hades (with Hades likely presenting the more likely of risks or even dangers or calculated treachery).  You can look at the 4th harmonic longitude of your Neptune and Hades and how it correlates with places, people, and organizations listed in the "Wo/Men Behind the Curtain" tables on this website.  This is Most significant for political leaders whose decisions affect large numbers of people.

    And if not mentioned before, the global enigma of the long-reigning Muammar Kadafi/Ghadafi/Qadafi regime of oil-rich Libya, still of global importance despite regime-change, is solved in part by looking at geodetic lineups of his politcal posts and institutions and events despite his birthdate being not clearly known; and the same true of other "dictators" and radical leaders who may have been or are little more than puppets of powerful global oligarch networks controlling via money and other strings attached, as was likely the case with "Muammar".  With the somewhat rare 16th harmonic Hades=Vulkanus cluster of recent years (calculated covert and corrupt politics being one major manifestation), we have have seen more of such political puppetry and intrigue than in healthier periods of human history, noting that the more frequent Neptune=Vulkanus cluster could produce the same although less potentially corrupt.  This also means that Things Can Get Better.  The elections of 2024 should ideally be an opportunity to finally flush some of the worst global political corruption out of power, as the Universal/Cap Ingress chart for December 2024 finally shows Hades=Vulkanus 22:30 angle cluster fully outside 2 degrees of orb for the 2025 Calendar Year, gestating during the previous Christmas holiday.  Starts have already been made as the orb was lessened to 1 degree, but the full results will probably require 2 degrees of separation.  Ruth Brummund explained to me that the 2 degree ("secondary") orb is based on the concept that any planet or factor 2 degrees away is also within 1 degree of any midpoint between the two planets or factors showing as 2 degrees apart, thus the 1-degree principle is maintained, while the orb between 1 and 2 degrees is not as potent as the 1-degree orb, but is still significant.  This also confirms the view that the closer the orb, the more potent the cluster (i.e. 'aspect' in conventional terms).

    (Note that Reinhold Ebertin also used the term "cluster" for "aspects" visible on the 90-degree dial, and that wider orbs used by Ebertin were narrowed due to Uranian Astrology involving far more chart points and midpoints to weigh out for priority of effect in assessing entire midpoint axes, as well as entire charts. Note that Ruth Brummund's studies had strong roots in Cosmobiology teachings, in turn heavily considerate of scientific findings validated by 20th century astrological research:

    1) Discarding house systems due to lack of agreement on how to measure them.  This was partly resolved by Witte's separated house systems for the MC and Ascendant, but still considered more impressionistic than more clear and detailed indicators of the same or similar issues via midpoints. The ambiguities of house-division systems was illustrated by the research findings of Michel and Francoise Gauquelin;

    2) Discarding zodiacal signs in interpreting planets (although retaining them as the convention for measuring planetary longitude) -- also more broad and impressionistic than the more clear and detailed indicators of the same or similar issues via midpoints.  This issue is further clarified when using the post-1990 comprehensive and summary interpretations of the Brummund school than with the early, fragmented individual event interpretations of the Witte-Lefeldt Rulebook accumulated between the 1910s and 1940s. Note that evolution of scientific obsevation focused midpoint astrology occurred at a rapid pace, while more conventional astrology often tended to content itself with parroting ancient texts, or quoting other astrologers without testing their assertions for validity, so that scientific astrology made great strides in a 50-year period, while conventional arts-and-crafts or "fundamentalist" astrology stagnated or even regressed;

    3) Ebertin's 'Cosmobiology' astrology was based on current research via scientific method, and Brummund Uranian Astrology associates continued the same principles while accepting the Witte-Sieggrun factors as valid regardless of their precise astronomical classification whether as planets; gaseous bodies (as outer planets, other than 'centaurs', tend to increasingly be); or barycenters of asteroid clusters. Pluto shows similarities to other centaurs, i.e. bodies from outside our solar system subsequently pulled into orbit around our Sun's gravitational field.)

    Note that only the first two Witte-Sieggrun uranian 'planets' are within the orb of the Kuiper Belt, while the remaining 6 beyond, and over half of them Far Beyond the Kuiper Belt.

    NOTE to readers of various astrological media: The "Miami Revolution" channel/show and sites have continued to attempt to co-opt and parrot many points and even statements from current and past manifestations of the Uranian Astrology Institute/Beacon for the last 22 years, while often slandering my contributions at the same time as making highly deceptive claims about representing the Special Uranian program and Ruth Brummund's astrology.  As time permits, I hope to recycle past lessons from egroups as clarified website articles here "before I die" and the material is claimed instead by low-path Wiccans and cackling jackals and pirates of the Atlantic coast cocaine narcotrafficking network and their ilk.  "Innovations" was an alternate name claimed for the "Brummund Rulebook", the English translation copyright for which is issued to me by the US Copyright office, with written permission to translate issued by Udo Rudolph and Ruth Brummund, as posted on this website. Lastly, the difference between a Linguist and a "Wordsmith":  A Linguist is the degreed scholar of the science of the structure and development of human language, who often speaks or reads at very least one foreign language; while a 'Wordsmith' is equated with authors and media journalists who tailor the English language to appeal to their audience.  While I am not one of the main programmers of the Special Uranian Astrology program, I contributed substantially to its development, especially prior to its release in 2005.... I am not just a "software salesman" as implied by the "Miami Revolution" cult leaders, and my primary mission has long been to improve the quality of astrology and seek its rightful place as a scientific field of study.  I do not believe this can be accomplished while the astrology field is dominated by narcotraffickers, "witches", phony praying mantises, or advertisers for "entertainment" events, as sound astrology requires roots in both serious scholarship and willingness to submit to standards of scientific inquiry and research.


2022Apr17: The last death throes of the potent Hades=Vulkanus global stealth power and the Rats in the Kitchen:

    While a focus on Ukraine is certainly needed and important and not to be neglected, what is being neglected too much is the imported foreign takeover of California and its tech industry, ports, real estate, and even agricultural lands, including new immigration that may have been (aggressively) promoted for those very purposes.  While Russia may be losing Ukraine, the USA may be losing California and maybe even Washington state by more subtle but effective Metternich as well as Sun Tzu tactics that join forces at Schwarzenegger and friends including Sony contracts and periodic meetings in recent years with the Merkel-affiliated machine.  A careful study of the geodetic lineups of the Shutdown of US military bases in California in the late 1990s, and what rose to take their place is Very Revealing.  Most clearly, it was Asian Nationalist networks that filled the vacuum when the US troops left, which matches with the increased acquisition of California assets by ambitious foreign influx now heavily woven into local political infrastructure to pave the way and consolidate gains. This has led to a new kind of media censorship due to foreign takeover of internet, radio, TV, and movie production that uses race-themed tactics to silence discussion of the foreign takeovers.  Criticism of Asian takeover is being termed "White Supremacist".  "Asian Hate" legislation is protecting innocent Asians from attacks, as it should, but is not protecting whistleblowers on Asian corruption from attacks by (East, South, and West) Asian political cults, including bodyslamming and provocateur tactics on the streets and in public places, while investigations of Asian Nationalist organized crime networks have been delayed or terminated by sham "justice" claims of racial profiling.  Such tactics by the Falungong and Shinrikyo cults were long reported internationally but not heard or believed by most Americans, while the Falungong (bodyslammers sometimes wearing full-face coverings of large cloth hats and sunglasses), in particular, began churning out their "Epoch Times" and "NTD/Tang Dynasty"propaganda; all the while engaged in mass real-estate acquisition and promises of "Dream Homes" for immigrants in an already grossly inflated real estate market apparently involved in strategies of displacement and repopulation from overseas (e.g. the Ed Lee machine's "Hummingbird Program" to relocate people shoved out of their homes via political blackballing).  This points directly to Vulkanus on the East China Sea coast linked by 22:30 to Hades in the Golden Triangle drug and gun running global mafia hub (and 11:15, midway to the Hongkong region).  America must be careful to not ignore the rats at the back doors along the Pacific coast while all attention is focused on Ukraine, and to review what replaced US military installations (often naval) that were shut down and left as a vacuum filled by foreign-aligned and foreign nationalist military and paramilitary organizations.  THE ALAMEDA AND CONCORD NAVAL BASES NEED TO BE REOPENED IMMEDIATELY AND STAFFED WITH UNEQUIVOCALLY AMERICAN TROOPS... A.S.A.P. and the "SANCTUARY" PROGRAMS REPLACED BY POLICIES THAT PROTECT HUMAN RIGHTS OF IMMIGRANTS BUT ALSO AND MOREOVER OF THE U.S. PUBLIC AND INFRASTRUCTURE FROM FOREIGN INFILTRATION AND SABOTAGE AND HARASSMENT BY FOREIGN CULTS WITH PARAMILITARY BRANCHES.  U.S. MEDIA (TV, RADIO, MOVIE) AND INTERNET OUTLETS NEED TO BE PUT BACK UNDER FULLY-AMERICAN CONTROL SO AS TO NOT CONTINUE TO SERVE AS VEHICLES FOR FOREIGN PROPAGANDA AND INDOCTRINATION. THIS IS WHAT IS EXPECTED OF PRESIDENT BIDEN RATHER THAN REPULSIVE KOWTOWING TO ASIAN LOBBYIST NETWORKS, LIKE HIS FOOLISH ASIAN CULT BRAINWASHED COLLEAGUES AND PREDECESSORS DID. THIS MAY REQUIRE AN EXECUTIVE ORDER BY PRESIDENT BIDEN THAT ALSO MODIFIES THE "ASIAN HATE" ACTS TO INCLUDE HATE ACTS BY ASIAN ORGANIZED CRIME AND CULTS TOWARD AMERICAN CITIZENS.  AFTER ALL, WHO MATTERS MOST TO AMERICA'S OFFICIALS?

    The Hades=Vulkanus configuration does indeed also align with the western borders of Russia and Ukraine, as well as ISIL/ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood hubs in Turkey and Egypt, and should be noted as heading for Guyana and Paraguay and Uruguay (which include Moonie-cult colonies and neonazi hubs  and neighboring longitudes, noting paramilitary groups and cults from outside South America already nested in those countries.  Even the Jonestown extermination colony in Guyana was facilitated if not co-created by the Moonie-affiliated Chinese globalis president of Guyana, Arthur Chung.  Way too few Americans understand the decades-old alliances between Asian and European fascism and their impact on the USA.  I've attempted to inform on the issue via the bibliography presented on this website, but as soon as I added information on Asian fascism, Google swept in to obscure my website via new search criteria that function as Asian censorship out to censor information on Asian fascism and mafia -- longtime allies of the Nazis and friends of the Arnold Schwarzenegger network, together with the Islamofascists, the duplicitous epitome of Evil if there is one.  How many realize that the Palestinian 'nationalist' network was a manufacture of German Nazi and Asian Fascism?  That an "Arab Palestine nation", a province of Turkish Caliphate run Syria, was created with the help of the Nazis and Asian Fascists in order to terrorize the Jews who returned to their historic Israeli homeland and to exterminate them there via 'Intifada'?  How many do not realize that Jesus was a Jew and that most of the Christian Bible was written by Jewish teachers and prophets whose writings formed a framework for the Judeo-christian civilization of today's Europe?  These historic facts have been drowned out by fashionable hyperbole and lies about 'Palestinian Liberation' and quiet sympathies for the restoration of the Islamic Caliphate that tortures and murders thousands, if not more, with justification by quotes from the Koran.  The Nostradamus predictions, for what they are worth, have repeatedly been interpreted to indicate that a vast military alliance of Russia and Asian nations and some African nations will invade and destroy Europe in ways perhaps worse than those of the Huns.  How many current events correlate with that, and can predictions, which may only be warnings of the worst possible case, be defied by acts of human will?  The fact that the BBC recently reported that top-level Russian military leaders were questioning the sanity of PUTIN correlates with the current indicators in his chart of his perceptions of reality now distored not only by the transiting NE/HA midpoint on his Mercury as he initiated the invasion of Ukraine (and still continuing in orb for a while), but both solar arc directed Neptune at tense 22.5 (22:30) angle to Mercury while directed Hades is 11.25 (11:15) to his Mercury.... the man is NOT now thinking clearly and is subject to grave errors in judgment while he leads an insanely catastrophic and terroristic war at Russia's borders.  The most effective way to stop the madness is Russian official intervention to replace him as war policy-maker before he, consciously or semi-consciously, pushes the world to the brink of nuclear war that will ultimately destroy Russia itself along with other nations.

    Meanwhile, with the German Wehrmacht's Laubenthal still in command of US troops in Europe, and if that is so, it it wise, given the history German-Russian relations and the duplicity of Germany during the Cold War, and Germany's perpetual ambitions to regain control of Russia, as it did functionally, in tandem with Austria, during the reign of the last few German-heritage Czars over Russia?  Should not US policy be US policy, and should not US troops be under the command of US officers, or at very least of a nation allied with the USA during the last 2 catastrophic World Wars?  Putin's years in Germany could have had a rather large impact on his outlook and German ability to know how to push his buttons, noting that being German was clearly more important to East Germans than being a state obedient to Russian controls,  having a fierce sense of nationalism that has never gone away.

    I would think that since Vulkanus is approaching the end of its 2-degree orb around 22.5 angle to Hades that Israeli intelligence services will unravel the gross Hades=Vulkanus corruption of the last several years, but could be deterred by unwitting or unwise alliances with political networks involved in that very corruption.  The 22.5 angle was past 1 degree orb this year, which may be the beginning of the resolution, but the trashiest products of the several-years-long HA=VU cluster could linger until there is a full 2 degree departure away from the 22.5 angle in solar ingress chart effective in 2025, and effectiveness will depend on the most ethically spotless elements of Israeli intelligence services, with possible collaboration from the same within Australian, authentically American, and authentically Canadian intelligence services unsympathetic to the Pan-Asian alliance described by Nostradamus (e.g.. today's Shanghai Cooperation Organisation).  Meanwhile, Thailand will have to struggle with the possiblity of Golden Triangle mafia spilling into Bangkok and overtaking Thai national infrastructure, which may have already started a few years ago as the Bamboo Union mafia overtook Cambodia, and it will need help from Australia, or even Israel, and their allies, to counter those problems.  Hades in recent years has a clearly evidenced correlation with flourishing years of Golden Triangle mafia networks globally, teamed with East China Sea maritime mafia networks (Green Gang descendants, and Yakuza, etc).  New Zealand and Australia both should be cautious in signing agreements with southeast Asians tied closely to the nations north of them.

    (Lastly to note here for astrologers -- I don't know exactly what is actually running the "Miami Revolution/My Astro World" uranian astrology operation that has attempted to impersonate and co-opt what I have done here for more than 20 years, but there has been periodic mention there of German as well as Turkish military collusion, along with a lot of very cloudy gameplaying, while claiming nominally to promote the Special Uranian program but essentially trying to co-opt and defame elements of it via added derogatory comments and mention of "deconstruction" amenable to hijacking, including repeated advocacy of fusion with ACS programs that require exposing internal program code that would allow for piracy and co-option, noting that ACS and Astrolabe formed a fusion partnership of sorts several years ago.  More stealth skullduggery that began as early as 2005 during the NCGR headquarters shakeup focused on giving Astrolabe a functional monopoly over uranian astrology in the USA, using the NCGR as a primary vehicle, and their fawning puppets on the front lines paving the way.  The Uranian Institute has not sought to monopolize uranian astrology, but has been seen as a threat to previous monopolies more oriented toward 'witchcraft', astrological bingo shows, selling big conference tickets, or feeding their alcohol and drug addictions -- elements that I have strived to keep away in their own sordid games of arts-and-crafts pop astrology for casino show 'entertainment'... i.e. "Astrotrash" that fulfills the worst stereotypes of astrology-bashers.  I would also point out that the "Miami Revolution" head icon spouts adherence to the Brummund method while often not practicing it, because there is no depth of understanding there of that method -- which is only one method in existence, but an effective one in principle, developed with consideration of the findings of scientifically-oriented Cosmobiology, the Gauquelin research, and basic principles of the harmonics research of John Addey that match up with existing research by experienced Uranian astrologers including Ruth Brummund and her associates.  I hope to detail in what ways the "Miami Revolution" leadership contradicts what Ruth Brummund taught, based on decades of experience, and is not fit to represent Ruth's train of thought.  That being a methodological approach to astrology rooted in the findings and goals of Johannes Kepler and Alfred Witte... i.e. test the methods and abandon the ambiguous and least accurate, and strive to honor astrology as a science, which it is after discarding nonsensical methods based solely on replication of historical texts from the dark ages of superstition and "witchcraft" and other worthless buffoonery that keeps so much of astrology in or near the garbage can and the dens of degenerating addicts.  The lofty science of astrology is capable of, and deserves better than, primitive superstitions and fudging techniques, but cannot get there when the organizations are run by those who compromise with playtime entertainment hobbyists and perpetuators of its most primitive forms.  Moreover, as pointed out by most of precision midpoint astrology's advocates, Event Prediction is not only the main objectives of sensible astrology, which recognized that astrological configurations only present a set of probabilities to be further shaped by free will and psychological and environmental factors.  Thus one may accurately identify events, as possibilities within a range of options, in retrospect -- but not always predict precise events dependent on non-astrology variables equally present in life at all times.  As with most all sciences, on can usually only predict a range of probabilities.  As for proof of astrological influence, some of the most valuable lessons are those using the charts of well-known personalities with documented biographies and thus potentially familiar to the broadest possible range of students and research analysts, and verifiable by documented history. Individual case studies of relatively obscure individuals can also be informative although may be of limited interest to a broader range of students.  All can be useful if the data are known to be authentic.)


2022Mar22: Vulkanus at 3 degrees Fixed Signs and current global power shifts:

    Events in Ukraine will determine the global balance of power in the future, as Vulkanus reaches toward Moscow and Japan/Korea, And Pluto makes its return in the USA 1776 chart.  The western world has not paid adequate attention to the duplicity of the Merkel network in Germany (i.e. accusing the USA as being the source of Nazism, or of the USA spying on Germany when it's been the other way around for decades via Siemens invasion of US communications technology and networks.  Americans have not paid adequate attention to Merkel's visits and ties in Malaysia and neighboring countries, her program to redistribute Muslim immigrants all over Europe, and Schwarzenegger's employment by Sony, his dual citizenship, and his connections in East Asia.  US policy cannot make sense in years ahead while falling dupe to Any foreign agent or letting them run US policy at any level.  What "Realpolitik"/stealth deals are the Austro-German empire builders cutting with Moscow, Beijing, Taipei,Tokyo, and New Delhi?  Will Ukraine become a western democracy, a German puppet state, or a state in alignment with Caliphate-aligned Cossacks?  How many leaders understand the root of Islamic Jihad in WW2 Axis support for the Muslim Brotherhood and Caliphate Jihadists in Egypt and the Middle East, and their increased rather than decreased power today?  What's with the Asian Law Caucus railing to put America at risk by advocating for immigration from Jihadist-cult-infiltrated nations?  Where does the powerful Aga Khan network (with Vulkanus now at its power-base via 8th harmonic) truly stand in the middle of all of this?  The extant "SCO/Shanghai" alliance between Russia, India, Pakistan, and China could fufill the "Dream" of an "Asian Century" announced by India and Taiwan-unificationist Chinese leaders in Beijing at the Deng-Gandhi meet 1988Mar22.  That meeting sounded like an unattainable dream at that time, but not so now, especially if in alliance with Russia and Japan.  The history of Russian and Japanese monarchist fusions in Manchuria should also not be written off as irrelevant history (i.e.things to be studied but not replicated). Are these foreign imperial dreams being imported into the national infrastructure and halls of government the USA and Canada?  The answer to that is an unequivocal "yes, they are".  Are they being imported as part of the "Diversity and Inclusion" and new mass immigration campaigns?  Yes, they are.  Are they part of the "Redefine America" campaign?  Yes, they are. Global Power on the immediate horizon is now focused along the Russia-to-Cairo axis, and the Chino-Japanese East China Sea axis.  The only western democratic counterbalancing 4th-harmonics hubs are in Alaska, French Polynesia, Newfoundland, and the Guianas-to-Falkland longitudes that include Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay; Denver longitudes in 8th harmonic.  British loss of Barbados to Asian forces would tilt heavily in favor of a literal "Asian Century" that could include a Chino-Japanese-Russian alliance that could turn Australia upside-down, and the most potent invasion would me most likely via the state of Western Australia via nocturnal coast and air forces. Slow Hades still remains within 2 degrees of 22.5 to Vulkanus, and the stealth partners of East China Sea forces would most likely come via Burma/Myanmar, Sumatra, Thailand, or Malaya, and could include Golden Triangle contraband networks known to be mass-producers of narcotics and weapons exported not only to Australia but all around the Pacific Ocean rim, including up and down the coastline of the Americas, North and South.  Is that part of "Change" that the pushy lobbyists at the US federal buildings peddle?  Is foreign control of US phone and internet lines and technology an inroad for foreign subversion and manipulation by the devious?  Unfortunately, probably so.  Once again, America's goodwill offers of powersharing has been turned into avenues for vengeance, trouble, and subversion, just as it did during the Indochina War period and the "Third World Revolution" venues.  American troops had better be sent to revitalize abandoned Pacific coast bases, or disaster could unfold as Pluto does its thing on the chart of the US Declaration of Independence from foreign powers from Anywhere around the globe.  In 1776, global Vulkanus power was at 18 Mutables (and thus also 3 Fixed).  As precessed Pluto makes its final return in 2024, there will also be a Full Solar Eclipse over Rio Grande Texas border as well as the coast and borders of easter Maine, where foreign controls over Loring Airbase are very high risk.  In 2024, Vulkanus will also, again be at 3 Fixed just as it was 1 degree from in 1776 (and 18 Mutables by 8th harmonic extension), i.e. at interestingly similar locations as in 1776.  That means that full Canadian support for the USA in Newfoundland, and Greenland bases north of it, as well as from the Guianas, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, the the Falkland and South Shetland and South Orkney Islands is vital for US national security at the Pluto return and Full Solar Eclipse, when US borders may be at high risk of security leaks.  It also means the need for secure and certain allegiance with Britain.  This is no time to play footsies with foreign influence over American or Canadian government functions, especially from Russian or East Asian or Islamic nationalist forces, noting that India and Pakistan recently since the SCO/Shanghai Pact with Russian and China, and already signed the Asian Century pact with China in 1988.  The "Change" may need to be "changed" again to a different direction, in order to avoid the worst effects of Pluto, remembering that Fascism was also a force all across Asia (Kamikazes and their Chinese minions, Russian Fascists, Hindu Fascists, and Mideast Jihadists) and not just in Germany, Austria, and Spain and its colonial remnants.  The power of Asian Fascism ("People of Color" Fascism) yesterday and today has been too often forgotten while looking at the German problem. There was historic Nazi and Japfascist infiltration all over Latin America, some posted on the FBI website until "change" after Japan-born Harry Harris took over the US Pacific Fleet.  Are Americans paying attention to foreign corporations taking over US news media and internet outlets?  If so, maybe not enough.  Why were police officers involved in the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis cherrypicked to exclude participants of Asian heritage and focus only on the "Old White Men" as guilty parties?  There's a stange new game going on in Washington DC, and it smells weird sometimes.  Americans have been attacked on the streets by Asian bodyslammers, but that didn't get media attention.  There's a difference between social justice, and social revenge and subversion.  An extremist "Tea Party of the Left" has indeed emerged and fused into government.  Pluto transits must avoid extremism if the outcome is to be constructive, especially as foreign interests are invited into the country at the speed of light with mass immigration programs amounting to gerrymandering via mass immigration and displacement that especially affect coastal states.  America deserves better than transnational/globalist subversion. Mass immigration has repeatedly been hosted by corporate interests seeking a new pool of cheap labor to oust Americans, time and again.  The Statue of Liberty is Not a founding American icon.. it's only a bit less than half as old as the United States.  ALL the facts of American history need study, not just those that are cherrypicked to make America look ugly and deserving of guilt and humiliation.

    I live in Oakland, where the Black Lives Matter movement is said to have strarted, and can tell you from first-hand observations that a movement to establish social justice from Americans of African ancestry was set up in part by, and is being used by, invasive radical Asian nationalist interests, and is rooted in Asian extremist elements left over from the Indochina War era who ran similar propaganda campaigns to defuse the Indochina War and enable Asian global imperialist expansion, matching exactly with Vulkanus now conjunct the geodetic MC in the East China Sea, hub of Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwan naval and underworld maritime operations who have powerful lobbyists in Washington DC and America's Pacific rim state governments... and that at 45/8th harmonic angle to Kashmir and New Delhi, so Go Figure.  "Redefining America" via mass immigration and infrastructure and government foreign takeover?  Probably.  It's very visible along the Pacific coast, and they have plenty of brainwashed and bribed minions willing to help "build the bridge" for crossover and campaign to shut down US bases in the Pacific that defend America and its genuine allies against stealthy invasion and subversion tactics.

    Watch carefully who and how attempts to shut down or control or manipulate US and British overseas, and Canadian and Australian bases have been and are being implemented as East Asia and the Moscow-Ankara-Cairo axis rises to power.  Watch how foreign-origin and foreign-manipulated legislators in North American halls of government are playing games with North American economies and thereby turning society, media, and infrastructure, even national security operations. upside-down and inside-out.  Does anyone truly believe that the world will be a better place under the rule of nations with almost no democratic traditions?  Watch how the long-totalitarian nations are subverting and destroying the institutions of the world's longstanding democracies, trying to replace them with imported halloween parades.

    Today's East Asian and Mideast and Russian Vulkanus still presses at New York's Long Island and is inching slowly from southwest Oregon and northwest California counties toward San Francisco and Reno, as well as into eastern Texas.  Asian charter schools and media are already reprogramming American children for an Asian-run social order.  Is that what Americans really want?  Learning skills from other cultures is one thing, but submission to foreign cultures is surrender to imperialism and colonization.  After World War 1, Democratic Nationalism was the international solution to the tyranny of the multinatonal empires that nearly destroyed Europe, and it worked well until the same old bloody empires were revived and remilitarized.  Why has that lesson not been learned?  Why are some governments instead following the advice of the Axis powers and their militant feudal societies in handling international problems?  Why must continental blocs demand overdrive and premature erasure of deep-rooted national identity and local autonomy in local matters?  What would be the possible outcomes of any sort of World War 3, if it were unleashed?  Clearly, North America would be disabled by controls from any of the Vulkanus power hubs in East Asia or the Middle East or the Russian frontiers in Europe or northeast Asia around the Manchuria longitudes.  Germany and Italy (at 22.5 from 3 Fixed MC) would now or in the near future be the most potent potential counterbalance in Europe, but would also be the main targets of retaliations (at 3 Fixed Ascendant), and possibly neutralized rather quickly, since the Vulkanus is only 22.5 to the MC while Vulkanus is literally conjunct the Ascendant), meaning in war with Russia German and Italy would likely be wiped out quickly from the start, and with EuroUnion or NATO forces concentrated primarily in Germany, all of continental Europe would then more quickly fall to retaliatory measures, and the British Isles and Iberian Peninsula would be relatively defenseless.  The British Isles would remain neutralized by Russian wartime retaliation.  Canada or the USA under Asian control could be made more impotent against, or complicit in, Asian military alliance advances.  Not to overlook that Vulkanus now aligns with Japanese military bases in the East China Sea.  Who are Japan's closest allies in reality?  With Japan's Scorpio Ascendant that tends to keep quiet about vulnerabilities and intentions, who will know?  How will the Philippines and Indonesia, which also include Vulkanus on MC regionally, and canny Scorpio Ascendant, act in a global power-balance confrontation?   Since world war has been brought up since the time of the McCain presidential campaign, should the world not be preparing for a potential world war and its likely course of events, just in case?

    A European base in Ukraine would be a vital counterbalance to an Pan-Asian or "SCO" alliance (which Nostradamus happend to predict), but Nostradamus also predicted European defeat and even devastation in the event of such a war, meaning Ukraine as a warning for the rest of Europe of Russia's military potential.  China's reticence may also be related to fear of loss of potent peacetime influence in the USA and Canada.  Nostradamus wrote as though China might remain relatively unscathed, and geodetic lineups concur with this, except possible destruction of significance in Xinjiang.

    A final thought lit by BBC reports on Russian military leadership reactions to Putin's belligerent and destructive policy in Ukraine.  We can see in Putin's chart (unknown time and so MC, AS, and MO uncertain), that he now has directed Neptune and Admetos on his natal Mercury, and that the current Universal (Capicorn Ingress) Chart for the 2022 calendar year shows (transiting) NE/HA midpoint on his Mercury, with Neptune and Hades both near 11:15 angles to Mercury.  Morever, the Univeral chart also shows tZE on his Mercury, tHA on his natal Poseidon, and tNE on his Apollon.   What this indicates overall is the likelihood of his judgment impaired by toxins, whether from illness, addictions, medication, or poisoning... .and a tendency to react with defensiveness based on fears that may not be grounded firmly in reality.  This matches the BBC report assessing some top Russian military reactions to his current warlike policy.  An overall chart assessment, including geodetics, is that Putin may eventually self-destruct due to his war policy, that there is not in reality unequivocal support for his war policy, and that he would be wise to concede Ukraine.  If he will not concede, then Europe and NATO should proceed with caution, and provide strong defense in neighboring countries as now indicated.  Remember that global power is now conjunct, first and Foremost, at the East China Sea naval bases of China, Taiwan, and Japan (and possibly Korea if joined with Japan in the Ryukyu Islands).  Would any of those East Asian nations seek war in Eastern Europe for their benefit?... a war that could destroy much of Europe (and thus fulfill Nostradamus prophecies, by the way).   The situation is one of very delicate balance-of-power, and it may be important to consider the Putin might fall from power due to inadequate support, and Moscow see a more rational and realistic regime installed.  In any case, it does remain that a European-friendly regime in Ukraine is a counterbalance to the potential potency of a Russia-China global alliance already manifest in the SCO/Shanghai Treaty, which may find allies in Turkey and Egypt.  The situation in the Philippines is equally delicate with another crazy dictator who's made concessions to local southern colonies of jihadist-leaning elements bridging into Indonesia and Malaysia.

    It appears that western approaches to the situation need to be made with great caution and depth of longterm assessment.  It has already been made clear by western leaders that the risks of war spreading outward from Ukraine may be as deadly serious as they have been for Ukrainian citizens, and with consideration that the dismissal of the warring dictators may be the most effective solution.  How much support does Putin really have in Moscow?  

    There are two times circulated for him... 09h30 reported by Pierre Robert at Astralis in Madrid, and 13h00 per Russian astrologer Boris Yitzrael.  The 09h30 charts shows tHAVU=AS at the current Universal/Capricorn Ingress, indicating he is surrounded by secretive political forces, =MC/SU affecting his physical health and clarity about aspirations.  Again, the issue of possible poisoning comes up, and his mental state affected by either poisoning, or perception of surrounding possible subterfuge, or both.  The 13h00 chart shows the current Universal Chart tVU still on his Ascendant for that time; both charts indicte intense external pressures and power-struggles going on.  Putin may know he's in checkmate on a chessboard, and Universal tHAVU is on his MC, indicating that with a 13h00 birth time, he may consider resignation, although with reluctance, and this chart also shows dHA=MC, while the 09h30 chart shows dPLHA=AS (again the surrounding secrecy of associates), yet with dJU=MC meaning inward optimism that can also be foolhardy due to overestimation of ultimate positive outcomes.

    The war is not a Russian-Ukrainian war -- it's a Global War in the making if it Does Not Stop, with potentially disastrous outcome.  

    Is a war desired mostly by Putin one that either Russia or the world will benefit from?  Will Russia fall if Putin resigns?  Probably not, but it could take on a very new direction less inclined to wipe out Ukrainians.

    Could Putin be persuaded to retire by less compulsive leaders in the Kremlin, realizing that there may be no winners in his war except maybe China and Japan, getting "old white men out of the way" for the stated "Asian Century" plan?  In a very global 21st century, rife with slimy lobbyists and covert politics accentuated with the continued HA=VU stealthy politics cluster affecting the whole world, the position of every country on the planet and its risks should probably be considered before very weighty decisions are made.  The solution is not likely to be found "among the dumbbells".  Secretary of State Clinton sought to reach out to Putin and play chess in peace, knowing Russia was not to be played with, but was sabotaged by the retrograde Hoover Institute.  There is another Russia within its borders that maybe knows that accords with common roots in Europe and America may be smarter than trust in the wily, volatile Dragons of the East and their whimsical moves. 


2022Mar03: Interpreting the Ariespoint, and Charts of the USA (edited Mar14).

    First, the more general astrological issue.... writing as an avid reader of technical astrology books and journals since the 1970s, and an individual with at least 3/4 heritage in pre-1776 American ancestors, I would point out that the "Correct Chart of the USA" has been repeatedly debated, and each time left unresolved precisely because there is more than one event relevant to the founding of the United States -- and each chart shows pertinent event confirmation because they all represent the USA at different stages of unfoldment.

    1776 charts represent the most decisive action to establish the USA as an independent country separate from the Hanover monarchy in London (and I say this because British Parliament was not always in full agreement with the monarchs on colonial policy).

    Next came the Articles of Confederation, followed by the US Constitution at its various stages of development.

    Each historical event clearly relevant to the formation of the USA as an independent nation is a relevant chart, and may show validation of events via directions/progressions and transits.

    Moreover, the nature of the event may be more relevant to one founding chart than another.  Is the event more about government?  Or war to defend natioal sovereignty?  Or issues covered more specifically by the governmental meetings or documents prepared or finally ratified and signed?

    In addition, Udo Rudolph, one of Ruth Brummund's closest partners in uranian astrology research, used the 1776Jul04 chart for analysis of the USA, as did the American Federation of Scientific Astrologers (now AFA) for decades.  In an NCGR Journal of Fall 1997, in contrast, British astrologer Axel Harvey joked in what he called a "Tory View" that "Uncle Sam was born when King George cried Uncle" in 1782. An Astrolabe affiliate astrologer preferred the 1781 chart of the British military surrender at Yorktown (i.e. King George crying Uncle before that); and a third astrologer found confirmation of the 1776Jul04 chart although with an Ascendant of unclear origins. 

    Anyone wanting to prove "the only valid chart" is wasting their time other than as a lesson in validating events and/or the correct time they occurred.

    Reading Ariespoint (0 degrees Aries, or 0 degrees Cardinals on the 90 degree dial).  It is clear in most uranian astrology literature, and especially in that of Ruth Brummund, that the Ariespoint is not a personal point in the chart, and therefore does not necessarily involve the personal will or psyche of the individual other than where MC or Sun or Moon forms midpoints or a cluster on Ariespoint.  Otherwise, and in most of the planetary pictures on the Ariespoint, unless it is clustered with the MC or Sun or Moon, the Ariespoint axis refers to situations and events in which the native is surrounded in public/universal settings (and the latter could also include via internet dealings). The native's Mars might also indicate how the native exerts active will in such situations, depending on how it is configured with the MC or Sun.  To read the entirety of the Ariespoint pictures as the personal character of the native is thus not likely to yield accurate results.  Rather, unless personal points are involved on the Ariespoint axis, sometimes called "the Ascendant of the World", it refers to the public conditions directly involving the native, including others one interacts with in public settings. 

    Moreover, uranian astrologers have for years disparaged the excessively negative overemphasis of the interpretations of the Witte-Lefeldt Rulebook, the last edition of which was published in German in 1946 (with English translations appearing after that, some with very minor alterations).  Anyone who is an "expert" on the Ruth Brummund method of uranian astrology would know this, and not use it to represent uranian astrology in its current state, as Ms Brummund wrote her new interpretations specifically due to such deficiencies of the Witte-Lefelt reference, and anyone with access to the Brummund Rulebook can see this rather clearly.  The negativity of the Witte-Lefeldt Rulebook (and especially of the additions of Lefeldt) is due in part to the cultural and ideological climate of the Nazi era, and to Witte's initial observations being of wartime events including those on the World War 1 battlefields.  That old interpretation book is simply not attuned to current times in civilian life, the evolution of society since 1946, or beyond the outlook of Lefeldt (a literal Nazi government propagandist). The translations of the Witte-Lefeldt Rulebook are thus useful primarily as historical documents for study of how astrological interpretation evolved over the last century, functionally obsolete yet is still promoted assertively by a circle of Atlantic coast narcotraffickers and collaborators unable to legally obtain copyright or controls over the later Brummund interpretation text.


2022Feb25 (updated Mar03): HA=VU Ukraine, Russia, East China Sea strategists, continued glimmers of revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere and Russia's ambiguous multiple treaties.  Note that Vulkanus at 3 Fixed signs in the current Universal/Cap Ingress chart, and aligned with Russian bases launching attacks on Ukraine, and thus that 3 Fixed Ascendant is where any relevant Russian or its allies' operations are likely to infiltrate or invade, i.e. North Seacoast of western Germany and its BND/Gestapo HQ in Munich, Czech-German border, Austria, eastern tip of Italy, coastal former Yugoslav republics, Albania, and Ionian coastal Greece.  These can be covert/guerilla-type or submarine operations with Hades still very close to 2 degrees from 22.5 to Vulkanus. Warning to watch carefully exactly where Turkey aligns officially or unofficially with elements in both Russia and Ukraine.  Ukraine is a multicultural country, with a mixture of Slavic, Germanic, and Turkic (Cossack/Kazakh) inhabitants, among others.  That is a separate issue from whether Ukraine was under Russian imperial rule or not. Russia always could choose to align with power bases in Europe, or power bases in Asia, and thus part of the hesitancy and caution in approaching the situation; as the powerful Cossack/Kazakh element in Ukraine could also seek alliance with the reviving Panturkist Caliphate movement revolving around Turkey, whose financial power has been boosted significantly by its recent military occupation of Libya (restoring old 'Barbary Pirate' colonial ties and big oil money). And Vulkanus power in Egypt could be aligned directly with Saudi Arabia and its heavy investment (Suez, etc) controls there.  Americans need to wake up to the fact that foreign investment in America brings foreign controls in/of America and its infrastructure, and that it enhances foreign interests via PRIVATIZATION, which foreign-backed lobbies have pushed repeatedly over the years -- e.g. the radical Chao/McConnell massive tax cuts for the wealthy paved the way for Asian investment/controls of US infrastructure that Chao's transnational financial network had already been seeking by various means; and geodetic alignments show possible if not probable direct ties between Chao and the wealthy, powerful, and aggressive, bipartisan Asian Law Caucus/Ed Lee network in California (and the old Phil Gramm/Wendy Lee network in Texas).  Activities of the USC's 'Schwarzenegger Institute' and similar Asian cryptofascist programs there, and his ties to Merkel and Sony Corporation and cynical disruptive 'Grass Roots Revolution' mass immigration and dramatized domestic race politics need thorough nationwide scrutiny. Nazi-child Schwarzenegger wanted to be the alternative to Trump, and he was groomed by German interests to be a politician in America and eventual US President, as verified by German authors in 2000.  A foolish change in the US Constitution to allow the foreign born to be US President would pave his way to "flex Reichspower" in the White House.  

    Note that the following 2022Jan08 entry referring to 2022 global corruption spots, directly relevant to all this of today, has been substantially updated since initial posting, and could possibly include fallout/retaliation from hostile wartime nations, noting that this does include Afghanistan and Pakistan locations in 32nd harmonic (11:15 angle), addressing the wisdom of clearly high-risk Pan-Asian Nationalist promoted "Muslim Hate" and "Asian Hate" immigration influx campaigns (faciltated by the Asian Law Caucus, and initiated in part by children of Japanese Fascist military as well as the Kuomintang Tong that has fused off-and-on with the Chinese Communist Party despite their overdramatized internecine conflicts) and affiliated cults and immigrant politicians who love their homelands and their traditions, and hate America and its institutions to be "gotten out of the way". This is and should be addressed in a fully American bi-partisan manner, for the sake of American national unity and stability. The protection of Americans against Asian mafia and cults should be a higher priority, but in the recent weird political climate, that's been somehow reversed, due to the very slick "Asian Law Caucus" trickery and lobbying run by manipulative and uber-rich Asian real estate cartels poised to overtake Pacific coast state governments (and land, of course) if not stopped at the ballot box ASAP.  Asian Nationalism is actually the most serious threat now to US National Security, but since Taiwan Republic of China immigrant Ted Lieu, with his nose buried in US National Security data and in control of California political party communications for reasons yet to be clarified (maybe Moonie cult tactic manipulations?), arranged for Kamala Harris to be at President Biden's elbow rather that for a genuine female African-American to be Vice President as the party campaign promised.

    Effective deterrence is required from US federal agencies aware of, and not naive about, the risks of massive Asian immigrant influx, with attention to weird or brainwashed Euro or Asian-based transnational cults springing up, whether neonazi, neoasianfascist (more recently resurgent and blaming WW2 fascism on "white people" alone), or sham 'progressive' cults run by them or possible Russian influences (as there have long been Russian fascists (e.g. Vonsiatsky et al) among the broad Russian political spectrum including underworld networks).  The general American public need to calm down, cool jets, avoid cults, and dialogue sincerely with American 'opponents' egged on by foreign lobbyists and their games and cults (including those manipulating the "Harry-Meghan" Hollyweird-hosted melodrama).  Deep-rooted Americans need to maintain unity in facing foreign agent manipulation.  Need to stop the Trump personality debate and change it to rational discussion of Trump's policies, not hair, what matters.  Foreign lobbying of politicians and public have created huge problems.  All this correlates with the Pluto return in the USA Independence Chart of 1776, at circa 27:30 Cardinals and thus the Tianjin-Qindgdao and Nanjing-Shanghai regions in China, the westernmost borders of Russia; eastern Turkey and Egypt near the Libyan border, and by 22.5 angle to 12:30 Mutables to the Taliban and Sikh hubs in eastern Afghanistan and Pakistan and Kashmir, which geodetics point right to.  Thus, a healthy dose of American 'Nativism' is not a bad thing (unless manipulated by Asian spies touting the "Land Bridge Theory".  Pro-immigration lobbies are repeatedly linked to concealed agendas that foreign Vulkanus push and geodetic alignments on America confirm, with special problems from Golden Triangle (at 22.5 angle, narco and weapons production global hothouse often run by the China Sea mafia) and Muslim Brotherhood (similarly affiliated?) influx.  Who is trying to "Redefine America", including via mass and disruptive immigration, should be heavily scrutinized, and the current and former foreign influences on American economics and government need careful study for their deleterious influence on the American public. Elaine Chao and convicted arms traffickers Leland Yee 'Shrimp Boy' Chow/Chao, and former Mayor Ed Lee as individuals, and the still-extant Moonie-Falun cult network and permutations, regardless of their race, need very thorough scrutiny, while innocent immigrant individuals as well as Americans as a whole need to be protected from related violence and global mafia intrigue or retaliation on whistleblowers.  Incidents of clear physical and psychological provocation/provocateurs from either direction need to be considered.  African/Black American networks, including Black Lives Matter, need to deal with foreign and immigrant political networks (Tong and Muslim Brotherhood) with caution, and not get caught up in their games and deceptive "color" lobbying campaigns, especially the radicalizing ones puppeteering clashes on American streets.  Foreign influences are repeatedly using foreign-interested and foreign-driven Race Politics and immigration chaos to create further chaos detrimental to America, as well as colonization schemes.  Asian Nationalism has become as much a problem as 'white' Nationalism and needs study of its origins and objectives, as do what treacherous games the globally powerful Schwarzenegger-Merkel-Sony network, and their dallyances in Hongkong and Malaysia, have been stealthily playing with America, on top of the unfolding Russia-Putin mess.  All of that needs urgent attention, as signified by Vulkanus and Pluto geodetic alignments, with the facts confirming their impact, as as Vulkanus was in the 2010s reinforcing anti-American blocs now at the 27:30 Cardinal return position of Pluto.   Are the German-run Halifax Security Forums exerting problematically undue influence on American (and Canadian via Halifax?) policy, i.e. is the USA being manipulated into disadvantageous policy due to foreign influences in those forums with their own foreign objectives manipulating America?  Are Chinese or Taliban or Sikh elements now meedling similarly?  Pluto and Vulkanus alignments at related events give insights.

    Biden needs to keep his distance from radical/extremist elements attempting to sway United States national policy into vulnerability to transnational intrigue, subversion, or functional takeover or colonization.  The aforementioned problematic foreign influences are, and have in recent years, been confirmed via slow and lingering geodetic alignments, in particular of Pluto, Hades, and Vulkanus, with both geodetic MCs (self) and Ascendants (others), as well as MCs and Ascendants of current local, event, and ingress charts, as already covered in earlier blog entries and website articles here.  Geodetics are highly useful for analysis of global affairs affecting large numbers of people on a social scale, and moreso than ever due to current globalist policies (and crises).

    *** The impact of slick foreign political organizations like the "Asia-Pacific Research Center" on US domestic and foreign policy needs thorough scrutiny, as does proximity (within surveillance distance) of its offices to Pacific coast US federal government offices, and to the "Stanford Research Institute", founded in part by WW2 Nazi/Fascist Axis agents -- and in particular for their creation and manipulation of transnational political cults creating chaos on America's streets not unlike that of the 1960s-70s. ***

    Geodetics indicate that Post-WW2 Asian Fascist infiltration and controls over the supposedly "Maoist communist Cultural Revolution" were and are (on its surviving organizations) more extensive than generally thought. This is a key example of where apparent radical right and radical left sometimes merge (via infiltration and manipulation), and where full-face-covering, including eyes and upper facial features, readily facilitates such diabolical intrigue.  The sham "Japanese Red Army" was/is a prime example of such intrigue and duplicity, per geodetic indicators, being Japanazi/fascist networks disguised as Asian communists or 'progressives', for decades.  Current radicalized and violent organizations are rooted in remnants of the Asian "Cultural Revolution" (overlapping the "Third World Revolution" as well as duplicitous postwar Nazi networks from Europe).  None of that is rooted in or  worthy of America, despite what Merkel maliciously implied in some of her comments on neonazi groups having origins in America rather than in Germany (where histories of Germany document its origins in the Imperial German Wehrmacht/Military, which sought naive recruits in the USA and other countries, often under coordination by Franz von Papen, Hitler's predecessor and promoter and then agent for him).  The Wiesenthal Center needs to thoroughly scrutinize what heavily Germany-linked Schwarzenegger intended when he handed piles of cash to them, and America needs to ask why Schwarzenegger was sent by the Merkel-Kohl network to "do" his more detrimental "stuff" on America (and try to sway Green enthusiasts to support foreign-run interests -- noting his several meetings with Merkel, including at the Munich-based, Nazi-friendly Four Seasons Hotel and involving Japanese Moriseki and Sony networks).  Obama's foreign policy was dangerously naive, other than the wisdom of forestalling 'World War 3" potential global disasters, and making Germany temporarily compete with the China-Japan corporate complex for global economic dominance despite later cooperation sowed during Merkel's calculated visits to Asia.  The gate to Trouble was thrown open far too widely.

    Now it's time for America to "Pivot to America", and for Biden to do it before it's too late to prevent further damage from America yielding to foreign globalist interests.  Canada and Australia might be wise to do the same.  And it might be wise to focus on expelling foreigners and immigrants from top official posts, especially national security posts and agencies where they should not be able to snoop.  Start with Ted Lieu first.  Excessively accelerated, forced multiculturalism is making a mess for potential disaster and chaos.  America's streets and halls of government are already too chaotic due to undermining by foreign-manipulated politics, and the outcome could be disastrous.

    Articles planned to cover these issues:

    "Q"is Not LGBT!: If "Q" were in fact LGBT, there would be no need to add another letter.  Geodetics indicate that the addition of the ambiguous "Q" and "plus" to LGBT organization names coincided in time and planetary alignment with the revival of the Anita Bryant campaign and its various affiliated "conversion therapy" programs.  Has "Q" in overall effect been a hostile infiltration and attempted, cynical co-option of Lesbian-Gay organizations?  Geodetic lineups indicate that such may be the case.  Also covers "S&M" comparison with Gay Liberation -- how themes of "enslavement" and "liberation" are antithetical in possibly more ways than one. Everyone needs "Allies" if they are in fact allies and not enemies pretending to be allies, and everyone needs self-defense strategies that are not reliant on questionable "allies" or controlled by foreign "masters".  Are minors self-aware enough to make decisions about sexual identity before adolescence?  Are events identified as LGBT really run by Lesbians and Gays, or run by others attempting to create false and threatening images of Lesbians and Gays?  Are sex change operations being promoted primarily for financial motives or indentured servitude?  Is it to the advantage or detriment of Lesbians and Gays to add "Q" to the identification of LGBT organizations?  Are Non-LGBT outsider interests painting a picture of Lesbians and Gays that is distorted, for political reasons, and what could be the result?

    Is promotion of mass immigration quota increases "progressive", or is it the tool of Corporate interests to increase cheap labor pools (as has repeatedly been the case), or of foreign interest operations (gerrymandering and colonizing objectives)?  This merits a study of the history, for example, of US immigration policy, and of who promoted quota increases and alterations and why; often being the greed of transnational Chambers of Commerce.  Geodetic lineups offer interesting clues to answer this question.

    Note that the foreign cult problem has gone so far in coastal locations (including San Francisco) that foreign nurses are staffing and attempting (usually failing but not always) to manipulate vulnerable American Veterans to align with foreign subversion cults, even diabolically radicalizing vulnerable American Veterans into attacking other Americans for statements construed as "Asian Hate", including reports on rampant Asian organized crime and political subversion -- meaning more careful attention is needed to staffing American Veteran Hospitals and health facilities with American staff clearly and continually divorced from foreign interests or agencies.  It must be studied how the "Asian Hate" campaign (and the Korematsu and Falun Gong ruses) are used to conceal activities of Asian organized crime and/or political subversion, which geodetic alignments show the USA and Canada both more vulnerable to now more than perhaps ever -- and even vilify or attempt to criminalize whistle-blowers on Asian mafia and political corruptioin 

    G7- and Asian-Century- type globalism could throw America into potential domestic chaos if Americans do not slow down, think thoroughly, and drop the excessive partisanism when pondering functional rather than ideological national policy. Pollyanna, blinding overidealization of foreign cultures or "experts" needs to end, and the exaggeration of American institutional flaws to the point of propaganda fiction also needs to end, for the sake of domestic calm and unity among Americans.  Excessive, mass immigration has created potential for disasters.  There are already too many foreign professors in American universities teaching warped and maybe intentionally distorted versions of American history, while American professors need to be aware of foreign analyses of American history fused with propaganda, which reached their height of distribution during past wars including the 'cold war' and Indochina war, but may be substantially resurgent. The border between China and Taiwan has been vague for decades, faciliated by counterfeit passports (including US passports whose existence is adamantly denied by interested or complicit parties), all the way to joint Kuomintang-Communist military parades in Beijing; while relations between China and Japan are similarly ambiguous and questionable, just as they were all the back to World War 2, when China was split by civil war, and could be again.

    Is revolution being imported?  There are signs that it is, and being facilitated by politicians who should not be in office in the first place.  Organizations like the Korematsu Schools, Confucius Institutes, and other similar organizations, may be programming American youth for surrender to the objectives of foreign powers on US soil (such as was also the case during the Indochina War era).  Note ties to Schwarzenegger and his cohorts and "Grass Roots Revolution" advocacy, and his further ties to the probably controlling Merkel/CDU machine, Russian or Ukrainian networks, and Japanese neofascist networks including the Sony Corporation (which could be a gaping hole in US national security functions, as are the Siemens and Bertelsmann networks).  Obama naively invited them in, and Trump was incompetent in dealing with them, and Biden needs to do something about the mess rather than perpetuating mistakes made by Obama or Trump.

    Classical methods show the risks of Obama's ninth-house Neptune; i.e. lack of realism about foreign affairs and ideological matters, and this is confirmed by uranian midpoint and cluster indicators.  Thus, his foreign policy measures, other than wisely seeking to avoid "World War 3", and resisting some of Merkel's persuasion tactics, should be treated with thorough scrutiny and caution.  Biden will fail if intending to blanket-implement "Obama Third Term" foreign policy -- he needs complete reassessment and a new path.  The USA Pluto return calls for fully American independence from domination by foreign influences, the objective of the Declaration of Independence.  It's time overdue to quit letting foreign and foreign-born analysts run American foreign or domestic policy. Any "Resistance" needs to be against foreign controls and manipulation, too often intended to be to the advantage of countries other than the United States converging on the United States, rather than against other humane and sensible Americans.

    Note that if "World War 3" had been implemented as campaigned for under a planned McCain-Palin adminstration, geodetics indicate that Britain and France and Italy would have dealt with the worst of any Russian backlash at that time.  Today, however, the worst backlash would be, as mentioned before, in western Germany, Austria, and the former Yugoslav coastal states -- and yet, if a World War 3 had lasted until today, which it might have, central Europe would have been destroyed after western Europe.

   Note which countries will remain to pillage the wreckage when such a potentially devastating war would be over. With Vulkanus around 3  Fixed signs this year and nearby in the next couple of years, the major global power least likely to suffer the worst of the fallout would be China (other than west Xinjiang).  China and Taiwan are already near unification despite internationally strategic pretense to the contrary, and Korea and the Philippines could fall under either near full Chinese control, or under control of a China-Japan alliance resurrecting the East Asia Prosperity Sphere plan -- but Korea and the Philippines could suffer from heavy fallout from Russian nuclear warfare.  Today, the hardest hit areas in North America would likely be Northern California's oilfields and possibly the San Francisco Bay Area and areas to the northeast in Canada, the Dallas-ForthWorth area, western OK-KS-NE, and northern Minnesota and areas to the NNE in Canada; plus Long Island and western New England; the Mexico City region; and Puerto Rico, considering any possible Russian alliances or allied bases in Latin America as additional sources.

    BBC has reported from Britain's elaborate intelligence services that Putin may be in poor mental health, and this is confirmed as possible by his current solar arc directions and transits, where both show Neptune and Hades bearing down on his Mercury  Since these are not natal configurations he may have learned over the years how to cope with, his thought and decisions now may inclined to disorientation or confusion, cloudy or not lucid in thought, as he is likely confronting personally significant realities he did not know existed before.  He now also has dHA=rKR, so could he fall from power soon?  In any case, his authority is likely already being questioned.  BBC has also reported Russian military officials questioning Putin's current judgment as he makes extraordinary historical military decisions about Russia's future and relationships on the European frontier.  Geodetic indicators show that Russia's military might, especially naval, is very real and potent, but so are those of NATO, Britain, and EuroUnion nations like Germany.

    All of Russia's treaties of the last 2 decades must be weighed in making decisions.  The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), in particular, may be globally critical, as may recent Russian agreements with Japan, and as I have pointed out many times, Japan and China have long been quite careful to conceal their real relationship from 'western powers', and China has never been as united as its official policies have portrayed.... it has had continual political schisms that often preferred Japan as an ally over "Old White" powers.  The SCO has also recently signed alliances with India and Pakistan (incl Sikh "Guru"), so that what could unfold at worst is a war between continents, and North American policy needs to keep this possibility in mind, with all its ramifications.  Icelandic bases will be Vital to European defense, as will be bases in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, and Italy, all where Vulkanus aligns in the 8th (45d) and 16th (22.5d) harmonics.

    As mentioned, the NE.HA.VU cluster-type relationship is continuing this year and possibly 2023, although less than in previous years, so that guerrilla, submarine, nocturnal, and chemical warfare should still be prepared for as worst-case scenarios, although peaceful solutions should be found, as the potential disasters of such a configuration continues to include Atomic/Nuclear War.  Although Russia could make temporary gains, it would be wise of it to relinquish Ukraine to independence now, as the ultimate outcome of continued Russian aggression is likely in coming years to be to Russia's disadvantage as the USA and Canada and Australia, as well as Germany (where they able to fend off attacks overt or covert) beef up military power in response.  All allies must be prepared for intensive espionage, subversion, and guerrilla activity (which could be the most common form of warfare), and be attentive to Russia's military alliances.  There could be many losses globally unless peace is maintained.  Moreover, Europe's centuries-old democracies need to be the ones helping shape Ukraine's development so that it does not veer off course from the stated democratic intentions via takeover by extremist elements.

    American who believe that Germany and Japan are loyal allies are fools.  The corporations that created the Nazi and Fascist machines there continued to rule after World War 2, and still run them today.  They will play by their own rules for their own objectives, as will the Chinese countries (China, Taiwan, Singapore, possibly Malaysia by now).  The issue will be, as stated the most sensible American and Canadian outlets, whether humane democracies continue, or are displaced by totalitarian, doctrinaire regimes of either radical right or left.  Nazism and Fascism are not "Western Civilization", but rather European and Asian ideologies that have swept their host countries to the lowest levels of brutal dehumanization, and which never ended in those countried even if painted differently. (And as for astrology, it is only as humane or inhumane as its practitioners.)

    Continual, casual open-door immigration policies are more high-risk than ever, as Russia has and will seek allies in Latin America, and to use them in ways its dupes may not even be aware of.  It's sad that the confrontation has reached this level, but it has, and some are gung-ho for the confrontation, whether that confrontation was deliberately engineered by the foolish or not.  Russia is no weakling, and if China (or India or Pakistan) follow up on mutual defense agreements, there could be global war on a scale never seen before, like what McCain and Palin promised after their sessions at the German Halifax Conference.  Study of Universal/Cap Ingress charts for coming years might show how long such a conflict lasts if it spreads like wildfire into other nations. With Vulkanus on their geo MCs, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are likely to be amassing more power in coming years, if not already, especially with Turkey in control of Libyan oil and Arabia largely in control of the Suez Canal, and war machines need oil.  Caliphate Rising in the East.  He who control ports, control door into country. Who are the guards and what are their transnational affiliations?  Who controls the telecommunications lines and towers and media outlest?  It would be unwise to ignore such issues as inconsequential.


2022Jan08:  (Updated Feb25): The NE-22.5-HA cluster ("aspect") is only barely out of 2-degree orb in the December 2021 Universal/Ingress annual chart for for the year 2022, meaning that Covid does continue, although with likelihood that it may be phasing out this year to a substantial degree, as the further away from exactitude the angle is, the weaker its effect.  Remember that Uranian Astrology uses narrower orbs in order to prioritize which of the various clusters and midpoints are the strongest, and that clusters/angles/"aspects" are allowed double the orb of midpoints since they are double the strength of midpoints, i.e. it may be said "doubly important" in comparison to midpoints, and I think this relative strength/importance is also pointed out in some cosmobiology texts, and yet too often ignored.  Morever, it may be unrealistic to assume that any ephemerides for points beyond the orbit of Neptune, being very far away from Earth, are precise to the minute of longitude.  It may be wise to allow a margin of error of up to 05 minutes of longitude, or even 10 minutes of longitude for chart factors the furthest distant from Earth.

    Additionally, while the NE=HA=VU is out of orb in 2022, per the annual Universal Chart, their interaction is not, although lessened in impact.  This will be a year of an unraveling of the global political miasma of recent years, and yet it lingers in lesser form as  HA=VU=(NE/VU) =ZE in 32nd harmonic (11:15 or 11.25), and so this also applies to the pandemic issues, whether in physiological health, or in the state of global politics being "sick", as though the whole world is in the hospital in sense, but may not be released for at least another year, actually, as that "transference of light" midpoint-extended configuration persists in the Universal chart for 2023.  The worst is over, since the cluster for 2021 is no longer so direct and tight, but as far-distant factors are slow, they linger in near the same degrees for some time.  The important message is that there really is Light at the End of the Tunnel, but we are not yet there.  More on this on a complete universal/ingress reading for 2022, to come in the form of an article.  Meanwhile political intrigue is RAMPANT, and so the "conspiracies" are not all just "theory", and the primal ooze of Neptune and Hades at their worst still comes from locations under Hades, near 11 Cardinal geodetic MC, being the Golden Triangle (Moonie&APACL cult hub), the transnational Chaco region foreign colonies inside South America (also a Moonie&APACL cult hub); and from Vulkanus power-hubs around 3 Fixed geodetic MC, i.e. of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, whatever brews in the longitude of St-Peterburg/Odessa/Crimea and Ankara Turkey, and the longitudes from Cairo Egypt to Durban South Africa, as well as in Fairbanks and Anchorage longitudes from north to south Alaska where foreign cults (including the Moonies) may escape or even infiltrate and undermine, via US national security and seacoast and remote-area operations around 25 Fixed geo MC (in orb of the southern British Columbia, and Washington state and Oregon and north-of-San Francisco California state coastline counties, with possible fusion with Pacific narcotrafficking networks that may run submarine or nocturnal airplane operations).  Areas most vulnerable to their influx and impact (at the geodetic Ascendants) include (again) the western half of Oregon and the northwest corner of California south to Mendocino and neighoring counties, as well as  Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands and Greater New York City (near 03 Fixed AS).

    Other potent or political corruption operations may be located in all of the eastern Florida coastlines and the Bahamas,  (near 11 Cardinal MC and AS), and while international intrigue in Samoa and the Bering Strait longitudes (near 11 Cardinal MC) may be at an all-time high. MC/source locations may also include central Cuba and Panama, and coastal Ecuador and NW Peru; which may impact east Florida as well.  These do all point to possible Russian, Chinese, or Japanese (Ryukyu-based) submarine or nocturnal aerial operation sources near 03 Fixed MC. 

    The USA also remains vulnerable to a lesser degree to any covert operations (at 45 angle) near 18 Mutable AS (areas near the Rio Grande river mouth; and via eastern Manitoba Canada near the Lake of the Woods with possible foreign influx around the mouth of the Nelson River).  Geodetics indicate that all of eastern Texas is thus vulnerable to potent illegal influx from Cuba and Panama and Ecuador (with arms or guerrilla influx possible); and NW California and south and east Arizona, as well as (at 11:15 angle, near 24 Fixed AS) in orb of SLObispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties northeastward toward Kern, Kings, Tulare and north Inyo counties and NE into Nevada --  also vulnerable from those Latin American MC source locations.  Hostilities with Russia or other countries and their allies may or may not be relevant/retaliatory. America's coastlines remain vulnerable to covert foreign operations as well as infiltration and sabotage, and study of the history of wartime operations of all those nations could be revealing.  All possible naval, including submarine "invasions" including guerrilla-type operations, especially in the indicated areas especially with possible weapons influx, should not go without attention. There is very good reason for US and Australian naval presence in the South China, East China, and Philippine Seas, and all coasts of eatern Western Australia, alert and sober including to coastal submarine operations that can proliferate with the NE.HA.VU combination (covert naval as well as aerial force operations). One might ask what is of interest to foreign powers in eastern Western Australia, and the answer includes "gold mines", which could be accessed by foreign stealth (including nocturnal) operations and hauled away on ships.  Intensive and potent guerrilla warfare fits Hades=Vulkanus, and that's been in orb for a few years already (i.e. the Moonie cult's Kahr Arms and other carriers in the USA), and will continue for another couple or more.  The USA needs to have a better memory of who have been America's allies when the chips have been down, in World Wars, with no "dreams" of "change" among the corporate and banking  and other uber-rich; "change" which has never really occurred beyond surface manifestations, especially in the old Axis powers.  This is no time to be shallow or indifferent about global politics, or shallow about anything for that matter, and Hades=Vulkanus can also manifest as Potent Danger and/or severe illness. Fear is the wrong response, but intensive caution and investigation (positive Hades=Vulkanus) are, since other possible negative manifestations of Hades=Vulkanus are Being overpowered due to indifference or denial or resignation, or even unconsciousness such as is the vehicle of cult control.

    Note that people reporting on such operations have been targeted and harassed by Asian military agents and affiliated cults in the USA prior to the "Asian Hate" campaign, with ambiguous ties to German agents (noted in the Schwarzenegger political network) who seem to act as if "amused".  Any relevance to current and historic German ties to East Asian (especially WW2 Fascist that include Japanese & Chinese & Korean-puppet-cult) and Mideastern paramilitary (incl Jihadist) cults should be considered, noting that East Asian cults are encouraging the importation of potential Jihadist networks who may be cohorts.  The Korean CIA was set up and trained by the WW2 Japfascist and collaborating military, who also created the Moonie cult and possibly more recently the Falun Gong/"Epoch Times" cult (who actively harrass American critics of its tactics via stalking and bodyslamming and other provocational behavior followed by deceitful coverup claims of racial or 'religious' discrimination).  Falun Gong network culties often wear broad-rimmed floppy hats and sunglasses to evade surveillance-camera detection of activities and whereabouts, and show repeated geodetic common-ground with the older Moonie (and Kahr Arms) cult operations, which claims to be "anticommunist" but dallies with the North Korean regime. This has parallels with the historic infiltration of nominal Maoist networks by Moonie operants.  Any extant overlaps with the recent "Korematsu Schools" and their proponents should be scrutinized.

    I would also point out that governments run by foreign politicians are not likely to maintain public confidence or votes, especially in times of crisis.  That means a need for a different kind of change in American politics before new election campaigns take place.  The public is likely to want people whose roots are deep in the land.  It should be obvious that world peace and harmony do not require turning the ship over to foreign pirates (i.e. colonization). Due in part to the internet, we no longer live in an era of basic public illiteracy at basic levels (even if the quality of information has deteriorated), and that means a lot in terms of how to organize effective government and how to negotiate with clashing interests.  All regions of the globe are not alike, and to attempt to force them into strict conformity causes Brexit withrdrawals.  Even voting conditions within a large country like the USA are not identical. As pointed out before, ID requirement in southeastern states where corrupt politicians block voters is not the same as in California cities where fake contraband IDs are rampant and no one bothers to check ID,  The logical solution should be issuance of affordable federal voter IDs -- not a waiver of identification requirement at the voting booth -- and the ability to vote at those federal agencies issuing the IDs and where they can be verified.  That would mean all local elections, nationwide, conducted via federal agencies and subject to bi/multipartisan congressional oversight. Solutions to voting rights issues need to consider different conditions of all regions of the USA, and specifically to exclude abuse by foreign ambitions to gain political and economic influence manipulating race and civil rights legislation to the advantage of foreign expansionist interests rather than the rights of American citizens (e.g. California). Otherwise, America loses its autonomy from European and Asian powers, either or both, and 2026 becomes a step backward into colonialism under foreign domination, rather than a reaffirmation of the American Declaration of Independence.  That requires healthy and humane American nationalism in the face of aggressive and sometimes stealthy Euro and Asian Globalism such as exhibited by the G7/EuroUnion and the excess of the "Kuomintang"-led "Asian Century" nationalist lobbyists taking over American internet, media outlets, and government offices and agencies being altered by disastrous foreign-orchestrated mass/accelerated immigration and ultimately subversive automatic citizenship programs.  National security requires what is being deceptively bad-mouthed as 'xenophobia' by treacherous foreign-origin lobbies.   



    1) Ample evidence bears out how the WW2 Fascist Axis, both Euro and Asian, went "underground" and is now resurgent as wolves in sheep's clothing as the universal Hades=Vulkanus (potential global political intrigue stealth unfolds, and also happens to manifest as a pandemic when accentuated with Neptune=Hades=Vulkanus, still in effect throughout 2021.

    2) Because of the global political intrigue and guerrilla-type radicalism manifesting in some locations, the excessive hypocritical and unrealistic political shaming for "xenophobia" is a dangerous pit to fall into, and the neofascist revival Germany and East Asia in prettified images is orchestated in part by the GERMAN-founded/run "G7... etc" cabal and its plan for Hitler's DREAM come "true", i.e. Global Dominance. The Wehrmacht/BNDs recent push for mass global resettlement (very much like Hitler's and Japanfascism's Lebensraum policy) should be noted as having started with immigrants recently brought to Germany by Merkel and colleagues for "reeducation" followed by orchestrated "redistribution elsewhere", and the historic Nazi and Japanfascist and earlier WW1 German Reich war machine support and partial founding of the Muslim Brotherhood and Palestinian Arab nationalism as subversive tools MUST not be forgotten.  Those match significantly with ISIS/ISIL and similar Islamoterrorist cults of today. It may be no accident that Germany's launch of its dubiously "humanitarian" immigration policy was followed by terrorization of Jews and others in targeted countries, and "Blowback" for France's predominant refusal to align with either the Third Reich or the Second Reich may be relevant.  As for Russia...

    3) Geodetic indicators bear out the various international reports in the 1980s that Glanost and the fall of the USSR were orchestrated mostly by post-WW2 Nazi/Fascist espionage, subversion, and psychological warfare operations, apparently mostly from Germany and Japan, but also from cooperating anticommunist Chinese and Korean elements, with some Saudi collaboration, and what this did was foster the revival of WW2-era Axis Fascism in new garb, including inside Russia itself, which always, even through the 'Soviet' era, had Nazi and Japfascist sympathizers, especially among the Volga German network, which was created by the German Czarina "Catherine" via German resettlement and colonies in Russia brought from Germany and/or Austria, and working with Russian Fascist elements that never left Russia.  In short, what may have been created is a German Fascist Russia, i.e. Hitler's plan. Some of the same articles claimed that the plan after making Russia collapse was to do the same to the USA, and that seems to fit what his happening now, with excessive foreign meddling, including by foreign politicians in the USA trying to create chaos or anarchy and/or bring about to collapse of US infrastructure, including by inadquate govt funding and/or control by foreign money and/or private contracts.  Foreign money is clearly behind the radicalized cults at both ends of the spectrum, egging on screaming fools spouting ungrounded opinions and driven by dogmatic groupthink.

    4) The worst current and recent messes in Washington DC and state capitals, above and beyond COVID and climate disasters, is due to the abandonment of native-born qualifications for political office-holders and government contracts.  That rejection of what was established in the US Constitution for presidents, and should have been extended to all political office-holders, has led to what Pres Eisenhower termed a 'military-industrial complex' that manifest when the US military and national infrastructure brought in 'foreign experts' who gained power and control.  Certainly a sharing of information with other nations can bring about progress internationally, but it can bring disasters when you let the 'foreign experts' in to snoop around and meddle in US infrastructure.  Note that it's the G7-ish and WTO-type globalists that push for the 'erasure of borders', and they are rooted in WW2 Axis Fascism (which includes Chinese fascist mafia to a degree that too many are ignorant of, and which Sterling Seagrave and other China and East Asia specialists have detailed in their books).

    5) The WTO shows geodetically to be rooted possibly more in Japan and Chinese fascist circles than in Germany, and tied to the Bandung Conferences and "Third World" politics movements that were able to infiltrate and manipulate nominally communist and socialist organizations of the Cold War era and their remnants.  Thus validation of Pres Clinton's statement about how the Radical Right and Radical Left are the same thing, which is an oversimplification for public edification, but its an important point of which too few are aware yet -- and it applies to current radical political fads still.  For example, the "Maoist Cultural Revolution" was not really Maoist or leftist, but an anarchist concoction of Chinese and Japanese fascists who infiltrated Chinese politics, and the very same is true of today's remnants, especially what's called the "Japanese Red Army". Geodetic alignments make this clear.

    6) When the German government realized that the USA was not going to bite the bait and fall in step with a 21st century German world order, Merkel was sent to scamper off to Malaysia and possibly elsewhere to arrange for a fuller revival of East Asian fascism (including the ruling Nippon Kaigi cult in Japan), and Schwarzenegger was also sent into that arena after meetings with Merkel.  Now Merkel has been replaced with the more conspicuous dominatrix Ursula Van de Leyen, whose tricks, for the moment anyway, are not dressed in Merkel's loving mommy motif.  Trump fell in line with that agenda with his allowance of Japanese control of US Pacific defense posts and the dispatch of Japanese Marines to California, whose presence is somewhat conspicuous and which escalated during COVID lockdown.

    7) Ted Lieu and his network (including CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus) are subversive foreign moles in US politics and military intelligence and should be expelled ASAP, including from California Democratic Party communications controls where he can monitor and manipulate the party.  His moves appear to have been coordinated with those of Elaine Chao, despite the party differences that mean Nothing in Chinese politics, as most anyone familiar with Chinese history are aware... it's a different set of rules on the other side of the planet, and they haven't been left behind.  The most vivid illustration of recent times was the sham Cultural Revolution that ended up being largely coopted by the Moonie cult, if not fused in from the beginning (and why Mao himself expressed disgust with how the nominally 'Maoist' Cultural Revolution unfolded.... and that network is at the root of the 'Third World Centers' still operating at American universities and at risk of overtaking Berkeley today.  It's Asian Nationalist politics cloaked as 'People of Color Third World Revolution' and it's at least as old as the 1960s, and Fake as Hell, but also sometimes armed and radicalized for violence including 'Anarchists', so as not to be dismissed lightly.  The recent and maybe still current "Antifa" movement is similar and noticeably paints Fascism as only as European or 'white supremacist' while conspicuously not mentioning the equally potent and sometimes more vicious and underhanded Asian Fascism that rooted officially in Japan and Manchukuo but also spanned various areas of East Asia, including parts of China, starting in largely in the 1930s but still lingering today in costumes fitting current times, yet noticeably still identified by the 'Sunrise' motif of the Japanese Imperial/Military flag and its derived icons still used by various Asian neofascist cults including the Moonies (who now have more overt paramilitary units in the USA and elsewhere, linked directly to Kahr Arms and fused with the "Stop Asian Hate" movement).


In short, most urgent is a shift in US national policy to expel the foreign-born, and evidently also second-generation immigrants, from US politics, whatever their ethnicity or race.  That would be a Huge start in resolving the current chaos in America's halls of federal and state government, and is needed Urgently as Vulkanus continues to press within a few degrees orb of Seattle, Portland, New York, and Brownsville TX, couples with the 22.5 angle to the potentially calculatingly stealthy Hades.  When people shout the "xenophobia" accusation in today's political climate, ignore it other than to ask why it is such an issue for them.  In times of trouble, there's nothing wrong with a good dose of healthy nativism, and the recently influential transnational cults and their lobbying should make that evident. Current events should make this clear, as does the confirmation via the HA=VU still pressing on America's key urban, port city, and Mexico border geodetic Ascendants, but also the Pluto return, which in worst cases can bring about destructive schisms if the extremism in attitudes (including in cults) is not attenuated.


Also to be noted is the tactics used by Japanese Fascism in their takeover of East Asia, and the many parallels with what's unfolding in California since Trump invited the Japanese Marines to land here.  The plethora of opiates killing off Americans parallels Japan Fascism's (and its collaborators') quiet extermination of unwanted populations in China and other countries in the 1930s and 1940s.  It was their version of the Nazi death camps except done more in public view.  Another of their potent covert warfare weapons was fake buddhist cults that harnessed local population into submission for takeover, and they also tried to court, unsuccessfully, the NAACP in the USA to align with Asian Fascist infiltration objectives, just as the Germanazis created the 'German American Bund', while it may be that not only Nazi Germany but also the Japanazis eventually ran and manipulted the "Silver Shirts" cult, especially as it spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast. Critics were labeled as "xenophobic" and not up-to-date with the Fascist wave of the times.  And there were also Nazi-aligned political movements in Latin America, by the way, and those that compaigned for independence of American territories, including Hawaii and Guam and Puerto Rico, still quite active.


2021Sep19: Not only must the events at the US capitol in January 2021 be investigated, but so should, equally, be a weird radicalized coalition among those labeling themselves "Resistance".  Keen study of what happened to US military bases in California closed down in the 1990s (incl those in Alameda and Contra Costa counties) and just exactly what was involved in their shutdown and takeover.  What did they become?  Is there resistance to their restoration as US military bases and why?  As a local resident, it is clear that not only should 'White Nationalist' elements be investigated, but so should powerful and influenctial Asian Nationalist organizations and their fusion into military and other infrastructure operations.  Are they related to radicalization of race politics?  What are the historic connecitons between the Moonie cult (a cover/front for Asian espionage and subversion operations in the USA) and its paramilitary affiliations such as the diabolical Kahr Arms networks?  Militarization of the Moonie cult "churches"?  Geodetic lineups indicate identity concealment of the Falun Gong cult and its affiliations with the Moonie network.  Fusions of the Moonie cult network and the more radical extremist elements of the Black Panthers, their affiliations with the Muslim Brotherhood (created by the German military in WW1 and further built up by the Nazis).  Ties between East Asian fascist military networks and the Muslim Brotherhood and Uighur nationalists, and the extensive duplicity in Chinese politics during WW2 noted by military leaders including Stilwell.  These may all still be relevant to current race-politics.  The term "People of Color" should probably be discouraged in political dialogue or abandoned.  What sort of radicalism amassed in the "Million Man March" and other fusions of the radical extremist elements in the Black Panthers with the Moonie cult.  Hostile takeover of the SPLC in Alabama and strange directions it has taken since them, and possible related cult infiltration there.

The "People of Color" label was promoted during the "Cultural Revolution" in China as a coalition of Third World nations under the sway of wealthier and more powerful Asian nations and even Eurofascist financial and underworld remnants in Asia and Africa bribing and intermingling with Marxist states and parties.  The "Cultural Revolution" coincided with a dramatic schism in Chinese politics that also involved Japanese participation.  Its eruption in the mid 1960s led to the awareness of a need for closer monitoring by "western" nations. It spread into North America including into the Weatherman underground paramilitary cult, which infiltrated the "SDS", and may have functioned as foreign paramilitary operations on US soil.  Occurring during the Indochina War era, it served as part of psychological operations of China and Indochina against American and allied operations in that region, extending so far as to create retaliatory and radicalized Asian-run "People of Color" operations in the USA.  Parallels with the more radical Asian wing of the Black Lives Matter movement are in need of careful study, manifesting in what has been called "Asian Blackface Politics" also now fused into groups calling themselves "Resistance".

    Furthermore, goings-on at the "Schwarzenegger Institute" at USC are in need of thorough investigation, including their ties overseas, as well as "Antifa" elements at USC that are presenting the history of fascism as a solely "white supremacist" or "white nationalist" phenomenon while downplaying or ignoring the potent Asian Fascist networks that bombed Pearl Harbor, conducted espionage operations in the USA that triggered the US military to recommend internment of those of Japanese ethnicity, bombed Australian cities including Darwin, set up the "Manchukuo" puppet government state, brutally terrorized and murdered (by gruesome methods) those Chinese populations who resisted their advances including the Rape of Nanking/Nanjing, and similarly terrorized populations in other countries including the Philippines.  Fascism was not, and is not, an exclusively "white" or European phenomenon, and a Hindu Fascist party in India collaborated with both Japan and Germany and their brutal and inhumane policies, basing operations in part in the Andaman Islands and adjacent coastal Asia, especially in Burma/Myanmar.  While this might be argued by the shallow or naive as irrelevant today, it is not. Some historians claim that WW2 fascism had some roots in Russian czarist (often ethnic German-russian) fascism fused into Russian politics still in the Soviet era, and related to schisms there before, during, and after WW2.

    Recent events In the USA correlating with the geodetic alignments indicate that what is critical is to have a full and deep understanding of the January 2021 events and not just a superficial or oversimplified assessment.  The rational claims of all polarized parties need to be discussed in a rational manner.  There is grossly distorted historical revisionism being peddled by foreign agents in American infrastructure including in American universities, and aligned with radical elements of all races and continents coverging in the USA and possibly in Canada as well.  The situation smells of the potential for an Imported Revolution backed by overseas money, and designed ultimately to "tame" American politics and infrastructure into submission to foreign objectives, and the subversion is coming from both Europe and Asia, in different ways, sometimes for joint objectives, and sometimes for opposing ones, and a study of what is transpiring at USC in Los Angeles, including its Schwarzenegger-aligned operations, may reveal much explanation.

    My conclusion, in conjunction with the indicators of the geodetic alignments, is that it is time to Stop demonizing American nationalism and nativism, and revert to policies that require not only birth in the USA, but also birth of self and parents in the USA, as requirements to hold political office anywhere in the United States, and that foreign-backed lobbies and contractors in US federal and state governments be expelled and banned -- and that such a measure would solve a huge percentage of current political problems.  Otherwise, the upcoming full Pluto return has potential for civil unrest and chaos manipulated by foreign agents and interests.  In addition, it should be stressed that the Statue of Liberty is Not a founding US icon, but was a gift from a foreign ally erected over one full century after 1776.... the Statue of Liberty is Not American, so stop using it as some sort of foundational symbol for the United States, as it is Not.

    Two further important points... Slavery was opposed from 1776 onward by influental Americans and American organizations unable to gain the allegiance of the slave-holder states without compromising on the issue.  Debates over slavery were intense.  This started at the founding of the USA and continued until the disastrous and bloody Civil War of the 1860s.  The Slave Trade involving not only people of European ancestry, but African and Arab people as well, and this is covered in detail by African scholars who wrote in the General History of Africa series published by UNESCO (with much especially in Volume 6), and should not be left out of an objective appraisal of slavery in the USA.  There were also varying degrees of conflict, but also concord, with Indigenous people of North America ever since 1776.  Recent hyperbole manufactured mostly by imported and foreign-funded historians seeking to gain influence in American government and economics is heavily biased for the purpose of creating national schisms in the USA, and/or advancing foreign economic and political interests in US government and infrastructure, and some of this is using "Antifa" and BLM networks as puppets and outlets.

    The radicalism must be tamed in order to avoid chaos.  It is true that "you can't shake hands with a closed fist", and you can't have national security from foreign subversion while promoting open borders and excessive immigration waves that naturally trigger social and political instability, especially affecting low-income populations, which may well be the intention (as it was when the Dept of Commerce implemented among the first organized immigration waves).  "Sanctuary" cities and states may well need to review to what extreme such policies allow chaos that could trigger social clashes, as if that has not already manifest.  Genuinely Hateful actions need regulation regardless of race, and Anti-hate legislation must not provide a channel for foreign subversion and foreign-orchestrated radicalization, as it has done already in some cases, just as it did during the Indochina War era, as well as during World War 2 by both Germany and Japan and their allied organizations in other countries of Europe and Asia.  The geodetic lineups of today warrant such caution on all these issues, and irrational knee-jerk reactions to irrational knee-jerk actions are not the solution.  Logic and calm and thorough investigation is of urgent necessity.  No Jumping to Conclusions based on simplistic or premature assessments.  And no "Redefined America" tricks.  There is Bad Trouble coming from foreign sources Messing with America, as indicated by the Vulkanus pressing on America's key Ascendants (the doorsteps) now with great speed and intensity, even if sometimes passive-aggressive due its MC/source cluster with Hades (noticeably from the Shan States and Golden Triangle and areas north of them in Greater China, which shows to be one of the key (drug and weapons contraband producing, with agents clearly in California now) trouble-spots confronting the new AUKUS alliance. The Shan/Golden Triangle network is clearly using drugging and brainwashing cult tactics including the logical promotion of drug use now legalized in some states.  There is grave risk and danger of chemical spiking/alteration of otherwise innocuous legalized drugs, and their use in cult indoctrination procedures including sham "meditation" sessions involving subliminal tactics.  These are already known to have manifest.


2021Jul08 (updated Aug08 and Aug13): Summary Comments on Current Chaos across America and alignments through America's precessed Pluto return:

    In short, either Biden stops yielding to the foreign and immigration policy of the most radical and foreign-money-powered wing of the Democratic Party, or he will drive the Republican Party into power in the 2022 elections, as immigration liberalism, in particular, is a very high-risk policy that could wreak havoc on American society and economics.  The reason is ambitious foreign-driven immigration-promotion lobbies in American government that are seeking to "redefine America" by redefining its demographic/population and voter makeup.  The impact on California alone is already conspicuous to the careful and honest observer.  In contracts, real and literal social justice is important and must be resolved, but the term is not to be abused to mix foreign interests with domestic security policy, as it repeatedly has been recentky.  Mass immigration in droves always has been, and continues to be, controversial and high risk, driven by corporate profit interests, and should be attenuated to avoid serious economic and national security problems. Politicians from coast to coast must stop letting immigration lobbies run the country, because they are running it into the ground.  Immigration quota increases need to be attenuated or revoked, and identity card regulations for immigrants need to be tightened for strict verification, especially retroactive verification of illegal immigration going on for at very least the last 25 years in port cities.  Some immigrants (especially Asian) during that period have blackmarket and under-the-table ID cards, including some mass-produced by private compatriot contractors for the State Department as early as 2002.  And ask how and for what reasons.  Yes, there are "Illegal Immigrants".... it's a real concept, always has been, not a dream, although it's a dream and potential nightmare to ignore it.  Time to Wake Up to reality, before America fragments into something like foreign occupation zones littered with surreptitiously imported agents, which may have already started as "inclusion" and "diversity" campaigns.  This year, in place of Fourth-of-July celebrations in San Francisco, there was something resembling Sino-Japanese Christmas Trees on street corners next to signs with Red-Sun logos resembling those on the flags of both Imperial Japan and Imperial China (restored via Manchukuo). Well-meaning leaders, often charmed or bribed by manipulative foreign lobbying agents, have mistakenly allowed subversion to be imported to create anarchy and chaos and suffering on American streets. Foreign-coordinated subversion operations are rampant but evident to the discerning and observant who are knowledgeable of the manipulative component of global affairs, and understood by studying the history and nature of old-world foreign subversion operations and methods of the past.  And as one political analyst put it, the Third World is the Third Reich underground (referring to both Germany and the East Asia Prosperity Spheres) pushing its buttons. where pseudo-leftist cults are substantially manipulated by post-war Nazi and Fascist (especially but not exclusively "fifth column" German, Japanese, Chinese fascist, and Spanish fascist) agencies posing as communists, socialists, anarchists, or  nominal but inadequately-informed or fully fake "antifascists" (clearly including Japanese) mixed into opposition movements, as was the case in the 1960s-70s radical cults and is again the case.  These have been flourishing under the Hades=Vulkanus cluster, which is tapering off and will fully end when outside 2-degree orb in the Universal/Capricorn Ingress chart for 2025, when the wise and fully-informed must displace the inexperienced and naive and foreign-nationalists in office -- and the reason being that the Nazis and Fascists were uber-rich globalists who never fully lost control of the global economy via gimmicks like the German-founded-and-run "G7", etc.  Currently, sham and deceptive "antifascist" organizations (especially Japanese, German-run, Chinese "socialist characteristics", and Russian/Ukrainian-fascist) are perpetuating problems resulting from corporate and stock-market greed.  So much is still to be learned from the diabolical globalist politics of the 1940s, therefore not just "old stuff" but valuable keys to understanding today's problems as well as those of intervening decades, for those corporate-political machines of the 1940s never died.  The books of T H Tetens, Joseph Wechsberg, Mark Felton, Tony Matthews, Michael Sayers, and also the viciously (by post-war Nazis) framed and defamed John Spivak put it.

    In 2025, Vulkanus global power will rest in Manchuria, North Korea, Jihadist-cult-troubled southern Philippines and Indonesia and Western Australia to the south of there; Russia west of Moscow, Israel and surrounding nations and Turkey; Kenya-Tanzania-Mozambique (including the old Pan-Arab power hub in Zanzibar); and in the New World/western hemisphere in east Newfoundland, SW Greenland, the Guianas, the Moonie-infested Paraguay-Uruguay longitudes and neighboring Brazil and Argentina; French Polynesia; and the Alaska border longitudes west of the Yukon.  Global (including military) power in these regions will determine the outcome of these recent years of Hades=Vulkanus covert politics, and whether democracy or corporate fascism (of whatever label or party-veneer) will rule a now inescapably global world, and those regions give indicators of what would replace "White Supremacy", noting the globally-powerful Moonie and Jihadist locations involved, and beware Fake Buddhist cults functioning as fronts for Neofascist paramilitary operations much as they did during World War 2 already. Asian Nationalist Fascism is every bit as much problematic as White Supremacist Fascist organizations, for they vie for global control by stealth and duplicitous and lobbying and hypocritical political machinations, including defacto-fascist "antifa" labeled, and other "anarchist" organizations run surreptitiously by fascist agents, just as they were nearly from the beginning if not fully from the beginning.

    1) Only fools believe the WW2 Axis (Euro and Asian) died and went away, for they only repackaged themselves with new costumes and attitudes and are trying persistently to tame America and turn it into their pet elephant to be divided between them, including by some highly deceptive means typical of the Hades-22.5-Vulkanus cluster that has been in effect, within 2 degrees of orb, off and on since around 2014, but about to come to an end -- that end determined in part by what America's leaders choose, and including a choice between American Independence once again, or else kowtowing to Germany or the revived Sino-Japanese East Asia Prosperity Dream/Nightmare that has succeeded further this time around than the last -- or both in quiet alliance symbolized by Schwarzenegger's and Merkel's visits with Malaysian leaders, and their joint meetings on EuroUnion foreign policy, driverless cars, robotics, etc .  Only the veneer of real fascism has been craftily updated to make it look like "Change" has occurred, and pay attention to the various motley mutations of "Change" and "Progress" and "Resistance" are manifesting -- as the last remnants of Hades within 2 degree orb of Vulkanus are still manifesting as transnational/global intrigue/covert politics (HA.VU combination at its worst) while clustered in orb with central power around the East China Sea, where China and Japan overlap and merge, and around Cairo and Ankara and Peterburg and Kyiv.  Such manifestations are glaringly obvious on the streets of the San Francisco bay area alone, and logically elsewhere as well.  Weird cults, some of them pseudo-leftist even with revived 1960s-70s politics and icons, people lured in by the exotic aura of imported ideas and politicians, naive to the mode of operation of Asian underworld politics that too few Americans have studied or understand (by reading Sterling Seagrave's unaltered first-edition books for example) -- they are not American traditions or values, but another brand from another continent, and seasoned in old "passive-aggressive" philosophies like that of Sun Tzu, as only one example. There are even programmed cult zombies wearing traditional chinese robes and extolling the "superiority of Chinese (or Japanese) culture" on the streets, often aligned with mass real-estate acquisition operations and at least sometimes with the Falun Gong cult.  Sometimes the rotten comes with the good, and when HA=VU, the rotten may well be intensified and the more potent. The same is true of German politics, recently unrealistically idolized due to Merkel-era propaganda campaigns, yet too poorly understood or superficially perceived to see objectively. For example, Merkel schmoozes and cuddles with American politicians in international diplomacy dramas, but in German as well as European media, slanders America even with highly deceptive charges and innuendo now dramatized even more in American universities by imported or foreign-trained professors.  Merkel (with her natal MC=NE configuration) was well-programmed to implement Hitler's ongoing dream of "Today Germany, Tomorrow the World". More recently, Chinese WW1 and WW2 fascism quietly even if not offficially (for pragmatic reasons) collaborative with Japan and Germany (and rooted in leftover Qing dynasty Japan-collaboration policies and families) is resurgent and globally powerful, nearly matching Germany's global dominance. (There have also been Russian and Ukrainian Fascists and Nazi-collaborators).  None of that is American, even if they attempt to pushfully portray it as such, "Redefined American" or "New American". Too many deep-rooted Americans have forgotten who we really are, in part by being told fabrications and recently lies or wishful imagery about "who we are".  Only the legitimate documentation of US history in collaborative reference books written by sincere America-rooted authors all across the political spectrum reveals what America really is, and this can also be enhanced by objective assessments of the charts of the USA (whether for the 1776 declaration or the 1789 constitution). Social Justice does not requiring importing immigrants or foreign ideologies; it was the theme of the Progressive Party of the early 20th century and it was about American national priorities, and even opposed to, not advocating, immigration.  That's American Progressivism, and was eventually championed by Theodore Roosevelt, who picked it up from less high-profile leaders, used it to soften the greed in the Republican Party, but split due to its failure there, after which the Democratic Party picked up the Progressive torch and accomplished most under Franklin Roosevelt. 

    As mentioned before, the USA (per the 1776 chart) has been concluding its Pluto opposite Sun and now its Pluto return to natal position via both precessed and non-precessed transit (the precessed concluding in 2024), and Pluto often manifests slowly, with schisms of opposed extremes before the ultimate transformation unfolds in its final form, not unlike a butterfly pressing at its cocoon before finally maturing and unfolding.  We've seen the crazy "Tea Party of the right" followed and matched by the crazy "Tea Party of the left" (using the 19th century imported Statue of Liberty as a national icon), and the more positive potential is to evolve and synthesize into an outcome reflecting the "best of both worlds" (as if there is more than one world).  Washington DC is now troubled by the radical right and radical left railing at each other dogmatically and irrationally, Trump versus Anti-Trump Resistance BS..  Maybe some compassionate economics mixed with wise national protectionism, not unlike what FDRoosevelt manifest in his extraordinary wisdom and dedication to public service in tandem with his wife, is needed.  Biden is capable of that if he doesn't get sidetracked by the spastic noisemakers and willing troublemakers spun off the axis of reason into modes of compulsion and even puerile, destructive, and alienating rage, in all political parties. Biden is capable of reconciling the extremes just as Roosevelt did, but must pay attention to strict health regimens and ignore temptations to deviate from them in order to complete his term as president.  He was elected because of his deep understanding of America and its roots, and yet needs sober objectivity, from an American perspective in assessing it what has unfolded over time, and what the US national realities are now.  With the Pluto transits unfolding, concurrent with very slow and long Vulkanus transits still hitting America's key Ascendants, whether in natal charts or geodetically, it is true that America is fragile internally, regardless of how many guns or other defense technology are mounted in place (as people in the military are mentioning), and this is likely to be provoked further by mass immigration influx, possibly intended by transnational lobbies to destabilize the country, especially via high-risk foreign national defense contracts.  National security also requires American control of national media, from radio to TV to internet to newspapers and national magazines... not foreign manipulations and machinations trying to "change" America into Something Else, including via "AI/artificial intelligence" and the potentially treacherous "VR/virtual reality" fantasies of manufactured dreams tech operations, areas where foreign interests are already grossly excessive and overbearing if not obnoxious.

    2) Asian Hate laws that protect the innocent from attacks or abuse are warranted, but only when the protection goes both directions, as Americans on the Pacific coast have been assailed by Asian cults for a few years now (via bodyslamming, stalking, provocation, blackballing where Asian mafia is in the local political system), and the Falun Gong appears to be at least one of the perpetrators, using tactics similar to those of the Shinrikyo cult... people wearing broad-rimmed hats, even sunglasses when the sun is not out, to avoid identification by surveillance cameras including those that claim to be able to read eye pupils or facial features despite partial-face masks. And geodetics show that Falun Gong is largely a new-age-themed variant of the Moonie cult, and its 'Epoch Times' propaganda rag an offshoot of the Moonies' "Washington Times". Multigenerational Chinese-Americans in Chinatown have been telling customers about serious corruption coming in from Hongkong, in particular, for a decade or more already.  Moreover, the blockage and undermining of recently past FBI investigations of rampant Asian organized crime due to trumped-up charges of racism or racial profiling where it is either not the case, or where the crime networks are defined largely by race, especially at at top 'controller' levels, and "defended" by crafty Asian nationalist legal lobbies and "Asian law caucuses", even Asian military organizations operating on US soil.  Asian Hate is a 2-way street, and related laws need to protect non-Asians from Asian Hate, including where it manifests differently and/or with more stealth, including use of cults (Moonies, Falun, etc) as political tools, as well.  The Biden Administration needs to stop letting Asian nationalist interests manipulate its policies, and if it doesn't, coming elections may be thrown to less judicious and humane parties that do recognize the problem and act in a less judicious and humane way on all issues.  Since the day US Civil Rights laws, designed primarily to protect Americans of African ancestry, were implemented, foreign immigrant elements in the USA have attempted to bend the laws to their advantage in ways that are not legitimate, and that is raging full-speed-ahead now via dubious "color alliances" with cleverly strategic immigrant groups that are in essence allowing for foreign infiltration and subversion, even takeover in some American cities, and it resembles, substantially, the tactics of the 1960s-70s nominally-communist Asian-mafia-run Asian "Cultural Revolutions" and "Third World Revolutions", even reviving old foreign-manipulated cults of that era.

Geodetic lineups confirm some of the very problematic aspects of this, and it includes recent attempts to build Anti-American movements out of Anti-Trump "Resistance" movements with dubious affiliations including American overseas territory independence campaigns, some of them in militarily and globally strategic Pacific Island (API) locations that could sabotage US national security and Pacific defense operations. Added to this is the abandonment and transnational takeover of US Pacific defense bases since the 1990s, including those in California.

    Things have reached the point to where, during the recent July 4th Independence Day, rather than displaying American flags or celebrations on busy intersections of San Francisco, there were instead weird-looking synthetic trees that looked like Chinese or Japanese Christmas trees promoting "diversity and inclusion" of mass immigration, accompanied by signs with Red Sun logos resembling the national flag of Japan amd the old pre-1911 flag of the Chinese Empire. Falun Gong advocates were at hand. Very Weird and obnoxious on America's main annual national holiday.

    3) Further study of current geodetic lineups along with tallying of recent political events indicate that as the 2022 elections and the 2023 inaugurations and the 2026 celebration of the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution of 1776 approach, Vulkanus global power is moving slowly eastward, and within the boundaries of the USA, the power to defend against foreign encroachement will be in Alaska, on or near the longitudes of Fairbanks, Big Delta, Fort Yukon, Valdez, and Cordova, interestingly in alignment with military installations there as well as key oil pipelines.  What this means is that Any Foreign infiltration or intermixtures there could be Very high risk for US national security, and that despite any successful moves toward clean-energy technology, oil will remain necessary at very least for heavy engine lubrication and plastics.  The need for oil will not completely disappear even after healthier technology changes  -- or Alaska may be a coming frontier of new technology developments.  However, these locations may be vulnerable to the longtime presence of the Moonie-cult fishing fleets (allied with the treacherous/stealth Kahr Arms operations) in the Gulf of Alaska as well as decades-old Japanese military presence running down to the Queen Charlotte Islands at the other end of the Alaska Panhandle and involving Taekwondo paramilitary fronts.  90 degrees to the east of there, Newfoundland island and the largest populations centers of Greenland will be similarly critical for Canada and thereby all of North America including US-Canada mutual defense operations, and those are susceptible to meddling from German-dominated Euro interests.  The same applies to Suriname and French Guiana and the longitudes of Uruguay and eastern Paraguay.  All these will be as critical to the global balance of power as are the East China Sea and coasts, and Turkey and Egypt, central Ukraine and areas north of there in Russia, all countries surrounding Israel, as well as Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania (a historic Omani Emirates Arab stronghold), and Mozambique -- all where power of global significance are already amassing.  In addition, all areas due north of the Fairbanks and Cordova longitudes, as well as the Newfoundland and Godthab longitudes are susceptible to Russian interference in the polar regions.

    4) Biden will have to get on track with what the US public, overall, voted for in the elections of 2020, without yielding to the controls of the marginal radical screamers/proponents of foreign/immigrant interests, or he may throw the 2022 elections to those who have opposed reasonable democratic and social equalization measures that preserve social order avoid takeover by the aggressive Asian Century lobbies.  He needs to put the radicals in the radical corner, not in control of his administration.  If he doesn't, Pluto to Pluto return in the USA chart could result in a national schism that could be inflamed by calls for turbulence and confrontation on the streets, or worse.  He needs fully-American advisors with fully-American plans, not those who would hand America over to foreign control or banks, something that all political parties have been guilty of at various points in time.  The recent trend to allow immigrant and 2nd-generation-immigrant politicians, not raised on American values and understanding, needs to be curtailed, or America could "Change" into something "alien", and I'm not talking about space aliens,but alien cultures and values and institutions on planet Earth, some of which are the antithesis of "progressive" despite their deceptive political campaigns.  Some of the values and institutions of the Old World, which the USA sought to overthrow at the time of its inception in 1776, are not so lovely and exotic when you see them put into practice either in their homelands or on American soil, other than at carefully orchestrated propaganda events.

    If the new technology is not rooted in America, foreign interests may tap increasingly into the US economy and infrastructure.... companies from Japan or Germany or China or India should not be necessary to implement America's new technology frontier.

    5) About the Slavery history, it is indeed a tragedy American history, and yet not only did it Not occur throughout the USA, as there was substantial and adamant opposition to it from 1776; yet it was perpetuated by very wealthy slave-plantation lobbies in historic agricultural states on which the entire USA once depended in its early decades, sometimes tied to foreign interests and threatening to secede long before the US Civil War.  Debates over the ethics and morality of slavery raged from the start, and competing or hostile foreign powers fueled its continuation for both their economic benefit and in order to mock and tarnish the image of American democracy and egalitarianism, as is clear from the propaganda of hostile or warring powers during wars, whether hot or cold.  Recent hyperbole and distortions of the history of slavery have clearly come from foreign agents and organizations on American soil, and echo almost verbatim the Chinese and Soviet propaganda of the 1970s, as well as the German and Japanese propaganda of the 1930s and 1940s (when the German Nazis backed the KKK and the Japanazis attempted unsuccessfully to infiltrate the NAACP as 'another colored people') and now joined by propaganda from the once Nazi-aligned networks in the Middle East.  Immigrant politicians mouthing and ranting about America's foibles need to be removed from political office, in this time of national schism correlating with the  coming Pluto return in the USA 1776 chart, especially because they do not have the roots in America needed to understand and feel the significance of such vital and sensitive issues, or may not seek to do anything But stir up Trouble for bad reasons.  And those recalling the history of slavery need to not leave out its history in the Arab world, and similar manifestations in India (in the form of its brutal caste system) and China (lighter caste system, and human trafficking) -- and the same goes for racism in Asian culture. Americans of African ancestry need to start going into Chinatown and Japantown to shop long enough to see where the worst racism is, beyond the calculating lobbyists in political settings -- and segregated policing needs to end in multicultural cities, as ethnic organized crime networks are controlling some ethnic enclaves and perpetuating ethnically-defined organized crime that is spilling out nationwide.  If language is the issue, then fund English-language education programs and make it clear that ethnic enclaves, and foreign organized crime, cannot operate independently of American society and laws. English-language requirements for citizenship need to be increased for national unity and minimization of foreign subversion, for practical and national security reasons. This has been an issue throughout American history, and no one should be able to continue to "play the race card" to evade it, as it applies to all races from all continents.  Otherwise, America falls to pieces.  While cultural diversity makes for an interesting life, when it veers into foreign subversion and intrigue, it's time to draw the line and legislate.  Such issues are vital during major (precessed) Pluto transits like the one the USA is now undergoing.  Moderate immigration based on invididual choice and initiative is normal, but forced mass immigration via lobbying always has led to problems and sometimes to disasters and it usually motivated by greed for cheap labor and salary manipulation and undermining of labor protection laws.  In the 19th and early 20th centuries it was about industrial labor; today it's about agricultural and high-paid tech industry labor that may nonetheless evolve through robotics and agricultural technology such as hydroponics and intensive gardening that may be necessary to cope with the rapid climate change issues. Moves from animal-based to plant-based proteins may become increasingly necessary, and that impact on human evolution could be a positive one if implemented effectively. Tech industry jobs are at the core of national security infrastructure, where immigrant participation is High Risk.

    As for Black/Afroamerican history, there were Americans of African ancestry in the USA from the beginning who were not slaves, included among the 'pioneers' who settled in the new states annexed to the USA as it spread toward the Pacific coast.

    6) The United States has to provide its youth with functional and pragmatic and affordable and readily available quality education in order to survive successfully in the increasingly global economy; and the trend away from public education and into private schools only for those who can afford them has already proven disastrous, as has the cramming of education into narrow ideological constraints.  The wealthy need to realize (if not already) that their lives will not be so pleasant when surrounded by the unavoidable poorly-educated or economically disfranchised, especially when resentment over the issue leads to hostility -- and lack of education breeds social dysfunction.  This is a lesson that history has taught time and again, but poor education has also led to lack of understanding of that universal truth.  Lawmakers obsessed instead with amassing their own wealth and power has led to a mess that American leaders of the past recognized and understood, but the recent shift to crass materialism and greed-motive (including the imported varieties) has led to socioeconomic disasters. This should be a lesson of Pluto in Capricorn.  The USA was Not founded as a materialistic or even "capitalist" nation -- it is only the distortions of crooked politicians over time that have pushed it into that direction; and the Statue of Liberty was made in France in imported into the USA in the 1880s... it is Not a founding American icon, but rather an imported one whose history has been distorted in order to make it look like the equivalent of the US Declaration or Independence or US Constitution, which it is Not.  Rather, the statue was originally a symbol of the common roots of the American and French revolutions, abused later on by the local Wall Street crowd into a propaganda icon for importation of low-wage industrial labor. The "give me your poor" plaque was not on the original French-made statue, but was added in 1903, in the 20th century, to a separate pedestal as the industrial revolution was still unfolding... Over a century (plus 3 decades) after 1776.

    It requires looking at the writings of the founders of the USA to understand what the nation was truly intended to be -- not corporate, and now foreign, propaganda that has since been generated to "imagine" various "dreams" of America that never were and were never intended to be. The New York Stock Exchange was not founded until 1792, and involved foreign banks to the extent that it could be reasonably argued that it is foreign and not an American institution, originally tied to European-based investor banks, and today as well to Asian investor banks, and designed in part to perpetuate foreign colonization objectives still today. Wall Street is, in a sense, a remnant of foreign colonization of the US economy.  These are issues brought up before in US history, but forgotten amid the deluge of transnational corporate and foreign nationalist propaganda 'redefiners' that makes Americans forget who we really are.  Stock market astrologers are not likely to make mention of the problem when they control the astrological organizations, so go figure.

    Lastly, I just changed the Afghan US troop withdrawal date from Sep 11 to Aug 31 in the geodetic table, and the alignment is even closer with interests for Hamas and Iran, which risk overtaking Afghanistan.


2021Jun16: PIVOT TO AMERICA!!  Not Europe, Not Asia, but America.

    Geodetic lineups for the following events may be VITAL to unraveling the still lingering, years-long, and sometimes treacherous HA=VU cluster; and these go back to the early 1990s, when globalist agreements began unfolding.  The lineups can be seen on the "Men Behind the Curtain" pages on this website. The problems started when America's reach out to engage more internationally veered into the hands of the WW2 Axis Fascist powers and their allies, some of which eventually took over the former Communist countries via coups or infiltration.  Deeper roots even go to WW2-era Fascist "diplomatic" and often deceptive campaigns like the "One World" proposals that crept subtly into United Nations operations thought to be "liberal" but no so much fundamentally, and the German/Streseman-pushed WW2-era proposal for a European Union with France as a nominal but subservient power.  These are issues possibly familiar to British political analysts, and why even the archconservative Margaret Thatcher resisted the European Union; and to careful China-watcher historians and political analysts aware of the degree to which conservative and wealthy elements in China (including lingering monarchists especially) collaborated with the Hitler-aligned Japanazi machine during China's bitter and bloody Civil War contemporaneous with World War 2 (not to mention German military alliances with the never-died Imperial Chinese monarchist government before and during World War 1, including alliances against what were to become the WW1 and WW2 Allied powers including the USA).

    For those so Shallow and Naive as to think this has nothing to do with today, the geodetic lineups over the years will show how very relevant they still are, while American politics are based on a democratic model at root, Old World politics are Not, and centuries-old dynasties and oligarchies still linger to day -- in fact revived via the EuroUnion, in Japan, and in China (even during its Maoist period).  Geodetic lineups show how those political and financial lineages have continued; some of them still quite potent, if not now dominant in globalist politics and economics, even when through banks and stock markets the old imperials owned or controlled. Ignorance of these issues breeds shallowness and stupidity, for the world is not, and never has been, "All New".  Geodetics also make it clear that the "CHANGE" campaign attached to Obama's politics actually preceded him, starting in 1995, and is rooted in East Asian politics (which influenced his upbrining and early associations via life in Indonesia and Hawaii).  In other words, a lot of the "Change" is Asian, as should be evident via observation of current events and conditions.  A full pivot to North America will require the leaders of Canada getting deprogrammed from the lobbying of the Asian immigrant elements that have fused into Canadian government gradually and now at top levels, and this could also be relevant to Mexico.  Similarly, Germany pushes as usual to the be the "Master Race" in Europe and anywhere else it can, with some leaders in France licking their boots as they proceed "En Marche" to the drumbeat of Berlin.  Where secretive and self-protective Russia, ghoulash potpourri after the Soviet collapse, sits amid all this is to be sorted out; but Never Again should the USA have US-Russia policy dictated by Germany's self-interest or intelligence data of dubious veracity (made clear in books of T H Tetens and others).  America once again, as during the Germanhalifax-lobbied McCain campaign, is at risk of being the target of Russian missiles in a war provoked by Germany for Germany's perennial interests in Russia's economy and national resources.  There's got to be an American Way of dealing with Putin or any other Russian leader.  As pointed out before, Merkel's cellphone drama is a hypocritical coverup for extensive German military/Siemens surveillance of global telecommunications via either the Microsoft-Siemens Cloud or its Nokia affiliates; as well as Yahoo, Google, and other similarly-competing Asian nationalist technology for global communications surveillance.

    As I write, a reminder that I live in an environment surrounded by both the Peter Thiel German nationalist network, as well as the pervasive Moonie/Falun And Asia Pacific Research Center networks (the probable stalking body-slammers on the sidewalks), some posing as "refugees" and thus blocked from surveillance by US government agents via local "Sanctuary" laws and regulations.... a mess.  There are most clearly foreign elements and agents fusing into US civil rights movements including Black Lives Matter, likely explaining the more controversial events stoked even by first- and second-generation citizens raised under values different from those of most Americans.  Some of the most abrasive and disruptive political lobbies and organizations in the USA now show to be controlled by first- or second-generation immigrants raised up with the values of immigrant parents who underwent culture shock and the challenges of shifting from the values of their native countries to those of the USA.  It Matters.  And is a reminder of why laws have long been in place to prohibit the foreign-born from holding political office... maybe a very good idea to not be thrown away, as it often explains some of the most chaotic situations in American politics, history, and society... and so might be very wisely applied to positions of influence in America's media and America's education system, which such problems are already quite evident to those paying attention to what's unfolding in the corridors of power.  Such vital issues must not be dismissed casually as "xenophobia" or "anti-immigrant" or "racist" or America is in TROUBLE.... BAD TROUBLE.  Please don't come to America so you can start a Revolution, and laws should be in place so you Can't.  The chaos and violence of America in the 1960s and 1970s, manipulated mostly by foreign agents on American soil, was Not Glamrous or worthy of repetition -- and the American Progressivism of the past was not like the foreign hybrid versions being peddled now by transnational cults.  In fact, the American Progressivism of the past was often very aware of the downside of mass immigration programs, and was adamantly opposed to them despite being ready to defend the human rights of immigrant populations being exploited as cheap labor and as the pawns of both domestic and foreign slave-labor operations.  Despite the propaganda of corporate and stockmarket greedsters, slave labor is not needed to make the economy rebound, but the sharing of wealth by the megarich is.  FDRoosevelt understood this, but today's politicians in all political parties seem to want to only slander and degrade him and his policies, whether due to alignment with the forces of greed, out of Ignorance inexcusable among American political office-holders, or due to being covert or inexcusably unconscious agents of foreign interests.

    Much is to be learned by studying how foreign subversion operations inside the USA as well as overseas, and recent radical movements on both the far right and far left are near replicas of past subversion ops on US soil maybe not familiar to the average American citizen but whose sordid details are described in contemporaneous books on the subject, titles of which I have been publicizing for several years already, and which have been attacked the guilty parties, apparently includeding descendants of those involved in the subversion operations, and including brainwashed cults obedient to foreign governments like those of the 1930, the 1960s, as well as those of recent years, including sham "religious/spiritual" cult fronts, especially those promoting drug use.  Continued undiscriminating "sanctuary" and mass immigration only worsen the situation, quite problematically, inviting Chaos (i.e. "Anarchy") into America, as port-of-entry cities bristle with foreign agents unchecked by US federal agents due to very unwise restriction of US government surveillance and control of incoming populations as Vulkanus continues to press on the geodetic Ascendants of key US ports (and moving toward San Francisco, and Phoenix via 8th harmonic, while the 1776 USA chart undergoes a potentially chaotic or even domestically destructive Pluto return.  It would be wise to tell the naive pro-immigration lobbyists to Go Fly a Kite and leave the policy to more alert and national-security aware leaders.

    Meanwhile Vulkanus also presses along rural borders, including southern Oregon and northern California coastlines (a job for the US Coast Guard to watch), California coastlines from San Luis Obispo to Ventura, the Colorado River valley and east of it (north of the Gulf of California); El Paso TX and areas to its west and east; the Rio Grande valley from Laredo to the Gulf Coast; central Louisiana coastline; west Florida coastline and Apalachicola River valley);  Coastlines of Miami FL and of Charleston SC; central coast of North Carolina around New Bern; Coastal areas of East Long Island NY, Connecticut, and west Rhode Island; Coastline of eastern Maine and border with New Brunswick; Oahu, Molokai, and Lanai in Hawaii; Alaska coast around Point Barrow (underlining importance of 100% American staffing of US military operations at Fairbanks and nearby as well as east of the Kenai Peninsula); Nome are and St Lawrence Island in Alaska; Coastline from Bethel to Dillingham AK; Coastline from Cordova to Yakutat AK; Areas around Juneau, and Chicagoff and Baranoff islands;  Queen Charlotte Islands and Prince Rupert in British Columbia.

    With Hades as part of the picture, submarine operations, including nocturnal, may be a key component of foreign subversion along coastlines, just as was the case with WW2 Axis (both Euro and Asian) subversion operations against the USA.

    Geodetics make it clear that these are both relevant and carefully concealed in calculated stealth operations, and comments from the naive, brainwashed, or complicit immigration lobbies can go to where they belong.

    Personally, based on direct observations and study of history, I think it Extremely Unwise to put any trust in Japanese Military operations or descendants -- do not be fooled by the obnoxious propaganda campaigns of the Asian Century and the revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere that included Eastern China and Taiwan both Then And Now, and be aware of Korean collaboration with them both historically and today.  Otherwise, you may see the US Pacific Coast fall to foreign control from East Asia, if you have not already seen it manifest.  Events of "Asian Hate" have been a two-way street already; American critics and reports or East Asian criminal underworld and subversion activities have already been targeted and sometimes dismissed, dangerously, as "racist" -- a Very unwise move, as may soon become more evident.   Don't "Include" Subversives and Terrorists on the immigrant-welcome-wagon, and that requires savvy federal agents unfettered by naive "sanctuary" advocates ignorant of the extant risks, regardless of political party affiliations.  America needs Unity Against Foreign Subversion, not Unity With Foreign Subversion, and Canadians might consider the same issue for relevance.  Not only is the Prince Rupert and Queen Charlottes coastline in British Columbia vulnerable, but so is the coastline all around central Vancouver Island.

    The recenlty revived Hindu Fascist Party was also an ally of Nazi Japan and Germany in WW2, and has been revived and now in power in New Delhi.  One of its key bases of power in WW2 was the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, south of Burma, north of Sumatra, east of Srilanka, and capable of controlling the Bay of Bengal and trade with Bangladesh as well as Calcutta/Kolkata and Ganges River traffic and, potentially, sea traffic rounding Singapore between East Asia and Europe/Africa/WestAsia.  

    "Do drugs and dream" at your own risk, for you may wake up in a foreign-occupied America if you do.  Include THIS when you wake up from the Peter Pan movie.  The long-lasting HA=VU cluster is not fully over yet... that's not outside of 2 degrees orb until the annual Capricorn 'Universal Chart' for Dec 2022 (for the calendar year of 2023), while China, Manchuria, Taiwan, the Japanese Ryukyus, St-Peterburg, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, E South Africa, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, surprise-box Asuncion, and little Guyana, as well as New Delhi and Kashmir in the 8th harmonic, is where the real global power rests for the next couple of years, with only the US and Canadian and British Navies and Air Forces to counterbalance them from remote military bases.  Meanwhile, Ottawa and Washington DC are still Too Much under the sway of foreign location mentioned, via lobbies that may include cults in the "Dream" and "Believe" world of the tooth fairies that go away when you wake up and reality hits.... that will clearly be in 2024, and hopefully sooner, before the Hades intrigue of the Golden Triangle, Adaman Islands area, Sumatran and Algerian and Nigerian Jihadists, and west Caribbean narcotraffickers, sink the ships that defend democracy.  The epidemic of drug abuse (fentanyl, spiked crack marijuana) chaos and deaths may be driven by pointed political objectives, "Opium Wars in Reverse", which the Japanese military also practiced in WW2 -- their alternative to gas camps to get the "men of the targeted color out of the way" even before they get "old".  Watch for related issues to surface more in 2022 and 2023.  The Andaman Islanda alone are long know as a hub of carefully guarded underworld secrets, and were a key Hindu-Japanazi base of operations during World War 2, on the edge of sealanes all around the Indian Ocean.  Australia should guard its Western Australia coastlines with extra vigilance, especially as this is where its global power potential rests at this time, subject to surveillance and sabotage.

    The East China Sea is the global hub of both Chinese and Japanese global naval power, and the lines between mainland China and Taiwan, and even Japan, has always blurred, as the Kuomintang as well as the Tong mafia have continually overlapped between all 3 (as well as into the Philippines).  While each country has its unique culture and either language or dialect predominant, their underworld networks have often collaborated and overlapped, and the "East Asia Prosperity Sphere" plan is very clearly in Revival Now, trade and shipping and real estate as well as drugs the favored avenues, where the "big money" is. 


2021Feb09, updated Feb12 & 15Message to the Greedy Rich; Transnational stealth politics.

    The Greedy Rich and Mammonist Narcissist ideologues in political office have still not learned the lessons of the 1920s, of the Harding-Coolidge-Hoover era mess. One lesson is that if you don't attend to the needs of the poor and middle class, foreign interests will barge in and take over the country.  There was of course a direct connection between the global anarchist revolutions and unrest of the early 20th century and socio-economic gentrification that drove a disgruntled public to such extremes in the first place. The chaos on the streets is due not only to the greed of the uber-rich but also foreign interest "blowback" from countries out for revenge over past conflicts, as well as competitors for global control or dominance.  Hoovernomics and the self-serving "libertarianism" of the 1920s didn't work out then, and won't this time either.  If the mega-rich do not "share the wealth" via legislation, it's only logical that there will be public misery and logically possible more unrest or anarchy like already manifest, of every "color" of people feeling cheated by political and economic dysfunction and imbalance. Mass and unsettling large-scale depersonalized immigration also has time and again caused social and political unrest, and so why is does it continue to be legislated?  When those legislators and leaders in gated homes and communities lose touch with the lives and needs of ordinary people, chaos eventually ensues, and that goes back centuries, even before democracy was "invented".  Are there politicians who think they are "chosen by God" to be immune to it all, and to ignore the laws of social, and even spiritual, cause and effect?  Vulkanus in Leo now in its infant stage, this time around historically, is likely to manifest as a society run by arrogant, trampling monarchs, or by benevolent and generous leaders sharing the power and strengthening the public with confidence in their own capacities.  Vulkanus is so slow that the last cycle is too many centuries ago to study with clear documentation, but Pluto is somewhat similar in nature, and it gave us both Hitler policies and Roosevelt policies, and so we may see a similar choice now, and one must review documents and even newsreel footage of that era to see what Roosevelt actually said and did, rather than the recent corporate media demonizations of him by social and political bullies and selfish narcissists still lingering despite the human evolution unfolding at a snail's pace..   

    Hollywood increasingly bought up by the Nouveau-Riche real-estate gangsters from Asia, reflected in new Hollywood film content and themes as East China Sea (and Peterburg and Kyiv) harboring Vulkanus remains at 45 degree angle to Neptune (over the Opium Triangle and New Delhi) throughout 2021 -- transnationally politicized film industry, and both at 22.5/multiple angle to the narco Golden Triangle Hades pumping toxic and socially undermining drugs onto the streets for decades, and so movie imagery with ancient costumes, dragons, dinosaurs, stuff typical of foreign films for years but now again hit Hollywood as the film industry is overtaken by transnational if not foreign money, possibly with help of foolishly-made Sony (Japanese Military) US defense contracts, and entering at geodetic Ascendants now in orb of the west end of Transpacific-communications-concealer and foreign-born US government legislator, privileged to US sensitive national security data, Ted Lieu's district in Los Angeles county (home to Hollywood as well as Axis Fascist cults before and during WW2).  And speaking of stage drama, more is likely to surface over time about just what happened on January 6 at the US capitol, which looked in many ways more like a foreign film than anything really American... like American actors trained to perform a cheesy foreign 'Revolutionary Opera' stage-play, and regardless of whether Trump incited it, it may or may not have been created at source by him, or even by primarily American manipulators, since Trump himself was installed with foreigners Thiel, Chao, and Ma flanking and manipualting him into the Oval Office, and some of the costumes do look more like Kabuki or Revolutionary Beijing Opera than what was Hollywood before the takeover.. or another Tea Party 'activist' variant run by Thiel's (or other foreign-born) diabolical Axis-agent-cofounded Stanford Research Institute psy-ops machine, or transnational paramilitary cults invading the US capitol with deadly weapons.  A possible foreign-produced freakshow with cult-programmed American actors, science fiction with exotic costumes sprinkled with American icons and waving flags like glitter on sugar-sweet cake icing, yet criminalized by the very real brutal violence and the threats and literal murders of January 6 that of course must be contained/stopped for public safety, the safety of America's legislators, and honor of US federal government root functions, regardless of the other issues.  No, it's Not American in essence, not typical of America even if maybe acted out by cult programmed American actors. Deeper investigations are needed before drawing conclusions.  Just as Thiel and Chao and Ma walked Trump into the Oval Office for a cheap foreign drama that in reality ended up putting "Nippon Kaigi" Revived Fascist Japanese Marines in California, and American Highways at risk of being jammed up with Chinese toll booths, willingly assisted by a Kentucky senator mesmerized by his charming imported concubine, and by another nearby politician looking like lost in space on his daddy's Good Ship Lollipop.  How can it happen?  When America's phone lines and internet technology are foreign-controlled and govt security agencies staffed with or run by foreign agents, subversion is at the fingertips of those who would like to redefine and remake America into their own image, to 'look like them'.   

    The 'Asian Century' plan, initiated in the 1980s by Deng Xiaoping and Rajiv Gandhi and cohorts is in full swing in the background, as is also the Schwazi and Thiel German G4/Gestapo4-rooted element lingering in Berlin and Vienna for whatever is up their sleeves next... Nazis to the rescue as the alternative to Asian mafia takeover?  Neither of those, but an American solution is needed for America, and it's not going to happen if the leaders in Washington keep giving America's power, and land, and economy, and offices of government, away to new arrivals and foreign advisors with their alien priorities.  The immigration advocacy drive is a foreign political and economic tactic, as it has been historically, other than as a tempting cheap pool of labor, and implemented in part by politicians so out of touch with the impact on everyday American citizens that they 'believe' in some cheesy political 'vision' fantasy instead of what's going on in the real world of functional reality on the ground.  With NE=HA=VU still in orb through 2021, be prepared for a year of more related unsolved mysteries before the Twilight Zone political weirdness is over.  The message of NE=HA=VU is to stay grounded, calm, and heed your intuitions, in silence and not "guided tapes/CDs/downloads" and yes, watch for special interests from around the globe pulling the strings of naive politicians, if you want to know what's really going on. Meanwhile, public safety on the streets is at risk from politicians inciting unrest of any kind or ideology.  The explanations of the transnational intrigue are likely to be found near 123E00 and every longitude at 22.5 degrees from it.  Biden must be alert at all times, and needs ample time alone in nature, not bombarded by environmental or foreign-interest stimuli or manipulation in order to serve the interest of the nation, and the same goes for all current leaders globally.  No 'guided meditations' with subtle programming or any form of environmental manipulation.  Otherwise, Washington DC could be surrendered to manipulation from foreign capital/s.

    With the Pluto return for USA 1776 also lingering, important to remember that Pluto change can, at worst, via experimentation with radical and risky extremes before settling on a stable course, and so the less the radical of either extreme, right or left, are allowed to dictate, especially during clear efforts at destabilization and "anarchy", the more people will survive and the more constructive the results will be.  ALL political parties need to listen to the legitimate and reasonable appeals of their radical wings, but with a noise filter and common sense, and look for viable solutions, not ones that may polarize society into the danger zone or to impracticable policy, and people need to stop joining seductive or bribing "sheeple" cults (now too abundant) like bleating fools, unless they want to be driven off a cliff by a so-called "driverless car" in fact under remote control.  This too is a very NE=HA=VU issue.

    Lastly to mention, I just got a copy of an American history text called "The Americans" (as if referring to someone else in a foreign country) used currently in American high schools, and was in near disbelief at how American kids in some schools are now being taught to almost despise our national institutions, to feel shame instead of pride in America and its history and institutions... almost as if to be primed for some sort of foreign takeover, and many of the distorted accounts in the texts read like Cuban or Russian or Chinese propaganda magazines did for years, or like Axis Fascist propaganda from Germany or Japan of earlier years... all the way to, yes, sections on 'US Imperialism', and how 'mean' most 'evil old' Americans have been.  Product of foreign politicians running American government?  And so what are kids learning about the country they live in now, and who wrote it?  And yet it will also be important to monitor the content as printed textbooks are being replaced by computer modules designed by ???? from ????, made in ????.  Sounds to me like redefining and remaking America, but how and by whom?  Korematsu federal-agent-evaders and Austrian Oaf Terminators remaking America in their own dubious image?  More imported and inappropriate Kitsch?  America's captain in the Oval Office needs to take control of the steering wheel, because the 'driverless car' may be headed off a cliff and into the ocean.  Americans voted for a change for the better, and some stability, not another adolescent freak show run by hysterical screamers, or confused dreamers, in the halls of government.  Putting native Cambodians and Cubans in control of America's port security doesn't sound like it's going to help things improve... and how did that happen in the first place?  Makes no sense, unless America is being 'Surrendered' to some other power.  A sober single captain, alert 24/7, and not distracted by tugging sideshows, is needed urgently, as NE=HA=VU can mean another year of stormy seas; and yes, compassion is essential in times of trouble. America can do this.  It did it under FDRoosevelt, even if some troublemakers didn't like him.

    Attacking individuals on the street because they appear superficially to represent a group of people thought to be abusive is stupid.  In recent times, there have also been many incidents of "provocateur" setups involving people with legally-protected status trying to provoke people into being demonized for reacting in a similar fashion.  Intentional body-slamming and blocking of sidewalks is not uncommon recently...  "rebels with a cause" tyring to "flex their power" to provoke public "scenes" for political objectives or personal "victory".  This fits with lower forms of Hades=Vulkanus as primal or passive-aggressive politics, and there is a need to be on the alert for it.  Locally, it appears that the Falun Gong or similar cults, and some Islamic cults, use such ploys, even intentionally diverting course to slam into people head-on, sort of like "bumper cars", on sidewalks, in stores or train stations, and then spout their rhetorical claims of "persecuted religion/minority", etc.  Very manipulative.  The Falun Gong at one point was also running ads about somehow obtaining "dream homes" in parts of America (despite severe housing shortages) not so long ago... all related to sanctuary immigration policies enacted without realizing the potential abuse by foreign real-estate cartels and phony "faith-based" religious fronts, domestic or transnational, money-laundering foreign mafia fused with fake churches and sham persecution claims... it's gone that far. Geodetics show the Falun Gong to likely be just another permutation of the Moonie cult brainwashing network, manipulative, devious, phony, passive-aggressive, and granted "faith-based/religion" status by American law, and now Armed and Dangerous via their Kahr Arms branch.  In any way relevant to the events of January 6 in Washington DC?  Many manipulees of the Moonie cult are not ethnically Asian, and the Moonies have long been fused to extremist paramilitary cults like the APACL/WACL/WLFD and offshoots, rooted in remnants of the WW2 Axis Fascist military organizations, right in line with Vulkanus over the East China Sea right now and for a while into the future.  The good news is that Neptune will be beyond 2 degree orb of Vulkanus in 2022, and so by January of next year, any explanations of weird political cults surfacing now may be revealed by investigations by then.   Look, for one problem, to the Asia Pacific Research Center that has functioned in part under the umbrella of the often unscrupulous psyops-prolific Stanford Research Institute network, and could have been facilitated by the stationing of Japanese Marines in California.  There's intrigue and subversion clearly seeping in among inadequately-monitored immigration waves enabled by Republic-of-China-born Ted Lieu's self-interested advocacy for immunity of naturalized citizens to US national security surveillance, just as existed during the (documented) Fascist subversion politics wave of the 1930s-40s.  Naturalized Citizens are or should be in a separate political category from Native Citizens, per the many incidents of past foreign political subversion.

    While focusing on problems related to the violent January 6 incidents in Washington DC, critical attention must not be diverted from substantial and proliferating Asian organized crime, political cults, or from Asian military staff stationed on the US Pacific coast, and which gained increasing power as US military bases were shut down, privatized, or otherwise taken over during recent decades.  All of America's current problems are not always coming from "old white people", by any means.  Foreign interests are clearly trying to subvert American national security and stability, and investigations of the issue must not be undermined by meddling from foreign-driven interests, or there is risk of more disasters, aside from "white nationalist" cult problems that probably have explanations deeper than just what the often superficial Donald Trump said or did, and the root explanation may not be all or even mostly American.  The Axis Fascist network are and were experts at cult brainwashing and programming and manipulation.... creating cults of every "color" to suit their objectives, both historically and today, and they actually either created or eventually co-opted and controlled the "Antifa" sham cult as a mousetrap and propaganda tool.  The Moonies are not the only example of devious and unscrupulous foreign subversion.  Those who do not understand the history of 1930s Fascism in substantial depth may be lost in understanding of what's happening, as it was full of "phony peace", "phony wars", and radical right made to look radical left (also the case in the 1960s and 70s Indochina War era), not to mention what today's political climate, including in militant Russia and Germany, China and Japan, could produce.  

    The USA is now at risk, after the January 6 US capitol crisis, of focusing only on "white nationalist cults" while ignoring an equally if not more cancerous influx of Asian fascist organized crime, revived German or Russian fascism, or blowback from either radical right or left cults including those from Latin America, the Indian Subcontinent with its BJP Fascist resurrection, or the Middle East.  Surveillance systems have become an unfortunate necessity made clear by the HA=VU cluster and its manifestations, and yet one must also make sure the surveillance systems are not installed or run by the very networks causing the problems, as some locally may have been (i.e. by the Yazuka Black Dragon Society).  This Hades=Vulkanus time we are living through, in 2-degree orb from the last few years until about 2024, is rare and will not last forever... there IS light at the end of the tunnel, but also maybe No Tunnel if the change from dirty oil technology to truly clean and healthy energy technology is not made Soon, like ASAP, no time to waste other than paying clear attention to where the money from it goes and which national economies it benefits.  Pres Biden should consider letting the US military run the operations while giving the benefits to the American public, and let the mammonist "Free Market" ideologue dinosaurs in Congress squirm and squeal just as they did when Roosevelt, like America's Master Ship Captain, took charge and steered America out of imminent national, and global, disaster that could have led to Hitler and Tojo, or Stalin, in control of the world with America run by the incompetent, mammonist Hoover machine and its disgustingly naive concessionists to foreign banking interests and stock-market manipulators.  For a taste of how that happened before under Decisive Presidents  keeping America from the brink of disaster, watch the Inaugural Addresses and State of the Union Addresses by Franklin Roosevelt, one where he was confronted with mobilizing the resources of the USA for the disastrous and genocidal world war already set in motion by the German and Japanese military and their pawns in other countries, and which may be needed to implement a "war on ozone deterioration". (You can watch Roosevelt's speeches on  Other statements and documents of Roosevelt may be insightful and instructive of how to handle today's crises.

    Another example is Harry Truman's 1948 Presidential Acceptance Speech, where he dedicated himself to the interests of the disadvantaged and middle class in defiance of the greedy hoarders of social gentrification (also viewed on  All-American Presidents (and even so-called "evil old white men") who did not tarry in bold advocacy for social justice as conditions existed in their times and advocated effectively for disadvantaged minorities of all "colors" (which in realities means All People).  It's an America of increasing social conscience that existed before, and could be again, without all the foreign meddling and subversion and manipulation by ambitious foreign lobbying cults annexing the US economy to foreign banks and stock markets while trying to repopulate America with mass immigation waves, and greedy Wall Street oinkers running Washington DC, allowed to do so by Politics Controlled By Money Alone instead of social conscience.  It's important to remember that America's history is not all lacking in social justice rooted in America's true core traditions and institutions even if they have been warped and contaminated at various points by globalist greed and juvenile and spiritually-bankrupt selfish materialism since then.  The social-ethical foibles of the "Confederate" set never has been typical of all of the United States, although attempts have been made to stereotype America and Americans as such, and its politicians have somehow been able to dominate the rest of the America's politics in recent years, pointing to a specific family that has developed grossly disproportionate national influence, enabled by dirty oil money and their slimy foreign alliances with decrepit imperial dynasties of various "colors".  America has some very progressive and socially-conscious traditions that were squelched by the greedy but can be restored, and may need to be in order to see America move forward in domestic peace and real progress, without profits funneled out to foreign "investors" (i.e. colonizing economic controllers). 

    Immigration quota rises need to be separated from domestic civil rights issues... mixing them creates and has created messy problems and problematic social chaos, as has been stated by some naturalized citizen populations dealing with problems due to mass immigration waves from their own countries of birth.  There are people who support advocacy for domestic civil rights and human treatment of immigrants, but not increases in immigration, as they are often entail very different and even functionally opposed and contradictory issues.  Assistance to nations in distress can be implemented by programs overseas and nearer the countries of origin without creating further problematic domestic complexities.


P.S.: re the vaccine controversies, note how many different vaccines there are.  How similar in content are they?  People are making generalizations without remembering that various corporations and factories are producing the vaccines, and so some sort of trustworthy and competent oversight and supervision is vital, to make sure people are getting what they think they are,  Vaccines from some foreign sources are already being restricted from importation via official disapproval, and the public needs ample reassurance of adequate quality control. And choosing a healthy diet and avoiding toxins of any sort may, or spoiled food... and cooking and sterilization be very important regardless of vaccination issues.  Maybe more important than ever to process food to kill bacteria before eating.  Matches Hades in Cancer, in effect until year 2041, i.e. another 20 years from now. Quality control of foods and food preparation is vital -- not lowering of food safety standards, or risks of eating spoiled food.  Long-distance perishable food transport is already a health risk, and people may need home or community gardens, even just window-gardens, at least until Hades reaches the midpoint of Cancer in 2027 (if food inspection standards are raised)... or avoid perishable food and make sure foods are washed and cooked at high temperature to kill bacteria.  This is clearly related to transnational shipping of foods, including meats on supposedly adequately-refrigerated ships.  In the USA, FDA regulations were set up to protect public health, not "punish" food merchants. "Farmer markets" can both provide fresh food and keep profits for the growers. Home or community gardens can insure high food quality if the growers know or study how to garden effectively, and new hydroponic and other gardening technology may simplify the processes at all levels of production..


2021Feb03:  As Walter Mondale used to say in the presedential debates with Reagan,"Who's in Charge?"   It ended up that VP George Bush Sr was making the decisions while Ronald Reagan was shuffled on and off the stage to read the teleprompter and then exit, and the Sun Myung Moon network was redefining/remaking the US economy and government agencies, as appears to happening again.  In 1980, Vulkanus was over the Golden Triangle, and today 22.5 to the east over Shanghai and Taipei and Dalian... hand in glove throughout, and in Europe in 1980 Frankfurt and today Kyiv and Peterburg.  In the USA, Miami in 1980 and today nowhere in the USA (in 4th harmonic) other than the longitude US military facilities in Fairbanks, and Gulf of Alaska coastline where the Kahr-armed phony Moonie "Messiah" cult fishing fleets land for whatever purposes they might. Geodetics show them linked directly to the Falun Gong all over the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area, and in some cases running school districts.  Japanese nationalist ops have long nested in the Queen Charlotte (Haida Gwaii) Islands, to the southeast of there, in Canada  Who's letting it happen?  Is that what you call "homeland security"?  Then there's Guru Nanuk of the north in Canada, on the same wavelength after offshore vacation rendez-vous.... "Aucune difference".  Studying the roots of the Rajneesh cult and how it controlled people as if dazed and sleepwalking, first moling into the Pacific Coast of North America in the 1980s... charming and mesmerizing (including nominal but deceptive "world peace") cults in the halls of government are how both Asian and European Fascism took control in both their homelands and then Pearl-Harbor-style blitzkriegs invaded targeted states.  Real national security concerns are nothing to dismiss lightly now.  Living under control from Berlin or Tokyo or Beijing would not be anything like what Americans have been accustomed to -- and it wouldn't be based on America's interests at the forefront, as some EuroUnion countries have already seen after subjugation.  Defense against Russia is one thing, but submission to the Fuhrer is another.


2021Jan30 (updated Feb06): Political cults. India-born Pramila Jayapal called the Republican Party a cult. Since she was not raised and fully educated in the USA, she doesn't understand America, and maybe doesn't care to as long as she Wins for Asia against her vilified "Old White Men" reminiscent of the once-great and fallen Hindu Empire's unjust colonial days.  The Republican Party was founded as a puppet organization of the Deutschebank and German Siemens railroad builders, piling on top of Federalist and Whig remnants, who successfully stole and privatized America's national railroad system (intended by American Populists/Grangers to be national public property) money, and a century later the Republican Party eventually fell under the gradually increasing influence of the Sino-Japanese-Korean created Moonie cult as well (via Tanaka's visit with Nixon, then alzheimered Reagan, then the Moonie/Atsugi-mesmerized Bushes).  The Democratic Party was the original party of Thomas Jefferson et al, and once called the Democratic-Republican Party (and even briefly nicknamed the "Republican Party", to make American political history complex). Today, the Democratic Party risks Becoming a cult under the influence of Pramila and her Asian nationalist cohorts, which fused in with the Moonie network that manipulated the Republican Party for years, and now seeks control of Both Parties and thus of America.  (The Moonie influence actually has roots in the push of the "One World" plan pushed by Mme Chiang Kaishek in the 1940s, and later the lobbying of Watergate-enmeshed Anna Chen Xiangmei Chennault, and Wendy Lee Gramm and Chinese Enron affiliates who helped, if not designed, the "Gramm Rudman/Reaganomics" plan to gradually privatize US infrastructure and government functions, now too much under foreign 'investor' control.

    Pramila, on board with the same political thread, today fused with the functionally bi-partisan "Asian Law Caucus" is quite clever, and her studied and slick courtroom rhetoric charming, but she should fall when the HA=VU fog clears and the public understands the roots of the Asian Law Caucus and its fusion with aggressive foreign real estate acquisition lobbies and political office-holders.  Pres Biden must steer back to the center of the Democratic Party or he will lose seats to opposition in the 2022 elections, just as Hillary lost having an even greater majority of votes that would have made her election almost unquestionable to most anyone.  A moderate and less extremist "Pivot to Asia" was at one point smart way to avoid falling into the trap set up by the German Bankers' EuroUnion for global conquest, but the pivot, rather than restoring a balance in America, swung Too Far East, in the other direction to allow Asia to nearly suck the US Pacific Coast under an Asian Tidal Wave flooding America's coastlines.  This must not be overlooked while dealing with any real or cult-programmed White Supremacist demonstrations that could be distracting from what amounts to an "Asian Invasion" that has already manifest as takeover of schools (i.e. Confucius Institutes and Korematsu "Resistance" Campuses) that means programming children of "America's Future" for objectives from overseas.  A thorough study of how the Lee clan dynasty took over San Francisco and environs, and repopulated it somewhat rapidly via pushful immigration, within a 25 year period, is urgently needed.  The Asian Law Caucus is in the mix, and Leland Yee's and Shrimp Boy Chao's foolishly dismissed weapons and drug trafficking have interlaced amid it all, as may have also been steady Asian takeover of Silicon Valley starting in the 1980s.  San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee called it "America's Future", and some Korematsu children are programmed to look only to "the future" with "redefined families", i.e. similar tactics used by the Moonie cult network for decades.  Asian social engineering of America, and no less potentially problematic than the German version promoted by the Merkel/Schwarzenegger network "Terminating" America for "redefinition".  Shaming American institutions and history as "endemically corrupt" and "unjust" while the traditions of the agents of Germany and Asia (not at all coincidentally at the hub of WW2 Axis Fascism) being brought into America are far more endemically corrupt and unjust.  But those unfamiliar with all the facts about America and its historical development may "believe" the invaders' historical revisionism and propaganda lies rather than see the truth.

    Not to overlook:  One of the stated objectives of the Asian-founded university campus "Third World Revolution/Centers", that may be playing a critical role in recent racialist politics (called "color politics" around San Francisco Bay), has long been to alter "Eurocentric education" from America's universities.  Consider all of what that can mean, and study the origins of those centers and where the funding for them originated, and much may be learned about current political dilemmas in the USA that are more about transnational infiltration and manipulation than  "civil war" that those transnational interests are stoking among those unquestionably American from birth.  Geodetics lineups for all these events (delineated in the "Men Behind the Curtain" article on this website) make the foreign infiltration issue quite clear, even if veiled in deceptive 'diplomacy' and accompanied by bribes.  Similar foreign meddling and tactics stoked the real Civil War of 1861-65, and the near-civil-war "Cultural Revolution" (nominally "Maoist" but heavily guided and manipulted by "Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee" agents throughout the global Chinese diaspora as well as within the KRC-infused Beijing "Communist" government) of the 1960s-70s, that turned Americans against Americans during large-scale immigration influxes, sympathies diverted to foreign societies and governments, and concomitant political turbulence and unrest over war deaths.  Immigration needs now urgently to be reduced, not increased, or even more problems are the logical outcome as Pluto returns to the degree it occupied in 1776... and prepare also for a similar and following Pluto return in the 1789 US Constitution chart.  Just exactly Who is trying to "Redefine America"?  Are they Americans, and for how long?... relevant to qualification for "redefining" one of the most powerful countries in the globe.  How much foreign influence and interests manipulate the "Department of Homeland Security", and was its creation justified or wise, instead of adding offices under control of the long-established Dept of Defense or FBI?  What was the role of the DHS "Panjiva" database and how has it ended up being used for private commercial interests which may in some cases be foreign?  I will also add here that FBI functions are weakened by privatization (admitted as problematic in FBI releases) that appear to possibly include foreign-run, installed, or maintained surveillance technology that could undermine investigation of transnational corruption or crime on US soil, along with any possible foreign-owned real estate housing FBI offices.  In the not-too-distant-past, Homeland Security vehicles were marked "Homeland Security Corporation".. and so how accountable to elected US government?  Is the presence of foreign military troops or offices in some locations in the USA so potent as to sabotage effective, literal "US national security"?  This question needs clear explanation and proof, with the "creation" of the "Office" (in 2001) and "Department of Homeland Security" (in 2002) under George W Bush and Elaine Chao and Dick Cheney and others in focus throughout.  Note geodetic lineups for those dates, also indicated in the "Curtain" article on this website, to see what the most potent influences were, ingrained into the roots of the organization.

     Will America be Hijacked to Havana or Hongkong, Tokyo or Taipei, Berlin or Vienna, or will the hijackers be arrested before America's government and economy crash-land on distant shores, possibly in fragments?  Both Democratic and Republican Americans had better turn from ideological and economic dogmatism and biases and find common ground on nationally unifying practical realities, or America could be "Hijacked to Hell".  America is not Asia, and I doubt that most Americans want it to be.  And America can't be Europe because it's not Europe, even if democratic ideas and institutions of European roots (while Asia was, and is, firmly entrenched in feudalism and caste systems) are what guided the building of America into what it has been and is today.  The question is if Americans want to see America of the future look like some other country via Ed Lee-type "hummingbird" and/or drone-facilitated resettlement programs, or even be run and controlled by some other country, a taste of which is already tangible and tastes like colonial subjugation, and of corruption at a level never seen before in the USA but rather typical of Asian politics and business practices.

    It will take another couple of years to get the HA=VU (clearly coming in part from the mafia networks running East China Sea and the Golden Triangle, as well as west Russia and/or Ukraine and Germany/Switz/Italy, South Africa, Turkey/Egypt and Libya; Paraguay/Guyana and Cuba/Panama/Colombia/Peru) politics need to be cleaned up and disentagled from US policy, and meanwhile, if they are allowed to continue US political infrastructure they could be a terminal cancer.

    Sorry, but Nativism Has to Be a guiding principle of America if it is to not fall into domestic political chaos soon. Geodetics makes it Clear that there are far more serious problems coming from overseas than there are from within the USA, and that non-native/foreign nationalism is creating every bit as many problems, if not more, than 'white nationalism' -- and if leaders in all political parties in the USA do not stop kowtowing to foreign lobbies and interests like slavish fools and bribe-takers, turning Americans against Americans while demonizing founding American institutions, there is real danger of civil war carried out by gun-nuts supplied in part by the Moonie network's Kahr Arms enterprises fomenting their decades-old subversion to a dangerous level.  Is that why Ted Lieu wants No Surveillance of Transpacific communications?  Seems likely.  Every political office-holder in the USA needs to be scrutinized for whether they Are American in principle and reality, or whether they just want-to-be American by babbling the rhetoric.  People who are not American to the core do not have the right to "redefine" America or what what it means to be American -- or disaster is likely to ensue.

    The Vulkanus of recent years and today, inching slowly eastward as it does, coming from the East China Sea longitudes, and the Golden Triangle 22.5 west of there, and Kashmir and India 45 to the west, Emirates 22.5 still further west, and Ankara and Cairo 22.5 still further, are what has pushed into the Ascendants of Vancouver and Seattle (Ed Lee's hometown) and now chaotic Portland OR, headed for Idaho, California, Nevada, and southern Alberta during the next several years.  Are the manifestations not already obvious?  Vulkanus is slow and deliberate and conscious of potent objectives; and when coupled with Hades as it has been via stealth and possible underworld connections including drug and oil money.  Foreign drug mafia are already pushing into northern California, within 2 degrees of orb, as drugs are legalized there as well as in Oregon, steadily driving Americans out of their homes and pushed elsewhere while chased by sadistic and cynical taunts of "white flight".  The impact is headed for San Francisco, already troubled by decades of aggressive displacement tactics under the Lee dynasty machine that used Willie Brown as a useful scapegoat and fallguy.  Via 11.25 (11:15) angle this has been impacting Santa Barbara county and NE of there, headed for Los Angeles and subsequently San Diego and Las Vegas; as Vulkanus power shifts eastward into E Manchuria and Korea, and further into the Ryukyu islands.  America could be "redefined" as increasingly Asian, as Vulkanus also shifts eastward across India, Srilanka, and Uighur Xinjiang.  The evidence is already there, even if media backlash attempts to silence as US media, including internet, fall increasingly under Asian control due to buy-ups and buy-outs (and study Wendi Deng's media interests in relation).   Within a couple of years, Hades will be out of orb and the power will be more naked and obvious, no longer so masked -- but will damage by then be irreparable?  America is being increasingly pressured to Submit to Asian interests via hackneyed charges of "xenophobia" or racism, and will be halted only if there is concerted counterbalance, which has to come from Fairbanks and Denver and Newfoundland longitudes to be effective ... to stand ground against the tide.  American and Canadian resistance to foreign subversion will also have to be established along the longitudes of Vancouver Island, and Detroit/Atlanta/Tampa longitudes, without undermining at those locations.  Otherwise, it's increasing Asian-run money and power running Washington DC (and maybe Ottawa), after the by-then-'Old White Men' are fully 'out of the way', the dream of the radical elements of the Asian-led 'People of Color' transnational network sown in part by the "Third World Liberation Centers" and affiliated political lobbies.  Geodetics indicate that the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas will have to come out of their deep shells and get wise to the ways of The Old World in order to keep American institutions intact and strong as the dreams fade away into stark reality; and will have to vote and lead in ways that gets all Americans on board as a single and rooted nation -- maybe even reclaim the coasts; and certainly fortify them against foreign incursion. That needs to start from Denver longitudes, and it can't be done when people are zoned out on pot, wow-man, or booze or foreign exotic cults.  Get out and hike, get oxygen, get strong and alert for national defense and your own.  War is avoidable if US national defense lines and national boundaries are reinforced Now, Not Weakened under pressure from clever, and now sometimes rich, foreign lobbying tacticians including 'law caucases'.  If Americans feel guilty for being American or for American history, America loses. The Democratic Party either listens more to rock-solid Americans than imported lobbyists, or risks losing influence in 2022 or 2024 to the old Deutschebank/Siemens real Robber Barons Germany who created the Republican Party, and their newer Moonie network segment 'on their side of the aisle' and may by then fulfill Hitler's and Tojo's and Pu Yi's and Wang Chingwei's dream and be in control of Peterburg and teamed up with the Volga Germans that helped install Hitler and later Volga-German friend Khruschev.

    For those who are skeptical of the influence of Vulkanus, we can look to Pluto, at 23 Capricorn/Cardinals in the Universal chart for 2021.  In Europe, the global money is in Turku, Kaliningrad, Warsaw, Belgrade, and Athens; in Africa in E Libya, mineral-rich Katanga, and the Cape/Orange state boundary area in South Africa; in Asia in Hongkong/Shenzen/GuangzhouCanton, Borneo/Kalimantan, east Java, and Bali; in Australia in Perth and the west coastline; in the USA in Honolulu, east Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak longitudes from south to north, and eastern Maine longitudes, in Puerto Rico and Virgin Is, lesser in Salt Lake and Phoenix/Tucson longitudes; in South America in Venezuela despite crisis and schism, mineral-and-cocaine-rich Bolivia, and the cryptic but wealthy western Argentina bordering the Andes.  Money from any or all of these regions impact directly on Washington DC, Baltimore, and Harrisburg (Pennsylvania government).  Note Hongkong/Shenzen sources in particular.  The impact will also be on Vancouver Island in Canada (buyouts/colonization?), and to a lesser degree at 8 mutable Ascendant, i.e. at the TX/NM border, Colorado/KansasNebraska border, the central Dakotas, and Winnipeg MB -- apparently remote but US national missile defense strongholds.  Is America for sale?  Manitoba the same?  If, so, these are the upcoming national defense strongholds -- unless they are bought up/out by foreign interests, weakening the USA for further foreign encroachment -- and while these regions may seem inconsquential to some, they are geographically strategic, and highly so, and must remain under American control or the defenses are down. The same is true of the Fairbanks longitude in Alaska.  Chinese mafia, for one, is grabbing up US real estate at the speed of light, clearly in California and during the wildfire and now covid crises, when prices are low and Americans are economically desperate.  These areas need support to from Washington DC to remain American, not a sellout, and via 22.5 this also points to greater Los Angeles.  In some cases, Taekwondo fronts are being used to map American real estate assets for whatever reasons Taekwondo wants to know what America's real estate assets are... while Hades is in Cancer over the Golden Triangle (from where some of the Chinese real estate vultures originate), real estate being a preoccupation of Cancer, and Hades pointing to the drug money that drives the Golden Triangle economy. Connect the dots.  Bye bye American Pie, unless Americans secure the land firmly.  Otherwise, America's key mainland defense posts fall under foreign control or neighboring surveillance in coming years.  Don't go for the "xenophobia" shame game, like some politicians have done, but they can reverse course before America is sold down the river, off to sea, and overseas.  How do you think 19th century colonization of other countries unfolded, and why can it not happen now?  While taking note of Pluto's usual methods of advance.  The western UK and NW and central France similarly vulnerable, including all of Ireland and Wales and Cornwall.  Mortgage debt traps?  In which case, London and Dublin need to intercede.

    Don't get distracted from the severe immigration problems by the January 6 "white nationalist" freak show drama in Washington DC, possibly orchestrated or manipulated in part to distract from much more serious transnational threats from overseas clearly indicated by the geodetic lineups, and clearly manifest at least via the foreign real estate vulture buyouts, wherever America is For Sale to foreign money.

    2021Jan17 (updated Jan27): STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN before crossing tracks.  No more knee jerks to the radical right or left, please.  Rule Number 1 in a Crisis: Think Before You Speak, to avoid further problems.  If firm national boundaries are not established in Washington DC and All state capitals, US national decay, if not anarchy via extremist groups, and defeat by encroaching foreign interests, is a logical outcome.

    People reporting on the facts of rampant Asian organized crime and political subversion in US Pacific states are being branded and vilified as "White Supremacists" or "Conspiracy Theorists" by the invading criminal interests and their dupes (including rampant cults typical of imported Asian politics).  "People of Color" organizations and campaigns often created and run by slick Asian mafia and their politicians trying to falsely portray themselves as victims like African-American slaves of the 19th century were in reality.  Legitimate American Civil Rights organizations need to be very careful to not get further entangled with Asian mafia campaigns for economic and political power, or be seen as treasonous, as was the fate of Malcolm X and Dr MLKing after getting entangled with foreign agents during the Indochina Asian cold war.  Cults of every sort have been proliferating, and the "color" of the controllers may not be the "color" of the cult programees on the front lines.  Some of the cults are resurrected 1960s/70s Asian-run, defacto Sino-Japanese "Cultural Revolution" messes, and the cults of that era deserve deeper study to understand the patterns unfolding, as the HA-45-VU of that radical 20th century era is repeating as the current HA-22.5-VU cluster, with some of the same cults even being resurrected as potential Symbionese or Manson or Jonestown messes.  More on this in another article. (Noting that geodetic lineups indicate that the Chinese "Cultural Revolution" was run largely by the Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee operating within the Communist Chinese government and party; and while labeled as "Maoist" with Mao quotations, Mao was age 72 when it started, and expressed disapproval as it unfolded, then exhibited alzheimer-like symptoms in subsequent years, appearing only marginally conscious during the Nixon visit in 1972.)

    To start, Biden's inaugural comments denouncing "nativists" (which includes people of various races) was a grave error that not only turns a naively blind eye to extensive foreign subversion that has been underway for at very least 2 decades to a very serious degree, highly visible in California although denied by the complicit or naive, while Biden's concession to those interests may have been prompted by the emotionally touching incidents of immigant families stranded at borders and stories about how immigrants should be reunited in the USA rather than in the country of their origin if the objective is family unity, or by pressure from national or state party affiliates  Meanwhile, members of terrorist networks do in fact seep in with the mix due to people harboring foreign criminals or members of terrorist organizations, out of naivete, not to mention fake underworld-market IDs known to people who work in agencies who process the legitimate ones, as well as Iris Chang's verification of false ID cards and papers; and foreign mafia (especially Asian) importing guns onto America's streets and getting rich from it.  Obama's foreign dreamy cream-puff policy was 1/2 good at that time in terms of preventing "World War 3" but disastrous in terms of situations like repeated idolization of grossly corrupt and mammonistic Singapore (Asian Mafia Dream World economic fantasy) as having a "model economy", whereas Singapore is little more than a bloated stock-market exchange surrounded by seaports and apartments for related employees.  (Note Obama's dreamy and  illusory Neptune in the conventional 9th house of foreign affairs, and note the geodetic lineups for Neptune's degree to see where his related blind-spots are -- those being Korea and Japanese bases in the Ryukyus, as well as the Molucca/Melaka and Seram/Ceram island region in Indonesia; but also E Turkey and Syria, and veiled western Saudi Arabia).  A study of the history of Singapore (key sea lane between East Asia the rest of the Eastern Hemisphere) explains its pitfalls clearly, but for some reason it's been overlooked, maybe due to attractive bribes, and another must-read for anyone wanting to understand the true underpinnings of East Asian politics is "Gold Warriors" (for justice?) by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave, which explains much of the phony smoke-and-mirrors money-shuffling economies of East Asia, with interesting implications for Elaine Chao at Fort Knox and the banks she has sat on the boards of while pushing her hubby to enact a disastrously nationally-polarizing tax law.  (Noting that she is only the front-line daughter of a massive Chinese underworld economic and global shipping empire, and her geodetics and banking connections line up with those of the Ed Lee "Democratic" machine in San Francisco, threatening to overtake and control the Democratic Party, while it has already manipulated the Republican for decades).  The Seagrave "Gold Warriors" book was recommended by a long-time watcher of Asian Fascist underworld politics, and former CIA agent, as being among the most pertinent books to explain the unfolding of the Asian wing of current economic globalism, with others by Seagrave giving the important historic background of established, deeply-rooted, and transnational Asian organized crime networks built up over decades, if not centuries, and now edging toward global dominance in a planned "Asian Century".

    Donald Trump was clearly wrong about a whole lot, due mostly to egocentric myopia and political ignorance and so manipulation by foreign advisors he walked into Washington with (including Chao and Thiel and Ma), but he did know that Kamala Harris had Asian connections that are a political liability, and she will have to prove how she is not under their sway, and that her objective is to benefit American social justice without undermining national security via Asian money and politics and immigration lobby pushes undermining America daily.  Biden may eventually, sorely regret his reopening of mass Asian immigration, a potential national disaster for the USA.

    Any perception of laxity on border or immigration security, or resistance to foreign manipulation will leave the USA continually vulnerable to US domestic schisms, as has always been the case when there was mass immigration waves/overload or remnants of it. What's different now is that there are no more bustling factories with labor shortages; and housing shortages now are already highly problematic . Repeated lies have been told by various transnationally-connected and slave-labor-interest political lobbies to ignore the real risks of laxity on immigration and border security, and of imported organized crime, for reasons obvious to those familiar with the economic impact of those issues, but apparently still not obvious to an element in government that sometimes votes and speaks almost like they have been brainwashed by foreign cults, like the Moonie permutations (most likely candidate), and as a glaring historical example was Rasputin, an icon whose cult manipulation of government led to its collapse and failure into violent national revolution.  The Moonie (a sort of Neo-Rasputin) network is Very powerful in various part of the USA, throughout much of California, around Greater New York, in Washington DC, and possibly in the Heritage Foundation (supported by the Elaine Chao network, by the way), and the old "American Security Council" network in Chicago, a duplicitous and hypocritical international "cold war" network, fused with East Asian mafia and its political organs from the start, and quite possibly fused with the post-WW2 nazi/fascist infiltrators and controllers of the 1960s-70s sham leftist-themed "Cultural Revolution" and "Third World Liberation" centers, whose roots are resurgent in California and stirring up American politics in ways beneficial to aggressive Asian economic and political interests while generating public disgust and instability.  If Kamala Harris is in anyway entangled with them, they will eventually bring about disaster and humiliation for her, and they have long manipulated various types of US civil rights organizations for foreign nationalist motives and in insidious ways typical of the most deceptive of classical Sun Tzu Asian underworld politics.

    The more radical and extremist the politics of the left prevail, the more radical and extremist the politics of the right are likely to be; and the more lax border controls are, the more annoyed much or most of Americans are likely to be, including those who won't say it out of fear of sounding illiberal or intolerant, or of being accused of 'hate speech' or 'xenophobia'.  Opposition to liberal immigration policy must not be confused with unwarranted concern for national security, nor with "white supremacism"; and neither "nativism" nor "birtherism" are bad things when it comes to holding of political offices, even if they were turned into "naughty/baddie words" during the Obama years, via roots in the "Third World Liberation/Cultural Revolution" network.  Answers to confusion over such issues are to be found in a thorough analysis of the rule of Ed Lee as City Manager and the Mayor of San Francisco, seen as a "little town" by New Yorkers or Los Angelinos, but an economic and political giant (along with the Port of Oakland, and historic Alameda facilities) in terms of its economic, military, and security-strategic position on the US Pacific coast, not to mention it and its suburbs' position as one of the key (and very corrupt) Kuomintang Party global hubs, long intermixed with quietly overlapping Communist Party agencies.  Fusions with the potentially deadly and catastrophic Moonie Kahr Arms gunrunning network, and Leland Yee's and Shrimpy Chow's nationwide gunrunning and drugrunning networks are of grave significance to US national security, and are at grave risk of trying to manipulate the coattails of Kamala Harris's Vice Presidential office, as is also the case the newer Hindu-tech-money network that has taken a grossly inordinate role in Silicon Valley, Seattle, and US cyber technology, along with Sony (founded under the Japan Fascist network), during the Obama years in particular.  Note that Germany's Siemens is no less problematic; but just as was the case 80 years ago, with the same old oligarchies still intact and globally powerful, to turn from German fascism to Japanese or Sino-Japanese fascism is "aucune difference/machts nicht/No Difference"... one color of fascism for another, it's the much the same in essence, and mutually allied.   Starry-eyed political babies think that's "cynical" but when their sleepy nap dream ends, the horror show of neo-fascism begins.  Political shallowness is a grave danger when either Hades or Neptune are in hard aspect to Vulkanus, as they are now and have been for the last few years, and they are indeed fertile grounds for political cults.

    ABOUT THE JANUARY 6 US CAPITOL EVENTS, no one should yet jump to conclusions on the whys and where-froms, as HA=VU is still in orb and its political intrigue (largely East China Sea-rooted, possibly involving the Ankara-Cairo longitude, and also tied to New Delhi via 45 degree angle, by the way, and apparently via tech-industry controls in the USA) won't begin to fully dissipate until containing Silicon Valley and/or Seattle under control from Asia is looking out for Asia First, or elsewhere Germany/Siemens doing the same, and counting on America being naive about it, or America feeling guilty for mistakes of the past to the point of resignation to foreign takeover.  The evidence should be obvious. Barely past the exact 22.5 angle, the tip of the HA=VU iceberg that includes rampant global political deceit and manipulation (include cults manipulating politicians) is only beginning to show in 2021.  There may be nothing approximating full clarity about recent and current global political intrigue and treachery until 2025, until after the kinks are fully worked out, after thorough investigations are done by clearly qualified, experienced, and disinterested agents, and absent of data manipulation.  Sorry, but birtherism and nativism have to stop being a spanky-hand "baddie booboo".  Ronald Reagan fantasy fans and Barbie dream worlds will not only Not fix the problems, but could make them worse.  The realities are as ugly as the dead bodies killed by the armed terrorist cults admitted into the country or created by foreign agents foolishly admitted into the country.  Japanese Marines and Moonies need to be shipped Home to Honshu, and take their cheap plastic "Anonymous/Guy Fawkes" full-face masks and Trump-announced 4chan "New American Moment" Trouble with them.  What Fools (or sympathetic agents) in America invited them to America after the remainder of good people in Tokyo warned of Revived Fascism along with the recent remilitarization when Shinzo's gang rose to power?  If they get control of China again, the whole world could become a Fascist Hell, the Asian wing of Hitler's Dream come true, but don't expect Kodokon-programmed US national security rookies to see it beyond their Asian martial arts masters' or other Asian cult programming allowed into some military circles.

    Media reports are varying and contradictory, and investigations are still not complete on insurrection at the US capitol in Washington DC.  It is therefore inappropriate to get wound up and on a warpath about any of it based on premature conclusions, especially before all the facts are in from thorough investigations where NE=HA=VU (which does not end for another few years) indicates cult/s a strong possible explanation.  Best to stay calm but keenly alert, ready to change course when new facts about underworld influences (like the recently busted global "Tse Chi Lop" Golden Triangle Transpacific network) or cult-programming psy-ops surface.  And Ted Lieu, avid concealer of Transpacific private communications, is most certainly not one to be guided by, and should instead be ejected from US government functions.  Geodetics indicate likely involvement of foreign intelligence agencies or foreign-backed paramilitaries in the picture, Asian just as likely or maybe more than Russian -- i.e. one should not assume the problems all or even most have origins inside the USA unless clearly proven, and even if foreign paramilitaries on US soil run psy-ops of every color and nationality and ideological label (like any non-black infiltrators or manipulators, already noticed, of the Black Lives Matter movement).  Trump may or may not have known all of what was to unfold after his speech, and it should never be forgotten that he strode into his presidency accompanied by Taiwan-born Elaine Chao, China-born Jack Ma, and Germany-born Peter Thiel close at hand, possibly if not probably of profound significance. "Mr America" flanked by the foreign-born on his rise to power.  One thing is clear.. there is Way Too Much foreign meddling in US politics, as has been the case, steadily increasing, for several years, and this has as much or more to do with current political messes than anything does.  The Republican Party has always been fused with German banking interests; with Chinese and Japanese since the Hoover era, and now Hindu also fusing into the Democratic Party in the last few decades.  The Hades-22.5-Vulkanus (aligned with Shanghai and Golden Triangle longitudes) of the last few years is directly relevant -- and the previous and similar Hades-45-Vulkanus within 2 degree orb in the Universal Charts for the politically turbulent years of 1968-1972 (Iran/Arabia/Volga longitudes and Bangladesh/Tibet/Uighur/Tuva longitudes aligned) which carried us through the violent Nixon administration years in the USA, the unfolding "Chicago 68" mess, the rise of the foreign-manipulated "New Left" which in fact shows geodetically to have had countries other than those normally suspected involved in violent clashes, and fusions of the transnational radical right manipulating, impersonating, or even taking over and running cultish radical left organizations (including the "I Wor Kuen" Neo-Boxer Rebellion/Kungfu martial arts cults, the Japanese Red Army, the Bader-Meinhof Rote Armee, etc).  The same shows, per geodetic lineups, to be clearly relevant to recent civil unrest in the USA, and events of that era deserve detailed study.  Americans were manipulated by ambitious foreign interests, including those from East Asia, including those infiltrating various civil rights movements with the intent of creating anarchy in retaliation for American involvement in the Vietnam-Indochina war theatre.  It was that very foreign manipulation that has been seen by some historians to be a root cause of violent clashes of various in American cities, using anti-war and legitimate civil rights problems as vehicles for infiltration and sabotage.  Typical of HA=VU at its worst, political duplicity and pretense was involved, and that included leftover WW2 fascist networks from overseas posing as radical left organizations. One issue of relevance was nominally "Maoist"organizations actually run by elements of the highly deceptive and de-facto WW2-fascist-remnant "Japanese Red Army". This network may well have survived and may be central in current tensions in American cities now, in addition to remnant Nazi and other fascist organizations fused in with sham communist-themed organizations.  It is important to remember that the Nazi party in Germany rose to power, in part, by impersonating and/or infiltrating and co-opting German socialist and "antifa" organizations -- and that the Axis Powers were creating fascist branch organizations in the United States (and other countries) at least from the time of the rise of Hitler and Japanese occupation of Chinese Manchuria ("Manchukuo"), including the "Give Hawaii to Japan" "Progressive" cult.  To continue to approach foreign relations, and immigration issues now, while HA=VU still in effect, with childish naivete is very high risk for American democracy and national cohesion and survival.  No political party in the USA should be submitting to manipulation or controls by immigration lobbies; and civil rights organizations should remain distinct from, and not be manipulated by, immigration lobbies, which are clearly capable of substantial US domestic subversion if allowed to dictate US or any state government policy.

    The overall point is that Radicalism is Bad News and Bad Trouble, as can seen by violent and destructive demonstrations of the past year or two, and politicians in every party egging them on.  The "Men Behind the Curtain" article has been inaccessible for the past few days for reasons unknown, but I do live next to a building that was for a while harboring foreign military agents of the "Asia Pacific Research Center" and "Korea Foundation" and other East Asia military operations On US Soil, including one who wrote a "lovely" book called "Doomsday for America" -- and after me publicizing this, may have arranged to have agents move into my building, where there have been some recent problems with phone-line connections.  Some also collaborative with the Sony-propped Schwarzenegger political stage-play network.  Any likely agents were during the past two years among those lobbying federal office building workers, 2 buildings over from here, for their version of "Change" with free lunches and high-pressure lobbying talks, the "Change" campaign that research on geodetics shows was launched long before Obama ran for president, and is fused with Chinese interests, probably Kuomintang, possible Elaine Chao oligarch network (including the banks that trampled over others during the Ed Lee administration in San Francisco and its branches all around San Francisco Bay), noting that the Kuomintang is now heavily fused with the Communist Party of China, if not in functional control of it now, and the "DPP" in Taiwan is only a branch of the Kuomintang trying to clean up its public image.  The neighborhood is chock-full of politically-connected East Asian natives.  

    Add to that, the Kuomintang was founded at various meetings in Honolulu (1894), merged with Tong criminal network in Tokyo (1905), and spread to control Singapore sea trade empire (1906); i.e. not all in China, and interestingly close to locations where President Obama made major US foreign policy moves.  The Kuomintang has been fused, off and on, with the Chinese Communist Party during the last century, and even had a "Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee" in "Communist China" with substantial influence, apparently still extant, and in the middle of the sham "Cultural Revolution" that was propagated in the USA... .all largely a sham to manipulate global politics.  Opposition campaign posters reading "Obamao" might have been more approriately titled "Obamoonie", which would match with the unapologetic and weird sleep-inducing Shinzo Abe drone speech at Pearl Harbor, the chummy meetings with ethnic Chinese  Lee Kwan Yew and his descendants in one of the Kuomintang's founding cities, the "old white men out of the way" speech in Kuomintang-run Singapore, and the rise to control of US media and US internet tech outlets during the Obama administration to people with Hindu, Chinese, and Japanese surnames while 'Change' slogans circulated.  Not to mention the clone line-dancing to "Gangnam Style" during presidential campaigns, Gangnam being the district in Seoul where the Korean CIA is located (and psyops generated), and which was built by agents of the WW2 Manchukuo Antiamerican Fascist Japan-aligned government, the "showcase" of the Fascist East Asia Prosperity Sphere today clearly being revived.  Obama was asleep and charmed by their alluring Sun-Tzu tactics, including promotion of Singapore as a "model economy" when in fact it is a Stockmarket City that runs on slave labor in surrounding countries.  

    If that's not problematic enough, there's Schwarzenegger's movies made by Sony, founded as part of the WW2 Japanese Fascist Party Corporate State; and US defense contracts given to Sony... well doesn't that make American just real safe and secure?  There's more to the Sony story, including production of the Black Panther themed movie, probably designed to manipulate US race and civil rights policies toward Asian mafia interests, and the involvement of Japanese and Chinese mafia in manipulating the Black Panther organizations from their onset, fused with the Nation of Islam, which geodetics indicate may have been heavily backed by the Saudi Arabian dynasty -- noting close connections between Saudi Arabia and the UAEmirates involved in US port control contracts since the early days of the Bush & Chao Shipping Dynasty administration prior to Obama's presidency.  And then more Sony contracts for US "national security" functions.  Anybody smell the dirty coffee yet?  It's a revived East Asian Properity Sphere plus Fascist "Pan-Asia" and "Pan-Pacific" plan central to the Asian fascist machine that bombed Pearl Harbor, controlled the most populous areas of China, all of Korea and Manchuria and Taiwan, nearly all of Southeast Asia, most of Papua New Guinea, all of the Western Pacific islands not under Russian control, and  -- not just Japan as we see it today on maps, in addition to air raids on Australia that would have succeeded in objectives had the USA and Canada not fought to contain Japanese Asian Pacific expansion.  So, there were Nazis in Japan ("Japanazis") and even China and Korea, too -- just a different color of Nazi, which bomb Australian port cities, and overran the Philippines and Indonesia, Indochina and Burma, where they sometimes found collaborators.  Not all Fascists were or are today "White people", and it also explains a lot of problems going on now, especially Asian fascist mafia backing anarchist elements, including the sham "Antifa" network, and using African Americans as pawns and fall-guys wherever they are able to-- just like the "White" Nazis were and are manipulated from Germany (and the stranger ones maybe even from Japan, too -- despite Merkel's lies about how Nazism came from the USA.  She knows it's a lie and yet naive America politicians believe her and her political backing machine as she winked them into compliance like a slimy snake-oil salesman).  Then, idiots in Washington invite Asian troops into California in early 2017 to stir up even more trouble.  Bad Trouble unfolding now.

    All this while Vulkanus hovers over the East China Seacoasts, Duterte playing with radical Islamist cults that Leland Yee and Shrimp Boy Chow were charged with having been trafficking weapons for or with. Forget that issue at your own and America's national Peril indeed, while fools let people brainwashed in prison out to join armed extremist cults of every color and creed, on the streets.  Trickle-down naivete to the point of being almost stupid, unless some people Want chaos in the streets.

    Then Angela Merkel hobnobbing with Islamic leaders in Malaysia (surrounding and once officially fused with Singapore) and Schwarzenegger, whose governorship of California was described by his successors as "A Mess", while Obama goes there to be charmed and manipulated and wound up about the "old white men in the way", and then Schwazi offers his Conan Barbarian Sword to make Terminator dreams come true. WW2 Fascism revived and on a roll, globally and via low-level HA=VU stealth politics that apparently have spilled over into manipulating of military forces and policy.

    SO....  the overall Mess seems to indicate that President Biden needs to proceed with grave caution in making decisions, to avoid demands to continue erroneous Obama as well as Trump administration policies without very, very thorough scrutiny of all foreign-policy decisions made then... and logically, scrap all foreign-policy personnel from the Obama administration and start over from scratch, and in consultation with a variety of top 100% American US military intelligence advisors with no foreign attachments or biases.  Vital, when the USA is leaning toward possible destructive schisms as the Pluto return approaches and slowly continues.  Economic and health measures are urgent, and the other politically-loaded and controversial stuff can wait.

    Race politics:  Note that the 1965 US Civil Rights Act, promoted by the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, with earlier steps implemented by the Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisehower administrations gradually through the 1940s to 1960s, all passed by US Congress to begin rectifying civil rights injustices, before the violence in the streets triggered both by foreign-infiltrated anti-war protests and the assassination of Dr King, and inflamed by the KKKlan Dixie coneheads with their continued backing by Nazi leftovers in Germany and their post-WW2 enclaves, and that organizations involved in the subsequent violence (Weathermen, Klan (Neo/Nazi-backed), various nominally Radical Left organizations sometimes actually backed by fascist organizations like the "Japanese Red Army" and Chinese crypto-monarchists fused into the slick "Cultural Revolution" disaster plan campaign) were clearly, per geodetic indicators, backed by foreign money intending to create chaos and anarchy on US streets... maybe a form of "Blowback" before the term was popularized, and retaliation for US military defeat of Germany and Japan and their allied parties in other countries (Spain, China, etc) in WW2.  Notice I did not mention Italy, since the Most Italians woke up before the end of WW2 to how the Austro-German Hitler machine had set up and manipulated Mussolini like another of their puppet big oafs, and were thoroughly disgusted with the Italian Fascist Party by the time of the peace treaty of 1945.  Thus, the violence after 1965 that involved African Americans was created by foreign meddling in US politics, including continued foreign money funneled into and manipulating the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers like sockpuppets, kamikazes, and fall-guys for international fascist objectives. The appeal was the Asian oil and trade money thrown out as bribes, and the call for African-Americans to be unashamed of their heritage, which is a perfectly reasonable concept for any ethnic group.  Other networks backed by similar foreign manipulation of US civil rights politics have been the I-Work-Kuen "Boxers" who manipulated early "People of Color" and "Cultural Revolution" puppets in Chicago in the 1960s, and what Australian historian Tony Matthews pointed out in his "Shadows Dancing/Spies for Nippon" book based on his claim that documents declassified by President Clinton indicate that during WW2 the NAACP was infiltrated and manipulated by the Japan Fascist Party during the time of the US internment camps for people of Japanese ancestry.  Stange parallels with the Korematsu schools and their lockstep political "activism".

    Today, however, more than in the 1960s, the overweening Asian Nationalist lobbying push is getting fused in with long-standing US civil rights issues to create a polarizing and foreign-manipulated "People of Color" contingent designed more to serve the interests of economic and political interests of Asian economic and political expansion in North America than anything particularly American, and that includes takeovers of US computer industry, internet technology, lucrative real estate holdings, movie companies, and newspapers and magazines that include long-established American 'institutions" such as the New York Times, National Geographic, and Atlantic Monthly.  Foreign interests also risk running the new-technology projects, weakening the recovery of the US economy in the long run.  Protests to wealthy Asian ambitions to control key components of US infrastructure are being slandered, with deliberate and calculated hypocrisy, as "White Supremacy", "Hate Speech", "Non-inclusive", or Racist, although Asians are a small minority of the US population with excessive privileges way out of proportion to population percentage (the opposite of immigrant-interest Ted Lieu's lies), and increasing due to aggressive immigration drives like those led by the Asian Law Caucus and fused into the "Third World Center/Liberation" operations, and trying to manipulate the Black Lives Matter movement for Asian advantages unfolding daily and hourly, even during the Covid crisis.  This will be a major challenge for the incoming President Biden, and for Mitch McConnell to separate his love and adoration for his ambitious highway-toll-booth-plan wife from the interests of the American public... and for Kamala Harris to prove she is advocating for Americans of African heritage and not Asian immigrants seeking increased controls over the US economy and infrastructure.

    The 1965 Civil Rights Act was attained without meddling from foreign interests, was based on American anti-slavery and human rights movements that existed from the times of the US Declaration of Independence, even before the US Constitution, and further necessary reinforcements should be attainable without dragging foreign nationalist interests into the stir up more Bad Trouble. Civil Rights legislation of 1965 was undermined in part by loopholes and by ambitious, incoming  foreign minorities, with other motives, demanding a piece of the American Pie, and the same risks occurring again.  One major difference between 1965 and 2021 is that in 1965 the USA was stable as a major and competitive global power without substantial competitive threats that could topple the US government through subversion, but that is not as much the case today, and this probably relevant to the oncoming Pluto return in the 1776 chart, and the unsettled political atmosphere in Washington DC and across the USA.  Americans want to know clearly that that our country is not being shifted to control by foreign, colonizing interests -- and both Democrats and Republicans and any other upstart party that might arise need to assure the public of that in order for America to move forward as a nation.  International cooperation is normal and healthy, but submission to foreign control is Not.  People living in the USA should be able to demonstrate that they love America despite its blemishes, and did not come here to "Change" it into something else resembling where they came from.  Honoring foreign heritage is one thing, but letting it supplant genuine and core, unifying, pragmatic, and ideologically-neutral American values and institutions is a recipe for anarchy that No American needs, even though foreign interests might find it entertaining is a sick sort of way.  Foreign-born individuals walking into US government agencies deserve to be scrutinized thoroughly for allegiances, as do foreign contractors for US government functions, as should have been the case all along but apparently hasn't been.  Even Chinese nationalist Iris Chang, in her "The Chinese In America" admitted that Chinese passport fraud has been rampant for decades (clearly revelant to the DACA and Reuniting Families programs).  Time to correct the errors before the Pluto return (when clustered via 90 degree angle to China's intermittent inland capital at Chongqing/Chungking, to largely Chinese-run Saigon, and to Malaysia's central state Sarawak capital in Kuching) veers off into disaster.  Yes, that means 'birtherism' is a good thing when it comes to government functions and infrastructure control, especially in a time of foreign-inflamed national schisms.  People in transnational units overseas, like the Euro Union, are already recognizing related problems, so it's foolish for America to jump into a mess already proven disastrous elsewhere.  In a very interlaced global world, it's foolish for Americans to pay no attention to what's happening internationally and how it relates to what's happening domestically, without surrendering to foreign controls or machinations promoted by deceptive diplomatic envoys and opportunists pushing 'Fast Track Deals'.

    Vulkanus on the Ascendant while Pluto is making its return (and also while Pluto opposed the USA 1776 Sun) was/is like a foreign sledge-hammer trying to break America into pieces and carry it away to where they came from, if not force immigration and "redefine America" per foreign interests.  There are too many examples of events fitting that concept already.  ENOUGH of that.  Not all change is good change.  Pluto has very high side and a very low one.  Do Americans want to live through a year or two of chaos on the streets and leaders flying off in tangents while dealing with a global pandemic and crippled economy, or to to see stable, calm, reflective leadership by psychologically mature leaders needed during turbulent seas and unpredictable weather, literally and figuratively both?   And the recent so-called "Tea Party" has proven that many Americans have forgotten what the founding principles of US government institutions actually were, and that has been exacerbated by foreigners manipulating the Tea Party like it's some kind of cheap internationally-produced and scripted movie plot, which it may be.  Keep putting foreigners in control of US government and infrastructure, and more chaos with outcomes advantageous to foreign interests is likely.  Is that what most Americans want?  And what secrets is Ted Lieu keeping from America while Vulkanus power amasses in the country of his birth?  The relevance should be obvious, as should German controls in Ukraine and over US military agencies to any extant problems with Russia.  One should ask why France had NATO move offices out of Paris and into Brussels, and why Brexit had enough public support to be implemented, as the reasons may be very relevant still today to the USA and its international role and relations.  The world should not assume that recent messes in Washington DC are of American origins, because a lot of them certainly are not -- DC is infested with an overabundance of foreign lobbyists, including elected officials.

    Meanwhile, the old WW2 Euro and Asian Axis machine is trying to take control of the world again, and if Russia joins with them, our planet is in Huge Trouble ahead.  Thus, there was wisdom in Hillary Clinton's and others' efforts to make overtures to Moscow despite and remaining differences.  If Russia tilts away from America and toward Germany and Austria, the result could be what FDRoosevelt saw during the worst chapter in world history, i.e. the potential disaster of a German-Russian union, which is actually what, according to German astrologer Troinski, was at risk of happening as Nikita Khruschev was about to take over Moscow and revive the aspirations of the German monarchist Czarina Catherine the Great and the German and Austrian monarchist Kaisers for global conquest and what manifest in the 1940s as the Nazi genocide machine, with its likeminded Japanese and Chinese and Hindu cohorts. 

    Eisenhower, a man of strict non-partisan American patriotic domestic politics, apparently recognized related global issues too late in his administration, so that his 'military industrial complex' speech was too late and too little, and unfortunately not mentioning that the complex was and is transnational and not American in origins -- as his head had been spun by foreign manipulators.  Kennedy apparently saw the issues and tried to do something about them, but Nixon clearly didn't, for whatever reasons that may have to do with foreign lobbying and influence over him, including his rendez-vous with the Japanese-created Sun Myung Moon cult.  No president since has been knowledgeable enough of international affairs to get the problem under control.  Biden has the potential for it, and the question is if he can pick up the thread that Roosevelt understood and lead America out of the current global mess that the naive (and greedy narcissists, power and money-addicts, in every country) have let it lapse into.   Meanwhile the Moonies have woven into US infrastucture like a cancer that there will soon be a cure for.  The Moonies are weaving into US schools via the Confucius and Korematsu campuses (which Schwarzenegger promoted) in US Pacific states, and have long been woven into Liberty University in Virginia, and possibly the Assembly of God network, leading to fusions into the Dept of Homeland Security.  The Japan-created East Asian run Moonies are long fused with the APACL/WACL/WLFD, which allied with the post-WW2 Nazi underworld paramilitary networks, "anti-communist" in name, but neofascist in essence and a continuation of the WW2 Axis machine, dressed in sham christianist pretense and now also sometimes buddhist veneer.

    Another geodetic discovery is confirmation of Tibet as a mix of the light side represented by the teachings of the Dalai Lama, and a possibly equally sinister side rooted in WW2 Axis fascinations with Tibetan culture that brought Nazi Germany and Russian Fascists together with Hindu, Chinese, and Japanese fascists in their plan for world conquest...  and their relationship to the "Tibet Autonomous" government installed in Lhasa in 1959 is worthy of study.  However, Tibet is not the Answer for America.

    What appears overall, for America, is for the Biden administration to attend to whatever practical issues are clearly urgent, while writing nothing in cement (appropriate for midstream in a Pluto transit), and review in much greater depth US national policies that have not undergone necessary depth of review since Franklin Roosevelt was president.  Interestingly, Roosevelt faced similarly grave crisis as those extant now, and they were also of a planet-wide nature and called for extensive consideration of international intelligence data and a variety of perspectives focused on fact rather than ideological biases.   Roosevelt successfully pulled the world out of impending Hell, and that may be the nature of the job Joseph R Biden has signed up for, and Roosevelt did it with the assistance of international parties that some of Biden's cabinet are unfortunately turning their backs on, with potentially disastrous results.  These are extraordinary times we are living through.


2021Jan10 (edited Jan11): Wartime nuclear bombing of Japan:

    Media sources differ on whether US President Truman was involved or not in the decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in 1945, with the intent to bring hostilities to a sudden end by motivating Japan to surrender and end its attacks on US, Australian, New Zealand and other Allied soldiers and military installations in the Pacific. Recent media reports indicate Truman was not involved, but historical records including those of US government agencies, indicate that he was.  According to the US National Park Service website for the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, Truman wrote, "It is an awful responsibility that has come to us", and later on, "Despite their heavy losses at Okinawa and the firebombing of Tokyo, the Japanese refused to surrender.  The saturation bombing of Japan took much fiercer tolls and wrought far and away more havoc than the atomic bomb.  Far and away.  The firebombing of Tokyo was one of the most terrible things that ever happened, and they didn't surrender after that although Tokyo was almost completely destroyed."  He further wrote, "My object is to save as many American lives as possible, but I also have a human feeling for the women and children of Japan".  The NPS article continues, "In August 1945, it appeared inevitable that Japanese civilians would have to suffer more death and casualties before surrender.  A ground invasion would result in excessive casualties as well", and refers to Truman's discussion of the nuclear bombing with a committee of military advisors.  Finally, in a press release, Truman wrote, "Sixteen hours ago an American airplane dropped one bomb on Hiroshima and destroyed its usefulness to the enemy... If they do not now accept our terms they may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth."

    Thus, per US government sources, it is Very Clear that military advisors consulting with Truman sought the least deadly of options to end the war, hoping to minimize casualties in a brutal war that had been going on for nearly 4 years with the USA, and for longer with US Allies.

    Note, however, that the bombing was implemented to END a war, not START one.  There's a difference there.  Neither Truman nor US military leaders should have been blamed for inhumanity when trying to bring a deadly war, initiated by Japan, to an end by means of the least deadly of strategies.  Japan had sneak-attacked the USA at Pearl Harbor while hypocritical Japanese 'diplomats' proposing 'world peace', starting the entire conflagration, and various Japanese propaganda have been generated, even still today, to distort what happened, in order to make democratic America look like an 'Evil Empire' hurting the poor little Empire of Japan, which then extended not only to the Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, Manchuria, southern Sakhalin island, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands, plus all conquered Indochina, Philippines, Malaysia, Burma/Myanmar, Indonesia, the most populous areas of China, and parts of Papua New Guinea, launching bombing attacks on coastal Australia, Alaska, Oregon, and California, in addition to sending "balloon bombs" into the USA designed to detonate inland and cause forest fires.  The East Asian Prosperity Sphere, under Japan's leadership had extended to include all of East Asia's coastal territories plus most of the Western Pacific islands, except for Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of southern New Guinea.

    Today, Asian nationalist propagandists, including those inside the USA, have brazenly distorted and rewritten some sort of fake Hollywood movie script mentioning only the casualties of the US nuclear bombs, and the internment of ethnic Japanese inside the USA for reasons described in official US documentation and nothing like Nazi concentration camps, while denying or minimizing the many stealthy Japanese attacks on US soil, Japanese espionage in the USA, and the almost inhumanly brutal slaughter of Asians and Pacific Islanders living under Japanese military occupation, and of brutal treatment of POWs that far defied international accords on treatment of prisoners of war.  And many Americans today are apparently believing the Japanese propaganda lies instead of the facts about what really happened.  How sad it is that Americans today would actually believe lies told by an Asian fascist military machine that often outdid the Nazis in brutality... that committed mass public beheadings by sword, mass public rapes, and other brutal public slaughters in invaded nations, intended to terrorize populations into submission and fear of the results of opposition to continued pillaging and murder.  The Japanese military were among the ultimate of Terrorists, literally no less brutal than the ISIS/ISIL/Daesh of today -- and that was only 75 years ago, under Japanese government institutions which were not fully destroyed.  Brainwashing cults were created, including fake brainwashing religious cults that extended into Hawaii, remnants of which still may exist today in updated format.

    Geodetic lineups, by the way, clarify and point out some interesting indicators verified by historical records about the origins of World War II as well as of the Indochina/Vietnam War, including Micronesia and the Marshalls being in the middle of the rise of the Japan Fascist machine, and the possible key role of Japan in the bloody Indochina/Vietnam War that killed thousands of Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians, as well as Americans and Australians and others involved in the warfare.  Far more brutal and bloody than the Vietnam/Indochina War since then.  The type of stealth involved in those wars should be given careful consideration in shaping US Pacific defense policy, as well as the importance of consolidating, rather than relinquishing, control of Hawaii and the US Pacific Coast states to military entities outside the strict and closely-monitored control of Washington DC.  The geodetic indicators of who slipped in to fill the vacuum when US military bases in California were shut down in the 1990s is a highly critical lesson for study in the Here and Now, and Soon, and certainly before anyone considers a certifiably American policy toward Asia or Pacific Island nations.  Time for review and reflection -- and those who think Shinzo Abe and friends are "trusted allies" of America need to go back to high school, read an American history book, or drop out of their Asian guru cult before they are lured into Kamikaze Action for Tokyo or for Arnold's and Angela's Terminator Club.  Neither Japan nor Germany ever intended to give up in 1945, and they didn't.  Those machines went underground as paramilitary operations, and many books have been written on the subject.  Overpopulated Japan still wants China's land and resources, and overpopulated Germany still wants Russia's, and Americans would be wise to never forget that when mulling over foreign policy.

    Lastly, needing study, is how much control Germany now has over Ukraine, noting that it controlled Ukraine in both World War 1 and 2, with the help of the Volga German colonies in Russia and Germanic Czarist collaborators in Ukraine.  In considering current geodetic lineups, are German military or intel operations being launched from inside Ukraine, using Ukrainian media and/or military facilities?  If US military forces in or near that region are under of German NATO commanders, will Americans really know what's going on there if Germany has nationalist ambitions for Russia again?... as has been the case Many times, for centuries now, and during the 2 World Wars during the last century.

    Are Americans at risk of being nuked, or infiltrated and sabotaged from within the country, while carrying out the military or other strategic operations of other countries manipulating US military policy?  Americans as cannon fodder for Germany or Japan?... that's what they tried to get in the 1930s via propaganda ops in the USA, but FDRoosevelt was too smart for them.  Is there anyone as smart as him still in Washington?  Haven't seen it in a while.  We don't need any more Dupes of foreign leaders or foreign governments or their allies -- No more reliance on what foreign 'advisors' tell us instead of what we see for ourselves, and today's technology is there to do what is needed, that needing also to be 100% American, not moled.  Declare Independence again, and pick allies who allow for it, like Britain has done.  The Germans and Chinese and Japanese clearly have their own interests in mind, and anyone paying attention to recent events can see that a Sino-Japanese alliance is in the making if not already operating behind the smokescreens and paper dragon shadow-puppet shows, Falun Gong sunglasses and forehead-covering hats, and proliferating mind-control "meditation" faith/belief Neptune=Hades=Vulkanus cults in the mix.

    Article linked on the front page of this site, on the January 6 fiasco in the US capitol and chart for inauguration day, noting that No One should draw conclusions on January 6 until all the facts are in... no premature judgments other than to contain criminals who may have been cult-programmed to commit criminal acts.  And notice the reports on the wide diversity of people and motives in the demonstrations prior to the pillaging of the US capitol, in addition that most of the participants looked like they were under hypnosis, or pre-programmed and on some kind of euphoric drug, almost oblivious to their environs. Sleeper-cells or Manchurian candidates among them?  A psy-op stage play designed for effect, and if so, by whom?  Transnational/foreign involvement?

    Schwarzenegger needs to Get Out of US politics, before he makes more Bad Trouble.  You don't get to immigrate to America and become president, and shouldn't have become governor.  The damage is done, hopefully with no more.  America is not a playtoy for yodeling Huns, or for Mongol Hordes.  Time for Washington DC to make that More Clear during the next 4 years.  Time for the USA to upgrade the 1945 peace treaties to put them on American terms, not cower to smarmy and manipulative foreigners who slipped in the gate on the sly.  When Immigrants become the government, it's called Invasion and Surrender to colonization.  America's schools and colleges and universities need high standards, competent and talented teachers, and ample financing, and classrooms full of American students, or the World will pass us by.  Divert military budget if it's necessary, and the McChaonells should be censured for lowering taxes on the wealthy to where it could choke the US economy into More foreign takeover, and maybe that's why it was done. Chinese toll booths on America's highways, anyone?  Bilingual signs on the freeway so immigrants don't have to learn to read English?  Directions to Fort Knox in Chinese?  Pluto will be clustered in close orb with the geodetic MCs of Chongqing/Chungking and Jakarta at the USA Pluto return, but also with Arnold's Vienna and the eastern sectors of Peter Thiel's South African family connections.  So, if you want America to be American, you'd better make sure that deep-rooted, multigenerational Americans are running the USA.  Otherwise it could be Bye Bye American Pie, and Hello Chinese Apple Pie and Japanese Fried Chicken.  I've already met Americans reprogrammed by their mesmerizing cults, fused into America's (including 'Korematsu') schools, for such an "envisioned" "Future".  Add to that, Chinese immersion schools given Head Start funding designed help underprivileged kids integrate, not children of the rich form foreign colonial enclaves.... what happens when immigrants run government while "charter schools" pay teachers minimum wage. That's a huge part of what's making America fall apart while Vulkanus hovers in the East China Sea.  Now, if Asian mafia flood the streets with more drugs and Kahr Arms guns, the full takeover could manifest, especially if let off the hook due to claims of race discrimination, as has already been allowed in cases of transnational narcotics and weapons trafficking.  People laugh about the Moonies, but they are Deadly, fused to the Sasakawa Yakuza, Black Dragon, and Black Ocean paramilitary mafia, and they appear to have been fusing with the Schwarzenegger circuit, which in turn leads to German and Austrian military intelligence machinations.  That seemingly odd alliance is rooted in Post-WW2 remnants of the Global Axis alliance officially led from Berlin and Tokyo, but with allies also in China, Spain, South Africa, and elsewhere, manifest in part via the so-called "World Anti Communist League".  Are they possibly among those who programmed and orchestrated the January 6 fiasco in Washington DC, designed to humiliate America and create anarchy?  How many participants were conscious and how many where drugged or programmed?  None of it should go without further investigation before coming to conclusions, although containment of further similar events, including unquestionable crimes, seems logical.  Meanwhile, various mutations of "resistance" cults are also potentially problematic, and some may be mutually opposed.  Some show signs of being manipulated to serve foreign objectives, not the claimed domestic reform or well-being in the end.

    Lastly, each uranian astrologer follows their own path -- there is no unity of political or ideological purpose in the picture, and never has been, other than what the German military could impose in Germany and occupied territories.  What other uranian astrologers do with the astrology is their own affair, and all subject to natural karmic law of cause and ultimate effect, in the long run, even when "the wheels of justice grind slowly".  Large-scale crime routinely involves fall-guys/gals and smokescreens and fronts sometimes set up ahead of time.

    Earlier I have mentioned how, in the 1980s, it was reported that covert operations against Russia were planned to turn on the USA after bringing down the Soviet regime, and there are signs of that now, maybe related to January 6 events or not.  Geodetic indicators listed for Glasnost and Perestroika operations could provide important hints about undertow of current global corruption..

    Meanwhile, America logically needs mature, level-headed decision-makers in control of government -- no more screaming hotheads or loose cannons or inexperienced babies or newbies.  What is needed is mature people who know America like the back of their hand, and who know how to handle crisis situations and minimize destruction and fallout.  It's also vital that Hawaii and Alaska be under the control of Washington DC, not CAPAC Asian nationalist advocates or their lobbying orgs in Honolulu.  The USA is an American nation, not located in Asia or Europe, and its people need to be served and led by others from America; especially in times of crisis, and Especially when foreigners in US government and military agencies, such as Ted Lieu for one, want to keep potentially critical foreign communications of immigrants a secret.  Vulkanus on the USA universal ingress chart for 2021 makes the importance of that very clear.


2020Dec31:  Inauguration again; Schwarzenegger's "Grass Roots Revolution"; Asian mafia

    The Zeus and Vulkanus lineups for Trump and Pence on January 20 can of course manifest as something other than actual inauguration, but the power lineup is there nonethless,meaning even if no inauguration, the political momentum continues anyway, as Trump has already indicated, and it could manifest in various ways, including high-level checkmate when Vulkanus is in the picture. Then there's Schwarzenegger the Nazi-bred Austrian Oaf, who offered, after all, to "switch places" with Trump, once his friend, or maybe still in secret, but virtual mirror-reflections of each other, either way. He needs to stick with movies, preferably overseas, and to be kept out of American politics; but Merkel, and so maybe the German Wehrmacht, keeps dragging him back in and using him as a claw in America.  The geodetic lineups for Schwazi's "Grass Roots Revolution" moves, as well as his meetings with Merkel, are worth the study, as are those of slick arms traffickers Leland Yee and the Kahr Arms Moonie cult branch, and indicators for Shrimp Boy Chow/Chao, and for Peter Thiel (who cozied up to Trump around inauguration before).  Note further their lineups with "Calexit" and other "California Independence" as well as "Hawaii Independence" and the old WW2 "Give Japan to Hawaii" cult related events and personalities... and the Japanese Marines in San Diego recently, plus who lines up with the shutdown of US military bases in Alameda and Walnut Creek since the 1990s... like who slipped in to take over when the troops from Washington DC left... and that with Ed Lee's "Hummingbird" population resettlement and "Americas Future" plans.  Same for the military bases in Maine near the Canada border and the Atlantic coast, vital to NATO and NORAD, that was "privatized" by what?  Why does Germany hold conferences in Halifax Canada to try to sway US and Canadian military policy?  All possibly vital issues of US Independence as America's Pluto return approaches.  Who's in charge?  Who put the turtles on their fenceposts?  Who understands America well enough to propose "redefining" it into anything else?  Who's a statesperson and who's just a power-addict getting an adrenaline rush from watching people squirm when they turn the screws on the budget, or military, or policy that affects daily life of citizens?  Lastly, there are some political figures who have been making statements about American history that don't match the facts.  Internet drivel sometimes veers off into fantasy or intentional disinformation, and so we still need books and libraries... and education of substance and thoroughness.  A nation is like an organic being, with each citizen a living cell, and one must understand its development from infancy to understand how it can best function to positive potential.  This is the point intended in compiling the 'Men Behind the Curtain' geodetic tables... as an instructive tool on cause and effect and continuation of past strains/networks into the present... as well as the comparison of cultures and political systems and how we can get out of messes, and avoid making more of them.  It's all been compiled while transiting Pluto squares my Poseidon and Sun and Mercury.  It's been a major transformer of world view for me, based on facts and data rather than ideologies or 'beliefs', and could possibly be for others as well.  It elucidates cause-and-effect on a global scale.

    Now to get the conversion away from fossil-fuels finally under way after decades of very unwise delay, and do it in a way that enriches our local economies, not creating just another foreign-based monopoly bolstering economic gentrification and foreign imperial dominance, noting that the "Sunrise Movement" uses a Japanese Imperial Military flag logo, and its name matches eerily with the Japanese Fascist/Antiamerican Nippon Kaigi "Sunrise Party", so choose another option, a 100% American one.

    Lastly, about the Pluto return for the USA, the money will be in Boston if it is to be kept from being stolen by Central Europe, South Africa, or the Far East, but also of significance is San Diego and Los Angeles, 45 degrees to the west of Boston.  That's where the Japanese Marines landed, and the Moonies are tied at root to Japanese military intelligence, as is Schwarzenegger's career to it, via Sony, as well as Vienna.  So there's another issue about America's Independence for the next 250 years.  When mentioning Schwarzenegger, local politicians say, "you mean Arnold!"... the reference apparently to Benedict Arnold, agent of the Hanover German imperial dynasty that were the colonial rulers, from London, over the USA before independence.  That would have been rooted in the First Reich, before the Second Reich after 1870 and the Third Reich after the 1930s, dueling allies, off and on, with the Habsburg dynasty in Vienna, influential at the top levels of today's EuroUnion, maybe running it.  Some in Washington DC and elsewhere seem to think America must choose now between submission to Europe or to Asia, but the third path is neither, and requires Canada and Latin America similarly freed of their influences to join up, along with ANZAC and the British Isles would be ideal.  That was the alliance that built post-WW2 global democracy and prosperity such as it never existed before, and why it has been abandoned can be explained in part by Germany's resurgent drive to dominated Europe, and the resurgent wealth of the Chinese and Japanese empires.

    About Ireland, geodetics confirm that the past bitter divisions there and with England have been due largely to German meddling, especially during the World Wars, but also since in Ulster, in addition to historical problems among Britons. Both British Isles are Celtic in roots, and the Germanic overlay arrived and today largely is interwoven and literally interbred enough so that the conflicts and clashes should be over.  The British Isles as a political and economic unit could be a potent global force, and it probably requires respect for the traditions and needs of each local component... no more Germanic conquerors of Celtic tribes stuff... or irrational Celtic rebels stuck in past times no longer extant.  And in demographic changes that have unfolded naturally; not forced resettlement programs like those that have created so much chaos in recent years elsewhere around the globe.  And there's the German Poland EuroUnion PM Donald Tusk and his threats of "Life in Hell" for anyone who doesn't agree with him... and his geodetics line up directly with the Hitler machine and international Nazi subversion networks, as do those of Ursula von der Leyen.  That's the real "European Union" oligarchy underneath the stiff, mechanical, calculated diplomatic posturing that looks like old monarchs dispensing edicts.  An independent Britain can help Europe turn back to democracy, and they know it, explaining all the Metternichian threats and ultimata and tricks to badger London.  Americans and Canadians need to recognize the EuroUnion BS ploys to control and manipulate, and avoid them, as well as their Asian counterparts steep in Sun Tzu's bag of tricks.  We don't need countries with miminal to no functional history of democracy running the planet, but it could happen if the wise do not wake up to the diplomatic treachery and make smart decisions.  American politicians need to learn their foreign history and politics from various sources and perspectives, and get rid of the foreign advisors with their own national biases and agendas and connections. We need to quit exercising German or Chinese or Japanese or Hindu foreign policy, because it only leads to them winning and us losing... because the competition to clip America's wings is in full swing, symbolized by the recent and still continuing Vulkanus on key USA geodetic and annual chart Ascendants, still in 2021 and maybe intensified... so go fly a kite. We need to strengthen our house and get it in order, not 'include' a bunch of imported games and diversions and machinations with 'sanctuary' alibis...  unless people want more messes like those of recent times.  Davos-Schmavos and German G-whatever global Merkel and Shinzo sugar-coated Nazi crap for naive fools... look what it got for most of Europe... and everyday Americans on the street.  Scrood.  And notice the very interesting geodetic lineups for Covid, including the first "MERS" strain in 2012, at least worth a look, including their lineup with which chemical companies are selling the antidotes.  Notice the lineups for AIDS-meds fall-guy Martin Shkreli, and who ran him as the little Albanian fall-guy.  The old German and Japanese Nazi machines are thriving, with allies as before including Chinese opportunists. Fools in Washington DC have invited them to speak in our Congress or lead our troops anyway. 'Leaders' inexcusably ignorant of recent history and current global political undertows behind the phony diplomatic pretense, and we don't need a continuation of that, or of foreign born manipulators in our national security organizations... how utterly stupid to do.  Enough of the shallow pretendo crap.  When NE=HA=VU is on the Ascendant, outsiders can be intensely deceptive, and when Zeus is added, outsiders can be intensely and systematically deceptive.... and that's in effect for Washington DC in 2021, so get the naive types as well as foreigners out of foreign policy decisions. Listen to tips from reliable sources, but don't let outsiders make the decisions, because Global Corporate Capitalism is intensely and calculatingly competitive, bigger than America, and overcrowded nations want the land and resources of thinly-populated nations, a perennial fact of global politics and history and business.  All that in the background of solving the global COVID crisis as a humane issue.  There is too much crisis now to have rookies in charge.  For God's sake, no Terminators or actors with fake degrees handed out as personal favors.  NE=HA=VU can also be intense confusion, and a need for deep and sober reflection and analysis.  No more mad hatters on a rampage.  The situation is serious.  Deadly serious.

Short articles on charts of January 6 and the inauguration in the making and to be accessed via the front page of this website. Don't draw conclusions on the January 6 "insurrection" until all the facts are invesigated and tallied... don't jump to premature conclusions about who did what and who were all the driving forces in the picture, and who were not involved in the destruction and murders and assaults.  There was a motley crew there.  Some looked and behaved like Tea Party leftovers, and some photos showed Vietnamese flags, flown by Vietnamese as well as Chinese and Japanese mafia and their dupes/cults.


2020Dec29 (edited Dec31, updated 2021Jan30): Geodetic global events overview:

    There are several key points revelant to current world conditions that have come from tabulating current and relevant past/cyclical events since 2014, and most are confirmed by reference to reference books and news articles:

    1) The World War 2 Fascist Axis machine did indeed survive despite Hitler's fall from power, as covered by numerous books including records summarized by Simon Wiesenthal, John Loftus, Peter Levenda, Sterling Seagrave, Charles R Ashman, and others... before the disinformation cluttering the internet including some created by complicit agencies. The machine, in both Europe and Asia, did a calculated "remake", logically assisted by the "Anti-Hitler Nazis", one of whom Merkel praised not so long ago.  Geodetic lineups of the current EU President and German Defense Minister Ursula Von der Leyen as well as the German PM of Poland and EU advocate "Life in Hell" Donald Tusk match directly with those of Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich, and the post-WW2 Nazi "Werewolf/Wehrwolf" network.  Which means Brexit may have occurred just in time for Britain to get extricated from a neofascist nightmare.  Note that the WW2 Axis countries and "observer states/parties" included those in Turkey, and India, and in civil-war-torn Spain and China -- and that geodetics confirm that some of the most potent Nazi attack operations were launched from compliant "observer" and "neutral" states, and in the case of Japan from massive submarines with seaplane landing fields on top, so as to catch US-British Allies off-guard (such as was the case in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor).  Submarine warfare played a vital role in attacks on US its allied forces by the Axis powers, as they even did in WW1.

    Neither China nor India will save North America from resurgent WW2 Axis Fascist remnants, firstly because both China and India were heavily ambivalent and split during WW2, and the Fascist-friendly parties of that era are in power now there (in both mainland China and Taiwan, functionally fused now anyway despite diplomatic pretenses). Democratic elements in Britain and Canada and Australia, and Israel, are all that remain of formidable allies against a New Fascism, and those risk being blocked by moles from the aforementioned countries above.  France could function as an ally if not under the thumb, or heel, of Germany, which it is. The wealthy of China were ready to ally with Japan in WW2, and they are what is in control of China and Taiwan now, and Sino-Japanese overtures and fusions are many in recent years. Alliances between the Sino-Japanese Fascists have long existed with the Saudis and Iran, whose genuine mutual animosity is dubious, just as is the stageplay between the China and and Taiwan of recent years..

    Note that, also relevant to now, as underlying power complexes in each nation still remain, even if polarized with opposition to varying degrees, key devastating attacks by both Germany and Japan in the 1940s were preceded by feigned "diplomatic" overtures, indicating it was a vital component of Fascist Axis war strategy (including what was then labeled by the Allies as "Phony War" and "Phony Peace".  Why should such tactics no longer exist?  My view is that such was the case with both the disgusting forays of Shinzo and Merkel (both of the parties which absorbed the most Nazis after WW2) to stood on the podium in US Congress as if they were part of our government, and that is was allowed by Dangerously Naive political office holders, lost in "Dream" world and "Believing" in imagined realities disconnected from fact, following sometimes dangerously dysfunctional foreign policy.  And that this has been due precisely to foreign-born persons involved in US foreign and military policy and intelligence services, including via private contracts, and THAT NEEDS TO END NOW.  Yes, that means "nativism" and "birtherism" are a smart course to follow, but it must be Smart nativism and Smart birtherism, not staffed by ignorant fools.  The idea of peaceful global concord is a good one, IF is it real and not feigned, as is avoidance of a "World War 3", but there are wolves and snakes clearly exploiting such goodwill, as is also the case with lax border controls and rushed immigration tactics.  Moreover, it is No "Theory" that falsified identification cards and documents, including passports, have been a substantial national security problem in the USA for at least 20 years (verified in Iris Chang's "The Chinese in America" as well as eye-witness reports shoved under the rug by politicians for reasons still to be known, but doubtfully substantial enough to affect national elections to any level of significance.  However, such problems can and probably have affected local elections in cities or states where such controls are too lax and where there is continual population shift-- and such issues can logically come from Any country on the globe, right, left, or center.

    ***Note that counterfeit identification documentation among immigrant populations, distributed at least since the late 1990s in the San Francisco bay area, should Not be confused or intermingled with US voter suppression or civil rights laws.... the two issues should be kept distinct, and not intermingled as they have been by clever and deceptive foreign nationalist organizations attempting to abuse US domestic civil rights laws to further foreign immigration and lobbying interests. Such deceptive organizations have in recent years continually abused American laws by finding ways to fuse immigration issues with laws protecting the rights of established and multigenerational US citizens of all races, and in ways that amount to functional foreign intrigue and/or subversion, even foreign infiltration via false identity used by agents of hostile or competing foreign interests (a common issue throughout American history... not new or 'hypothetical').  As such, American Civil Rights organizations need caution in getting unwittingly entangled with foreign subversion or infiltration operations. American law is being mocked, subverted, and distorted by foreign-based or foreign-backed legal organizations and 'caucases', who in turn claim 'discrimination' when put under the microscope.  If these issues are not resolved in the next couple of years, they could become a long-term feature of American politics, leading to national fragmentation and collapse, possibly the objective of some of the indicated organizations.****

    When the Soviet government fell in Russia, it fell to an assortment of parties including Russian Fascists and the old "Volga German" network, who were Germans replanted in Russia by the German Czarina Catherine the Great specifically to Germanize Russia and consolidate German (and her and descendants') controls there.  Khruschev openly restored that network to power in Russia (and Ukraine), and Khruschev's administration was predicted by German political astrologer E H Troinski to be "Nazi" in Russia.  This does not mean that all "Volga Germans" globally are Nazis, but that the element has been in the mix.  FBI astrologer Al Morrison reported that uranian astrologer Hans Niggemann was a German submarine officer in World War 1, given "sanctuary" in the USA, and so could not enter Europe. In her "Cosmobiology for the 21st Century", German-born Eleonora Kimmel indicated in 2000 that Arnold Schwarzenegger was being groomed to be US President, based on whatever inside sources she had as a "German war bride", so her source may have been in Germany.  Not so long afterward, he became Fuhrer of California, being an actor for Japanese film companies and courting Chinese political circles (as did also the Nazis before deciding Japan was more pliant and loyal and useful than China.  Overall, it means that Biden needs to wipe the policy slate clean and develop in a new direction based on clear understanding of US history and institutions and purpose, not the "dream" and "change" movements started by Asian mafia interests before being furthered by Obama.   To weather the USA Pluto return without disasters, leadership by long-cultivated American statesmanship, not United Nations nursery school testing ground for wannabe Americans, is needed.  Otherwise, the tensions brew as foreign manipulees try to mock and distort and hijack America to some other destination, already pointed in that direction, and especially in the Pacific states.

    It is my view that That is what's really pulling the puppet strings causing so many problems in Washington DC recently.  By being shamed, bribed, or manipulated into letting immigrants hold political offices, and take over so much of our economy, our federal government, and some state governments are at the mercy of their manipulations and blackmail; much as was likely the case when Hoover was president, him being a go-boy for foreign banks, resigned to elimination of government controls, in a country left to be run by the gangsters on the streets, over which the police had almost no control anymore.  And look how many greedy fools in government still hold up his policies as some kind of model to emulate.  Stupidity, narcissistic greed, or amnesia, or all three?  And by the way, "Rugged Individualism" was Hoover's buzz-phrase that led to gangs taking over the streets of America's cities, as was the obfuscating and fabricated political term "Normalcy" touted by the Coolidge-Hoover advocates of policies that led to the 1929 Stock Market crash), and note which Democratic as well as Republican leaders have recently parroted them, either out of ignorance of American history, or hope that Americans will forget.. Any more of that is surely a recipe for National Disaster of the 1929 Crash sort. "A chicken in every pot" that Never Manifested until Roosevelt took the bull by the horns and saved a gangster-run 1920s America from the brink of disaster after Hoover signed the Dawes Plan to help the Nazis rise to power in Germany.  "Normalcy". "Rugged Individualism". Somebody in Washington, and the American public, need to read some American history books (from that time period, not the historical revisionist garbage being cranked out or fostered in the last few years by "foreign scholars" in American universities).  Enough of the stupidity and naivete. Government is not a cool teen-age video game or an advert. It's serious business and requires continual focus and concentration. Time to get government back on track with the policies that make the country strong, not the playground of rookies and overstayed tourists.  Especially when everything is so fragile. Not to mention the need to break corporate monopolies that are choking everyone literally to death while ultimately catering only to primeval oil moguls and global narcotraffickers apparently capable of hypnotic control games (Neptune=Vulkanus cluster plus Hades and, in 2020, Zeus).  Speaking of which...

    2)  The Rajneeshpuram mess along the Pacific coast of North America was (and maybe is?) a serious problem, as confirmed by geodetic lineups, and appear to have possibly overlapped with both Japanese and Chinese elements, and tied to the "Asian Century" plans announced by Deng Xiaoping and India PM Rajiv Gandhi, and also including Japanese elements (as implied in Deng's speeches about a desired reunification with Japanese interests).  That "Asian Century" was to "replace" an "American Century", and events have transpired to confirm its reality, including several regional "Asian Century" conferences that have taken place since then.  The plans have been accomplished to a substantial degree by false flattery and bribes (of anyone from politicians to businesspeople to naive ordinary citizens), and sometimes calculatingly deceptive.  Will the legalization of hard drugs in Oregon lead to a return of Rajneeshi variants?  Leland's back on the streets and his friends can probably rush some up the coast for the hungry new junkies, fertilized by the economic crisis that some greedies in Congress don't want to fix for whatever reasons they have.  San Francisco's streets appear to be flooded with hard drugs now, while Kahr Arms keeps blessing guns for its zombie-cult devotees. And a revival of something like the Symbionese Liberation Army is in the air. "Sanctuary" for immigants from narcotrafficking-inundated countries. "Inclusion". Somebody wants Anarchy in America. Others are asleep at the wheel.  Smells and looks like 1940 in Manchukuo (described by T A Bisson in "Japan in China"), when similar fake religion-themed cults kept people confused and out of touch with reality, "lost in a dream", not real.  The "Red Swastika Society" made its rounds daily to pick up the bodies of dead junkies under the Japanese military government. What's that about Japanese troops in America now?  Vulkanus aligned with Japanese military bases in the East China Sea Ryukyu Islands at this moment. There's the reality when the dream state ends. Ed Lee's "Future of America", If They Can. "Old white men out of the way."  Will that be the Future of America?  Or not?  Gangsters and drugrunners and vigilantes rule?  What's the logical outcome as America's Pluto makes its return?  Defund the police?  Pipe dreams?  Defund the police?  Russian roulette?  Did anybody learn the lesson of 1920s American disaster politics yet and to not repeat them?  Or of the role of a budding 1920s globalism that manipulated the USA into being a naive puppet?  FDRoosevelt saw it and knew it, but all we here now is how evil the Japanese internment camps were... and note the geodetic indicators for Japan and China, as well as Germany, in relation to GATT and the WTO.

    3) East Asian politics, as a whole, as has been noted by professors of East Asian history and degreed scholars on the subject, are artful and rely heavily on false diplomacy, false flattery, and bribes, a la Sun Tzu, where a core principle is Passive Aggression, "Retreat when the enemy advances, and advance when the enemy retreats", a key policy in guerrilla warfare and probably what led the USA to lose the wars in Korea and Vietnam (and included ample lobbying inside the USA, including foreign agents and potent brainwashing cults, drugs everywhere, and that has continued and is on the rise again. Interests in Asia also got rich from the wars where Americans served as the cannon fodder serving Asian interests). That revived, possibly in anticipation of military clashes and already provoked international naval incidents correlating with the current NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster along the East China Sea, and has been accompanied by foreign propaganda campaigns inside the USA to throw Americans offguard of incoming dangers and even compliant. Then Vietnam War-era tactics diverted warfare in Vietnam to being a near Civil War in the USA related to a mess by which Opium Triangle drug dealers in America got rich while maintaining their turf in Asia . It could happen again, if not careful.

    Moreover, school privatization in the USA has allowed foreign-run or foreign-manipulated schools to indoctrinate American youth to foreign nationalist "Resistance" interests opposed to those of the United States, and this probably needs to be stopped, urgently.  Efforts to oppose such interests have been attacked as "nationalist" or "white nationalist" or "white supremacist", or "fascist" even when carried out by liberal or moderate Americans simply concerned about US national security.  Those Americans who lived through the Vietnam War era can see the parallels repeating.

    4) Upcoming US presidential administration: All of the above are vital to US national security and stability. Add the "Civil War Re-enactment" mess and the situation is potentially explosive for no good reason. The geodetic lineups indicate what could be relevant both now and historically. WW1 Germany's agents were involved in reviving the Ku Klux Klan, explaining the subsequent fusion of KKK and Neo-Nazi rallies.  Also tallied in, similarly and importantly, is foreign agents and related cults, including immigration advocacy networks, fused with or manipulating legitimate US domestic civil rights and social justice causes for foreign motives.  This began with unsuccessful WW2 Japanese attempts to infiltrate the NAACP, as reported in "Spies for Nippon/Shadows Dancing" by Tony Matthews; and Dr Martin Luther King's interactions with Asian agents during the Vietnam War may be what led to his assassination.  Every American must be Very Careful and who is allowed into the "People of Color" movement unless it is recognized that All Human Beings of all political persuasions are "Of Color", and the "Color Versus White" dichotomy is both false and prone to "Bad Trouble".  All People, everywhere, are Of Color.  No people are, in fact, "White", even the "white nationalists" who may have a little mixed blood somewhere that the ancestors didn't talk about.  Meanwhile the "Asian Century" drive is still operating by those who are identified by their deeds.  Asian nationalism is raging every bit as much as 'white nationalism', and both are using programmed "zombie" cults.  The use and abuse of data-gathering internet technology has clearly fallen into the hands of transnational sociopaths and covert war ops.  The solution remains unclear at this point, maybe due to the relative newness of the technology and its continual mutations.  No one should feel guilty for identifying with a nationality unless it is done so with the intent to abuse or exploit or worse.  

    The world would indeed be "fascist" if we were all alike, and geodetics make it clear that each sector of the globe resonates to a unique set of astronomical influences that may evolve, but will never change in essence. Each longitude and latitude is as unique as each degree of each sign of the zodiac.  The challenge is to make them all resonate in harmony without any being inundated by the overwhelming power of any other, globally; and as for the national level, that requires honoring the unique core nature of each region, all capable of evolving without submitting to outside interests.

    It seems, more than ever, that the chaos in the USA is due to foreign meddling and manipulation, including by self-interested foreign agents inside the USA, and this will have to be aligned and balanced to avoid chaos.  It's happened before, historically, even though the evolutionary stage of societies were different in the past.

    Eliminating foreign agents and influences domestically is a likely,if not essential, solution, and this has already been set in motion by Brexit.  So many have forgotten how, 100 years ago, not so long a time in the history of Planet Earth, that it was seen that the autonomy of nations, combined with a League of Nations, of distinct nations negotiating their differences, was essential to world peace, and that it served the advancement of democracy, globally, perhaps more than any other measures.  The League of Nations failed when its joint policies were violated by both Germany and Japan via military aggression, leading to World War 2, during which Planet Earth's most powerful democracies resurrected the League of Nations as the United Nations, leading to the fading away of colonies.  However, a problem emerged where overt and official colonial rule by one nation was supplanted by covert colonial, often economic and infiltrative, rule by another country.  This was however not the first manifestation of such, as the same issue manifest when the nominal "independence" of Latin American countries was supplanted by continued covert control by other European powers, leading to the "Monroe Doctrine", which never fully succeeded.  What looked like "independent" national governments were in fact puppet governments of previous or other colonizing powers.  Back to more recent history, African nations abandoned by British or French colonial rulers, sometimes fell under the control of German or Arab or Japanese or Chinese colonizing interests pulling the strings. South Africa was the most conspicuous, and when Britain demanded an end to the Apartheid camp slavery system, South Africa quit the British Commonwealth, and the same happened in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Pan-Islamism led to, among other things, the Alqaeda and Taliban revived Caliphate movements designed to put smaller Islamic countries under the control of the more powerful, as was the case historically, and thus locaol populations were considered expendable, and therefore terrorized. Key Islamic nations were allied with Germany and Austria in WW1, and 'Axis observer nations' or 'neutral', but compliant, in WW2. Saudi oil wells had to be filled with concrete to stop them from selling oil to the German and Japanese Nazis.  The "Antifa" network are manipulated if not controlled by them, and Americans need to Stay Away from them, not join in their provocatory rallies.  Bad Trouble, not good.

    There may also be elements of the "Anonymous" 2chan/4chan/8chan mess mixed in.. those are virtual kamikaze suicide cults manipulated in the USA by foreign interests wanting to "topple the American Empire", and the results will not be glamorous or fun. Some are also darting back and forth to London, hoping to do their mess in Britain, as well.  People were murdered in cold blood in Chicago 68 and Kent State... those events were not any more fun than watching soldiers die in Vietnam or Korea of the Civil War, even if some would deceptively glamorize such death machines in later years.  As one Chinese revolutionary once wrote, "A Revolution is Not a Dinner Party"... a stark warning to those who "believe" that "revolution" being a literal "warrior" is fun and games, and not bloody or deadly.

    In more recent years, one of the most treacherous and deceptive of transnational terrorist cults have been the crypto-fascist and anarchistic "Japanese Red Army", who, among other things, have infiltrated and impersonated the Chinese "Cultural Revolution" cults, and a thorough study of them and any continuing operations today needs to be done, urgently. What many on the political left have thought were Chinese leftist organizations have in fact been Japanese fascist anarchist cults fused into Chinese leftist cults, and which have also caused extensive problems fusing with Palestine-themed organizations ("PFLP", etc).  These have historically infiltrated legitimate US civil rights organizations and causing chaos, and may still be, and when Citizens of Japan protested the rise of "Nippon Kaigi" neo-fascist Shinzo Abe, American politicians didn't notice or didn't think it mattered, but it matters quite a lot.  Any fusions there with the sham "Japanese Red Army" network leftovers and aligned or manipulated Chinese, or American, cults could create substantial disaster globally as Vulkanus moves into the Ryukyu Islands and other Japanese territorial waters.  People who think it's all lovey-dove are being dangerously foolish.  Such issues are very likely to be part of the chaos on American streets now, just as are neonazi-klan-type organizations that have been allied with them off and on over the years.  The turbulence of the 1960s and 1970s is nothing to idolize. People died, like like they are of COVID.       

    On January 20, 2021, America has a chance to be led by calm, rational, sensible leaders who can stay cool in an emergency, and not panic or fly off the handle into screaming rants. It's a chance that should not be wasted as the USA heads for its Pluto return, which can be otherwise chaotic, irrational, and destructive, in the worst case scenario.

    5)  Gadafi and Libya has often been an enigma because, per geodetic indicators for the onset of his government and policies (since his birth data is not clearly known), Gadafi was a puppet quisling manipulated by interests that wanted control of the Libyan dinosaur oil fields, and geodetics indicate that remnants of the Nazi Afrika Korps machine were in the picture, as they were also in Egypt, Syria, and Arabia. This is covered in books on post-WW2 Nazi remnants. When oil technology is replaced, such messes may end.  Meanwhile it's "drill baby drill" and "burn baby burn" until stupidity kills the planet, or the else drilling and burning stop..  I made the mistake in earlier analyses of overlooking that the "911" attacks on the WTC and Pentagon could have been from Libya, near Benghazi/Bengasi and whatever actually controlled it at the time, not thinking them capable.  Note that various cult puppet governments in Africa have also been manipulated by the old South African Apartheid machine, which had clear historic ties to the Nazi Afrika Korps, and could have also manipulated the 911 events.  In recent decades, there has also been meddling in African politics by Saudia Arabia, Communist and Postcommunist China, and Japan.

2020Dec17: 2020 Cyberattacks on US Govt Agencies incl Treasury Dept:

    I have just posted the factors for the Cyberattacks covering both Feb and March 2020 as possible start dates, in the 'Men Behind the Curtain' table, in hopes it will help track down the location or hints on affiliate organizations of the culprits.  Also, my reading of the 2021 Universal Chart is posted now and can be accessed via the front page of  The sensible path on current problems is one between the mean-spirited comments on what are probably the least threatening immigrant groups, and the naivete of those who want to stop the socially-conscious and ethical government agents from verifiying legal status of immigrants... because there ARE problems, serious ones, with imported organized crime... problems that Trump has not adequately or accurately addressed, for reasons unclear.  And they are probably at the root of the current national political chaos that started before Covid, including infiltration of the tech industry and government agencies.  The policy of laxity on immigrant participation in our national infrastructure needs to Stop, ASAP.  Taiwan Ted Lieu's coverup game is one clear signal that something's going on that he doesn't want America to know about.  Also I have been noticing how, in addition to the Moonies infiltrating and manipulating the Republican Party in the late 1960s or early 1970s, they may also be in substantial control of the Democratic Party as well, due to naivete about the history of Asian politics and organized crime going on for many decades.  If it doesn't stop, America is in trouble ahead.. just as much as the German meddling also needs to be contained, in addition to whatever Russians might be able to do from afar.  I suspect that the Russians are often being blamed for what devious German and Japanese and Chinese elements are actually doing... people who are not here to Be Americans, but to Change and Redefine America or just hang out for half of the year and travel back and forth.. or buy up real-estate to rent back at inflated prices, or lobby for foreign corporations or banks to buy up the US economy.  Hades in Cancer, over the Opium Triangle, 22.5 the Vulkanus over Shanghai and Taiwan and now Japan's Ryukyus. If Biden also goes lax on the issue, America could be sold down the drain.  And note the locality lineups for the 2020 Cyberattacks.  Russia is in fact a possibility, but so are Ukraine, East China Sea (incl Mainland China, Taiwan, and Japanese military bases there), Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, even the pseudochristian Moonie hubs in South America at the Parguay longitudes.  One item in the same sector is a pact made between Russia and Japan, by the way, while Japanese troops revived by Fascist Shinzo Abe trot around California, and Asia-based cults recruit, even in schools. Real messy, with Neptune and Hades-type blurry lines and boundaries everywhere.


2020Dec15: 2021 Universal Chart; Academic credentials.  Before I proceed to write on the Ingress chart for 2021, I need to comment that while I see some of the same configurations of other uranian astrologers on the internet, I do Not agree with their interpretations.  Uranian Astrologers are as motley a group as astrology as a whole, and run the full gamut of the political spectrum.  I will try to present my interpretation of the 2021 chart in a partisan-neutral way, especially because of the recent disgusting, extremist schisms in American society, and with awareness of how much global NE=HA=VU political deceit, duplicity, hypocrisy, manipulation remains rampant.  Although Neptune finally moves away from 2-degree orb of that cluster/configuration in 2021, but is still within orb, and only tapers fully away in 2023, with HA=VU lingering for another couple of years after that... when the storm is finally over, and, as I mentioned earlier, Vulkanus reaches Israel, which will probably hold the key to cleaning up the corruption of the recent decade of "Anonymous Guy Fawkes" full-face masked and veiled politics, and one can read into that what they want.  Meanwhile, critical thinking about politics will indeed be necessary. My interpretation of the 2021 chart will likely be presented as an article on this website, with no stage theatrics, alien invaders, or "ascended masters" involved.  Here I would comment that during the final years of his life, Udo Rudolph was swayed to the idea of considering to turn Uranian Astrology into a religion, and I would advise strongly against that idea.  If you want to have your spiritual ideology, that's one thing, but attempting to fuse it with astrology can lead to problems, unless it is pure scientific metaphysical science.  That does not at all preclude the importance of ethics or spiritual consciousness of individual astrologers, whatever their "beliefs" may or may not be.  Religion and spirituality are not the same thing.

    Here I would also reiterate something mentioned earlier, as the issue of academic credentials was highlighted in recent media stories. Some, if not many, universities have turned issuance of university transcripts over to private corporations, at least one of which advocates for for-profit private schools, and which has been known to issue inaccurate and misleading transcripts from their databases.  In one instance, an individual with a Master's degree and a Teaching Certificate, each from a different university, was shown, on the new corporatized transcripts, as having complete Neither, and for how many years between 2000 and now (over 20 years) when that was the case is not clear.  Thus, I would advise all who hold legitimate university degrees and/or certificates to order copies of them for review -- to make sure they are not altered, and to contact legislators to pass laws requiring that agencies issuing transcripts provide a copy to all students, current or former, to guarantee that transcripts sent out are accurate.  It may be a good idea to send photocopies of your transcripts to potential employers, while all employers also need to be aware that such problems exist, and can respond if the corporate transcripts do not match.  Further complicating this problem, in the USA at least, is foreign lobbying networks (like the Asian Health Caucus) advocating for the hiring of foreign applicants by US companies including medical clinics, 'redefining America'.  If the private transcript-issuance agencies are also foreign-run, one can connect the dots for what that could mean in terms of manipulating the US economy for foreign objectives.  Add to this the immigrant political lobbyists in the USA advocating that "college degrees are useless" while also lobbying to "defund the schools", essentially sabotaging America's brain-power in a highly-competitive global economic market.  America cannot risk being "dumbed down" so foreign interests can overtake more than already.

    As for astrological certification, I continue to advocate that "honorary certification", not unlike "honorary degrees" for special deeds, special favors, or conference attendance, be clearly distinguished from full Certification based on verified successful examination passage, and that of course also requires quelling corruption and cronyism in some astrological organizations.

    The 2021 Universal Chart is posted as an article accessible via the front page of this website.


2020Nov26 (updated Dec07 and Dec15 and Dec20, and 2002Dec): Important issues to consider as USA 1776Jul04 chart reaches Pluto Return in years on the horizon (and already within 2 degree orb):

GLOBALLY CRITICAL ISSUES -- essential to understand during this ongoing Hades=Vulkanus period:

    1) DO NOT TRUST the Merkel Machine, which is rooted in the remnants of the old Nazi machine, despite its skillful and polished Metternichian-style "diplomatic" tactics, and note its fusions with the Schwarzenegger "Global Institute" unit in the USA, and how Merkel was groomed/trained to take power by the old Helmut Kohl political network, like other German politicians have been over time.  Germany is cutting its own deals with Russia in ways not unlike those described in the 1950s by political analyst T H Tetens in "Germany Plots with the Kremlin" and in the 1960s in "The New Germany and the Old Nazis", and it's not a one-dimensional issue with individual personalities, but rather the skilled political and financial networks/parties that put them "on stage" as their "representatives".  Merkel recently praised an "Anti-Hitler" hero was in fact a Nazi who simply didn't like how Hitler ran the party; Merkel's "Christian Democratic" party controllers tailored the "European Union" as a functional German empire using a German-housed bank currency and making "nationalism" illegal unless it's German; Muslim immigrants were recently brought into Germany for "re-education" and then redistribution to other countries after "re-education", and the result in France has been devastating; and deals have been quietly cut with Russia while posing as anti-Russian to western allies.  The Nazi Dream was to form a joint German-Russian empire (as Russia was becoming under German Czars), and it could happen, if allowed to.  Old World Stealth Politics, very HA=VU, whether in Europe or Asia, either one.  Are Putin, or other contenders for Moscow, more Fascist than Communist?  Hitler's "Dream Act" was to get control of Moscow the vast natural resources, and Lebensraum, of the Soviet/Russian empire.

    2) The "Transpacific" agreements of this decade, despite hopes they would steer the USA away from the Merkel Machine treachery, instead have served largely (aslo HA=VU politics) to revive and recharge the WW2 East Asian Fascist machine that has woven steadily into the government of "Communist China" since the Chinese gradually full privatization policies launched in the early 1980s (and is evidenced by the Kuomintang Party (partly founded in Japan as well as Hawaii and Singapore, and partly allied with Japan in WW2) military leaders in the grandstands at recent National Day parades in Beijing "Communist China", among other recent events, sometimes denied or covered up in the standard political propaganda campaigns typical of Chinese politics for Centuries (and now advocating an "Asian Century").  Note how East Asian Fascism's first manifestation, officially Japanese but also involving powerful Chinese networks, rattled about "World Peace" and then bombed Pearl Harbor by sneak attack while having agents throughout Hawaii and California and also in other states of "Transpacific" North America (and South America), as detailed on the FBI website until Trump took over, and which Democratic leaders have also ignored to their likely future regret.  The world must not forget that the Nazis and Chinese govt officials both sought mutual alliances before the pact Germany made with Japan, the Nazis ultimately seeing Japan as preferable after Hitler's various trysts with Chinese leaders (while Hitler was also forming alliances with the roots of what are now the Arab Palestine Liberation Organization and the Muslim Brotherhood, even training the budding Palestinian Arab militia, as well as the "BJP" and other Hindu Fascist organizations, with critical strongholds in the Andaman Islands, directly related to some of the worst global terrorist problems of today).   The Naive in North America have been ignoring these issues as "theories", to America's grave danger (as well as to the danger to Europe's democracies and Canada and the ANZAC countries) as America approaches its Pluto Return, when Pluto's global power will rest where Vulkanus is now -- the East China Sea nations including key Japanese military bases, Peterburg Russia, Kyiv Ukraine, Istanbul Turkey, Alexandria and Cairo Egypt, the far eastern regions of South Africa, Siberia and Manchuria and Shandong due north of Shanghai, Australian lakes/mining region west of Kalgoorlie, Tahiti, critical and vital Moonie-cult engulfed Anchorage Alaska and areas due north, the critically strategic Gulf of St Lawrence and areas due north of it in Canada, the Lesser Antilles, the Venezuela-Guyana border, Manaus longitude in Brazil, the Chaco region of Paraguay and Brazil, and the critical longitudes of Argentina's Bahia Blanca naval base, as well as the globally strategic Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.  Pluto involvement means financial interests (including 'private contracts') may be every bit as much as critical as official government policies of Any nation.

   3) In order to avoid a Huge Mess, such issues cannot be dismissed as not critical, as the USA moves toward the 2021 inaguration, and Biden Must not ignore them, even if the Obama Administration apparently did while naively and dangerously dismissing these issues as "old history" (even though not so old, but maybe not taught in schools in Hawaii or Indonesia) or the concerns of "Old White Men" (although concerning many Americans very near to his own age, now approaching 60, and America's founding institutions were created primarily by "Old White Men" or old-to-be soon thereafter).  As the USA has survived the Pluto opposite natal Sun by the skin of its teeth in recent years, the foreign termites in the woodwork can no longer safely be ignored as American approaches its similarly critical Pluto Return, now beginning to unfold... when America either is Revived from the origins of its birth, or is destroyed by foreign interests that can be (and are) extremely stealthy, and some quite wealthy.  This is NO TIME to play naive about foreign agents of questionable objectives nested in US infrastructure -- no time to dismiss the issue as "xenophobia" or "racism" or "white supremacy" when they are in fact hostile and stealthy foreign subversion networks, some highly sophisticated and stealthy.  Some came to study American law and then bend and Change it into something else from somewhere else.  The hubs of most powerful (with Vulkanus overhead) Do reside along or near the longitudes of the East China Sea, the Gulf of Alaska and Tahiti, Newfoundland and the Guianas and Uruguay, and Russia and Ukraine and the Near East from Peterburg to Ankara to Tanzania and Zimbabwe and South Africa, moving toward Mozambique and Kenya on the horizon.  Due to the continuing several-year cluster of Vulkanus with Hades, they are often cloaked in underworld corruption and disguises, maybe fused with oil or narcotrafficking money, from locations around 10 Cardinals, i.e. the east end of the Golden Triangle from central China to west Indochina to the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra, as well as areas of Russia/Siberia and Mongolia to the north of there; from the Bering Strait (hypothetical "land bridge" area) to the east Aleutians to outlying Hawaiian mini-isles to American Samoa and Niue; from overt and covert ops in eastern Ontario, the Pittsburgh-Charleston-Miami longitudes in the USA, central Cuba, Panama, eastern Ecuador and neighboring areas; western Germany and Norway and Italy, Switz and Liechtenstein, Tunisia and neighboring areas, east Niger and Nigeria, west Cameroon and Gulf of Guinea coastal areas.  These Hades areas are potential hotbeds of global treachery, especially among their underworld networks, and especially where they are allied with corrupt politics in the aforementioned Vulkanus power regions of today.  The longtime links between Golden Triangle and East China Sea Mafia are critical, and have agents nested in Chinatowns around the world, some in political offices and some highly and calculatingly deceitful. 

    Deals cut and treaties signed when Pluto was opposite the USA Sun, in recent years, may be vital to the outcome of America's Pluto Return, and that includes both clear, and small or ambiguous, print in the Transpacific Agreements as well as deals cut with Germany, which appeared to be eager to influence and/or benefit from the TPP (noting Merkel's trips to Malaysia and Schwarzenegger's forays back and forth between Hongkong and Merkel's agents) .

    Legitimate national security agencies must be unfettered by race-card games, especially demands for representation from populations fused with transnational organized crime, radical political, or terrorist networks, or deceptive uber-rich trade blocs.. 

    4) Both, and should say All, political parties are at risk of infiltration and subversion, even Takeover, from corrupt elements bolstered by power in these regions, or the world is at risk of increasing chaos, whether those elements pose as right or left or center (and with Hades they may be the opposite of their calculated external appearances, "wolves in sheep's clothing").  As Hades remains within 2 degrees orb of Vulkanus in 2021, extraordinary caution and scrutiny in political matters, globally, is warranted.. and yet that potentially treacherous combination is to fizzle away in the next year or two if real Democracies polish up and nurture democratic and humane investigative agencies, and resist nudges to weaken them with petty partisan or special-interest political game-playing.  Remember Pearl Harbor and all the roots and alliances (on all continents, from the Pan-Asian to the Euro-Axis) of those who attempted to neutralize America's Pacific defenses, as They Matter Now, urgently.  Schwarzenegger ops are in the middle of it all, by the way.



    These notes on the current transitions to the 2010 US presidential inauguration are being added before actually posting the following notes (below these) on the Vital upcoming USA Pluto return, as events since Nov20 including the early introduction of proposed Biden presidential cabinet members subject to US Congressional approval -- noting that Trump has still not conceded defeat in the presidential election procedures, stated by key members among his alliances to be determined by Electoral College votes normally cast in mid-December.

    It may also be that the early and clear publicity for initial Biden nominations are the offer of those candidates to public scrutiny by Americans of every political party for fitness for the indicated federal offices. 

    While apprarent "retrogradation" is often ignored in standard Uranian natal astrology, its significance may be noteworthy in "mundane" (political and business" astrology), as such "retrograde" status may apply more to the greater social and universal dimensions of astrology beyond the individual personal chart.  Note that at the time of the introduction of the partial yielding of Trump to a projected presidential transition, and the early and initial proposed Biden cabinet, Neptune was apparently "retrograde".  "Retrogradation" is of course not literal movement backward, but as viewed from our Earth, of planets looking like they are going backward when they are not.  Maybe most significantly, it implies that the energies of the "retro" planet are not what they look like on the surface, while "retrograde" -- and that gaseous/cloudy Neptune already prone by nature to be confusing if not scrutinized closely; these ambiguities compounded by apparent "retrogradation", or by added secrecy or suspense such as that of the absence of a full concession by Pres Trump.  To unravel where such problems might exist, it may be useful to note the degree of Neptune and where it is located in relation to geodetic MCs in both 1st and 4th harmonic (traditional conjunctions and squares) and also 8th and 16th harmonic (traditional semi- and sesqui-square, and semioctile aspects).. all readily assessed via the Special Uranian program, by the way.

    Within US borders, Neptune at the time of the announcement of transition on Nov24, was at 78:10 on the 90 dial, i.e. about 18 degrees of mutable signs (and thus, significantly but maybe weaker, at semisquare to 3 degrees fixed signs).  This means possible substantial confusion within +/- 2 degrees secondary orb of  the longitudes of Midland TX (oil power hub of Bush family, involved in the Trump campaign at one point) primarily, near 18 mutable geodetic MC; but also to a lesser degree near longitudes outside the continguous states around Valdez AK (sea outlet of major Alaska pipeline) as well as Newfoundland Island and adjacent Labrador (British crown colony until 1949) and the Paraguay-to-Uruguay region (Asian Moonie cult paramilitary power hub); furthermore and perhaps most signficantly to any NATO bases along the east coast of Iceland, the west coast of Ireland, or any remnant German underground bases at the far west tip of Greenland and its Norodostrundung peninsula in a warming globe.  Perhaps quite relevant, outside the USA to the Senkaku and Ryukyu Islands (reported recently to be the new power-hub of Remilitarized Japan's East Asian operations (likely fused with Moonie cult operations), eastern Marshall Islands (known Moonie-cult hub), and South Island of New Zealand.  There can also be important ambiguities lingering around Komandorskies-Attu island region of Russian Siberia-to-Alaska; a Moonie-cult-iconized "Land Bridge" region).  Add that to Japanese troops in California, and the 80s Japanese punk-rock song "Turning Japanese" has a very weird ring to it; noting that another transition now is the handover of power from Queen Elizabeth, matrilineal heir to long-entrenched dynasties of Great Britain, to the patrilineal Battenberg-Oldenburg line of Prince Philip and his son Prince Charles, who has seemed enamored of Asian mystical networks shown to be fused geodetically to the Moonie network.  Will Prince Charles or his children relinquish royal global influence to Asia due to guilt for "white privilege" and "British imperalism"?  This has some interesting correlates with recent trends in British politics and their ties in Canada and North America in general.  Here to note that it was Queen Elizabeth who already graciously relinquished British colonial power to now-independent nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America starting nearly 80 years ago, and due in part to a deal made with the USA and the Roosevelt administration, during WW2 defense negotiations, to do so.  Thus, the 20th-century-liberated nations under former British rule owe much of their peaceful relinquishment (as opposed to violent revolutions) due not only to Queen Elizabeth, but to early agreements between the Roosevelt administration in the USA, and her father, to do so in exchange for defense of the British Isles against Nazi invasion and takeover.  Thus, further demands on Britain or the USA for British or "US imperialism", either one, are manipulative ploys to trigger the fall of American and British global power to the rising power and influence of the former Axis Power alliances based in Berlin, Vienna, Tokyo, Taipei, and Shanghai now coupled with a EuroUnion under the arbitrary thumb of Austro-German banks and military/intel agencies, a possible resurrection of related Czarist power in Russia that sometimes also collaborated with Hitler, and a clear resurrection of the East Asian and Pan-Asian Fascist Axis network implementing plans via the arms-trafficking "Unification Church" network of the Sun Myung Moon dynasty that has created both nominally "pro-communist" and "anti-communist" Asian-run cults over the years all now clearly designed for little more than futher  Asian Imperialism, Asian Privilege, and their "Asian Century" plan, already manifesting on the Pacific coast of the USA, coupled interestingly with drug legalization resembling the opiation/extermination tactics of Japan in occupied Manchukuo (described in TA Bisson's "Japan in China", and Joseph Gollomb's "Armies of Spies", for example), all facilitated by the importation of Japanese troops into California, moves to cement the contiued closure of Washington-DC-based control of US Pacific security ports and military bases (with geodetics indicating who likely benefited).  Americans have forgotten the lessons of Pearl Harbor and instead been directed to pity people like Fred Korematsu, held up as a "hero" for evading US federal agents in time of war when Japan not only sneak-attacked Hawaii and destroyed a huge chunk of US Pacific defense capabilities, but ultimately prepared to take on Germany's Nukes-in-the-making plan to Nuke America if the US Military had not nuked Japan First.  How it is that today's civil rights organizations and politicians have idolized the Korematsus is a Sign of Dangerous Ignorance of History by Americans who have forgotten what Japan, with help from its Chinese and Korean and Hindu Fascist collaborators, did and planned to do to America in the 1940s.  Declassifed reports on Japanese and its allied subversion and war operations in the 1940s make it clear that If the US Military had not "nuked" Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Tokyo and its allies were ready to "nuke" America.  Think again before you cry along with the crocodile tears of the Korematsu set, and note that Korematsu Schools are already being set up in California, to indoctrinate children, boosted by Schwarzenegger and his "Grass Roots Revolution" and "Rebels with a Cause" operations at his "Institute for Global Studies".  Thus, Americans are justified and wise to Proceed with Caution before implementing further plans for "Change" or "Redefining America" as the USA approaches its Pluto Return.

    As most experienced astrologers know, Pluto "changes" are slow and incremental, and sometimes involve temporary plans later abandoned, and sometimes backtracks... not unlike, in some ways, technical adjustments are made and tested before final approval and movement forward.  It may thus be wise to for the USA as a whole, including government, to make such a transition gradual, with no more raging flights off to the radical right or left before balancing and alignment is attained in a way functional for America's true movement ahead into a next 240-year Pluto cycle that does not surrender to foreign interests or turn the USA from being an independent nation into some kind of 1900s fallen empire, like China once was, being sliced up by "foreign concessions".  America has recently seen swings to both the radical right and then the radical left, and now it's time to balance America's internal workings by American standards and with American needs at the forefront before moving forward smoothly, ending the rough rides through transitional adjustments.  This requires rational and non-dogmatic, non-ideological, pragmatic dialogue among Americans in leadership, with no more invitations for the leaders of the WW2 Axis Fascist powers (e.g. Merkel or Shinzo, or Chinese or Russian Fascist icons, or their replacements) whose objective was to Subjugate or Destroy America in preparation for "redefinition" along their globalist lines, which smells like foreign revenge against "US Imperialism" or "White Supremacy"; even assertions that today's US citizens must suffer for what their ancestors or even "White British imperialists" did.

    Very clearly, Asian nationalist organizations and political lobbies in the USA are now exploiting the brutal history of slavery of Black/African-Americans as a platform to pushfully advance Asian colonization and political takeover, and this is rooted in the 1960s Asian "Cultural Revolution" movement network that did the same, supporting and even creating or controlling radical racialist cults of every size and color -- and this often facilitated via the "Third World Centers" on US university campuses. Today's tactics are remarkably similar to those of the 1960s and 1970s.  Morevoer, geodetics show possible "strange bedfellows" alliances between the opportunistic Schwarzenegger network and aggressive Asian nationalist lobbies that smell of WW2 Asian Fascism resurrected, even sometimes in sham radical-left or 'Maoist' (incl the crypto-fascist 'Japanese Red Army') cult motifs.  This certainly correlates with the Worst of possible manifestations of NE=HA=ZE=VU combination still in effect -- and those familiar with global subversion and guerrilla warfare tactics know how radical right organizations sometimes posed as radical left as early as the early 20th century, if not prior to that. It is clearly necessary to separate immigration issues from domestic civil rights issues in order to fix the current mess, ASAP.

    The "Unity" now needed in the USA will not be adequately produced by politicians making diplomatic overtures on camera, although that helps, but everyday Americans on the street acting like compatriots, regardless of whom they voted for or want to see in office -- for foreign powers clearly want to see the USA embroiled in some kind of civil war that can be exploited by foreign powers much like vultures fly in to pick at dying soldiers on a battlefield and buy up spoils, if they can.  Neither submission to the Asian Century greedy-grabbers, nor to EuroUnion dictators are in America's interest.  It's time for American government/s to "Pivot to America" in terms of domestic/economic policy, and that can be done without harming the rest of the world, and forumulate open and carefully-constructed alliances, not "fast-track rush deals" pushed by slimy political salespeople of foreign gangs in suits.

    Moveover, the worst of NE=HA=VU also is manifestining phony covert political cults with "spiritual" veneers... every sort of sham "faith-based" tax-deductible racket, even the shameless "schools" diverting public school allotments to weird cults and marginal special interest groups.  It will take another couple of years of lingering HA=VU within 2 degree orb to fully flush out the sewage pipes.

    "America First" does not have to be "America Alone", even if it was in the past when the phrases were abused by cults in fact manipulated by the Axis Powers.  There should be no reason for each nation to Not look out for its own interests first, as all local governments should, and then reach out to others.  Erasure of national boundaries, such as the EuroUnion "Schengen Agreement" plan, have proven disastrous and impractical in many ways.  "Fast-track" anything means "sign now and think later", a policy Very Unwise, but favored by high-pressure salesmen and and slimy lobbyists.  Any and all Emergencies requiring quick decisions should be run by temporary/provisional measures, not perennial commitments locked in step by premature signatures.... something any effective leader probably knows, or should know.  Each Major Change needs to be tested with trial runs before being cemented as permanent, or Disasters occur.  Thus, the next time a Merkel or Shinzo or Moonie tells you that you must permanently commit now "before it's too late", Don't Do It.  Anyone who tells you to not worry about the fine print is giving bad if not self-interested "advice".  Always be aware that unforeseen events can occur to affect decisions made, and have a Plan B and and Plan C ready for contingencies and emergencies, especially when Pluto is in orb, and moreso when Uranus is also in critical aspect to any major point.

    America can collaborate globally without signing away its power to rising superpowers overseas, sometimes with agents on US soil.  As the "Scouts" have long taught youth in preparing for life ahead, "Be Prepared".  This remains especially true when the Earth's icecaps are melting, their icebergs breaking off and floating into the sea to change the ocean currents, and oil monopolies still trying to control the global dinosaur-based economies.  The dinosaurs need to be made aware that if they do not adapt to current realities that are in fact unalterable, they may become extinct along with their victims; and yet, each of those realities must indeed be assessed for their true inalterability.  As the adage goes, when handed only two options by outside arbitrary interests, it's sometimes wise to get resourceful and create a viable third one.  America does not have to bow to European or Asian interests and surrender its own.  You can bet that the Merkels and Shinzos, or Putins or the Chinese disaspora oligarchs, are certainly looking out for their own interests first, even if clouded in 'diplomatic' chicanery.  America needs American answers for American problems; and America's historic generosity (aside from transnational corporations with front offices in the USA) with other nations does not in any way warrant surrender to foreign agents (e.g. like Ted Lieu or Elaine Chao or Peter Thiel or 'Arnold the Flexer') to run America Their Way.  Neither China nor Taiwan have anything worthy of emulation; nor are Germany's recycled and disguised, and often disgustingly hypocritical and dictatorial, policy tactics worthy of emulation, for they are doomed to failure once again, as historically.  It's unsettling to see how many Americans, including some politicians, are so naive to foreign diplomatic chicanery... how so few understand how those following the guidelines of Metternich and Machiavelli and Sun Tzu have "screwed" America before and are ready to do it Again... have already started, in part by duping Trump, Obama, even Clinton, and certainly the desert-sandy-brained Bushes royally.  Too few, even including Israelis and Jews, to their detriment, have noted the historic and current alliances between the Moonies, the Kuomintang-Communist Chinese network, and Middle Eastern and Indian subcontinent politicos.  Too many are dazzled by phony Buddhist, Martial Arts, Sanctuary pseudovictim, or Guru-type imagery to notice how often they function as transnational fronts for covert operations and politics, and their tricks are seasoned and centuries-old.

    A new government run by first-and-second-generation immigrants could lead America way offtrack from its inner nature into problematic disasters more advantageous to the countries of their origin.  The USA, founded 1776, has always been a nation of natives plus immigrants, and the "birther" clause was included in the US Constitution for Very Good Reasons, and probably should be extended to include all federal offices, if America is to survive intact.  Too much foreign influence in Washington DC led to the Civil War and to noteworthy problems during times of sensitive US national security and defense vital during international competitions that sometimes included war.  Korematsu may have been a victim of excessive national security measures during dangerous wartime, but a US national model hero for American children he was not.  Children who know the heartthrob of pride at the pledge of allegiance, who hear their parents and grandparents discuss the issues and challenges of American society and its interests, are those fit and competent to hold US federal office and lead the American nation.  Others do not understand America at a visceral or even objective intellectual level, and are not fit to determine US policy, particularly US national security policy.  And when the foreign-born attempt to cover up foreign communications of immigrant citizens, as Ted Lieu has done, our country is in Grave Danger of foreign subversion, especially as Vulkanus power now rests primarily in the lands of the East China Sea, which includes Japanese defense posts and Taiwan as well as mainland China, and even more especially when immigrant citizens are allowed the choice of 'Taiwan' or 'China' as birthplace on their US Passports... in Ted Lieu's native homeland.  Who knows what government they represent, or why they are in the USA if their birth land is obscured by false claims of birth on the wrong side of the Taiwan/Formosa Strait?  Passport Lies Matter, and privatized passport agencies and operations (for at least 20 years) are largely responsible for the deceit, intrigue, and potential espionage or foreign subversion.  It creates a situation where Chinese agents can have America's, or those of other visited nations', heads spinning.

    Chinese agents are known to be among the instigators "Anonymous" Anarchist operations, per local events in the USA, although not exclusively, as the Anonymous icons were first posted on the internet on Japanese-run websites -- and in some cases traveled to Britain to "lobby" there as well, at top national govt levels.  California and other Pacific states are at particular risk of subversion and manipulation, political as well as economic, by related operations and alliances.... No Minor Issue, especially with Vulkanus in the East China Sea and Pluto in Chongqing, Saigon, and Jakarta via 180 angle, possibly involving Pluto money on Long Island NY, hub of Chao and Soong family dynasty operations in the USA.  Sino-Japanese puppet show in Washington DC?  Smell the Moonies and McConnell's googly eyes yet?  Kentucky may soon regret re-electing him and his charming foreign-born controller ready to 'privatize' America's national infrastructure including toll-booth highways to her ships in America's seaports controlling China Trade.  If you think that's minor, you need to Look Again at the current state of America's economy, especially including shipping and banking and real estate, and the recent and earlier history of how it got there via Chinese and Japanese and Korean lobbying politics.  The Moonies are not a fringe curiosity.  They sell guns on America's streets via their Kahr Arms operastions... for what reasons Americans need to scrutinize urgently, unfettered by "unbiased agents" they have lobbied to obfuscate the investigations, and don't ignore the "Asia Pacific Research Center" (APRC), with offices within spying distance of US federal buildings in California (Oakland and maybe elsewhere), and possibly cultivating compliant Asian politicial puppet/brainwashing cults, above and beyond the Moonies, in America, while you're at it.  The Asian-military-run APRC is reported to have donated money to social service agencies to use vulnerable clients, as guinea-pigs and puppets in political brainwashing experiments overlapping with weird "Anyonymous" anarchist and "Wicca" programs, with risk of fusing into the Korematsu school brainwashing "media" programs.  Americans treated like laboratory guinea-pigs, not unlike how Japan and Chinese collaborators did in Manchukuo Unit-731 ops in the 1930s and 1940s.  There is also risk of a revival of militant cults resembling the "Symbionese Liberation Front" and infiltration of the Nation of Islam and Black Lives Matter movements if American civil rights advocates are not carefully attentive to such problems.  Mixing domestic civil rights with immigrant policy and rights is a potentially explosive and toxic brew -- and when it occurred in the 1960s led to the assassinations of Dr Martin Luther King and other domestic civil rights (Black, Latino, Gay, Native American) leaders, as the immigration advocates were, and are, often tied to foreign covert military intelligence operations including subversion.  Such explosive admixtures were often at the root of violent demonstrations and clashes, and killings, of the 1960s -- puppets of foreign subversion ops -- not to be idolized or glamorized unless people want to risk death or blacklisting for causes not really aligned with the interest of America or Americans.  American kamikazes for Japan and China.  That was often not understood in the 1960s and 1970s, but it should be clear, or made clear by later-surfaced evidence, by now.  Many of America's youth were manipulated by foreign cults in the 1960s and 1970s without realizing it at that time.  Cults included right cloaked as left, and left cloaked as right.  It's not a mess to repeat.  Such cults resurfaced, as well as the Covid crisis, both correlate with the HA=VU cluster (also in effect 1969-72, and they are not likely to be resolved until late 2021, so hold on to your seats, keep a logical and sober mind, and don't be surprised if more political deceit surfaces before 2022.  US National Security agencies Must be unalloyed, not weakened by foreign agencies, meddling, quota-mandated moles, or cults, until then, for the outcome to be beneficial for America rather than aggressively competing foreign interests moling into US infrastructure.



Before going into specific alignments of the Pluto Return (covered in part below).

    Some noteworthy lineups related to current US national defense and security issues that should be uniting Americans now and dissolving petty political cults revolving around personality-worship or personality-hatred or the now-motley assortment of sometimes mutually opposed cults calling themselves "Resistance". "Ripon Society" type pseudo-liberal propaganda tactics are confusing much of the public using partisan groupthink tactics (as are similar tactics used by the Euro Union as well as, perenially, by "seasoned" Asian nationalist political organizations in the USA), while "belief" and "faith-based" groups with militant rhetoric (armed Moonies, Falun Gong, Klan types, militant Color-coded groups) are creating a very unhealthy and potentially chaotic US national polarization beneficial only to foreign interests (mostly German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Boer, Islamist). Unified US national rebalancing in relation to foreign-orchestrated "fast-track" crypto-nationalist global deals (coming noticeably from the major WW2 Axis powers, Germany and Japan) is necessary, as is thoughtful, well-informed, level-headed, national leadership at top levels, from the President to Congress to the Pentagon. This includes making 100% sure that "green new deals" are set up in the interests of the USA rather than foreign investors or beneficiaries including unneeded and self-interested immigration lobbies. Geodetics make it quite clear that the various foreign race/color-theme-promo/nationalist groups within the top levels of government have created many of the current chaotic problems, and that includes not only the German and Japanese and Chinese Axis-power agents allowed into top-level US government and defense operations in the 1940s and 1950s, but more recently the CAPAC Asian nationalist forces that geodetics show to have risen to power as US Pacific coast military bases were shut down, or more obviously turned over to CAPAC Asian nationalist affiliates. This also requires the continuation of investigation of armed or arms-trafficking race- or religion-defined groups despite clamor about profiling.

    Eventually the USA, and then Canada, began to give the cold shoulder, to varying degrees, to attempts by the essentially German "European Union" to get North America and other regions to sign up for secretive "trade deals" that functionally and gradually undermine or erase national governments and boundaries and local democratic national sovereignty without the "inconvenience" of conventional military invasion (and such as was also done by the Axis powers prior to and during WW2).  Russia and China might try the same tactics, and yet are more likely to meet with defensive skepticism due to the political climate in North America since the late 1940s and then events like crafty Konrad "Fox" Adenauer's visit and then Willy Brandt's and Helmut Kohl's similar "Realpolitik" moves, all intended to continue the economic and political objectives of Nazi Germany after the 1945 "Peace Treaty" that shifted from conventional to psychological warfare and covert operations. German WW2 refugee T H Tetens delineated in clarity how the German military/intel complex intended to feign Cold-War alliance with the USA while cutting deals with Russia after 1945, and a study of his books is essential to making lucid decisions about US policy in Eastern Europe and the Russian Empire states now.  Germany has always feared being dwarfed by US-Russian agreement of most any sort at all, and so stoked the Cold War to manipulate US policy in line with German interests.  It remains vital that the USA not become the pawn of either German or Japanese interests in dealings with the Shanghai-Cooperation alliance that includes Russia and China and now India and Pakistan (tracing the outlines of an Asian Century plan especially if covert agreements are made with routinely evasive and passive-aggressive Japan, who recently partakes of Vulkanus power as it reaches the Ryukyu Islands and heads for central Japan.  The severe lack of wisdom of allowing Asian nationalist individuals or organizations (CAPAC, Asian Law Caucus, Asia Pacific Research Center, Ted Lieu, Harry Harris, etc) to direct or manipulate US policy in the Pacific should be obvious, although it apparently has not yet been in recent years -- especially as we see Asian "immigration" function not so much as a motive to coalesce to America and its founding institutions, as to come to America to pick the cherries or grab the gold and then take it back to the "old country" while pushing for "redefinition" and "change" of America via accelerated immigration and political lobbying.  This may be "politically incorrect" to discuss at the moment, but it must be discussed at length, as some of the most potent of global Vulkanus power now rests in the hands of the Sino-Japanese East China Sea underworld, largely maritime-trade, mafia and its long-duplicitous political insitutions, including both the Moonie and Falun Dafa/Gong extended networks, and the longtime Sino-Japanese and Russian interests in Manchuria now amassing power..     

    As for Russia, note Putin's close ties to the Japanese-military-rooted Taekwondo network, as well as his schmoozing with the Merkel machine, and that no dictator acts alone. Moreover, Putin's geodetic lineups point directly to old Czars and Czarist figures more than anything "Communist", which means ties to the German Oldenburg imperial network and Stettin, the power base of both "Catherine the Great" and Angela Merkel (both Germans).  As the elected President Gore said, "When you see a turtle on a fencepost, you know he didn't get there by himself"; and thus all perceived "dictators" or multi-term heads of state are in power only due to the political machines that put and keep them there.  A key to understanding where Putin, and others, stand amid all this, note his various alliances in recent years, some of which are listed in the "Men Behind the Curtain" table on this website.

    Domestically, in the USA, national security lessened by the removal of US troops on Pacific Coast bases needs to be restored, and not run in any way by non-American nationalist elements of any sort within military operations... no Euro nationalist or Asian nationalist or any other non-American nationalist elements.  As Vulkanus moves along into 2021, strict American control of US military bases around Fairbanks Alaska and coastal areas south and north of it will be Vital to literal US national security.  The well-meaning globalism of Trudeau has probably opened Canada up to foreign sabotage, and should be approached carefully without alienating Canada. "Sanctuary" policy in US Pacific coast states must not be allowed to block federal efforts to secure America's Pacific coast, ports, or airlanes from foreign infiltration.  The geodetic indicators are clear about potential foreign incursions along the Pacific coastlines, and it should be asked if Ted Lieu's "resistance" to federal scrutiny of Transpacific communications is a coverup of something Washington DC and all Americans need to know. Demands of Chinatown merchants about why Americans buy maps of China should be a second clear indicator, beyond Lieu's protests, that Chinese diaspora with dual allegiances have something to hide from the rest of America.  As for Japan, most Americans probably do not understand that there was substantial collusion by some elements in China with Japan and Germany during World War 2 efforts to sabotage, infiltrate, and bomb the USA (including plans to Nuke America that were probably known to Truman and US military leaders), and that might have been stopped only by bombing Japan first -- such was the treacherous climate of that time period.  Moreover, the new policies of post-Maoist China, enunciated by Deng Xiaoping, included plans to privatize the Chinese economy (now largely done), rekindle "Prosperity Sphere" alliances with Japan, reunite with Taiwan's political oligarchy, and build a new alliance with India for an 'Asian Century' to replace an 'American Century' run by guess-who.  Moreover needed is a review of German treaties and other agreements with China as far back as the beginning of the 20th century, and their continuous thread up to today, some of them via the 'Socialist German Democratic Republic' in East Germany, over which the Russians had minimal control over German nationalist resistance to foreign dominance.  These issues remain directly relevant to conditions and events of today, in terms of causal factors, and the geodetic alignments elucidate how they are relevant, and Deutschebank involvements in the Chinese economy are front and center, as are Deutschebank involvements with the Japanese economy and possibly in Korea as well.  The Moonie cult, a sham religion and front for covert, primarily Japanese, operations, also involving Korean and Chinese elements, is also in the middle of the treacherous mess, and yet allowed to operate in the USA by Naive Fools.  The Falun Gong is a 'new age' themed offshoot of the Moonies, and they run rampant in America, especially in Pacific coast states.  They want all criticism of their subversion tactics to be dismissed as xenophobia, racism, or "white supremacy", in order to continue subversion and, in many cases, economic and political takeover -- and are fused into the Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC.  To let them operate unimpeded is to continue to hand the Pacific states over to further and possible near full foreign control. The constructive solution is the reopening of Pacific coast US military bases under the strict control of American military personnel with No foreign allegiances.  Canadian national security may be compromised similarly by Hindu nationalist elements in Canadian government and military functions.  No less potentially problematic is German-born individuals in US national security functions.  Immigration is one thing, but the hoisting of immigrants into US political offices is highly unwise in terms of national security and stability, and that should be common wisdom even though such wisdom seems to have escaped too many in Washington DC and some of America's state capitals.  Advice from foreign experts is one thing, but control by them is surrender to the unwise risk of foreign manipulation or dominance. Such a problem is clearly relevant to current chaos in American government institutions, if only one looks beyond the superficial.  Healthy and rational nationalism is a good thing -- only globalists and their dupes think it isn't -- for when it's gone, colonization and colonial government settle in.  Is that not evident already?  Kentuckians have made a grave error in restoring McConnell the Chao-puppet to power, while Chao's geodetics line up substantially with those of the Ed Lee machine, under which she gained influence in San Francisco banks.  The Asian Century to replace the American Century is Not a plan abandoned, but one unfolding to full bloom until it is nipped in the bud, as mesmerizing as is its scent and color and fading or now-extinct ancient mystique.

    When Ed Lee announced his mess as the "Future of America", few stopped to assess just what unfolded under his control starting as San Francisco City Manager running the city that only looked like a Willie Brown government on the surface (also elucidated by geodetics), and the same background control risks continuance. That "Future of America" was mass Asian immigration coupled with displacement of other populations, often to other locations; massive real estate shifts to Asian control, rapid rent hikes, and conversion of the city increasingly into a temporary stopover for people living at subsistence level in order to pay exorbitant rents... not unlike New York (where the Soong and Chao financial clans have influence) was already for some time. Furthermore, Ed Lee may have been only one part of a larger dynasty already entrenched in San Francisco Chinatown. Maybe the one that wants to know why Americans want to buy maps of China while affiliated foreign military-affiliated networks (e.g. Taekwondo) are even electronically mapping American real estate, coast-to-coast.  "America's Future" they call it, and the have some naives calling it "THE Future", Made in Asia.

    As for McConnell's remark about his unfortunate opponent in the election just completed being control from New York, it is greater New York City that is the original economic base of his multi-billionaire immigrant incursion wife's family.  So, he is the one putting Kentucky under the New York Chinatown network's control -- something Kentucky voters apparently did not realize; although they probably will in the future, when the paper dragons start to fall apart.  Why apparently remote Kentucky matters to all of America is Fort Knox as well as Louisville being a key riverport for shipping the products of the Ohio River valley overseas via the port of New Orleans, and on a coast-to-coast highway stretch that runs from Norfolk VA to San Diego CA.  Kentucky therefore is No Small Potatoes in the overall US economy, and risks falling under Chinese control as the McConnell empire fades into the Chao dynasty.  And, of course, corporate tax cuts throw US infrastructure wide open to Chinese acquisition and control via privatization, replete with Chinese-run toll booths on America's highways as proposed by Elaine... and more potential foreign control of US seaports.  Kentucky's mesmerized voters just drank the koolaid, when they could have instead had a US Marine no doubt aware of such vital national security issues.  Are people thinking carefully through what they are voting for?  Future of America?  It looks like the old political cartoon of western powers carving up China, only this time it's America carved up with Greater China among those holding the carving knife. Is Mitch in a deep sleep?  Who or what will inherit his political empire?  Elaine's banks took over San Francisco under Ed Lee, and her family empire's American HQ in NYC, from sea to shining sea -- American Redefined with a little help from the Moonie offices in New York and California.  That's a horse of a different color, and the race really started at a full gallop at the 2000 elections, although the roots are in the 'One World' plan devised by the Soong family banking dynasty and sought the White House in 1940 via their dupe Wendell Willkie, and then fused heavily into the founding of the United Nations.  Full circle now.  That is not America.  That is not who we are. They lost, at least the last time they tried.  Now it's more like the Bandung Conference's Arthur Chung Jonestown before the investigative reporters arrived.  FBI astrologer Al Morrison said it was important to study Jonestown, and now I see why.  The parallels with the brief history of the Manchukuo puppet state (as described in Berkeley professor Bisson's "Japan in China" are noteworthy, but this time it's in America, but it's not American.  Buddha died a long time ago, but WW2 Axis Fascism didn't. Most Chinese collaborators with Fascist Japan were resettled in Taiwan... or in the USA, or Singapore or Hongkong.

    Right Now, as radicalized cults on both the right and left threaten social unrest, it may be important to look at the geodetic lineups for arms-traffickers Leland Yee and Shrimp Boy Chow, and maybe moreso for Arnold Schwarzenegger and his 'Grass Roots Revolution' and his 'Rebel with a cause' announcements as well as for his dubious 'Schwarzenegger Institute', particularly as endorsements for him, over time, have come from the Moonie-cult-enamored Bush family and Mormon politicians -- noting that the Moonies have had conferences in Salt Lake City, and have been very chummy with various members of the Bushes in ways described of the historic relationship between Rasputin and the last overtly ruling Czar's family in Russia.  While a birthdate for Rasputin is uncertain, the date of his introduction to the 'Romanov' Oldenburg rulers is recorded and is an indicator of where Rasputin came from.. and it appears verify recorded speculations of that time that Rasputin was a tool used by Japan to manipulate the Russian government near the time of the Russo-Japanese War and the Russian Revolutions and run it into the ground.  Thus another parallel with Sun Myung Moon, one of many phony holy-men in a 'faith-based' world that literally Defies logic.  Moonie was crowned "king" in a weird ritual in Washington DC, as his Japanese-rooted cult was buying up US news outlets that George Bush Sr praised, and people wonder why the messes in America's capital city now.  Next came the Moonie cult's arms-trafficking operations.  However, of more immediate concern should be Leland Yee's arms trafficking and his early release from prison for his "good trouble" behavior... about the time chaos hits the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area, and some political elements ramp up calls for "warriors redefining America".  And it's "xenophobic" to be concerned about armed terrorists from overseas, "racist" if they are not of the same race you are, or "religious persecution" if the arms are sold by one of the Moonie cult mutations or the murky Falun Gong.  It's time to get more realistic about the risks of some of the "Sanctuary" policies that have allowed literally violent and murderous terrorist cults to enter the United States. Other countries in Europe are already addressing similar problems, and domestic instability due to economic chaos is no time to be lax about it as an added layer of danger that may even be related to denial of the continuation of cult terror imported from the former Axis powers in addition to violent revolutionary cults from either the radical left or the radical right, as both are problematic in some of the same ways. American laws provide for freedom of expression and religion, but when people get citizenship to stir up trouble or import foreign revolutionary ideologies or operations disguised as religion, it's time to Deport; especially when there is so much instability manifesting, as some of the organizations wanting to overthrow governments overseas may in fact be wanting to overthrow the US govt.  One case in point is Nazi-bred Schwarzenegger's "Grass Roots Revolution".  An important question is who invited him into the USA, and is it related to his political candidacies?  Who invited the Falun Gong into the USA to block public thoroughfares, harass Americans on the street, perform weird land-claiming rituals, and try to impersonate and "redefine" American institutions and American newspapers?... another important question.  The scrutiny multi-generational Americans are directing at each other over election trivia should instead be directed at people who have entered our country under false pretenses or are harboring foreign terrorist networks that are probably laughing at how undisputable Americans are turning against each other while the foreign networks Take Over and manipulate our government institutions via infiltration.  There may very well be the Vulkanus, accompanied by Hades in cluster, on critical US Ascendants in recent years an also still in orb now.  Don't come to America and try to stir up revolution or import foreign ideological dysfunction, organized crime, foreign brainwashing cults and sham "religions", or foreign political infiltration and corruption tactics.

    Ted Lieu needs to quit playing Chinese political games in America.  China is not America or vice versa.  There's a huge ocean in between, plus more, and America needs to know what the communications are as weird Asian cults roam America's streets and brainwash the naive to carry out foreign objectives.  America doesn't need another Symbionese Liberation Front or Jonestown mess.  And Americans need to study how the German government resurrected the Ku Klux Klan during World War 1, how it fused with Neo-Nazi cults during and after World War 2, and how the Militant Japanese Fascist network, and later so-called "Maoist" cults attempted to manipulate the NAACP and other legitimate American civil rights organizations (per summaries of declassified documents in Shadows Dancing/Spies for Nippon by Tony Matthews) as well as the Black Panthers.  Watch out for false claims of "xenophobia" and "white nationalism" brandished by foreign and foreign-manipulated political extremists with Way Too Much influence in Washington DC now.  Cutback and control and monitoring of immigration, current, future, and recent past, is sensible and probably needed.  There are people with real and legitimate humanitarian concerns about immigrants intermixed with deceptive transnational intrigue by transnational gameplayers fused with foreign covert operations.  America can remain civil and protect human rights while also exercising necessary, legitimate national security measures.  Foreign agents just want chaos and anarchy of any "useful" sort.  The United States of America was born in the Age of Reason, and it might be a good idea to keep it that way... and not let that be "redefined" by holy rollers and "faith based belief" dogma.  American government is now at risk of replacement by Empress Elaine, Princes Leland and Lieu; Guru Nanuk of the North; or another Arnold, the Nazi-bred Terminator ready to take over the supposedly "driverless" steering wheel by remote control with the help of Germany's BND Gestapo.  Multi-generational Americans have been giving up America out of guilt egged on by foreign agents trying to shame the Real America, that's been here since 1776, into national suicide, or surrender.  Will that be allowed to unfold, or will Americans study and remember who we really are as recorded in history, not manufactured by imported foreign agents, or their brainwashed puppets, 'revising' our history into cherry-picked fiction?


2020Sep23 (edited and updated Oct07): Various current issues:

    Some of these are topics I have meant to cover with astrological indicators for some time now but have not had time, or have been distracted, or overwhelmed by current events. Here I will summarize some of these issues, with hope to have time and space to follow up with more detail on astrological indicators. Some of these comments are relevant to the potential treachery and duplicity of the current HA=VU cluster that has been ongoing for several years since both are slow, plus apparent retrogradation factors, reinforced in 2020 by Neptune in addition, along with the thrust of an additioinally clustered Zeus, which could be of significance in the November 2020 elections.

    I will start by pointing out that the Statue of Liberty was not and is not a founding American Institution. It was a gift from Europe, and dedicated in 1886, over a century after the American Revolution, and eventually used as propaganda for mass immigration to staff the factories of the industrial revolution.  The US Constitution, however, provided that presidents of the United States needed to be "born in the USA", for reasons obvious to anyone who thinks about it instead of parroting slogans from political demagogues promoting Globalism. Note, even, how often US states have gone awry under imported governors; and the US federal government has gone awry under occupation by imported legislators or presidential advisors or cabinet members.  Note also how the Mormon oligarchy, more than once expelled from US states and then from the USA altogether for raising its own military and issuing its own currency, and whose members then propose Constitutional changes to allow foreign-born presidents while they cement alliances with foreign cults like the East Asian Moonies, and with ambiguous historic connections with WW2 Axis networks.  How a supposedly dedicated Mormon could also claim to represent principles of the US Constitution is thus an Irony that only fools would 'believe'.  Moreover, there are those of us old enough (including the despised and vilified "Old White Men", who know from pre-Reaganite-era education and textbooks, that Liberalism is a very American idea, that Conservatism is actually what American revolutionaries fought against, and that neither the Declaration of Independence nor the US Constitution dictated what economic ideology (especially pertaining to those cooked up in the 19th century) was to unfold in the United States. 

    Far too many have forgotten that the policies of Herbert Hoover led to the Great Depression (despite his party's desperate attempt to parrot Roosevelt's plans after the Hooverite 1929 Stock Market Crash actually orchestrated by the foreign bankers that gave Hoover his orders -- covered in biographies of Hoover in Walter Liggett and the well-documented John Hamill).  Both Presidents Roosevelt are the ones who did more to "Make America Great" than anyone else, via the political and economic policies that they advocated, which are antithetical to those proposed by current demogogues claiming to be able to "Make America Great" by emulating Hoover's Depression policies, whether consciously or out of ignorance.  These are fundamental facts that Americans inadequately-educated, lost in mindless consumerism, or misinformed by post-1980 Moonie-network-manipulated Reaganite stage-theatrics, do not yet understand; and that unfortunately includes some politicians in All Parties.  Another fact lost to those unfamiliar with history, and complicated by party name changes, is that the Republican Party was created around 1850 from remnants of the old Euro-Hanover dynasty bluecoat/royalist networks left over after the American Revolution, and that the Democratic Party (originally called the Democratic-Republican Party) was the first and largest national party of Thomas Jefferson and cohorts, as old as the USA itself, and representative of the principles of the American Revolution (and not its adversaries among whom count the founders of Mormonism).   Nonetheless, the Democratic Party has been partly hijacked by Republicans and their German Monarchist (read Euro Union) and  Asian-mafia Moonie-cult allies, especially under Obama, naive to global politics and/or apparently sticking to lessons taught in schoolrooms unlike those learned by his American brothers and sisters steeped in American values and institutions.  As America undergoes its Pluto Return simultaneous with Vulkanus pressing on the Greater Seattle and New York City and Riogrande-Gulf entry points (as well as riverport Yuma and gulfport Panama City and Chaoconnell-occupied Louisville/Fortknox/BushNatlAssocManufacturers hubs), it's time to close, not open, the doors to America, and monitor with an eagle eye who has arrived in recent years, contrary to what Ted Lieu wants for reasons best known to him and his "CAPAC" fellow-travelers among whom are those risen to power when vital US-defense California military bases were shut down -- for reasons needing Very thorough scrutiny and review.  The western USA risks being annexed to Asia, if not a Euro-Union from the east that may be about to also annex Russia via German-friendly/charmed elements including Putin and others.  International exchanges are vital to survival in today's world, but going overboard to letting foreign troops take over America's ports and ships and security functions has Gone Too Far (as in Japan-born and Sasakawa/Moonie-cult-endorsed Harry Harris, and risks sinking the Good Ship America, while those hostile to it might clap and cheer, often unaware that the alternative may be revitalized WW2 Fascism, or the proven-dysfunctional Marxism, neither of which "we are" as a nation).  American (and Canadian and Australian?) politicians' surrendering to pushy foreign lobbies have led to a mess that needs to be cleaned up and the foreign agents shoved out the door before they shove more Americans onto the streets or out the door of our own country.  Too much foreign control of American media, telecom systems, and data systems has led to clashes that only foreign agents could want among deeply-rooted multi-generational Americans.  Parallels to the Vietnam War era and its various international propaganda machines are too many to ignore, with possible continuity of foreign subversion from those times (i.e. Asian American Political Alliance's so-called "People of Color" and "Third World Center" network, as well as German-American Bund and Japanese Black Dragon Society residuals on the other hand).  Today, do not ignore the Peter Thiel network and its origins in Germany and Apartheid South Africa, equally problematic at the other extreme in some ways.  Neither Asia-based nor Euro-based power or "trade alliances" are America, and thus a North American, even a Pan-American union of some equitable, democratic, and practicable sort, may be advisable -- something that Franklin Roosevelt, highly knowledgeable of worldwide intelligence data via his time in US Navy Intelligence, knew and understood.  Roosevelt's wisdom, ahead of his time, was unfortunately thrown to the dogs as German and Japanese agents lobbied and manipulated US military and govt officials, as is made clear, in detail, in "Germany Plots with the Kremlin" by the highly-knowledgeable Anti-Nazi German-refugee analyst T H Tetens, who understood that the post-war Fascist Axis had Pres candidate Tom Dewey, Joe McCarthy, and other high-level fools wrapped around their fingers.  Tetens warned of both continued Fascism as well as of totalitarian Communism on through the 1950-60s, and moreover of a potential German-Russian alliance against long-established Democracies (North America and Western Europe).  California of recent years is already proving that if you Go Asian, you get the Feudalism and Sun Tzu machinations that never died there, or here upon entry, replete with Ed Lee's "Future of America" Hummingbird Resettlement program to relocate those in California beaten down to the street by Asian mafia tactics including systematic foreign 'Asian Law Caucus' cronyism, 'new-owner-move-in-evictions', and deadly Asian hard-drug and weapons (e.g. Kahr Arms) importation.  Britain is trying to break away from the crypto/neo-fascist German machine that runs the Euro, and to its south recently looks like Occupied France under the Nazi-puppet Petain, a nation again entrapped under foreign control, and which the USA is slipping toward if those level-headed and knowledgeable of American history and government are not installed in power in January 2020.  

    Those thinking WW2 fascism has nothing to do with the problematic aspects of today's Globalism are dangerously asleep at the wheel.  That leaves no room for the Mini-United-Nations high school rookie "Redefine America" and Imported Diversity & Incursion-via-Inclusion games in Congress or in naive state governments.  No one ignorant of the realities of international hardball politics and lingering old foreign Eurasian feudal power games and 'diplomacy' tactics should hold office today, in a very global world, with its warts and all.  No more Pollyana politicians.  Other countries and alliances are aspiring to superpower status and are advancing by deceptive diplomacy and infiltration via immigration under false pretenses, not to mention fake IDs and passports, even fake credentials from overseas, bought from 'paper-mills' -- rampant for At Least the last 20 years in some US coastal cities, and facilitated by things like 'privately-contracted passport agencies' and 'private-contractors' for national security agency functions, foreign agents in govt ID processing organizations and postal services handling such vital national security-relevant documents.  Possibly part of how Europe fell quickly to control from Berlin; and clearly problematic in Asia, in lands of rampant counterfeiting and piracy.

    Russia can only do what it can do from afar, for the most part (although possible via internet that is even more vulnerable to Asian and Euro manipulation, and because Russians are normally scrutinized for every action and connection in the USA) while China and Germany and Japan are on the streets and in the halls of government or lodged into US military/intel operations inside the USA; and India has joined the Asia chorus recently, possibly to make it look not All-East-Asian, and to bolster the China-Russia Shanghai Pact alliance that India and Pakistan signed up for recently.  As for Japan, it has been schmoozing with Putin lately, and with Taiwan and/or China ongoing; while Merkel and her agent Schwarzenegger have sallied quickly into Asia to manipulate Transpacific politics during the 'Pivot to Asia'.  As Pluto Returns to its natal degree while Vulkanus presses on America's most vital seaports, it may well be that, as warned in the 1980s, the plan by German and Asian covert operations to dismantle Russia as a global power then would be next turned to the USA.  Very cautious and delicate dialogue with Missile-loaded Russia may be vital to America's survival now, and that requires telling Germany and Japan and all states of the Greater China diaspora  to Go Fly a Kite and get out of the way of America's Unity and Survival.  ENOUGH of the NE=HA=VU Asian water-buffalo-dung globalist, and Phony German globalist politics.  Shinzo Abe may have conveniently forgotten the truth about Pearl Harbor while Obama seemed to be stiffly entranced at his side, or why the US Military made the difficult decision to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki before Japan nuked the USA, but alert Americans didn't.  Documents declassified by Clinton, and said to have been weeded through by the Bush Jr admin after election, detail how Japan planned to pick up Hitler's plan to hit America with ICBMissiles and/or Nuke Us First and proceed with their "East Asia Prosperity Sphere" plan, which is manifesting nonetheless today via privatization and "investment", as their Japanese "sunrise/progressive" "Give Hawaii to Japan" plan is also underway.  Some people in Washington DC are dangerously naive or ignorant, and the German- and Japanese-engineered "driverless cars" are ready to carry Americans to unrevealed destinations, on or off the road.

    So, Americans, not pretend/believe/dream Americans, with roots here for generations, need to have rational discussions about domestic policy, to come to functional compromises away from extremist policies, and Unite on domestic defense and controlled borders and scrutiny of foreign agents on American soil... Now, not later, Immediately in this current state of foreign-manipulated chaos (via lobbies, private contractors, excessive foreign control of telecom and internet and now news media too).  Byebye Ajit-prop and Sundar and Pillai and Hare Krishna, and remember that pro-immigration lobbyists are and always have included humanitarians as well as opportunists (like the slippery Asian Law Caucus) seeking cheap labor for corporate-investor factory-like operations, and even colonizing "Lebensraum" pushers from Asia as well as Europe... throughout history and still today.  

    American settlement and statehood of California was intended to make California American, and as Pluto makes its return, a similar process may be needed once again, as US Secretary of State Seward stated during US Senate voting on California Statehood, "The perpetual Unity of the empire hangs on the decision of this day and of this hour" while he was also among the more prominent humanitarian emancipationists.  American citizens came to California not just for gold (as Asian immigrants did also), but to secure California's seaports and coastline, and the planned transcontinental railway stations at California's seaports, for the USA, not foreign powers aggressively push-pushing for the same.  And the same soon applied as well to Oregon, Washington, and Alaska Territories, so that America reached from Sea to Sea, before the Statue of Liberty even set foot in New York harbor at a date nearly halfway through America's approximately 250-year history.  Practical issues of Asian immigration, like Chinese slavery ("indentured servitude") and sometimes deadly narcotrafficking and human trafficking in general for intermarriage and cheap labor supply, and resettlement due to overpopulation, are covered more often in state histories of California.  Chinese gold-miners were often imported under contract to send the gold back to China, and to set up Chinese colonies in North America.  Japanese haciendas in California routinely imported migrant labor from Mexico.  It's been going on for over a century.  "Okies" from the American midwest were brought in to replace Mexican migrant labor when resulting demographic changes were reviewed.  Spanish imperial colonial claims to western US states were annulled after the independence of Mexico from European imperial rule, even though revived during the short-lived "Empire of Mexico" under Maximilian that overlapped with the US Civil War and supported the "Confederacy" while seeking to restore European controls over Latin America and counter the Monroe Doctrine to secure the Western Hemisphere for Pan-American independence from continued European and Asian colonial ambitions.   Meanwhile, Asian colonizing ambitions in Latin America, launched by Fascist Japan in Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, and Peru, continue today along with Chinese, Japanese, and Arab colonizing in Paraguay and Argentina and now Brazil; and German in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, not to mention Russian ambitions in Cuba and elsewhere.

    While America and Canada are today asleep in political jingles and weird foreign cults in unreal 'virtual reality' in a hand-held dream world, dangerously ignoring domestic security interests, transoceanic empires are closing in on the Western Hemipshere more successfully than they did during World War II -- in addition to Russian global ambitions.  An Atlantic US-Canada-British alliance could block continuing continental Euro and Asian "trade blocs" from taking over Latin America, and that will require supporting governments in Latin America that are locally popular and meet local needs, not those that alienate their citizens.  Roosevelt understood this, as did Kennedy, as did Pres Monroe long before -- while their successors too often got manipulated by foreign advisors, or slippery cults, or bribes, from Asia or 'Greater Germany' deliberately promoting the foreign interests of their native homelands, as has also also Russia when able.

    Pluto's return may be time to Redeclare America's independence, by conscious and authentic programs, not clowns dressed up like Patrick Henry and spouting "Tea Party" buzzwords coined by German Immigrant Peter Thiel or 'Grass Roots Revolution' Schwazinazi, or their equally treacherous Asian counterparts peddling "Chinese Apple Pie" and "Japanese Fried Chicken" as they Try to counterfeit and "redefine America".  It's going to take clear minds and concerted efforts during the remainder of the slow-moving HA=VU cluster, lingering for the next few years, to get clear on what America Really Is and thus where it can constructively go in the future on an independent path not manipulated by duplicitous "foreign experts" or "investors" or and their dazzling and shallow exoticisms.  Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, whatever else springs up, need to sober up, get down to brass tacks, shut out the foreign noise, and bolster America for an American Future, not an Asian or European colonial one (i.e. regression, not progress), and one that only "Birthers" can understand and Do.  "Birtherism" is Good for America, not bad.  Dreamland is over, and now we have to Get Real.  The USA and Canada need each other, but not when powerbrokers from other countries are bending Big America toward the interests of their countries of birth instead of those of the USA or Canada.  America's Pluto Return may very well mean it's time for the USA to call its own shots, by its own ideologies, having learned enough from the outsiders, and make sure the Future is American, not Asian or European, "redefined" to something alien -- for America's 1st Pluto cycle is now reaching completion and ready for a new one, a revitalized American one.  Inviting guests into the living room needs to come to an end when they start to Take Over the house.  

    When you think of "Fred Korematsu", beloved by Japanese Sony's Schwarznegger, then also "Remember Pearl Harbor" and what would have happened if Nazi-allied Hiroshima had Not been bombed in 1945, when reports of Japanese agents swaying and bribing Americans had been rampant, and in 1945, Japan was ready to take over the Nazi-developed nukes and intercontinental missiles (summarized in Gerhard Weinberg's "Germany, Hitler, and World War II), protoypes of those now of post-marxist and Kahr/Moonie-cult-friendly Kim Jong-un, to hit America.... and Australia, per the declassified military reports, with Chinese elements already colluding with Japan for an "East Asia Prosperity Sphere".  That was happening when many of your grandparents or parents were alive, depending on your age.... Real Stuff, and Deadly, and still going on, often as covert operations.  Schwazi's daddy Volunteered for the Nazi Stormtroopers before Austria was invaded and it was mandatory -- he loved Hitler so -- and the geodetics point out some interesting parallels in that situation.  Is anyone so ashamed to be an American so as to let manipulative foreign interests Take Over America's Future?  To be a groveling colonial subject of self-styled "foreign experts" and agents of ambitious "competitors" in a global economy?  Whether of Europe or Asia?

    1)  On Julian Assange: Interestingly, two or three people have pressed for me to endorse his operations, which I have not done and will not do. And I will point out that his situation is similar to that of Chelsea/Bradley Manning as well as Eddie Snowden... their strong and central Neptune configurations make them vulnerable to external control and manipulation that hostile foreign agents routinely prey on, and there are other non-astrological overlaps and confirmations.  Information on the cult that Assange was raised in is nearly impossible to find in any verifiable detail, and it may explain how he is the vehicle of underground transnational political networks that have provided him with the wiki-data he parrots, and the servers storing his data while he was emitting data of problematic controversy.  One analyst claims his data comes from Asian sources, another from the Euro Union; and a combination of the two again points to the outline of a revived WW2 Fascist Axis (which had alliances in both Russia and China throughout that era, and have had since then). As for Manning, I continue to assess Wicca as a cult, to which many innocents and well-intentioned people may subscribe without recognizing its cult-like elements.  Not all Wiccans are 'evil' or malicious, but there is a malicious hypno-control segment within that larger network, and geodetic lineups in the "Men Behind the Curtain" table on this website may reveal explanations when and where the data concurs with information on manifestations from other sources.  I see Assange and Manning as manipulees/victims of manipulation, possibly involved in Manning's case, and would point out that whether one wants to hold them fully accountable, or vilify them, or not, the cults manipulating them are the problem much more than them as individuals.  Assange's current mental deterioration can of course conveniently serve to silence him from emitting information that would reveal just who has manipulated him through the years; and the same could potentially apply to Manning.  One could roast them on a spit, and nothing would be solved, as their manipulators are the ongoing problems, and their and "Wikileaks" geodetic lineups and correlates may give clues as to where the root problems are.

    It has also been my observation that people with strong Hades may sometimes be similarly manipulated, but in a more semiconscious-to-conscious way, for example in "family"-like adherence to deluded or manipulative cults that appear on the surface to be of practical value, slavish and semi-conscious or programmed 'devotion to causes', 'replacement families', etc.

    2)  Odd as it may seem, although maybe not so to those familiar with military intelligence and espionage issues, Angela Merkel is also a puppet despite her high degree of intellect, as long indicated in German media before her rise to power and rapid clampdown controls on German media.  Not only is Neptune front and center in the Merkel chart of the time quoted by a respected German astrologer, but German media prior to her ascent to PM/Chancellor, made clear how she was groomed for years to carry out the party policies of PM Helmut Kohl, despite her recent and logical denial of such issues that elucidate the common treachery of German politics. This goes back to the rise of Adolf Hitler as a groomed puppet of top German military commanders, described in detailed biographies of him (like that of John Toland or the pre-Merkel German govt 'Questions on Germany History') with facts and photos, but not in the German Military manipulated disinformation biographies that made him out to be some sort of individual "genius" and "mastermind" of the Third Reich. The reason for the disinformation is to lead the public to believe that his death was the end of the Nazi machine, which it was not, as detailed in numerous books by political and historical scholars.  Furthermore, in the last few years, Nazi ties to Japan as well as some elements in China, have been revived and are serving as "The Other Fascists/Nazis" (the ones who are Not 'Old White Men', but Fascist 'People of Color') that time supposedly forgot due to calculatedly hypocritical claims of 'xenophobia' or 'racism', extended now also to the revival of the Modi-affiliated Hindu Fascist machine in India, and both German and Japanese Nazi alliances in the Middle East that are likely the root of ISIS/ISIL and the Ottoman 'Caliphate' movement that East Asian elements are all to ready to risk letting seep into America via "Sanctuary" laws (which also have interesting and elucidating geodetic lineups... more Moonie-manipulated stuff still).  Some of the treaties signed in the Middle East in Aug-Sep 2020 may prove soon to have been in grave error, and may be related to the Dubai Ports agreements set up under Bush Jr and the East China Sea-rooted shipping magnate network of the treacherous Elaine Chao and family, that has some noteworthy ties in Japan that may go back to WW2 Chinese Axis collaboration.  These in turn, per geodetics, point back to the abandonment and/or privatization of US military bases during the concurrent rise of CAPAC, putting Asian nationalist interests in control of US Pacific security functions including military bases.  Thus the urgency of reopening of the Alameda Naval Base under nationwide control from Washington DC (not just local "CAPAC" Pacific biases), or where impracticable due to blockage, then similar operations nearby or overlapping.  Relevance to the "Sanctuary State" law provisions in California, and how, is made clear by the geodetic lineups, as are data for Schwarzenegger the Terminator and his so-called elementary "Grass Roots Revolution" with some curious overlaps with the Korematsu network trying to push into running California public schools.  This should have obvious correlations with Japan-born and Sasakawa/Yakuza/Moonie endorsed Harry Harris controls over the US Pacific Fleet and city and port of Anchorage (and Guantanamo) along with Moonie fishing fleets, Schwarzenegger's involvement in Asian politics(and the so-called/oxymoronic "driverless car" ("off a cliff when programmed to") project after meetings with Merkel, and the presence of the "Asia Pacific (Military) Research Center" operations at Stanford and adjacent to the Oakland Federal Building (apparently surrounded by covert Asian operations possibly in collaboration, and falsely "monitored" by "security systems" installed by people wearing jackets and icons of the infamous Black Dragon Society, instrumental in the formation of both the WW2 Japanese Fascist/Nazi machine as well as the Saelo and Kahr-armed Sun Myung Moonie brainwashing/kamikaze cult).  These operations, for years marginally out of public attention, have risen gradually to central controls in San Francisco Bay Area local governments and include the Ed Lee "Hummingbird Relocation" and real-estate vulture rent-gouging and population-displacement machine. Additional facts would logically be made evident if not for the blockage of Real American (no hybrids or double-agents) surveillance of Transpacific communications blocked by the bipartisan foreign-born and critically secretive Ted Lieu crocodile-tear circuit, which in turn shows some interesting geodetic lineups where All Roads Lead to Elaine Chao, lodged in America's Ohio-Mississippi-River-basin heartland, as the charming front-line floor model of a duplicitous foreign double-agent/mole network in US government and at least 5 major US national banks. Which means a vote for Mitch McConnell, whom Chao family money put in office, is a vote for redefining Kentucky as a Chinatucky (or Chintucky).  I may have already pointed out how Elaine Chao's banks took over San Francisco under the Ed Lee 12-year-long (2005-2017 city manager and then mayor) machine. Only Leland Yee and Shrimp Boy ended up in prison for what they and their cohorts are involved in, allayed by periodic loud clamor about claims of "discrimination based on ethnicity, profiling card, etc". Sun-tzu passive aggression tactics, Viet Cong style. And gun-wielding Leland's out and on the loose again. 

    American Laws are now set up so that if an invasion from a Non-European country were to occur, even if via covert guerrilla operations, it would initially be written off as racism or xenophobia by the perpetrators and their slick defense lawyers, deterring investigation and/or defensive measures, and on Facebook/Fakebook or other foreign-owned media or internet platforms, might even be condemned as "Hate Speech" against functional invaders.  Note that such tactics are now also in place in the German Euro Union; where German "reeducation" centers were set up as stopovers before systematic resettlement in choice subject countries, some of which (e.g. France, Belgium) have been subsequently terrorized by imported radical cults; or where it is nearly illegal or criminalized, Hitler-style, to criticize provisions and laws of the EuroUnion "Central Authority" of mostly unelected oligarchs.  Geodetic lineups make clear that there is a need to study the history and activities of the Altaqwa Bank and the Ahmed Huber network as well as the Baader-Meinhof network (German Red Army or Rote Armee in Germany and globally) and 'Japanese Red Army' ties to Mideastern cults, as well as the latter's to Pseudomaoist "Cultural Revolution" cults in the 1970s-80s (that the aging Mao himself disapproved of), and possible ties to the ambiguous 'Naxalite' cult network in India and territorial pirate paramilitary networks in the Andaman Islands, the hub of Japanazi operations in South Asia.)  Americans and Canadians are now told to be Pollyanna in reaction to these very serious global problems indicated by the current geodetic alignment of Vulkanus-disguised-by-Hades-and-Neptune... Vulkanus power in Shanghai, Taipei, the heavily armed Ryukyu Islands, Tsingtao/Qingdao, Manchuria states (Liaoning etc, bordering Korea), western Philippines, central Indonesia, then Cairo, Ankara, Durban; then  Buenos Aires, and the decades-old German and East Asian paramilitary colonies in Paraguay; as well as the Russian and Ukrainian hubs in media-focus Peterburg and Kyiv, and Siberian Yakutia longitudes -- all clearly relevant if only one studies the unfoldment of covert paramilitary operations and cults clearly hostile to the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand both historically and today, and utilizing various front ranging from radical right to radical left themes and icons.  Such treachery will continue until HA=VU is out of 2 degrees orb a few years from now, and hopefully US and British intelligence are now careful to watch for moling and coverups by "competing" as well as questionably-allied nationalist foreign interests.  The most strategic coverup operations for such operations are where Hades is overhead; including the Shan States Golden Triangle, Mongolia, the Chongqing/Chungking region, Panama, central Cuba, Ecuador-northPeru; longitudes of Switzerland and SW Norway; Corsica and Sardinia; Algeria-Tunisia border; historic Biafra in Nigeria; north-central Sumatra in Indonesia; and the Bering Strait, and note how many are either narcotrafficking or weapons-trafficing hubs (or both).  Guerrilla warfare may be as much a medium as covert conventional.  Now, how smart is blanket 'sanctuary' policy and possible harboring of potential incoming foreign agents on US soil?  Probably not very, and there are other issues being unwisely dismissed as 'xenophobia' or 'racism' that are very real potential national security risks, as foreign-brainwashed radical fringe groups with the USA itself even cheer a "Fall of the American Empire" as they polarize over the upcoming election in an irrational way, abandoning logic to demonization of figures who are only front-line puppets of larger transnational political machines.  Welcome to the part of Globalism and 'inclusion' that isn't pretty or even safe (unfortunately, but reality nonetheless).  Related idealism needs balance with realism, critically.  2020 is not 2000 any more, in terms of surface conditions; and yet old oligarchies and trouble-sources redecorated as "new movements" have survived over decades, and even centuries when it comes to world imperial oligarchies with new fronts: referring to literal old imperial dynasties, on every continent on the globe, running "globalist" sectors of the planet much as they did the "Axis powers" of WW2, and WW1, and earlier multinational wars (covered in part in "Germany Plots with the Kremlin" by T H Tetens; and various references on the Wang Chingwei and Manchukuo Japan-collaboration, and treacherous Moonie-cult networks that spilled into the USA like a deluge and are still covered up with disinformation or denial from the "China Lobby" network that would likely be exposed if Ted Lieu were unable to continue giving East Asian immigrants immunity from US national security surveillance (and which would lead to the prosecution of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean white-collar and blue-collar organized crime networks in the USA, including those holding political office and "cover" for each other via what is called "saving face" in Chinese underworld traditions; what happens when immigrants and foreign nationalists are allowed to hold political office at any level, now spilling into schools). 

    Issues that have been described as 'a mess' in Oakland (and all Alameda county and surrounding counties by extension to a lesser degree) are directly related to unwise "Sanctuary" policy as well as to past or current Shanghai-rooted AIG and Dubai Ports provisions, and high-risk alliances to obscure Chinese-linked Afghan cults -- and exacerbated by sham Asian cult fronts, all of which need tight surveillance.  Lack of controls over them have led to, among other things, weird body-slamming incidents that replicate tactics of the Japan-based Shinrikyo cult.  Some recent cults have resembled format and rhetoric of the old militant Symbionese Army network (which has some revealing geodetic lineups).  These are issues that require surveillance and investigation by unalloyed US national security agencies, not hybrid transoceanic agencies with who-knows-what sort of national allegiances -- and issues that are too complex for local police agencies to handle when they are already overloaded by organized crime possibly rooted in those very same transnational networks (human trafficking, weapons trafficking, narcotrafficking sometimes overlapping, and even fused with large foreign-owned real-estate conglomerates that have been overtaking the San Francisco Bay Area since the arrival of the Ed Lee machine, even before then in the Shrimp Boy and Leland Yee networks).  Vulkanus and Hades now align with the central root hubs of many of these operations, including the very old Sino-Japanese maritime and narcotrafficking and human trafficking operations of the East China Sea zone.

    It's too bad that honest Asian-Americans are caught in the crossfire, noting that ongoing facilitation of the mess in Chinatown for decades has created a situation where public agencies must stop dismissing reports of these problems as xenophobia or racism, or California and America are headed for a Huge Mess as Pluto makes its return in the USA chart, and where the Pluto money of the very same locations where Vulkanus is now (incl East China Sea longitudes from north to south pole).  If Americans don't stop the Pollyanna foreign policies, the country may go through increasing disaster of various sorts beyond just climate and viruses.

    3) As pointed above, and mention many times, Merkel is not trustworthy, nor is her political network, which controls her, and explanations for this have been offered over the years.. one of the most lucid being "Germany Plots with the Kremlin" (a book everyone today should read) by German Anti-Nazi wartime political analyst T H Tetens, already in 1954 since he was among those who knew what the Nazis' "Plan B" was as Berlin was in sight of Allied invasion in 1945.  What is amazing is the 1954 description of a German-run European Union that matches its current manifestation in 2020 almost to a tee, and Germany's covert collaboration with Moscow that matches Merkel et friends' forays into Moscow. Tetens, a true German refugee from the Nazi machine, who would know, worried like many about how Nazi machine unfolded and continued to function, describing the various German-Russian pacts, starting in the 19th century, that led to German policy duplicity all the way up to the "Hitler Stalin Pact" that was still continuing into the 1950s (and 1960s per his later book "The New Germany and the Old Nazis").  Americans, at any level of government or private interest, who rely on foreign intelligence at face value, without recognizing the intentional self-interest or subconscious biases of foreign sources, are living in a fool's world... for one of the only counterbalances smaller countries have in dealing with larger or more powerful ones is diplomatic evasion and or duplicity, such as exemplified in Sun Tzu or Machiavelli (some believe to be recycled Sun Tzu via Marco Polo's visits) or Metternich; or in recent years the tactics of the Viet Cong (who have some surprising geodetic lineups worthy of study; the allies and enemies of the Vietnam War era were not always clearly distinguished, make the the war a bog-down, in addition to the pumping of drugs onto the battlefields as Opium Wars in effect, and at risk of recurring globally).  


    Notice that Zeus now also in the HA=VU cluster, adding a second layer of systematic war strategy; and yet a picture that could go to Nuclear War if poorly-considered decisions are made. Note the recent reports on new Russian mega-submarines carrying missiles -- and I have added geodetic lineups for their construction and launch, where available.  I would however warn that Russia is not, by far, the only potential foe, as the conjunction of Vulkanus is over the East China Sea longitudes (including Russian Yakutia in the north), and anyone well-read in Chinese history knows how Chinese military organizations of every sort are well-known for duplicity and passive-aggressive tactics, as well as collusion with Japanese that has been too often ignored and which may be of Vital Significance now. Articles as early as one in Newsweek in 2010 referred to the the East Asian Fascist Prosperity Sphere being revived, and which geodetic lineups of Chinese political and military figures and operations confirm.   In short, the "Cultural Revolution" was never fully controlled by Mao Zedong, whose images it used as its identity, and was aped and infiltrated by the Japan-based Moonie cult and "Japanese Red Army", and controlled in part by domestically by free-market advocates in China using it simply to manipulate China's local economy as well as international opinion during the controversies of the Vietnam/Indochina War. The Bejing government was in continual schism, including via remnant Kuomintang affiliates and some who wanted to reverse the effects of the communist takeover of 1949.  "Party purges" were sometimes of literal "double agents" and often of collaborators with the Japanese as well as Taiwan governments; and brainwashing and cults and psychological warfare were extensive on all sides.

    Chinese citizens were sometimes bombarded with blaring loudspeakers chanting political propaganda for entire days, as is still done in the Chinatowns of America a election time.

    Perhaps nowhere on planet Earth are psychological warfare tactics and passive-aggressive guerrilla tactics more developed than in East Asia, and this is spilling into coastal North America at an alarming rate today, now fused with mass real-estate acquisition schemes and resettlement programs hidden among "Sanctuary" operations and by political offices successfully targeted to control who owns which land and buildings.  The only alternative may be to have the US government buy up or confiscate property to house and settle American citizens -- challenged by rampant and sometimes variable and manipulated real estate market inflation.

    There's a lot relevant for Ted Lieu and cohorts to hide in blocking surveillance of transpacific communications by authentic and unalloyed and not "redefined" US national security agencies.   Demographic patterns re coastal compared to inland California may may have a major impact on California elections this year and in coming years; not to mention who controls the state real-estate, tax, and treasury agencies.  Could California become a functional Asian colony?  Looks possible.  Washington state?  British Columbia and Hawaii already?  Are Moonies taking over the Anchorage region in Alaska via encircling fishing fleets that may serve double duty, as they often did in WW2?  Try to "redefine" that.  Who swooped into grab up California devalued real estate after the round of wildfires a couple of years ago?  After the crack wars in Los Angeles and the SF Bay Area in the 1980s-90s?  After rent control laws were knocked away?  Will land be changing to American hands or to those reaching in from overseas?  Will Americans be too wiped out on imported Golden Triangle pot and opiates or cocktails, or dazzled by pestering foreign immigration and real estate lobbyists, to notice?  HA=ZE=VU can also mean Drug Wars in every sense of the word, escalated by the =NE in 2020.  Could there be new 'crack wars' to destabilize American cities again?  Some such seem to have reappeared on a small scale, fused in some cases with local arms trafficking.  Foreign organized crime networks involved are evading legal control by claiming charges of xenophobia or racism.  Stop the Immigration, or anarchy may ensue.  Foreign interests are clearly provoking, if not creating, the clashes and riots and radicalization -- just as they did in the 1960s-70s -- including some of the same political networks revived and out to "bring down the American Empire" while "foreign investors" swoop in to pick up the pieces and prepare for takeover, already on a roll.


2020Sep10: Comment on Kamala Harris reading by another astrologer (updated Sep14):

    Another apparently competent and sincere astrologer on the internet had earlier commented that it was difficult to assess this complex upcoming election in a complex time in history, and I agree.  Admetos weighs heavy on Kamala Harris's chart throughout this period, with little assistance to relieve or unblock its heavy limitations. What can manifest is an Admetos tendency to myopia or obsession with specific issues to the exclusion of the larger context of reality... one tree only in a forest, but also being somehow contained or restricted in activities, and that can include confinement by constant surveillance.  Harris will be able to continue as a Senator if she does not forego it for the vice-presidential candidacy with few winning indicators; and one must understasnd the cultural and ideological climate of All of the USA to win nationwide voters.  And Admetos indicates she will be watched and contained to some degree in any case.  The other astrologer commented on big money behind Harris, probably transnational if coming from Transpluto/Bacchus (which I do not always look at, and does related to Big Money), and while Trump's more local coffers may not be as big, money is not Always the final determining factor -- and Ademtos can refer to real estate holdings, in this case probably transnational.  Trump apparently got the message to calm down and project himself as more sane and serious, which was smart, and which his competitors should also do.  When the house is on fire, Americans don't look to people who are screaming hysterically to stop it, just as they did not in recent elections decided by something other than popular vote.  I would also indicate that people at the top, militarily, in Washington are likely and rightfully very concerned about national unity of Americans at this time, and some among that top military brass have made statements indicating that they will seek to negotiate with the president with facts if he appears to be making unwise decisions relating to their primary national defense and security functions.  Furthermore, Pence appears to be very tied to and compliant with top military leadership in matters they understand (including domestic security), as may also be the case with Biden.  Clearly, domestic civil rights and justice for long-established US citizens will have to be addressed and implemented as a top priority, and this appears to already be underway in terms of shifts to hiring qualified multiple-generation American minorities over immigrants for federal government jobs.  Runaway globalism is going to have to be attenuated, and it appears that measures in that direction have already begun.  This can be done while continuing to implement humane immigration policies; and it may involve reduction of immigration rates despite pushful clamor and tactics of immigration lobbying networks (Asian Law Caucus, etc.) that are more intent on national expansion of their ancestral homelands and economic colonization, or on stuffing ballot boxes to increase political influence, all the way to fostering fake imported religions falsely claiming 'refugee' status.

    While Austro-German bankers' tactics to strangle Europe into submission have, rather than let a truly democratic European community of varied and rich national traditions function at a more natural Euro-national pace as it should have, succeeded in a dictatorial fashion for a while -- tangling with Russia in Belarus is a potential global time bomb that most published interpretations of Nostradamus have warned of.  The alterative is to negotiate honestly with the honest of Russia, as Roosevelt intended to do, realizing that a Taurus nation (like European Russia) does not change quickly without exploding into pandemonium almost certainly when pushed.  Most Russians know that mechanistic and belligerent Marxism failed; it was the wrong recipe, globally even.  But even after making mistakes, it is not possible to return to the past and effectively do all things the old way, since much of the past is gone and irretrievable except in the tenuous imagination of memory. Your hometown is not the same anymore; people have died and buildings have been replaced and time has evolved, although the sometimes core, even if obscured, roots and foundations are all still there and capable of recultivation, to be done wisely and in awareness of current realities. Geodetic degrees describe nearly perpetual constants in the character of locations, while their fleeting occupation by transiting planets indicate evolutionary changes to those core energies... as is the case with any planet or point in a natal chart.

    Nostradamus seems somewhat clearly to indicate a global cataclysm if Russia goes to war with Europe, and one that could nearly destroy European civilization, which Asian alliances might actually want, and could get, if they continue to push the buttons and pull the strings in global policy, as they have been doing, in line with an "Asian Century" plan announced in the 1980s by the "Paramount Leader" in China, seeking new alliances with Japan, and the Prime Minister of India, as unimplementable at that time due to lack of resources, but now is quite a different story,  However, Nostradamus also indicates a fleeting glory of an Asian Century, if attained, that will not last. I it Not 'The Future' for anything more than a fleeting moment, if at all.  Ancient cultures that have depeleted their own national resources via wringing the land dry from overpopulation are likely to only do more of the same as they expand into less populated continents. China's one-child policy, while appropriate for the times, may seem extreme to some now, while abandonment of all limitations on reproduction, at the other extreme, rather than a two-child policy, risks creating the severe overpopulation problems of the past.  Religions or ideologies that lay stress on principles of destruction and revenge cannot build lasting civilizations, as revolutionary communism, fascism, anarchism, and dysfunctional war-themed religions have all proven already.  History has proven that holy wars and culture wars are not the foundations of a functional society; nor are deceptive guerrilla wars and subversion, which can and do now involve media takeovers and infiltration of government functions that have always been and still are extant in times of global power shifts, cold wars, and hot wars.

    Nostradamus, for what his writings are really worth, and as accurate as his speculations on distant and still-unknown future could be, also seemed imply that what was perceived as the USA, or maybe a willingly and very gradually unified North America, will survive major war catastrophes that Europe might not in the event of unwise military choices along the Russian border -- but anything resembling an "End of the World" does not occur until several centuries after that, if at all, and long past the current lifetime of anyone today.  However, this clearly doesn't mean that the current climate disasters are not vitally urgent and requiring remedial action, as we can see from the mass homelessness and droughts and high-impact infrastructure damage already; and we may have more technology to attentuate and slowly repair them today than in the past, if only utilized by the wise in wise ways.  But reparative action is now clearly Urgent, and preservation of obsolete and toxic fuel technologies (NE=HA) has gone to the point of being destructive, due to the greed of grossly antiquated fuel industries and empires globally, and their transnational lobbies. Young people should know that they have a future, but it does require fixing soon and substantially what is wrong and dysfunctional and urgent in industry and economics. Young people who recognize the importance of the elements of still-applicable ancient wisdom indicating that humanity must live in harmony with the non-destructive elements of nature, which now proves how potent it can be, are on the right track, and improved technology may indeed help that manifest, as has been the case also in the past. There are those of us who have advocated for such changes for years, and it unfortunately took the current global catastrophe to get the oligarchs (and "oiligarchs") to listen. We can learn useful points from nature-conscious societies that stress living in harmony with nature and its cycles as much as is practicable to do. 

    As speculations on an "Age of Aquarius" still continue, if it is in fact a clearly definable paradigm at all, and even it is a gradual transition not overnight, it is noteworthy that Pluto the Transformer moves into Aquarius in 2023.  It's not there yet, but there is hope for a flourishing of technical and inventive progress, where thoughtful and wise use of robotics may be a key path to human progress -- but only if implemented with caution and wisdom, not with reckless and potentially damaging or dehumanizing risks that can accompany careless use of technology.  Meanwhile, we must weather the current NE=HA=VU disasters, which will likely continue to a lesser degree through 2021 via HA=VU still in orb, but there is hope for the future if leaders at the top do not do something stupidly drastic. 

    (This recalls the limerick first presented to me by one of my master teachers: "Whether the weather be fine; or whether the weather be not; We'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not".  The message is: adapt to the real conditions of the moment and act accordingly; and Pluto, at its best, knows how to do that.... have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and even more alternate plans are better.  "If... Then...", as the old computer programs indicate.  Planned alternate routes for emergencies.

    One thing urgently needed during HA=VU  (and moreso when =NE is added) is global leaders who are sincere and straightforward -- No more manipulative winky-winky game-players or the dogmatically inflexible unable to adapt to naturally unfolding and genuinely unstoppable natural (i.e. not man-made or lockstep forced) changes.  NE=HA=VU means the whole planet Earth is truly living through extraordinarily difficult, but passing, times right now -- just as the world survived the Great Depression nearly 100 years ago, created by the "Rule by Greed" crowd, when many thought the world would end, but it didn't, despite too many casualties -- and "happy days", involving equalization and sincere consideration for one's neighbors and daily interactions, eventually returned under the required wise, smart, sober, and informed organizational leadership globally, exemplified by Roosevelt, bred to be an American statesman, whose untimely death led to some reversals. The wise had abandoned shallow religious dogma and pretense coupled with crass materialism -- and instead shifted to compassionate liberalism, with spiritual/karmic consciousness, that reunited society and "Made America Great" in reality, for decades.  Hoover's greed ideology took America down to the pits of despair; Roosevelt's ideology of compassion in practice revitalized America and made it the hero of the world until fools regressed to idolization of Hoover and his monarchist bankster-gangster overlords that powered Fascist Japan and Hitler. The ups and downs of time bounced back, slowly but surely, once silly fools were removed from power, meaning primal greed was no longer the determiner of daily life... and public ownership of national resources and essential services powered a country back to recovery and true greatness (not the opposite, advocated by the Hoover-groovers and the monarchist Hayek zombies emulated in Vienna and Chicago and backwoods Alabama).  Roosevelt, with extraordinary personal intellect, access to transnational government and military intelligence data, and advisors chosen for their wisdom, knew how to integrate the best of polarized extremes into a workable socio-economic model that Reagan was later programmed for by his political-stage directors, including the Moonie-cult-network-affiliated Wendy Lee Gramm/Enron raiders, to dismantle and pillage by invading pirates at bay, by the light of the Moon cloaked in darkness.  Only the blind cannot yet see that Gramm-Rudman-Reaganomics (Microwaved Hoover leftovers) has brought Disaster to America, while Americans forgot our own history, distracted by phony movie imagery, i.e. oxymoronic "virtual reality", empty dreamland that only lasts until the wakeup alarm goes off.

    Lastly, geodetic principles indicate that each region of the globe has its own personality just as humanity runs the full range of the zodiacal signs.  You can't make America fit China, or India fit Australia or Canada.  Each area of the globe resonates to its own geomagnetic relationship to the Sun and planets that appear to travel around it.  You can't turn a Sagittarius into a Taurus, or vice versa; the inherent characteristics remain although harmonious adaptations can be found, but the differences must be understood and honored, as they exist in nature and maybe for a reason that any beings or processes larger than our physical universe understand. Some are more naturally compatible than others. Sloppily forcing and shoving Fast-track Change leads to unnecessary destabilization and backlash that are avoided when things are done more thoughtfully, and while carefully studying the real impact of each step in a process.  That's the lesson of Pluto in Capricorn that should have been learned by now.  So is the cautious and constructive and gradual/thoughtful modification of structures that are no longer effective or functional for the times we live in.  Capricorn requires experience and maturity and sobriety to make workable decisions about change, and before moving on to Aquarius in a way that will not be disruptive or chaotic or even dangerous or destructive.  That can be done in the next 3 or 4 years, if the right choices are made.  If the right choices are not made, it may be a bumpy ride after that at first, and with disruptive surprises when making choices about what to do next.  It's the difference between Anarchy and viable, lasting progress.  Within the USA, the November election is a deciding factor, as is who 'takes the oath' in January 2021, three months later... That includes the "Universal" Capricorn solar ingress a few days before Christmas, when the trees normally green could still be aflame if the world does not shift away from ignorance, and toward the calm wisdom required to live through times of difficulty.


2020Sep08 (updated 2022Dec30): Election strategy change.

    Just as the Republican Party made a sharp change in course recently, so should the Democratic Party. In addition to what I see as Harris having slim chances of inauguration in January, there is another Very Important liability for the Democratic Party, and that is Ted Lieu participating in the campaign, or in any vital government function at all.  His demand that naturalized citizens be exempt from monitoring of their international communications should be a loud siren alert to All of America.  It is a virtual admission of complicity in international intrigue of essence to US national security, and there have been many events to corroborate.  One of them is the manufacture of falsified/counterfeit identity documents for immigrants, especially from the countries of the Greater China diaspora, on a scale that may not affect US national elections, but which likely has had impact on local elections in California and could have on imminent California statewide elections.  The "Sanctuary State" and "Sanctuary City" policies are unwise in terms of national and state and local security, whereas other policies can be implemented to insure humane treatment of people crossing borders with false or lack of identification documents.  Ted Lieu, and any foreign-born individual, should Never be or have been allowed to access US national security data.  This needs to be integral to America's Pluto return, and the sooner implemented the better... no time to waste on that.  If allowed to participate in the US presidential campaign, he's one more stumbling block to seeing a Democratic president in 2021.  Few immigrants, except maybe conservative Cubans or Asians with US government contracts, are likely to vote Republican.  One should pay clear attention to who swing-voters are and what their priorities are likely to be.  "Preaching to the choir" at election time accomplishes nothing.

    Planetary pictures for Trump and Pence are highly favorable for January 2021 inauguration.  Biden's are somewhat favorable. Demings's are favorable. Harris's are not. Elizabeth Warren has many favorable indicators, although she would find the responsibilities highly demanding and full of snares to work around, which she may have already trained herself to handle. I was under the impression that her earlier campaign management sabotaged her, and that she should cut ties and move away from that network.

    Pay attention to how Republican Elaine Chao's banks flourished under Democrat Ed Lee's control of San Francisco; there is much to be learned there, and much not so new to those who understand how traditional Chinese politics usually operate. Shadow puppetry -- as the NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster aligns with Shanghai, Qingdao, Taipei, and Manchukuo now to maximize to a once-every-700-year maximal level, although Very Stealthy (i.e. Stealth politics as well as military moves) due to the NE=HA inclusion, and well-organized due to the Zeus inclusion, and on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait AND the East China Seacoast including the Ryukyus .. recently departing the Ascendant in Seattle, now in Portland and Salem Oregon, in orb of the northern California border, and headed for "Guangdong Sister State" greater San Francisco and Sacramento within a year or so.  That Vulkanus is tied by 11:15 angle to China's potent military bases on and near Hainan, and may be fused with Taiwan regardless of international diplomatic stageplays as Taiwan politicians dance back and forth with Chinese Communist Party officials.  The mainland China and Taiwan flags have often flown over the same buildings in the San Francisco bay area during the last 15 years, at least, and as one savvy Chinese-American Berkeley employee used to say, "there's no difference", but they want Americans to think there is.  Geodetics verify how long ago this started.  The roots were the Kuomintang-Communist alliances of the 1930s, with ongoing crossover and fusion to varying degrees, overt or covert, and geodetics make clear that the "Cultural Revolution" "Maoism" was quickly co-opted by others and wearing Mao pins but cutting deals with Taipei as well as Japan, more interested in a mammonist "Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere", Money, than any shallow ideological rhetoric -- and this explains the various "party purges" and party name-changes -- as also applied, per geodetics to the old Stalin/Trotsky schisms in Russia, noting that Trotsky was likely brainwashed while in Oldenburg Czarist prisons and reprogrammed on release to follow the "bugs in his ear".  Trotsky's crazy behavior was not only personal eccentricity but likely the schisms between his own mind and the brainwashing of Pavlovian prison programmers. Pavlov's research was financed not only by the Czars, but also the German Kaisers, and so Pavlovian-programmed Trotsky threw up his hands and let Germany invade Russia, as he was programmed to do.  This made him and his followers look rather silly, and for the general public around the world to be confused.  Similar dynamics unfolded in Communist China, and when the Moonies and "Japanese Red Army" began impersonating Cultural Revolution Red Guards (as they were backing and manipulating the "Third World Centers" and related organizations in the USA), there was a complex mess transnationally.  Political duplicity was already rampant and polished over centuries in China, per traditions partly outlined in Sun Tzu's "Art of War".  It could happen again, in any country.  Watch out what you import or 'include''as 'diversity''.  Guyana's ethnic Chinese president Arthur Chung paved the way for Koolaid Jonestown to manifest, and he may have had connections in San Francisco, with families and friends still around.  Journalist Henry Liu in South San Francisco warned people in Chinatown via Chinese-language articles still needing unbiased/disinterested translation, and the imported gangsters blew his brains out to shut him up.  He thought he was protected to speak freely in America, but he wasn't due to the presesence of Chinese mafia and agents, and news of the consequences spread in Chinatown ever since.  Next came Sterling Seagrave, who had to go to France to be safe from what now might now be labeled "Sanctuary Refugees" and/or phony "Religious Persecutees" hiding behind fake Bibles or Buddhas. Leave Chinatown to its own neighborhood police, and it could get worse; it has gotten worse since then.  There's another needed change for the upcoming USA Pluto return, which has yet another 4 years to complete and fully manifest -- and where Vulkanus political power now amasses, Pluto financial power will also amass in 2024, depending on whether that power-balance continues or is pushed in a different direction.  Control of Alaska and its economy will be Vital; very national-security sensitive for the next 250 years, now militarily and soon financially -- maybe related to global warming and accessibility to Alaska's natural resources.  Will they be American?  or Asian?  or European even?  US Secretary of State Seward not only claimed Alaska, but also California, as essential to the future of America, as he stated  Those who have forgotten that, and why, may risk losing America to the dogs flooding the streets.  Don't throw caution to the winds.  The Pacific states are America's western buffer zone against foreign incursion, and when California's military bases were shut down in the early 1990s, CAPAC rose to power to take over.  The geodetic indicators show how.  The US federal government must not fall asleep at the wheel on this vital issue.

    The "Korematsu Schools", initiated with the efforts of Sony-backed and German military-intel-cozy "Grass Roots Revolution" Arnold Schwarzenegger need to be put on hold and scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb for ties to foreign intelligence networks and the objectives of agencies or networks outside the United States -- especially for possible use of cult psychology indoctrination methods.  The wisdom of promoting Fred Korematsu as a national hero in American schools, and its ramifications for American society, in addition to organizations affiliated with the Korematsu schools, should be thoroughly reviewed, along with Schwarznegger's possibly relevant international ties and "Grass Roots Revolution"-tinged allegiances.  He and his volunteer-Nazi father's geodetic alignments show some very quirky alignments with WW2-era Nazi German subversion operations in the USA.  There are further fusions with the cryptic transnational "Heritage Council" operations in the USA historically under the Laszlo Pastor-affiliate network, and local foreign-owned migrant-labor fueled school building contractors with curious alliances involving Mideastern networks in Afghanistan and local Islamic-themed cults.  The Korematsu schools risk functioning as problematic foreign-manipulated radicalized indoctrination centers with the smell of "grass roots revolution" like what Herr Schwazi has described.  Such phenomena could spell chaos when coupled with accelerated immigration programs left unchecked.  Demands for restaffing of federal agencies must be coupled with Very careful consideration of national allegiance issues, and no room for Ted Lieu's coverups or international security measures classed as racism just because the foreigners aren't "white".

    Lastly, ignorance of the larger Chinese and Sino-Japanese global organized crime network (detailed extensively in the books of Sterling Seagrave) while focusing exclusively on problems emanating from the Chinese Communist Party or People's China government they now control is to see only the trunk of the elephant but miss the main body and the feet that trample.  This is high risk when investigation of Asian organized crime or Asian policial corruption or subversion is carried out by vested interests.  Geodetic alignments clarify the affiliations of various critical Chinese political and financial crime networks that exist behind the paper dragons and clashing cymbals... and some of their alignments with Asian and Transpacific Japanese and Korean political and financial and organized crime networks.  Geodetics provides a plethora of hints for unraveling what vested interests in Chinatown and Japantown and Koreatown want to keep going -- with a new, added alliance apparently coming from Silicon Valley Hindu money and political alliances.  This is every much as potentially problematic as Arnold and Angela's machinations harassing America from the Atlantic side, with Arnold dragging the old Nazi games to the Pacific as his predecessors in the Thiel/Schwinn/Kunze and  network did in California in the 20th century, collaborating with the Japfascist underworld based largely in southern California and tied to Mitsubishi and Black Dragon martial arts operations (now installing their "security cameras" in the SF bay area).  Old World Politics can be a mystery to Americans who do not study how they operated in the past and operate still.  Many think the Wiesenthal Center was tricked into setting Schwarnegger up to monitor and manipulate records of post-WW2 Nazi operations, thought also to be a driving force in the McVeigh bombing in Oklahoma City, and almost certainly the bombing of the Jewish Center in Buenos Aires around the same time.  Any Fascism in America is imported, as has always been the case, and yes it does include Antijudaic Islamic organizations, as it always has, and shameless Chinese opportunists willing to kill their own countrymen and join up with Tokyo and Berlin in World War 2.

    The US Civil War was fueled heavily by foreign interests, and any sort of repetition is just as likely to be, as well.  Where are those "Confederate Re-enactment" uniforms and paraphernalia made?

    Certainly, Russia can be complicit, and yet the conjunction of Vulkanus is in the East China Sea longitudes, and thus most potent there; while the 8th harmonic link to New Delhi as well as Kashmir is logically tied to and subservient to controllers in either the East China Sea longitudes, Peterburg, Kyiv, Ankara, or Durban.  Some intrigue has also been imported recently from among various ethnic groups in Argentina.

    The recent and current global intrigue correlating with the HA=VU 22.5 angle within 2 degrees orb is so potent and pervasive that No Major Changes in global structure should be made until it is over, i.e. around the time of the USA's Pluto return, circa 2024.  In the meantime, stability should be reinforced for the sake of Everyone's survival, borders should be maintained and fortified; truly necessary migration should be strictly monitored and regulated, and unnecessary eliminated.  Military technology is already evolving so that machines are replacing the need for risk to human life and limb; and this should end the use of foreign military staffing or contractors.  Those under the illusion that an Asian-run government would be better for Americans are being distracted by fantasy dreams of typical Asian propaganda-- as an assessment of what the Ed Lee machine model did to San Francisco is a proof of how that's all about Asia and little for America.  Financial and geographic displacement, and resettlement via dirty tricks -- not to mention shameless real estate gouging selective so as to implement the resettlement strategies resembling a sort of Asian Lebensraum policy, brought to you by the Asian Law Caucus.  Foreign agents take over America, and the voice of Seward is drowned out by foreign historical revisionists teaching US history in American schools, even dictating the content of textbooks and internet disinformation. Asian censorship in American internet is now a huge problem under Ajit Pai, Sundar Pichai; as Aga Khan and Sajjan manipulate Canada.  Who's In Charge?  Enough "Gurus".  Is proposed Microsoft language regulation designed to reduce social harm, or to censor public discussion of Asian or other foreign takeover?  Same issue as for German military Siemens controls and censorship from the Euro wing.  Who's Killing America?  Pay attention to deals being struck by Putin and every other powerful Russian politician.  Is Navalny a flawless angel, or more of the same?  The idealistic humanism of American democracy is unknown in much of the world, grounded in seasoned and polished concepts rooted in the imperial dynasties that have never really died.  The USA is not a dying country... in fact, it's still relatively new compared to most of the nations on the planet Earth, and still learning the ropes thrown out by the old adherents of Metternich, Machiavelli, and Sun Tzu, flourishing under the HA=VU cluster going on for a few years already, and to continue for yet another 3 or 4 years before fully fading away, requiring lessons to be learned to about old-world political intrigue in order to survive in the future.  On top of climate problems requiring equally urgent attention.  It's only over if we neglect the dangers or blow each other up.  California thanks help from long-proven friends overseas when some people in DC did not know how to appreciate the importance of a huge and nationally-strategic state economy to the rest of America.  The ships that enter the ports of California, and the trucks and trains and planes, that relay what and who enters, are vital and critical to all of the USA, as is true of every other maritime state across the nation.  Our Navy must not be compromised.

    Having done a lot of reading and study of Chinese culture, with interactions on US soil, I can confidently say that to try to isolate China's Communist Party in analysis of the rest of Chinese politics is a grave error, as the problem is not simply the Communist Party alone, but rather the organized crime mobsters that control it and every other political party in Greater China, from Singapore to Malaysia to mainland China to Taiwan to the drug-and-gun infested Chinatowns of North America.  Sterling Seagrave may not have seen the whole picture, but he probably came closer than anyone to summarizing the complexities and interplay of East Asian mafia intrigue, including the aforementioned countries as well as the Philippines with its substantial Chinese and Japanese mafia fusions.  The current and recent and coming potent HA=VU corruption cluster runs right through the middle of all of that.  Seagrave covered Indonesia only marginally, as I recall, and yet it could be just as weighty, in some ways, especially in terms of the relevance of the Bandung Conference network that is now sharing in Pluto's global power, and remote Sarawak in Malaysia, next to Brunei as well as Indonesia, could be of global significance rarely if ever recognized before.  Pluto, too, can be secretive.

    Chinese and Mideastern intrigue within the US State Dept in San Francisco was already rampant in the early 2000s, and some seemed to yield to Asian masters with an almost cultish obedience, possibly due to the Bush family's ties to the Atsugi airbase and ongoing love affair with the Moonies.  Meanwhile, the Japfascist Black Dragon Society adherents installing security technology around San Francisco, along with 'Asia Pacific Research Center' psyops and other intrigue, may assure complexity in unraveling the rampant and cultish political intrigue causing problems in California, especially if they have US government national security contracts making America's national defenses look like Swiss cheese.  Which may be what some globalist, supposed 'allies' want.  For all the recent unjustified slander and misrepresentation of America's founding institutions, everybody around the world seems to want a piece of American Apple Pie.... even to the point of trying to rename it as Chinese Apple Pie in America's school classrooms.  Stealing of American intellectual property has degenerated into stealing of America national icons and "redefining" them into something they are not.  Hindu historical revisionists and others are ready to teach America's children distorted versions of American history in order to advance an "Asian Century" plan set in motion in the 1980s by Deng Xiaoping and Rajiv Gandhi and their fellow travellers, and echoed since then in various Asian regional political and economic conferences, and it apparently includes Asian plans for America, just as Schwazi's meets with Merkel indicate similar German plans, while they do their dance with Putin and other Russians.  Enough of the naivete about foreign affairs.  The excess of Halloween costumes should be a hint that something is wrong, and the continuing HA=VU cluster verifies and gives hints on the where and how.  Better to be cautious than stupidly naive.  If America is so bad, why does everybody and their dog want a piece of it?  What America does Not need now is any more imported guerrillas taunting 'Old White Men' and out to "Make the Pacific Asian Again".

    One more, possibly overlooked, geodetic indicator... secured, fully-American, economic control of Niihau and Kauai islands in Hawaii is for some reason vital to the security of the US economy in years ahead.  If any of that area has fallen under foreign economic or political control, it needs to be brought back under controls from the US government.  That in addition to the already mentioned Alaska Peninsula region and all areas due north of it.  Overall, unquestionably American control of HAWAII and ALASKA both are now, perhaps more than ever since World War 2, absolutely vital to US military, political, and financial security... with no sellouts to foreign colonizing interests.  It's time to part ways with the Asian Games, and declare independence once again from the dynasties of Imperial Germany and Austria as well.  What is Washington DC doing following either Asian or European foreign policy?  Acting like some subservient colony, following the manipulations of foreign advisors out to make their own countries "great again", which should be obvious to anyone paying attention to international affairs of recent years.  This not a partisan, but a national issue that should be uniting America's political parties despite any differences over domestic economics obviously provoked by both China Trade hustlers and German spies schmoozing with Berlin, while Canada may need to get a grip on the guru thing before that gets too weird or abducts Seattle.  Asian Supremacist real estate market manipulators, and tech and shipping monopolists are becoming a problem while playing the race-card game and shedding crocodile tears, just like the agents of Hitler's chums Hirohito and Tojo and Wang Chingwei did before, in case the world forgot.  Germany shipped the plans and materiel for nuclear bombs to Japan between May and August 1945.  US Military decision-makers knew it and said it was either us or them, and he didn't forget Pearl Harbor.  Kahr gun-dealing Moonies in America are schmoozing with Kim Jong-un, even if Trump and his family and fellow travelers aren't noticing it.  Judy Chu sez complainants are all just 'racist', nothing else.  If non-European troops were to invade the USA, they would charge 'racism', and America would roll over and die of guilt over 'US imperialism' and 'white supremacist privilege' while the Orange county beach bunnies all turn Japanese or Chinese or Korean and jack up the rents with a little help from their local property tax adjustor.


2020Sep01 (updatedSep14: Astrological indicators of COVID; Black Lives Matter; Presidential campaign changes of course.

    I've already mentioned in past months that the NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster correlates with the current global COVID problem.  Its origins remain a mystery, and here I comment on recycled and hackneyed propaganda issued from radical-right and their frequently-associated antijudaic organizations.  IF there is a geographically-identified source of COVID, at its roots, None of the standard astrological indicators point to Israel or even central China as a source, but IF, and that is a Big If, there is any geodetic relevance, the pointers would instead point to either countries along longitudes to the west of Israel (including Egypt and Turkey, eastern South Africa, as well as western Russia and Ukraine), or possibly more likely to military bases (Japanese as well as Greater Chinese) along the East China Sea longitudes (which also include the Philippines, Indonesia, and locations in Manchuria and Siberia) since the virus was first reported in China.  However, I will speculate no further, and leave it up to those with professional resources to do such investigations to decide if such issues are in any way relevant or not.  For those who understand the local politics of those regions, the root origins of the finger-pointing may be of significance in a very serious global matter. Vulkanus would indicate the top levels of control; Zeus the tools, often military and/or technical-related, used to implement policy, and Pluto often but not exclusively the funding sources, and I normally look at all possible options (i.e. in fourth harmonic, being squares and oppositions as well as conjunctions; and even 8th harmonic, being semisquares and sesquiquadrates/sesquisquares).  The only relevance of such COVID-related indicators would be to stamp out sources of potential continued problems, as the most important problem now is to find a cure; and the sources may be political, military, private, corporate, or natural.  Still apparently unknown.

    Those locations where Neptune near (15 Pisces/Mutables) and Hades (near 09 Cancer/Cardinals) are on the geodetic MC or AS are more directly relevant for the medical/viral issues via 1st or 4th or 8th harmonic may be the most vulnerable regions, and in all of the above, 16th harmonic (22.5 degree multiple angles) may also be relevant, both on the geodetic MC as sources and geodetic Ascendant as areas affected by those sources.  Neptune and Hades would indicate points of intrigue, covert operations, or any relevant chemical sources.  As for speculations on chemical warfare that have been made, and which may or may not have any relevance, one might note any possible significance of regions having a historical record of development of biochemical weapons, and any possible relevance of continuation into current times.

    This is not to discount the assumption that COVID was simply a product of neglect and/or related unsanitary conditions; or to divert attention away from efforts to find cures as well as to eradicate original sources and minimize sources of relay until the virus is eradicated.


    Black Lives Matter and related events must be scrutinized for sources and directly-related issues to function as a source for constructive changes to implement civil rights for truly disfranchised populations.  Both research and geodetic (and visible local) indicators indicate a heavy mix of Asian nationalist immigration-promotion interests that may obscure or even sabotage the stated objectives of US domestic civil rights movements and their organizations.  I have pointed out, without success so far, that race-defined policy in the USA needs to be adjusted so that all civil rights equalization legislation addresses the situation and generalized needs of each demographic group as guidelines, some where skin color has no relevance; and recognizing "freedom of religion" principles without violating "separation of church and state", and that means knowing the difference between religion and churches or mosques or temples, or cults (fusing into the correlations of Neptune and of higher Hades potentials often obscured in materialism divorced from laws of nature including social cause and effect). Roots of the "People of Color" political movement are in efforts of Asian nationalist organizations to politicize race (now called "identity politics") geodetically indicated as tied to East and South Asian government policy lobbied in the USA during the Indochina/Vietnam War period (concurrent with the "Cultural Revolution" in China that is shown geodetically and historically to be tied also to Japanese politics and interests), as well as to the "Asian Century" policy initiated by Deng Xiaoping in China and the Rajiv Gandhi network in India, still manifesting, in part, in the "Naxalite" circuit among others, the Falun Gong, and China's recent official "New International Order" and "Chinese Dream Act" policy programs.  In Oakland, where the Black Lives Matter movement is reported to be rooted, there is much rhetoric about "Black and Brown lives" that fuses the movement with any ethnic group around the world that could be construed to be "brown" in skin-color, thus also extending into South Asia and the Middle East. A legitimate question is whether Black Lives Matter is really run by Black/African-Americans, or by foreign interests manipulating the organizations and demonstrations. Origins of the Third World Center at Berkeley are in the Asian-American Political Alliance, not the Black/African-American organizations they fostered as useful fronts for Asian operations. Geodetics point to the Asian Law Caucus network and South Asian advocacy groups, among others. In the early 1980s in Berkeley, it was often mentioned that Equal Opportunity laws passed in Washington DC to rectify social injustices toward Black/African-Americans had been hijacked to Asian interests, in part due to loopholes in the legislation that included laws pertaining to hiring practices.  That was 40 years ago, and while economic and demographic and political changes have morphed substantially since that time, the laws of the 1960s may need to be fine-tuned to match current realities -- not erased or eliminated or negated, but fine-tuned, as constitutional amendments often do.  Civil rights laws, to be effective in the here and now, may need to include far more reference to socio-economic factors and the generalized differences between rights-concerned groups, and sensitive to changes that may occur over time in the future.  A distinction may well be needed between minority populations generally of low-income and those of high-income, for example, or between those with little access to functional quality education and those able to "buy" it; and for the sake of the nation, the rigor and demands of education must not be sacrificed during transitional periods due to underfunded high school districts lacking effective college-preparatory classes.  Legal protections issues are already being addressed.  Change forced overnight often has and likely will lead to Chaos that foreign interests may not only be indifferent to, but may Want in a very global economy with regional competition too often being overlooked (i.e. between "Trade Blocs".

    An issue of grave concern, as I see it now, is the diversion of attention away from aggressively competing global interests on US soil utilizing the race policy issues, including Black Lives Matter and others -- to divert just as urgently needed attention away from foreign nationalist designs on the US economy and political system -- and that includes both the German-run European Union machinery as well as the domestically aggressive lobbying of the Asian Law Caucus and affiliated CAPAC with access to US military intelligence resources, and this probably why Ted Lieu is screaming about the right of US government agencies to monitor foreign communications of naturalized citizens, which may now be one of the key sources of subversion problems in the USA, and he should know that if he is truly Competent or Sincere as a US national security intelligence analyst. Probably irrelevant to US national elections, but certainly relevant to regional and local elections, the issue of passport and ID fraud in California has never been publicly addressed, and has been diluted with legitimate concerns in the distant states of the US southeast over a nearly opposite situation where ID is difficult to obtain or is confiscated to the point of having significant impact on elections. Rich or well-connected immigrants can buy fake IDs under the table, while the poor, including multiple-generation Americans, cannot afford them.  Double-agents in the USA may have access to the technology producing passable identification cards or documents overseas -- counterfeits.  And now, centralization of databases under private control, sometimes potentially transnational, can alter academic records (to the point of obscuring or removing indicators of completed college or university degrees or certifications) to manipulate who gets vital US infrastructure jobs or not.  The latter problem requires that all college graduates need to verify that the correct information, in the past usually issued from the college they attended, is not being altered by third-party private/corporate agencies sending out transcripts, some already known to have been incomplete or incorrect and misleading whether by accident or intentionally. The solution there may be for a return to issuance of transcripts by the relevant college and the elimination of third-party for-profit number-crunchers selling transcripts and thus literally manifesting what has been described as "paper mills". Otherwise, the impact on the quality of the nation's professional services, especially including education, but also health care and safe building construction, could be disastrous.  In the hands of the wrong people, "transcript businesses", could even intentionally pick and choose who appears to be qualified for professional positions in vital national infrastructure professions.

    The recently increasingly problems in corruption of education and the media is accounted for by the following in the Universal chart of 2020:  HA/VU (political corruption) = SA = PO (media, and the SAPO combination indicating higher education) =ARSU/MO (global impact on the populace and physical well-being including physical health issues (SU) and emotional state (MO) of the populace (MO) as well as public settings (AR)). The HAVU combination can also indicate potent toxicity or bacterial problems on the negative side, but also on the positive side the potential for potent medicine and cures and the need for intensive sanitation measures.  These configurations will not last forever -- measures will be taken by 2024 to resolve or begin resolving them.  How soon that starts depends on "who's in charge".

    Lastly, the NE=HA in effect this year, as indicated before, correlates with water shortages = ZE matching with water inadequate for fires, or inadequate moisture causing fires; and this could continue into 2021 before dissipating in 2022.  Note that replacement of showerheads by rubber/plastic hoses with hand-held spraying heads can not only reduce water-use but also allow for more effective cleaning by placing the spray-heads directly on areas needing cleaning, even reaching places that stationary shower-heads may not.  This furthermore increased body movement needed during times of stationary COVID "lockdown".  This applies to both personal hygiene as well as cleaning of dishes and tools.  Hades is cleaning, ZE is tools and directed energy, NE is water, VU is intensification via focused energy -- among other interpretations.

    ABOUT THE ELECTIONS:  Note that the Republican campaign made major shift in emphasis in themes in midstream, and the Democratic campaign may well need to do the same. After yet another review of the charts, I continue to be of the view that the indicators of winning for Kamala Harris are weak, and that even if she were hypothetically elected, she would be almost encircled and entrapped into a neutralizing bottleneck with firm and continual opposition.  She could continue to serve as senator instead and yield the vice-presidential candidacy to someone else, and I mentioned before that Val Demings has strong indicators of success unless a known birthtime would have strong contra-indications.  Otherwise, both Trump and Pence also have strong indicators for Inauguration Day.  And I would add that, in past months, I noticed that Trump may not live long after inauguration if he were to be sworn in again in January 2021, so that Mike Pence shows strong possibilities of becoming the US president in such a case.  Admetos by non-precessed transit has been on the Sun of Donald Trump through most of his current administration, but, by precessed transit, the last alignment, following apparent retrogradations, will occur not long after Inauguration Day, when some other interesting pictures also manifest.  Americans should prepare for the possiblity of a Pence administration within the next 4 years, if not in 2021.  Other than that, overall, Biden's pictures also show strong, but Harris's do not on Inauguration Day, according to my assessment, which I can review if it is not clear via the information already presented.

    It is also my view that the Democratic Party is putting far too much emphasis catering to immigration interests, likely due to overbearing influence of the Asian Law Caucus (matching East China Sea Vulkanus pressing on key USA Ascendants now and in recent years); and that swing-voters in swing-states may not find immigration promotion attractive or to be in their interests, even though most Americans, regardless of increasingly foreign-manipulated and foreign-owned-via-acquisition media hype, feel compassion and empathy for those immigrant populations who are not getting a fair shake -- but also also repulsed by the corrupting influence of very real foreign organized crime networks and mean-spirited hypocritical religious fanatics of every stripe.  Note also the likelihood that swing-voters are cautious people, careful to consider practical ramifications rather than party dogma or rants, and so ar not likely prone to vote for people seen as radical, or removed from pragmatic interests the voter identifies with. The HA/VU = PO can also correlate as ideologies warped or used by political corruption, covert politics, and or potent organized crime. Hades can correlate with full-face hoods, veils, or masks that fully conceal identity, so that while COVID preventive partial masks vital for disease prevention should not be discarded, masks that fully conceal the face to an unnecessary degree are ripe for concealment of crime or subversion, or COVID masks combined with sunglasses or other face-concealing objects to avoid security camera detection.

    Lastly, while the timing of a COVID cure is not a certainty, the passive of Neptune barely out of 2 degrees of orb of 22.5 to Hades in 2022 may be an indicator of when an effective cure might be found, meaning NE=HA continuing into 2021 indicates that COVID may remain a public issue through 2022 (since the orb at that point is only about 2d03m, and that's assuming any ephemeris anywhere is that accurate), as may water shortages as the lingering dinosaur of air pollution as well as water pollution pointing out the wisdom of continuing to boil liquids before drinking.  So the tea-merchants get what they want after all, due to public disasters. Hades in Cancer means real estate as a commodity during natural disasters -- California's already inflated real-estate prices affected by housing shortages due to wildfires.  ZE=VU in 32nd harmonic (11:15 angles) still near 1 degree orb in 2020 remains raging and high-impact fires and = HA correlating with the resulting losses and damages.

    Ruth often pointed out that Pluto is the indicator of where major changes at any point in time, and in 2021 we may see =MO=JU=SA=CU=KR=PO which may mean major changes in education and media, possible increasing funding for quality and certified education after realization how vital it is in a competitive global economy, despite the prattle of the anti-education and anti-intellectual demagogues, and media may be more heavily modified by required certification and official review -- globally.  This means, worldwide, that the era of the 'deregulation' fad may be over, even if the Libertarians get their tea sales for their 'tea parties'..


2020Aug14 (updated Aug30):  Especially at the time of internal US national election-time schisms and potentially destabilizing polarization among Americans, dangerous naivete about foreign agents, lax migration controls (very clearly problematic in some port cities, including those "guarded" by foreign contractors), and transnational intrigue including that emanating from agents of the East China Sea powers (now Japan plus China and Taiwan, maybe even Duterte and/or duplicitous elements from Korea, where the Moonie cult mutations were entrenched by Japanese and collaborating Chinese underworld elements; happens to fit charges that sent recently-released weapons-trafficker Leland Yee to prison), as well as alliances between the Russian Navy at Peterburg, Ukraine's Kyiv; and Turkish and Egyptian naval, aerial, and covert operations near the same longitude; with possible Russian or Chinese or imported Japanese problems in Yakutia and the Manchuria region --  America must be cautious to formulate its own US national policy along the Russian border, and everywhere, for just as during the German-military manipulated McCain rants about a World War 3, the USA must be careful to not be manipulated like cannon-fodder for German or East Asian or other foreign interests along the Russian fronts, especially as Russian missiles are long pointed largely at the USA, and clearly per geodetics at key US port cities and US domestic missile defense bases.  If anyone in Washington DC is making decisions on what foreign (including imported or "redefining" double-agent)  intelligence tells them, it is a Grave Error, as America today should have its own independent and unalloyed resources for assessing global power issues, no longer unrealistically dependent on, or unconditionally trusting of, European or Asian or other foreign intelligence.  Well-meaning critics of claimed xenophobia certainly appear to be leaving the door open for an unwise "sanctuary" catastrophe, as is already manifesting in Europe and has parallels in North America in the making.  Caution about any foreign lobbying and manipulation of US elections is not only warranted, but highly and critically vital -- as critical and vital as America's powerful first Pluto Return, and as potentially as problematic if Americans are not critically vigilant with an eagle eye to every foreign interchange, including and especially of naturalized citizens (repeatedly the source of foreign infiltration and sabotage operations).  It's time for an unalloyed and unambiguous American foreign policy, and that alone could become highly transformative and revitalizing for the USA as it heads toward 250 years old, unified as American and not fragmented by either internal schisms or, foreign intrigue clearly capable of pulling America offtrack from its own preservation.  Americans need to quit the partisan squabbling and focus on the issues, listening to disagreements and seeking workable compromises pleasing to most parties.

    Well-meaning American hyper-protectors of transnational corporate-driven migration need to back off and get Real -- take another careful look around the world and be under no illusion that North America is any different in terms of potential problems from imported screaming and/or armed religious and political fanaticism as is Europe or any other continent recently.  The world is not yet equalized globally, and it should not be pretended that it is yet, or that it can be done overnight via "fast track" mass change/resettlement that has created chaotic problems in all directions.  Change implemented too fast and poorly supervised seems almost intent on creating chaos for unspoken reasons that may be explained by the NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster in effect now.  Dreams are not real yet, and if they ever do come true they are not dreams anymore.  'Virtual reality' is not reality, and it floats about in thin air or only in the imagination, and wakes up when the alarm sounds.  Dreams are not reality in the here and now..  So indicates Neptune, and when combined with Vulkanus the wakeup can be like a high-impact knockout.  Hades in the cluster can be calculated secrecy and stealth; and Zeus means pre-planned precision.  Don't assume another "911" is impossible, and note where the power planets were then geodetically, and have shifted from since then.  Anarchy has become fashionable among a reckless social element, and this should not be ignored before disasters ensue.

    Whether it is manipulation of Trump by the Peter Thiel, Elaine Chao and Jack Ma (and maybe still Schwazi's friends despite his latest transnational stage act) networks; or manipulation of Democrats by CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus (apparently meddling in all political parties) and the (possibly affiliated) Asian-run Third World Liberation Front network, the foreign lobbies are now Overrepresented.  This includes treacherous Ted Lieu's network, which may have  the global Sino-Japanese Kuomintang Postal Workers Union (founded 1940Feb01 in Nanjing) on board, noting that the line between the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party have blurred to varying overt degrees throughout history, off and on, and the "Cold War Theater" may indeed be mostly theater whether generated from East Asia or Germany, as pointed out long ago by authors like T H Tetens and the majority of disinterested historians writing on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean history. Study the reports of General Joseph Stilwell on US-China alliances during wartime.

    If you are American or Canadian or Australian, caution about  the "Asian Pacific" advocacy is warranted, as the Asian Pacific and Asian Century lobbies are pounding the pavement for votes as well as massive real estate grabs and "investment" acquisitions, and are clearly out to control California's land and economy, and to replace "White Privilege" to Make Asia Great/er Again, while Trump's naive alliance with Chao and Ma are making it happen for them, when not helping Thiel and Secret Agent Schwazi's network Rebuild the Reich (also competing for control of what is nicknamed "Cali" in German).  The smell of money (PL) and promises of power (VU) must be hypnotic (NEVU or HAVU combinations) in the halls of governments corrupted by greed coming from various parts of the globe.

    NE=HA=ZE=VU this year alone, including at election time,  can mean dangerous naivete about covert political operations that could involve paramilitary -- e.g. Moonie Kahr Arms and its affiliated and Kahr-armed "Sanctuary Church" network (from coast to coast in the USA, with secretive and heavily guarded "meditation retreats" or programming centers); advocacy today for Mideast political networks launched originally as WW2 Axis paramilitary operations trained by Nazis; weird Mormon dalliances and mutual rallies with the Moonie network on top of the continual and too-rarely-remembered Mormon history including its anti-US-govt paramilitary and illegal currency issuance.  Geodetic lineups make clear the political intermix of these issues. Add to these the "Japanese Red Army" fusions with the "Chinese Cultural Revolution" movement in China and the Chinese diaspora as well as to the "PFLP/Peoples Front for the Liberation of Palestine" and fusions with Sun Myung Moonie cult impersonations of "Cultural Revolution" organizations and events globally, including overlaps with "Third World Liberation" and "Third World Center" operations on US university campuses.  East Asian "Cultural Revolution" cults have mutated from the Vietnam-War-linked "Maoist Revolution" psy-ops of the 1960s and 70s that swept though Japan and China to the revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere Sino-Japanese neofascism of the post-1980s Deng Xiaoping and self-stated follower Xi Jinping overtures with Japan and the Sino-Japanese Kuomintang (reviving components of the Greater Japanese Empire) and friendly parties in India, fused heavily with Asian-American politics and powering CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus in the budding "Asian Century" touted at Asian transnational economic planning conferences.  Add to this the fact that Elaine Chao's banks overtook San Francisco when supposed Democrat Ed Lee ran the city.  Will America recognize the "Cultural Revolution" mutations for what they are, or ride the impractical fine print of "Dream Act" illusions into disaster?  NE=HA in 2021, in particular, can mean cloaked treachery, or calculatedly deceptive imagery fused with militant politics to which people risk being asleep.  Pay very close attention to the relevance of rapid and large-scale foreign acquistions of US real estate and tech industry operations, and the appearance of hypnotic "exotic" and proliferating Asian cults and "culture centres" and "meditation centres" bridging the USA and Asia, as well as their affiliation with martial arts schools started and run by Asian military intelligence networks with alliances and objectives of their own.

    One way of avoiding the worst of the NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster, also clustered most potently with the Shanghai/Taipei/Ryukyu longitudes, and by 8th harmonic to New Delhi and Kashmir, and by 4th harmonic to Ankara/Cairo/Kyiv and Russian Naval bases around Peterburg (and Durban South Africa), is to turn away from radicalized politicians, stay sober and alert, and don't fall asleep or do drugs at the port and border guard posts, or leave them to foreign (Dubai etc) control.  Night-guard posts need continual video surveillance, and not by "private contractors" (already contaminated with Japanese Fascist "Black Dragon" mafia puppets (sometimes Moonie cult affiliated) installing videocameras in civilian locations in America's port cities since Japanese Marines landed in San Diego USA).  In addition to Russian Navy (Peterburg) and Muslim Brotherhood (Cairo, and maybe Istanbul or Ankara?), joint Sino-Japanese operations may be among the most potent in the world (literally conjunct Vulkanus) now, and may even have affiliations in politically-polarized Manila, where Duterte struts and spews, and in whose country militant weapons traffickers have made deals with recently (after only 4 years) prison-released wheeler-dealer Leland Yee.  Meanwhile, Putin as well as other Russian politicians, or course, make various alliances that should be watched carefully; pay special attention to geodetic lineups for events related to the influence of Dmitry Medvedev, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Muammar Gadafi, Saddam Hussein, Bashar al Assad, Vladimir Putin, Ukraine-Russian border figures/events often radical extremist and volatile, and East Asian and South Asian nationalist political figures, and organizations in the USA, in the same sector, maybe explaining some otherwise enigmatic political alliances).  This is no time to be naive about the potential of the cities mentioned or anywhere along the same longitudes.  Are our American-Revolution-bonded allies in France fully in control of Tahiti, or has the German EuroUnion pushed some of them into the back seat with German nationalist interests driving France like a so-called "driverless car"?  Whoever is in charge in Buenos Aires and Jonestown's Guyana and the long international intrigue-filled South American Chaco region now could be of vital importance to American stability aligned with Vulkanus throughout this Vital and critical USA Pluto return period lasting for the next few years, and even any possible operations based around the Antarctic Peninsula south of there could have profound impact on America, including new technology that could be used in transnational subversion or warfare, hot or cold.  Drone technology is an example, possibly fused with internet surveillance capabilities.  These problems could resurface around election-time, and attempt to co-opt and manipulate various political events like those of a revived Tea Party cult network, infiltrators within or impersonators of BLACK LIVES MATTER apparently at times co-opted or manipulated by "other colored" foreign-driven/goaled organizations, or any other mass movement fusing irrational behavior, drug consumption, or weird indoctrination groupthink tactics. Deregulation of drones, as pushed by Greater China's Elaine Chao (hmmm, and study her synastry with the USA chart) in Washington DC, could create a mass of confusion providing the ideal climate for foreign takeover, and chaos for all but the transnational rich watching from their oil wells or ocean-liners.  It may no longer be wise to encourage public demonstrations, but rather to encourage people to channel their energies into more rational activities for genuinely needed political changes that are not anarchistic or potentially destructive.  No ARAB SPRING-type zombie coups In The USA Energies might instead be diverted to election drives, or public education or cultural events that evoke sympathy for deserving causes rather than provoke hostility toward or fear of disfranchised populations -- or assistance programs for the homeless or economically displaced.  As has often been said, "You can't shake hands with a clenched fist".  The good news is that the chaotic NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster of 2020 will fade down some in 2021 due to Neptune moving away from it, removing a layer of confusion and/or pretense; and the positive side of HA=VU as "intensive scrutiny investigation" in underway by the FBI and other efficient American agencies removing the potential leaks of foreign contractors and foreign moles, which the FBI should be doing if it isn't.

    Such aforementioned foreign infiltration and treachery (Moonies in particular) was allowed to fuse into Republican Party politics at very least since the landing of the potent and very phony Sun Myung Moonie and his political cohort (or commander?) Japan PM Kakue Tanaka in America in the 1970s along with the continuously ambivalent "Chinese Cultural Revolution" that was co-opted and manipulated by a motley assortment of Chinese as well as Japanese, Korean, and even Philippine political organizations since the turbulent and volatile late 1960s and 1970s, and apparently reviving now and possibly among networks seeking to manipulate Black Lives Matter to other objectives. These foreign elements have historically manipulated various race-themed activist organizations in the USA from right to left and of every "color" including what is mistakenly called "white" (the "color" of printer paper and cotton candy, not human skin, and maybe a racial term best thrown into the dustbin of history as inaccurate and antiquated). FOREIGN ORGANIZED CRIME NETWORKS PLAYING "RACE GAMES" ON AMERICA; GENTRIFYING AMERICAN REAL ESTATE (Hades in Cancer) AND CARRYING THE MONEY OVERSEAS (Vulkanus in East China Sea; Shanghai-Taipei-Ryukyus Green Gang Pirate Mafia gone Global). The Moonies and fake "Japanese Red Army" even aped "Cultural Revolution" "Maoists" and created all sorts of havoc in the USA, and other countries, through the years, maybe still.  What needs study now is the continuing decades-old ties between China and Japan and Mideastern (Sino-Japanese Tong/Kuomintang-Hajj alliance) national and paramilitary organizations (possibly involved also in Iraq and Afghanistan, and possibly also fused into Blackwater (run amok by Asian controllers to Make America Look Bad), and was originally trained in part or more by the Japanese paramilitary network of Yashuhiko Aoyama, in addition to similar Euronazi cults not of the essence of the United States.  Note recent overtures between top Japanese officials and Russian, Iranian, and Palestinian Arab officials, and pay particular attention to the efforts of Japanese officials to shame America for bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima to end World War 2 warfare, but refuse to acknowledge responsibility for starting war with the USA by subversion and sneak attacks that included the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor.  Those are not the gestures of a trusted ally; nor are Japanese intelligence psy-ops in the USA relating to Punk Rock cults or other subtly militant and cleverly deceptive pseudo-buddhist cults involved in covert Japanese operations. To ignore reading of Sun Tzu's "Art of War" in these time is to not understand the treachery of East Asian politics, and to not recognize the significance of the operations of Karlfried Durckheim, the "Zen Nazi" and his Japanese cohorts, is to be unaware of important aspects of German-Japanese military relations both during and since World War 2.  To see either Germany or Japan or India as unconditionally trusted allies now is no more foolish than seeing China or Taiwan as trusted allies, as each one of them had powerful, if not ruling, parties allied with Adolf Hitler; as did also Russia in its wavering alliances and political diversity deeper than the deceiving myth of a unified communist party or government.  These matter now, every bit as much as Black Lives or Lives of any other hue, even if, among political leaders, youthful folly, or inadequate education, or education in undemocratic or authoritarian countries may not have addressed them. Similarly important is the understanding of the activities of the seductively charming German military and Nazi agent Franz von Papen, who coordinated German covert subversion operations in the USA during both WW1 and WW2, including during the time of both the Brest-Litovsk Treaty and the Nazi-Soviet Pact. How many American policy-makers understand the implications for today of the China-Palestine mutual recognition agreements of the 1970s, the Kuomintang-Hajj World Muslim Congress meetings of the same period?  We cannot understand foreign relations based on treaties with our own country alone; for objectivity, we have to understand the treaties among other countries, and especially of those of our allies or those we assume to be our allies; and the American directness, openness, and frankness is not the standard in many countries around the world.

    These issues have been surfacing, and could cause many problems during the upcoming elections (often correlating with Zeus), due to the current location of Vulkanus, and yet, for the sake of true and literal US national security, Must not be swept under the rug as irrelevant. Kamala Harris's immediate trumpeting of Hindu nationalist pride themes was probably an error; as objections to external infiltration and manipulation of the Black Lives Matter movement has already been announced by the NAACP and other Black/African-American civil rights organizations, which have been historically subject to self-interested Asian nationalist manipulations, even during wartime.  Pramila Jayapal's lack of experience with America while meddling in American politics can create a dangerous concoction of radicalized alphabet soup, and she has some weird geodetic lineups, among other things; so Kamala would probably be wise to keep her distance from her. Then there's Elaine Chao's Sino-Japanese military ties and Ted Lieu's snarky and alien secrecy from America about Chinese transpacific communications of naturalized citizens, the most frequent source of double-agents and foreign subversion and intrigue.  This is fact, not 'conspiracy theory' or 'fear mongering' as claimed by guilty parties.  Rapidly increasing Asian immigrant control of US internet and news media technology and outlets, and their impact on news, elections, and internet censorship, needs further, careful scrutiny.  Did the "Pivot to Asia", in hopes of avoiding German nationalist machinations and bringing power back home to America, end up being manipulated to transfer to Asian nationalist machinations with interesting meddling in Asia by Merkel and Schwarzenegger in Malaysia and Hongkong among their several recent political trysts, as if Schwarzenegger is a German agent?  It looks as though that is exactly the case. 

    The problem for America now is Asian nationalism, as much as German nationalism running EuroUnion networks competing bitterly with Washington DC for global control along with the Asian power blocs like the Shanghai Treaty "SCO" and any remnants of the WW2 Axis Pan-Asian plan, or the more recent "Asian Century" mutation (the theme of several conferences since the 1980s) and drive for global power and influence -- not humane and rational American nationalism, such as that advocated in the founding institutions of the USA, which may be all that keeps the United States from chaos on the horizon.  What's wrong with loving the country you live in?  Globalist economic deregulation has been turning the USA into what has often been described as a 'third world country' more in the economic than the demographic sense, and fools like the clownish Libertarians and Fake 'Tea Party' robo-cult, have advocated for it, against their own interests without knowing what they are doing, being absorbed in myopic Ayn Randish political narcissism/greed or the rhetoric of the cults that program them like sheep.

    The willingness of the Democratic Party to fall into the same trap as the Republican by surrendering to manipulation by the Moonies (morphed into other cults but possibly stronger than ever) or any other covertly or overtly foreign nationalist networks, including the veiled German nationalism of the German CDU, the Thiel and Schwarzenegger circuits (and the questionable teasings and BND-cooked machinations of Merkel, likely via German covert bases/operations in Finland and Romania and possibly in Ukraine), has led to a Huge Mess (another potential meaning of the NE=HA=VU of 2021) potentially inflammatory (=ZE in 2021 and continuing afterward).  The world is out-of-balance at the moment and that has to be brought back into balance so that it does not wobble at its axis figuratively or literally, and that calls for more effective addressing of climate change issues and what causes natural climate imbalances.  Pay attention to geodetic lineups of the first Trump campaign and German nationalist globalist events.  The myopic greed of the rich of any race (which manifests literal fascism at its worst) has caused so many problems, and the rest of the world needs to hear that most Americans today live at near subsistence level -- this is not the 1960s or 1970s anymore economically, but the product of Wendy Lee Gramm-Rudman Reaganomics launched in the 1980s -- a sort of Moonienomics fusion leading America's economy to submit to East Asia and/or Germany despite the treaties of 1945, and the systematic dismantling of the New Deal economics of Roosevelt under alzheimered Reagan and a Bush secret-agent and Moonie-mesmerized vice-presidency.

    ***Note how the geodetics indicate the rise to power of Asian Nationalist CAPAC interests inside the USA when US military bases (Alameda, etc) in California were shut down or sold of to someone or something else***.

    A political and/or economic split between the US Pacific states and the rest of the country could be disastrous for both, and geodetics indicate it would be to the advantage of the East China Sea countries, the Muslim Brotherhood, South Africa, and Russia, with all of America the loser. Note which foreign interests promote such a split and appear to be doing so across-the-aisle in both major parties and possibly third parties.

    The USA risks being tricked into choosing between German manipulations pushed by Merkel and Thiel; and Asian manipulations pushed by Shinzo, Elaine, and the militarized CAPAC crowd; or the German-cooked Schwarzenegger Eurasian blend that the Merkel contingent helped prepare during her visits to Asia -- whereas the USA instead needs to be picking the American Option, Made in the USA for the USA by Americans, not some United Nations lookalike or imported freak show.  The currently unfolding USA Pluto return, and its geodetic lineups, indicate why, while potentially and in actuality Pushy Vulkanus pushes and shoves on Washington DC via the Hindu Jayapal club's "Muslim Hate Free Zone" Seattle (that may be reaching into Portland as Vulkanus toward its direction), and the Chao/Soong network's Moonie-infested Greater NYC/Long Island hub, and somewhere around Laredo TX (fed offices with too many foreign lobbyists or double-agents?)  Notice how Jayapal in Seattle on the Ascendant matches Vulkanus in New Delhi (and Cairo and Ankara); and how Chao family and friends in Greater NYC matches Vulkanus on the Shanghai-Taipei-Ryukyu axis.  Lesser but similar (and maybe related?) pushes and shoves may be coming into America's infrastructure via Yuma, Needles, recently Moonie-friendly Salt Lake City in the west, and St-Petersburg, Atlanta, Knoxville, and the old (foreign hijacked?) Natl Assoc of Manufacturers hub around Cincinnati and across the border from the Chaoconnells's Kentucky in the eastern states. Note however that there can also be pushes from the Russian Naval based in Peterburg, Durban South Africa, Ankara Turkey, Buenos Aires; while that the Anchorage-Kodiak region Ascendant is also vulnerable to pushes from the aforementioned Chinese, Russian, or Japanese Ryukyu Naval locations near 120E longitude.

    Note how much the political campaigns, and more and more internet and news media outlets are run by Asian interests at the various aforementioned locations prodding and shaming anyone for "xenophobia" or "racism" or even "white supremacy" should they even begin to suspect the very real and continuous foreign Asian machinations now manipulating American politics and economics to excess.  They've replaced some of the similar German tactics and are playing the same games with a more "colorful" flair, while America is shamed for resisting outside meddling or reinforcing national defenses.

    So, will the Pluto return, by precession or non-precession, bring America under the control of unquestionable Americans in New York and Boston (and by extension, Los Angeles and San Diego -- or  under the control of Germans and Asians on Wall Street and Long Island and Greater LosAngeles-SanDiego and their relatives in Chongqing, Saigon, Jakarta, Libya, Vienna, Capetown (which interestingly correspond to Peter Thiel, Schwarzenegger, and Elaine Chao and their cohorts, amassing wealth in the USA for the last 20 years and pushing policies that funnel it all to them and/or back to the "old country"); as are their weird fusions with the Muslim Brotherhood and whoever owns the Libyan oil wells now?  Unalloyed American control of the above-indicated US cities is vital for US national stability and continuity, with no more sending American money overseas to relatives to to make Other countries great again and mock America and its founding families and institutions like hostile enemies with warlike intent would and have in the past in wartime.  Other serious competitors for the US economy will be at locations 8th harmonic from there, i.e. Sydney and Brisbane (assumed instead to be US allies unless "made to Pivot to Asia" by Yingyen Penny et al), offshore banks in Azores and Cape Verde and Iceland, Taliban homelands along the eastern borders of Iran, and north of there in Central Asia and the eastern Urals.  All those locations are seriously competitive for and with the US economy for the next 250 years, as set in motion at the Pluo return in the USA 1776 chart.  What money would the Taliban have except oil, minerals, and drugs?  The Urals are full of mineral riches, possibly even more accessible due to global warming, and if the USA sells its own similar assets off to foreign "investors", disaster may await, noting that the Pluto money for the USA now lies in port cities (as also the case for Australia), i.e. global trade and whoever controls that.  Chao and friends?  Dubai Ports?  Neptune Orient shipping lines? Is this why foreign money is trying to take control of those cities politically and economically (often successfully)?  Is it so unreasonable for the US Navy to take control of all ships going in and out of US port cities, and if so, then why not?  Who are Trump's bottom-line economic advisors?  Who runs the emperor?  Every American needs to ask if he knows what he is doing, but the same should be asked those running against him, and about every powerbroker on planet Earth now.  How much is real and how much is a Hades=Vulkanus (also with Neptune in 2020) power puppet show undermining our democratic institutions?  This may sound skeptical, but Hades=Vulkanus is indeed an era of extreme global political corruption and intrigue.. that will pass, and it will around 2023-24, more clearly by 2025.  Meanwhile the East China Seacoast cities, Peterburg, Cairo, Ankara, and Durban (and New Delhi, Kashmir, Marshall Islands, east Iceland, Canary Islands, Western Sahara, Mexico 100-105W) by 8th harmonic extension) are the likely main sources of the intrigue, and if that matches what you see on the streets, the Go Figure.  Mexico City may be especially vulnerable to corruption fusing in from the Pacific coastline to its east; and that may be imported and not Mexican, while similar problems could affect Buenos Aires and Guyana and the interior of Brazil south of there.  The Chaco region is a longtime hotbed of international corruption and intrigue as described in "Counterrevolution in China" by Thomas Marks, and that could fuse throughout South America if not contained.  The Kuomintang-Communist alliances of recent years may be of mammoth global significance, and if fused with Russia via the SCO/Shanghai Treaty, could dominate the globe and manifest what some interpreted the Nostradamus prophecies to mean for this era; and yet the USA must remain aware that Russian and Chinese missiles are pointed at America.  Remember who's ready to grab the spoils if war should break out, and note who got the goodies from the wars in Iraq and Libya, for example.  Oil dependency casualties.  Plan carefully and don't pull triggers without scouting the global landscape, relying on your own scouts, not other nationalists or double-agents with their own agendas.  America needs to focus on watching out for American interests being stolen by lobbyists and "foreign advisors" looking out for their interests.  And if they are insistent on hiding their foreign communications and information, then the warning signals should not have to be more clear.  There are Americans who are fed up with seeing America auctioned off and carried across the oceans.  Sensible foreign policy is between the extremes spouted by polarized politicians; one rants about border controls but implements policy that doesn't match up; the other wants to hand America over to every pirate that hits the coastline while the ports are controlled by foreign corporations from experienced historic maritime pirate nations.  The current geodetic lineups verify how Very Important and relevant these issues are... they are not always just the empty rhetoric of politicians or media.

    If you are an American and assume foreign agents in covert operations in the USA care what happens to you, your family, or your life, you may be dead wrong.  This became clear to me when Chinese bookstore owners tried to interrogate me when I was trying to buy maps and atlases of China in New Chinatown in San Francisco, USA, for friendly intellectual curiosity and nothing more at the time.  What should also be clear by now, especially after the Shrimp Boy Chow and Leland Yee drug and weapons incidents, is the Need to Cease to allow Chinatowns to Self-police, and for every Chinatown to be staffed with rotating, disinterested police officers, ideally with training in understanding spoken Chinese dialects, and the same for Japantown and Koreatown colonies.  If immigrants don't want American police, and want to interrogate Americans over why we want maps of their native countries, then they probably don't really belong in the USA.  That also goes for double-agents in US govt functions (like Ted Lieu) who object to US surveillance of communications involving their countries of birth.  If people don't want to learn the language of the country they live in, then something's wrong.  English classes are often free to very affordable in most US port cities.

    To weather the Pluto return, America needs leaders who will advocate intensively for America, not fools who will be manipulated by cheesy taunts and harassment about xenophobia or "exclusion" or "birtherism", or risk harboring imported terrorists or terrorist cults.  And if "Old White Men" are demonized as if the scourge of the Earth, then the foundations of the US government are literally ripped out from under the country and left to scatter to the winds or sink and be carried adrift by the whims of ocean currents to distant lands, leaving America adrift and vulnerable to pirates on the open sea, returning interestingly to America's first wars with the Barbary Pirates and their allies. A synastry of Pramila's, or Peter's, or Arnold's, or Elaine's or Teddylieu's charts with that of the USA might be interesting studies. Emissaries from other governments?  America's halls of government should not be the playpen for imported rookies anymore.

    A sizeable number of swing votes seem likely to want Democratic economic and domestic civil rights policies, but oppose increased immigration and lack of controls over it or identity document falsification, especially when Americans are attacked on the streets or in schools or other public places by foreign cults -- and immigration has long been advocated by international chambers of commerce who couldn't care less whether Americans have liveable wages or not, for the European-founded and later also Asian-run chambers of commerce were key supporters of the creation of the Nazi and Asian Fascist parties and labor camps of the last century, lest people forget, and population displacement was part and parcel of their policies. So, the Democratic Party would be wise to keep this in mind if it truly wants to see a different president in office in 2021.  Too many politicians are too far removed from the trials of the majority of everyday American citizens, and too easily manipulated by immigration advocates Ad Nauseum, fawning over and manipulating them to sway the votes in Congress and targeted state legislatures.. Someone's going to have to stand up to transnational corporatism in all its guises, including shameless use of immigrants to lower salaries, and seductive foreign cults, if Real social justice is to manifest.  I've worked with the abused immigrants as well as those cheated out of a living wage by corporate-investment employer abuses of immigrant labor, and it's disgusting to recount, especially when the corporations are owned by the rich living overseas and turning the USA into their colony while imported yuppies snicker and sneer at "Stupid Americans, becoming extinct" or "Old White Men" if things continue as they have recently.  I want to know what Ted Lieu is hiding in the communications between here and his land of birth and its neighbors.  His secrets must be important, or he wouldn't try so obnoxiously to keep it from Real Americans.  Maybe something to do with the "Our Revolution", "Grass-roots Revolution", or Pan-Asian "Cultural Revolution" roots of the "People of Color" network, any or all of the above. What's to hide?  The federal troops from Washington, and not fence-straddling CAPACsters, had better be allowed to station and investigate all along America's Pacific coastlines, or public chaos could break out.  Re-staff the closed Pacific bases by Americans from across the country, not CAPAC Asian nationalists or German military imports.  Don't overlook the often forgotten ties between both Japanese and Chinese military ops to the Palestinian Arab and Uighur organizations of past decades, and or the Sino-Japanese Kuomintang-Hajj alliances with odd parallels to recent promotion of Islamic immigration issued in Hawaii. These are listed in the Men Behind the Curtain geodetic list on this website. Some people today are being riskily naive about these issues.

    I and others have referred to some similarities of current planetary configurations to those of the US Civil War, and too few remember that the Civil War was facilitated substantially by foreign interests seeking to weaken America's global economic competitive power as it spread toward the Pacific.  That war was not only about slavery as a human rights issue but also as an economic institution, and access to American natural resources for foreign industries and venture capitalists, and American food for foreign nations. California statehood was about securing its Pacific ports, gold, silver, and fertile farmlands for the USA.  Subversion occurred via Habsburg imperial occupation of Mexico during that war.  World powers, including China and Japan and Russia, had already been competing for control of California and neighboring states, as they are clearly once again, and American control of mineral-rich and Pacific-strategic Alaska became a related issue, with Hawaii on the horizon, all of which foreign powers wanted to control and/or colonize.  Just like now.  In some ways, the Civil War was actually a foreign-backed Revolution in the southern states and territories, facilitated by foreign occupation of newly-independent Mexico, and it even reached Arizona territory, even California on a small scale, when the Mormon militia were recruited by the Union but diplomatically quarantined out of concern over allegiances. Think about the parallels to now. They are several and real, and no amount of dreaming will believe them away.  This is not virtual reality, and we do not live in the Mickey Mouse fantasy land manufactured to stimulate the creative imagination of little children.  There should be voter options other than ranting, extremist screamers on the podium at election time, and a motive for careful-thinking swing-voters to make smart decisions at election time, as they largely decide who becomes president. And candidates whose top priority is dedication to the citizens of the constituency they are elected to represent and/or lead.  That's in Political Science 101.

    This all rolls back to high-risk Ted Lieu somehow as Democratic Party communications chair (controlling party communications lines?), a foreign-born individual, raised by foreign-born parents, insistent on protection of first-generation immigrant citizens from scrutiny of foreign communications, despite the many incidents over decades and maybe centuries of people gaining citizenship specifically to implement subversion, as reported in books on wartime and other foreign subversion in the USA.  Why is such an individual allowed to be in a controlling position in a vital US national election at one of the most critical periods in US history, a Pluto return where Pluto aligns with Chongqing/Chungking, Saigon, and Jakarta, as well as "Grass Roots Revolution" Schwarzenegger's Vienna?  Not to overlook Gadafi's hometown of Sirte Libya, or the politically weird and justifiably controversial Capetown South Africa.

    Is Taiwan Chinese politics really any better than mainland Chinese politics, and where are the Americans running American campaigns?

    Anyone now casually dismissing US or Canadian national security concerns as "xenophobia" or as racism in dealing with foreign agents, is not only a fool, but a Dangerously foolish fool in 2020.  If this is not clear by now, look at the geodetic alignments for all personalities and locations mentioned, and compare them with facts and figures about current political realities.  I add Canada since its national security is vital to America's as well... as we are two peas in a pod geographically and economically and strategically.

    I will persist in encouraging Kamala Harris to sign her Vice Presidential campaign over to another candidate for whom there are more clear winning indicators, and instead to focus on service to her local constituency in US Congress, as I not only see her chances of inauguration in January 2021 as weak, but also that her life may even be at risk before then due to her candidacy and/or statements.  American Civil Rights issues risk becoming derailed by diversion to transnational and immigrant issues, especially where foreign agents can infiltrate and derail demonstrations and organizations and even foment civil unrest if left unmonitored by US national security agencies Run By Americans, unquestionably.  That in addition to how unfavorable Kamala's configurations are for being inaugurated.

    I would urge strongly that investigations on Ted Lieu and the reasons why he wants to block (or sabotage?) surveillance of transpacific communications of naturalized citizens, and that he be removed from the US presidential campaign in case those communications reveal foreign meddling in US national security affairs that could also affect US elections in a very negative way.  My view is that the issue will trigger the much larger issue of how utterly foolish it is to make no distinction between immigrants or naturalized citizens and Americans whose family upbringing and cultural soul-ties link them firmly to America and prepare them for a love of country even if American institutions also allow for a variety of viewpoints, moreso than just about anywhere else on planet Earth, and even though the degree of freedom of expression has varied up and down over the years.

    If the Democratic Party objective is truly to select an Black/African-American woman as a candidate, my assessment appears below, i.e. that Val Demings is a likely winner on Inauguration Day, with rather strong indicators, and whose planetary alignments show the potential to make this the last presidential term of Donald Trump; but I would also listen to other justifiable viewpoints that contradict.  Non-astrological influences including free will are always additional considerations,but after 57 years of studying astrology, I feel confident enough to state the probability for Kamala on Inauguration Day in 2021, or any time near that, is not high.  In contrast, those of Val Demings are high, even without a known birth time, due to potent configurations with her Sun, Mars, and politically-significant Kronos and Vulkanus, described below.

    These considerations are very important for America at its Pluto return, which happens only once every approximately 250 years.  Will America's economy be run from Chongqing, Bandung, Vienna, ... or by Americans living in the USA?  The options match up with the recently growing international economic/"trade" blocs; and the USA could form powerful alliances in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Chile, if willing to meet those countries halfway and enough to cooperate in facilitating popular and democratic governments in all of them.  There are foreign intelligence agencies that know this and are in competition with the USA and so will do what they can to create failure in that area, as has been the case in the past.  Roosevelt's and Kennedy's Latin America policy programs likely understood these issues.  In the world where we live now, it is necessary to make compromises with the national/local interests of every western hemisphere country we are to create lasting cooperative ties with -- not bullying that creates lasting animosity instead, and yet continue to be aware that Russia or Germany or China or Japan or Taiwan have, and may continue to, (along with India or Arabian states?) compete in the same region and even continue to use underhanded tactics to establish their own competing spheres of influence.

    Would the politicians quit screaming and ranting, and instead carry on civilized discussions or debates where necessary?  Are there those who Want to see increasing chaos in America's streets, on top of the virus epidemic, manipulated by foreign interests?  Anarchy is not cute or fun when transferred from inflammatory philosophy books and recycled 1970s "smash imperialism" cult meeting rhetoric into everyday life, meaning those who think it is had better keep the ambulance and mortuary numbers on file, because revolution is in reality like a mass funeral, a bloody and painful and torturous battlefield, not a heroic fantasy painted by survivors after the blood and bodies are cleaned up off the streets. Pay close attention to when it is immigrants who are stoking a revolution in your country, whether openly or by pulling puppet strings at the pre-demonstration pep rallies... Especially when Vulkanus is on the Ascendant (geodetically or natally) in your country, and then where Vulkanus is on the MC in their countries of origin, and some interesting patterns emerge. Or when Pluto is opposite the sun of your country's founding, or conjunct your country's natal Pluto, and then where they are on the MC geodetically (the source, being Berlin, Vienna, Tripoli, Kunming, and Singapore in recent years, when groundwork was laid for current events); and they fit exactly what's happening then and now. The domestic chaos is largely imported and runs some key naive puppets in government, and bank and corporate boards, bought off, charmed and mesmerized, drugged, or sold out.  It's going to take people wise and alert enough to see those problems and rise above them and take charge of the ship before it sinks in dangerous waters. News articles in the 80s warned of the same tricks that threw Russia into chaos were going to be applied to America next; and so it may be informative to study who did what then, before the USA becomes just as chaotic.  Germany was almost certainly one of the perpetrators, and either Japan or elements in Greater China were another, with other possible cohorts in the Middle East.  It's time overdue to quit playing Pollyanna about the potential treachery in foreign affairs when the ever-political Vulkanus is fused with Hades and/or even Neptune. There's already talk of guerrilla warfare on America's streets, stoked by agents of foreign interests and immigration promotion.  These are facts, not mere heresay; and the distribution of fake passports and licenses may be relevant.  Why politicians would cover for it needs to be studied... blackmail, bribes, false coverup reports?

    Regardless of your politics, Don't be ashamed to be American.  The country is going through a metamorphosis that can either build on the strengths of its past, or be swayed into the orbit of something alien and revolving around capitals on other continents ready to turn Americans into colonial subjects -- and which have already started brainwashing some to be just that.  International exchanges are one thing, but when Americans start "Turning Japanese" or German, Chinese, Saudi, Hindu, Palestinian, or even Russian, it's time to take notice and watch out, as the cults are at work much like they were in the 1960s and 1970s.  Some of them clearly want California under control, and may get it in November 2020 if the public does not remain vigilant to the resulting issues and the potential results.  The power and influence and character of very wealthy and covertly powerful organized crime networks based in Asia should be thoroughly studied before naively allowing potentially chaotic and/or disadvantageous changes and shifts of global and national power focus to further develop. The power of Vulkanus is now, and for the next few years still, muddled and obscured by the frequent obscurities and confusion of Hades and Neptune.  Hard-sell quick deals should be delayed during this period, as those of recent years should have been, as they explain many of the problems unfolding now.  What was actually needed was a Pivot to America, although a Pivot to Asia seemed at the time to be a way of avoided the pushy and slick hard-sell quick deals being pushed by the Merkel/EuroUnion agents prior to that time.  The reality of globalism is that global financial power has been shifting away from individual nations to continent-wide blocs appropriate for smaller nations, but maybe not for larger ones.  The continued unity of the USA is vital, as are American bonds with Canada and Mexico where they are feasible and respectful of local autonomy issues important to each party.  Suffer no illusions that neither the European Union nor the Asian Century are not in competition with the USA and Canada for global dominance.  A North American alliance with the democratic British Isles, Australia, and New Zealand, may be as feasible and necessary as it was during the Second World War, and should not be deterred by temporary disorientations reminiscent of those of the Hoover era, swayed and manipulated by Hoover's pet foreign banks and corporations to the point of causing a disastrous economic depression concurrent with the rise of the brutal, genocidal, and highly deceptive Axis Fascist machine whose parties still rule their homeland even though the names and formats have changed. They fooled the naive in the 20th century, and are still doing so, in much the same ways that some forgot, or never studied, to start with.

    America will continue to be lost when following the policy advice of foreign advisors and agents with their own allegiances, and Pluto may well now be calling for a thorough purge of them from US government, unless the public wants more chaos and dysfunction.  America is not Germany or Japan or China or India; the rules are goals are different, and those differences have caused disasters time again again, like the Great Depression that made the Axis powers rich and powerful, or Vietnam/Indochina War strategy that made East Asia rich and powerful.  Both disasters set America back in ways that were recovered from in different degrees and different periods of time.  Much is to be learned from studying those events in detail, as history contains highly valuable lessons and is not simply 'old stuff' of no value to the present.  The challenge now is to not see American history distorted by foreign historians now actively trying to rewrite it in deceptive ways in order to come out on top.... Asian historians in particular, where he who lie best win game, momentarily until old empires fall once again, as Nostradamus is thought by some to have indicated.  During this NE=HA=VU period, the biggest problem is Charlie McCarthy Political Theater where the dancing and babbling puppet "leaders" are controlled from behind.  Critical illusions, globally, will be dispelled in January 2021 as Neptune passes out of orb of that cluster, but much of the Hades-type stealth deceit will continue like deep-rooted crime until 2024.  The problems will not go away for a long as foreign and double agents tiptoe around Washington DC or vital state capitals and play their tricks.  Don't give up on America just because a fool got into the driver's seat for a little while.


2020Aug12:  Is it Too Late?

    Some weeks ago, I wrote that Kamala Harris, whose birthtime is supposedly known (21h28//9h28pm PDT/7hW on birth certificate, per Steven Stuckey, as reported on several well-established astrology websites), does not have favorable indicators for Inauguration Day, despite her ardent drive to serve constituents she was elected to serve in Congress. In a hypothetical setting, if her advisors were to ask what to do, I would suggest that she graciously thank Joe Biden for the honor of being selected as a first choice, but yield to other candidates with favorable indicators, and whom I was ready to post data on after double-checking for errors. One candidate, in addition to Elizabeth Warren, is the similarly bold and law-experienced Val Demings, who, despite no birth time known to me yet, has powerful lineups with planets and uranian points on Inauguration Day that look like winning combinations, and here I finally post what I found, the day after Biden named Harris as his running mate, and also note that I just became aware that the Democratic Party made a horrible choice of the slippery Ted Lieu to play a critical role in the presidential campaign, the only reason I can think of being Chinese political money/bribes, complications around which may also cause problems for Kamala Harris since she lives in a district that has fallen under nearly full Asian Mafia control, step by step, during the last 20+ years, in ways familiar to those who have long watched how Asian stealth politics operate. One of the biggest messes locally is rooted in the "Third World Liberation Front" ("TWLF") network that was started years ago by the "Asian American Political Alliance" on Berkeley campus and blossomed into a motley and corrupt Transpacific "People of Color" network like a weird flower growing out of the residue of a cow once passing through a Northern California dairy cattle pasture (perhaps near one of the Moonie cult colonies north of San Francisco that sprung up after Japan PM Tanaka visited Richard Nixon).  The "People of Color" cult (noting that all people are "of color" of some sort, and the only thing close to being "white" in the human race is printer paper in the offices of radical racialists of any brand along the political or ethnic spectrum.

    The "TWLF", from the beginning, exploited the theme of gross injustices toward people of African ancestry, like slavery and involuntary ghettoization, as a gathering point to advance Asian nationalist political and now also business interests.  The "Asian American Political Alliance" was announced in a statement issued 1968Aug24 on Berkeley campus, shown in the same geodetic sectors with the Chinese "Cultural Revolution", which deceptively brandished portraits of Chairman Mao but was in fact run by some of his opponents within the old Kuomintang-Communist fusion network that runs China today and is fused with underworld and political elements throughout the Chinese global diaspora, as well as the dubious "Japanese Red Army".  The secretive Ted Lieu's presence among these circles is likely not accidental; nor are today's cross-party ties to the Elaine Chao network, whose affiliated banks took over San Francisco under nominally Democratic Ed Lee, and whose later mass federal tax-cut bill in US Congress gave Asian mafia exactly what it wanted (as initiated by the Wendy Lee Gramm-Rudman Act), being Foreign Control of America's Infrastructure via privatization.  These issues may well surface if monitoring of Transpacific communications of first-generation Chinese-Americans are allowed and monitored by truly disinterested parties (i.e. people fluent in Chinese dialects but disinterested from Asian "Color" politics").  No political party is absent of contamination by Asian globalist stealth politics, now more powerful than ever as Vulkanus hovers along the East China Seacoast while also now and recently and for the next year fused with the clouds of Neptune and Hades.  That same stealth politics is at the hub of the "Third World Liberation Front", which may seek to control and manipulate the Black Lives Matter movement, if its members allow it.  However, there may also be, per geodetics, global political power from Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Egyptian, South African, Paraguay, and Guyana (of Arthur Chung's Jonestown fame) in the mix.  So, if those, like Ted Lieu, who want to block scrutiny of foreign communications of immigrants are successful, America could end up in a state of chaos that the oligarchs of Peterburg and Shanghai, and maybe Cairo and Istanbul, or Durban, have long yearned for -- as there is more money than ever at the disposal of some of those locations mentioned due to today's "China Trade" and investments of the "Golden Lily" offshore money stashes, while America is chopped up like a slab of beef and sold off on the "stock market" to "global investors". 

    Note the relevance of Pluto hovering near Wall Street and Chongqing, Saigon, Jakarta, and Vienna.  Will American citizens own any of "the future", or is that considered to be "old history no longer relevant" as America is "redefined" for the fantasy "future vision/dream" in an "Asian Virtual Reality" or an odiferous "European Union" that may even be run by the German-Russian dream of its ruling oligarchs since the days of Catherine the Great. A "European Union" as defined by various parties over the decades has taken on a different character and objectives, depending on which European capital was calling the shots.  For the moment, German banks in Frankfurt and their imperial tentacles in Brussels control the EuroUnion.  Look at the geodetic alignments, and the relevant globalist patterns emerge as once-communist governments merge with old foes and form fascist governments and parties lobbying Washington DC and Silicon Valley and their computer network infrastructures like flies hovering in the aforementioned dairy fields and urban streets of Northern California, now spreading south to Hollywood and north to Seattle, in areas of Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC power.

    On a global scale, it should be clear by now that anyone in Washington DC who believes in the veracity of Angela Merkel or Shinzo Abe is a naive fool; and Putin has already been cutting deals with both of them, while China signed the "SCO" Shanghai Pact with Russia in the 1990s, to which India and Pakistan joined more recently. All of America has got to get wise to what's going on globally, or perish. Power politics is not all dinner parties with 'host speakers' and 'foreign guests', even if it looks that way on Broadway or in its Hollywood spinoff recently being sucked into the Transpacific undertow.

    Is foreign control of American telecommunications severely undermining American democracy and autonomy?  It appears so, and note Admetos now moving into the first few degrees of Gemini/Mutables at San Clemente, Carson City, and Spokane, and its potential impact for at least the next 50 years. Are Americans in control of our national communications networks, or are they being "redefined" via doublespeak into something else?  Look to competition for internet/telecom control from eastern Federated Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, the Kuril Islands and northward into eastern Siberia; eastern Iran and Central Asia and Russia to its north, or even any remnants of the old German underground submarine bases along the coasts of eastern Greenland -- noting how the "Chuuk/Truk independence movement" would cut a big hole in American Pacific influence and controls in Micronesia, and a direct path from Japan and Russia southward to the eastern Australian coastline, via Papua New Guinea as well. Such locations may vie for internet and other telecom controls/media/stations now and in years to come.  Can WiFi signals be 'jammed' or intercepted in the same same way that the old 'short wave radio' signals were or are?  Americans should be ever more questioning of the wisdom of putting American telecommunications or media under control of immigrants, supposedly "just like everyone else" but in reality working for foreign capitals or foreign corporate hubs.

    Back to the upcoming presidential election, the "swing states" (now unfortunately called "battleground states", implying civil war rather than willingness to reconcile) are what need attention in national elections, and especially those with the most electoral votes; and Florida is one of them, maybe the main one.  Swing voters may be prone to conservatism in the literal sense, and choose pragmatism over dogmatism; where they could think instead of follow and bleat. It might also be considered that those in favor of tightening of immigration controls are prone to remain private about it in order to avoid arguments from the various wealthy lobbies seeking reduction of labor coasts (who have always been among the key proponents of increased immigration).

    From what I can see per astrological indicators as well as other reports reflecting them, Kamala Harris is not a safe bet for inauguration -- while Val Demings points to success, as might also Elizabeth Warren.  So, if Kamala does not want to see Trump as president for another 4 years, she should concede to someone with more clearly winning pictures, per what I see.  Kamala can still do her work via other political operations and avoid the barrage of scrutiny that may lash at her as the VP candidate, and since the only transiting outer planet or uranian factor on her MC, in 32nd harmonic, through the election and inauguration period is Admetos, also on her MC via solarc direction; and her Kronos (titles, honors) is similarly encumbered by Admetos by solarc direction, while directed Hades is on her KR/VU midpoint.  Overall, she is likely to experience an unusual amount of blockage, delays, and scrutiny, while transiting Admetos will be on her Sun and Moon, by transit, on Inauguration Day -- a very somber and deadpan time for her, and not likely one of joy and celebration, for whatever reasons.

    If Kamala persists on the ticket, those wanting a Democratic president in 2021 need to campaign hard, and had better be ready with a well-organized "Plan B" to contend with a potential Trump victory.

    And remember that the German Thiel and Transnational Anonymous and Teepotty political psyops may come up with all sorts of gimmicks (like QAnon, etc) to manipulate and confuse the electorate or even the vote counts before January of 2021.

    I cannot urge the Democratic Party more strongly and urgently to dump Ted Lieu and his stealthy Transpacific cohorts, as top priority, since anyone claiming to be a national security specialist while opposing scrutiny of overseas communications of immigrants and new citizens is either a fool or else working for some other government and functioning as a mole -- and I suspect the latter is the case, given how Americans trying to purchase information on China, inside the USA, are grilled by Chinese vendors for their "objectives", as if Americans are now living in a Chinese police-state, while valid reports of rampant Chinese passort fraud are branded as "conspiracy theory" by pushy and grossly over-represented Chinese lobbyists ready to scream out crocodile-style at the slightest report of their stealth tactics and political machinations.  When foreign-born criminals can have their sentences reduced by claims of "anti-immigrant hate/discrimination", there's a huge global NE=HA=ZE=VU political corruption problem festering -- one that is now "inclusive" of the Japanese military bases recently revived by a Japanese Prime Minister who refuses to acknowledge Japanese responsibility for Pearl Harbor casualities, murders during the 1940s Nanjing/Nanking Massacre, the enslavement and abuse of "comfort women" in Japanese-military-run enclaves and regions, the barabaric torture and abuse of various Allied POWs captured by the Japanese military, and Japanese espionage and subversion operations in the Pacific states and territories of the USA -- as if "they didn't happen", and couldn't be happening again right now. Covered in crocodile tears over US national defense measures in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which logically did save even larger numbers of American lives from Japanese murder, as well as, some analysts claim, Soviet controls in Japan in 1945.

    With the Vulkanus cluster being where it is now geodetically, naivete about East China Sea organized crime and covert operations, and how much they are integral to East Asian politics at top levels, can be truly dangerous as well as inimical to US national security.  So, get someone besides Ted Lieu or other immigrants in charge of US national security ops, so that the unfolding USA full Pluto return does not spell the Death of America via stealth and subversion that also resembles the tactics of the Sino-Japanese manipulated and motley "Cultural Revolution" agents of the 1960s-70s, and which are no less problematic than the resurrection of their Eurofascist/Neonazi counterparts.  (Note that the Moonies also set up a branch of "Cultural Revolution" and fused into the picture, and Lin Piao/Biao, who orchestrated that start of the "Cultural Revolution" was a proponent of overtures with Japan and Taiwan, using the familiar "Mao Tsetung" images as covers for something Mao himself did not approve of.  Leaving American government open to such Sun Tzu type political deceit, potential double-agents and foreign meddling in American politics now is Stupidity, pure and simple, regardless of which political party they might be using as vehicles to "Redefine America".  And if the city of Alameda will not submit to renewed military controls from Washington DC, then federal agents need to occupy Alameda County and further make sure that America's schoolchildren are not being taught to salute foreign flags or "believe" foreign-generated historical revisionism, or anarchy or US national collapse may be on the pathway ahead. Broad and reasonable bipartisan scrutiny of state curriculum and school licensure is in order.  There is too much risk idealism now about the treachery of Asian, as well as German, stealth politics, with Russian collusion not impossible as global alliances morph and mutate.  Remember the Hitler-Stalin pact that turned into a brutal fight to near death preceded of phony olive branches and unverified talk of "world peace" that functioned as disarament prior to near global annihilation. 

    The areas of US Pacific states most vulnerable to foreign interference in 2021 are at 2:06 Fixed Ascendants, and all locations at 32nd harmonic (11:15 multiple angles) from there, and that includes Seattle WA, Portland OR, the OR-CA coastline border, and all locations NNE of there and including British Columbia and Alberta; as well as the coastline from Monterey Bay to Point Arguello and areas NNE of that stretch that also include Carson City NV and even south San Jose and Sacramento -- with special attention to incoming political elements from the East China seacoast, New Delhi, Cairo, Istanbul, Durban, Peterburg (Russian Navy), and Kyiv.  Also vulnerable are still the Colorado River Valley from Yuma to Needles to Las Vegas and NNE toward Salt Lake, Yellowstone, Lewiston MT, and into Saskatoon and Prince Albert in Canada. Foreign meddling around Native American reservations could be problematic. On the Atlantic coast, Long Island eastern Maine are vulnerable... including coastline subversion at all locations mentioned, all where Coast Guard vigilance is vital.  The entire Bering Strait region in Alaska (near 25 Scorpio Ascendant), stretching from Cape Lisburne to Nome, and ENE to include the Colville River basin and adjacent coastlines, is vulnerable, even if remote, stressing the critical nature of roads and airports leading there, indicating that Arctic surveillance is important.  Also vulnerable in Alaska are Ascendants near 17SG, to including the Alaska Peninsula region, Kodiak Island and the area from the Kenai Peninsula to the Canada/Yukon border from the Gulf of Alaska and Yakutat northward to the Yukon River valley. There could also be related problems of subversion around the Prince of Wales and northern Queen Charlotte Islands regions.  These areas must not be overlooked for possible foreign subversion of any possible sort, especially political or para/military, even via martial arts fronts, noting that operations in Anchorage still deserve vigilance, just as the nearby Moonie fishing fleets and Moonie weapons trafficking via Kahr Arms affiliates and fake churches with guns "blessed" via agents of a cult created by Japanese intelligence years ago, since then rampant in Korea and the Chinese diaspora all across the Pacific, with tentacles even nested all around Greater New York City.  Moonie operations in the USA were first rooted in the USA in the San Francisco Bay Area via friendly Tanaka Japanese nuzzles with Richard Nixon that have led to a huge mess that spread from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party, and likely dalliances in other minor political parties, claiming immunity due to race, immigration, or "religious" status. This explains part of the proliferation of weird Asian cults since the 60s and 70s (including Rajneeshis and Falun Gong and Krishnas) that function as fronts for covert foreign political, and with Kahr Arms and the "Sanctuary Church", paramilitary, operations.  Those familiar with the Moonies know how they shift labels and identities and fronts after detection, morphing into new "churches", "temples", or "culture centers", even setting up charter school and private college operations to indoctrinate prospective new cult adherents for "Asian Change".  When the Moonie fusion into the Greater New York region began is a subject for study as is their links to the Soong and Chao family presence on Long Island.

    Val Demings as Vice Presidential candidate (drafted Aug02, with updates):

    The Covid/Corona Virus as well as the Asian (now including East China, India, and Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey) and Russian and Ukrainian (at Peterburg, Kyiv, and Yakutia (nuclear bases?) and Amur regions of Siberia, power buildup are all accounted for by the Very potent but subtle, if not passive-aggressive Neptune=Hades=Zeus=Vulkanus cluster in effect throughout 2020, and continuing, minus Neptune, into 2021.  It also correlates with increased power of oil lobbies, potential biochemical and drug-related Anything, and air and naval power including submarine... while None of the most potent 4th or 1st harmonic power within the continental USA.  In North America, only the eastern Gulf of St Lawrence and the Anchorage-Kenai-Fairbanks longitudes in Alaska hold power potent enough to counterbalance; and if those North American bases are under control of Asian double-agents (as some may be), it does not bode well for any American resistance to an Asian Century global takeover that could even include Russia. Ted Lieu is hiding something under his inexcusable and telling protests over surveillance of Transpacific communications, and any German military bases along the 'Eastern Front' with Russia are subject to Germany's nationalist ambitions and interests, which are formidable.  This makes the USA Very Vulnerable to double-agent infiltration and subterfuge, let the crocodile tears and water buffalo dung and phony action movies flow as they may.

    Domestically, the fusion of Black Lives Matter with foreign motley "People of Color" lobbies and operations is of grave risk to national security, and so it is wise and in the interest of the American public to Not allow Immigration Lobby Advocates (Asian Law Caucus, etc) to use domestic civil rights issues as camouflage for foreign subversion, as has happened in the past and is happening now, and where Americans of African ancestry can be made the scapegoats for something or someone else.

    Rationality and caution and calm in Democratic Party policy is vital in order to avoid chaos in the making, and this means rectification of real social injustices affecting Americans without turning it all into imported alphabet soup and phony foreign claims of refuge/sanctuary concealing foreign covert operations (which appear to be manifesting recently).  You can own the biggest guns and missiles in the world, but if double-agents can sneak into the arsenal or control-room at night and steal or disable them, or own or control the ammunition supply, they are worthless for self-defense; and with Vulkanus now pointing its poweful arrow at key US port cities on both the Pacific and Atlantic, this is no time to play kindergarten games with American politics, or put foreigners or rookies on the front-lines of national security.  If politicians will defend immigrants before long-rooted American citizens, especially American Veterans, it should be clear that there is a very serious problem already in the making; especially where foreign-run lobbies are already controlling sectors of the US coastline, and foreign contractors are manipulating US national security data.  Peter Thiel, Pramila Jayapal, Jack Ma, Ted Lieu, and all 'naturalized citizens' should be Thrown Out of US national security and government functions Now, ASAP, regardless of nominal party affiliation, with no time to waste in doing so.  American government and security ops need to be fully controlled by Americans of unquestionable, deep-rooted American upbringing.  America by or under German or Asian rules is Not America, and should not be construed as such, if Americans are to avoid chaos and disasters in coming years.  Inviting foreign guests to visit in the living room should stop being turned into letting them take control of the house and run the kitchen (as recently happened to at least one au pair host).  (And as for the Mormon-hosted foreign president proposal, the secretive history of the transnational Mormon Church, even having morphed as it has over time, with its own currency and paramilitary, will readily explain why that could manifest in the first place.)

    America saw some positive changes during the Obama years, but also some risky mistakes in foreign policy due maybe to excessive naivete, and it's time to reassess what happened and put the party back under the control of leaders who know and feel America deeply at its historical roots, and part of those roots are that the USA was Never a 'conservative' political entity at its roots, although it has compromised with wealthy and conservative elements at times, causing social tensions or even clashes.  However, when 'progressive' or 'liberal' is 'redefined' and overextended into foreign control and overshadowing or co-option, it's not America anymore, and the foundations of the nation are at risk of crumbling into chaos and anarchy. Such "change" may appeal to the idealistic folly of a few, but it could cause extensive misery in a society already destabilized by foreign Vulkanus shoving subtly at America's doors or slithering in at night through unmonitored pathways.  Such manifestations are not an exaggeration of what a NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster is capable of, or even the reduced but still problematic HA=ZE=VU cluster already in operation in 2019 and continuing into 2021 and even a 2023 gradual phase-out.  The costumes, the drugs, and the 'virtual reality' 'dream world' phenomena are all risks of things slipping in that can cause huge messes (HA=VU alone, in worst cases). 'Driverless cars' means someone else is controlling where you go. Whoever might ultimately be the candidate, distance from, and exclusion of, foreign cults and lobbying interests is absolutely vital to the survival of American democracy and national independence of foreign colonizing interests.  It's not too late to correct any errors.

    Another comment on Vice Presidents: I made the mistake, maybe, or not, of not announcing this sooner. Charts without birthtimes are difficult to assess in full, although sometimes there are indicators so strong, even though missing the MC and AS and Moon, that are noteworthy.  I still will not call who the "best" candidate for Vice President for the Democratic Party would be, but will risk saying that there are very strong indicators of success at election and inauguration time for Val Demings. This is not going as far as yet saying that Val is "the only one", but her chart clearly shows good winning potential. Val may also be distant enough from Asian or European lobbies to keep them from interfering in her political work; something vital while Vulkanus foreign lobbies continue to press hard on America's boundaries.  After noticing those indicators, I proceeded to look at her chart via uranian methods and, as backup, also looked at confirmation via some traditional methods.

    There are also functional categories, such as police officers, pertinent to Val, that may be more important than gender or ethnicity, and this has been in focus due to the critical "bad cop" issue that must be solved -- for what society can survive intact when the public loses confidence in its policing forces?  Throwing out the police force because of the bad apples clearly invites anarchy, which is not a viable solution in a peaceful society; and most Americans likely want the bad apples Out, so the "good cops" rule. Val knows this issue well and has addressed it.

    First I will look at her directed and transiting indicators for Inauguration Day, the day that matters most, since I have pointed out before there can be "winning" indicators for all candidates on election day who accumulate a significant percentage of votes, for they are all winners, but some more than others.  In contrast, Inauguration Day shows who is "the one", although it can be ambiguous if the "losing candidate" receives some other honor or influential position on that same day, making them a "winner" in other ways.  Reality is that life is not so simple that everything is cut-and-dried.

    On Inauguration Day, 2021Jan20, these solar arc directions show in Val's chart on the 90 dial, looking also at 32nd-harmonic clusters (at 11:15 multiples), noting that, absent MC or AS or MO (i.e. without birthtime), the most critical personal planets are Sun, Mercury, and Mars, while the Lunar Node also is of significance for socially relevant events, and Kronos and Vulkanus (including their midpoint) are the main indicators of political office, and Zeus is the indicator or major choices or election:

    dVU=rSUPL (directed Vulkanus equals radix Sun): Development of personal political or executive power; Outstanding personal events or accomplishments. Push to the top, for highest potential performance.

    dAP=rMA: Apollon is often an indicator of widespread and usually favorable recognition, and an expansion of horizons, as well as increase of activities or work responsbilities.

    dPLKRPO=rNOVU: Val has natal Pluto and Kronos and Poseidon in cluster, now directed to the Lunar Node. Pluto with Kronos pushes for highest potential, and the highest level within reach, and Poseidon strives for objectivity, i.e. real "truth".  It can indicate transformations related to titles or social dignities.  I will not overlook that Hades is also there, but therefore natally also in cluster, and perhaps no chart factors other than Kronos or Poseidon or Pluto (each one alone, even) are prone to bring out the higher level of Hades, which is redemption through service and an almost visceral understanding of those in need or disadvantaged. Note how this indicates a natal PL=KR=PO disposition combined with Hades.  This is a woman who has the potential for high-level spiritual understanding, and with Hades, something she probably feels at an instinctive levels in her social interactions.  On Inauguration Day, it comes into alignment with the Lunar Node, i.e. her personal connections in public settings.  Such a combination is almost that of a nun or religious devotee, something she holds in common with Elizabeth Warren whose Inauguration Day indicators are also strong, especially per transits.

    Note, moreover, that all this triggers Val's natal Vulkanus, with the potential to boost her into a position of executive power -- in addition to the directed Vulkanus on her Sun. I have seen no other chart so far as clearly indicative of inauguration, although a birth time yielding MC and MO could contra-indicate but are missing without a birthtime for Elizabeth Warren; and I will here proceed to Val's Inauguration Day transits.  Note that if we look at traditional astrology factors like zodiacal signs, we see a Pisces Sun, which is an indicator of universal service and devotion that is only warped by dogmatism or addiction problems or other forms of escapism from reality.  With natal MA=KR, Val strives for the best in her work, strives for earned respect, and with Hades at its highest potential can be meticulous and unswervingly dedicated to service.  Traditionally, her Moon is in Leo unless born in early hours of the day (and then Cancer); yet near a Noon birthtime, MO=HA and so there is a humility that takes the edge off any otherwise Leonine indications, not to mention a Mars in Taurus that is so pragmatic that it has no time for drama or frills, and yet it =UR in 16th harmonic ("squared" on the 90 dial) and therefore is no stick-in-the-mud, and is willing to try new ways, invent, and go with the times, and guided by uranian intuition of knowing what to do in an emergency.  I will try to backtrack and go into similar detail on other charts, but I cannot dismiss her remarkable fitness for the functions required, per her chart, as well as the way she approaches political issues in videos of her in the context of legislation, as well as interviews.  Maybe a birthtime for her would explain why she comes across as someone who truly respects all people, regardless of their social condition -- something I would also say of Elizabeth Warren.  I suspect Val's birthtime would show a strong Cupido and/or Neptune configuration of some sort on her MC, and note that in her natal chart she has NE/CU midpoint on Vulkanus, i.e. shaping the way she handles political power, i.e. with compassionate social sensitivity.  When she speaks of her law-enforcement collegues as being "family", she probably means it from her heart... there is no flowery gushiness likely to slip out from her ME=VE=SA natal cluster, as she is prone to say what she means and mean what she says, and that to applies to political actions as that clusters with Vulkanus via 11:15 (32nd harmonic) angle/"aspect".

    Her SU=PO shows potential for great personal objectivity and the ability to see the facts as long as dogmatism or prepackaged "beliefs" do not obscure, and that =KR in addition indicates her personal drive to see the highest truth perceptible... she would probably make an extraordinarily objective judge, and her personal humility, signified by natal MA=HA, yields an unusual combination of fitness for political office. 

    Val's chart explains why she is more capable than most of being "cool under fire", without getting thrown off-balance into tirades, which may be necessary to handle what a candidate may be up against before November 2020.

   As America prepares to complete its first Pluto return, a momentous event, it needs leaders who have Pluto functioning at the highest level, i.e. Eagles and not Scorpions, Ascent and resurrection, not Hell breaking loose.  If we look at Pluto in her chart, and used 2-degree orbs for 16th harmonic clusters (1 degree for 32nd), we can quickly see on a 90 dial her Pluto =SU=MA=ZE=KR=PO, meaning a Pluto that is personally embodied in her essence, directed systematically toward the highest truths and principles with striving for objectivity.

    If elected, I suspect she would play a central role in Pres Biden's policies, and a composite of their charts, even without the birthtime-sensitive factors, shows potential for major joint accomplishments, even when slowed by intrigue or walls that will crumble under scrutiny and thorough investigations.

    Val's experience in Florida politics may give her inroads into cultivating US relations with Latin America -- something that is vital to survive the hardball competition coming at our country for the last 10 years or more from Germany and the ambitious Transpacific Asian Century network to wrest control of the global economy, obviously, by any means available.  The realities of Globalism Demand stronger ties with Latin America and Canada, and the competitors know that and have done all they know to undermine it with various tricks -- not unlike during World War 2, when the previous round of global fascism tried to bring the American house down, and details of which were once on the FBI website along with information on East Asian Axis subversion in California, for some reason, needing clear explanation, recently removed.

    At this time, Americans need to be proud of our institutions and have a thorough enough understanding of them unclouded by foreign propaganda that is flooding the internet recently and attempting to destroy Americans' confidence in who we Really are, at the roots; with the unfulfilled promises of our constitution and national past, despite the flaws that foreign agents are so ready to pick out and showcase while they shift America's industries, and even government (!) into foreign hands.  Some call it "investment", others "inclusion", and still and others call it what it really is: Colonization, i.e. regression back in time, prior to national independence and democracy combined with resurrection of the World War Fascist Axis power alliances now, despite 1945, dominating the world and conning and tricking and bribing, even shoving, Americans into submission and humiliation of natives, even in the halls of a government that began in recently years to look increasingly alien, combined with obnoxiously pushy immigration campaigns orchestrated from foreign capitals and banks. This is something that people who don't know 20th century history from an America perspective don't understand.  The dismantling and underfunding of public education, pushed largely by competing foreign lobbyists, has led to a national crisis, including a replacement of Americans by imports taking over critical national infrastructure, even national security, jobs, making US national security and national defense an oxymoron, while immigrants in Congress protest surveillance of new citizens, known throughout history to be the most likely sources of national security subversion, time and again.

    Ignorance of US national history, or its "redefinition" by foreign agents and their outlets, has led to serious problems, and it needs to be reversed.  Much of the mess began when the Moonies landed in California, ushered by a charming visit of Japan's Tanaka to Nixon, and their cults proliferated, escalated under Reagan and Bush. Other and earlier messes come from still-extant remnants of the Nazi propaganda machine, who together with the Japanese and Chinese allies, manipulated America through multiple high-casualty wars in Asia that made them into rich spectators and weapons manufacturers now rising to global dominance as America swims in confusion and full of their foreign agents that need to be thrown out of government offices, if not deported.  Fake passports have been rampant in Chinatown for at least the last 20 years, via foreign agents wormed into US government offices, allowed there by the naive or fawningly compliant (including via foreign cults) or those taking bribes.  The impact of the Moonies and offshoot cults and politically-arranged marriages and office-staffing cannot, by now, be underestimated.  The problem goes even further back to the end of World War II when the Axis powers arranged strategically for 'war spouses' for people in powerful positions or their offspring to function as agents of influence. In the days of Metternich, it was called "rule by marriage", and it never stopped.  Should it ever reach to the White House, America would be like France at the fall of Napoleon; who despite his demonization by adversaries, manifest the first democracies in much of Europe. America could similarly lean to failure if such problems are not addressed, and addressed now, with a deaf ear to veritable crocodile tears about 'anti-immigrant' stances or 'xenophobia'. Immigration lobbies like the slick Asian Law Caucus are playing dirty games, and they must be nipped in the bud, ASAP.  The ALC is now poised to co-opt the Black Lives Matter movement and turn it into another immigration wave fused with recipes for civil unrest, using Black/African-ancesty Americans as pawns in a dirty global power struggle game.  It will be up to the Black/African American community to say No -- while the badged rookies targeting Black Americans for their skin-color need to find another profession and quit underminin public confidence in police forces by compulsive or thoughtless actions. One huge mess happened when a police agency Very Unwisely hired a "White" South African to police a largely "Black" district, and it was another example of how immigrants should not hold government positions, a problem that explains Numerous instances of corruption, misapplication of laws, and blatant injustice. The native citizenship requirement for US Presidents needs to be not only maintained, but extended to All government agencies; and I would predict that such a measure put to the national ballot would pass, unless it's delayed to the point where immigrants run the country, which is called Colonial Government or Occupation Government, not far away in some coastal states already.

    When American schools teach children that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are were "Old White Men" whose remnants need to "Get out of the way", you know you are looking at a foreign-led invasion and revolution, which current geodetic alignments show the very real possibility of manifesting; via points of entry I have pointed out many times before, likely via stealth and potentially using concealed weapons arsenals.  "Civil Wars" have often been orchestrated in part by foreign powers seeking to destabilize targeted nations, sending arms into countries they intend to take over at least part of.  Kahr Arms (Moonie run) is a likely example; fits the points of entry,and interestingly lined up with some Falun Gong hubs; both with some ties to radical islamist networks. Americans would be wise to not idolize the "Uighurs", so close, in various ways, to the Taliban network, even if tricked by Chinese or Japanese lobbyists into backing them.  There are American legislators, even military leaders evidently, who clearly don't understand the intricacies and scheming tactics of Asian nationalist political lobbies, but need to do so, urgently, for it's another world and a different ballgame with different rules.  Read an unadulterated translation of Sun Tzu's Art of War, or perish in the onslaught of guerrilla tactics.  One translation is the 2002 printing by Shambhala publishers in Boston and London, and it may help explain why America lost both the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and has rarely come out on time in Greater Chinese political games emanating from any one of the Chinese-run government, states, or enclaves. Some historians even claim it was the framework for Machiavelli, brought to Europe by Marco Polo after his forays into Asia, and clearly emulated by Metternich.  One cannot win a competition without understanding how opponents think; and never assume they will always play by the same rules you do. 

    As for Val Deming, I am looking only at the astrological indicators and the state where she now holds office, plus her stances on Congressional issues. Top American leaders in the Democratic Party will need to assess all the factors involved, but I would not count on a Biden inauguration with Kamala Harris as Vice President; whereas one with Demings or possibly Warren or maybe others I have not yet surveyed in full appear more likely to win. With transits of Vulkanus approaching her Sun, and Pluto triggering her natal KR/VU midpoint, with directed VU on her natal MA.PL cluster, Hillary might be a winner if not for her reluctance to even run, There's a reason why her most strident critics are among the most nasty and mean-spirited politicos and commentators in the USA. Having such winners appear alongside weak candidates is not enough to insure inauguration, as the chart of the candidate is a deciding factor in election and inauguration outcome.  I find my observations convincing enough to state this after the decision made on August 11, but other data from other analysts is also to be considered.  If Harris persists as candidate, it's going to take some enthusiastic campaigning and voting on her behalf, with clear plans for the eventuation of Trump being re-elected -- as well as more intensive public scrutiny of why he would have Peter Thiel and Elaine Chao in his cabinet, and his cozy relationship with Jack Ma; not to mention ties between Chao and CAPAC advocates in the Democratic Party, which geodetic analysis may help illuminate more clearly.  Whatever the case, Chao and CAPAC want to Buy Up America after clearing the path to do so, and are doing it gradually, while the Thiel and Schwarzenegger and Merkel ties are poised to do the very same if they can, as they have done in Europe.  

    Where is America, and why aren't Americans, unquestionable and undiluted Americans, running it?  Pluto at its worst can mean fusion, absorption, or boundary-crossing by other countires; and with Vulkanus on the Ascendant, the foreign powers are potent, even if cloaked in Neptune and Hades secrecy and stealth tactics; speaking of witch, note the geodetic alignments of new data added for Wendi Deng (and her influence on Fox media), of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his global tentacles, and how American media has fallen rapidly to Asian control since Ajit Pai came to town.  Note also the conspicuous absence of mention of Yahoo's Jerry Yang during scrutiny of internet and tech control monopolies, and of who is controlling the technology flourishing due to Covid/Corona lockdown, including the burgeoning Asian and German videoconferencing platforms, including China's Eric Yuan's "", that are recording the various facets of daily interactions of Americans, and merged into lucrative and potentially culturally and politically powerful education and other servicing contracts.  Such technology could make previous concerns about internet privacy pale by comparison.  Why are the tech and media companies in the USA increasingly owned or run by foreign-born individuals?  Is use of foreign-made technology in American schools paving the way for foreign meddling in American education?  Ask Ajit and friends, and the supposedly All-American Presidents who installed him, along with Japanese and Chinese and German-born powerbrokers in military and national defense functions.  The foreign meddling wave was started around the time the apparently mesmerized George Bush, known for his curious visits to Atsugi Airbase in Japan, and old family ties in Germany during the Nazi era, announced his "New World Order" "vision" speech.  Is the revival of the World War 2 Axis machine such an incredible concept to study?  Bill Clinton was said to have released the data on Axis Fascist operations impacting the USA as he left the presidential office, and that the rush to make sure Bush Jr became president was partly to shred the most critical documents, and yet it appears that Clinton did not read the data on Japanese military operations affecting the USA, while the ascent of Donald Trump into office was followed by removal of long-posted data on Japanese subversion of the USA on the FBI website, followed by Japanese troops brought to San Diego, the US Pacific Fleet under control of a Japanese-born officer (Harry Harris), while geodetics show that the shutdown of Alameda Naval operations in the 1990s coincided with the rise to influence of the Asian nationalist CAPAC network across California.

    Is America being "Redefined" to be Asian?  Which continent are we living on?  Are there "Kahr Arms" or affiliated "Sanctuary Church" operations now in a city near you?  Is the German Wehrmacht/military still running operations on US military bases near you?  Where is America?  Not a funny question to ask as Pluto makes its return in the USA 1776 chart, but that Pluto does point geodetically to Chongqing, Vienna, Jakarta, and Capetown, and Schwarzenegger's daddy was not drafted into, but volunteered to be an Austrian Nazi prior to "Anschluss", raised his little boy to immigrate into America, while his daddy's various geodetics interestingly line up with those of Reagan's Austrian secretary Helene von Damm near Hollywood, the Nazi-trained Chinese "San Min Chu Yi" military youth corps (enter Chinese fascism), the founding of the Samsung Corporation, the Uighur paramilitary uprising of 1937 in Xinjiang, the 1938 declaration of (Fascist Axis) Martial Law in Tokyo, the 1939 Nazi rally in New York's Madison Square Garden, Sudeten German annexation, the Chinese Fascist collaboration governments in Hainan and Fujian/Fukien, and the 1938 proclamation of the Global Fascist Axis "New Order".  Interesting coincidences possibly pertinent to Schwazi's dalliances in Hongkong, and the popularity of Nazi paraphernalia in Hongkong stores reported in the early 2000s.  It is said "Chinese citizens don't understand what the Swastika means among "white people", which is more pure water buffalo dung. It should be remembered that if "The Moonies are Liars", that the Moonies were created by Japanese Fascist covert operations remnants including the Sasakawa network that gave an award to Japan-born US Pacific Fleet Commander Harry Harris.. And that one must not only read Sun Tzu's Art of War, but also the data on East Asian Prosperity Sphere covert operations globally, for they smell too much like what's unfolding now in US Pacific coast cities. Perhaps more critically, one should ask why the FBI would remove related data from its website after Donald Trump took office, as well as how much the Moonies are now fused in Democratic as well as Republican (and possibly other party) organizations. Americans have forgotten the history of foreign subversion of the USA as the push to "Redefine America" has begun, and that may need urgently to "Change" before Americans are changed into someone else's colonial subjects, naive to how brutal and stealthy our uncivilized enemies have been in the not so distant past, and how they remain similarly brutal and stealthy, but this time walking American streets because fools, or double-agents like Ted Lieu, fight to stop the federal government from monitoring them. "When push comes to shove" has taken on a literal meaning, including under Ed Lee's lingering "Future of America" plan.  Ed may be dead, but his spirit survives and lives on through his devotees and cheerleaders, who cross all party lines and are getting rich from Silicon Valley tech and regional rent hikes and "owner move-in" evictions starting 20 years or more ago. And when you see the Schwarzenegger set hoisting Korematsu institutions into power, there's an additional warning of rats in the kitchen and foreign annexation just like his daddy facilitated in his native Eastern Reich.

    Such messes could reverse before America completes its Pluto return during the next presidential term, if the right choices and international alliances are cautiously made, as today's social engineers can use telecom technology to implement changes rapidly; and the less American control there is over American lines, the more America could be turned into someone else's silly putty.  People can whine like transnational-media-programmed puppets about xenophobia all they want; the "resettlement" programs have been largely disastrous as practiced, whereas legitimate refugee crises could be handled in other ways causing fewer problems, and creating less risk of foreign subversion posing as refuge. And the foreign subversion is now real and rampant despite what foreign-run media outlets inside the USA portray. Without the funding for govt control of vital national security functions, the country is wide open to external control and subversion, and the foreign pushes for privatization (notably those of Wendy Lee Gramm/Enron and Elaine Chao/Foremost-Evergreen-NeptuneOrient trade control networks and manipulees, in addition to the Austro-German Hayek Austrian School zombies) have been slowly turning America into their colonial underlings. Americans need to study how those living under East Asian Axis military occupation were literally criminalized or arrested for criticizing their incoming colonial overlords.  It could happen here, and may have already started, including arbitrary private/corporate measures to censor information about foreign subversion; noting that such measures were already in place inside the European Union several years ago, written into treaties the public was not always informed of.

      Hades passing out of orb of its cluster with Pluto in a few years may lead to resolution of such problems, and while that may not succeed before then, the "inclusion" of Neptune in the picture in 2020 is relatively short-lived, so that some current political deceit and treachery may be unraveled in January 2021, with much of the smokescreen in 2020 coming from the Marshall Islands (Moonie hub), confusion in Denver due to foreign manipulation that may involve drug-trafficking, eastern Iceland, Kashmir, and the India government in New Delhi, now in a political mess that involves clashes among various parties including those historically tied to WW2 Axis Fascism in various ways, and which geodetics indicate may have survived, in part, in the Adaman and Nicobar Islands, a historic stronghold of Japanese Fascism and located between Burma/Myanmar and Indonesia, and reported not long ago as being under tight control by secretive pirate networks keen to exclude foreign observers.  Meaning don't expect India-rooted politics to be any more "nice" or artless than those rooted in East Asia.

    Pay attention to the geodetic lineups of the often functionally paramilitary "CAPAC" and its possible historical roots in Asian Fascist networks, despite its current and calculated "progressive" veneer, intent on bringing California and Seattle under Asian dominance while spewing venom about stereotyped and vilified American "white men in the way" of Asian "change" and "redefinition" of America, even using US military media to forment a weird sort of foreign-backed, functional "coup d'etat" while claiming to be "victims of discrimination".  That's one thing that Does need to change so that necessary and justified civil rights laws are not turned into gimmicks for the tricks of clever foreign agents.


2020Jul28:  Vulkanus Matters.

    The Covid/Corona Virus as well as the Asian (now including East China, India, and Muslim Brotherhood turf in part, and Turkey) and Russian and Ukrainian (at Peterburg, Kyiv, and Yakutia (nuclear bases?) and Amur regions of Siberia, power buildup are all accounted for by the Vulkanus=Zeus=Neptune=Hades cluster in effect throughout 2020, and continuing, minus Neptune, into 2021.  It also correlates with increased power of oil lobbies, potential biochemical and drug Anything, and air and naval power including submarine... and none of the most potent 4th or 1st harmonic power within the continental USA.  In North America, only the eastern Gulf of St Lawrence and the Anchorage-Kenai-Fairbanks longitudes in Alaska hold power potent enough to counterbalance; and if those North American bases are under control of Asian double-agents (as some may be), it does not bode well for any resistance to an Asian Century global takeover that could include Russia. Hindus and Japanese or Chinese in control of North American security operations?  Ted Lieu is hiding something under his inexcusable and telling protests over surveillance of Transpacific communications, and any German military bases along the 'Eastern Front' with Russia are subject to Germany's nationalis ambitions and interests, which are formidable.  This makes the USA Very Vulnerable to double-agent infiltration and subterfuge, let the crocodile tears and water buffalo dung flow on by as they may.

    Domestically, the fusion of Black Lives Matter with foreign "People of Color" lobbies and operations is of grave risk to national security, and so it is wise and in the interest of the American public to not allow Immigration Lobby Advocates (Asian Law Caucus, etc) to use domestic civil rights issues as an camouflage for foreign subversion, as has happened in the past and is happening now, and where Americans of African ancestry can be made the scapegoats for something or someone else.

    Moderation in Democratic Party policy is vital in order to avoid chaos in the making, and this means rectification of real social injustices affecting Americans without turning it all into alphabet soup.  You can own the biggest guns and missiles in the world, but if double-agents can sneak into the arsenal or control-room at night and steal or disable them, or own or control the ammunition supply, they are worthless for self-defense.

    America saw some positive changes during the Obama years, but also some risky mistakes in foreign policy due maybe to excessive naivete, and it's time to reassess what happened and put the party back under the control of leaders who know and feel America at its historical roots, and part of those roots are that the USA was Never a 'conservative' country, although it has compromised with wealthy and conservative elements at times.  However, when 'progressive' or 'liberal' is overextended into foreign control and overshadowing, it's not America anymore, and the foundations of the nation are at risk of crumbling into chaos and anarchy.  That may appeal to the youthful folly of a few, but it could cause extensive misery in a society already destabilized by foreign Vulkanus ramming at America's doors or slithering in at night through the open vents.  Such manifestations are not an exaggeration of what a NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster is capable of, or even the reduced HA=ZE=VU cluster already in operation in 2019 and continuing into 2021 and even a 2023 gradual phase-out.  The costumes, the drugs, and the 'virtual reality' 'dream world' phenomena are all risks of things slipping in that can cause huge messes (HA=VU alone, in worst cases).

    Cultivating US relations with Latin America -- something that is vital to survive the hardball competition coming at our country for the last 10 years or more from Germany and the ambitious Transpacific Asian Century network to wrest control of the global economy, obviously, by any means available.  The realities of Globalism Demand stronger ties with Latin America and Canada, and the competitors know that and have done all they know to undermine it with various tricks -- not unlike during World War 2, when the previous round of global fascism tried to bring the American house down, and details of which were once on the FBI website along with information on East Asian Axis subversion in California, for some reason, needing clear explanation, recently removed.

    At this time, Americans need to be proud of our institutions and have a thorough enough understanding of them unclouded by foreign propaganda that is flooding the internet recently and attempted to destroy Americans' confidence in who we Really are, at the roots; with the unfulfilled promises of our constitution and national past, despite the flaws that foreign agents are so ready to pick out and showcase while they shift America's industries, and even government (!) into foreign hands.  Some call it "investment", others "inclusion", and still and others call it what it really is: Colonization, i.e. regression back in time, prior to national independence and democracy but this time via resurrection of the World War Fascist Axis power alliances now, despite 1945, dominating the world and conning and tricking and bribing, even shoving, Americans into submission and humiliation of natives, even in the halls of a government that began in recent years to look increasingly alien, combined with obnoxiously pushy immigration campaigns orchestrated from foreign capitals and banks. This is something that people who don't know 20th century history from an American perspective don't understand.  The dismantling and underfunding of public education, pushed largely by foreing lobbyists, has led to a national crisis, including a replacement of Americans by imports taking over critical national infrastructure, even national security, jobs, making US national security and national defense an oxymoron, while immigrants in Congress (Ted Lieu, etc) protest surveillance of new citizens, known throughout history to be the most likely sources of national security subversion, time and again.

    Ignorance of US national history, or its "redefinition" by foreign agents and their outlets, including imported or foreign-hosted university 'think-tanks' and professors, has led to serious problems, and it needs to be reversed.  Much of the mess began when the Moonies landed in California, ushered by a charming visit of Japan's Tanaka to Nixon, and their cults proliferated, escalated under Reagan and Bush. Other and earlier messes come from still-extant remnants of the Nazi propaganda machine, who together with the Japanese and Chinese allies, manipulated America through multiple high-casualty wars in Asia that made them into rich spectators now rising to global dominance as America swims in confusion and full of their foreign agents that need to be thrown out of government offices, if not deported.  Fake passports have been rampant in Chinatown, alone, for at least the last 20 years, via foreign agents wormed into US government offices, allowed there by the naive or fawningly compliant (including via foreign cults) or those taking bribes.  The impact of the Moonies and offshoot cults and politically-arranged marriages and office-staffing cannot, by now, be underestimated.  The problem goes even further back to the end of World War II when the Axis powers arranged strategically for 'war spouses' for people in powerful positions or their offspring to function as agents of influence. In the days of Metternich, it was called "rule by marriage", and it never stopped.  Should it ever reach to the White House, America would be like France at the fall of Napoleon; who despite his demonization by adversaries, manifest the first democracies in much of Europe. America could similarly lean to failure if such problems are not addressed, and addressed now, with a deaf ear to veritable crocodile tears about 'anti-immigrant' stances or 'xenophobia'. Immigration lobbies like the slick Asian Law Caucus are playing dirty games, and they must be nipped in the bud, ASAP; no time to waste, as the Hordes have Arrived and are trampling, if not directly then by proxies or mercenaries.  The ALC is now poised to co-opt the Black Lives Matter movement and turn it into another immigration wave fused with recipes for civil unrest, using Black/African-ancesty Americans as pawns in a dirty global power struggle game.  It will be up to the Black/African American community to say No -- while the badged rookies targeting Black Americans for their skin-color need to find another profession. One huge mess happened when a police agency Very Unwisely hired a "White" South African to police a largely "Black" district, and it was another example of how immigrants should not hold government positions, a problem that explains Numerous instances of corruption, misapplication of laws, and blatant injustice. The native citizenship requirement for US President needs to be not only maintained, but extended to All government agencies; and I would predict that such measure put to the national ballot would pass, unless it's delayed to the point where immigrants run the country, which is called Colonial Government or Occupation Government, not far away in some coastal states already.

    When American schools teach children that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are were "Old White Men" whose remnants need to "Get out of the way", you know you are looking at a foreign-led invasion and revolution, which current geodetic alignments show the very real possibility of manifesting; via points of entry I have pointed out many times before, likely via stealth and potentially using concealed weapons arsenals.  "Civil Wars" have often been orchestrated in part by foreign powers seeking to destabilized targeted nations, sending arms into countries they intend to take over at least part of.  Kahr Arms (Moonie run) is a likely example; fits the points of entry,and interestingly lined up with some Falun Gong hubs; both with some ties to radical islamist networks. Americans would be wise to not idolize the "Uighurs", so close, in various ways, to the Taliban network, even if tricked by Chinese or Japanese lobbyists into backing them.  There are American legislators, even military leaders evidently, who clearly don't understand the intricacies and scheming tactics of Asian political lobbies, but need to, urgently, for it's another world and a different ballgame with different rules.  Read an unadulterated translation of Sun Tzu's Art of War, or perish.  One translation is the 2002 printing by Shambhala publishers in Boston and London, and it may help explain why America lost both the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and has rarely come out on time in Greater Chinese political games emanating from any one of the Chinese-run government, states, or enclaves. Some historians even claim it was the framework for Machiavelli, brought to Europe by Marco Polo after his forays into Asia, and clearly emulated by Metternich.  One cannot win a competition without understanding how opponents think; and never assume they will always play by the same rules you do. "Confucius",by comparison. 


2020Jul05 (updated Aug06): US Vice Presidential Candidate Choices:

    I was about to publish this on Jul04, when it seemed important to watch the Independence Day speech by President Trump.  First, it is clear that global political interests are set on creating a schism between 2 extremes in the politics of the USA, and it is not unlike what occurred during the divisive and turbulent Vietnam War era, in more ways than one.  In both cases, US policy in the East Asia was critical, and largely driving American domestic politics to an inappropriate degree; and the explanation of this has been hinted at before, while I will try to include a summarization of it below, all in correlation with geodetic lineups and repeating cycles. All while noting that the Vietnam and Korean wars both were fused not only with Cold War anticommunist politics but also Asian nationalist fusing into American domestic policy... Too Much. It is for this reason that any and all political parties in the USA running candidates for US President should be heavily scrutinized for attachment to or manipulation by political lobbies rooted outside the USA or in foreign nationalist advocacy organizations, including CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus, which the Ted Lieu circuit has recently protested surveillance of for possible transoceanic communications of critical importance to US national security (including both economic and political stability). Of equal significance has been and is the Schwarzenegger machine, often rubbing noses with Angela Merkel as well as the Sony Corporation network that have made his movies, and the roots in Nazi/Fascist Axis politics are not at all irrelevant or "old stuff no longer applicable". Adding to the complexity is the weird "Antifa" movement, which is rooted in budding Nazi Germany and was created with Nazi moles as a mousetrap to ensnare, monitor, and destroy opposition to the Nazi Party plan for the future of Germany and the World (which also included collusion with Japan and alliances it was able to drag along during the World War 2 era).  Where and how China fits into all this is complicated by the complexity of a (by American standards homogeneous) culture covering vast territory, and then and now again, polarized into segments by feudal economics that never died despite ups and downs since then.

    A survey of the "Men Behind the Curtain" tables on this website, explains in more detail how the pieces fit together when one studies how political and financial backing for the various radicalized players (both rightist and leftist and co-opted) line up with each other and with global political and financial power hubs (indicated by city and/or strategic operation centers including military bases), and that includes forces in Russia as well as the ambiguous Ukraine polarized by radical extremists at both ends of the spectrum.

    Note that as Vulkanus power has been amassing along the East China Seacoast in territories of China as well as Taiwan and Japan's insular Ryukyu military bases, and the Philippines (sometimes torn between the economic and military and subversion pressures of countries to its north, and its own national interests). Indonesia ("capital" of the decades-long "Bandung" global conferences to create an Asiacentric global economy using post-WW2 Asian mafia gold stashes, where Pluto hovers now) may well be under a similar dilemma, as may be a struggle to control the mineral resource fields and operations of Western Australia.

    Whatever the choice made by Joe Biden, it must not be any affiliate of the Asian Law Caucus or "CAPAC", as Trump's announcement of an election-time "Obamagate" that will showcase Democratic Party naivete about the inordinate influence of Asia-based interests on American politics, if Biden is to succeed, or if the USA is to survive intact; and the same is true of the Germany-based lobbies behind Schwarzenegger and Thiel.  It's time for America's love affair with foreign politicians to come to an end, or disaster awaits at the conclusion of the Pluto Return in the 1776 USA Chart, a few years from now.  The Globalism and Lodging of Foreign Interests has gone way too far overboard -- German and Japanese and Chinese military ops in the USA need to Go... Out the Door and back across the oceans.  This has been exacerbated recently by 2 important events.  One is the "drive-through citizenship" program of the "CIS", an agency mistakenly created by the, in turn, mistakenly-created and oxymoronic Dept of "Homeland Security" by the Bush-Chao Administration, which appears to be inordinately staffed with 1st and 2nd-generation immigrants.  What was set up as "Homeland Security" appears to have often, though not always, done more to weaken US national security via poor scrutiny of foreign affiliations, and note the significance of its creation under Bush Jr and his cabinet advisor, the Taiwan-born Elaine Chao (now in her Fifth Term as a member of the US Presidential Cabinet, despite being a foreign native, and more on that later).  A second recent event is Canada's expansion of a functional sanctuary program for Chinese claiming to be Hongkong citizens -- always difficult to verify due to decades of treacherous Chinese passport fraud on both sides of the Pacific, which could have worsened after the creation of the "Homeland Security CIS", one of whose stated purposes is to "expedite" foreign visas, naturalization, and passport procedures, now to the point of dubbing immigrants as citizens in their cars in a drive-through line, including handing out passports like halloween candy, "Redefining America" bit by bit", although started around the time of the creation of Homeland Security in 2001 (and needing scrutiny of the "Panjiva" creation/programming used to eventually facilitate corporate seaport trade interestingly aligned with the Chao financial empire.

    Trump's scrutiny of the "Social Justice" movement is unfortunately rooted in the unwise fusion of domestic civil rights issues with immigration advocacy, whereas they are often in direct contradiction in both political and economic terms, and this wrong turn was made as the SPLC and temporarily at the NAACP. The publication of information on East Asian Axis (as well as already familiar Nazi) subversion operations after its declassification by President Clinton made it clear that Tokyo-led "East Asian Prosperity" Fascist espionage and subversion operations tried to harness the NAACP to hostile (Nazi-allied) wartime subversion operations in the USA. Chinese collusion with Japan at this time was not uncommon, and any such manifestations within US borders would be an interesting topic for study; noting that it all contributed to Nazi objectives and the undermining of US Pacific Defense operations at Pearl Harbor, the Aleutians, Guam, and the Philippines, and defense of Australia and New Zealand.  The reports make it clear that the NAACP did not "bite the bait" for long, if much at all, but the cheese was was on the traps, and this has vital implications for todays "People of Color" alliances often run by the Asian Law Caucus and/or CAPAC (including those initiated at the Berkeley Asian Pacific Political Alliance's "Third World Liberation Front") in order to drag US domestic civil rights issues into their transnational agenda smacking of the WW2 East Asia Prosperity Sphere's ambitions in US Pacific territories as well as states.  A similar, recent fusion of Asian nationalists and their pushy Immigration lobbies into the SPLC has led to a similar mess, complicated by new leadership who have mixed the extraordinary legacy of Morris Dees on US domestic civil rights issues with foreign lobbyist propaganda tied to foreign economic and political expansion into Washington DC and US national infrastructure. More Moonie stuff in new attire. (All may not know that Moonies posed as Maoists and ran their own concurrent version of a 'Cultural Revolution' in the USA and other countries, infiltrating nominally 'Maoist' organizations, and in collusion with a sham "Japanese Red Army". This may still be going on today.)  Xenophobia and racism are two different phenomena with often different characteristics... they are Not the same thing -- whereas charges of xenophobia and racism and now "exclusion" have been utilized by slick foreign lobbying networks to divert scrutiny of foreign subversion or even dangerous and sociopathic criminal operations, including those of the Shrimp Boy Chow, Leland Yee, and Ed Lee networks..  One key example is when (way, way overdue) prosecution of Asian mafia in San Francisco for weapons and drug trafficking where described as "racial profiling", and pressure was applied to stack FBI investigations with more sympathetic operants.  Hopefully, such efforts did not succeed (and they unfortunately may have), but it is an example of foreign lobbies and their slick lawyers continually bending US laws to facilitate subversion and potential anarchy and terror operations.  No doubt, Asian mafia fusions with CAPAC and Asian Law Caucus operations will be a focus of any "Obamagate" that unfolds at election time and/or afterward.  For this reason, continued collusion with CAPAC or the Asian Law Caucus by Any American political party is unwise, and the now-ongoing USA Pluto Return may make this clear, as will the exposure of the roots of the sleazy Tea-Party-fused "Vienna School/Von Mises" political and economic machines.  That points to Schwarzenegger and the Von Mises Institute operations (the latter with interesting ties to David Duke in the KKK).

    IN THE UPCOMING ELECTION, as Trump's July-4th speech should have made clear, Americans need to stop using terms like "fascist", "communist", "rightwing", "leftwing/ist", "evil" Trump or Obama or Hillary-type personality icons, and focus on POLICY, period.  What are the issues and how do the candidates and parties address them?  Forget the party, the personality, the ideology or "-ism", as targets of dogmatic rants, and just focus on what is practical and humane. PLUTO is calling on America to do this, and Pluto always warns us to look beneath the surface for the inner workings and quit wasting time on shallow external appearances, or else there could be problems, serious problems.  A move into a new era and still-unfolding millennium does indeed call for dispensing with the shallow and the unfair, and going for the root causes and operations of all reality if Real Progress is to occur. And repeated observations of Pluto since 1930 have indicated that the dangers of Pluto are shallowness, crass materialism, greed, dehumanizing brutality, resignation to primal and unconscious emotions, and the risk of schisms into extremist polarities that lead nowhere but into chaos or even mass destruction.  Talk to your neighbor or relative who does not agree with you and Try to REASON with them on practical concerns... don't degenerate into cheerleading chants, because the future of America is Serious Business, something else Pluto is about.  Brass tacks.  America is Big, and if it explodes, so may the world.

    Geodetically, it is clear that whoever controls Wall Street, Long Island, and New England, where Pluto is and will be overhead during the Pluto Return resolution, and will substantially determine the course of America for the next 250 years.  If that's foreign, America will be someone else's colony, or clump of colonies, and the old Axis powers of the last century clearly want and need the "Lebensraum" and natural resources that America (and Canada and Australia also) have.  Russia may also seek vengeance for how it was wrecked in the early 1990s, thinking America did it all when in fact Germany and Japan were the main operators.

    It may be significant that "Mayor Ed Lee" died right after telling the world to "Come to San Francisco and see the Future of America", because it would reveal how he and his Asian mafia network, over a period of 20 or more years, have confiscated a chunk of America's coastline and prize real estate, and turned it into a foreign-run colony -- for his cohorts realized that such a visit would reveal the Asian "Sun Tzu" style organized crime strategy move to overtake and "redefine" America by stealth, starting at the west coast and moving eastward.  And so, please do come to San Francisco and see what has happened, and visit the entire city, every neighborhood, and not just the showcased tourist spots, and see what America under CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus rule is like, and that includes seeing how America's Silicon Valley is now Asian, and Sacramento is on course for the same.

    Much of it has been done by real-estate assessment and market manipulation, trying to turn America into a "Nation of Renters" paying rent to foreign landlords -- there's the capitalist China model in action.  It fits Vulkanus 22.5 to Hades in Cancer (in the Golden Triangle; drug and gun money buying real estate).  Equally potent has been lobbying, in part successful due to an Asian-run "People of Color" movement that leads to Asian control with mostly crumbs thrown to everyone else on board; and continuing Japanese-led WW2 plans for the Pacific Coast of North America.  The "Asian Law Caucus" lobby to staff the halls of government with Asian-nationalist advocates has now expanded to a similar "Asian Medical Caucus" to put America's hospitals and health clinics under Asian control, and staffed with Asian medical practitioners where expedient.  All part of Ed Lee's "Future of America" plan.  Asian-themed charter schools (Korematsu, etc) reorient America's youth with revised history of the USA and promotion of "redefined" American icons like "Chinese Apple Pie" and "Japanese Fried Chicken", and one will find among the revisionists those rooted in the old Asian Fascist machine of World War 2 as much as anything "leftist", despite their current pretenses.  Anyone who comments on this is accused of "xenophobia", "anti-immigrant" attitudes, or even vilified as engaging in "hate speech".  Perhaps the only solution is for Americans from states to the east to move to California and populate it before it falls permanently into the orbit of the Asia Prosperity Sphere, or of the pseudo-progressive-imagery Schwarzenegger-led motley German global empire that quietly runs the EURO Union power machine based in German banks and the German military, including "Nazi Greens" that infiltrated and co-opted the Green movement around the time Petra Kelly was neutralized by an old Nazi circle in Germany, noting that today Pluto is amassing money and power in the Vienna as well as the Chongqing/Chungking (and Jakarta/Hanoi/Saigon/Kuching) longitudes (capable of controlling America's finances for the next 250 years, and moving toward Hongkong, thus of vital global significance in coming years).  This means that America needs to be alert to financial ambitions coming not only from China, but also from Malaysia and Indonesia, and Vietnam on the rebound... and Vienna (maybe including German money shifted there)... and stop bending over backwards to let foreign influence overtake American infrastructure.  American money in Honolulu will also play a critical role in the next 250 years, and if that money is rooted in Asia (as much of it is and has been), so will be the US economy on into the future if Americans from coast-to-coast do not firmly claim Hawaii.  Vietnam, maybe still seen as an impoverished and war-disabled country, may be falling under Chinese or Japanese control, or both, and Saigon is the port city for the vast Mekong River region that winds in to the Golden Triangle shared by Burma, Thailand, Laos, and China. Saigon has long been a largely ethnic-Chinese city in an otherwise ethnic Indochinese-populated country, and the same is true of the Golden Triangle areas south of the Chinese border, including north Thailand.  Cambodia has been overtaken by Chinese mafia, especially after the Chen Chili gangster network was turned out of prison and on the loose there to run the "Peace Palace" and take over the Angkor Wat ancient wonder of the world for Chinese mafia.  The potential power of Greater China (including Taiwan and Singapore and Hongkong) over the US economy and infrastructure of the next 250 years should not be underestimated, by any means); yet, nor should the potential power of Vienna and the old Habsburg-banking empire that stretches into Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Germany, and the old Austrian Empire holdings in Hungary, Czech/Slovakia, Poland, and the former Yugoslav countries.  (Watchers of post-WW2 Nazism/Fascism have warned to heed remnants of the quirky Pseudobuddhist empire of Austria's immigrant Baron von Ungern built up in the Far East and stretching from Siberia to Mongolia, China, and Tibet; and aligned with Japan and Manchurian Russian Fascists in World War 2 -- who may be on the rise again in Peterburg, Kazakshstan, and areas of Siberia north of Manchuria today.)  If and how that remains significant may be worth study.)  The banks of Vienna may stretch into Russia and/or Ukraine and create the East European economic power bloc that Austria once controlled and wants to control again... a revived fusion of the old Habsburg and Oldenburg-Romanov empires, in part via the Russian Orthodox church, is just as possible as a resurrection of Bolshevism in Russia, and the never-ending German ambitions to control Ukraine, and Russia's minerals, industries, farmlands, and living-space (i.e. Hitler's Dream, partly accomplished by Katarina/Catherine the Great/von Anhalt) must never be forgotten as one assesses events in Eastern Europe.

    Americans had better get familiar with world history and politics (and not from biased and self-interested Asian or Euro nationalist sources) in order to survive in the immediate and distant future.  And understanding of how Metternich and Sun Tzu and Machiavelli operated can no longer be safely relegated to the sidelines as irrelevant history... they must be understood as the Guidebooks of foreign empires clearly out to Make America Squirm Again as it did briefly in the WW1, WW2, and the Vietnam War era.  There must not be any more Pollyanna or dream/fantasy/make-believe foreign-policy makers in Washington DC as America finishes off its Pluto Return during the next few years, or America is in Trouble that we may all see more of on the streets, and hopefully kept from invading our homes via domestic anarchy.

    Finally DOMESTIC CONTROL OF PORTS, INTERNET, ALL TELECOM SYSTEMS, AND MEDIA OUTLETS, are vital.  Fools need to quit SELLING OUT to foreign interests and controls, or America could collapse, and pay attention to where foreign agents are facilitating it.  That need not require permanent or full national isolationism, but clearly, more if it is needed until the USA weathers the Pluto return concurrent with foreign Vulkanus power pushing in on Seattle and New York, the Mexico border from Laredo to Brownsville, and the Canada border with the USA where Manitoba and Ontario converge as well as Hudson Bay coastline in Manitoba, from Churchill to York Factory.  That requires heightened, not relaxed, border and immigration security for the next few years.  Passport fraud, especially among the Chinese diaspora, has been so common that it would be wise to require all people acquiring US citizenship for the last 20 years to re-apply and be recertified by US State Dept or military Passport Inspectors, not motley "Homeland Security" quacks that may include immigrants helping friends and family flood in.  A little healthy "xenophobia" may not be such a bad thing, as has already become evident in much of Europe recently.

    The crippling of US infrastructure by the TAX CUTS PUSHED BY CHAO-CONNELL only follow up, per geodetic indicators and historical data to the Enron-affiliated WendyLeeGramm-Rudman economic program started during the Reagan Administration, also tied to the old Flying Tigers Chinese mafia network of Anna Chen Xiangmei Chennault, reported to be one of the witches who brewed the Watergate Hotel scandal and mess along with the Sun Myung Moonie cult, and the "Yellow Bird" Asian mafia network in Houston.  This all paved the way for a gradual East Asian takeover of US infrastructure, continually facilitated by the Sun Myung Moonies and their more recent 'Falun Gong' branch/offshoot sniffing out real estate acquisitions.  The port of Houston TX will need tight domestic surveillance and controls as Vulkanus moves toward the Ascendant there via 8th harmonic angle.  US Navy surveillance may be far more necessary than "walls" in deterring any foreign encroachments that arrive through Mexico, reiterating that Mexico may only be the "useful" conduit of transnational subversion and/or crime that innocents in Mexico are caught up in. Thus, it is in the interest of Mexico to cooperate with US national security operations, and the USA needs to make it worth the cooperation.  Mexico has a long history of being used as the vehicle and fall-guy of foreign subversion operations against the USA, and that includes during WW2 by both Germany and Japan, as well as by Russia at various junctures in time.

    An entire, disinterested and objective, book could, and should, be written on Chinese collaboration with the Axis Powers and their organized crime networks in World War 2, and their relevance to today, and yet one will have to wade through the plethora of lies and calculated disinformation manufactured by skilled Chinese propaganda sources, both in print and now on the internet, where Chinese agents are quick to falsify data on their covert "secret society" operations and political figures.  Through decades of inadequate military defense, China developed sophisticated propaganda, psychological warfare, and guerrilla warfare tactics that made it (and Japanese interests as well) victorious in Korea and Vietnam, and yet rooted in Sun Tzu's book of covert warfare tricks.  Drugs pumped into US troops in Vietnam, age-old Sun Tzu guerrilla warfare strategies in Korea and Indochina, and elaborate and effective propaganda campaigns in the USA, defeated US military objectives in Vietnam.  Could those same tactics be used inside US borders?  Not an impossibility.  Look at the geodetic lineups for relevant events and organizations then and now, and especially note how Japan also played the operations quietly from the sidelines, both then and now.

    Some say America ultimately lost World War 2, and maybe to that should be added the wars in Korea and Vietnam.... and look at how that overlaps with the Sony-powered Schwarzenegger "Grassroots Revolution" and "Redefine America" networks, nested in both major US political parties.  This is No Time to "Tune in, turn on, drop out", or smoke another reefer and drift off into dreamland while the guerrilla operations invade, and they have and are indeed invading daily, said in a nonpartisan and factual spirit on that issue.

    The Democratic Party needs to Drop the Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC and Schwazi's tricky "bi-party" overtures like hot potatoes, and the Republican Party needs to do the same, or Elaine Chao is about to become the de facto Dowager Empress of America, her affiliated banks already promoted by CAPAC politicians in the Democratic Party as well as Republican.  Pay attention to Chao's Highway 60 project that ties Norfolk Virginia and Los Angeles-San Diego together with Phoenix, Fort Knox, McConnell's machine in Frankfort KY, and Walmart control hubs.  Those ports connect the heartland of America to the Chao Dynasty's shipping lines (that should be nationalized and given to the US Navy to own and run) at America's Pacific and Atlantic coasts.  A Highway 60 turnoff also leads to the ports near Yuma on the Gulf of California and down to the infamous Port of Guaymas in Mexico, which served as a Japanese subversion base of operations in World War 2, by the way.

    Trump will win via patriotic rhetoric, despite the Germans and Chinese and Hindus and other foreigners in his cabinet and close around him; and Biden would be wise to show that he is the patriotic candidate truly For America, and that requires purging his campaign of immigrants and immigration-advocates and second-generation American rookies and foreign agents.  If Any political party gives in to manipulation by foreign interests or agents, the Pluto Return may be the Death of America, period, and not just 'as we know it', for agents of foreign powers want so see what remains of America to all blow up in a radioactive cloud of smoke or in a deluge of immigrant repopulation, or to take over America's streets and banks and industries and govt agencies, and efforts to do both have clearly already been underway.  Faith-based Dream-world policies and 'virtual reality' and purportedly 'driverless vehicles' run from remote computers, and America's internet and telecom technology corporations run by foreigners will clearly build and seal America's coffin, while 'American Pie' is redefined as Peter Thiel's Apple Peels, 'Chinese Apple Pie', and 'Ajit Pai' while any puppet of foreign interests occupies the White House again.  Keeping America Alive is going to require Real Americans in control of New York and Boston and Honolulu, and, via 8th harmonic, Los Angeles and San Diego, where the Pluto Return manifests most potently, yet recently occupied by Japanese troops, and heavily under the control of the Asian nationalist "CAPAC" until they are thrown out of power, and that's up to both the Democratic and Republican parties to do, together as one nation.  Note that CAPAC roots are largely in Honolulu, and that Fully American (no 'hyphenated' or dual-citizen) Pluto money and power in Niihau and Kauai and up and down the Bering Seacoast of Alaska (where Moonie 'fishing fleets', Putin's Taekwondo ships roam?) will also determine the course of America for the next 250 years.  The Pluto/Economic instability in America now is being manipulated and undermined from both China and Austria and Germany, Japan and Korea, and possibly also from Malaysia and the 'Golden Lily' Bandung network in Indonesia, and such impact could last for the next 250 years, as could financial manipulation from Haiti, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, or the Argentine Patagonia region with its controls over the globally-critical Cape Horn.  Japan's Military Bases are added to that foreign mix as Vulkanus moves into its East China Sea island bases.  Will South Korea be serving American interests or unite with North Korea, or Japan even moreso as the "Kims" of the North are slowly "turning Japanese"`and schmoozing with the Japanese-created Moonie political cult.  This is No Time to reduce US military presence globally, and not as a war machine but as a force for global vigilance and surveillance, fully divorced from foreign manipulation or controls, but ready for effective defense against encroachments on America.

    It may well be time to consider dismantling 'Homeland Security' and returning its functions to long-established and deeply-rooted US national defense agencies set up at the birth of the USA, unless the American public wants more chaos and anarchy under a makeshift quick-fix agency full of foreign moles and holes ready to pick America apart like invading pirates, as if that has not already started.

    See also the following entry, posted at nearly the same time.


2020Jun25 (updated Jul05): Critical US nationwide issues surfacing recently:

    Before starting I note amusement at the continuing efforts of a glib longtime cohort of the Astrolabe cokesnorter and stockbroker network to anonymously attack most everything I write with smarmy sarcasm, wasting intellect on fox-like snipes that impress only the shallow and intoxicated.

    These are some very criticial issues that have recently surfaced, or have made themselves more evident:

    1) For how long this has been the case is not clear, but this is of vital importance to people with US academic degrees seeking employment, possibly going back as far as 2000 and the odd political coup in Washington DC that merits continual study and put a motley crew, including Elaine Chao and friends of Peter Thiel and Schwarzenegger, in the driver's seats of Washington DC.  If you are applying for positions that require university transcript verification, make Sure you order a copy for your own review, and double-check with those receiving transcripts to make sure they are getting the correct information.  This may point to one more example of the problem of transnational corporations with transnational interests taking over US infrastructure functions, which began escalating in January 2001, and this could accelerate, until remedied, due to the federal tax cuts that, maybe by intent, have forced privatization and takeover of US infrastructure by private and and/or foreign entities. 

    In the year 2000, a corporation called "Parchment" began pooling and functioning as the distributor of US university transcripts.  Who owns that corporation and where it is based is not clear, but geodetic lineups may give a hint.  It has been discovered that transcripts sent out from Parchment have been altered, whether intentionally or unintentionally, even to the point of distributing transcripts indicating that people did not complete degrees which they did in fact complete.  There have also been problems with Parchment, which has been functioning as a sort of national "clearing house", sometimes refunding orders after delays, rather then sending out transcripts, which could destroy opportunities for time-sensitive job applications.  Some universities have ceased using Parchment and returned to direct dispatch from the university itself, as a result, as their involvement can sabotage or manipulate job placement procedures, whether uninentional or intentional.  In one specific case, in place of indicating completion of the degree, what was substituted by "Parchment" was a supplmentary page of unclear origins replicating a typical letter sent out early in a degree program indicating which courses remained incomplete. Parchment transcripts have also indicated the wrong university where undergraduate degrees were obtained.  Thus, the potential employer would be left with the impression that the degree was not complete, in which case (American) applications are normally tossed aside, and/or there is no time to call applicants and verify.  Or applicants may have assumed that the Parchment transcript was correct when it was not, and that applicants had made false claims of degrees on their applications.  After all, 'Parchment' sounds so 'official'.  The geodetic alignments for the founding of Parchment are worth noting, as those include transnational (and foreign to the USA) corporate complexes known for collecting and then controlling American national records databases, including for banking and medical matters.  Such power gives substantial control over US national infrastructure operations, and the potential to cause confusion on a nationwide scale.

    Add to this is the fact that, in the current transnational market in the USA, there are foreign-based private lobbying networks, even in public universities, that advocate for placement of foreign applicants as university teaching assisants or medical practitioners, and in some cases the lobbyists are university faculty members from overseas.  What this means is that applicants from the lobbyists' native country are likely to be given priority in university placement, whether as graduate students or graduate teaching assistants or practitioners (e.g. medical school fellows) -- i.e. foreign applicants may be shoved ahead in line.  This can lead to physicians-in-training being selected based on country of origin rather than academic or practical qualifications.  Having worked in offices processing such applications, I am well aware of the serious implications.  Increased globalization, as well as demands based on domestic hiring quota practices applied to foreign applicants, has logical implications, and may explain oddities otherwise inexplicable.  What results is the opposite of native applicants being given priority in placement.  Where Vulkanus has been hovering at the geodetic MC in recent years appears to be clearly relevant, and its recent and current angle to Hades is of course relevant, specifically, to medical (as well as pharmaceutical interests and medical equipment) issues. When the problem began is not clear, but possibly as early as 2000, when Parchment was founded.

    2) Also relevant to the current geodetic alignment of Vulkanus (politics and influence) is the fusion of domestic race-related political issues to include both truly disfranchised as well as wealthy "people of color", and I tend to comment that all people on planet Earth are people of one color or another, and that "white" is a historic term that might deserve to be thrown into the dustbin of history, as it tends to be abused by racists of all races, whether in sympathy or opposition.  In addition, the terms "colored" as well as "white" polarizes domestic politics, and are reminiscent of old Dixie and Apartheid politics, for in reality, all people are shades of colors all along the same spectrum, and the are in fact no literally "white"/colorless people in existence, and probably never have been.  What's more significant is what refers back to where Vulkanus is on the geodetic MC now, and how that explains where the current politics of race is largely emanating from... East China Seacoast areas, and Egypt and Turkey and South Africa, as well as India in the 8th harmonic... notice how the capitals and metropolises now aligned with Vulkanus fit right into national interests pushing the "people of color" politics in the USA while including along domestic minorities found politically useful as "allies", and how legal restitution for truly disfranchised populations are being used to gain privileges for "colors" already more than privileged and overrepresented, including those globally economically in competition with the United States.  It is important to include this in assessments.  Moreover, in the event of warlike situations or intense global competition, there is risk that real and problematic foreign subversion be casually dismissed as racial discrimination or profiling, allowing subversion to fester and grow. These matters very much in the here and now

    3) Further representative of the problems of the potential, and manifest, political corruption and intrigue of the still-in-effect, by 2 degree orb,  Hades=Vulkanus 22.5 angle (and to continue through 2023), potentially exacerbated by continuation of hypocritical claims by transnational organized crime networks of discrimination based on racial profiling, specifically pointing to East China Sea, India, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, as well as Ukraine and the western frontiers of Russia, as well as other locations with 1 to 3 degrees of fixed signs (and 16 to 18 degrees of mutables) on the geodetic MC.  Within the USA, the only potent counterbalance will come from Anchorage and sparse population areas near its longitude, and lesser 8th harmonic power from longitudes near Denver's and Cheyenne's and Roswell's, yet unlikely to be a match for the foreign 4th-harmonic locations, i.e. Shanghai in particular, with power from Taipei, the Ryukyus, and Cairo (with increasing Saudi presence including via the new Suez canal joint operations) now phasing into increasing global influence.  Thus, unalloyed US national security operations in Alaska as well as in eastern Atlantic Canada are now Vital to the USA as well as Canada; and the increasing global power and influence from Cairo and Turkey (and India) may put Israel under significant pressure until such time as Vulkanus reaches Tel Aviv, toward the mid-2020s.  Meanwhile North America is No Match without staunch and unquestionable support for counterbalancing US national security interests from Canada and British Naval bases in Atlantic North America and the Falklands. Sincere and verifiable alliances with India and Kashmir, as well as China and Japanese naval ops in the East China Sea, are now critical to the countries of the Middle East, as are those with South Africa.

    As pointed out before, US alliances with Argentina are also vital and critical, and have significance for sea traffic going around Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego that may escape the attention of many but be of vital global significance nonetheless, and the same may be true for Guyana, a country often overlooked but vital to Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico traffic and ports.

    For Americans to overlook these critical locations on the globe is pure naive or overly idealistic folly and potentially dangerous in terms of national security as the USA undergoes its 1776 Pluto return and while Vulkanus continues to bear down on the geodetic Ascendants of Seattle and New York City (and Montreal in Canada).  In other words, ignore the Pollyanna "xenophobia" rhetoric, and Get Real about the dangers as well as the advantages of life in the very global 21st Century.  Meanwhile, global waters remain rough until the end of HA=VU in 2024, and vigilant investigation and skepticism, repairs, and risk precautions are necessary to make it through the storms.  2020 election changes may not be adequate to resolve global problems, although they might help, regardless of outcome, since we are already midway through the long Hades=Vulkanus 16th-harmonic challenge, with some experience and observations under our belts, and widespread vigilance among the competent toward current problems.

    Of course, the whole world is affected by the HA=VU configuration, but, for the USA it is most critical due to vulnerabilities of a Pluto return, where money/investments from rich Chongqing/Chungking and Vienna can turn the world upside down, and the USA, in particular, upside down if Wall Street is not kept under American control.  A crippled national budget risks throwing America to foreign takeover via privatization, much the way Europe has fallen to German banks and corporations now likely to be shifting money to Vienna (Schwazi Land Flexyapowa).  That means that if America does not, in response, "flex its power" over the Schwazi-Merkel-BND-Siemens-Thiel circuit as well as the ambitious Chongqing Lobby of Chao and family friends, the US economy could tumble.  So stop playing the xenophobia-shame game and take back control of the steering wheel before the Schwazi-Merkel launched German-Japanese (remote-controlled) "driverless car" drives America off a cliff, or before Chao's control of America's air- and seaports turns America into Shanghai sweet and sour soup.  There must be a way to wrest control of the ships going in and out of America's ports under Greater Chinese and Ottoman-Saudi-Emirati captains.  It may be that the only US national infrastructure with the budget to do it is via the Department of Defense, and if that's in any way under the control of foreign contractors or double agents, America is doomed to fragmentation or stealth invasion and takeover, redefined into something increasingly alien.  Pushes for "diversity" in US military or govt involving double-agents or dual citizens is of grave risk.  There are real people wearing those halloween costumes, even if their identity, or where they come from, may not yet be clear, and Hades may well correlate with Halloween Treat or Trick (and note Hades in Cancer, meaning Cook Your Food well).  2024, a long four years away, is the light at the end of the tunnel, so don't throw any more caution to the winds yet, and a single election may not be enough to fix all, or too many of, the messes yet.  Extremist polarizations between the legitimate American political parties means no one has the right answers yet, and Pluto can in worst cases go to extremes before resolutions of outcome.  (Note also the infiltration and co-option of the Green Party by German military agents, no doubt relevant to Schwazi's ploys. The Green Party slammed radically toward the right when Petra Kelly died under mysterious conditions.)  Pluto transformations can be quite slow, but thorough, and can revitalize the extant just as likely as throwing it all in the trash.  Those who are under the delusion that America as a political entity is an inherently 'conservative' country are so far off track from reality that it stinks, as are those who are claiming that injustice is built into the system... those makikng such claims, whether extreme right or left, haven't read enough books to know what they are talking about, or else come from or "believe" the propaganda of another country and don't know the history of the United States and its founding institutions, as warped as they may have been made by the misguided from time to time over the last 250 years.  Or the unsubstantiated claims about American history are simply foreign propaganda broadcast on American media recently overtaken by foreign investors to a disturbing degree.

    Add to that the controversy over slavery, a dehumanizing global phenomenon, about which many are curiously overlooking the centuries of brutal Arab slave trade, the indentured servitude of Chinese culture, the brutality of Japanese feudal orders, and the various forms of human trafficking that have spanned the globe, and still do, and still scout for inductees today. The ugly truths about slavery in the USA have to be faced and acknowleged for what they really were, but to ignore the same thing emanating, past and present, around the globe is not only ignorant, but dangerously risky. "Dubai Ports" has historical significance for the slave trade of the past as well as the present, and how does that relate to how it got into Washington DC legislation or decrees?  Has anyone talking about the history of slavery in America taken a good look at the various human-trafficking operations across Asia over the centuries and still today?  Apparently too few.  That doesn't excuse any of it, anywhere, but it does point out what's real and pertinent in the here and now, including which foreign corporations are running the prisons under scrutiny.  People have been known to trade one slavemaster for another sometimes worse despite the alluring pimp-like overtures, bribes, and propaganda; and even the old Rulebooks point out the correlation between the HA=VU combination and slavery, in worst-case scenarios. Is it xenophobic hate speech to even bring up the issue of foreign slave trade and human trafficking still unfolding today, even?  What about the sleazy pimps who round up the "Asian girls" for sale?  Are those forbidden topics?  Or the connection between the Shanghai and Taipei Tong mafias and the 22.5-linked Golden Triangle drugs and guns and pimps, and even gun clubs, or Moonie-cult-run "Kahr Arms" customers on America's streets now?  American institutions, despite any of their foibles over time, look pretty good by comparison, overall.  But you might not know that when foreign propaganda floods US media outlets taken over by foreign agents and corporations, due to globalism and its shadowy side, a topic that deserves serious investigation ASAP...  like who has taken over America's internet and tech industries in the last 10 years?  Pay attention to that, or you may see your own country fade away like a globalist-manufactured dream turned into a nightmare.  It all depends on choices, the wisdom, and the pragmatic realism, of those in power.  America doesn't need 2 fools at opposite extremes as the only choices on the ballot.  There must be a rational choice for a rational outcome, and an unquestionably American president; no alloys or foreign puppets or screaming stage-players or token symbols just to look good.  Otherwise, watch America fall into colonial status under foreign rulers or their manipulees.  If in the worst case that does happen, there are another 4 years to rectify the situation, but they may not be bright and cheery 4 years for most Americans.  Study carefully how Schwarzenegger the show-dog and Thiel boy got to where they are, and how Chao and the Asian Law Caucus have gotten to where they are, for they are altogether the Revived Fascist Axis; and once that is understood, the path out of darkness and toward America's return to being America will become more evident.  Trump hasn't got what it takes to do it; his slogans are on target, but his policies don't match, and his makeup is wearing thin.  The foreign lobbies and lobbyists need to be thrown out of Washington and every major state capital, and that's a tall order, but doable.  America has to be run by smart Americans, for America and not some foreign-manufactured BS 'dream act' in 'virtual reality' on a 'cloud'.  Study the now core-reactivated and returning Pluto configurations in the USA 1776 chart to see how to do it, as well as the configurations of the Precessed transiting Pluto to the USA's natal positions.  It's going to take something like a jump-start out of the sludge, like Roosevelt died in 1933, and Reagan-praising Obama spouting Hoover's buzz-phrases and guided by advisors from Chicago or Stanford pseudo-liberal corporatist schools don't know how to do it either.  Based on Pluto's geodetic lineup, the right answers will come from NYC or New England, where America started, as well as from Los Angeles, 45 degrees to the west, from the camp opposed to Schwarzenegger (and maybe at UCLA), regardless of whether it involves the green rhetoric tricks he spouts about or not.  It will have to involve an American Green plan, not a German or an Asian one, and Canadians are welcome to participate as long as they aren't puppets of controllers or "gurus" from overseas.

    Will popular interpretations of Nostradamus have anything at all do with this or anything else?  Not to view Nostradamus as the final word on anything, the following is noteworthy, based in part on the interpretation of Henry Roberts and his descendants, claiming that all years indicated by Nostradamus require adding 32 years.  I will here consider both possibly dates, and "Nos" indicates in Century 10, quatrain 72, 

a calamitous global revolution in the 7th month of 1999, which would be 2031 after adding 32 years, involving the "King of Angolmois", which an interpret as a historic region of France of little significance today, and which Robert interprets as an anagram for "Mongolois", i.e. King of the Mongols.

    What occurred in July 1999 included two major events of global significance, pertinent to the conjectured "Mongolois" interpretation.  One is the opening of the "Menghui" website of the Falun Gong cult.  Menghui happens to be the last 2 characters/syllables of the Tong Meng Hui, a Sino-Japanese organized crime network that co-founded the Kuomintang Party in Tokyo (note, in Japan, as well as Singapore and Honolulu, not China). 

    Other globally significant events in July 1999 include a coup d'etat/hostile takeover of the Pacifica Radio Network that produced the "Democracy Now" TV and internet news-commentary channel popular among the American left, and the release of the film "Blair Witch Project".  

    If and how any of these events interrelate or not, to the "Shanghai Cooperation Organisation" (SCO) treaty between Russia and China, which recently expanded to include India and Pakistan, appears to be noteworthy, as may be Nostradamus's other quatrain supposedly referencing an eventual invasion and takeover of Europe by Russia (Century 10, quatrain 86).  Regardless of current or future ideologies, Russia and China are still sworn to mutual defense in event of attack, as was the case when McCain ranted about a World War 3 after returning from a programming session at the German-run Halifax Conference.  What has followed since then is a possibly intentional flood-wave of immigrants from SCO countries into Canada and the USA, even into govt posts, and certainly into tech industry and internet controlling offices, all facilitated by disgustingly naive American politicians and businessmen.  Perhaps the intent was to stop a world war, but one did not occur in 1999, whereas the 32-year adjustment  moves that to 2031.  Will the USA then be so full of agents from Asia that the course of events will contradict, or simply alter, the intuitive vision of Nostradamus, or will it be supposed that everything Nostradamus wrote was silly gobbledygook?

    Whatever the case may be, it would be foolish to underestimate the destructive capacity of both Russian and Chinese missiles should a potential or intended "world war" be seen as a solution to today's global problems.

    If there is a war in 2031, where will the astrological lineups be?  

Vulkanus (top control) power will be near 7 degrees Scorpio/Fixed, pointe to preoponderating global power in orb of Moscow, the Pusan military base in South Korea, Yakutsk in Siberia, Jersualem and Beirut, areas of Alaska along the Yukon border, St Johns Newfoundland, the southmost tip of Brazil, NATO facilities in French Guiana, and Japanese bases in the Ryukyu Islands.

    At that time, Zeus (ground operations) will be in orb of 29 Libra/Cardinals, i.e. locations where Vulkans has been recently, including Shanghai, Taipei, Peterburg, Kyiv, Istanbul, Alexandria, and Durban.  Moscow may start a war and use China as cannon-fodder, solving its overpopulation problem in rather unpleasant ways.  Centuries-old references of Mongolia can also refer to China, especially Qing dynasty remnants, as well as the Mongol/Kazak/Cossack traditional warrior component of the Russian Empire.  It is not likely that Russia will risk invading Europe without good cause; and Nostradamus interpretations have tended to indicate that any Russian victories, although devastating, will not last for long, due to the supposition that the USA will have revitalized, and will drive the Asian hordes back to Asia. It's in the whole world's interest to begin preparations now. Based on the various indicators, it's important to stop the potentially disastrous mass relocation games, which are causing more than solving problems, although anarchists and sadistic action-movie addicts may get their sick kicks out of it. Mandatory integration and forced "inclusion" and "diversity" may have worked well in isolated geographic regions, but on a global scale, with its vast contrasts and disparities, it's just leading to fragile chaos of a sort that "revolutionaries" and assorted excitement-craving anarchists may actually want.  Real life, with real people, is Not a video game.

    Pluto will be in orb of 11 to 13 Aquarius, and money to fund such a war, should it actually occur, may come from Japanese Yakuza (rich global war tech money), Nazi remnant colonies in Brazil (maybe), Yukon private gold money, or the Caucasus-Iraq-Arabia oil axis, with probable plans to stay out of the line of fire and watch the big superpowers "duke it out".

    In a global world, where countries still exist in reality, despite imaginary dreams, some countries may want others destabilized, and mass population influx may be one way to do it, or even pave the way for colonization and takeover, such as apparently has already occurred.  Note again the related Vulkanus key global power  in Shanghai, Cairo, Peterburg, Durban.  Are they playing a role in the chaos on American streets now?  Or on the streets of Europe?  Notice the similarities to the street riots and rhetoric of the 1960s. Connect the dots, and study the stars (of every type) and their movements. If you think all the Nazis and their chummy Asian fascists died off, you need another cup of coffee, and to throw away your opiate pills.

    Now, how many people still think that the changes Ronald Reagan brought to America were a good idea, regardless of his foreign policy?  Geodetic lineups for him and his bureaucratic circle are very instructive, and they point to the extended Moonie network, too often.  And now we deal with the consequences, and look at the streets, and banks, and real estate conglomerates while Hades hovers over the Golden Triangle, and moves toward the Bering Strait "dream land bridge", where Golden Triangle related intrigue, or traffic, is likely to manifest soon if not already.  Get ready to monitor the Alaska Highway traffic for hidden cargo.


    2020May21 (updated May30): The Neptune=Hades=Vulkanus cluster of the 2020 annual universal chart and the mess in US politics clearly points to the EastChinaSea and Shanghai-Taipei region, as well as Turkey, Egypt, and longitudes near St-Peterburg Russia, Kyiv Ukraine, the Manchuria-Siberia border region, and Durban South Africa.

    Comments in the astrological community with problems in the USA involving China were accurate to a point, but oversimplified.  The oversimplification likely due to a lack of understanding of East Asian history and politics, and of US Pacific coast politics, the latter of which is right in the middle of the 2020 elections, as it was in, at least, every election starting with 2000 (and lesser but significantly since 1980 when the Moonies and C&H Sugar pushed Reagan t he food and nutrition deregulator).  NE=HA=VU can involve, and is involving, potent political subterfuge and passive-aggressive tactics, Sun Tzu style, and quickly elucidated once one reads an unadulterated and unbiased translation of Sun Tzu's "Art of War". Lessons from study of psychological warfare tactics in the Korean and Vietnam/Indochina wars, Chinese propaganda, and even Japanese WW2-era propaganda tactics, are invaluable in unraveling what is going on not only domestically in the USA, but globally.  What's important is that innocent people from East Asia not be blamed for what the rich and powerful oligarchs, and even gangsters and spies, from that region of the globe are doing.  It was an error for East Asians in North America to hold to the oath of silence and solidarity about Asian mafia tactics, and yet known retaliatory tactics likely stopped the still-urgently-needed investigations unhampered by interested parties.  The use of brainwashing and "love-bombing" Moonie-variant cults appears to be amid the chicanery, and this fits both NE=VU as well as HA=VU, as both can refer to hypnosis, including of the political type.  Look to the locations indicated by geodetic alignment on the geo MC for central control centers of operations.  The Shanghai-Taipei-Ryukyu region is among them, and even conjunct in the early degrees of Leo.  Martial arts schools, long known as covert fronts for espionage operations, match the recent Leo "Flex Your Power"-type themes.

    A study of the geodetic lineups of organizations and power personalities makes clear that, within the USA, both the Moonie-Falungong as well as the CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus are pulling strings.. and that Elaine Chao is fused "across the aisle" with them, as well as some interests in mainland China, despite differences in political party alignment inside the USA, or in official policy stances.  Those alignments also indicate that continued past polarizations between mainland China and Taiwan and Japan are likely half theatrics, much as were pretended Chinese power-elite support for the Allies against Japan in World War 2.  (Review the 'One World' Chinese ploy with Wendell Willkie, who had been boosted into the 1940 election largely by Nazi money, and how many Chinese oligarchs sided with Japan for the "East Asia Prosperity Sphere" that was desired then and today is nearer manifestation than ever before.  Geodetic alignments also confirm how that has developed over time.) 

    A key point here.... if the Democratic Party wants to win the 2020 election, it needs to dump the CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus lobbies, and immigration-increase policies, from central roles in the campaign, ASAP.  As for Asian votes, you're not likely to know what those really are at the voting booth anyway.  Note most recently, US federal money scarce due to Shanghai Elaine pushing her fawningly obedient husband to reduce taxes on the uber-rich including her imported nouveau-riche immigrant friends, the Chao network's US (yes, US) Chao federal Transportation office for highways that link critical US financial centers, including the Fort Knox gold hub, via quicker transportation to and from US port cities (this includes US60, running from Virginia Beach to Fort Knox to Walmart administrative offices to Colorado River ports, as well as to Los Angeles via Interstate 10), ready to load and unload to and from her family empire's commercial ship lines. That highway needs to be staffed 24-7 by federal agents if not military or unquestionably 100% American electronic surveillance.

    Others have noted how the polarization over "Old White Men" and the tired "conservatives versus liberals/progressives" babble of the media screamers has played right into the Asian Century divide-and-conquer global push for commercial and political supremacy that Germany has also sought recently with the help of German agents in America like Thiel and Schwarzenegger, while naive American politicians have let all of them ride roughshod over the American public.  Pluto has been long known, on a socio-political scale, to warn of destructive internal schisms at historic roots, and the extremists of both the right and left, whatever they might be calling themselves now (including fake "antifascists", Euro and Asian), operate mostly in the interests of foreign-orchestrated sabotage and manipulation, such as was the case during the ugly US national schisms of the Vietnam War, the early WW2 era, and the US Civil War era, in each case exacerbated by foreign agents on US soil seeking to weaken US national unity against foreign subversion.

    This will be a core political hot potato as the November elections approach, and the more Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC people the Democratic Party allows to run the show, the more likely Trump is to win, due also to the strange unconditional love for him his key voters have despite Chao in the center -- and yet there remains the secretive Germany/PeterThiel/Schwarzenegger motley cabal doing much the same thing, with clear past collaboration from Merkel, all amid the NE=HA=ZE=VU global political chicanery.  As America's Pluto returns, where is the America in the middle of all this?  Have we forgotten who we really are, while being told we are being redefined into something else/new?  

    Pluto is big money, and the big money that shapes America's future came from about 17-19 Cardinals (including precession adjustment factors) during Pluto opposite the USA Sun around 2017-2018, when the choices made by leaders in Washington DC (or the assorted moneychangers of Wall Street) decided the course of the US economy for some time to come, whether the economy of New York (and who in the world controls it), China's elite in Chongqing and Hainan Island, Cape Town, Stockholm, Budapest, or Benghazi; and yet another shift could occur at the USA Pluto return, when Pluto is between 27:30 Cardinals (non-precessed) and about 0 degrees Aquarius (precessed return), from 2022 to 2024, and this will rule America's larger national economy, fundamentally, for the next 248/250 years. What locations will be involved?  Pluto will at that time be in orb of Vulkanus (literally opposite, between 2 and 4 degrees Leo). This will revolve around the longitudes of Shanghai and Taipei and Manila, and either the USA is on top, or Greater China and the Philippines are on top, and as things are now going, America is losing control to the Asian wing.  Western Australia's mining regions can play a vital role in the balance of power, meaning that Australia's control of its own resources there, and its alliances with the USA will determine vital global dominance issues for the next quarter of a millennium, and Britain and Canada's control of the Atlantic will also be vital to the outcome.  This is why I have said that a bolstering of the original Atlantic Pact of 1940, as well as of ANZAC alliances with it, is critical to the USA, Canada, Britain, and Australia for decades to come.  Chinese power, economic and political, Must be contained, unless Western civilization is ready to buckle under and submit.  Thus, figures like Chao and CAPAC are Major issues now, not trivial or to be dismissed as 'xenophobia' or 'racism', as the Asian lobbies are pushing to happen, and have succeeded at so far.

    Russian and Egyptian and Turkish power will also come to the forefront in a critical role, and the global alignments there need to be clear.  Russia and Turkey already know how to equivocate over the issue.... the Russians know their geodetics, too, as do the Germans, and Germany has quietly bargained with Russia to gain the upper hand while playing the old Cold War game of pitting it's most powerful competitors, the USA and Russia, against each other.  Roosevelt knew this, and was ready to slowly cut deals with Russia. Britain apparently knew the risks and how to do so in a more balanced way... the British military recently warned Washington DC that a "World War III" with Russia was a potential disaster for the world and especially for Europe.  Russia does not lose wars -- like a rugged bull with a Taurus geodetic MC that weathers the bitter cold unfazed, even temporary failures are soon overcome, grounded fixedly in the Earth.. and the same is true of all the Middle East. The best that can be expected is to keep it from trampling over the fences around it, only to find that it truly wants peace and to live in harmony with its environment, once left alone and unthreatened.  Yet, the Shanghai Pact is ready to unleash if common Pan-Asian interests feel threatened.  America's counterbalance remains firm alliances with the British Commonwealth, and German attempts to undermine that ultimately sabotage Germany's own national interests, as history has shown time and again.  If Germany does not take a back seat, it will once again be defeated after any attempts to push for control outside its borders, and the results will be disastrous domestic collapse and destructioin, and national humiliation.  There are those in Germany who know this, but others who think they can win this time.  Not so, per Nostradamus or the cyclical patterns of history.  'Der Fuhrer' is not meant to lead outside Berlin or Vienna, and the same holds true for its old Ottoman allies.

    Chinamerica for real?  Ottoman America? The next question then is who will own or run Wall Street?  The transnational lobbyists may be just as thick there as they are in Washington DC, and conveniently close to the Chao's Lattingtown Long Island network and the Moonie cult operations up the Hudson River that include a Moonie Kahr Arms "blessed gun" sales control center.  Is "Inclusion" including foreign spies?  Americans might need to quit polarizing over political candidates, and instead sober up, calm down, and discuss the issues and policies instead of throwing eggs at ridiculous domestic political stage personalities who may sometimes only be quisling-type foreign puppets anyway.  Control from Asian Hollywood?  Asian Wall Street?  German banking residuals?  The 2020 election is about who becomes US President, not who wins the Broadway or Hollywood (same thing, essentially) acting contests.

    More detail later (and below) on how Reaganomics and other Privatization-economics (Libertarian, Von Mises, Chicago School) have been driven (clearly indicated via geodetics) by the Asian Prosperity Sphere economists (e.g. Phil's Wendy Lee Gramm network tied to the old Flying Tigers China/Moonie Watergate machine) as well as German banks that have come to run the Frankfurter Euro Union.  It's an old global machine that hated Roosevelt for making the US economy dominant in the world, and making honest Americans like and trust each other again despite all the WW2 Axis infiltration and subversion operations.  Now, also, be careful that alliances with the well-meaning but disturbingly naive Peter Pan Trudeau administration in Canada does not bring his favorite Aga Khan guru cult into Washington DC as it as been mistakenly brought into Ottawa, noting the the Shanghai Treaty Organization now includes not only Russia and China, but also India and Pakistan, the perfect recipe for an Asian Century surprise to pop out of the birthday cake for USA Pluto return and trample the table down.  America needs Canada's moral support, not funneling of more Asian Century infiltration.  The potentially treacherous Vulkanus cluster has been on the geodetic Ascendant around Seattle as the obnoxious Pramila Jayapal MBA stalks and Microsoft is turned over the Asian rule possibly tied to current Vulkanus 8th-harmonic power in New Delhi, aligned with the Hindufascist BJP's Narendra Modi rallies at CAPAC Mineta Airport in Silicon Valley, and yet the Vulkanus power influx in California has likely been seeping in at the geodetic Ascendant of San Luis Obispo Bay or infiltration at Fresno.  Roots of CAPAC power may go all the way back to Mineta's mayoral office in San Jose and Asian nationalist operations brought into that city then.  Asia won and America lost Silicon Valley, and it's time to rebalance the power in America's favor. That means that tomorrow's techs need to be fully-trained Americans, not imported Asians, and that's in American's vital national security interets. Shut down Facebook's "Fwd.US" program and instead put aptititude-competent American kids in intensive and effective training programs, rewarding the talented and sending those with other aptitudes to do something they are more qualified and suited for.  The same needs to be done all across the USA, and the greedy need to quit thinking America can compete globally without making truly affordable education available for every single talented and motivated young person to rebuild America now. The country cannot really afford to neglect the unutilized talent of America's brightest young people.  Every rising economy on the planet makes education affordable to free for its most gifted and appropriately talented youth, and that is why they are the rising economies. Every young persons should undergo periodic, reliable, aptituded tests, with results records in databases controlled by the US government.

    (As a related issue, it recently came to my attention that foreign-owned corporations were handling American university graduate transcripts and scrambling the data -- whether due to incompetence, or in order to favor foreign applicants is unclear, but some universities are now returning to processing their own graduate transcripts and are dropping the unnecessary corporate operations where data can get scrambled, intentionally or not.  In one example, transcripts sent out by by corporate database operation made it look like the individual did not complete their degree and still had requirements that were in reality completed over a decade ago.  So, not only votes can get scrambled on big computer databases, but so can grades and records of university graduations and degrees.  He who control computer database, control society, when everything on computer cloud in dream world.)

    Locally in California, the Korematsu network (interestingly promoted by Sony's and Merkel's Schwarzenegger) is advancing the Asian Century plan, fusing public schools with idolized evaders of federal agents, and Korematsu teaching youth about the delights of "Mommie's Chinese Apple Pie" and "Japanese Fried Chicken", free dinners at Asian restaurants, redefining iconic American food dishes as Asian, fitting interestingly into the concept of "Redefining America", along with Asian-run historical revisionist operations like the now-Japanese-edited National Geographic, the now-Singapore-owned American President Lines shipping empire (Sold!), lobbying organizations to increase the preferential hiring of Asian medical workers, and the "Forward.US" importation of Asian computer technicians to run America's vital national-security-critical internet information-network operations. Japanese-run operations are likely to now be run from Ryukyu Island bases in the East China Sea, or possibly from remnant Japanese operations along the Chinese seacoast or in Manchuria, with Chinese operations evidently fused as they have been historically. These would be the hub locations of Chinese fascist collabortive governments in WW2, possibly involving some of the same old families, and possibly with agents in the USA all along. (Any CAPAC? And what ties to the Nazi network in Germany? APACL at the "American Security Council"?)  Republicans as well as Democrats have paved the way, and the most popular "third parties" are foreign-run, i.e. the German-run Greens and the German/Asian run Libertarians advocating for privatization that usually leads to foreign takeover, to assist in "Redefining America".  With the Pluto return on the horizon, America either revitalizes within and is reborn, or it gets redefined by some very stealthy and ambitious foreign lobbies rooted in the machines that put Adolf Hitler, and Hideki Tojo and his Shanghai friend Wang Chingwei and Manchurian Emperor Pu Yi in power.  If the Democratic Party goes any more foreign, it loses the election or loses America, or both since Trump appears to love his Elaine Chao almost as much as Mitchy does. If you think imported overlords are going to treat Americans as anything other than naive colonial subjects, think again after taking a look at California today and for the last 20 years. The destruction, or foreign takeover, of US public education is one of their keys to success, and "Zoom.US" is a Chinese-created internet platform with a useful "US" suffix, but it's not really us; it's America Shanghaied. Even Blackwater was trained by Japanese paramilitary trainers under Yasuhiko Aoyama. And the "Guy Fawkes Anonymous" fad was created by the Japanese "8chan" network.... interesting clue on where the sometimes-affiliated Julian Assange childhood cult may have come from, or what manipulated Eddie Snowden during his stay in Kuomintang-run Hawaii.  More globalism, anyone, or is what he have already more than Enough?  This is not kindergarten, and every culture on the planet has its slimy gangster network elements, now likely having a heydey under the NE=HA=VU cluster even bolstered now with ZE, and here's another issue: supposed "security systems" in America neighborhoods infused with Asian organized crime are being installed by martial-arts aficionados wearing the Black Dragon logo of the organized crime network (described in detail, among others, by Sterling Seagrave in "Lords of the Rim") that has run the Shanghai-Ryukyu seacoast for decades, worked with the postwar German Nazi underworld in WW2, and helped create the Sun Myung Moonie brainwashing cult... which means mock security to no security in neighborhoods towered over by dubious "Asia Pacific Research Center"offices that have taken over Alameda and San Francisco counties... California is on the verge of full Asian mafia takeover, if not already almost there, and CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus are more than complicit.  Does this in anyway fuse with the Schwarzenegger network's "Grass Roots Revolution" plan?  Is Peter Thiel involved somehow?  Merkel's forays in Malaysia and India?  The fragile but once-effective WW2 global Axis alliance has been revived.  Smart young American tech people on the streets around Silicon Valley have said, "They say we lost World War II".  Naive people in Alameda trying to keep the US Naval operations, minus CAPAC, from returning from Washington DC are making a huge mistake, unless they want California to be run by the Pan-Asian Prosperity Sphere now fusing in Hindu interests to implement the "Asian Century" plan envisioned in the 1980s by Deng Xiaoping and Rajiv Gandhi -- it's no longer not only infeasible, but it's In Action.  Geodetics, and local evidence, make it clear that that's who installed the "Sanctuary" political machinery, and is hamming up the Trump versus Anti-Trump rhetoric to trick the public into aligning with a full Asian takeover, with rhetorical "Inclusion" of spies and moles and Pacific island independences movements to topple US defense bases.  Look at the geodetic lineups, if you don't think that's what's happening, and pay attention also to how the primeval opportunist, and Son of a Kaiser's Hun, Schwarzenegger's quirky transoceanic tactics and his meetings with Merkel fit into it all. (And note how that Asian Century power might also be shared in Cairo and Turkey for a Vulkanus team near both 0 Leo and 0 Taurus. Add the power of the Russian Navy at Peterburg and any joint SCO bases in China, and All Asia, indeed the "Pan-Asia" echoing Graz Austria's Von Ungern's "Dream Act", and the iconic Huns and Mongols join hands to trample Western Civilization.  Europe and America's only counterbalance bases are an Alaska rid of Asian double-agents, a Tahiti controlled defiantly by a strict US-France-ANZAC alliance, Western Australia's mineral-rich Kalgoorlie region devoid of Asian Century controls, and Anglophone-controlled Canadian, British, and US bases from Western Greenland to Labrador and the Gulf of St-Lawrence, to the Leeward Islands, Guyana, and the Falklands... and cooperative governments in Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and powerful Argentina, all vigilant toward Asian Century takeovers.  Yet, Germany has proven untrustworthy at the helm, time and time again, in its unrelenting and stealthy drive to control the world... you don't turn the nursery over to the bullies unless you want chaos under Arnold and the Bam-Bams.  Washington DC was warned in the 1980s to not let Germany and the East Asian Prosperity Sphere remnants take over after the Soviet collapse, but too few listened, and so we see the USA in economic chaos, the UK and France crippled by Germany's stealthy pseudoliberalist and cryptofascist/neofascist "Euro" schemes, Roosevelt demonized by Japanese and German nationalists and their fools inside the USA, Herbert Hoover the pathetic Fool and transnational-banking-puppet idolized despite the massive disaster he created out of ignorance and primeval greed that led to the 1929 global crash and the rise of Axis Fascism, and people in power today who are too naive or infantile to see that and instead dazzled by "Dreams" and the treacherous deceit and quicksand of the "Virtual Reality" doublespeak fantasy/myth.  "Virtual Reality" was already recognized at Berkeley in the 1980s as a transnational neofascist hoax and a path to the collapse of Western Civilization into Fantasy and downfall, like a junkie lost in opiate-induced dreams and stumbling into death, blinded to Real Reality, mesmerized by an Asian-manufactured "Zoom world" wherever not addicted to Asian opiates.  The NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster now in effect, with Vulkanus power in the East China Sea at both Chinese and Japanese bases is thereby illustrated.  Now, where do Russia and Turkey stand in all of it?  What deals are they cutting with either Japan or Any of the Chinese diaspora countries, and where do the Philippines stand as Duterte struts the streets of Manila?  This is no time to be naive about the implications of an Asian takeover of California, and yet no time to be naive about the Neonazi underpinnings of German influence now, either... or about Schwarzenegger's states "Grass Roots Revolution" vision, regardless of how crazy one might think Trump's Chao/Thiel/Alibaba utterances and policies are.  Someone with a functioning 100% American brain and soul needs to take charge in Washington DC (and Vulkanus's Anchorage and Denver; and Pluto's Sino-Japanese-run-Honolulu, and Boston Banks and LasVegas Casinos increasingly under foreign control), or the USA is at risk of collapse during this USA Pluto return.  Some have aleady noted how the Chao-Alibaba/GreedyThiel induced Tax Cuts on the rich have paved the way for an Asian takeover of US infrastructure via privatization, and the results are obvious in California already.  Neither Vienna nor Berlin are the answer.  Only purely American financial and political influence will keep America intact, and the public will have to wade through the electioneering propaganda to discern which candidate will supply that in reality, despite campaign theatrics and rhetoric. Another German- or Asian-run "Tea Party" cult show is not going to fix things.  The only solution is level-headed Americans who are experts at crisis management, the history of foreign affairs tactics, and who are devoted to humane values and the principles of democracy, and yet strong and resilient.  This is no time for rookies or "hyphenated Americans" with foreign backing.  At this Pluto return, America is either revitalized  and fortified at its roots, or at risk of being shattered by invaders and thrown to the four winds.  Strangely like World War II, America's only chance for weathering the storm rests in a firm and strong and unadulterated Atlantic Alliance under Atlantic control (requiring a strong and undivided Britain), a French Resistance rooted in the mutual goals of the American and French revolutions, its control of Tahiti, and control of Hawaii from Washington DC and not the capital cities of the Chinese or Japanese diaspora (including Honolulu, the site of the Pearl Harbor disaster that too many Americans slept through).  That means Cancel Korematsu fusions into America's public schools, and throw the Moonies Out of government before California fully Belongs to foreign interests.  Get the troops from Washington DC in Alameda and San Francisco and San Diego; throw Japan's and Greater China's agents and cults out of the state, Deport Now; and do the same in Anchorage and Honolulu, Seattle, and Oregon.  Otherwise, the trouble is already brewing, and the riots now breaking out were launched with celebratory fireworks in the background, which should be a warning signal of the transnational nature of the polarizations over the death of George Floyd, which the Asian Century lobby is already exploiting in the many media propaganda outlets they already control.  Foreign powers want the real Americans turned against each other, and that's very clear in coastal cities where foreign agents abound... you can even see them gloat over the chaos that threatens the safety and security of America's citizens.  Some have even gone as far to call the situation a Stealth Invasion, and that is the case, it has been clearly facilitated by foreign and double-agents, some with big money, much apparently controlling real estate/property in America, potential launching-pads for subversion of any sort.  Add that to operations like the Moonies' Kahr Arms sales network, and what could be a more obvious potential source for chaos on America's streets?  Look further into the roots of the Moonies and their cult permutations, one of which is probably the Falun Gong, now trying to Impersonate America via its treacherous "Epoch Times" propaganda rag.  Interestingly, geodetic power alignments show up between Falun Gong operations and Xi Jinping's wife, and the Falun Gong's theater productions promote the resurrection of the Chinese Empire.  Their billboards have towered over the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area during the past year, and their cult zombies punctuate the streets in their weird face-covering hats that evade identity-detection by overhead surveillance cameras, and their weird rituals include what matches descriptions of the ancient "Gong Tau" electromagnetic-field chi-manipulation rituals. (Following incidents of Americans being functionally interrogated by Chinese merchants in the USA over innocent purchases of maps of China by American history or political science students.)

    Maybe the only time Shrimp Boy Chow told the truth was when he stated that Mayor Ed Lee was just as guilty of what Shrimp had been accused of.  People of Asian ancestry are no longer an innocent minority in the San Francisco Bay Area; rather, intermixed, are clear agents of Asian governments and corporate interests.  Some are interests portraying themselves as the alternative to the Trump government in Washington DC, and also falsely accusing anyone who does not agree with them as being in favor of a Trump administration.  In otherwords, a big sector of America is being offered the option of either a Trump-led political machine, or an Asian-mafia-run, or a Thiel-German-Schwarzenegger option.  No sensible American option is being offered yet, and this is why both the Democratic and Republican parties need to dump both the Asian and German nationalist politicians and lobbies attached to foreign interests, and offer instead a viable All-American option that will rebuild America as American rather than "redefine" it as an Asian or German hybrid colony or colonies.  The parallels to to 1929-33 during the Hoover-Roosevelt contest are remarkable, and just exactly what cycle or cycles is/are repeating now or recently?  One of them is the 90-degree return of Hades to nearly the same degree but in 'square', gone from Aries in 1928 to Cancer today. In 1928, the economic effect was on corruption involving manual labor and the concentration camps.  Today, in Cancer, its focus is on real-estate monopolies and rent exploitation.  In 1928, Aries pointed the banks of the Rhine River region in Germany, and today to the Shan States Golden Triangle region of Burma and China, along with the recently privatized PetroChina oil fields.  Ties between international narcotrafficking money and today's transnational real estate markets are well-known, but the same may also be true not only of the oilwells of inland China, but possibly also the nearby nuclear power technology hub that was built up in the mid 1960s when the "Cultural Revolution" cult was launched in Beijing (to the dismay of some ruling circles there, by the way).  The question remains if Golden Triangle drug/opiates (and today meth drug products, including "ecstasy") was involved in the development of China's nuclear power and weapons industries, and if it was all contained within the official borders of mainland China or not, noting that the same longitude also points to the old "Tannu Tuva/Touva" colony of the weird Austrian Czarist cult leader, Baron Von Ungern of Graz Austria and his interesting parallels to the new Schwarzenegger political empire (on very friendly terms with the Merkel machine).  This leads to the question of what German underworld ties are there to the Golden Triangle opiate/meth drug and now weapons-production network.  Enough guns and drugs for a "Grass Roots Revolution" operation in the USA?  If so, a study of how WW2 Fascism took root from the beginning, and unfolded from there, is in order.  There are political analysts who have written recently on the weird parallels with the Baron Von Ungern operation and his strange fusions into sham/pseudo/diluted Buddhist-themed cults that fascinated the ruling classes of China and Japan for centuries.

    Were the first 10 episodes of "Man in the High Castle", as they were originally (before the later trivialized episodes under different producers), warning of a USA under Axis Fascist occupation, produced as a warning of what was planned and could be unfolding at some level?  The parallels are noteworthy, and it was a warning of what to avoid happening.  The American economy and education system must be strengthened and fully aligned with American, not foreign, interests, or the USA could turn from being a melting pot into a Melted Pot dripped away into Korematsu & Chinese-Zoom or Schwazi "Grass Roots Revolution" oblivion, into pages of history written by German or Chinese or Japanese historical revisionists already active and propagating "The Future: America Redefined" with the Japanese National Geographic on the coffee table, Japanese Fried Chicken for dinner, Chinese Apple Pie for dessert, Elaine Chao as the waitress, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the sauerkraut bunny helping Terminate America with Sony phony/sham defense contracts that fools signed America up for. "Fast Track" deals -- don't they always have the same outcome?  Either the real America gets revitalized, or else America gets redefined into some weird and foreign-controlled... nationalized park lands and privatized govt contracts sold to foreign corporations or governments.  The Hoover-aligned crowd did it and it caused a Great Depression and the rise of the Nazi/Japfascist machine, but dummies forgot, because liars still claim that Hoover created FDR's programs, that FDR was inhumane because of camps for Japanese-Americans during rampant wartime sabotage and collusion, and fools still believe it. America's youth need to Get Smart, not get high, seeking entertainment that informs instead of numbing the senses and mind, because the global competition for jobs that keep America strong and secure is intense.  If it comes from Stanford or its "Research Institute" psy-ops it's probably not real, and and just more transnational corporate social engineering head games for guinea pigs, "virtual reality" that's Not reality, but manufactured dreams, i.e. fantasy. It would be interesting to know how much clout the Shanghai-Ryukyu Black Dragon mob has there now, with a little help from Japanese Marines brought up from San Diego to huddle with their CAPAC and Asian Law Caucus friends.  If your martial arts, yoga instructor, or internet provider isn't American, it's time to switch now, and not be shamed for it.  Either California gets reclaimed for the USA, or it may be forever gone, because that's where it's been heading, and the Tanaka-introduced Moonies cult permutations lay the groundwork, the Manchurian Falun Gong cult followed up, and the joint Asian military "Asian Pacific Research Center" is ready to finish it off with the Asian Century "Doomsday for America" plan.  Someone had better put a leash on the Korematsu cult school pushers, and find out what's at top levels of the San Francisco Bay-Berkeley Alameda County school district that ushered them in.  Parts of that network are so close to the Oakland Federal Builiding as to almost be able to control it, and security systems run by the Black Dragon Society may only cover up rather than resolve the issue, Transnational-run Trump stage show or no Trump stage show, the competing transnational interests linger still, until contained. The Elaine Chao and Jack Ma and Peter Thiel shows (plus maybe "Chinese for Trump", and its murky origins, call the shots.  It's not smart to be naive about it. Look at the geodetic alignments when the Alameda Naval Base was shut down before -- it was the rise of CAPAC and its control of Alameda for an Asian Pacific, unless it's rolled back.  Japanese troops in California may reinforce that order, and partly-Honolulu-based CAPAC is too Asian nationalist to want to preserve nationwide American interests -- it might be want to see America "redefined" into what was planned when the Pan-Asian Prosperity Sphere was planned prior to the attacks on Pearl Harbor, the Aleutians, and US naval defense facilities in California and Oregon -- not to mention Australia's port cities.  An underfunded US government, or a privatized Australian one, may be just what they want, or takeover via transnational privatization, like Dear Elaine and her friends (like Penny Ying Yen Wong) want.  What the new Asian mob doesn't grab, Arnold and Angie and the Deutschebank crowd will be glad to confiscate.  Hades is still in Cancer... real estate is clearly part of the NE=HA=ZE=VU picture. America for Sale, no American left a dime to buy it, and will-o-the-wisp Zuckerberg at Facebook will obediently import more foreign technicians to control the books and records and manage American society via electronic monitoring...  until such time as non-partisan, literally democratic, US government interests take full control.  Meanwhile, Facebook looks like a weird Asian/German blend, alphabet soup with alternating alphabets and faces that are only masks, and very pushy and acquisitive ones as well.  Zuckerberg is only the doggie in the window.  Whole controls his leash?

    And if you think the "China Lobby" (actually an Asian blend rooted in the old Pan-Asia and East Asia Prosperity plan of WW2) is confined to the Pacific coast or New York, note how they have fused into the US midwest via Walmart and Homeland Security points of entry, and into the Deep South via the old Soong dynasty phony religious Chinese and Korean Bible-sales network that helped build up the Falwell and southern TV-preacher empires.  Elaine Chao is the process of buying the Heritage Foundation whole, and may use Fort Knox Gold to do it, with a little help from Honeybun McConnell it's Bye Bye American Pie, and the Levy was drained off to Shanghai.  The New Eurogerman Reich and the Asian Prosperity sphere are "Lovin' It", while all that's left for America is gristle and Putin's smile, Silk Road drugs, Canada mesmerized by a Hindu cult, and Britain tangled up in a Euro-orchestrated spider web while the Euroreich tries to bribe Ireland and Scotland into leaving London open to another Blitzkrieg attack, and Paris trampled under German jackboots during a German-Russian pact.  Germany has never been fit to rule Europe, as history has proven time and again, but the naive of today forgot and think Merkel's ploys (in tandem with Sony's Hollyvood Scharzenegger) are the real deal.  Anyone on Washington who still believes their lies needs to retire and re-read American history textbooks, if they ever read one in the first place.  And if they didn't, then they don't belong in US or any other US state government, at all.  This isn't Germany, or China, Japan, or India, and God (the non-denominational God that America's founding institutions wrote of) willing, it won't ever be.  There are too many cooks in the kitchen already, and a danger of botulism in the cauldron brew. No Asian cults, no German paganism, No More Foreign Spy Fronts contaminating America, or else there are troubled waters on the horizon.  Relinquishing too much control of local conditions to those from afar has already proved to be a bad idea.  They want your land, your job, your intellectual property, and now even your friends and family via cult induction if they can.... everything.  If America does not wake up, US Pacific states are on the verge of becoming irreversible Asian colonies, and control of Silicon Valley and Hollywood alone, not to mention US Pacific seaports, is a recipe for the Termination of America; and Elaine's Tax Cut for the transnational rich could end up being the Death Blow to America unless something is done to reverse it.  Who's in Charge of Fort Knox now, and what relevance does it have to the Bushes at the old National Association of Manufacturers headquarters in nearby Louisville?  Kentucky is more important to US national security than the ordinary American on the street might think, but odds are the Elaine's multi-partisan Asian Century network knows it, and knows it well.. and yet, so does Greater Germany, just as they both did when they courted Wendell Willkie for the "One World" plan and Chinese "allies" cut secret deals with Tokyo and even sold US weapons sent to them over to the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy to kill American and ANZAC soldiers.  General Stilwell knew, it so the Chinese demanded he be terminated if America wanted their dubious "assistance", which was known by many to be false and to be watched like a hawk.  Fast-forward to Ted Lieu protesting US surveillance of his native countrymen living in the USA, and the picture should be clear by now.  There is problematic deceit and sabotage now in Guam, on Wake Island, and around the Ralik Chain in the Marshall Islands, and potentially in Vanuatu and the southern half of South Island in New Zealand, possibly tied to either Chinese or Japanese covert operations.  There is also risk of subversion western Papua New Guinea, and in the York Peninsula southward to Melbourne in Australia, and moving toward Tasmania.  Drugs could be part of the picture, even narcotrafficking fused with weapons distribution.  I've already mentioned similar risks in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.  While the same energies may be shifting toward western Kiribati and northward in New Zealand toward the Cook Strait. Vigilance is needed toward any possible covert operations coming from Any country in the East China Sea region or even the Philippines or Indonesia south of there... applies to foreign-funded cults or paramilitary operations, and cries of "xenophobia" need to be scrutinized carefully for authenticity, just as they should be all across North America as well as in Europe and South America.  NE=HA=ZE=VU is capable of some very potent and well-organized armed covert operations, guerrilla activities, and undeclared stealth warfare, and especially at night and/or implemented via air or naval or even submarine operations.  It's not something to be safely ignored, and a study of WW2 and pre-WW2 Axis covert operations makes it clear how potent they were in the past, and could be even moreso today.  A strong and tightly-controlled US Navy and Air Force absolutely are vital now to US national defense, with No ports abandoned to potential foreign infiltration or manipulation.  That includes close monitoring of dockworkers and land-shipping transportation operations to and from seaports and airports. Elaine Chao and her chums in Washington DC, or anywhere in America, are a Huge US national security Risk, as Ted Lieu has to know if he knows or cares anything about the security of Americans against foreign invasion, including from his native land of notorious intrigue and corruption.  He should have No Access to Anything related to US national security... None, and if legislators can undergo impeachment trials, it's time for one to start.

    It may be that all the recent stink over WW2 Japanese internment camps is due to awareness that investigations into Asian political subversion is underway, and logically so after the arrest of Leland Yee and Shrimp Boy Chow for weapons trafficking, which Shrimp indicating that "Mayor Ed Lee" was involved in some of the same crimes.  That well explains the mess, and the "Change" that San Francisco underwent during "Mayor Ed's" rule as both City Manager and Mayor.  And it may well be related to the "Change" movement initiated when Elaine Chao was in George Bush Jr's cabinet during the birth of the Dept of Homeland Security, merely picked up and carried on during the Obama years.  It's "Change" that some of us don't "Believe" is good for America, but it's Great for the revived Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere and maybe its revived Nazi counterpart in Greater Germany, which runs the Euro-currency economy.  Look, for example, how many grossly overpriced cars with German labels on them are made in Chinese sweatshops, possibly shifting to cheaper labor operations now in southern Asia as Germany's politicians and oligarchs nuzzle around the Malay Archipelago and continue to cut deals on the Indian subcontinent. Germany's global empire did not disappear in World War 1... it only disappeared from the maps but kept on growing by "unofficial" means.  For example, German occupation of Belgium and France and their colonies gave Germany the "Mittelafrika" colony it wanted, spanning central Africa from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic, and including the rich gold and diamond mines of the Congolese Katanga region, including German Cameroons, Tanganyika "Trust" Territory, Southwest Africa, and "neutral" and compliant Portugal -- not to mention German political or economic alliances in Turkey, Egypt, and South Africa.  The German Empire Never Disappeared, except on the maps replaced by functional puppet governments.  The same is true of the Japanese Empire in control of the economies and political systems in Korea and Japan, except the Soviet colony in North Korea that fell aroudn 1990 and turned into an almost comical but not funny North Korean Japanese yuppie puppet state with "Anonymous" Kim Jong-un as the fantasy star-wars captain.  East Asian military intelligence agencies are masters of hypnotic mind control, such as created WW2 kamikazes, and Moonies, and Soka Gakkai zombies, and they are today brainwashing naive Americans in California and possibly elsewhere to follow orders to "Change" America into their idea of "The Future".  Be alert to their fusions into the "Virtual Reality" and "Bluetooth" industries, which are fertile ground for brainwashing and reprogramming, and which could feasibly be fused into "Zoom" technology.  None of that technology in the USA should be left to Asian or German or any other foreign control; and all of it should probably be made illegal, if that is possible. Otherwise, it should be avoided, which is challenged by replacement of real-time meetings by Chinese-created-and-long-run "Zoom" technology meetings -- and with US govt funds curtailed by ChaoConnell's tax cuts, US infrastructure is at risk of being hijacked and controlled by Asian money attached to the interests of foreign capitals and corporations hungry to take your job and your home, as has already occurred too many times during the past 20 years.  Facebook has even helped them co-opt websites... this one was subjected to such an attempt a few years ago, stopped only by government intervention into Facebook's inexcusably lax security policies on anything not in their obviously German- or Asian-oriented interests. Part of why savvy American (what's left of them) tech people remarked on how "We lost World War 2 after all".  Now the question is, is it lost forever, or did we just have to wake up and notice the guerrilla tacitcs?  Your job and home could be next, unless the political climate changes course.  As the billboard in the subway read a few years ago, "Your dream job is somebody's else's dream job".

    America needs America Change, not Global Change. The return to national autonomy has already started globally, because real democracy involves what has been historically called "Home Rule", meaning government directly responsible to local consitituents, meaning no more Davos G7/X crap, and a resumption of gradual intermixing and fusion of the world at a natural pace, and the end of "fast-track deals" reminiscent of people shoved into cattle-cars and relocated like "hummingbirds" as the Ed Lee's slick Asian Law Caucus would have it.  It should be illegal for greedy rats to hold political office, and they seem to be flooding in with corrupt globalism and bandwagon follow-the-leader "Change" movements.  America may soon all be paying rent in Germany or East Asia, as the World War 2 Axis would have had it.  The song "This Land is Your Land" may be turned into the hymn of a fallen empire, unless something is done, and fast.

    "This land is your land,

    this land is my land,

    from California

    to the New York Island;

    from the Redwood forests,

    to the Gulf Stream waters.

    This land was made for you and me."

    (Does not translate; don't try it.)


2020Apr28 (updated Aug12):  More on Vice-Presidents and "Lockdown" overlaps with global disasters that can end if the right, and reasonable and level-headed, people take over leadership and steer the ship back on track the way smart and socially-conscious leaders like FDR did.  Those who have demonized him (usually foreign agents and their disgusting dupes) have led America into the same danger-zone once again.

    The previous entry of March 31 (below) has been substantially updated and supplemented. It's vital for Americans to stop playing naive about risk in foreign entanglements and immigration issues, or the risks may be grave. Put Pramila back in her basket with her snakes, Ted Lieu back in his fortune-cookie factory, and Arnold back in his Alpine hell-world with the post-WW2 Nazi colonies. Hollywood is being overtaken by Arnold's foreign agent friends. Get Washington DC back in control of Alameda and its parameters, ASAP, no time to waste, as the foreign-run cults are growing in impact, and it's wise to do in Hawaii, Alaska, and up and down the Pacific coast from top to bottom, with no hybrids in the mix. Canada is wise to do the same in BC.  Let hackneyed cries of xenophobia go in one ear and out the other. How many more cults and weird public incidents, and how much more foreign real-estate hoarding and foreign political lobbying does it take to smell the coffee?  There are bad apples in the basket from the boat, and some of the biggest ones have been there for decades.  Quit playing Pollyanna.  Now, to fill out in detail later... I have found no clear birth time for Elizabeth Warren except one published rectified time that is unconvincing.  What is noteworthy is that she has numerous powerful transiting lineups in the 90 dial that would be favorable for holding a high-level political office in January 2021.  My perception is that her campaign was poorly run and put her in a bad light; i.e. it was the campaign and not her that failed earlier in the year, and any joint efforts with Biden should shift to different alliances, paying close attention to the geodetic locality alignments of the potent NE=HA=VU cluster now.  But the Democratic Party should not let anyone under CAPAC control run with Biden, and he should be fully cognizant of their treacherous machinations on the Pacific coast and in Hawaii and maybe Alaska... certainly the Moonie "fishing fleets" with who knows what below deck (such as Ted Lieu's friends he doesn't want spied on?)

    Democrats will lose if run by CAPAC or other Asian Lobby elements, often bi-partisan, aisle-reachers, and indifferent to American political party politics, and it will be a hot political campaign issue, high-risk.  This is no time to take risks on ambivalent transnational involvements, overt or covert, in government campaigns, agencies, or contracts.  How American was and is the Dept of Homeland Security?  Warren might make a strong vice-presidential candidate, if she won't kowtow to Asia... look at the 90-dial lineups involving her Sun and natal and the potent transiting Vulkanus and Kronos, and which locations among the Vulkanus lineups are affecting every candidate running for US President. Yet, Hillary might also, and she too must not kowtow or it will lose the election. Let Pramila and imported friends scream and yell and speak tongues as they will.  America's independence and US government accountability to America's population and democratic institutions are on the line in a time of potent globalist machinations and chicanery and transnational subversion, especially as Zeus is also at 11:15 angle and fused with the NE=HA=VU now, and this applies to every single canditate in the presidential a well as congressional elections, national, state, and local.  When America's longtime veterans are bumped for immigrants, something is severely wrong in government.

    Foreign global power hubs outside the USA continue to include the old G7/8 network set up by German politicians, as well as the Shanghai Treaty Organization rooted in China and Russia but now extended into India and Pakistan; and now overt or covert Japanese alliances (APACL, Moonies, etc) building up with Japan's remilitarization, Vulkanus reaching their East China Sea Ryukyu bases, and recent Japanese troop operations and affiliations in every Pacific state including California, Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, and Oregon while foreign Vulkanus power presses down on Seattle, Portland, New York, and also Vancouver and Ottawa and Puerto Rico, and Laredo and Brownsville in Texas, and Winnipeg and Fort Nelson in Manitoba. Too much Asia and Europe and not enough America in America.  No candidate who doesn't recognize this is not fit to handle the USA's upcoming Pluto return without creating a disaster, and that means focus on Policy and not Trump's empty hot rhetoric while he takes orders from Elaine Chao and Peter Thiel like a screaming Quisling puppet handing America over to Asian and German or other foreign privatizers and contractors, which Democrats must not do either. Canada's national security all around Hudson's Bay is also vulnerable, including remote coastlines -- any US or Canadian location near Ascendants at 1:30 Fixed, 16:30 Mutable, and even 9 Cardinal and 13 Fixed (in 8th harmonic) and 20:15 Cardinal, 5:15 Mutable, 12:45 Fixed, and 27:45 Mutable, where each nation is vulnerable to foreign covert operations, including covert submarine or drone operations in every state and territory and military base.  These locations (some of which mentioned in earlier blog entries) remain of Critical US national security significance throughout 2020, allowing for at least 1 degree orb to either side. Every US election since 2000 should make it clear how vital it is to be aware of foreign lobbying, influence, and meddling in US elections and its potential impact, now more likely than ever to be covert and maybe even involve drugging or narcotrafficking networks, including pill dispensation.  As political analysts warned in the late 1980s, pay attention to which transnational agencies were involved in the Russia shift of the era around 1990, and their potential to create a similar "quiet revolution" in the USA, or Canada, now, including via subtle but potent Neptune and Hades-type means in 2020. Wherever drugs, legal or illegal, are in the picture, watch out.

    With America's Pluto return in orb, the impact can last another 250 years into the future, and if it's Not American, it's Not America anymore.  Geodetics make it clear that we all need to scrutinize closely what's in the fuzzy-outlined "Sanctuary" movement and operations, and yet take appropriate action with regard for humanitarian values and resultant karmic consequences... there are almost certainly transnationally-manipulated cults and psy-ops in the picture there, like recurrences of Jonestown and Symbionese-era as well as Survivalist, Neoconfederate, and McVeigh-type zombie cults in some states, manipulated from overseas and designed to create domestic chaos favorable to foreign subversion or takeover.  We need urgently to know what people like East China's Ted Lieu have to hide when they protest US surveillance of foreign interchanges, and who inside US borders are making fake passports and IDs on the sly, such as what was happening among US passport contractors all the way back at least to the early 2000s, including around Chinatown-run operations and apparently also involving foreign-run puppet cults and Russian agents already in motion.  The current NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster is absolutely No Time to be naive about the potency and scope of international espionage, intrigue, and covert operations, including political as well as fake-church "religious" or "faith-based" cults and fronts. Clearly, the 'Anonymous/Guy Fawkes' full-face-masked operations are involved among other elements, and those use innocents who are unaware of what 'adventure' they are being lured, or even bribed, into.  

    There have been cultish instances where Americans are brainwashed to carry out operations clearly run by foreign agents and agencies, including, but logically not exclusively, those from the Greater East Asia diaspora... people tricked into messes and used as fall-guys/gals, even in remote interior areas of the USA.  In California alone, Yakuza-mob-affiliate networks are installing security systems therefore of dubious value and capable of covering up Asian mafia operations that may be fused with covert military or paramilitary ops, as Asian ops often are, and that includes near to Asia-Pacific Research Center operations near federal buildings.  Those naive about the potential for subversion, including psy-ops and brainwashed cults, among sometimes cultish 'Sanctuary' operations, are utter fools. Those allowing foreign agents and operations on US soil are fools.  They are all capable of creating chaos and anarchy Now, and already beginning, and they involve body-slamming, false frameups, and false defamation campaigns against critics, among other tactics. Americans need to stick together, no matter how much polarized by often foreign-run domestic campaigns including those promoting chaotic immigration and border-melting policies (slammed into action as 911 was unfolding, by the way, like Jayapal's operations).  The presidential campaigns need to stick to criticism of policies and stay away from warlike personality demonizations divorced from addressing Why, logically, it is that candidates are supposedly in error based on specific actions or policies... no more Evil Trump, Crooked Hillary, or Bad Obama kindergarten playground prattle.  We need to talk about Why a policy or leader is right or wrong, not whether they resemble God or the Devil.

    Continued democracy requires reason and sensibility... a cool head in hot times globally. The ability to explain what you think and why you think it. This is not the time for parties or playground games or peepee-doodoo namecalling games; it Is the time for deeper principles and awareness, seeking of wisdom.  No more party dogma. Speak to the issues, like survival, security, and the preservation of democracy and humane societies.. like Roosevelt did.  Basics. Food on the table and the fair deal that America's founding institutions promised. Start creating stability and stop creating chaos.  "Think globally and act locally" continues to be a sound and possibly perennial guideline. Complete isolation is not viable, but neither is sloppy chaos, caution thrown to the winds, or imported wolves in sheep's clothing all over the living room.  It's time for moderation between the extremes, as is usually the case under Pluto transits like the Big One that America is undergoing now and for the next several years.  It's going to take a smart and savvy Roosevelt-type to do it. Nothing less, and No Bozos or rookies, for sure. Hoover and Stanford game and pretenses are not only Not going to fix the current mess, but have in fact made it the mess it is.  And solutions coming from overseas are in the interests of overseas. CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus have some Very Very Slick lawyers and MBAs importing voters via immigration and "sanctuary" to increase their influence and "redefine America" as something other than American, and the same is true of Peter Thiel's more quiet Pangermanist lobby that appears to have been teamed with Schwarzenegger for New World Axis and some weird German-manufactured "Grass Roots Revolution" that sounds like his daddy's Nazi involvements.  America is being dismantled just like Russia was in 1990, when some but not enough media of that era warned us, but too few listened, and now we have Trumpets blaring discord, or nonsense, and a national budget sabotaged by the Greater Chao network's Charlie McCarthy puppet from Kentucky.  Seriously, no joke, the Foremost shipping lines need to be nationalized by the US military, noting how our national US President Lines were sold to Singapore while America's head was turned and Japanese were taking over San Diego and Anchorage, and a Sino-Japanese alliance consolidated full control of Honolulu via CAPAC agents needing to be reeled in and scrutinized heavily by Washington DC.

    The current administration showed Saturn front and center in the 2017 inauguration chart, and that was either the sobriety and stability hopefully coming from American monitors in the White House like John Kelly, or else the shallow materialism and greed of Saturn at its lowest functioning level by the obvious.

    Americans who left California due to the messes of recent decades need to organize and return, for America's sake. A big challenge will be to raise the money together to buy back the real estate grossly inflated by CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus lobbyists and real estate vultures, and Thiel's and Schwarzenegger's friends in Greater Germany... the rich, greedy Immigrants trying to take over America, the Real immigration problems. If that's not done, California may be sold down the Pacific current and ready to float away to the new Shanghai-Tokyo Axis "rising in the East" while the sun sets in the American West, all facilitated by CAPAC agents in Honolulu quietly echoing the "Give Hawaii to Japan" cult of the WW2-era Japanese Fascist machine.  If the Democratic Party doesn't quit yielding to Pramila and friends, America may all go from No Child Left Behind (which has interesting geodetic lineups) to No America Left Behind.  Asia is Not the Answer for America.  The cute Buddhas and spicy restaurant dishes are only the surface of something much uglier underneath, and they are losing their appeal rapidly, as their entrepreneurs and investors trample America underfoot; while similar problems emanate from the mistakenly idolized Germany's Merkel, Thiel, and Schwarzenegger. It's Vulkanus combined with Neptune-Hades stealth in manifestation, sharpend by Zeus added in 2020. This will become more clear by 2021, when Neptune passes on out of the cluster, and hopefully that's not too late to fix. I just noticed how the nice-sounding "Hate Free Zone" movement was started by the Pramila Jayapal network in Seattle as the fallout from 911 was unfolding on Washington, out of fear of American public backlash on potentially complicit agents, and it escalated into aggressive immigration and naturalization pushes still continuing almost non-stop, while the Vulkanus at Shanghai unites by 8th harmonic cluster now with New Delhi and Kashmir, and and China's Xi Jinping vows to continue with Deng Xiaoping's "Asian Century" policy, still touted at recent Asian economic conferences, and designed to unite China with India, Taiwan, Japan, and Middle East allies -- all while Vulkanus has been pressing down on Seattle under the force and clamor of CAPAC lobbying.  The parallels with the WW2 fascist Pan-Asian plan, and extension of the East Asia Prosperity plan developed in Tokyo, Manchuria, fascist-friendly Beijing and Shanghai, along with a Pan-Pacific plan that smelled like today's microwaved TPP, are noteworthy.  Don't wake up too late to see the light, as Schwarznegger sallies to Hongkong and his cohort Merkel to Malaysia and Tokyo, and also the New Russia's Putin, to cut deals we intentionally aren't given the details of.... while most of America sleeps, mesmerized by the tricks and meddling of foreign "advisors", or doesn't pay attention to what's happening on the other side of the planet, which is not safe to do anymore.

    Americans must not  be naive about how the rest of the world has its politics, too, and some of it well-seasoned with very old and practiced recipes that the foreign advisors in Washington may not tell America about when it involves their foreign homelands, and East China's Ted Lieu shames America for wanting to know what his cousins back home with American investments are talking about as the Transpacific plans unfold and Americans in California have been slowly knocked over like bowling pins or shoved out onto the street for the last 20 years as the Asian Law Caucus lobbies manipulate the real-estate market and bring in Transpacific replacements.  Asia would love to own and control California, as would obviously also Germany (i.e. "driverless car" meetings at the Nazi-friendly "Four Seasons/Vierteljahschaft" hotels, Thiel's plan to replace US currency, the Merkel camp's "Fast Track" deals), next supplemented by the pivot to Pramila and CAPAC networks' takeovers of Seattle and Silicon Valley. 

    What happend to America?  Even California's statehood is being threatened with "independence" movements manipulated by foreign powers, and if that happens, the ripple across America really will be like an earthquake for the whole USA. Trump or No Trump, don't trade him for an Asian or a German dupe run by those (e.g. Thiel, Chao, JackMa) who accompanied him into office.  The Democratic Party had better offer nothing but America for the election, and mean it, or a mess may lie ahead, as an imported or "redefined" substitute won't be good enough to stop national collapse due to trickle-down, naive sellout to foreign interests or slick imported lobbies peddling Artificial Everything and Virtual Imagery with 'Anonymous/Guy Fawkes' full-face plastic masks and neutralizing drugs that are really not all that "cool" after all.  Both extremes are literally and truly "unsustainable" for America, so the election will hopefully not be a show of polarized extremes run by foreign manipulators and cheeleaders, but sensible American policy that will keep America intact and smart enough to roll with the times ahead without being rolled over like has been happening already as Vulkanus has been pushing at the borders like slippery house-flippers and stock-traders.  That's what Pluto requires... change without surrender, which hasn't happened much yet, and it looks like transnational data- and internet/telecom/news-controllers have made it that way on purpose. An important question is: Did Asian interests want the massive tax cut to pave the way for them to privatize and take over?  Did Germany want the same, as it has done reapeatedly across Europe since the "Lisbon Treaty fast-track" launched by the CDU/IDU network attacked to Frankfurt banks?  Today's problem is not "US Imperialism"; it's Slickly Repackaged and revived Neo-Axis-Power Imperialism and colonization from both Asia and Europe, planned at Davos on the G7/X meets. Why people on the street talk about how maybe "We lost World War 2" after all.  It's not too late to fix that, but it can't be done by foreign advisors, or by domestic rookies, and it's not going to be done by the complict EU/Euro Union, or by the Rising East China Sea mafia.  It's going to take deeper analysis of the last 30 years since Bush made his deluded speech about globalism and a "world order" while apparently mesmerized like Obama seemed to be as Shinzo spoke his droning speech in CAPAC-run Honolulu, with its cryptic ties to Berlin, part of which have long manifest as the "APACL" and via the (Un-)"American Security Council" offices in Chicago, long infested with agents of the old WW2 Axis machine.  That's part of how Fascism came to post-world-war America, the rest being old Fascist interests in the stockmarkets and foreign Chamber of Commerce offices (founded by German interests then spread to Japanese and Chinese) of New York and California.  Now, who is not too shallow to recognize that and stop it?  Roosevelt would know how, could probably look at the situation now and say "I told you so", but notice who has turned America's saving lifeguard into some kind of demon, worried about surveillance of foreign agents rather than the protection of deeply-rooted Americans from calculated foreign displacement by foreign agents disguised as "immigration rights advocates".  That's one of the parallels with the Vulkanus of Asia around 120E longitude and Eastern Europe and the Near East around 30E longitude pressing down on Greater Seattle and Greater New York (as well as Ottawa) where 0 Fixed on the geodetic Ascendant.  New Delhi and Kashmir are aligned, in alliance, 45 degrees west of Shanghai and the East China Sea bristling with Chinese and Japanese agents and covert operations; while agents in Iceland, the Nordostrundung of Greenland, the far-west of the Horn of Africa and its offshore islands align at 45 degrees with whatever is occupying longitudes near 30E (Russia's western borders, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, the Lake Tanganyika region, and eastern South Africa).  Only fully American and/or truly America-friendly forces around Anchorage and Tahiti (at 150W), and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Windward Islands, Guyana, Manaus, the Chaco, the Falklands, and eastern Argentina and neighbors, can defend America from being overtaken by foreign interests and further sliced up like the symbolic and infamous pizza-pie that was used to represent China 100 years ago.  

    The overall global picture at this point looks like an attempt to make the planet spin in reverse, a concept that can only create chaos and disasters.  Whose "way forward" is really forward, and whose is in actuality backward into the WW2 Axis global plan of German and Japanese and fence-sitting Chinese banks?  With Neptune joined throughout 2020 with the covert-politics and potentially treacherous HA=VU, in orb for the last few recent and the coming few years, this is a time for profound reflection and planning rather than radical surges away from anything carefully moderated by cautious and rational assessment based on measurable data.  "Dreams" are simply too high-risk now as the power of always-global Vulkanus remains obscured in the clouds of Neptune and the shaded depths of Hades. Meanwhile, all those astrological-point MC locations, unified by 4th, 8th, even 16th harmonic, around the globe, may be merged somehow as one, all to be analyzed not only for what power seems obvious,but also what operates covertly and in the back rooms of the corridors of global power, now as much (or more?) transnational corporate as political.  What is being assessed simplistically as the power of "China", which covers a lot of territory including overseas enclaves, may more accurately be the transnational Chinese maritime mafia networks described by Sterling Seagrave and others, and those hold power from the Shan States of Burma to Singapore to San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver, and even Long Island at the Chao family neighborhood hub that has its hotlines to the East China coast that may be what East China's Ted Lieu and bi-partisan CAPAC don't want scrutinized.  Do it anyway, or perish, America, and don't go to Germany, Japan, or CAPAC's "Asian Pacific" double-agents and their private contracts for filtered information designed to protect the interests of their friends and family first -- It may be a big part of what's wrong in Washington DC as well as Sacramento and Olympia right now and recently. Don't let the borders blur unless you want to risk big trouble (HA=VU when operating in the low zone, capable of going even lower, and more literally.) That may point to potent and potentially high-impact submarine operations, the potential power of which is illuminated, among other possible places, in Mark Felton's "The Fujita Plan", where landing fields and weapons could merge from under the ocean on large submarines and take aim at targets. It notifies us to appreciate our Navy personnel, and make sure there are no double-agents on board, ready to transmit information anywhere around the East China Sea, or Egypt or Turkey or murky operations along Russia's western borders or the Lena River basin that may include questionable foreign alliances or be under foreign control, ready to send what they find her back home.  Foreign ops in America are already luring and manipulating the naive and unwary into obedient servitude, including as "spiritual devotees" and "trained meditators" programmed with foreign intelligence messages lured by free food and phony "spiritual practices" (e.g. like Falun Gong and similar motifs)... it's gone that low with NE=HA=VU in action, and foreign naval operations may be in the middle of it.  Japanese Marines around San Diego? Vulkanus has now moved in orb of the Ryukyus as well as the China coastline and the environs of Taiwan.  Why does Ted Lieu want to stop US surveillance of Transpacfic communications?  Asia-run CAPAC operations in every US Pacific state and territory may explain. They may be quite potent, as may be those of Turkey and Egypt, while those of western Russia and Ukraine have probably been under vigilant watch for the past century, or else should be, if not.

    Within North America, also watch for foreign operations hidden among the southern Appalachians, east Florida and Georgia, east Ohio, and areas of Ontario with access via Detroit or Lake Erie, Cuba from Habana to Cienfuegos, and western Panama that could be further linked in South America to Ecuador and western Peru, Guyana and Surinam, the Selvas, or the duplicitious Moonie-network-infested Paraguay-Uruguay region.  All these areas where Hades and Vulkanus, and in 2020, Neptune, join hands may hold answers for part of why the world is a mess now, in addition to antique petro-pollution fallout, not dismissing the possibility that both Russia and China may today be substantially under Fascist control, and that goes back to the 1990 plans of the Moonie-enamored and German neofascist-enamored, and thereby confused George Bush, who may have replaced Communism with Fascism rather than Democracy, out of naivete still disturbing the corridors of power in Washington DC.  Today, Putin and friends love their Russian Fascist icons, and the story and scope of Chinese Fascism is difficult to tell due to its ability to lie as well as shut down any American who tells Greater China's dirty fascist history, intertwined in Sun Tzu Chinese politics on all sides. This is why Chinese-American journalist Henry Lieu was murdered in cold blood on American soil by Asian mafia thugs. Seduction, bribery, brainwashing, and mind-control are among the most powerful weapons of East Asian politics, as will be evident to anyone who reads reports on WW2 in Asia.  Kamikazes were created via mind-control, and foreign agents in the Stanford Research Institute and the Asia-Pacific Reseach Center (in some cases running American social services on the Pacific coast) have been doing in in America recently.  Projects like the "Korematsu Schools" need to be shut down, and Schwarzenegger's role in them, and affiliations at USC with his "Global Institute", need to be scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb, as they may yield insights into the current NE=HA=VU US national quagmire while entire economies around the global are in lockdown.. Vulkanus can mean "Checkmate" when forces of power clash.  Clearly, look for that in Anchorage as the US military wrestles with the Moonie contingents there including Moonie shipping lines which may double as East Asian covert operations fronts, as Moonie operations usually do, as do martial arts schools often as well.  Watch also for Moonie-affiliate operations around the Queen Charlotte Islands and adjacent coastline in British Columbia, possible now moving onto Vancouver Island and toward Victoria and Vancouver, capable of funneling into Greater Seattle or even Portland.  May be tied to covert ops run from either China or Japan's East China Sea bases. I've encountered what may be one of them already.... Game-players, covered up and maybe working with agents in California, mostly likely around San Diego, where Japanese Marines recently landed (33:45 from Anchorage, and 11:15 from the Pacific northwest coastline from Vancouver Island down the coast to Eureka CA, areas interestingly targeted by Japan in WW2), and where Asian political cults are so powerful and woven into infrastructure (sometimes including military) that no one keeps them from manipulating America via puppet-strings. Look for Sony as part of  the picture. This is why Alameda needs urgently to be reopened under All-American control with no high-risk potential double-agents advocating for an "Asian Pacific".  Otherwise, California may be flung into the Asian Pacific Orbit for 250 years, with Honolulu long already under CAPAC control.. look at the geodetic lineups for Hawaiian government events and politicians, and the connections to interests in WW2 Asia are clear. 

    Many Americans, including Californians, have forgotten why Washington DC sent troops and settlers to claim California in 1849-50.  It wasn't just about gold, and it was one of two of Seward's "follies" that weren't so foolish after all if the USA was to control the Pacific coast of North America and its subsequent potent role in the US economy and global balance of power on all levels.

    The importance of this cannot be overstressed, even during "Lockdown", and especially under so-called and ambiguous "Sanctuary" rule, as global big money and power and property change hands in ways that could be highly detrimental to America and Americans for the next 250 years of Pluto retracing its original steps once again.  It's wise to see the Asian nationalist agent propaganda versions of what America is all about for what it is.. the don't really know or understand, anyway, and may not really care to as long as California's, Oregon's, and Washington state's Silicon Valleys, Pacific ports, and rich agricultural lands fall under their control and advance the buildup of the "Asian Century" plan to replace America and Americans. It's already started.  Will it be stopped?  It's going to take both parties to unite in national political (political and economic) defense, and then haggle over domestic policies only after that.  Voters need to hear that This is America as it always has been, and it's not going to be redefined by imported gurus or real-estate vultures or fortune cookie lies.

    Neither will answers come from the self-interested nationalists running Berlin or Vienna now, as should be clear from how Europe is now their colonial realm.  America needs to remember when Fascism came from and who were our allies in containing it, for those roots are still alive, less than 80 years ago (not a long time in terms of global power history), and that wealthy top Chinese political and business organizations collaborated with Germany and Japan. Most any in-depth history text will make that clear, and children studying the history of fascism would wise to not overlook that very important part of history even if Chinese sources may deny it up and down. People in the US military knew it and wrote about it, and it was kept quiet for fear that China would openly join Japan and Germany in their conquest for global control.  There were also powerful Russian fascist elements, and remnants of all those parties and political and financial networks sitll survive today.  It's not as simple as the the network news reports for mass consumption.  British historians have been more open about reporting on Chinese Fascism, because they did not have a powerful China Lobby clamoring to hush it all up, for very practical reasons. Also, American leaders knew that powerful and wealthy Chinese interests were ready to work with Japan, regardless of whether the "dispensable" poor and opponents of Chinese oligarchs were massacred by Japanese troops they quietly admired and cut business deals with.  Why things should be any different now is a question to study in depth before walking into Asian power politics with blinders on and no knowledge of anything but Asian cuisine and fake Buddhist imagery (copied from India and Sri Lanka and distorted to accommodate "faith-based" crass materialism and spiritual pretense).  Beware the Falun Gong, geodetically indicated to be Recycled Moonie Cult that also has a branch trafficking guns via "Kahr Arms" operations, and a treacherous bold and deceptive propaganda rag called "Epoch Times" now having the bold nerve to claim it's American, and a propaganda "news" channel called "NDTV", and even some wayward US intelligence agents they have brainwashed to advocate for them, sure to bring ultimate humiliation when they realize they've been made into dupes of one of the most sophisticated psychological warfare networks on planet Earth, and probably based near the 120E longitude, where potentially hypnotic Vulkanus now fuses with potentially stealthy Hades and potentially artificial Neptune.  Pay attention to possible affiliates in the Marshall Islands and Vanuatu, and New Caledonia, 45 degrees to the east near 165E longitude, and headed already into SW New Zealand, and possible fused with operations in Siberia around the Komandorskie Islands and adjacent coastlines, with their mythical "Land Bridge" 22.5 to the east of there, crossing over into Alaska and potentially ready to fuse with "fishing fleets" now probably based east of the Kenai Peninsula in the Gulf of Alaska, and around security-sensitive bases at Fairbanks, where US military should be warned of the risks of invasive and deceptive Asian cults with covert political objectives, and are capable of brainwashing otherwise highly intelligent people via bribery and seduction tactics, i.e. not unlike foreign lobbyists, for decades going back at least as far back as World War 2, when the Japanese Fascist machine used fake "Buddhist" cults to manipulate the unwary, as did Nazi psy-war agents including Karlfried Durckheim. Some of today's Asian cults have nearly complete control over people afraid of "what will happen if they leave" the cult, bribed but also intimidated into submission and sham "spiritual devotion", "faith-based" of course.  Creepy but real, with Hades=Vulkanus compounded with Neptune, where "Virtual Reality" tries to replace Real Reality.

    One issue vital to America now, and I mean the USA that has always been, and not the "Redefined" version claimed overtly to be by extremists like India's Jayapal, or covertly manipulated by China/Taiwan's Lieu or Germany's Peter Thiel, is the toning down of extremism and political emotionalism that only benefits outsiders who would love to see America thrown into a dangerous national schism, whether it be over Trump's or the weird CAPAC gamers' most outlandish statements, or even a national collapse or co-option of infrastructure that would make the USA vulnerable to invasion, whether by infiltration or my overt means.  Immigrants have the right to express opinions, but should not have the right to hold office or make laws, especially in times of national division.  The precendent for that was set in the Constitution by requiring that US Presidents be born in the United States, and that was for a Very Good Reason that should be obvious to anyone who things thoroughly, and it might be wise to apply the law in a broader since to include All political offices -- for it would probably put an end to some of the worst screaming extremism circulating in recent times.  What American in their right would want the USA to be like India or China or Germany or Japan, Korea or Taiwan or Singapore?  Adoption of wise individual policies of other countries is viable and subject to discussion first, and help or advice from other nations in times of extreme crisis seems reasonable; but surrender to foreign takeover in any sense, and to any degree by any foreign agent, is a forfeiture of national sovereignty and the potential end of a national government and its democratic guarantees.  So much for the Hindu Helper recipe America has enough trouble from within to add more dysfunction from alien lands.  Every American needs to be familiar with the history of foreign subversion prior to and during wartime, because the current situation smells of it.  Anyone who would advocate relaxation of cross-border surveillance at this time is either a foreign agent or a dupe of foreign propaganda.  Especially as Pluto makes its return and globally power Vulkanus presses down on the port cities of the Pacific Northwest, the mouth of the Rio Grande, and the air- and seaports of Greater New York City.  Per the planetary pictures, the problematic potential now and the next few years is greater than it was at 911, when CAPAC agent Jayapal's "OneAmerica" was proposed to relax surveillance of those who might have been complicit.  Her natal Vulkanus power aligns, interestingly, with the transnationally troublesome Andaman Islands pirate hub, the Bangla-Burma mess in the Rohingya region, the Sino-Hindu Assam trouble region, the cryptic courts of Bhutan, Lhasa Tibet, and the historic Tuva region of the strange Graz-Austrian Baron von Ungern and his weird pseudo-buddhist cult aligned with the cultish WW2 Asian Fascist Axis machine. "If you got to know it, you probably wouldn't like it", as Hindu Fascism joins the Shanghai Cooperation Organization alliance with China, Russia, and now Pakistan as well.

    Additionally, I can tell you from watching East and South Asian politics for 50 years, Don't Trust ANY of it, Anywhere along the political spectrum, unless you want to see America laid slowly to waste by hypocrisy and intrigue of the sort now correlating with the potent NE=HA=VU cluster being wielded from Shanghai, Delhi, Kashmir, and locations up and down the East China Sea, and possible northward into Kazakshstan and Siberia in 2 degree orb of  both 75-77E and 120-127E (to include both Sepharial and Grimm values, spanning from Shanghai to Korea and including the Ryukyus and Taiwan).  These are areas of potentially powerful transnational intrigue and deceit, in areas Mr Ted wants to protect from US intelligence surveillance.  This is No Minor Issue and no place for America to be in the dark about.


2020Mar31 (updated Apr26: "Asian Pacific" Vulkanus geodetics linked to the "Hawaii Independence" movement and the WW2 "Give Hawaii to Japan" "Friends of Progress" hypno-programmed cult and Asian nationalist organizations. Pay close attention to any overlaps with the "Transpacific" Inouye family political dynasty as well as "CAPAC", and the Chao shipping dynasty's ties to the uber-rich Transpacific Chinese Soong family network in California, New York, the Carolinas, and possibly other states. America's upcoming Pluto return and who controls the ports (and economies) of Hawaii and Alaska (and who controls the Atlantic ports of Canada and the Saint Lawrence Seaway leading to the Great Lakes and Chicago) are of the utmost critical nature for the future of the United States of America as well as Canada, as are who controls the Seattle and Silicon Valley computer industry branches across the USA.             

    Similar in relevance now, although overseas, are who controls the Istanbul and Odessa conduits to Russia and Ukraine; the Amur riverports into Siberia; the far western Philippine Islands, Borneo both Sabah and Indonesia to its south (site of planned new capital of Indonesia), Java and islands to its east; the area around Argentina's naval bases at Bahia Blanca and Tierra del Fuego, and areas north in Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela; the Gulf of California in Mexico; the gold mines of South Africa, Zambia, and Katanga; and Suez Canal shipping lanes recently expanded with Saudi money.  The same applies to a lesser but significant degree to locations including the Government of India at New Delhi, Vanuatu, southern New Zealand, all of Mexico south of western Texas and all the way to the Atlantic coast, eastern Iceland, the west coast of Ireland, southern Morocco southward to Liberia and in between, Kazakhstan bordering Xinjiang including Almaty/Almaata, all of Kashmir and neighboring Tibet, the southern tip of India.  Pay attention to who is amassing power in E Iceland, W Ireland, the Canary Islands, Ascension Island, Tristan da Cunha, and the far west of North Africa -- are they America-friendly or not? Are the offshore banking operations of significance located at any of the locations above that could impact the US economy or national security significantly, and include the site of longtime German underground submarine bases in the Nordostrundung in Greenland, Sierra Leone diamonds, and any reported gold-dust operations in Western Sahara and/or Mauritania.

   All these may now and soon have Profound effect on America's next 248 years at root level, with the seeding ground starting Now and lasting for the next 5 years.  Will German-Southafrican (Broederbond?) Peter Thiel's and Elaine Chao's and the Ma family empire of Jack Ma et al, and the CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus foreign and "immigrant" alliances continue to control America through Trump administration offices, or will long-rooted Americans regain control of America?  Not if the Democratic Party similarly submits to them as the Republican has since the Hoover Depression era and earlier.  When immigrants take over and run any country or part of it, it's called invasion, or revolution and overthrow.  Did McCain's call for a World War 3 result in foreign guerrilla-tactic blowback?  Has it fused in to any of the motley "Resistance" networks laced with foreign agents?  It looks like vigilant American self-defense is highly warranted, regardless of partisan politicking, foreign lobbying tactics, domestic political naivete, or even moles in Washington DC and America's state capitals.  America must not now risk being anesthetized on opiates or other drugs.. it's the Snooze-ya-lose era, especially with the current NE=HA=ZE=VU, and Plutonian dirty work, often happening at night or while the guards are asleep or Wowed out on drugs or booze or laced food beverages (noting Hades still in Cancer, including continued risks of food poisoning with high-risk relaxation of food-safety standards that were instituted in the first place for very good reasons).  Rise in use of addictive drugs could spell disaster during this period, remembering that Fascist Japan used them as part of their genocidal warfare in WW2, opiating the poor of China resisting its "East Asia Prosperity" plan, starting with those living in Manchuria aka Manchukuo -- and Yangtze-river-carried opium poured through transnational Shanghai and Japanese Taipei, where Vulkanus now amasses global power.  The Japanese military (and wealthy collaborators within China) used methods of undermining opposition sometimes more treacherous than those of the Nazis, especially cults brainwashing opponents into submission, drug addiction, and even biochemical warfare out in public and not restricted to hidden 'concentration camps'; and they wanted "Lebensraum" just as did Nazi Germany and Chinese fascist allies, some of whom scurried inland to Chongqing, watched Japanese atrocities from afar, and consolidated overt alliances with Japan during and after the war.  Japan Fascist troops helped install friendly Chinese collaborators in Taipei after WW2 was over, while American heads were spinning over what was going on, and General Stilwell was disgusted.  China had been in a civil war throughout WW2, and those friendly to Japan were spared or even favored, and built up power in the 1950s onward, even in Beijing during the "People's Republic" period among those seeking Unification with Taiwan, now manifesting in many ways.  Study carefully how the Chao and Soong families fit in to this picture, for they now hold global Vulkanus power via old family networks along the East China seacoasts.  Sterling Seagrave is among others covering such issues in detail, while those complicit often deny it vociferously to 'save face'.  It's at the root of Chinese Fascism, the missing (to many) link in understanding today's global New Fascism, with longtime ties in Berlin and Vienna going at least as far back as the late 1800s and Sino-German joint military training and alliances especially among the Chinese monarchist network including the court of Emperor Pu Yi, Wang Chingwei, Yuanshikai, and even Zhou Enlai's family and more recent mainland Chinese officials on friendly terms with the Japanese-friendly elements in Taipei.  Chinese politics are more often than not duplicitous, a tactic developed in the 19th century in dealing with once-far-better-armed European powers involved in China Trade.  Japan was more of an overcrowded Pirate Nation with relatively limited domestic resources, seizing on China Trade in various ways, both then and now, including resale of Chinese goods with Made in Japan labels on them during the China trade blockade periods -- which is how Japan became wealthy, and China survived sanctions. Hongkong did the same as Japan -- 'Made in Hongkong' usually wasn't really, and 'Made in Taiwan' might not always have been either, for the Chinese and Japanese businessmen in Taiwan secretly traded around the nominal sanctions while snickering at western naivete.  Watch for relevance as Shanghai and Taipei and the Ryukyus build up power, and note the methods and associated value systems. Are such values to become the standard in a budding "Asian Century"?  Read Sun Tzu's "Art of War" as well as Metternich's political instruction manuals, or perish in an era of Globalism that probably cannot be eliminated but can be attenuated and reshaped with democratic and humanitarian values, hopefully, if 'western' leaders wise up and study cultural traditions and history from disinterested sources. Deal cautiously with Fake Buddhas just as shallow as Fake Christians, as well as Pagan sociopaths and Islamist wife-beaters and religious terrorists, wherever religion replaces reason or authenticity, and people of European heritage are demonized as "Old White Men", as if crimes and brutal injustices (including slavery, rampant in Asia, including those who captured slaves and sold them elsewhere) were committed in no other cultures.  We have arrived at a time when Asian cultures need to be put to the screws every bit as much as European for past as well as current injustices and inhumanities, while Asian cults can mesmerize western countries and cultures into submission or even extinction. Such tactics have already started, and the sometimes "charming" but duplicitous Moonies and their alliances, and Falung Gong offshoot, have been key examples of Asian guerrilla tactics.  They are on the verge of overtaking California via state and local governments, in some cases already there, some linked to Chao, and headed for Washington DC to join up the those who "Crowned" Sun Myung Moon "King" aka "The New Messiah", the supposed Saviour of the World,  not all too long ago.  Across the aisle, the "Asian Pacific" networks collaborate. 

    Geodetics show the Moonies likely directly connected to the so-called "Fundamentalist" TV preacher network including the Falwells, the 700 Club, and the Jimmy/Tammy Bakker network which sprang up around the old Soong family connections in the US southeastern states and possibly tied to the Chao branch in Kentucky, even the Vanderbilt network in Tennessee to some degree.  One might not normally suspect Chinese influence on the Atlantic, but it has manifest there nonetheless, via seaports accessible via the Panama Canal, Suez, and the Cape of Good Hope, even Cape Horn and the Moonie colonies in and around Paraguay and Uruguay now also empowered by Vulkanus yet known to be rooted in the lands of the East China Sea.  Watch out for another "Jonestown" trick operation and its ties to the Arthur Chung (Hongkong to London ties?) network.... so warned FBI agent Al Morrison years ago... of Dreams that turn into nightmares (NE=HA) in Koolaid City.  Watch for Jonestown as well as Symbionese-type death cults to resurface, as Neofascist networks infiltrate and run sham "Antifa" organizations and operations, and "Resistance" can mean just about anything, a term so generic and malleable and permeable to Anything from Anywhere while Vulkanus on geo-MC locations hold the current global power.  Who's resisting what?

    As Pluto approaches its first 248-year return in the USA, Americans would be wise to unite around common vital interests, stop the forces of greed, and quit letting in foreign networks sowing domestic schisms and running deceptive foreign historical-revisionist operations designed to make Americans lose confidence in the original, higher values of American institutions, whether they have yet been properly implemented or not.  Somebody from overseas once again wants a Civil War re-enactment among "Old White Men", where arms are already being imported underground, and Americans could kill each other instead of recognizing the enemies traveling in via the coastlines. Continued foreign control of seaports, airports, or any coastlines, including via foreign contractors, is a recipe for upcoming disaster, and geodetics indicate even some rural and not usually monitored coastlines are vulnerable... which I have identified before, and there could even be problems with navigable river-traffic, especially the Colorado, the Rio Grande, the Yukon-Tanana, and certainly the vast St-Lawrence Seaway.  Canadians had best ask what now controls the port of Halifax.  There may be gaping holes where the St Lawrence River first touches US territory near Cornwall and Messina New York.... risk of incoming contraband at US-Canada interchange points there, also near Erie PA, and also near Beaver Island and Mackinac City.  Canada is vulnerable to contraband influx up north around Ivuijivik and neighoring islands, Belcher Islands, Pointe Louis, and the coastline between 55W and 60W in Quebec as well as Newfoundland and Labrador.  With the Moonies selling "blessed guns", the risks should be obvious, but maybe they aren't yet to enough people.  How many of the recent political cults are actually what they claim to be?  As long forewarned, when Fascism - Comes To - America, it will be waving a flag and carrying a cross.  That phrase indicates arrival from elswhere, and disguised as something else.  Fits the Moonies, as well as the Nazi Bund, the Silvershirts, and current replicas, among other weird cults.  Does Trump have them in his administration?  Are there also such moles in the Democratic Party among the naive, or other Republican or Libertarian or even Green elements?  This is no time to be Pollyanna about such issues.  Foreign agents may well be making DC politics crazy now, on purpose, via puppetry, and it may have started with the dubious election count of 2000 and the office of Elaine Chao, among other foreign interests, around Congress, including any transnational involvements at all in setting up and running the Dept of Homeland Security, which could have become more of a problem than a solution.  There should be no room for Any potential double-agents in US national security operations.... None, and especially in such times of national schism and potential instability.



Here I have focused on some clear and serious warning cycles of what risks gaining the upper hand in the next few years to undermine U.S. national stability and integrity.  In mundane astrology, Pluto correlates include domestic and international exchanges, and boundary-crossing issues, and potential schisms over extremist policies, in worst cases.


PLUTO at approx 27:34 Cardinals, or 12:34 Fixed at 8th harmonic / 45-degree multiple angle. (Irregularity of time lapses due to Pluto's highly elliptical orbit): 

    1776Jul04 = US Declaration of Independence.

    1807-1808: Federal law prohibiting importation of additional slaves into the USA (but not always enforced); Birth family connections of Habsburg puppet King Louis Napoleon III, Confederate Pres Jefferson Davis, Confederate Gen Robert E Lee, and Confederate-sympathetic US Pres Andrew Johnson. 

    1848-1851: First railroads open in Europe and begin construction in North America; Anti-monarchist democratic revolutions across Europe, followed by Habsburg gradual restoration of monarchy in France under King Louis Napoleon III (who later helped install the intensely unpopular pro-Confederate-States Habsburg 'Emperor Maximilian' in Mexico; 1st Constitutional Govt of Unified German States; "Clay Compromise" surrenders slavery laws to "states rights"; California statehood established US control of key American Pacific ports also coveted by speculators from China, Japan, Russia, and Britain smelling gold, silver, timber, rich year-round farmlands, and controls over North American markets to the east to be accessible by rail; Taiping rebel govt in China; Unsuccessful Cuban declaration of independence from Spain; Unfoldment of international railroad system (constructed largely by German-military fused Siemens Corporation, and onset of legislative battles over their construction as public commonwealth run by government, or private companies (including some transnationally owned); Birth family connections of railroad executive E H Harriman.

    1895-1898: Sumitomo Bank of Tokyo; Imperial/Commercial Bank of China in Shanghai and Taipei; China's Zhejiang University; German "Realpolitik" Foreign Min Ofc of Prince/Furst von Bulow; Mormon State of Utah Government; Sons of Confederate Veterans organization; City govt of Miami Florida; Spanish-American War; Kaiser Wilhelm seeks controls in Palestine via Turkey; Samuel P Bush's National Association of Manufacturers; Family backing of WW2 Japanese Fascist Navy Admiral and Deloitte-Touche CEO Nobutso Tohmatsu, Nazi/Fascist "Zen" Hypno Psychologist Karlfried Durckheim, Nazi Spy in USA Walter Dornberger, Pro-Nazi King Edward VIII and wife Wallis Simpson, Bush family patriarch Prescott Bush, British Fascist Oswald Mosley, Nazi-friendly Romanian King Carol, Argentine Pres Juan Peron, China Monarchist family PM Zhou Enlai, China/Taiwan First Lady and "One World" advocate Mayling Soong (Mme Chiang Kaishek), Nazi and Chinese 'One World' charmed/dupe Wendell Willkie; WACL/Asian People's Colonization League dupe William Pauley; Hare Krishna cult founder Swami Bhaktivedanta; Russian Fascist General Boris Smyslovsky, Mexico "PAN" Party founder Manuel Morin, and Alcoholics Anonymous Ldr Bill Wilson.

    1946-1947: Formation of Cathay Pacific Transpacific Airlines; Taiwan-based Chinese General Chamber of Commerce; Sony Corporation; Dyncorp California Eastern Airlines; Treacherous Transnational "Stanford Research Institute" PsyOp/PsyWar Lab Offices (which should be Shut Down); US Senate Office of Joseph McCarthy; Carolina Govt Ofc of Strom Thurmond; WW2-Axis-money-backed Juan Peron Govt in Argentina; Puerto Rico Independence Party; Further UN Partition of Palestine after relinquishment of Transjordan; Post-British Governments of India and Pakistan; USC Health Sciences Corporation; UNESCO Constitution; Birth family connections of CAPAC Lobbyist Mike Eng, Satanist Michael Aquino, and Palestinian Legislator Hanan Ashwari.

    1982 (fast and furious): Chinese "Chee Kung Tong" Pacific trade mafia center in Hawaii recognized by US government as "American landmark" under Moonie-backed Ronald Reagan; 4th Constitution of China promotes Chinese Privatization and Chinese Diaspora Unification and Rapprochement with Japan for East Asia Alliance; Reign of Saudi Prince Fahd; Israel made to cede control over Sinai and Suez Canal to Egypt; Brutal Cambodia-Vietnam Cults War; Lech Walesa released from prison.

    2000-2001: Chase Bank (incl Chao/Foremost shipping network) merger with J P Morgan; Controversial US Pres election decided in favor of George Bush with Foremost Chao in economically vital US cabinet post; USHsRep offices of Eric Cantor and of Transpacific pusher Mike Honda; US Transportation Dept under 'Asian Pacific' plan CAPAC Cofounder Norman Mineta; US Constitution defied by sham 'Faith Based Executive Order' allowing Moonie and similar foreign intel-front cults to take control of US infrastructure; Weird Korean "Quest Church" in Seattle and California; George Bush II Presidential Administration network; German Fritz shipping empire merger with UPS postal services; Chen Shuibian govt in Taiwan; Falun Gong cult's mass demonstrations in Beijing; Japanese-hosted 'Anonymous/Guy Fawkes' full-face-mask anarchist cult '2chan' website started up; German-Islamic-Iran rapprochement; 2nd Presidential Term of Vladimir Putin; ***"911"ATTACKS ON NEW YORK AND PENTAGON***; IMF under Horst Kohler; EuroUnion-Mexico Free Trade Agreement; Disaster-seed "No Child Left Behind" US education act provisions; Any possible inimical foreign-mole contracts (incl tech or privatized) moled into FBI operations during Robert Mueller administration need expulsion and termination; US Patriot Act; DHS/Dubious "Homeland Security" Law (aka the "Swiss Cheese Security Act with Foreign and Panjiva Holes and Moles") enacted; The "All Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce" network. 

    2022-2023 on the horizon: Events likely historically resultant of those previous Pluto-to-Pluto contacts above, especially those of 2000-2001; to be heavily determined and shaped by vitally critical current and new US government policy. Subject to remaining influences of forces listed above.  Clear indicators that "Anonymous/Guy Fawkes" cult MUST be unmasked. "Confederate" enactments also risk morphing into civil unrest and need to be contained and/or shut down. US policy toward Russia needs to be run by multi-generational Americans with understanding of the longterm history of US-Russia relations and not possible double-agents or presumed allies with vested interests. The "China Lobby" (including the chameleon-like Moonies) need to be thrown out of Washington DC and America before they create more messes and overtake more of the US economy on the sly... they are about to take full control of California now, fused into all political parties (Republican and Libertarian first, and now Democratic too, working on Greens) by stealth, and as goes California so goes America soon after, following the west-to-east march of the planets across geodetic MCs and Ascendants, globally. (Further indicators that Eurofascism likely started in Iceland and known underground bases built in eastern Greenland ("Thule") that may still be active; and Asian Fascism may have had roots in the German and Japanese occupied Marshall Islands as well as Central Asian locations in Kazakhstan, Kashmir, Hindu Fascist areas, and bordering regions of Tibet and Xinjiang. Indeed, Asian Fascism appealed via the concept of reviving the transnational "Pan-Asian" Mongol Empire (matching today's "Silk Route" concept) and the quirky ideology of Graz Austria's charismatic Baron von Ungern pointed out recently by analysts of current Pan-Asian politics that include Russian elements and Japan.  Enter the Taekwondo-Putin connection and the decades-old attempts of the Nazis and East Asian fascists to co-opt and warp Tibetan Buddhism much like the Nazis and also the Latin Fascists tried to do to Christianity, and Global Fascism to harness Islam.  Historic pre-mass-literacy religious paradigms warped and harnessed to irrational and eventually dehumanized ideologies based on greed and the subsequent will to enslavement and genocide.  Can such ideologies take control of planet Earth again, by the initial stealth and pretense like they did before?  Or will out leaders Get Real about the potentials of both revived Euro and also Asian German and Japanese-hub Fascism and the deals they cut before with Russia, Spain, and elements within China whose sweatshop-owner descendents may well now rule Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, and Singapore, as they often did then and may once again today.  Such elements Know No Democracy such as that of North America or Western Europe...  it's always been an alien concept to them, and if they take control, the obvious results are already becoming visible.  The 4th and even 8th harmonic alignment of Vulkanus with geodetic MCs in recent years, now, and in the future, should by now be evident, as should the same of Pluto... both shifting global astrological Power Points, with Zeus the tool to aim and direct the power.  That means America had better pay sharp attention to military hubs in Honolulu (Sino-Japanese CAPAC control center) and the old Nazi-friendly/cult hubs in Maine, off the coast of Cape Cod, and the Kissinger villa in the Dominican Republic.  CAPAC is running pitbull cults now in California aimed at an Asian takeover already in motion, that could dovetail with the Japanese troop operations in San Diego.  Washington DC had better get the Alameda naval base running again and away from CAPAC control, and Maine and the Dominican Republic under control, or the USA could schism under foreign-run paramilitary cults. Denver and Roswell and the armed Moonie-cult infested Kenai peninsula area in Alaska (recently under Harry Harris) also need to have foreign-aligned elements flushed out and replaced by unquestionably American control.  Canada needs the same in Regina Saskatchewan longitudes and areas north of Maine in Quebec and New Brunswick where attention need to be paid to what impacts St-Lawrence Seaway traffic.  This is America, not Asia, not Europe, not yet and maybe not ever, unless it gets handed over by the naive.


    These issues are so very relevant as Vulkanus enters East China Sea global shipping/trade empire territory and Pluto heads for the Nanjing-Shanghai-Ryukyus region as Pluto makes its powerful and pervasive, iconic approximate 248-year return in the 1776 chart of the USA... and that in turn fused critically at just who controls America's economy and waters via Hawaii near Hilo and the Alaskan oil and fishing industries near Anchorage, as that will be vital for the next 248 years and not just today. What is on the horizon is either America's internal regeneration or America's death and destruction, "redefined" via foreign manipulation and exploitation, lobbies, cults.  Special attention to the Pluto opposition natal Pluto in 1895-1898, where the same global cities (which also include Johannesburg, one of the Peter Thiel family's strongholds, as well as Istanbul the southern conduit of Russia's maritime economy to the world) were involved via 4th harmonic. This further includes ports of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Quebec that had better be under North American-based control unless we are to see North America turned into a land of colonial plunder from China, Russia/Ukraine, Turkey, or the Pangermanist South African gold-and-platinum oligarchy. Also included are Egypt, and the world needs to watch if and how Arabian peninsula or Iranian money are fused into the Turkish and Egyptian economies via investment or alliances.  Every one of these locations should be monitored closely by genuinely American and Canadian economists and politicians, as Pluto can be subtle and stealthy at times, while Vulkanus coupled with its current 22:30 angle to Hades can be equally stealthy.  Hades=Vulkanus alone indicates we are living in an era of stealth politics, and that must not be dismissed as mere paranoia, but rather seen as justifiable transnational, intense scrutiny and caution (also HA=VU), especially when foreign "diplomats" try to push "fast-track" "magic trick" HA=VU deals off on unsuspecting or naive political or economic leaders.

    What has been manifesting around the 0 Fixed longitudes with the HA=VU cluster will be accentuated and finalized in effect near and shortly after the now onsetting Pluto return in the 1776 US chart (at approx 27.5 Cardinals).  America either revitalizes and reorganizes along domestically beneficial lines that uplift all Americans, or it gets redefined by invaders and foreign manipulators/lobbies, so the caution about borders and immigration is fully justified, but has not been handled well due to the effective and propagandistic media and other lobbying in DC and Seattle and Sacramento of the very invaders and foreign manipulators themselves. We are not dealing with witless fools, but clever tacticians, from nations where Vulkanus reigns supreme now, and national caution is clearly warranted.  All domestic security measures must also be carried out with humanity and the dignity worthy of a truly great nation

    Once marginal and relatively powerless in US politics, some foreign economic new-yuppie lobbies have been waving Washington DC around by its tail. Even a brief glance at a world map shows how relatively little of Pacific ocean waters are adjacent to Asia, but "Asian Pacific" organizations now rage in the media-spotlighted and new media-buyout  lobbies from other governments along the Pacific rim, now that there is Big Money being generated by Asian sweatshops, lower-cost production operations, "investments" in Pacific Island, Australian, and North and South American operations, now also including operations in Africa and Eastern Europe. Noticing geodetic lineups with WW2 Asian Axis expansionist policies (largely Japanese but with substantial collaboration from the wealthy of China and the Chinese diaspora) shows clear pointers to the impact of the various Hawaii "independence" movements as well as the more recent California "independence" movements.  These are in turn facilitated by lobbying in Washington DC that paves the way for such tactics including the recently highly successful portrayal of economically and politically aggressive and ambitious lobbies in Asia as victims of discrimination, as power further amasses along the Shaghai-Qingdao-Taipei axis and fuses into the Japanese Ryukyu maritime and naval lobbies.  One noteworthy event was Daniel Inouye's sudden death after revelation of a family member's involvement in Asian nationalist-theme "punk rock" cult induction involving drugging and observation of American victims like lab-rats, replicating the themes of the "Unit 731" human experimentation laboratories in wartime Fascist Manchukuo.

    The American public should not overlook Japan PM Shinzo Abe's casual dismissal of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor naval catastrophe as "people died on both sides", the dismissal of the complex Nanking/Nanjing Massacre during the Chinese civil war as of minor significance (or without Chinese collaboration from Chinese Japan-lovers), or the vilification of the pre-emptive US bombing of Hiroshima amid Japanese brutalities across the Pacific and in Asia, and Japan's development of similar nuclear weapons with German assistance (described in the writings of academic historian Gerhard Weinberg) as well as Japan's intentions to "fight to the death" in case of Allied invasion of the newly-acquired territories of the Japanese Empire.  This is not quaint or trivial or irrelevant history as Vulkanus advances into the East China Sea realm of Sino-Japanese mafia and fascist strongholds fuse with the China Trade empire that stretches across the Pacific, and toward Europe via Chinese Singapore.  And they are fused heavily with the Kuomintang Party's recent substantial even if quiet fusing with today's Communist Party of China.

    It is no exaggeration to say the that the WW2-era East Asia Prosperity Sphere, as well as the coordinated Pan-Asia and Pan-Pacific plans have been revived and are now operating efficiently, including via aggressive, sometimes passive-aggressive, lobbies in Washington DC, Sacramento, and other capitals around the Pacific Rim.  A major key to understanding the Chinese-Hindu fusion might be understood via the long-concealed strategies discussed when Chiang Kaishek met Hindu Fascist Chandra Bose in India in the 1940s, and for their implications outside China and Asia.  Geodetic alignments for that event (of "9/11/1942", by the way), further interlace with Pan-Asian agreements stretching from Japan to China to Iran and the Arabian peninsula oilfields.  Pay attention to how those are again manifesting today, and their relevance to the historic "Asian Century" speech of Xi Jinping's admitted econonomic role model Deng Xiaoping and the various "Asian Century" themed econonomic conferences of recent years.  Further watch how German agents Merkel and Schwarzenegger have recently sallied into Asia and weave their webs of global economic and political tactics in Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Historic German ambitions in India and Indonesia, especially during the Hitler era, should not be forgotten.

    America is surrounded by all this and yet many politicians across the USA have still dismissed it smugly as "xenophobia" or "old stuff" even though it is all of grave threat to US national stability and survival, especially as the Asian nationalist lobbies push for a "Redefined America" and their friendly German plan to get the part of the bye-bye American Pie that the New East Asia Prosperity Sphere doesn't.

    Do Americans as a whole realize that the "Asian Law Caucus", highly active in both the Republican and Democratic, as well as some "third", parties is primarily and fundamentally an overall highly successful advocacy group for increased Asian immigration?  It goes far beyond domestic civil rights issues into the realm of gerrymandering and functional colonization, and was central in San Francisco mayor Ed Lee's "Future of America" and "Hummingbird" domestic resettlement plans coupled with aggressive cronyism that had been unfolding for at least 20 years, involving the Asian "Project 2049" and "8020" expansion, migration, resettlement, and economic plans.

    It should be quite seriously asked if the policies pushed in the background by the Elaine Chao network in the Republican Party are not deliberately coordinated with those of the CAPAC network in the Democratic Party to coordinate for a full Asian takeover of the US economy, as Greater China's Chao and Jack Ma boosted Trump into power; and yet there's Peter Thiel and Schwarzenegger once, or still, in the picture, too.  Is there concerted German collaboration in the picture in any way, and if so, what is the exact plan?  Studying Schwarzenegger's connections over time as well as recently might yield a key to the answer.  Do they connect to Peter Thiel's network, and if so, how?  Bringing Japan in the picture as well, it bears uncanny resemblance to WW2 Axis ambitions in the USA.

    What role is the "Korematsu" movement in California, including takeovers of public schools, and furthered by Schwarzenegger at one point, playing in all this?  What's getting discussed when Schwarzenegger meets Merkel, and what really drives their Japanese co-produced "Driverless Cars" and where to?  Over a cliff?

    Is foreign backing for incompetent figures in US political offices being globally promoted to embarrass and humiliate America at home and in the eyes of he world?  Could America have, and/or have had, Quisling presidents manipulated into power by foreign government agents and machinations just like various other nations have had already?  Who sits next to aspiring presidents before and during elections and inauguration?  This really matters when global Vulkanus power presses on America's key national and coastal Ascendants, and Pluto, which nearly always involves exchanges, and core relationship issues with others, returns to its natal position.  Is America at risk of being reduced to the colony, or colonies, or rising global powers?  It smells like it's possible if the right people don't take charge of Washington DC and the nation's key state capitals, and wake up before it's too late.  Franklin Roosevelt was a great teacher through example of what to do in times of national crisis.


2020Mar25 (edited and substantially updated Mar29 and Mar31): Corona Virus update; Indicators for Hillary; Russia stuff.

    China is not the first country to have similar virus victims, although there is also data on the SARS virus to study, for possible relevance. The US CDC often gives only the months without exact dates of outbreaks. Geodetic alignments can be estimated to the 1/2 degree and yield possibly pertinent information about source regions of the current epidemic, if only the month is known, use positions for the entire month and consider neighboring sectors as possible also. Those point to the East China Sea and its coaslines and islands of China, Taiwan, and Japan, but not Wuhan, and yet also Russia/Siberia along the Amur River, and those may or may not related to the virus, and note that No astrological data on such global issues should be studied without additional reference to non-astrological data from scientific sources, and the context of each related event should be considered.  I have placed geodetic alignments of Pluto, Zeus, and Vulkanus in the "Behind the Curtain" table for study of any possible political implications.  Note, for example,interestingly, that the MERS Coronavirus epidemic hit Saudi Arabia around 2012 (per CDC data) at about the same time as the Attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi, giving them similar geodetic alignments. Is that of any significance or not?  If so, what cities do the planetary-type factors align with, and are those of significance?  Was the prior MERS outbreak in Jordan of relevance? 

    And, speaking of Benghazi, what are the non-birthtime-dependent indicators for Hillary Clinton on Inuguration Day in 2021, should she decide to run and be elected alongside a new president?  I will not say that such indicators are adequate without reference to a precise birthtime and therefore MC for her chart, but the transits show Vulkanus on her Sun, and if she was born "early in the morning ... after arrival at the hospital at midnight" as a newsclipping of unidentified date (but sounding like a newspaper birth announcement) indicated, the Kronos is also on her Moon on Inauguration Day.  It seems logical that, since she won the popular vote in a past election, and has already undergone the slings and arrows of whatever dirt opponents could dig up on her, that she may still be popular enough to be a winner; and those transiting indicators on her two "lights" (as traditional astrology once called them), are in her favor, for whatever that might mean, without knowing her MC. With her natal MA=PL also =SU (and MO if born anywhere near 01h00) she has the natal Plutonian power to match up to implement America's upcoming Pluto return in 2023-24. What I would say with such a birth time is that Hillary needs to give herself plenty of tightly-controlled breathing and reflection space in major undertakings.. no more letting State Department appendages or foreign nationalist-affiliate lobbies from afar advise her into messes she might regret later on... Her Poseidon near Neptune on the the 90 dial shows she has the clarity to make the right decisions if only left alone to her own perceptions, avoiding any sort of phony spiritual cults or metaphysical speculations that might try to influence her, and in uncontaminated spaces and full sobriety. That means telling the lobbyists and unqualified "experts" and what some foreign traditions themselves call "foreign devils" to take a hike and don't come back. This is about America, not some other place and its interests or poor little people outside America's borders until Americans in trouble, including veterans, are well taken care of.  And with Pluto, it's about America's roots and whether they continue to grow, or get uprooted and pruned or killed off to make them look like something else, or even die or hobble into submission.  There are foreign interests that would clearly like to see the latter happen, cluttering the hallways of government offices with one charm or lie or the other. Some don't hide it well, and some do.  

    A healthy amount of authentic patriotism in both parties is due during a Pluto return. Allies are those proven time and again, and not those entrenched old foreign oligarchies who wanted to turn America into a brainwashed colony within the last century while playing dubious winky-nudge flirtations or delivering hypnotic "meditation" speeches or mantras or dubiou "fast-track deals" now.  Neither Germany nor Japan nor any of the skil